his tiny fingers


Louis literally begged Liam to let him pour water in his snapback 😂😂😂



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but imagine the delivery room when Harry was born

and Lily’s just radiant and she’s got this adorable sleepy little baby in her arms and James and Sirius are just completely unable to handle the situation and they’re both like sobbing all over each other and Sirius is furiously wiping at his eyes and smearing his eyeliner and James isn’t even trying to hide it and he keeps hugging Sirius and going I have a son or I’m a dad and Peter holds Harry first because Remus is kind of uncomfortable with it and Peter doesn’t really know what to do, he’s just like, yeah, this is a baby, so he’s like, do you want to hold it? and Lily encourages him so he takes the kid and then Harry just kind of coos and looks at him with this intensely curious (although tired) look and Remus is completely smitten with the child in his arms and he touches his tiny little chin and Harry reaches for his hand and wraps his tiny little fingers around his thumb and his bright green eyes just bore into Remus and he can feel himself starting to tear up too because suddenly this child means the world to him

and the four of them just kind of watch in silent understanding and they’re all kind of just thinking that Remus will never be able to have a kid of his own because of his lycanthropy and it occurs to all of them that he’d be such an amazing dad/might really want kids

and then after that he spends so much time with harry. Like Sirius is all about godfather duty but Remus will just spend days at the Potters’ house with Lily while James is at work and he’ll watch cartoons with Harry or read him books or feed him or change his diapers and Harry adores him and Lily just spends so much time being sad about the fact that Remus will never have his own child because he’s basically Harry’s favorite person in the world and his paternal instinct game and ability for nurturing are crazy

and then Remus starts to get really antsy when he realizes he’s going to meet Harry as a grown child with his own personality in PoA and he freaks out and such but it’s been so long and he doesn’t know what to do or how to express to Harry that he's there and so Harry ends up kind of just overlooking him and Remus keeps hoping he’ll drop by his office for tea or whatever but he never does and he just wants to bond with Harry again because Harry is all that’s left of what he had all those years ago and he’s such an amazing kid but he just doesn't notice Remus despite how much he loved him when he was a baby

and when Sirius turns up again him and Harry get on right away and Remus feels kind of hurt but doesn’t really say anything to anyone. Sirius immediately fills the role he’s been trying to pick back up for a year and he wants to be that paternal figure so bad but it just never happens. Even after Sirius’ death Harry doesn’t pay much attention to him

dear everyone who thinks Michael Clifford is unattractive,

okay, first off lets get something straight, he is extremely attractive, see your opinion is invalid already and i’m only one sentence in.

now, if you really payed attention to him, you would notice the little things that make him beautiful, not “hot”. so to prove you wrong, i’m going to list some of those things now.

the way his eyes glisten when something makes him happy.

the way he treats this fandom.

his teeny tiny stubby fingers.

the way the corners of his eyes crinkle when he’s laughing.

how when he’s excited his voice raises / he hides his face begin his hands.

his fashion sense, I mean seriously. have you seen the things he wears? yes please

and for you to have enough time on your hands to go round calling someone, who is adored by millions of people, to those people even, just makes me laugh. it’s currently 6:21am and i’m wasting the time I could be on him on telling you how stupid you are. and I’ve kept my chill throughout this so now i’m going to loose it.


rant over until the next time someone says a word about my kitten

“you just think about g/t sometimes right haha”

right. yes. sometimes. not all the time. i totally don’t go to sleep hugging my pillow and pretending it’s a giant finger and my mattress is a giant’s chest. of course. i don’t look up at tall trees or buildings and picture them as giants. and i don’t constantly run through my head what life as a tiny would be like. not at all. not at al l

Can I just say how much I love this panel? 

You want to know how strong the Nidaime Hokage is? 

Hashirama didn’t tell him to lower his weapon, his arm, his hand… 

He said lower his fingers. 

Which means that raising his fingers that tiny bit was enough movement for him to have killed Sasuke who was across the room. 

Don’t fuck with the Nidaime. He’ll raise his fingers and you’ll die. 

It had been one of those strange days when her husband chose to leave her
completely to her own devices. Ever since she was first married at the age of twelve,
when Hugh was fourteen, he had always enjoyed lavishing attention on her. Unlike most
Thollan husbands, he was usually to be found in her bed during the night, not in his own,
his arms wrapped around her, his cheek pressed to the hollow in the back of her neck,
his breathing raising goosbumps along her skin.

But that night, he hadn’t come in. Ultana didn’t know if something had happened, or if he
was ill, or if he had found some other pretty thing to take his notice. She didn’t mind. Hugh’s
absence meant more time with Lethe, her attendant and very best friend, and her
one-year-old son.

She’d spent the night with her son sleeping on her chest, studying his tiny, perfect fingers
and fingers brushing over the fine, brown hair on the top of his head. 

The next morning had been blessedly quiet. They’d fed the baby. She’d had her breakfast,
and Lethe had helped her dress, braided her hair, and done her makeup. She’d had some
extra time to read and go over the accounting for the week, and then it was time to find Hugh
and take Aengus to go meet his uncle.

Ultana was looking forward to spending more time with Seamus. Now that he was married,
 he was sure to be in better spirits than he had been with the stress of the wedding and
impending talk with his father had been weighing down on him. 

She sent another slave to go find her husband for her, and Lethe helped her wrap her silks.
Aengus was tied in to her chest, her silks keeping him securely in place. 

Hugh arrived a few minutes later, he gave her a kiss on the cheek, brushed his son’s hair
back with his fingers and then the two of them went down the halls, Lethe trailing behind. 

They reached Seamus’ house by way of his atrium a few minutes later. Hugh let himself in.
They turned, habitually, to the gods’ shelf, and to Ultana’s surprise it was empty. Perhaps
he wasn’t finished unpacking just yet

Circe was passing by at just that second, and she turned, saw them there, and gave them each
a little nod and a smile.

“–I’ll let Seamus know you’re here.”

She disappeared down the hall and went to retrieve him, and Ultana and Hugh made their way
to the main sitting room. 

He was perfect, Seven pounds, fourteen ounces of squirmy, sweet perfection. I’d planned to call him Jesse, but when I saw my baby boy for the first time, when our eyes locked, the melodic crying faded to a whimper, and his tiny fingers curled around mine, i realized he looked nothing like a Jesse.

“ Hi, Justin ” I whispered.