his tongue in the beginning aw

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can i prompt something involving neil's reaction to anesthesia? maybe he gets his wisdom teeth taken out or gets a surgery and the whole gang is there

( I love this so much, thank you. )

He really needed to watch his mouth.

“Neil? Would you like some water?”

“Nope,” he said.

“Are you sure? You’ve been staring at Dan’s mug for five minutes now.”

Had he?


He had to watch his mouth. He had to play it cool.

“Nope,” he repeated.

Nailed it.

Neiled it.

“Why is he laughing?” Matt asked Renee.

“He’s really out of it.”

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Fanfic Fridays

to be loved (and to be in love) by donnyslouis: the one where Louis’s popular, Harry’s not and they bond by trying to get their friends together while accidentally matchmaking the entire school. (30,227 words, Larry, AU, high school, pining, bLouis, side Ziall, mature)

the awful edge where you and i begin by nicheinhischest: “I could’ve killed you a dozen times,” Zayn tells him, and he means for it to sound like an apology, maybe. Proof of a conscience, even after everything. Even after this. “A hundred.”Niall mockingly clicks his tongue in disapproval. “And I’m supposed to thank you for saving it all for a melodramatic stairwell scene?” (10,141 words, Ziall, AU, assassin, bZayn, mature)

I Wanna Be The One by WriterofFictions: Harry’s met the man of his dreams, only, he might be the man of someone else’s dreams. Maybe.Featuring two all knowing sisters and two cute nieces and a confusing round of bowling. (11,819 words, Larry, AU, misunderstandings, fluff, explicit)

like breathing was easy by anonymous: Harry is walking the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Louis Tomlinson is performing with his band, and also, coincidentally, the man whose curves Harry’s fingertips can’t seem to forget. They love each other for a night. (8,717 words, Larry, AU, model AU, riding, explicit)

Carry My Voice In Your Heart by Fuzzypurplestuff: Being apart can be very lonely, Harry finds a way to stay close. (1,356 words,Larry, canon compliant, fluff, teen and up)

here comes the sun (little darling) by you_explode: louis and liam are a trapeze act who’ve just joined syco circus. despite his best efforts, louis immediately falls head over heels for harry, one of the jugglers with a penchant for glittery pink leotards. but louis’s had issues before with intra-circus dating, so he’s trying his best to ignore his feelings. which is why he’s not at all bothered by harry flirting with everyone but him. (45,161 words, Larry, AU, circus, pining, drug use, bHarry, side Perrie/Zayn/Liam, mature)

you’ve got this spell on me (i don’t know what to believe) by MarchieTheHare: harry is a fifth year ravenclaw dating the seventh year captain of the slytherin quidditch team. it’s the final match of the year. (6,585 words, Larry, AU, Harry Potter, genderswap, teen and up)

an exquisite relic by damnitharry: an au where we’re all born with entities linked to our hearts and they will eventually lead us to our soulmates. (2,068 words, Larry, AU, soulmates, fluff, general audiences)

Is That A Wand In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me by rimmeniall: Louis works rides at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Harry wants to ride him. (23,371 words, Larry, AU, fluff, bHarry, misunderstandings, not rated)

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast by dancesongsoul and lookatyourchoices: a Survivor All-Stars AU in which Harry and Louis are just in this game to win the million dollars, but they end up with something better.Featuring Harry’s yellow swim shorts, Louis in snapbacks, and OT5 shenanigans. (60,928 words, Larry, AU, all the people, side Ziam, explicit)