his toy is a bear

Apple doesn't fall far

Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimick him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all? It can be whenever in the time line


Two years. Two years since Jerome died. Three years since his son was born. Two years since I moved to Metropolis. Ian has every feature of his father. Almost none from me want so ever! He was such a good father. Ian never I understood that his father was gone. He always thought he was out there. He was just gone for now but he’d be back.

As I wash the dishes Ian runs through the house wilding his toy gun. He laughs and plays with himself. He sets up a teddy bear in a chair then steps back. “Hahaha! You’re a cog! BANG!” Ian laughs as he kicks the bear out of the chair.

I stop and look at him. “Ian honey where did you hear that?” I ask leaning down to his level. “TV! Daddy was on the tv!” I title my head. “Can you show mommy?” Ian nods and takes my hand leading me to his room where his tv is playing videos of Jerome. “That’s right folks. The psychopath Jerome Valeska has been reborn as of last night. Gotham city is now out of power and does not know when it will be-”

I turn the tv off and remain still. Reborn? “Mommy? Are you okay?” I look down at my son with fudge red hair and beautiful eyes matching his father’s. “What do you say we take a trip? You and me.” “Yay!” Ian cheers and runs over to his closet and grabs his emergency bag filled with clothes and food. I laugh and rush to get my own supplies.

We get in the car and make the trip to Gotham. “Mommy! I know where we are!” Ian says in excitement. “Do you? Where are we baby boy?” “Gotham! Daddy’s here!” “That’s right! All we have to do is find him.” I smile and park outside of Jerome’s and I old apartment.

Ian and I go up to the door and unlocked it. I open the door and see the place Jerome and I spent so many nights together. “Mommy where are we?” Ian asks holding his gun. “Home baby. This is where mommy and daddy lived before I moved and had you.” I explain walking around.

I showed Ian the entire house seeing it in surprisingly great shape. Yes dust has gathered, but overall it’s pretty good.

Ian jumps out of my arms and runs off. “Be careful Ian!” I call after him and get a cute giggle in return. He truly is his father’s child.

Baby footsteps run up the stairs and once they stop louder ones are heard. I press my back to the wall making a time to shoot for the stairs. I quietly make my way up, but before I make it all the way a laugh rips through the silence. “I knew you’d be here. I knew you’d come back to find me doll.” I turn and see Jerome with his face wrapped up in cloth.

I rush to him and exam his wound. “What happened?” Jerome raises a bag which help his face. “Wait! Where’s Ian? I know you wouldn’t leave him alone. Is he up there?” Jerome starts to ascend the staircase, but I stop him. “Do you wanna scare him? You can’t see him until you have your face back on.” Jerome sighs and leaves to the garage momentarily.

I go up to see Ian bouncing on a bed with his gun and shooting around the room. I hear footsteps come up the stairs and step out to see Jerome with his reattached face. “Staples? Really?” She shrugs with a smile. “Does it look bad?” I exam him more closely. “No… just different. Still handsome as ever though.” “As long as you’ll still be mine I don’t care.” I laughs and kiss him lightly. “Deal. Now let’s go see your son.”

I enter the room and now see Ian going through his bag and pulling out his toy knife. “Ian Mommy’s got a big surprise.” He hops onto the bed again and smiles nodding. I look back to the door with a smile. “Come on in.”

Jerome strides in with a smile. Ian looks over his father with a confused look but then comes to realization. “Daddy!” He yells and jumps into Jerome’s arms. My heart melts seeing the moment. “Hey there little man.” “I missed you daddy! I been protecting mommy! Like you do!” Ian explains holding up his gun making Jerome laugh. “Oh you are my son.” Jerome holds his boy to him and pulls me into a family hug.

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What if the mysmes bunch +Saeran +V find out MC has an illness (can't think of a specific example) that meant they were constantly at a hospital (also MC is terrified of hospitals)

A/N: im afraid of hospitals until im actually admitted then im like yeah okay im here, /fantastic/. Also, I tried to be kind of broad and diverse? But I only know like one of these on a personal level so i hope nothing is completely off the wall ~Admin 404


           -I think he’d be afraid of hospitals as well

           -I mean pet hospitals are different!! That’s for pets! Hospitals deal with people! And he’S A PERSON!

           -He COMPLETELY gets your fear, but he’s gotta be tough for you!!! Gotta be the man!!


           -“MC don’t move, ill get it!” “I’ll fluff your pillow!” “Want a different tv channel?? IVE GOT IT”

           -You’ve been going through chemotherapy but that doesn’t mean you can’t moVE YOOSUNG PLEASE

           -If you cry because you’re scared, he’s there crying with you

           -But!!! He surrounds you with TONS of plush toys, and brings you food his mum he’s made


           -And honestly his innocence is so cute? And gets your mind off of the fear? He’s always making some cute craft thing with you, or telling you all about his LOLOL game (even brings a laptop for you to play with him when he has to go home!!) He isn’t very good at the whole comforting aspect but he loves you and tries so hard for you!! ;A;


           -He heals quickly and strong

           -You….do not…do that

           -You get an infection and it’s SO HARD for your body to fight it

           -Which often leaves you in the hospital over something like the flu

           -And that makes him SO SAD like omg MC i’d give you some of my healing power if I could

           -You are very vocal about your dislike for the hospital, so he doesn’t have to guess or pick up on subtle hints

           -But he treats you like ROYALTY he refuses to let you do anything for yourself when you’re in there because he just wants to make up for not being able to stop you from getting sick ;A;

           -He sings for you almost constantly because??? You can’t be afraid of anything in this building if all you can focus on is him??

           -He brings his scripts with him all the time so the two of you can waste the day and practice together!!

           -HAVE NO FEARS MC, FOR ZENNY IS HERE. Always watching the doctors and nurses like a hawk, always tries to get you to focus on him instead of anything they’re doing (obviously not if it’s important, then he lets you pay attention). Otherwise there’s a lot of cheek kisses, hand kisses, and just like…kisses everywhere come on it’s zen we’re talking about


           -You’re in the hospital often for breathing problems

           -“Jaehee, it’s because you take my breath away,” you wheeze as she’s rushing you to the hospital

           - mc shut the fuCK UP NOW ISNT THE TIME

           -She loves that you’re able to make light of the situation though

           -That is until you actually get to the hospital, then she’s practically dragging you through the doors because you’re too afraid to go in

           -Too much sadness, too many machines that you aren’t familiar with, the weird feeling of being in a strange place, you don’T LIKE IT

           -But she’s always there to read you a book at the end of the day, with a cozy throw blanket from home, and she’ll bring you some coffee from your favourite shop!

           -She also studies what all the machines and medications do so she can explain them to you and hopefully ease your anxiety!

           -When she can’t be there because of work, she leaves you a stack of books to get lost in so that you won’t even notice you’re there. She’ll text you throughout the day as well to check up on ya

           -She’s small enough to cuddle up in bed with you which is GREAT the two of you watch zen’s dvd’s on her laptop all the time


           -???? Why go to hospital when hospital can come to you

           - jumin no i appreciate the gesture but no

           -You’re a regular there because of your heart problems and it breAKS HIS HEART

           - he’s threatened saeyoung a few times because he keeps making jokes like “your heart must of stopped because you saw jumins face” and things of the sort like stOP

           -The first time you had a problem with your heart when you were with him it scared the sHIT OUT OF HIM MC WHAT’S WRONG

           -But he noticed the whole time you were there, you were anxious and always on the verge of tears and Juju will not have that

           -Literally had a room made just for you for whenever you need to be admitted and it looks just like home

           -“It’s your home away from home. Funny, right? MC why are you crying it was supposed to be funny” no its because you’re so swEET JUMIN WHAT THE FUCK STOP

           -He’s sad he can’t bring Elizabeth to console you but he does his best. Always sits with you, petting your hair and kissing you softly

           -His tall ass crawls into your bed at night too so he can hold you like duDE WATCH OUT FOR THE IV YOU’RE TOO TALL YOU DON’T FIT PLS YOUR KNEE IS DIGGING INTO ME


           -He knew your medical history, he did do a background check on you after all

           -So he knew that you’ve had frequent trips to the hospital your whole life

           -He did not realize, however, that you’d be this terrified of just visiting the hospital to see Saeran (after the whole mint eye thing of course)

           -It wasn’t very obvious to anyone else how afraid you were, but he could tell

           -You were in a lot of danger when the two of you were saving Saeran and you didn’t bat an eye

           -But the moment you stepped foot in the hospital, you got quiet. When you did talk, you started to stutter and trip over your words. You had a lot of trouble looking around or at anyone  and that wasn’t the MC he knew

           -You explained that due to your weak immune system, you’re a frequent in the hospital. You get sick easily and it hits you hard. But being surrounded by the multitudes of machines, hearing the sad sounds of people losing loved ones, you just couldn’t handle it

           -From then on, every time you’re admitted to the hospital, he brings a back full of different outfits so he can entertain you, and get your mind off of everything that was happening around you

           - mc i’m your doctor im gonna have to give you an exam wink wonk

           -Full of stupid jokes, hand holding, and kisses to the cheek. He is the deFENDER OF JUSTICE and he will DEFEND YOU FROM ALL OF YOUR FEARS. He’s such a dork??? How can you even think about what’s happening around the hospital to freak you out. It was practically like being at home with him around


           -You immediately told him about your health conditions when the two of you met

           -You unfortunately had to stay in the hospital frequently because of bad epileptic episodes

           -Well, you would go home of course, but some episodes were too risky to go immediately home, so you’d have to stay

           -And you HATED it, like, THIS PLACE ISN’T HOME

           -So every time it happens, he makes it home for you

           -Always bringing you favourite blankets and pillows from home

           -He even tries to bring calming candles so you won’t be as afraid you cant really…light those in here v

           -He’s always talking in such a calming tone that you’re just kind of….relaxed. Please tell me some stories V, lull me to sleep and ease my nerves . He’s always reading fairytale stories to you

           -On days that you’re extra anxious, he shows you videos he’s taken of you, of the RFA, and of random things you love the ones he takes of dogs and you know he does it just for you

           -Overall, he’s just always there to listen to you. You can rant and rave and cry angry tears because you’re so afraid and just want to go home, but he’s there to wipe your tears away and the only home that matters is the one you have with him <3


           -He knows what it’s like to be in the hospital for a long time

           -I mean, right after Saeyoung took him from Mint Eye, he was in there a long time to get all of that shit out of his blood stream and all of that, so he kind of gets it

           -When you have to go to the hospital pretty often because your kidneys were weak and almost always on the verge of failing, he freAKS OUT


           -Pulls it together (well on the outside at least) fairly quickly when he notices how nervous you are every time, no matter how often you have to go

           -You’re almost on the verge of tears every time because?? Every time you’re here you’re fairly close to dying and WOW that’s scary as fuck this place sucks

           -But he’s always there for you, no matter what. He might not say much (and nO ITS NOT BECAUSE HIS VOICE WILL GIVE AWAY HIS FEAR SHUT UP MC) but he’s there to hold your hand through it all, and tries to act like wiping your tears is an inconvenience though you know it’s not and that hes just trying to be tough

           -Actually stays up for days at a time to watch over you and make sure everything is alright which makes you feel bad but also really puts you at ease??

           -Like nothing bad is gonna happen because Saeran will pUNCH IT IN THE FACE. That fear? PUNCH IN THE FACE. All the beeping machines? PUNCH IN THE FACE. Doctor comes in the room in the middle of the night and scares the shit out of you? saERAN ITS THE DOCTOR PLEASE DON’T PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE

           -He buys a bunch of sweets- like cake, cookies, ice cream, things of the sort- and pretends it’s all because he wanted it himself but he guesses he can share with you, if it’ll help lift your spirits and take your mind off of the fact you’re in here

A failed attempt to simulate a fall … xD
It is the first time drawing all full body and was somewhat stressful having to paint … but still amused me! 3
These designs belong to Pole-bear :)

Taking In Strays - Chapter 9

A/N: Sorry its taken a while to update. 
Fic Summary: Emily Embers is at rock bottom, doing what she can to care for her son after the death of her husband. A fall on an icy street finds her in the arms of Steve Rogers, who offers her some assistance that she gratefully accepts, but little does Steve know just how deep he will have to get himself into someone else’s world in order to save them.
Chapter Summary: Emily starts to adjust to life in 1941 whilst Steve has to suddenly adjust to being a parent in the present day.
Triggers/Warnings: None

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8


Taking In Strays – Chapter 9

New York 1941

Bucky looked at Emily with a confused look on his face;

“Do I know you?”

“No…” Emily stuttered on her words; “Steve… Steve told me about you…”

“I did?” he asked quietly, cut off from saying anything else as Emily slid her hand around his thigh to keep him quiet.

“You wanna wait outside and we’ll be right out”

Emily told rather than asked Bucky who slunk away, pulling the door closed behind him. Turning quickly to Steve she kept her voice low;

“Shit… Okay… So Bucky is our next door neighbour in the future. But just tell him that we work together”

“At the hospital?”

“That’s where you work?”

“Yeah. A guy who used to know my Mom gives me work as a porter when he’s short staffed”

“Ok… great” Emily quickly got out of bed, rummaging through the box of his Mom’s things that he’d let her use and found a robe, pulling it over her nightgown before peering out of the doorway;

“Panic over, he’s passed out on the couch”

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Haikyuu!! Characters when they Lose their Kids in the Store
  • Hinata: Freaks out and runs around the store screaming their name and stopping everyone to ask if they've seen his baby.
  • Kageyama: Panics if he doesn't see his kid in five seconds. Wanders around the store until an employee asks if he needs help and he mumbles that he lost his kid.
  • Suga: Waits at their designated meeting spot with some ice cream.
  • Daichi: Heads to the toy aisle and finds his kid staring at a huge teddy bear. He buys it for them.
  • Tsukishima: Finds his kid in the dinosaur aisle.
  • Yamaguchi: Arrives at the front desk at the same time as his kid.
  • Asahi: Becomes very worried, and shyly approaches an employee to ask for help.
  • Nishinoya: Loudly shouts his kid's name. The kid yells back from across the store.
  • Kuroo: Tries to remain calm, and walks quickly down every single aisle until he finds them.
  • Kenma: Gets himself lost and his kid goes to the front to call his name on the speakers.
  • Lev: Finds them pretty quickly cause he's tall.
  • Morisuke: Buys a box of cookies and sees his kid come barreling down the aisle.
  • Oikawa: Freaks out and calls Iwa-chan because "his beautiful angel" is missing.
  • Iwaizumi: Buckles his kid into the shopping cart so the kid wont get lost.
  • Akaashi: Heads to the front desk to ask them to call his kid's name over the speakers.
  • Bokuto: Stands on the counter and yells his kids name until an employee asks him to get down.
  • Ushijima: Calmly retraces his steps and finds his child standing right where he left them.

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THESE DRABBLES ARE MURDERING ME!!!! Can you do #19 with Hotch pleasee? (Im new here idk if you do Hotch...)

19: Kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing.

“(Y/N)…” Hotch warned as you rose up onto the tips of your feet to press a kiss to his cheek, leaving a bright pink lipstick stain on his skin. It was Jack’s eighth birthday and you had offered to take the two of them to the local fair that came to your hometown, you’d been visiting family and after three years of dating it seemed appropriate they’d finally meet the man you’d be marrying.

“I can’t let you beat me, I already won Jack the action man at the hook a duck stall so for right now he likes me the most. Do you really want to take that away from me?” You grinned and kissed him once more, continuously leaving your lipstick against wherever you decided to place your lips. Once one side was covered you walked in front of Hotch and began kissing his other cheek, smiling widely as you tried to block him from the game stool.

Even though Hotch’s attention had mostly been diverted from the game he still managed to throw the ball and knock down all the cups, winning him the biggest prize. You groaned while Hotch cheered, Jack who stood beside you tried to clap despite the toy in his arms.

“Did you see that, buddy?” Hotch smiled down at his son before thanking the man at the stool and taking the teddy bear from him. Jack nodded and watched as you wiped the small amount of lipstick you had left on off onto your hand.

“You should give that one to (Y/N).” He decided before turning back down to his toy, you grinned and happily accepted the bear from Hotch before leaning in and sneaking a quick kiss finally on his lips.

Revenge - KBTBB/HLITF (.004)

Previous chapters can be found here xo

“Hikaru.. I – um, well.. fancy seeing you.”

My breathing hitches a notch uncomfortably and it is something that I try my very hardest to conceal, although giving away my obviousness nervousness is a dull paleness that I can feel paint across my face immediately. Following this; almost instantaneously is a thin, prickly sweat that etches across my entire body bringing with itself an undesirable itch. The front door is opened only a few inches ajar and between this gap, I half slip out to stand face to face with someone who I’d refer to as an old friend – although now Hikaru is more like a stranger than anything else – who years ago, through work I both met and lost contact with.

“You’re not going to invite me in Rei?” are the first words he asks with a taunting hiss and my back immediately straightens taut as a reaction so that I perceive as being a legitimate threat. Pursing my lips tightly in a pulled thin line and shaking my head slowly as a response I can’t quite put into coherent words, I push my hair together before twisting it all around my forefingers and let it hang heavy over one shoulder; tucking some behind my ear to buy myself with an awkward, forced silence a little time. This doesn’t do much at all yet it does break the conversation – momentarily.

“What brings you back to town?”, I force the conversation in a slightly different direction, yet I know exactly how it would pan out and what it would entail if I hadn’t – career, home, life, love, kids, Eisuke. From some variant of this combination the small talk I consistently find myself in with everyone and anyone never seems to stray of change. I choose my words carefully before furthering my response. “I don’t think, Hikaru – I’ve seen you in… well – years.”

“Work”, is the only word he responds with as he toys with the cuffs of his jacket. I remember wearing it years ago – out late one night; the dark leather that drapes over his shoulders and adorns his chest though looks as if it’s seen better days.

“I see.”

Just as I finish talking, my body from head to toe tenses as Hikaru steps in quicker than lightening toward me; his forearm resting beside my head against the hard wood door frame as he squares me in. My breathing hitches further and an uneasy burning at the back of my throat rises disturbingly as his lips close in the direction of my own. My personal space is completely invaded although he stops himself before our mouths come to meet.

“So you’re home alone? He asks with a dangerous smirk creeping across his features. “Interesting.”

I squeeze my eyes shut for half a second and breathe in deeply, a knot tightening in the pit of my stomach and a voice that’s not mine answers in response before I even get the chance or muster up the courage at all too.


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so, my friends, if you would please imagine an alternate universe where yoosung joins a pen pal program in elementary school.

He is assigned a pen pal named Sae.

He writes excitedly to his pen pal! Tells him his favourite colour, all about his favourite toy (a stuffed blue bear with gold stars on it), his favourite classes!

He mails the letter with his mom the next day and waits anxiously for one to return.

About a week later, he recieves one!!

He tears up to his room to read it, butterflies of excitement running through him.

He opens the letter- his pen pal has much neater writing than him, even though they are the same age.

Sae tells him that he’s never written a letter before, so he isn’t quite sure what to say. In return, he tells of his favourite colour- blue, like the sky during midday. He doesnt have many toys, but he thinks yoosung’s bear sounds cute. He wishes he had one too.

“I can’t wait for your next letter.”

They continue writing for years. Age 7 soon became Age 15- but suddenly the letters stopped.

Yoosung kept sending them, desperately, in hopes his friend would return, but to no avail- they all returned.

He arranges a road trip with an older friend- they travel to the address where the letters came, in a small town a couple hours away.

Yoosung stands in shock as he sees the house has been burned down.

Years pass by- yoosung keeps all of his letters in a box under his bed. He reads through them frequently, trying to find a clue, any possible insinuation as to what happened to Sae- his friends get angry with him often, telling him its a lost cause, because with a fire, it was quite likely he passed away.

He refused to believe that. Sae couldnt be dead- not without ever having met.

Yoosung is 21 now, and in college.

He has stopped searching as frequently. He’s beginning to lose hope. His grades have been slipping because of this emptiness he can’t seem to shake.

His friends told him he should go on dates to take his mind off things- but they didn’t understand that was the last thing he wanted.

He had fallen in love with his pen pal over the 8 years of letters. He had never seen his face, heard his voice- all he knew was he had a twin, was quiet, loved candy, and the sky.

He sighed as the teacher began to introduce a new student. He was a fairly lanky, red-haired boy.

“Class, please bring your attention to the front- this is a new student joining our psychology class. Introduce yourself to rhe class, would you?”

The boy shifted awkwardly, rubbing his arm softly. His bangs fell into his eyes as he looked up at everyone- he wore eyeliner around his eyes, black nail polish on his fingers. He seemed soft, yet also unapproachable.

“..Hi. I’m Saeran Choi.”

The teacher clears his throat awkwardly and allowed him to pick any seat he would like.

He sat at the back of the room- right next to yoosung.

They made eye contact, and the boy looked away just as quickly as it had happened.

Yoosung blinked slowly- it seemed he was anxious around people.

Class flew by, and everyone began to stand to leave for the next- yoosung couldn’t stop himself from turning to Saeran, who looked confused and out of place.

“Um, hey, Saeran? Do you know where your next class is?”

Saern looked up at him slowly, shaking his head. Yoosung smiles and offers to show him the way.

They walk in silence, and Yoosung stops outside the door, smiling at him.

“Here it is!”

Saeran nodded, mumbling a soft thank you. He looks at the ground before meeting his gaze again.

“What’s your name?”

“Yoosung! Yoosung Kim.”

Saeran’s eyes widened in surprise, his back straightening. Yoosung blinked in confusion, tilting his head.

“What’s wrong?”

“… Yoosi?”

Yoosung’s heart began to pound in his chest at the nickname, his mind spinning with hope.


Monsta X Reacting to their baby taking its first steps.

》 FAQ // Masterlist 

Shownu - He’d have one of the rare days where his schedule was empty, and he’d stay home with his son. The two of them would be standing in the kitchen, Shownu filling his son’s cup with juice, and his son standing beside him, assisted by the counter. Shownu walked to the fridge to put the the bottle away, and turned around quickly when he heard his son’s loud squeals as his tiny feet hobbled over to him. They’d spend the rest of the day walking around the house, just so they could surprise mommy.

Wonho - Wonho would be so proud of his little girl for taking her first steps whilst playing outside. She’d seen her puppy running around the yard, she’d grabbed onto his hands, and let him guide her towards the puppy. He’d been getting ready for the day, knowing that she was getting older and it was bound to happen. So after he let go of her chubby little hands and watched her take one step before tumbling over in front of the dog, he’d know his baby was growing up.

Minhyuk - He hadn’t expected his son to start to walking. They had been at a photoshoot together, but they had gotten their pictures finished and Minhyuk needed to take a few with his wife. His son had been placed securely in his little bouncy chair, but come on, this is Minhyuk’s kid. He’d managed to pull the belts away in a loud ruckus that caught Minhyuk’s attention, who looked over to see his son climbing out of his chair and taking a couple steps towards him. He knew in that moment; he was in for the ride of his life

Kihyun - He was getting his daughter ready for bed when she decided to take her first steps. He’d gotten her dressed and tucked in bed before he went to grab her favorite book from downstairs, only to come back up and be greeted by her out of bed and holding onto the small bedpost. She’d see her book in his hand, and quickly let go of the post to walk the short distance to her father. She’d grab onto his leg, and look at him with a big smile, knowing she’d done something important. He’d copy her smile, and whisk her up in a small hug.

“Good job baby girl!”

Hyungwon - He’d been calmly playing with his son in the living room, toys strewn across the room, but out of all of the toys in the room his son wanted a toy bear across the room. So he’d use his dad to help him stand up, and take one big step before tripping over the long legs he’d inherited from his father. Hyungwon would jump up and wrap his son in a tight hug.

“You’re getting so big.” he’d mumble into his son’s head.

Jooheon - He was in the middle of playing Fifa on the couch, his daughter sitting in front of him coloring. She’d dropped one of her crayons on the floor, and watched as it rolled across the floor. Tugging at her father’s leg, gaining his attention for a split second, pointing to her pink crayon.

“One second baby. Appa needs to finish this match real quick.” he told her, before focusing back on the game. She didn’t like the fact that he’d said no to her, and stood up using the coffee table, guiding herself along it until she reached the end. Jooheon tuned to look at her for a second, catching her first few steps after she go of the table before she fell forward. He dropped his controller, picking her up and cooing into her with his aegyo voice.

I.M - He’d be so happy when his daughter took her first steps to him. They had been in the living room, his back against the couch and she was standing at the coffee table. He cooed at her to come to him, expecting her to crawl, but was shocked when she’d taken three big steps to reach him. He’d give her a smile, but would be a little upset because his little girl wasn’t going to be so little anymore.

- Admin H

||❥ at the rink

s e u n g k w a n ! s c e n a r  i o

f i g u r e s k a t i n g ! a u

words; 3.2k

genre; cutesy fluff + stuff that makes u warm on a cold day

request; You know,I’m a figure skater myself so I’ve always wondered what a figure skating!seungkwan au would be like. Would you think of giving it a shot? Your woozi and mingyu baseball!au got me thinking

At first Seungkwan was reluctant to drive his little sister to the skating rink every Saturday, but he just couldn’t protest when his mother would grace him with her pleasant smile while holding up her cutting knife.

“You’re taking your sister to figure skating whether you like it or not, you hear?” She had quipped one evening while prepping supper, the glint off the knife’s silver blade matched with her sickly sweet smile enough to convince Seungkwan to concur. 

Of course his mother would never harm him, yet he wasn’t taking any chances. It really wasn’t that bad driving Yura to figure skating every Saturday, Seungkwan had learned to roll with it.

During Yura’s first practice at the rink, Seungkwan watched with mellow interest from the stone cold bleachers, jacket zipped up to nose while his hands were nestled in the warmth of his pockets. 

He didn’t know much about skating, nor was he very good at it. The ice just looked too shiny and slick, and Seungkwan had to hold back his wince whenever he noticed Yura faintly stumble or wobble in her skates.

The rest of the figure skating class continued to swirl around the ice rather smoothly, though anyone could tell they had a lot to learn before they perfected anything close to a spin. However, it was on Yura’s first day at the rink that Seungkwan found the perfect reason to continue driving her every morning, it was because he got to see you.

He remembered the whole memory clear as day, your form emerging from between two heavy metal doors, pure white skates laced up neater than woven thread with your hair tied delicately in a silk ribbon. 

Seungkwan remembered how his heart raced a little too rapidly at the sight of you, how his lashes couldn’t stop flicking up and down and how his hazy eyes gleamed after your every move. You had on the cutest pair of light wash jeans, a jacket that looked similar to his wrapped around your upper half.

You were Yura’s figure skating instructor, and it was then that Seungkwan realized he was happy to have complied with his mother that one evening.

“The way she skates is really pretty, don’t you think?” Yura bubbled from the backseat, her toothy little grin bouncing off the rear view mirror that Seungkwan couldn’t stop glancing into. He halted the car at a red light, cottony steam brewing into the dry winter air.

“I guess… Why are you asking?” Seungkwan knew he shouldn’t have posed that question the second it left his lips, instant regret foaming away in his stomach. Yura had caught him staring after you on the ice, his eyes just peaking above the collar of his jacket as you elegantly brushed from side to side to swiftly stop at the rink’s exit.

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childhood meme,,, hakuyuu? Please? thank you kind soul

thank you nonnie for requesting it makes my day

hakuryuu (*spoilers*)

1 - Favourite childhood toy

while growing up, he was pretty much spoiled with toys. but his favourite will have to be the stuffed bear that his siblings gave him for his birthday, too bad it burnt down with the house though.

2 - Childhood friend

growing up in the palace has caused him to be sheltered from the world, and thus he doesn’t really have friends apart from his family. I think that the only one he could really call his childhood friend was judal or seishun ri.

3 - Childhood nightmare

Hakuryuu has had a couple of nightmares during his childhood , which often lead to him running into his siblings’ rooms in fear. but the most vivid dream was that his whole family perished due to an enemy nation, leaving him and hakuei behind , which later turned out to be true.

4 - Childhood crush

he had a rather big infatuation on a palace staff when he was younger. She was the main servant incharge of taking care of him and his studies, and thus lead him to admiring her for her kindness and strong-will. However she too, perished in the fire, leaving the small boy heartbroken.

5 - Favourite relative

it would have to be Hakuei. He loves and cherishes his sister more than anyone , given that she Is the only one he considers to be his full-blood relative that is alive.

6 - Favourite game to play

He likes to play hide and seek with his siblings , which often got them into trouble.

7 - Thing they got the most in trouble for

Hakuryuu would mistakenly call other adults mother or sister, as stated by seishun ri. Although it did not get him into a lot of trouble , he did not get into much trouble to begin with.

8 - Greatest childhood fear

losing the family that he loved so much.

9 - Did they witness/encounter death as a child?

sadly , he witnessed his whole family , except his older sister , perish by his mother’s hand.

10 - Who were they raised by? Did they like who raised them? Were they taught well?

Hakuryuu was raised by his mother , despite being an important member of the royal family. Hakuryuu did love his mother very much, that is, until the horrible incident. He was taught very well and grew up to be an intelligent individual with very good manners. ( also he can cook so that’s a huge plus )

11 - Happiest childhood memory

going on picnics with his family , basically just spending quality family time makes hakuryuu the happiest person on earth. He loves them so , so much.

12 - Saddest childhood memory

I think the saddest memory was to go through the funeral of his loved ones, knowing that the mother that he loved so much was behind this.

13 - Scariest childhood experience

The scariest experience would have to be him watching his own brother drench him with blood in order to save him.

14 - Favourite food a child

Hakuryuu was not a picky child and ate mostly everything that he was given ( he was also taught not to pick food out ) , but his favourite would have to be his big sister’s cooking.

15 - Least favourite food as a child

I have a feeling that hakuryuu disliked red bean.

16 - Did they have a home as a child? Did they move around a lot - if so, which place do they consider home? Or were they always on the run/travelling?

Hakuryuu had a palace for a home, so they did not move around at all.

17 - Any siblings? Did they get along as children and do they still get along?

Hakuryuu was an adorable child, literally the sweetest young boy you can ever meet. He has gotten along with his siblings and grew to respect them a lot. However , since he only has one sibling left he has always tried to evade conflict.

18 - Did they have a childhood or were they forced to grow up too quickly?

Hakuryuu was forced to accept his family’s death at a very young age, and has matured a lot since then, but he still retains the bad habit of being a huge crybaby.

20 - Did they have issues with nightmares as a child?

apart from crying a lot and hiding under his siblings’ blankets, no.

21 - Were they bullied as a child, or did they bully others?

nobody would bully hakuryuu, and hakuryuu would never bully others.

22 - Were they popular as a child or a loner?

I think neither?

23 - Did they constantly disobey their parents or did they behave themselves?

Gyokuen was said to be terrifying when angered, so hakuryuu had no choice but to obey her orders. likewise for his father.

24 - Are they much the same now as they were as a child, or has their personality changed drastically?

When hakuryuu was younger he cried a lot. He was rather childish and threw tantrums easily, and he still had that habit in his teenage years , but he still manages to control his emotions very well. But something in his teenage years has caused him to mature greatly, and he no longer cries easily and is stronger now.

New Toys

Plot: “Being a girl Robin and the Joker kidnapping you and making you his new toy”

Authors note: Hope you enjoy! This is my first smut so bear with me :/

warning: SMUT

“Please take care of yourself on this mission Y/N you’ve been getting a bit reckless lately.” you roll your eyes as you put on your Robin mask.

“Pshh me reckless? Never that.” you say to Bruce as you get into the passenger seat if the Batmobile. You have to admit the last few missions were a bit rocky, a little recklessness here and there, resulting in Bruce saving you instead of getting the actual mission done.

He stared at you before getting into the car

“Ok I promise I wont act reckless on the mission.” he finally got into the car pulling of quickly. Driving down the streets of Gotham, looking for him, The Joker. Batman had gotten word that there some shipments of guns coming down at the docks and The Joker was going to be there.

“Don’t do anything rash when we get there please Y/N, just follow my lead.”

“Got it” you smiled at him as you pulled up to the docks. You looked around and that’s when you saw him, The Joker he had just pulled up to the docks in his purple sports car. He got out and walked towards a group of men.

“Like I said before follow my lead and everything will go according to plan.” he got out of the Batmobile and disappeared. You rolled your eyes in annoyance, did he really think you were reckless? Sure you had done some stupid things on the last few jobs but everybody makes mistakes right? You finally got out of the car and waited for his cue. Batman swung off the near building and into the group of men knocking some down like bowling pins.

“It’s The Bat” you heard as you quickly ran to the scene and began to fight . Both of you fighting off the hoard of men You quickly felt a pair of hands wrap around you. You look back to see The Joker holding you tightly.

“Let her go Joker!” Batman yelled getting closer to the 2 of you.

“Not so fast Batsy.” he said pulling a knife to your throat.

“You see i’ve had my eye on little Miss Robin here for awhile now and now that i have her you’re not getting her back.” he threw down a smoke bomb and that’s when everything went black.

You had woken up in a where house tied to a chair with nothing but your mask on. The one time you didn’t do anything reckless you end up getting kidnapped. You looked up to see The Joker walking into the dark room.

“Ah I see your finally awake doll face.” he said staring right at you

“Batman will be here any second so you better let me go” he laughed his maniacal laugh and grinned at you.

“Oh The Bat won’t be here to rescue you after I’m done with you, because guess what you belong to me now, you’re my new toy.”

“Please let me go i’ll do anything!” you pleaded you just wanted to make it out alive.

“anything?” he said as he circled you, looking at you hungrily. Your core became wet something about him just made you go crazy. He untied you and grabbed you by your hair.

“Suck my cock.” He said as he let his growing erection spring free. You opened your mouth and he rammed his dick inside your mouth. You gagged as his member hit the back of your throat repeatedly. Tears forming in your eyes as you looked up at him. He pulled out of your mouth only to leave you wanting more.

“Turn around.” you turned your bare ass towards him. You arched you back in anticipation. Gasping as he rammed into you without any notice, not giving time to adjust to his thick length. He grabbed your hips as he pounded into you. You moaned out his name as he kept pounding into you.

“Tell daddy what you want him to do.” he said as he slowed down his pace. You moaned in frustration as his hips began to slow.

“Please fuck me harder daddy.” You whined out. He began to pump into you faster and faster. Your walls began to tighten around him as you neared your peak.

“Please let me cum daddy.” You cried out as he began to go faster.

“Cum for daddy princess.” You came as his thrust began to grow sloppier. He finally came inside you.

“I love it when I get to play with my toys.”