his toungue

Arthur: What did I tell you about dicking around with Merlin?
Gwaine: Who is dicking around?
Arthur: You put your toungue in his mouth!
Gwaine: Alright, alright. I got a bit fresh with him. I was staring into those big, beautiful eyes, he’s like… he’s like a handsome shark. I couldn’t help myself. I love him.
Arthur: Oh, you’re a dick!
Gwaine: Oh, do my feelings for him offend you? Well I’m sorry, because they are true, and pure- well, they are true.

Cute (Jaehyun Smut)

Request:  Can I get a smut request for Jaehyun? One where like you call him cute and then he proves he’s not if you get my drift? Thank you!!

Summary: You call Jaehyun cute and suddenly he gets pissed, which of course leads to sex. 

Tags: Smut, oral (female and male receiving), rough sex (kinda)

Word count:1.9K

Note: Okay shit damn I had a hard time writing this. But I hope you enjoy! Tell me whatcha think okay (;

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The clinking of glasses filled the dorm before the group had downed their drinks. The boys had finished their debut stage on Music Bank and they were having a small celebration. Jaehyun had dragged you along since you were already backstage cheering them on like a proud mother.

You had protested since you didn’t want to intrude on the boys’ bonding time, but Donghyuck had started to beg you too and you couldn’t say no to your favorite maknae.

“I’m so proud of all of you.” You tell them with a huge grin on your face as you dig into the food.

“I can tell.” Donghyuck replies, a smirk on his face.

You raise your eyebrow at him, shaking your head at his comment.

“But anyways, who did you think did the best?” Donghyuck asks, fluttering his eyelashes at you.

You couldn’t pick, let’s be real.

“Are you crazy? All of you did so well for both performances, I can’t choose.” You answered truthfully.

You heard Jaehyun clear his throat from beside you and you laughed.

“If I had to pick, it would be my dearest cutie Jaehyun.” You said, playfully rolling your eyes.

He furrows his eyebrows and stares at you, “Cutie?”

You nodded in reply.

“I am not cute, I looked really manly okay.”

“Okay sure cutie, whatever you say.” You reply as Mark sucks you into another conversation.

Soon the conversation starts to split as the boys started to talk about different things. You munch on your food, listening to Taeil tell you about the upcoming SM Town Concert in Osaka. You notice Jaehyun silently sitting beside you, picking at his snacks, which gets you worried because Jaehyun is always enthusiastic about snacks.

“Jaehyun, are you okay?” You asked, leaning over to him.

“I’m angry.” He answered simply.

You blink in response and stare at him in bewilderment.


“Nothing. Just tell me when you’re ready to leave. I’ll send you home.” He informs you, finally picking up a chip to munch on.

You didn’t quite understand what got Jaehyun so angry but you shrugged it off. If he was actually really angry, he would have stormed out of here already. Then night progresses on and the small get-together is filled with strange stories and food. The whole night, Jaehyun hardly talks to you and basically ignored you, until you told him you wanted to leave for home.

“Are you okay?” You questioned again once the both of you get into the cab.

“Not really. Did you really think I was just cute during our performance?” Jaehyun shoots back, genuinely looking frustrated.

You couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Did he ignore you the whole night because you called him cute? That was really ridiculous.

“Jaehyun, please. Did you see yourself during Once Again? You were adorable.” You stated, turning your body to face him.

“Y/N, I’m not cute.”

“Yes you are, oh my god Jaehyun.”



Suddenly, Jaehyun leans forwards to land a short kiss on your lips. Your eyes widen at the sudden action and you immediately ask, “Jaehyun, no really. Are you okay? Do you need to go see a doctor right now?”

Jaehyun simply rolls his eyes and leans forward again as he rests his hands on your thighs. He engages you in a kiss, his tongue quickly slips in your mouth as you make out with him. Out of nowhere, Jaehyun moves his hand to your jeans and applies pressure over to your clothed clit. This makes you gasp into the kiss.

Jaehyun stops abruptly and you’re left dazed. You recognize the street and realized that you were pulling up to your apartment.

“We’ll continue this upstairs. You’re going to regret thinking I’m cute.” Jaehyun whispers quickly into your ear as he whips out cash to pay.

You gulped as you made your way out of the cab and into your building, Jaehyun following closely behind you. The moment you both step into the elevator, Jaehyun pins you to the wall, eyes staring right into yours.

“Cute huh?”

That’s all he says before he moves to your neck, sucking and biting at you sweet spot as your moans reverberate against the four walls of the tiny elevator. Soon enough the elevator reaches your floor and Jaehyun eagerly pulls you out of the elevator.

As you’re trying to unlock the door, Jaehyun continues his attack on your neck. Thankfully you manage to open the door in record time, Jaehyun leading you in and shutting the door.

Instantly you’re back at it again, sloppily making out while Jaehyun’s skilled hands move to your jeans. He unbuttons them and slips his hand into your soaked panties, rubbing your clit.

“Fuck you’re so wet. Why is that hm?” He questions, applying more pressure to your clit.

When all you could do was moan in response, Jaehyun stops his actions, retracting his hand from your jeans.

You look up at him in confusion, slightly pouting.

“Baby, when I ask you a question I expect you to answer me.” He states, running his finger across your bottom lip, allowing you to slightly taste yourself.

“Okay.” You quickly reply, wanting his hands back on your body.

He seemed satisfied as he backed you into your living room wall, kneeling down to pull your jeans off. Jaehyun is face to face with your soaking pussy and you hear him groan as he removes your soaked panties.

His head goes between your legs and you feel his hair tickling your thighs. Jaehyun flattens his toungue, licking a strip up your folds which makes you grab onto his hair as you moan his name.

He runs his tongue through your folds, wiggling it as he went along, making you breathless.

“Jaehyun hm…” You sighed, tugging on his hair.

He attaches his mouth to your clit, sucking on it. That was when the pleasure instantly stacked up and your thighs start to clench around Jaehyun’s head.

“F-fuck. Jaehyun, I’m gonna cum.” You moaned loudly, shaking beneath him.

Jaehyun laps at your folds as you feel his hand creeping up your bare thigh. He plunges a finger deep into your wet pussy, making you gasp at the sudden intrusion. He easily pumps his finger in and out of your slick pussy, his mouth latching onto your clit once again.

You feel him add a second finger, stretching you out as he pushed them in to the hilt. You felt the pressure adding up in your stomach, your orgasm fast approaching with the pumping of Jaehyun’s long fingers and his incessant sucking on your bundle of nerves.

You found yourself reaching your high, your thighs clamping around Jaehyun’s head as your whole body shuddered and you screamed Jaehyun’s name. You tugged on his hair, shaking violently as Jaehyun removed his fingers and moved his mouth to clean you up.

The dirty sounds of Jaehyun slurping up your release dragged out your high, making you still want more. He moves off the floor, licking his fingers, and you see his chin glistening with your wetness.

“Am I still cute?” He asked, pinning you to the wall with his whole body, allowing you to feel his erection, straining against his tight jeans.

“I don’t know, you still look really cute.” You lied, smirking as Jaehyun clenched his jaw.

“Really princess?” He asked again, grinding bulge against your sensitive core. You moaned as your sensitive clit brushed against the rough material of his jeans.

You knew that if you agreed, you would get the roughest fuck of your life. So that’s exactly what you did.


You knew you pissed him off the moment the word came out of your mouth. Jaehyun’s eyes were darkened as he stared at you.

“Get on your knees.” He commanded.

You do as you’re told as Jaehyun makes quick work of ridding himself of his confines. He sighs as his hard cock is released from his boxers, hanging right in front of your face.

“Suck.” He orders, tangling his hands in your hair.

You listen to him obediently, picking up his hard length and sucking on his tip. You taste his pre-cum as you start to take more of him into your mouth, hollowing out your cheeks.

“Hm, fuck, that’s right baby.” He groans, slightly jerking his hips up.

You reach your limit and your hands work on what you couldn’t get into your mouth. Jaehyun apparently didn’t find that enough as he tutted.

“Nuh-uh princess. You can do better than that right?” He asked, his grip on your hair tightening as he starts to thrust lightly into your mouth.

You, of course, start to gag as he makes his way further into your mouth.

“Ugh, that feels so good baby. You like sucking my hard cock, don’t you? I can see how wet you are from here. You’re dripping down your thighs baby.” He tells you.

His dirty talk makes you gush, and you moan around him, the vibrations making his thrust harder into your mouth. You reach one hand down to rub yourself, making Jaehyun chuckle.

“You’re going to touch yourself? I don’t think so.” He smirks, removing himself from your mouth, pulling you off the floor.

He turns you around so you face the wall and you hear him fumbled around for a condom. Soon enough, you feel him run his length through your slick folds, making you gasp out him name.

“Look at you, you’re dripping. So eager for my cock hm?” He asked, as his tip brushed against your swollen clit.

“Jaehyun, fuck me.” You begged, pushing back against him.

You feel him tease you some more, his tip rubbing against your entrance.

“Jaehyun.” You whined, making him push in.

A string of curse words flow out of your mouth as Jaehyun starts to fuck you, hard. The sound of skin slapping against skin fills the room, along with sounds of pleasure coming from the both of you.

Jaehyun thrusts deeply into you, filling you up completely. His hips snap up repeatedly at a fast pace, pulling himself almost all the way out before slamming back into you. His hands reach in front of you, rubbing your clit furiously.

“You feel so fucking good.” He groans, his cock twitching in you.

You felt the familiar feeling building up in the pit of your stomach and soon found yourself clenching around Jaehyun.

“Come for me Y/N.” Jaehyun tells you, sucking on your neck.

You felt your legs shake as you release, clenching tightly around Jaehyun. You scream out his name, as you braced yourself against the wall. Jaehyun reaches his high soon after that, groaning your name as he sloppily thrusted into you.

When your breathing calmed down, Jaehyun pulls out of you, disposing of the condom. When he gets back to you, you’re leaning against the wall for support. He smirks at your fucked out form, carrying you to your bathroom.

“So what? Still cute?” He asks, settling you on the bathroom counter.

You shook your head.

“I don’t think I can handle another round, I’m gonna say no. But you were hot as fuck during the Fire Truck performance okay, I almost wanted to fuck you in the dressing room when you got off stage.” You inform him, stripping before you hopped into the shower.

You almost missed Jaehyun’s shocked face, but thankfully you didn’t, as his face quickly morphed from shock to pride as he joined you in the shower.

“Are you sure you can’t handle another round?”

“Worn Out” ((Joji x reader)) //nsfw//


You had no idea what you were doing to him- but you were driving Joji insane. Of course, you weren’t really paying much attention to detail of your boyfriend’s mental state at the moment, because you were talking to a friend from way back- a guy friend from highschool. And this friend of yours- had also been your crush in highschool. Though you gave not thought to it, because Joji and you had been dating for a two years and you only really had eyes and heart for him. 

Provided, you didn’t stop yourself from thinking that your old pal was still cute, because you saw no problem in thinking someone was attractive, because thinking someone had a nice fate didn’t entail that you wanted to date them. You didn’t just care about looks. However, boy had you lucked out when you met George. 

You watched intentively as your senior high buddy blabbed about being out far from your shared hometown on a business trip, how he worked for a big corporation, even for your early twenties. You were sort of surprised by his success, because he was a junkie in school. 

Joji had watched only from a distance, sitting at the dinner table you guys were supposed to be at…together. He had turned his head to face the two of you, waiting at any moment to jump up and pound the living daylights out of the man who was talking to you. 

He was listening to the conversation too, and felt slightly content with how innocent it really was, but the consolation was nothing compared to the raging whirlpool of jealousy inside of his gut. Joji also listened to his success story, and though he, successful himself, he felt like this guy was actually better than he was. That scared him. 

Cracking his knuckles while remaining in his seat, he couldn’t help but feel like going over, in his head he considered excuses to use. “Sorry, I was looking for the bathroom, where are they, babe?” He might ask, or maybe “I need to know what drink you want me to order you.”. He’d be sure to add in something like “Anything my girl wants, it’s on me. But his legs wouldn’t move just yet. 

You were personally ready to return to your date now, but you felt compelled to talk to him, and you didn’t want to be rude. But now, you could feel his eyes on you, much like in highschool. You might had been repressed one detail about you and your friend’s relationship in school, you were totally ‘buddies’ who really fucking loved to make out behind the stairs of the school. 

When you remembered that- you gulped. You remembered how the tone in his voice would get, and nervously realized that this guy was totally lusting for you right now. You felt dirty, not in a good way either, like a whore in church. What a good analogy, you thought to yourself. 

You shivered as your old chum stepped a little bit closer, too close. Before you could step back, however, you were pulled back, by a forceful yet familiar hand. You squeaked, jumping slightly in his grasp as you turned to see a flustered Joji. 

“hey baby, let’s go back to our house.” He emphasized the ‘our’, with his eyes locked in on the male standing before him. You sighed softly in relief, but the intensity in the moment brought it out to sound annoyed. Joji didn’t show it, but it broke him a little bit. But for right now, right now he was just fucking fuming. 

The guy frowned, scoffing in actual, genuine annoyance. “Oh, (your nickname), I didn’t know you liked imported things.” He smirked snarkily. You couldn’t respond because of the shock of what he had said, and the painful grip that Joji had on your hips getting tighter. You could feel his fingernails grasping into the skin on your curves, and you felt bad that it felt strangely erotic to you. God, you thought to yourself, why am I like this? 

Joji didn’t retort with a shitty comeback, but instead lifting his grip form your hips, and for the first time he allowed your old friend’s jaw to meet his fist live and in person. You could of sworn you heard a crunch, and it made you squeak once more. Oh god, what was happening? This was all so fast. The groan the dude made was nothing but sheer pain, and you next felt a firm grip on your wrist, pulling you out to the parking lot. 

“Joji- Joji what if he calls the cops?” You said frantically, but Joji felt no need to answer- he had money to get him off anything he tried to put him at- he didn’t even think about it now though. He ignored you. 

“Joji-” Once again, no reply, and no motion of consideration given. You could see it in his eyes that Joji was all sorts of enraged and jealous. You slumped back into the passenger seat of the car and watched as Joji pulled out of it, his hands turning off the radio, focusing all he could on the road. He couldn’t. So many thoughts were going through his head. He wanted to turn the fuck around, go and beat the dude senseless, but now, he had the intention making sure you knew who you were with.

 Not far from the house, he hadn’t said a word to you, but he moved one hand from the wheel to grab firmly at your thigh, his hand latching on your inner thigh. You were wearing a dress, a short black one, all the more reason to be jealous, because it showed you off perfectly.

 However, another pro of the dress was the ease in touching your warm, bare skin, parting your legs slightly He kept his eyes on the road in front of him. He cursed something in japanese, before that rough, lower voice of his came out, almost in the form of a whisper. 

“I can make you so limp, you won’t be able to walk to go and talk to these bastards.” 

That sentence alone caused a sinking feeling in your stomach that started from your chest and went down, and the purple lace panties you wore under that dress were started to gather moisture already. Why were you finding this so hot? Why were you enjoying this? You knew exactly what Joji meant- and it caused a fucking rapture inside your torso. 

Once the two of you were at the house, you were immediately out of the car, however not as fast as George, who it seemed had opened the vehicle door before it came to a full stop. He was going to be honest- this was method he sort of preferred over brutal punches between him and her friend, but he damn well gonna be as aggressive as he could. Most of this anger wasn’t directed to you- most of it. 

He left the door open when he walked indoors, because you were the one to close it- with your back. As soon as you walked into the den, forcefully your were shoved against the shiny, black door, hearing a loud slam behind you. You grunted slightly, causing Joji to halt for about .2 seconds, realizing you were fine, he got worse. Finally, his lips rejoined yours, his body pressed against you as he sloppily brought your mouths together. He had no repeated movement at first, other than with every time he pulled away be came back three times stronger. 

He wanted to explore your mouth now- feel the taste of the words he hoped you’d never say but he feared at that dinner table. Joji quickly brought his hands up to your chest and pulled down the clothing covering your breast, the strapless clothing prohibiting the wearing of a bra. He let the cold air blow against your nipples, and seeing that wasn’t enough to make you gasp, he gave your left breast a squeeze. In there were bruises in the morning, he wouldn’t give a shit, in fact he’d be satisfied. 

Upon having your boob grabbed, your mouth instantly parted from pursed lips to a widened mouth- you even let out a small moan. The wetness was getting worse. His eyes looked into yours for a moment and they were even darker than usual, but as soon as you felt his tongue in your mouth, you had to close yours. You tried to fight it back, locking together as Joji pressed his hardening crotch against yours, and Joji of course won. 

After a while, you felt yourself being lifted, and Joji was taking you to the bedroom you shared. He threw you on the bed, with no mercy, and you could hear a low tsk tsk tsk. It drove you wild. Joji was now between your legs, teasing you by pulling down your panties with his teeth, in a painfully slow manner. He knew you were enjoying yourself by the wetness that revealed itself. “This better be because of me, y/n.” He warned, bringing his thumb up to press against your clitoris. 

A slow, circular motion followed, and your back arched. “Joji~” You moaned, he stopped for a moment. “that’s my fucking name.” he smirked, before replacing his thumb with his tongue. And you knew, when he joked about eating pussy in his youtube videos- whether frank persona or not- he was a fucking legend. 

His tongue met up slightly with his top lit as they dove down on your clit, his hands spreading your legs out to give his space to move his head, before deciding to flick his toungue for a short amount of time- you knew you were going to cum- he knew. He was going to piss you off now. 

Right before you could announce it- he stopped, shaking his head. “No, not yet baby- I’m not lettting you off that easy.” 

He took off his shirt and pants, his boxers going with them, and he was already fully erect. His boner always came as a shock to you, “Get up.” He demanded. 

You did, quivering as you watched him lay down where you were previously. “Ride me.” He commanded again. “Fucking show me you’re mine and mine alone.” He said, you immediately positioned yourself onto him, moaning out “J-Joji~” As felt him getting deeper inside you. 

This point, he grabbed your hips and guided you, grunting softly as he started to feel the buildup of pleasure he knew he would outlast you, you were already coming undone, but he wasn’t going to let you stop until he was done. 

Bringing your hips to clash with his as the rolled together, the sounds of exhilerated screams coming from your euphoric state brought him so much pleasure- along with the movements of your breasts, how they bounced with you as you moved. This was all his, and only his. 

Finally, when he released, he groaned out louder than usual, he’d joke about ‘ a great nut’ later. Now, Joji couldn’t help but not feel complete, even after making you cum three times- and hearing you say his name- he still felt jealous. “y/n?” He said.

You were laying down on your back panting, exhausted by him- but you turned your head. “yes joji?” You asked back. 

“thank you for staying with me and not running off with business boy…” He was tired too, but his words had meaning, had purpose. “You keep me going… and the thought of losing you..” You stopped him. 

“George ‘Joji’ Miller…” You leaned up to face him, laying your head on his chest. “You’re all I want and more, and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else.” 

With that Joji could sleep tonight. Peacefully. “I love you.” you mumbled. 

“And I love you,” he said back, but chuckled. “And I love your titties.”

You’d smack him tomorrow, but for now, you were too worn out.

Got7 giving head

Mark: Mark would be perfect in finding out what you liked and what wasn’t working for you. He would quickly realize what to do more of and would be able to hit the perfect spots in no time. He would be taking his time and would not be too rough, he would like to slowly and sensually get you worked up. He would find the exact right mixture between licking, sucking and using his teeth. Receiving oral from Mark would be pretty much the best feeling in the world.

JB: Jaebum’s way of giving oral would really depend on his mood and on the situation. He could be very romantic and slow, savoring your taste, but it could also be very different. He could be very rough, going at a fast pace without mercy. The first time you requested for him to go down on you, he would be kind of shy and unsure, but that would change quickly and he would really start feeling it. You would have to encourage him but Jaebum would be a big fan of giving oral.

Jackson: Jackson would be a big fan of oral and he would really enjoy giving it. He would want to see and hear you receive pleasure by his mouth and it would be a huge turn on. He’s quite eager to please in general so that would be the ideal opportunity to get you off. He would like to do it as some sort of foreplay, but it didn’t have to lead to penetrative sex, he would be happy with just giving oral itself. Jackson would love eating you out.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung seems like the type to do it softly and slowly, but at the same time just perfect, hitting all of the right spots and places. He would be romantic and would be sure to keep eye contact with you during his pauses. There would be long licks and soft sucks with his teeth hardly ever in action. It was not a usual thing for him to go down on you, but when it did happen, he would make sure that you get the most out of it, taking his time to make it perfect.

Youngjae: Youngjae seems like he still has to learn in regards to how to act during sex, so he would really need your feedback. You should tell him what to do and he would happily comply. He would be good at following your orders and it would definitely be an enjoyable experience for the both of you. He might not start out as a master or anything like that, but he would be eager to learn more and it would be amazing for both him and you.

Bam Bam: BamBam would want to become perfect at giving head, just because he would think it was so cool of him. That meant, that he would practise a lot, which was really lucky for you. He would often suggest to go down on you but would also want you to return the favor. He would be moving his toungue a lot, which definitely had some advantages. It would always be a very fun time with him and he would make oral quite enjoyable.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would really, really love it if you sat on his face. He would enjoy being under you, moves very restricted whereas you could move freely. He would be kind of playful while giving oral in general and he would often be a tease. While being a tease or even a brat he would love it if you made him obey, taking all control from him. He would like to suck your sensitive spots, but there would always be room for the occasional nip also.

solved. jungkook

TITLE: solved (one shot)

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: smut, couple

WORDS: 1900

WARNINGS: smut, angst, drinking, cursing

message me for requests and find more of my writings here

I glanced from across the room at him. His disheveled brown hair in all different directions as he held the bottle in his fingers. He let out a lighthearted giggle and proceeded to utter some slurred speech that resulted in an eruption of laughter from across the room. Jungkook liked to drink. He would tell me that he liked the way it made him forget. His exact words being that he ‘actually liked to feel something’. I would stare up at him and nod, occasionally acknowledging his explanation with a simple ‘okay.’ As I sat on the couch I glanced out of the window and took in the lights of the vast city. I loved the city, and I loved experiencing it with Jungkook. I turned my attention back to my phone as more drunken laughter continued to erupt from a few feet away. I felt two soft hands delicately wrap around my waist. “Hey. You ready?” Jungkook rested his head on my shoulder and whispered into my ear. I slowly spun around so that I was facing him.

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“Awwww wook at da widdle baby in his DIAPERS wiggling his crinklebottom. What’s wrong baby, can’t you hold it?”

“No,” I say, “pweeze Mommy I'ma big boy”

“I don’t think so, sweetie. Big boys use the potty, not cute widdle baby diapers like you sweetie.”

“Buh I don wanna peepee my diapers Mommy…” I whined unconvincingly.

“Oh stop it baby, yes you do! You love wearing your widdle baby diapers and I KNOW you wuv to make tinkle-pees in your didees don’t you baby?”

She was whispering this in my ear as she gently tickled my nipples. I couldn’t resist becoming aroused and I knew she was right about me.

“I… I wuv to make pee-pees in my diapers Mommy I do!” I admitted as she she tickled my tummy. I squirmed and giggled like a baby in delight.

“Aww of course you do diaper baby I knew Mommy’s widdle stinker wikes his warm peepee diapers squishing against his widdle stiffie doesn’t he?”

I’m dancing around holding my diapered wee wee try not to pee, but Mommy’s detirmined to see me wet my diaper. Her and Daddy laugh as I wimper and giggle as she tickles me on my sensitive belly and legs.

“Here, let’s speed this up a bit.” She says, and grabs my arms, then twists them behind my back. She pushes me down to my knees in the center of the room. Daddy comes over and gives me a more intense tickling on my bare tummy with his fingers.

“Who'sa peepee DIAAAPER baaybeee…” Mommy teased me as I giggled and squealed under Daddy’s fingers, my diapers crinkling noisily. I squeal and squirm but as I struggle I feel myself losing control. The diaper hisses and swells as a wet spot appears and spreads quickly. They both laugh and tease me as I pee.

“DIAPER BABY DIAPER BABY widdle peepee diaper baby!”

“Awwwww, sissy’s gotta wet diaper now, couldn’t hold it little pee-pee boy?” Daddy grabs the front of my diaper and squishes it for effect. The plastic crinkles as the diaper gets soggy and heavy. I feel relived, but try to hide my other growing discomfort in my bottom. My gut growls and piques Mommy’s interest.

“Is that baby’s tummy grumbling? Oh sissy don’t tell me my little boy has to make poopies too, this will be priceless!” She said as they laughed together.

“Mommy pweeze, no, I…”

“Oh come on now sissy, you’re already sitting here with a soggy diaper, and you think you’re a big boy now and can use the potty? No, little sissyboys like you make their stinky poopies right in their diapers.”

I start sniffling and sulking as pressure builds up in my bottom. I hold out for a while but Mommy & Daddy just sit and tease me until my face turns red and I’m in obvious discomfort.

“Little sissyboy’s gonna make a big poopoo in his diaper isn’t he?” Daddy says. “Say it!” Mommy calls to me.

“I-I-I’m a little diaper sissy.” I stammer.

“And what do little sissys do?”

“M-Make big stinky squishy poopies in their diapers.” I answer on cue.

“Tell me what baby’s going to do when he got a poopy load in his diaper.”

“I.. I… I’m gonna sit and squish my poopy load all over my widdle baby bottom.” I replied, blushing as she continued to tease and tickle me.

“That’s right sissy baby. You’re gonna make a big stinky poo-poo in your diaper and smoosh it alllll over baby’s widdle bottom! Oooh, it’s gonna be and warm and gooey isn’t it?”

“Uh-huh Mommy… I wuv to make poopies in my diapers and go squishy squishy wif my dirty diaper load.” I said. My face was bright red now, she had got me to admit to my most embarassing secrets in front of her and she loved every minute of my unease.

“Look, little sissy likes it! I bet his widdle pee-pee will be really stiff when he pushes out his big stinky mess and sit on the gooey poopy load!” she says, pointing at my tented diaper. She continues to pat my bottom while she whispers in my ear.

“C'mon sissy, fill your diaper up, you know you want that big stinky load on your bottom don’t you?”

“Uh huh mommie…”

“I know my widdle stinkybottom can’t wait to sit and squish his warm gooey load, can you? Now be a good widdle sissy and fill your diaper baby!”

The pressure in my bum bum is too much for me as a cramp hits and I feel myself start to poop. I try to hold it back but I realize quickly my hopeless situation. Mommy is still whispering naughty things in my ear and encouraging me to give in to my secret desires.

“Poooopy diiiaaper baaaaaybee…” she whispers in my ear, tickling my belly and rubbing my crinkly bottom as I squirm and fuss. I grunt, whimpering as I start pushing. My body takes only a couple seconds as it realizes I’m ready to unload in my diapers. A crackling sound fills the room as I feel the first big log push its way out of my bottom and bulge outward on the seat of my white disposable diaper. Mommy’s chuckles to herself and holds her hand gently against my diapered butt, feeling the growing lump on my bottom. They both watch and smile as my white diapered bottom bulges out bigger an bigger with a big stinky lump. I can’t believe how much is coming out of me; I feel my poopy load nestled up against my buttcheeks as yet another log comes sliding out of me, the stinky mess pushing tighter and tighter against my diapered bottom. She pats my expanding load and giggles. I let out a girlish groan as I felt another mushier wave of poopies pushed my sagging diaper bottom out even lower.

“Oooh my little stinkybottom, look at the size of that lump on your butt! what did you do baby?”

“I got poopoo diapers Mommy!” I giggled and blushed, wiggling my bottom around causing my buttcheeks to kiss the warm poopy load snuggled between them.

“That’s right sissyboy, big stinky diapers. You want to sit and squish that stinky load all over your cutee widdle bottom don’t you stinky?”

“Oh pweese Mommy! I wuv my poopy diapees, pweeeeeese let me sit and squish my dirty poopy diapers…”

“Not so fast silly baby, stinkybutts gotta earn their squishies…”

Daddy stepped forward and my heart skipped a beat as I realized what she meant. My stiff little pee-pee twitched in my poopy diapers in excitement.

“Now it’s time for your milk, sissy.” She shot a big smile over at Daddy who was already grinning.

“Little sissyboys in poopy diapers get their milk right from the source, sweetie.” She said. Daddy stood over me and began unbuckling his pants. I got scared and looked at Mommy but she just laughed.

“Don’t worry sissy, I’ll be right here to help you learn to be a coc-ksuc-ker.”

I fearfully look at Daddy’s tented undies as he looms over me. He ties a bib with a catch pouch around my neck. It has little babyish prints of erect pen-ises squirting c-um all over it.

“Now first thing sissy is to tell Daddy how much you want his milk. ” She said, then whispered in my ear what I had to say.

::pss pss psst::

“Oh Daddy, pw-eeze fill my mowf wiff milk”

::pss pss psst::

“I w-want your big c-coc-k in my mowf, Daddy, pw-eeze spurt kweem in my mowf. Pweeeze Daddy I w-want suc-k your big dic-k and taste your hot sperm…”

“You wanna squish this big poopy load don’t you widdle diaper baby?” She taunts me, gently pushing the warm stinky lump into my eager buttcheeks.

“Pweeeze Mommy baby wanna squish poopoo diapers Mommy pweeze!” I begged, my peepee stiff and twitching as my squirming bottom pushed the poopy load closer.

“Poopy babies hafta make Daddy’s big coc-k go spurt spurt in the diaperboy’s mouf, honey. You ready for baby’s first taste of Daddykweem? She pushed my poopy bottom harder, eliciting a girlish ‘mmmph’ out from my lips.

"pweeze Daddy I wanna suc-k your dic-k” I moaned as I lost my last ounce of resistance. I was moaning like a sissy in heat as I rubbed Daddy’s tented prec-um stained undies all over my face.

Daddy pulls his undies down and let his stiff coc-k bounce into view. I whimper and lick my lips as it points at my face throbbing and drooling prec-um. Daddy pulls me toward him and rubs the head on my face. A strand of stringly goo connects his coc-khead to my lips as he pulls away. “Kiss it” he said. I take a breath as I prepare myself to suc-k coc-k for the first time, nervously puckering up and sticking out my curious toungue to his juicy mushroom tip. My tongue gently flickering the underside of his throbbing coc-k as I got my first taste of him, salty and exotic.

“Now open wide Sissyboy, wrap those lips around his coc-k and get it nice and wet.” Mommy told me. I took a deep breath and streched my mouth open wide as Daddy pushed the back of my head down, slowly lowering my mouth around his pen-is. It felt hot in my mouth as I feebly tried to move up and down on it.

“No no sissy, don’t just move your mouth over his dic-k, rub your tongue on it and taste it!” She commanded me. I let the air out of my mouth and enveloped Daddy’s coc-k. I swirled my tongue along the underside as Daddy moaned, “Yeah, now you got it sissyboy! You like my big daddy dic-k in your mouth don’t you?”

“Ummmf! Mmmmm…”

I was timidly moving up and down his coc-k; it felt warm and soft against the top of my mouth, but hard against my swirling tongue. I could feel the texture of his flesh, and the individual veins beneath it as I slurped his stiff coc-k between my lips.

“Make some noise Sissy, Daddy needs to hear you enjoying his dic-k.” Mommy said. I started moaning with every stroke as Daddy was pushing in and out of my mouth now a little faster. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but my heart starting pounding in my chest as I slurped his coc-k. I couldn’t stop moaning now, emitting a little girlish squeal with every thrust. My own tiny little weenie was rock hard in its poopy diaper prison as I suc-ked and licked Daddy’s milk stick.

“Mmm, tastes good, doesn’t it sissy? I’m about to fill your mouth with my hot salty cream, you better swallow it wimp.”

“Mmph! Ooooh Daddy pweeze fill my mowf wit kweemy sperm Daaaaddddy!” I gave off a long sexy moan to let him know I couldn’t wait for his big sweaty balls to unload in my mouth. I licked my way up his shaft, leaving a sloppy trail of saliva in my wake. I repeated this treatment all around his coc-k, then allowed my tongue to swirl around his purple, swollen head. Kissing the head of his coc-k, I formed a small circle with my lips and thrust my hungry lips around his pulsing coc-khead. As my head is bobbing up and down furiously on Daddy’s coc-k I thrust my diapered crotch in time with my mouth. The poopy load shifts under my butt; I love to make the warm gooey squishy mess smoosh against my sissy bottom. I can feel the drool dripping off my chin now; I savor the warm, meaty flesh pumping my mouth. I’m losing myself in ecstasy now as the sound my plastic diaper squishing and my mouth slurping my Daddy’s coc-k in time with my moans. He puts his hands on my shoulders; I know he’s about to spurt in my mouth.

“Umf! oooh Yeah!” He cries out. “Gonna bust in yo mouth little girl! Drink it sissy!”

His balls tense up; I can feel his coc-k twitching and throbbing in my mouth. All of a sudden he groans as his big stiff dic-k finally creams in my hungry mouth. Right as his big coc-k floods my hungry mouth, he pushes down hard on my shoulders, forcing me to sit right down on my poopy load. The warm squishy sensation on my bottom combined with the exploding coc-k in my mouth puts me in total abandon. I squeal like a horny sissyboy and squish my loaded poopy diaper on the floor of my crib, instinctively thrusting forward as the mess is pushed up all over my little balls and wee wee. The overpowering taste of his c-um finishes me off as my pee-pee helplessly tingles and spurts in my dirty diapers. I can’t savor c-umming in my stinky mess too much, however, as I concentrate on swallowing the sperm from daddy’s stiff throbbing dic-k filling my mouth up. I squeal like a girl as the salty c-um floods my mouth, my moans gradually falling with every squirt. His coc-k pulses with each creamy spurt of spooge completely filling my mouth, painting my cheeks and tongue as he explodes inside me. I try to keep up but his giant balls pump load after salty load of c-um into my mouth until finally my bulging cheeks can’t hold it all. It gushes out past my tightly enclosed lips, down my chin into the bib.

His thrusting slows as he pumps the last couple squirts home, then pulls his wet coc-k out of my mouth. My sissy lips follow the string of jizz oozing from my mouth but Mommy sticks a spoon in my bib and scoops out every last drop of sperm that dripped out back into my mouth. I gulp down every spoonful, still letting out short satisfied grunts of pleasure. When my bib is clean Daddy then sticks the drooling head back past my lips. I hold it like a bottle and gently slurp on the head as Mommy squishes my sissy poopy diaper all over my bottom.

BTS Reactions~ JH~ You try to take it TOO far:

It had been three weeks since you had started dating Hoseok officially.You trusted him, and he trusted you.

It was basically the perfect relationship. You could be weird together, and it was fun. But there was one thing that concerned you about him- sometimes, when asked, the other members would saying that Hobi was the most perverted, despite him not seeming that way.

This interested you, as you were a little bit of a perv yourself. I mean, who isn’t? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Despite not actually going that far yourself, you wanted to try. So you thought it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to test him.

One night, the members were going out bowling, leaving you and Hobi alone. 

“So, what do you wanna do? We could go out someplace and get food, whilst they’re gone. We haven’t eaten alone in a while-”

“Or we could stay in~” You whispered in his ear, sending shivers down his spine.

He went madly red. “Yeah! we could watch a movie or something! Wouldn’t that be great! Haha.” He gulped, as you both waved goodbye to the members.

“So what do you want to watch? Avatar, Shrek, Shrek 2, AOT The Crimson Bow and Arrow, Lion King-”

“I don’t want to watch a movie, Oppa. I want you~”

“WHAT?!” he jumped back.

“Only if it’s okay with you though~” you slowly crawled onto his lap, sitting on his thighs.

“Y/N…” He blushed redder than before, “Can I kiss you?”

You nodded, and melted you lips into his. He was amazing at kissing. You’d only kissed him on the lips once before, and that was your first kiss. But this time was different.

He began using toungue, and his hands drifted down your back, getting closer to your ass. You loved this side of him, and you loved it even more that you’d been able to uncover it yourself. 

So you decided to push a little more, by moving left to right slightly, against his crotch. You only did this briefly, as he quickly broke the kiss, covering his face with his hands.

You then realised you’d gone a little too far.

“Hobi, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you didn’t want me to-”

“I’m alright. You didn’t do anything wrong, I’m just a little embarrassed.”

You went to move off of his lap, when he pulled you back in.


“I didn’t say we had to stop. Could you do the same again?” he bit his lip.

Let’s just say, that you were both very worn out afterwards.

- ahhhhhh

I really like this one, I hope you did too

I just can’t with Hobi, he’s such a bias wrecker! Lolol

Your Brother Doyoung

Sorry this is quite short but I wasn’t really sure what to write, hope you enjoy it anyways - Em x

Request: Please do a doyoung and sibling fanfic/scenario! Thank you <3

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 666 (See my links to hell are confirmed)

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You heard the keys twist in your front door. You started to panick slightly because only you and your brother Doyoung had keys to your house and because of his schedule Doyoung was literally never there.

You picked up the nearest pillow and walked to the door, you weren’t quite sure how a pillow would help you if it came to a fight but it was the first thing you had seen.

The lock finally twisted open, your door was notoriously hard to open, and the door swung open. You screamed and then he screamed and everyone was screaming.

Doyoung burst out laughing when he saw you holding the pillow peeping from around the door.

“Next time I should just knock then sis?” he said chuckling, “although if your reaction to me visiting is always this funny, I might jump in through the window next time.” He said laughing.

You frowned, dropping the pillow running over to hug him but not before giving him a playful shrug.

“You don’t live here anymore, you can’t just show up at random times in the morning scaring the living bejeezus out of me, I was preparing for a fight, I thought you were an intruder.” You said pouting slightly 

Doyoung stuck his toungue out at you. “Intruder or not, where you really planning to fight me off with a pillow?” he asked curiously, “because I don’t think it would have been my first choice of weapon. Also,” he said interupting himself, “can I have a cup of coffee please?” he asked you.

You walked back into the living room, “Make it yourself Doyoung, you know where the machine is,”

“But I’m your guest y/n, you should help me get things, I came the whole way from Seoul to come see you. Well actually I came back from Thailand, which was a long flight let me tell you. I was telling this joke…”

You stood up from the sofa and shook your head laughing.

“And I can assume it was as well recived by your members as the vroom vroom show and so now you’re mad so you came to visit me.” You replied walking into the kitchen to make coffee.

“Well I’m not actually mad, I’m just pretending as a joke. Also, it gave me an excuse to come see my favourite sister,” he said grinning at you.

You rolled your eyes. To most that would sound sweet but he left out one key detail.

“I’m your only sister, your potato,” you replied to him turning the coffee machine on. Still not sure as to why he couldn’t do it himself.

“Yeah you see y/n, I’m an idol now, I can’t do such menial task like making coffee, that’s for the peasents like you,” he said holding an air of fake importance. You knew he was joking but glared at him regardless.

“I don’t see why anyone likes you, I personally like all your members better than you,” you said. Doyoung placed his hand over his heart and acted as if he had been shot.

“You know y/n, that really wounds me, you are cutting me deep sister, wounds like this may never heal. How could anyone else be your favourite member.

“I’m gonna say it now Doyoungie, I like Yuta more than you. He is my bias and he has never asked me to make coffee for him.” You said staring off into space as if you were dreaming of Yuta.

“That’s because you only met him once. There is no member better than me, your brother. You owe it to me because I put up with you and your annoying self for all this time.”

You shook your head.

“I am proud of you though, you are a pretty cool brother,” you said. But you would never let it get to his head so you added. “But still, I will always like Yuta more,”

“Damn you, why can’t I have a sister that appreicates me the most!”

Turbulence in LA Hi-Touch

Here it is!! Finally had time to sit down and write about this. I was supposed to post this like two days ago but I got sick and I’m preparing for my snowboarding trip!! Hope you enjoy reading about my experience~

For those interested in Part 1, you can read it here!

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One Cream, Two Laughs (Solangelo AU)

Will walked in with a smile on his face. This was his favorite coffee shop, mainly due to their excellent scones. He stepped in line behind a small brunette and waited for his turn. Will watched the brunette intently as he walked up to the till. Will especially noticed his body language. He was clearly angry. After he stepped aside to wait his order, Will asked for a coffee with one cream and two sugars, forgetting about the scone.

Will considered asking this guy why he was so upset, but decided against it. Suddenly the brunnete looked up at Will, who smiled. The boy just furrowed his brows and looked away.

“Black coffee for Nico!” Called the barista. So that was his name. Nico sauntered away to the back of the café. Shortly after, Will recieved his coffee and sat down, far across the shop from Nico.

Will continued to stare, wishing he knew a way to cheer Nico up. Then the brunette looked up at him, and it clicked. Will stuck his toungue out and raised his eyebrows. This caught Nico off guard. He looked around, as if afraid someone would see. He gave Will a look that clearly said ‘What the fuck?’ At this Will just flared his nostrils, trying his best to get his toungue to reach them. Nico’s eyes widened. Then he started to snicker, breathing out his shock. The brunnette’s face filled with an amused sort of wonder as Will puffed out his cheeks and pulled on his ears. Nico looked about, obviously surprised no one else was seeing this. When he turned back Will was wearing the face of a fish. Nico began to laugh, a real, hearty laugh.


Will walked into the coffee shop, this time wondering if Nico would be there again. Yesterday he had left without a word to Will, but smiling nonetheless. Will spotted him almost immediately, seeing as he was sat in the same spot as before.

Nico was just as grumpy looking as he had been yesterday. Will had to fix that. He didn’t like seeing him so upset. As soon as Will got his coffee and a scone, he plopped down in the same spot as yesterday, waiting for Nico’s eyes to wander in his general direction. It took awhile, but as soon as Will made eye contact with Nico he struck up a pose, giving him the full smoulder.

Needless to say, Nico was shocked. And a dozen or so faces later, he was nearly on the floor he was laughing so hard. This, of course, sent Will onto his own trail of laughter. In almost no time the entire café was staring at the two of them, wondering what they could possibly be on about.


Will came in that morning feeling like shit. He didn’t even want a scone. He ordered his coffee, hoping for some familiarity in it. Will half excpected Nico to be in front of him, ordering his coffee black. He had been in the shop every morning for the past two weeks. And every morning Will cheered him up. But Will didn’t have the energy for it today.

The chair seemed harder when Will sat down, holding his coffee in front of him. Every time he wanted to take a sip, he remembered what happened. It just didn’t seem worth it. In almost no time Will was crying. Silent tears fell into his cup. Life was so… stupid.

Will wiped a tear from his face and forced himself to look up. To look at anything but his own sadness. And when he did, a small brown haired boy was waiting for him. Shooting him a classic smoulder.

Wendigo! 2p! Canada x reader PART 3

Part 1

Part 2

His arms had long since gone slack around you. His dead weight was threatenting to topple the both of you. You tried to shimey out of his grip, but stopped when you heard a snuffling noise and felt his arms tighten more.

You could feel your heartbeat increase. Deciding to give it another try, you wriggled. Matt’s arms wrapped tighter around you and his breath was hot on your neck.

“Maman?” His sleepy purple eyes peered up at you. You froze. Then, thinking on your feet, you smiled at him.

“Mattie, sweetheart, don’t you want to sleep in your bed?” You held your breath as he seemed to deliberate. He stumbled to his feet, scooping you in his arms along the way.

A few moments later both you and Matt were in his room, curled under the covers together. Sleep stole the afternoon and evening from you. Later that morning, waking from a deep sleep, you found the bed empty.


You listened to the sounds of the cabin creaking. The tall canadian normally could be found just by listening. He must be out, you think. Not being brave enough to continue that thought, you yawned, streatching your limbs.

Deciding a hot meal was in order, you slid down the bannister went into the kitchen. The pantry was stocked. Just how early had Matt gotten up?

Before you could look over the large selection of food items, the door opened, a happy Matt behind it. He  paused as he saw you standing in front of the pantry, then grinned at you.

Stepping past the threshold, he scooped you into his arms, lifting you off the floor, and spun you around. Still holding you, he smiled down at you.

“Maple leaf, I got you something.” You leaned around him, gazing out the open door. He put a hand on your shoulder, still smiling. A muffled yip followed by a strange lump moving around inside Matt’s shirt.

He lifted the noisy animal out of his shirt.

“A puppy?!” You squealed, immediatly scooping him up and setting him down. Matt’s smile dropped. He turned to leave, shutting the door and locking it behind him.

You turned and started playing (Dog games) with the puppy. Your stomach chose that moment to demonstrate the mating call of a whale. Blushing you went into the kitchen, the puppy following on your heels.

You found (Favorite breakfast supplies) on the bottom shelf and decided that was good.

Matt came in and put the dog food and snacks away. He wrapped his arms around you, watching you cook. 

“Do you like the puppy?” You turned your head, smiling at him.

“Yeah. It’s really cute.” He holds you tighter before pressing a kiss to your head and grapping a plate for you.

———— TIME SKIP————

After a month of living with Matt, you and he had settled down to a routine of waking up, eating, and playng with the puppy.  When he came home from his duties as a mountie one day, that changed.

He came home covered in blood. You were playing with Davie (Hehehe) in the livingroom when the door opend, revealing a blood stained Matt. You looked up.

Davie growled at him, letting out sharp yips and low rumbling. Matt didn’t seem to hear the dog as his eyes were focused on you. Thump Thump Thump. His boots left dark red imprints on the hardwood. His gloved hand reached out to stroke your cheek, grinning as he did so.

He chuckled, before grabbing your wrist and leading you up the stairs. Your heart was in your throat as he kicked the door to his room open and dragged you inside.

He turned to face you. In the darkness of the room, you could see his hair was loose, and matted with fresh blood. Drip Drop Drip Drop. You tried to control your breathing as he came closer. His breath was cold on your neck as his nose traced the curve, sniffing.

He groaned softly before pulling back.

“You make me feel nice all the time. But I want to make You feel nice.” You trembled. What did he mean by that?

“M-Mattie.” Your voice cracked. You took a stuttering breath before continuing.

“I d-don-n’t und-” He scooped you up and set you down on the bed. His hands were between your thighs.

“Matt! I’m on my period! This is nasty!” He paused, staring at you like he didn’t understand. Then, he smiled. Leaning his head down, he pressed his face closer to your core. (I felt dirty writing crotch. Sorry)

You tried to bite back a moan. He must have heard it because he pressed his face even closer. Your heart was racing and your body felt like it was on fire. Long, cold fingers slipped into the waistband of your shorts and started to tug. Your legs felt like jelly.

How wuld this change your relationship with Matt?

You closed your legs so he could get your shorts off. Did he pull your underwear off too? He did. Your face turned beet red. Matt tossed your bottoms off before crawling inbetween your legs. His large hands grabbed hold of your hips, pinning them down as his face went closer to your rapidly heating core.

You closed your eyes only to open them agian when you felt something warm and wet poke you. You gasped, feeling a fire that you’d never known before. This encouraged him.

He burrowed deeper in between your clenched thighs, licking at your core. one hand crept away from your hip, the other using his forearm to keep a steady hold on you, and to your core.

He seemed to be searching for something. Your body lit up like a christmas tree when he brushed over a small nub. You bucked into his face. His finger brushed over your nub like sandpaper as his toungue spun circles inside you.

You could barely breathe. Your mind was becoming numb. With tingling hands, you gripped the bedsheets. He seemed to sense something because he sped up. Something snapped inside you, filling your mind with a white hot light.

This was little detterant to Matt, who enjoyed it greatly. His toungue licking in every fold of hidden flesh. He stopped, comming up for air. His violet eyes were dark and shining with a curious light.

“Maple leaf feel good now?” The only anwser he recieved was a heavy panting and wheezing. His head went back down, toungue extended, and eyes eager.

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Wendigo! Allen x reader part 1    It’s the prequel to this one.

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Okay I’m going to share this but I’m still pretty scared and teary so bear with me. A man cornered me on the coach today and wouldn’t stop talking to me. He leaned against me and made me give him my number and made sure to call it so I wasn’t giving him a fake one. He also made me take his. I thought I was okay once I got off the coach but he waited for me and took my bags. He walked me to the train station and asked me to go back to his place and that he’s pay me. He came with me to buy my ticket and I prayed that he would go then but he followed me to the gates and gave me my bags. And…he grabbed me and kissed me. He put his toungue in my mouth and wouldn’t let me go. After he left I ran off to my train. I feel so disgusted and wrong and scared and I wanna brush my teeth over and over. And I’m sorry for burdening you with my issues. I just felt if I wrote it out I could feel a little better. I’m safe now I just need to calm down. I hope you all have a good night.


the relationship with rami was great and relationship-y. everything was beautiful and smooth, but there was one thing that bugged you about him. it made you blood boil and just fucking shake – his patience, he was so immune to you making him jealous.

the thing about all of this that made you so fucking irritated was that rami knew that you wanted him to be transparent and he didn‘t want give what you want. it was a game. you both were so aware of this and yet both of you refused to speak on it. you decided to play.

so now after a month of attempting to make your boyfriend jealous, you decided to try again. „the last time“ you promised to yourself while looking at yourself in the mirror in the bathroom of yet another party that he dragged you in.

on your way out you bumped into a gorgeous woman and then proceded to go into the main room. stopping at the bar, you ordered your drink and searched the room with your eyes looking for rami. but before you could do that your attention was grabbed by the same woman you bumped into leaving a bathroom. before you knew, you were asking what was her name and apologising for bumping into her.

the conversation with alluring new acquaintance was flowing smoothly, you two got a little cosier, now standing very closely to one another, a lot of touching and giggles. you were enjoying your companion that you were ready to ask for her contacs, but before you could do that you felt a firm grasp on your arm and being dragged out of the building.

the second you were in the limo, you looked at your boyfriend angry and ready to put up a fight. you started loudly and agressively rant about how much of an asshole he is, you were silenced by rami‘s lips. the kiss was rough, agressive and you enjoyed every second of it. you wasn‘t fully aware what has gotten into him but you didn‘t care at that moment.

rami‘s hands were all over you, roughly grabbing and touching you, biting your bottom lip, then biting your neck and leaving marks all over your exposed shoulders and chest.

when the vehicle stopped, in no time you two rushed into his house. your back was pressed against the door, while you two were kissing with the same force in the darkness. with the only source of light being the moon, you were riping the dress off of yourself, while rami was rushing to take his clothes off.

and the second that your clothes hit the floor, you both were going at each other again. finally moving into the living room, you were pushed onto the sofa with him crawling up to you.

„mine“ you heard him almost growl while biting your collarbone and in that moment it hit you. it hit you – he was jealous and intimidated by the beautiful woman. at that point, everything made sense and now with you feeling happy that now the game is over, you were excited.

rami was kissing down your chest lightly biting you breasts and leaving a lovebite inbetween your boobs, then going further down kissing and licking and biting until he reached your glistening with wetness pussy. now, inbetween your legs, he was looking at your divine shaking eager naked body and he smiled. again, he knew that this was torturing him and he wanted to hear you asking him to touch you where you needed him the most.

he decided to torture you a bit, kissing your inner thighs, licking around your lips. after hearing a plea coming from you, he tilted his head a bit and smiled with a simple „please what?“ that made you groan and roll your eyes.

„i‘m not begging you“ you muttered. you knew this was coming. you knew that if you‘ll make him jealous, he‘ll make you beg. and begging was something you hated with your whole soul. yet after rami‘s lips touched the skin painfully close to your core, you were begging. the plea‘s were spilling out of your mouth, so many filthy words and so much begging.

satisfyied rami dived in. flattening his toungue on your pussy and licking a stripe or two, but after he heard more of your begging he focused onto your clit. licking paterns that made you arch your back and moan animalistically loudly. sucking onto the bundle of nerves, making you cum. but he didn‘t stop there, he continued licking and sucking until you reached your secong high of the night which made you overwhelmed with pleasure and you were a mess. you were asking telling him that you couldn‘t take it anymore. „i‘m not letting you go off easy“ he added one finger and with no commentary and made you come the third time. then a second finger and the fourth orgasm. after that he crawled back up, so your faces would be inches away from each other.

his lips and chin were covered in your cum and he looked glorious. then he leaned in, almost kissing you but right before your lips could touch his, rami pulled away making you groan in protest.

„you know, you‘re mine, right?“ he asked you, resting his forhead against yours and grinding his hips into yours. earning a nod and moan from you.

„say it“ he demanded lowly while taking his cock into his hand and rubbing it againts your pussy teasingly, earning another loud moan from you.

„say that you‘re mine and nobody elses“ he was determind to get this out of you. he wanted to hear this and he was getting what he wanted. still teasing both of you, rubbing himself on you, he looked into your eyes.

„i‘m yours and nobody else‘s. i belong with you. you, you hear? i‘m yours and…“ and you were cut off with rami thrusting his cock into you, making you cry out in pleasure.

with you moaning and telling him all the things he wanted to hear and with him fucking you good and hard, the night ended up better than you expected for both of you.

How jealous would Jotaro, Kakyoin, and Polnareff react around someone flirting to their oblivious s/o?
( This is a request i deleted because i got confused and answered it wrong )
Jotaro will get pissed off immediately. He would approach them with a  threatening aura, and as soon as he gets close he will roughly grab that person’s shoulder and turn them around, getting his face close to theirs and giving them a death glare he will tell them ’ Get the fuck out of here if you want to keep  your teeth on your mouth. ’ After that person ran away, Jotaro was silent for a second before apologizing for his outburst, and telling them they shouldn’t be so oblivious and realize when someone is trying to make a move on them.

Kakyoin will feel slightly bothered, but he knows his s/o can handle this. At least he thought that, until he saw his s/o wasn’t making any attempt of turning that person down. For a split second he would think that they might be flirting back, but after giving it a little bit more of thought, he believes that maybe they don’t know how to handle the situation. Then he approaches them, and kindly tells the person that they are his s/o, and asks them to leave. If the person insists though, Hierophant Green will come in handy…..

Polnareff’s sixth sense activates the moment that person starts flirting with his s/o, and he jumps right in from of them. ’ Why the hell are you flirting with my s/o!? Can’t you see they are so pure and innocent they don’t even realize your bad intentions? Go! Go away! ’ He clings to them and shushes that person off, and may even stick his toungue out to them. After the person leaves, he hugs them tighter and tells them to please never leave his side again!