his tongue is everywhere

Not Safe (C.H)

{pic not mine}

warnings: cussing, mention of religion

A.N: i’m not christian so i’m sorry if any of what i say is offensive,, im trying not to mention as much religion…

His hands started to give out from holding his weight up for so long, so he hovered above on his elbows for support. That deepened the kiss. Tongue was everywhere, you wouldn’t even know what the goal was with this tongue. His crotch brushed against hers, a slight tough but enough to make him moan her name ever so loudly into her neck.

“Oh, Y/N,” he sighed into her neck. He placed small kisses on her neck and on her shoulder, moving back up to her neck. He was having the time of his life. As for her, she stared up at the ceiling. In lust? In desperation? Was she grabbing onto his shirt, desperate for a deeper touch? No. She stared at the ceiling, her eyes filled with boredom, her breathing stable, her body stiff as wood. The routine was simple and the same. Her five year long boyfriend would come over for steak and mashed potatoes for dinner with her parents, sometimes it was with mac and cheese when her mom felt adventurous! Then they’d go up to her room for their 7-8 study session, only to turn into an intense make out session. Or an intense make out session for him. But it never ended with sex. The Lord would not approve of premarital sex. Please do not break the routine.

He let out a grunt and placed one last kiss to her collarbone, letting out a deep sigh. He lifted his head above hers and touched their noses, rubbing his tip against hers. “God, I want to marry you,” he sighed. His eyes were still closed in lust as he savored her smell, the taste of her. Her eyes were wide open, her lips forming a fake smile to show him she was just as enthusiastic as he was. His eyes opened to meet hers and he returned a bigger smile to her. He kissed the tip of her nose and slowly made his way off of her, letting out a loud groan as he made his way up. He sat back on the bed and watched as she made her way up as well, her hair just slightly messed up from the slight head movements on the pillow, her lips glistening from spit and chap stick. Their eyes met and his smile turned into a smirk, proud of his work of art. She placed her hands in her lap and returned a small smile. He furrowed his eyebrows and reached up to move a strand of hair away from her face.

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With You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language, Angst

Word Count: 4K+

A/N: Holy shit, guys. This is the longest one shot I’ve ever written and I’m not sure what happened, but it just took on a mind of its own. Like, who am I? Anyways, enjoy!

You were never one to hold back, especially when you wanted something. In this case, it was someone. In fact, the more the object or person of interest resisted, the more determined you were; you always enjoyed a challenge. From the moment that Bucky Barnes first stepped foot out of the elevator doors, you were drawn to him.

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boyfriend namjoon

omg gUYS i had this moment of inspiration when i was cuddling my pillow!! and obviously it’s this post. 

  • he would be so fluffy and cute sometimes that you’d literally had to ask him to stop

Originally posted by chimneytaels

  • he’d also be really caring and protective. after every call or facetime session because he’s on tour, he’d end it off with, “i love you baby, take care and rest well!” and a smile before sending you a flying kiss.
  • oh! oh! oh! and when he’s finally home from tour and united with you once again, you won’t have a single moment alone. (not that you want time alone anyway) he’ll be all over you.
  • and when ya’ll have to separate, he’d always hug you, engulfing you into his strong, warm, comfortable and big arms. he’d always kiss your head as you bury your head into his chest. 
  • then he’ll probably pick you up and finally kiss you.
  • not the normal, chaste kiss, no way.
  • he’d go all out.
  • tongue, teeth hitting teeth (since he’s such a careless guy), lip biting, passion, lust and love.
  • you name it, its there.
  • after such an intense make-out session, he would let you go and wave innocently while smiling, like all that hot shit never happened.

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  • and don’t get me started when he’s horny my friend.
  • he will show zERO shame and will not hide his raging erection. 
  • he would give you that look
  • that, “i’m suffering” look

Originally posted by ksjknj

  • he’ll start by sitting next to you, knees touching slightly and talk to you casually.
  • as he talks, he’ll rub circles around your thighs and slowly run his hands up and down them.
  • which will lead to him slowly dipping his hands into your shorts.
  • if he hasn’t gotten your attention by then, he’ll backhug you
  • he’ll make sure you feel his dick, his painfully hard dick press against that ass.
  • of course you couldn’t say no to sex. it was a very pleasurable thing to have with namjoon.
  • he has you wrapped around his finger. 
  • he’ll never get tired of you moaning “daddy” over and over again oh so deliciously. 
  • he’ll sit you on his lap, your clothed core pressing against his member.

Originally posted by civilkitten

  • he calls you princess 24/7
  • treats you like one too
  • namjoon’s very dominant. he gives off that vibe
  • so he’ll show no mercy.
  • “do you think its very fun to tease daddy like that by wearing such a tight short?”
  • “daddy’s going to punish his little princess for teasing.”

Originally posted by thedesire

  • he’ll kiss your neck
  • he’ll kiss your nipples, he’ll swirl his tongue around it, like he’s eating a lollipop.
  • he’ll kiss your stomach
  • he’ll kiss everywhere but where you want him to
  • “its only fair that daddy gets to tease his princess until he’s done.”
  • after ages of teasing and rubbing his clothed member on yours, he’ll rip your panties off without warning.
  • its only a matter of time before all your clothes are off, leaving you vulnerable.
  • i swear he could fuck you doggy style all day long.
  • but like we all know, he’s a careless guy.
  • at one point, his dick would slide all the way out of you 
  • he’d get so embarrassed omg
  • a giggle would come out, followed by a shy smile.

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  • sometimes, he’d want those pretty pink lips of yours to suck him off
  • “on your knees princess.”

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  • but at the end of the day, both of you would be tired after the activities.
  • he would always still be the caring boyfriend that he is. though.
  • he’ll probably ask if you’re okay, that if what he did was too rough.
  • he’ll massage you, run a bath for you, treat you like a real princess.

Originally posted by pleasingpics

  • if you were dead tired by then, he’d always cuddle you to sleep. always. 
  • never would you want to lose him.
  • whispers of “i love you so much.” would send you off to sleep.
  • you can always be yourself around him.
  • he’ll never judge you.
  • nor would you judge him.
jeon 02 / jungkook (fuckboy,smut)

Originally posted by whatskookn

summary: you hated his name but part of you wanted to feel his tongue on your skin

warnings: slight smut

chapter 01

“i don’t know I thought I would ace this test but I guess not…” your friend said while the two of you were leaving the classroom. no matter what she was telling you, you couldn’t put your mind at peace because each time you thought of him you felt his hot tongue on your neck. the way he flicked at your soft skin and kissed the hell out of your sweet spot, just made you feel numb as you wanted more of him. 

the next class you had, just so happened to be with him. part of you was too scared to even enter the classroom as you knew he kissed many many other girls, and just like that he would forget about you and that you even exist. so you enter the class praying he wasn’t there already and luckily he wasn’t. sitting down at your table you prepared your books and waited for the class to begin. 

and then he entered

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Don’t make Daddy jealous

I’m going to hell because of this…and I need to bath in holy water

Reader x Christian Yu

Type: smut

Warnings: swearing, rough play, daddy kink

Words count: 2966

Summary: You had to go to your bff bday party instead of spending time with your boyfriend, but the night won’t be as boring as you thought when you’re noticing Christian stalking you in the distance [cannot believe that his pic is totally fitting into this story]

- Christian I can’t go today I told you I have to go to Silvia’s birthday party, I promised her last week.

- Ahh I cannot believe this, finally I’m free a bit but I can’t see you, I really miss you baby girl… - he was whining in the phone and it seems he was grumpy too.

- I promise I will call you after I get back home, okay? I miss you too Christian so so much but I can’t skip this party.

- Okay, you promised me, don’t forget what you said! There will be guys too? – yes, he was definitely whining.

- Of course there will be, we’re going to a club, so …

- Jesus…to where? Fuck… don’t you dare to flirt with someone or let some fucktards to dance with you or or anything… ha?!

- Christian please chill a bit, it’s a lil’ party nothing serious and why would I flirt or dance with another guy when I’ve a smokin’ hot boyfriend?

- Smokin’ hot? Aye babe… he’s definitely lucky for having such a great girl like you!

- Honey I gotta go, I’ll call you when the party is over!

- Take care of yourself or I’m gonna kick your sexy butt!

- You idjit, I will, I love you!

To be honest the last thing you wanted to do is to go to a party, getting drunk and whoosh dumbass guys away, but it was your best friend’s party and you had no other choice. The club was pretty fancy and the VIP section was all your crew’s for tonight. Your bestie was mega-happy and already drunk after half an hour. Not to be a partypooper you also cheered for yourself in your mind and you went to get some drinks. After four gintonics you definitely started to feel the party. However your phone started to buzz and you saw the worried texts from Christian. Trying not to mess up you txted back that you’re fine and stop worrying about you. But it turned out you misspelled your sentences and of course Christian noticed that you’re drunk.

- Y/N, put the fuck down that phone you bitch and come dance with me – Silvia, your bestie yelled at you and rushed you to the dance floor.

After an exhausting hour you two were still dancing and felt like there’s no tomorrow. Especially when you started to dance on the table and singing like true party-queens. Your hair was a mess, your tight black mini-dress was way too up as it should be and also your black lace bra showing a little. Then there was the moment when you noticed Christian in a dark corner with his friends and with a glass of whiskey in his hands. You got caught, you fuckin’ got caught…

- Silv, Christian is here, and I think he’s gonna kill me, don’t look there but he’s sitting in the corner with a couple of his friends and he saw me – you yelled into your friend’s ear.

- Goddammit honey, then we should put on a more heated show than before, you should play with him and I guarantee your night will be hotter than this party – she shouted back to you.

- Are you crazy?! He’s gonna kill me, you can’t imagine how pissed off he will be…

- That’s more fun, trust me and show him that you are the sexiest hoe in this club, shake that booty honey!!!

So you decided to play. You got off of the table and poured another shot. And went to a more crowded area, but you still saw Christian in this distance. From this point the game finally began. There were two guys who were watching you all night with hungry eyes and when you smiled at them they got closer in an instant. They looked really good and they weren’t bad dancers. Now all you had to do was wait to Christian noticing this whole mess. But you knew he was watching you from the start and had to control himself. The bad thing is that you wanted him to lose control and make a move. So you let the two hottie to get closer than should be. When one of them put his hands on your waist and the other was definitely wanted to kiss you here and there, you caught Christian’s death glare and saw him rushing towards you in the crowd.

- You think it’s funny? What the fuck are you doing? Are you playing a game? You two get the fuck outta here until I beat your asses – he was way too mad, but also way too sexy.

He grabbed your wrist and walked you out from the club. When you stared back you saw Silvia sending thumbs-up in the air.

- This silly idiot… tomorrow I have to tell her everything… - you giggled.

While you were waiting for the taxi, you tried to save your ass a bit.

- Christian, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you mad, I drank too much and wasn’t in the right mind.

He turned his head, still grabbing your wrist strong, and whispered in you ear:

- You did this on purpose baby girl, both of us know this and pray for God to be gracious with you from now on, coz when we finally get home I’m gonna fuck you until the sun comes up.

You got chills. And your whole body got goosebumps too. Plus you felt that guilty pleasure climbing up in your core.

- Christian this is bullshit I didn’t…

- Shut up, just shut up baby girl don’t make the things worse, no fuckin’ words until we get home!

So you didn’t say anything until you two got home…

The stairway was dark and quiet, you barely see anything but somehow you managed to get into your apartment. The second part of the game started.

- Christian are you still mad? Please don’t misunderstand this whole situation I was just… partying, those guys didn’t mean anything to me, I didn’t even know them… - you started innocently when he pushed you to the wall, grabbed your wrists and put them above your head.

- Oh stop talking nonsense Y/N, and better stop with this fairytale story too, now you should start thinking how you gonna redeem this mess… - his gaze was no joke that lustfilled eyes didn’t guarantee mercy and he was close. Too close to you, pushing to the wall with all of his weight. And he smelt so good. His fragrance always killed you and you could differentiate this smell from thousands of other parfums. It was his, only his. You decided to play another card.

- Please don’t be mad at me, I will do anything daddy… - you bited your lips and looked into his eyes.

- You lil’ shit… - he kissed you roughly, grabbing your hair with one hand while with the another he was still holding your wrists firmly.

- Daddy is fuckin’ so pissed right now baby, you teased me a lot… - his mouth was all over on you, started from your neck, down to your collarbones and now between your breasts. He let go your wrists, squeezing your butt with both of his hands. You can’t help but let out a moan.

- Christian, please… I want you so badly.

- Oh really? Those two can’t fuck you that good like me, ha? – he didn’t wait for your response when he kissed you again and pulled down the zip on your dress. You were also in a rush unbuttoning his shirt, touching his bare chest, his tattoos, his arms down to his abs until you found his belt and unbuckled it. After that you unbuttoned his pants too, letting it fall while he took off your bra and your panties, a nipple went straight into his mouth, sucking it passionately and caresses the other with his hand, drawing circles and pulling it until both of them were hard. You were a moaning mess, your fingers were digging in his hair wanting more and more.

- Daaad enough, please it’s too much, I can’t… I can’t… - you whined.

- Enough?! Oh honey look, we’re still in the hall, and I didn’t even touch you there yet… hands up like before! – he ordered and you put up your arms. He grabbed your wrists again with one hand, and the another started to wondering between your thights. He kissed you again, biting and sucking on your bottom lip, his tongue twirling everywhere until you moaned into his mouth.

- Baby girl, you’re so wet for me, you’re dripping – he said it teasingly while his fingers went up and down on your folds at a really slow pace. His eyes never lost contact with yours and seeing his wanting-gaze turned you on more.

- Tell me how much you want me baby girl, tell daddy how much you want his cock inside your dripping pussy – his voice was deep and raspy, and his fingers started to move faster and faster on your clit.

- Fuck Christian… I want you, please… I want you inside me, please daddy fuck me I’ll be a good girl just fuck me for the fuck’s sake… - you were in daze, your whole body was about to explode.

- Mmm… my baby you want me this badly? Well, I told you I’m gonna fuck you until the sun comes up… - he inserted a finger into you, and you just moaned into his neck grabbing his hair.

- Ah Y/N you’re so fuckin’ wet – he pumped his finger in and out at a slow pace, adding another digit and catching up a quick speed.

- Maybe I should taste why are you this wet? Am I this good babe? Tell me… - he purred into your ear sending chills down your body.

- Christian please… I can’t take this anymore, it feels good, it feels sooo good – you mewled.

- Oh no no, the morning is still a bit far away darlin’ you have to bare with me a little more – he smirked at you, letting go of your hands and kneeled down in front of you closing his mouth on your wetness. He was licking your folds up and down, finding your clit and sucking on it while his fingers were pumping in and out. He was always eating you out like a dessert, enjoying it so much.

- Daaad I really can’t take it anymore I’m gonna cum… - you arched your back and moaning loudly.

- Then cum for me babe, moan for me until the neighbors will come over.

This pushed you over the edge, your orgasm washed everything away, you screamed out his name, cursing out loud, while he was still fingering you and licking your pussy until your last pleasure wave ended.

- That’s my baby girl – he kissed you with his plumped lips letting you taste yourself. You hooked your legs around his hips and he took you in the bedroom and dropped you on the bed. You sat up immediately, watching him taking off his boxers. He was so hard and sexy as fuck, you gulped and licked your lips while he started to jerk himself up more, his fingers running slowly on his length, looking deeply into your eyes. Without any words he moved closer to you, touching your lips with his throbbing cock. You wanted to suck him badly, you were literally drooling.

- Aye, babe you want me this much? – he let his tip into your mouth. You started to lick him, twirling your tongue around him, earning a hiss.

- Christian, please I want you in my mouth… don’t do this to me – you begged him with no shame.

- Mm you were so so bad to me today babe, what should I do with you, ha? – he kissed you with passion, gathering your hair into a ponytail. And he put his cock in your mouth. He started to roll his hips, moving his member in and out while his hand was holding your hair. He tasted so good, your mouth was full with him. You had no control in your movements he was harsh, fucking your mouth mercilessly almost choking on him but you didn’t mind, you were still burning for him, your pussy aching for some skinship. Also his deep moans turned you on more, seeing his wavering abs, his sweaty chest and arms made your womanhood even more wet.

- Fuck, baby girl you’re so good, but I can’t take this anymore – he clenched his teeth, moving out quickly, really close to cum but he didn’t… he was testing his limits.

- Turn around honey, turn around for daddy – he said, and you did as he told.

His cock was eager to find your entrance, pushing it deeply into your core, stretching you out and fill you completely.

- Shit, babe you’re so tight and wet for me, you feel so good – he was pounding into you roughly, one hand on your waist and one hand pulling your hair. You can’t help but moan with all your heart, shouting out his name over and over.

- Fuck Y/N, if you continue this loud mess I can’t hold myself back for too long – but you also couldn’t hold back yourself, his thrusts were getting deeper and deeper bringing your next orgasm close. You arched your back, grabbing his thights, while he was covering your mouth and started to rub your clit.

- Ah babe I’m so close, fuck I can’t hold back, you’re so wet, I wanna cum all over on your tits baby girl – his husky voice filled your ear pushing towards your edge, when he took out himself, turned you around and came on your breasts. He spreaded his cum with his cock on your nipples, putting his thumb into your mouth and you sucked it while watched his rosy and sweaty face.

- I’m sorry baby, I didn’t plan this way, maybe I need some fuel to refill my energy – he went to your drawer getting some wet tissues.

- You know Y/N, you look utterly sexy like this – he was wiping up the mess, after that he kissed you softly, carressing your hair.

- But my girl didn’t get everything before because of me, come on princess spread those legs for daddy – he went down on you but he was much more softer and sensual this time.

You put your feet on his shoulders, spreading your legs allowing him to eat you out again. He loved licking your pussy in every way possible, your moans fuelled him as his tongue got faster on your clit.

- Cum for me honey, I wanna hear you scream – you didn’t know how you always managed to cum to his order but with Christian everything was possible. He held your waist in place, still sucking on your wetness until you ride out your high.

- Good girl, but I’m afraid I can’t let you sleep yet – you looked down and it seemed he refilled that energy somewhere already.

He moved you to the center of the bed, laying you down and hovering over you. He kissed your lips, and slipped into you slowly. You bit your lips from the overpowering sensation, your womanhood was totally destroyed by him. However you loved the feeling when you were full with him, feeling every inch of him inside of you.

He looked into your eyes with love, quiet moans coming from his mouth. His forehead was on yours, when you kissed him and dig in his hair. He was moving at a stable pace, adding deep thrusts frequently. You were so in love with this sensual Christian, the only goal of his was to please you no matter what. He started to massage your clit, giving sloppy kisses on your neck and you felt you’re getting closer and closer again. You were holding onto his shoulders tight, your nails digging into his skin probably causing bruises because of the overhelming stimulation. He quickened his movements to catch up with you.

- Christian, I’m… I’m coming… oh God you feel so good…, fuck Christian… - you tightened your walls around him, pushing him over the edge, while you also felt your pulsating orgasm giving you nothing but trembling thighs and body. You screamed out his name, your hand clenched with his until he collapsed on you breathing heavily and pulled himself out of you. You kissed his head, carressing his back and he tried to catch his breath rolling to the side.

- Y/N this was so fuckin’ good, I love you baby girl.

- I love you too Christian. But to be honest you destroyed my pussy, so no woohoo at least for a week.

- Are you serious?! – he popped up from the bed quickly and looked at you with puppy eyes.

- You bastard I only mean sex to you, ha?! – you kicked towards him jokingly.

- Slow down, lil’ girl I’m gonna hug you to death and cuddle you until you fall asleep, but before lemme close the curtains it’s already too bright outside – he raised his eyebrow and winked at you.

With your last drop of energy you threw a pillow towards him.

#98- Shaving Kink (Jared x Jensen)

Requested by anon for my kink list (master list here).

Warning: shaving someone else’s face, smut

Word Count: 1150ish

A/N: Still new to writing this ship, hope y’all enjoy it! XOXO

Jensen wakes up to sunlight peeking around the edges of the curtains and an empty bed. The pillow next to him is still dented from Jared’s head, and there’s warm, damp air floating from the hotel bathroom.

Jensen stretches for a moment, then gets up and heads to the bathroom, not even bothering to grab his boxers from the pile of laundry on the floor. When he gets to the door, he stops and quietly leans against it, just watching. He’s already half-hard just from waking up, but it only takes a few seconds of this view to get him all the way there.

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siriusly-random  asked:

Could you do- 55: “ Shut up and kiss me already. ” ?

They’re arguing, about what, Lucy doesn’t remember. Something stupid that isn’t worth an argument, but here they are. Natsu is glaring and Lucy almost feels like crying, she’s so frustrated.She doesn’t like arguing with Natsu, hates it, she thinks. It makes her gut twist, and not in a pleasant way.

Her hands shake as she glares up at him, Natsu going on and on about something, but Lucy isn’t listening, more interested in watching his lips move when he speaks, He talks faster when he’s angry, deeper, and it sends a shiver down her spine when he looks at her, eyes heated and dark with something unfamiliar.

“Shut up and kiss me already!” she snaps at him, snarling as she cuts him off mid-tirade.

His words cut off, Natsu stunned into silence, but his confusion only lasts for a moment before he’s suddenly snapping to attention.

Natsu growls at her, and Lucy barely has time to take a breath before she’s yanked against his chest, Natsu’s lips sealing over hers in a sloppy, angry kiss. There’s nothing hesitant about the way his mouth slants against her hungrily, his growl reverberating through her lips, the sound going straight to her gut. His lips pull at hers harshly, teeth pulling and sucking at her bottom lip. 

Lucy’s arms wind around his neck, fingers slipping through his hair and tugging violently. Natsu snarls, tongue shoving passed her lips at the same time his hands grasp at her thighs, yanking her clear off the ground before slamming her against the closest wall. She gasps, moaning against him as his tongue invades her mouth, touching her everywhere he can reach before tangling with her own.

Her nails rake at his scalp, making him shiver and press against her harder. His hands slide up her thighs, gripping her tightly when Lucy sucks on his tongue. Natsu groans, tongue retreating. He nips at her lip, grinning when she squeals, before pulling away. His forehead falls to rest against hers, breath mixing with hers as they pant.

Her nails drag along the back of his neck, making him shiver. “That all?” she asks him, unable to simply breathe.

“Shut up,” Natsu snarls at her, letting her drag him back down for another hot kiss.

insecurities ( a danisnotonfire smut)

fic for my dear chubby anon and anyone who has ever felt insecure about their weight being too much or anything like that . Throughout this fic I had shape of you by ed sheersn stuck in my head sdjkjkds. Also every time I type the words “pussy” and “clit” and “coc” I have to stop writing for a second and cringe really hard :))))

Are you ready yet?” Dan called from behind the door. You both were preparing to go for a YouTube party dan had been invited to and you’d saved up a lot of money to buy a dress you fell in love with while shopping, but as you stood in the bathroom actually wearing said dress, you felt like you had made a horrible mistake. It didn’t seem to fit how you imagined it to, and didn’t highlight the curves you wanted. You stared at the mirror, vision blurring as your eyes brimmed with tears.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Dan said as he opened the bathroom door slightly, poking his head in. When he saw you were crying, he opened the door fully and stepped in.

“What’s wrong baby?” He asked, his eyes full of concern. He came closer to you, snaking an arm around your waist and pulling you against his front, placing his head on top of yours.

“I don’t think I want to go to the party anymore” you began, taking in a shaky breath. “I um- I don’t feel so well”

“That’s okay, we can just stay home. But why are you crying?” He questioned, turning you around to face him.

You stayed quiet for a second, not knowing what to say. You closed your eyes so you wouldn’t have to look in his big brown eyes. “Why are you even with me?” You finally asked, opening your eyes again.

“What?” he replied, his eyebrows shooting up in confusion. “Because I love you. Why would you even doubt that?”

“I don’t know” you answered, sighing. “It’s just… you’re such a great person. You could get any girl you want. Someone prettier, smarter, friendlier, thinner-”

“Is that what this is about?” He interrupted, looking even more surprised. “You’d think I’d pick someone over you just because they’re thinner?”

“I wouldn’t blame you, to be honest. I don’t get it. How can you love this?” You said, gesturing to your reflection in the mirror.

“Because you’re funny” he began, taking a step closer to you and holding your waist. “and interesting, and clever and cute” he continued, kissing your forehead. “You’re not pretty, your fucking beautiful”

He tilted his head down and connected his lips with yours, kissing you tenderly. You kissed him back just as softly, running your hands through his dark brown hair and tracing a finger down the nape of his neck which made him shiver. He bit on your lip before pulling away from the kiss. He trailed his kisses down your cheek and your jaw, sucking lightly on the skin there. By the time he got to your collarbones, you were a moaning mess. “Sh, I’m going to show you just how much I love every inch of you” he whispered against your skin before continuing his venture down your body. He kissed your cleavage lightly, before reaching behind you and pulling the zip down.

It felt weird to be the one being worshipped like this. Usually, you enjoyed pleasing the fuck out of Dan but you had to admit, it was amazing switching roles.

He gently pushed the sleeves of the dress down your shoulders so it dropped to your ankles, revealing the special lingerie you had bought just for the dress. “Fuck, you’re so hot” he breathed out, eying you up and down. “I don’t understand how you could think you are anything less than perfect”

He leant in again to the cleavage the bra exposed and left a trail of kisses from your torsos to your belly button, going on his knees. You were feeling impatient now. It took everything in you not to grab him by the shirt and ride him into the sunset. But Dan had other ideas. He placed another gentle kiss on the panties you were wearing, before pulling them down with both hands. “You’re so perfect” he said, admiring your pussy. He looked up at you, making eye contact as he licked from your entrance to your clit. It was exactly what you wanted and you couldn’t help but let out a content moan.

Dan smiled at this, before backing away. "I want to try something” he declared, holding your hand and leading you to the bedroom. He lay on the bed and beckoned you to come closer. You obeyed, straddling his jean clad lap but this didn’t seem to be enough for him. He pulled you towards his face until you wre hovering over his mouth. "Dan! I’m going to smother you” you warned, feeling the urge to leave again.

“No you won’t. Besides, it would be an honour for me to die with my fave in between your gorgeous legs” he said, before yanking your hips with his large hands.

All of a sudden, his mouth was everywhere at once and his tongue was working wonders on areas you didn’t even know were pressure points. You are an absolute mess over him, but he seemed to be enjoying your distress. You looked down at him , watching as he ate you out like an animal, desperately trying to get you off. You were so close, so incredibly fucking close, but you didn’t even have the energy to warn him. Subconsciously, you began to gently rock backwards and forwards on Dan’s mouth. It was all too much. Just one more lick, one more kiss and you’d be done for.

Dan groaned against your core which sent vibrations everywhere and before you knew it, you were coming on your boyfriend’s face. He finally loss ends his grip on your hips and you scooted off him, grinning sheepishly. “That was amazing” you said, unbuttoning his jeans. “Now it’s time to repay you”

“No, y/n. Tonight it’s all about you” he said, taking your hands away from his belt buckle. You watched as he took of his jeans himself, the obvious erection making you cross your legs in anticipation. He pulled his member out of his boxers, stroking it a few times before lining himself up with you. “I’d only ever want to do this with you, y/n. You’ve got me head over heels in love with you”

With that, he pushed inside you, making you yell out from your sensitivity. He didn’t give you time to adjust as he started a steady rhythms of thrusts, rocking his body against yours.“Fuck, you’re so t-tight” he stutters, eyes closed in euphoria. You moaned in response, nails scraping down his back. You were both incredibly close, you because of your sensitivity and him because he had been turned on for so long.

“Dan- fuck!- I’m close again” you managed to say, breath coming out in uneven pants.

“Don’t cum until I say so” he instructed, getting a bit of his dominance back. You whimpered at his words, trying your hardest not to explode over him.

“Fuck! Okay let go, princess” he whispered. Without hesitation you came hard, this time stronger than last time. He came with you, face buried into your neck. After you both caught your breaths again, he rolled over beside you and held you close. “Repeat after me: "I am perfect just the way I am” he ordered, nuzzling into your neck.

“I’m not saying that” you replied, rolling your eyes at him. You felt him bite at your neck, which made you giggle. “Alright, alright, I am perfect just the way I am”

You felt him smile against your neck. “You better believe that, okay? I wouldn’t want you any other way”

You drifted to sleep with these words ringing in your ears and his strong arms around you, making you feel protected, safe. Making you feel like maybe everything was going to be okay.

forbidden love

Requested: no.

warnings: a little smut

Y/N’s POV:

His lips pressed hard on mine becoming dominant. His hands glided across my bare skin as he lifted my shirt. Pan removed his lips from mine and started pressing them upon my neck searching for my weak spot. Once a silent moan escaped my lips he attacked that spot with more force allowing bliss to surge through my body.

Now I know what you’re thinking, oh just another lovey, dovey couple having sex in the middle of the woods. First off, were not a couple. My father, Captain Hook did business with Pan and we stop by the island every week. He lets me roam the island for however long he and his crew take to get the supplies, load the supplies, and do other business. Typically that’s 5-6 hours. Pan and I ran into each other one day on the island and I was immediately intrigued. I mean he’s such a hot, charming guy and he knew it, which made him even hotter. Second off, we’re not having sex. Not yet at least. We want to play it safe and not risk anything since my father doesn’t know about our relationship. Honestly we would just make out and every once in a while we’d tease each other just to spice it up a bit.

He started to slowly move his lips down my neck toward my collarbone. I tried to grind my hips and create a little friction and tease Pan a little. He chuckled into the kiss as his hand glided up my side to grab my boob outside my bra. He snaked his hand under my bra as he squeezed my boob. Then he ripped my shirt in half and moved his lips to my chest.

“Changing it up today I see.” I said with a small laugh.

“Just a little.” He chuckled huskily.

I laughed as his lips moved lower down to my stomach. He pinned me and my hands down on the ground so I wouldn’t squirm.

“Now now you have to be still love.” He chuckled taking off his shirt before coming back up to press his lips upon mine.

He slipped his tongue inside my mouth and won dominance as he explored everywhere. He started to grind his hips on mine. I spread my legs apart so there’d be more friction. I moaned into the kiss making him chuckle.

“You like that baby?” He smirked.

“Yes I do. Yes I fucking love it.” I moaned as I bit my lip.

I rolled us over quickly so I could have a little control. He sat up and wrapped his arms around my body and put his lips to my ear.

“Trying to take control? Well I’m the one who’s dominant. I’m the one who always has control over you baby.” He said as his hands went under my shirt.

He put his lips upon my collarbone and sucked and bit at the delicate skin.

“Now everyone shall know you’re mine.” He said and kissed the spot on my collarbone he had marked.

I tried to grind my hips again to create friction. Then I began to feel a bulge in his pants.

“Oh baby you make me so so hard.” He said and attacked my neck with kisses and hid hickeys in places no one would ever find.

I heard twigs snap and leaves rustle. Someone entered the clearing and stopped dead in their tracks.

“Y/N!” A familiar voice yelled.

Pan looked over my shoulder and chuckled.

“Well well, would you look at that.” He paused. “Killian Jones is here to ruin the fun.”

“What?!” I yelped.

I quickly turned around and got off Pan.

“Y/n! We are going!” My father growled.

“Father! I’m so-”

“Don’t say a word Y/n! And you…” he growled at Pan.

Pan smirked as he leaned back with his hand holding him up. He spread his legs apart as my father glared at him.

“You stay the hell away from my daughter.” He said pointing at him.

Pan rolled his eyes and stood up.

“Now why do you think I’d do that? She is on my island and I can do what I want on my island.” He smirked.

“I’ll kill you with my bare-”

“Hand? You’ll kill me with your bare hand? And your little,” he paused and flicked the hook on his hand “hook here?”

My father pinned Pan to the tree and put his hook up to his neck.

“Father! Please don’t hurt him!” I cried out.

“Oh don’t worry love he can’t hurt me.” Pan chuckled.

“Are you sure because I can put my hook right through your neck right now.” He growled.

“Then your daughter would never forgive you and they’ll kill you.” Pan said as lost boys surrounded them.

My father looked around and slowly turned away from him as Felix pointed a sword at his chest.

“Wise choice Killian.” Felix said as Peter winked at me making me giggle and blush.

My father saw my actions and turned back toward Pan.

“Y/n, were leaving. Now. And you shall never set foot on this island again!” My father growled with his hand balled in a fist at his side.

He walked past me as I looked back at Pan. Pan walked toward me and smirked. He pressed his lips on mine gently. Soon my father realized I wasn’t following him.

“Y/n! Get over here now!” He yelled.

I pulled away quickly to go follow my father but he grabbed my hand.

“I love you.” He said. “And your father can’t keep us apart.”

I blushed and smiled.

“I love you too Peter. I have to go.”

I turned and walked away, my hand slipping out of his. The others created a path for me to leave.

Sorry this sucks… I kinda rushed it 😬😬
#90- Foot Fetish (Sam x Ruby)

Anonymously requested for my kink list (master list here).

Warning: smut, foot fetish (obvi)

Word Count: 1100ish

A/N: This list keeps me writing new things! Hope y’all enjoy. XOXO

Ruby is a master of sex. And not just the actual fucking part. She’s a master at figuring out what turns someone on, at seduction, at reading men and giving them exactly what they want, at figuring out how to get exactly what she wants.

And good fucking with Sam comes pretty easily, because he’s a master, too.

Still, Ruby prides herself on being able to figure out people’s kinks. Sam has a few, some dirtier than others, but only one that’s surprising.

He has a thing for her feet.

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The Things She Carries, Part 6

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Only the pillar behind her keeps her upright — she is undone. This can’t be happening, but it is, it is, and yes he’s going to — and she wants, oh yes she does —

“Take —” she rasps. 

He leans back; she misses him fiercely. Forces herself with what little strength she has left to meet his eyes, to say, “Take what’s yours.”

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Let Me In {10}

Sequel to The Sun and The Stars

Previous parts:  | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 |

Word count: 2928

Warnings: Honestly guys, this chapter is basically just smut. A lot of sexual tension, swearing, dominant Steve, oral (male and female receiving). enjoy sexy Steve xx

Originally posted by buckysqueenbitch

Steve’s heart hadn’t stopped racing, even though she’d fallen asleep hours ago. He’d done his best to be all smooth and suave, especially when he’d kissed her for the first time, but to be honest, he was nervous as hell to be around her. He couldn’t believe she felt the same way he did and he was terrified he’d screw this up somehow. He was hopelessly in love with her and despite the fact that she loved him too, he was still afraid she would get hurt somehow, or he’d get stuck in ice again, or any number of things that had happened in the past that kept him from the people he loved. He’d lost so much time with the people he’d cared about and he was afraid he’d lose the short time he’d had with her. Now that he knew what it felt like to have her so close to him, he was terrified he’d lose her.

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All Is Beautiful - Part 2 of 2

Read Part One Here

Your name: submit What is this?

Word Count: 4,000

Summary: Part Two. After saving you from a violent attack, Sam keeps in touch and you grow closer. This ended up being pretty smutty. It really took on a life it’s own. I’m not sorry. 

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, language and an animal death (briefly mentioned).

Tags: @impalaimagining @spontaneousam​  

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Sex with BTS

A/N: I didn’t have to be as big of a hoe as i was with these gifs but i did it anyways lmao


imagining his usual nature, I don’t think Jin would be too rough with you, nor too soft, I’d think he’d usually be somewhere in the middle but be very flexible with his range in which he could pleasure you. One day he could be peppering you with small kisses and licking down your neck and thrusting into you smoothly and deep, but then the next he’s biting your skin and squeezing your thighs open while he fucks up into you with amazing power and stamina and you can’t walk the next day, but then he can just hold you and fuck you just right. Usually means to be more rough when you provoke him, more soft when he’s seen you’ve had a bad day, I also see him as the type to enjoy fingering you quickly while he kisses you desperately, a little wet and sloppily but it still causes your stomach to flip, favorite position with you is probably one where he can flip you on your side and touch you from the front while also kissing your neck, to give you insane amounts of pleasure.

Originally posted by ihatebts


good luck getting him off of you, Namjoon is very kinky and possessive when it comes to you. Usually likes to work you up and make sure you’re dripping wet for him before he even tries touching you, lots of dirty talk because he wants to make his baby feel good. Biting is common, so is long periods where he’s just assaulting your neck with his tongue but you don’t care because his hot Breath is hitting you and making you so wet for him, Namjoon would notice this and mildly tease you for it before your pleas begging him to fuck you finally got to him, and he would go in, his hips snapping up while he begs you to moan out his name because your voice is like heaven to him, doesn’t let up until you’re overstimulated and have came like 3 times, cleans you up like a prince/ss later on. Favorite move with you is probably doggy style so he could hold onto your shoulders or ass and just fuck up into you and make you scream with the angle was getting.

Originally posted by monchims


would very much enjoy having you on top of him, from the beginning to the end, so he could control the rate he bucks into you but you could also assist him with some of the fucking, plus your ass is just a great view for him. Loves to bite and lick and suck on your neck while you grind your chest on him because that feelings like heaven to him, dirty talking gets you going so he does it a lot. Honestly probably the type to want you to either watch him when he fucks you (like his dick going in and out) or want you to stare into his eyes while he fucks you, would usually want to get you so flustered for as long as he can so when you finally came the whole dorm and neighborhood would hear it and know he was the one who was making you feel that amazing.

Originally posted by taestylips


the sex is the one of the best parts of your relationship because it combines your love, his silliness, and the sensuality of it all into one and it always manages to push you over the edge. Hoseok would want to make out for a bit before he even touches you, and so when he does you basically explode. Eats you out for a while before he fucks you, literally does not touch himself at all until he can fuck you because he wants that feeling of you and that feeling only. Quite talkative himself in bed, guides you through things, asking you if you like what he’s doing, if he’s fucking you good enough, wants you to watch him too, gets so turned on by your whimpers and moans that he usually feels himself coming whenever you let one out, loves fucking you missionary just so he can see you bounce and writhe and just be beneath him.

Originally posted by huang-zitao


I think the whole sex thing with Jimin would be wild, like if anyone where to ask you what your sex life was like you’d go blank and almost start drooling because…what was it like? Honestly only 3 main components, insane pleasure, insane stamina on Jimin’s part, and you being a trooper because he literally uses you up until you just can’t anymore. Jimin would never admit it, but he loves seeing you pushed towards the point of exhaustion while he fucks you senselessly, biting and kissing and nipping everywhere you couldn’t control all the bruises and marks that sprung up the next day, and he can’t get enough of your moans so much that he swallows them with his mouth, his own cries being very vocal and the dirtiest shit you’ve ever heard, preferring to fuck you every which way, but when he comes down with you though it’s all very sweet, your mouth turning up in a smile as he made sure you were okay, always

Originally posted by monchims


magical, star seeing sex between you both, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Tae the type to start off by pleasuring you with his tongue everywhere, seeing and mentally marking how sensitive you were in his mind, literally so fascinated at what a flick of his finger and swipe of his tongue could elicit from you, opening his mouth and humming against your skin as he eventually can’t keep himself from getting in you, doesn’t start off rough, is really sweet, and even if it does get more intense, it’s not describable, because he makes you feel insanely hot and excited that you feel your eyes burning with tears but nothing hurts its just that he feels so good and you can’t control it. Tae is mesmerized with your body and just pleasures you to your limits because he wants to see what he can do to you, probably prefers a position where he can look down at you, exposing everything for his hungry eyes

Originally posted by taehyungifs


aw, small baby, don’t expect him to fuck you roughly but then don’t underestimate him. Jungkook is the type to be very skeptical of himself, but that only would make him more eager to prove himself and give you the pleasure he knows you deserve. When you first start, jungkook is a writhing mess himself, the sweat between you two literally coating your bodies and you can’t feel your toes because the nerves had gone dead down there, but eventually when he finds his rhythm, you’re gone, seeing white and struggling to breathe, assuring jungkook that you’re fine and urging him to continue going, his whimpers only pushing you even further because it’s new to him and you’d feel so good around him he couldn’t stop his hips and would be so thankful that you didn’t want him to either, comes quickly but is good enough to get you to come too, your eyes heavy as he kissed you deeply, wrapped up in his arms

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anonymous asked:

Hi sweetheart, can i request a smut with jimin where he's really insecure about his fingers and his body and the girl makes him feel better and shows him how much she loves his body especially his fingers. + lots of dirty talk thanks ❤️

I decided to make this just a fingering smut <3 


“Baby come here.” You frowned softly watching as Jimin pouted coming from the kitchen. All day he had been acting distant and you didn’t understand what had struck him so hard. You were going to let it go and wait for him to come to you, but seeing how he was acting you decided that right now would be a good time to intervene and get into his head space. Jimin moved to sit down beside you on the couch, moving to lay his head on your chest and let his hands rest in your laps as he looked up at the corny romance movie you were watching.

“Would you like to talk about it?” You asked softly lifting your hand to play in his hair. At first, Jimin wasn’t buying it, he didn’t say too much just shook his head and tried not to enjoy your calming touch too much because he knew he would crumple. The first few minutes he didn’t answer so you asked him again and he only frowned more not really trying to take into account how unfair he was being. You rolled your eyes watching the sulk on his lips become greater, you squinted softly before you sighed humming. “Well, if you’re going to pout like this I will go get your things and take you back to the dorm.” You sighed trying to get up.

“Noona no.” Jimin frowned pulling you back down to sit under his partly sprawled body sighing he looked up at you shrugging.

“I got online today.. And I read some more comments. People were saying things about my body and I just felt really insecure. Some days I wake up and ask myself am I really good enough for you? Am I attractive enough for you? Just so many thoughts are going through my mind, and I just sometimes worry that you will leave me after you realize that I am not that good.” Jimin shrugged lightly, he wasn’t always the best with words but you knew what he meant. You gripped at his chin leaning down to press your lips against his soft red ones. Jimin gave a shy smile and you gave a soft laugh tracing your fingers over his face slowly, tracing his facial features you hummed thoughtfully.

“Jimin.” You started before you moved to sit him up straddling your waist. You tilted your head smiling down at him shaking your head. “Baby when I first ever got with you, it wasn’t because of your looks. I loved your heart you were sweet and nice and caring. Though you were famous you didn’t treat me any differently for being a fan and I was grateful that you opened your heart and snuck around for me. Of course, some people will talk and they are not your fans. Many are anti’s that are mad about many things and they get joy in pushing you down to feel better about themselves. But don’t listen you’re a good man. Your body- baby your body is a bonus. Why wouldn’t I love it? You have pretty eyes. Nice hair to pull. A nice smile, or seductive lip bites. You have very good kisses.” You murmured leaning down to press your lips against his repeatedly. “You have nice abs. Please my body sucks compared to yours. You have comfortable thighs that I like riding. Strong arms to hold me.. Nice fingers to fuck me.. And of course, that’s not all I liked being fucked with but it’s a start.” You muttered grabbing at his left hand. You lifted his fingers to your mouth sliding two fingers inside of your mouth swirling your tongue around the thick digits watching him. Jimin groaned softly as he watched you back, feeling a stir inside of his pants.

“N-noona you don’t have to.” He tried to pull his fingers from your mouth but you gripped at his wrist keeping it in place so that you could get his digits wet. You soon added a third finger into your warm wet cavern, making lewd slurping noises against his fingers. He was starting to pant lightly, you knew that he was becoming slowly turned on by this and you didn’t want to stop because you had somehow managed to turn your own self on. After a while you were adding his fourth finger into your mouth, becoming a little sloppy as you fit your mouth around his digits, Jimin moved to add his thumb into your mouth, your mouth stretched out around him and you tried to shove his fingers down in as far into your mouth as you could, his fingertips grazed the back of your throat and you choked lightly pulling back seeing how his cheeks became flushed and you could see his dick starting to tent inside of his sweat pants, you pulled back smiling softly as you stood up.

“Will you finger me baby boy?” You asked softly watching as he eagerly nodded his head without any second thoughts.

“Please noona. Let me finger you.. Maybe if I’m good enough I can use my tongue?” He asked softly and you groaned quickly pushing down your own joggers and panties moving to lay on your back beside him on the couch nodding.

“Baby, you can do whatever just make me cum, I’m needy.” You admitted without shame spreading your legs wide as Jimin got onto his knees. He smiled up at you, rubbing two fingers against your puffed slit, he groaned leaning down to kiss along your pussy lips, spreading your lips wide afterwards he slid his middle finger inside of you gasping at how your warm silk walls took in his finger. He pushed until he was burying it knuckles deep and even passed that. He waited until his finger was fully inside of you before he started to swirl it around in a circle pulling little moans of pleasures from your lips. Jimin concentrated on your face, pulling his finger out to slowly push it back in, your pink insides looking wet warm and inviting. He let his finger pick up speed slowly, adding another finger after he felt your walls relax around his digit he moved to scissor you slowly. He leaned down pressing his lips against your clit to kiss against it, sending jolts up your spine. You moved one of your hands down to comb through his brown locks. His thick fingers were so long and they stretched you out. Not as good as his dick but it felt good enough to do the job especially combined with his lips. Jimin poked his tongue out to flick up and down your clit, he was licking at the flesh circling it around your pert bud smirking as he opened his mouth wider to suck your clit into his mouth. He sucked harshly onto your pink bud, he flicked his tongue roughly up and down onto the expanse of your clit making sure to twirl and flick it the way you liked.

“Fuck Jimin- yes baby boy. Only you can make noona feel like this ah~” Your back arched as he plunged his fingers deeper adding another finger after your compliment. You loved commanding Jimin to do things at certain times and when he’s needy for reassurance like this it’s always half and half. Half of the times he likes to dominate and the other half he likes for you to take the lead. Your pussy was leaking and getting on his chin and probably the couch under you both but he didn’t stop. His tongue moved to flick against your pussy lips, biting on the flesh he pulled each lip with his mouth completely ravishing every ounce of you that he could. He felt your wet walls start to wrap tightly around his digits and he thrusts his fingers harder inside of you curving them and stroking them against your walls and spot easily finding it since you both fooled around so much. Your pleas were becoming loud shouts, he could hear how you were panting and going in between begging for more and trying to roll your hips up to take more from him. He growled hungrily loving the taste of your pussy, he could admit to himself that he could eat you out all day. Your legs started to tremble as they wrapped around his shoulders, his hair tickling your lower stomach. He moved his fingers away from your pussy replacing it with his tongue. He curved it to let it graze against your spot, he did use one finger from a free hand to push inside of your pussy to add with his tongue. He moved them rapidly as his head shook side to side and he ate on your pussy until you were writhing under him. His other hand moved to rub at your clit tapping on it and slapping on it.

“Fuck. Jimin I’m close, please make me cum.” You urged earning a hum from him. He started to hum songs against your pussy, all the way from their first to their latest album and everything in between to give you extra vibrations.

“Jimin! Fucking shit! PARK JIMIN!” You screamed out his name and other random noises that left your throat as your pussy tightened up around his fingers and tongue. Your lower stomach clenched as well as your toes and you gave into your orgasm tipping your head back, shouting so hard your neck veins were popping lightly. Jimin mewled feeling your essence slid out onto his tongue and paint his lips and chin but he didn’t care. He moved his hands back so that he could suck you clean moving to flick his tongue everywhere. He was breathing hard kissing up your body, until his lips met against yours. He pried your mouth open with his tongue and shoved it into his mouth, sucking onto your tongue he let you taste yourself. You enjoyed the kiss, the feeling of his lips against yours and slowly you pushed him back standing up with a smirk.

“W-where are you going noona?” He asked as he walked you watch towards the room.

“Oh, I’m just going to get ready for you. Come in the room daddy. I want to show you what else I like.” You winked backwards at him letting rolls switch as you twisted your way into the room shedding the rest of your clothes.

Under the stars - Yoongi (M)

An anon requested this a while ago, so here it is!

- Admin Mati :)

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

“The stars are so beautiful” you looked at the sky, as you were sitting around the fire. “Not as beautiful as you” Yoongi said and placed feathery kisses on your neck. “We’re here too!” Tae whined as he covered his eyes with his big sleeves. You chuckled and lightly pushed Yoongi away. He pouted but instead pulled you back, so you were laying in his lap. You sighed while smiling and turned to look at the fire. “I’m tired” you said as you yawned. “You’ve literally done nothing all day” Namjoon joked as took off his jacket. “It can be exhausting to be outside” you replied and sat up.

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anonymous asked:

Dokyeom + cunnilingus (I'm new here but I already love him - and your writing - more than life)


Staying still had probably never been as difficult as it was when Seokmin’s tongue was exploring your wetness, his hands holding your legs open with a gentle yet firm touch and his nose rubbing into your clit as he moved his head. All you wanted to do was to buck your hips against him, yet every time you tried…

“Na’ah, princess, stay still.”

…you would hear Seokmin’s amused voice, and then feel him press you into the mattress with just a little more strength as his tongue began circling your clit, and when your breath began getting heavier, glide over it.

“Seokmin,” you whimpered, allowing your eyes to fall shut while grabbing the sheets with one hand and bringing the other to Seokmin’s hair. He hummed into you and continued moving his tongue up and down your pussy, spreading your anticipation everywhere he could while also pressing kisses to your clit.

He never really rushed while eating you out, and that time was no exception. He took his time making you feel good, bringing you to the edge with his lips and tongue giving your clit the best kind of attention you could imagine, only to move down to other parts as soon as you let out signals that you were about to come.

In all honesty you weren’t even sure if it was more because he enjoyed eating you out or because he loved having you quiver in his arms, begging for release. Not that you would’ve minded, though, because whatever the reason, it was clear you both enjoyed it.

“Please,” you sighed, your hand getting a little shaky in Seokmin’s hair as your orgasm approached you. He hummed again, his tongue relentless as it moved on your clit, circling and running over it fast. You bit down on your lower lip and were about to protest when you felt Seokmin stop, but when he began pressing kisses to your sensitive bundle of nerves, followed by his tongue moving on it rapidly again, you finally reached your peak.

Seokmin continued lapping at you throughout your orgasm, greedily licking away whatever of your release that leaked out, while you panted hard, your legs a bit shaky in Seokmin’s hands. 

When he got up and gave you a goofy grin with his face glistening in your juices, you couldn’t help but snort as you ruffled his hair. “You should see yourself.”

“I bet I look fantastic; I know you do,” he grinned and leaned down to kiss your neck, only daring to kiss you fully on the lips when you let out a grumble.

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