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Could I pretty please 🙏🏼 request a friends-to-lovers with Jin?????💖

find jungkook (here), jimin (here) , namjoon (here) & yoongi (here) ~

  • you first meet because of mutual friend hoseok who’s hosting an party at his place 
  • accompanied by lots of music, food, dancing but also,,,,,his living room is packed with people waiting their turn to play mario kart on the new tv hoseok got
  • and like,,,,you’re excited to beat anyone who dares challenge you because,,,,,tbh,,,,,ur Really Good at this game. esp as mario,,,,,that’s ur boy
  • but when u go up,,,,the person you’re going up against,,,,,,picks,,,,,,mario,,,,,and so do u
  • and u both look at each other and ur like,,,,,my Mario is superior and the boy is like “please, people around here call me mariojin,,,,instead of seokjin,,,,,because mama mIA am i good at playing as him”
  • and ur like HMPH we’ll see
  • and ofc,,,,the rest of the night consists of a u and jin epic mario kart battle on hoseok’s wii u and people even gather around to watch and maybe taehyung starts taking bets u never know
  • but in the end it’s a tie,,,,,,and u and jin are still bickering over who is better that hoseok literally has to push u two out of his apartment and be like take this lovers quarrel out of my home 
  • even tho u and jin are not lovers u just met but tbh u two can’t just leave it in peace,,,,you have to find out,,,,,so you end up exchanging numbers and making a promise to meet up soon and figure out WHO is finally the better mario. worthy of the great mustache 
  • and u,,,,,,do meet up with jin,,,,but like more than once and at some point it isn’t about the battle between u two it’s just that u guys have a lot in common aside from games!!! and when you get together jin is always showing u pics of his dog and ur like telling him about this new dish u tried over the weekend and ,,,,it becomes a friendship based on competitive mario kart games and mutual interest in each others hobbies
  • you know,,,,,,,,a normal friendship
  • until it’s not normal anymore,,,,because u both find yourselfs at another party,,,,but this time it’s a wedding party,,,,,for someone you both know
  • and hoseok’s there too and when u and jin sit beside each other at the ceremony hoseok turns around and whispers behind his hand “you guys should try and catch the bouquet since ur obviously the next ones to be married ;-)”
  • and u and jin are like whAt are u talking about and hoseok’s like when people meet because they fight,,,,,,it usually means love will come in the end
  • and with that he turns back and watches the wedding and ur sitting beside jin,,,,,,who btw looks amazing in a suit,,,,,,,like u didn’t pay much attention until u see him from the corner of ur eye and hoseok’s voice rings in ur head
  • and jin,,,,,has always been attractive,,,,,but he cleans up so well in a fitted blazer and collard shirt not to mention the way his tie is just loose enough to kind of look,,,,,,sexy on him
  • and ur like no no no this is the dude u play mario kart and get dorky with,,,,,,,,,,,that’s totally nOT,,,,boyfriend material
  • EXCEPT IT IS iT one HUNDREd p ERCent is
  • and u cant belive it as ur all getting up to clap as the wedding couple comes laughing down the aisle that ur realizing ur feelings for jin right at this momenT LIKE how CORNY
  • but also,,,,u glance at jin who smiles at u and ur heart sinks a bit because,,,,he obviously didnt take hoseoks words to heart like u did
  • but as ur going over to the catering stall as everyone around u gets ready for the after party u feel someone grab ur wrist
  • and jin turns u around and he’s like “hey,,,,do u want to sit together?” and ur like sure,,,,,,,slightly sighing until u realize jin is leading u away from the masses of guests
  • and to behind a building where suddenly ur alone and it’s quiet and jin goes 
  • “so,,,,we didn’t catch the bouquet but,,,,do u want to see if hoseok was right?”
  • and u feel ur face get red and ur like ,,,w,,what do u mean and jin,,,,,who is usually either sassing u over a game or doing that squishy smile of his suddenly looks much more,,,,,mature
  • eyes serious and pretty lips parted and ur like,,,,,,,,,,swallowing the lump in ur throat
  • while jin is just like “i can’t believe ur going to make me say it, but do you want to make out at this wedding and see where it goes?”
  • and ur like ok,,,,,,,,,,,,YES
  • and u basically fall into each other with absolutely no shame and it’s great. it’s spectacular. jin can kiss even better than he can play games which is sAYing soMETHING
  • and ur messy hair and jin’s abandoned tie tell hoseok everything he needs to know when u guys go back and sit at his table and he’s just like “hmm, invite me to the wedding guys!”
  • and u and jin are like SHUT but also ,,,,,ur holding hands under the table 
An Upright Citizen - Adoribull

So a few days ago, maybe weeks, I had a thought that inspired some really adorable additions and a lovely strip by nisuma. You can find the post and some of the comments here. <3

I hope it lives up to the awesome art. XD


Focus is a dangerous thing.

It permits innovation, progress, the birth of something real and wholly unique at the hands of all manner of people. But it does so through a certain ignorance: tunnel vision.

Which is how Dorian has managed to find himself coming down from a stroke of genius perched atop a lampione like a fashion-forward pigeon.

“I suppose I can just…” He turns a bit, attempting to slink along the support, but his boot slips on the metal and he aborts the thought with a short burst of hysterical laughter and a tightened grip.

Has the ground always looked so painful?

Getting down on his own is right out.

A quick check of his phone tells him that his battery died during his latest creative binge, and he left his mobile charger at the apartment. So, no calling in the cavalry.

But he is not going to sit at the top of a bloody street light and yowl for help like a helpless cat.


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Hair Routines

So my Truth or Dare post seemed to be fairly well received! I really liked making that one and I joked in another post about Thorne’s hair routine, and here we are. I kind of want to extend this to morning routines?? But IDK. Let me know.

Cinder: Obviously those messy ponytails that are mentioned about a million times. In terms of washing, she has to wash her hair every other day or so to keep it from getting too greasy. She learned to do it fast because Adri constantly pestered her for taking too long or raising the water bill.

Kai: As prince and emperor, he has to always look good, so he does all kinds of stuff. Shampoo, conditioner, gel, split end protection, whatever. Even more complicated than Thorne’s daily rituals. Haircut-wise, he was adamant about keeping his hair longish, because that’s how his mother liked his hair. 

Scarlet: She has to brush her hair. Every. Single. Night. Curly hair and farmwork do not mix (I’m assuming. I don’t have curly hair so…). Her grandmother used to brush her hair for her, and before that her mother. Most evenings after dinner and chores she makes Wolf do it, or he’ll offer. Often he will brush as she tells him about her day or how the crew is doing. He brushes as gently as possible. Also, she owns pretty much every curly hair product known to man. Occasionally wears a braid or two on heavy farm work days. 

Wolf: Owns exactly one comb and one bottle of shampoo. His hair hates laying flat and he sometimes has to borrow something from Scarlet.

Cress: After living for years on the satellite with her ridiculously long hair, she tries to keep her hair as low maintenance as possible. She keeps it just long enough to tie back when she visits hot places or needs it out of her face.

Thorne: SO. MUCH. PRODUCT. His hair could literally be hit with a rock and NOT MOVE. He and Kai trade hair tips and tricks (Kaiswell, anyone?). He constantly has a military style haircut and NO facial hair because they didn’t allow that when he was a cadet. Plus, his dad has a big bushy mustache, and Thorne doesn’t want to be associated or even look remotely close to his father.

Winter: Her hair routine is fairly simple. Levana didn’t allow her a lot of staff so she did a lot herself, learning from the netscreen in her room. Before her dad died, he also taught her how to wash and braid her hair properly. When Winter and Cinder were kids, they would do each others’ hair, so Winter got some practice. Sometimes braids Scarlet’s hair when they’re together since she understands curly hair.

Jacin: He does very little with his hair. All the guards had pretty much the same haircut and style. Like they even had to have all their ponytails at the same place or they would all get in trouble. Basically all he does is wash it, comb it straight, and maybe tie it back.

Iko: Even though she’s an android, she LOVES experimenting with crazy hairstyles. Sometimes she even wears wigs. She also uses her netlink to look up new hairstyles or techniques to try on the girls (and the guys). She and Cinder have a standing salon date every week. Cinder fake hates it but secretly she enjoys having that to look forward too, especially during really stressful weeks. If any of the other girls are in town they join. Iko has two specific salons, one on Earth and one on Luna, depending on where they are. She is loyal to them and refuses to go anywhere else. She knows the name of every person who works at those salons.

This concludes my TLC hair routine post! Shoot me an ask if you have a post like this that you want to see. I love writing these. Thanks!

Mr. Kubdel is Hawkmoth Theory

Okay, so I used to think just like mostly everyone else that Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth. After all, he certainly has qualities that would lead us to believe that… but not all of them add up. For example the distance his lair has to be from the Eiffel tower and how he’d basically need to teleport there to akumatize Nino as quickly as he did. Or the fact that his jawline and teeth don’t exactly match up to Hawkmoth’s. But for everything Gabriel lacks in comparison, Mr. Kubdel seems to make up for. For example… the teeth?

Gabriel’s have a curve to individual teeth but Mr. Kubdel’s are flat like Hawkmoth’s.

And when Jalil got akumatized? Well, that was basically a repeat of the situation where Nino got akumatized. The man we might suspect leaves, and immediately after the victim is akumatized. However, there have been multiple discussions that considering where Hawkmoth’s lair is and how quickly he got to Nino, it can’t be Gabriel unless he could magically just appear there. 

Now here’s where it gets interesting. If Mr. Kubdel is Hawkmoth, I believe his lair is either in the museum (where he works) or very nearby. Jalil was akumatized right after his interaction with his father in the episode. We can assume there was some time in between, but not much. They also happened to be at the museum, The Louvre. 

I’m sure everyone remembers this recycled scene?

Well, thanks to our friend Google, a friend and I were able to find this through Maps and searches:

(Musee du Louvre to the right corner)

Certainly a bit more believable than the Agreste Mansion, no? The tower does seem to be closer in the animation than in the photos but I don’t think it’s entirely to scale. 

Also, I think his mustache is either fake or comes off with the transformation. 

There are other similarities between the two- their sternness or the fact they both wear glasses and some kind of neck tie/scarf over where the Miraculous might be. But here’s also where they differ. Gabriel doesn’t show compassion, and is very dismissive. Mr. Kubdel, however, has been shown to behave more fatherly. This might seem like a point against Mr. Kubdel as Hawkmoth, but we’ve actually seen Hawkmoth somewhat sympathize with his victims. Yes, it’s in a condescending way, but it shows that he understands. I don’t think Gabriel would. 

So what does this mean if true? It means this asshole akumatized both his kids in his mad quest for the Miraculouses. 

Some Freelancer headcanons

Maine is half Chinese and half Russian. Yes, he’s heard that Communism joke. That one two. Please shut the fuck up.

Wash’s mother could kick your ass. She could kick Locus’s ass. She could kick the goddamn universe’s ass. Don’t touch her baby.

South is a polyamorous lesbian transwoman.

Florida and Wyoming are low key married.

North, York, and Carolina are high key married.

Wash once ate a whole box of maple nut donuts by himself and regretted it immensely when he remembered he was allergic.

Connie got the epipen. North got the bucket.

Carolina has this weird love for amphibians. You like cats? Sure whatever but did you see this frog? It sounds like a squeaky toy and looks like a pebble!!! York where are you going. York get back here and look at the fucking frog.

Florida can make you feel guilty for everything you’ve ever done wrong with a single look. You know the one. The disappointed dad face.

Maine gives the best hugs. 10/10 would recommend. He’s got personal space issues though so you must earn his trust to get one. Only Wash has a lifetime hug pass.

Wyoming’s mustache is insured for $10,000.

Florida’s ponytail is insured for $100,000.

Everyone agrees these are reasonable values.

All of the vanilla pudding cups are North’s. All of the butterscotch pudding cups are South’s. Do not attempt to take one unless you like having your hand impaled by a fork.

Carolina can tie a cherry stem in her mouth. South assures everyone that this is witchcraft and she must be burned at the stake.

York painted himself green for Halloween and claimed he was Mike Wazowski. Get it? Cause he has one eye? Haha. Why is nobody laughing? What are you doing with that duct tape? MMPH! *thunk*

When the crew found him in the garbage the next day they weren’t even surprised. One guy suggested that they just turn on the trash compactor and go home. They decided that they’d prefer not to get fired for destroying Freelancer equipment and let him out. York found the whole situation to be not the worst Halloween of his life but pretty damn close.

The Director is the only straight/cis person on the entire ship.

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abalone: what kind of situations compromise my muse emotionally

Any sort of situation where his direct family; IE his daughter, is in danger. While he’s got other family members that he doesn’t hate, he doesn’t feel that it’s his responsibility to protect them. Soriya, however, he feels a very direct and intense desire to keep her safe. In addition to being his own flesh and blood, she’s also the last tie he has to his late wife, and you know- reminds him a lot of said late wife. There’s a more subtle need to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself, and someone kills his kid in a bid to get at him.

He will go ape shit, I promise. Like I’m even scared to write a plot like that because of how intense I envision it. There’s no middle ground, there’s no mustache twirling villain getting away at the last second. If someone poses a threat to his little girl, they’re going to die a really really painful, horrible death. And if that’s not in the cards, I’d rather not write the story because frankly, I don’t think it’d be true to the character and or situation (Read: Someone will have to die by the end of it). Like think some scorched earth shit. Think like Law Abiding Citizen in the systematic deconstruction of everything that that unlucky person holds valuable, with surgical precision, and acute obsession in seeing said person suffer.

Kiro may seem like a giant goofball, but he’s certainly someone ya should be scared of if he’s got you in his cross hairs with a heavy emotional motivator like that one. Like, the boogymans boogyman scary.

Thanks @elutia-delouche !

Pies and Recreation

@stripycardigans said: Zimbits parks and rec au. Bitty is the incredibly positive government worker. Jack Zimmermann. Son of a super famous politician. Built ice land for people to skate in. Got impeached. Overdosed. Rehab. now a grumpy financial person. They fall in love but it could threaten their jobs…

This is mostly like that. 

Bitty looks up from his desk to see two men standing in the doorway to his office.

The shorter of the two has his hair pulled back into a bun as the base of his neck and a neatly trimmed mustache. He’s not wearing a tie and a pair of aviator sunglasses hangs off the unbuttoned collar of his shirt. He’s leaning casually against the wall with a smile on his face.

The other man is much more stiff. More put together. He’s standing straight with squared off, wide shoulders and a blue tie that contrasts sharply against his crisp, white shirt. He has a strong jawline and severe cheekbones and piercing blue eyes that stand out against his winter pale skin and dark hair.

He clears his throat and Bitty realizes that he’s been staring so he pushes himself up out of his chair, almost knocking it over as he does.

“My auditors!” He claps his hands and puts on his best polite southern host smile. “I’ve been waiting for you. Come on in, take a seat. Get comfortable. Can I take your coats? Would you like a slice of pie? I can warm it up for you.” He doesn’t wait for an answer and pops two slices in his toaster oven.

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Ship in a Bottle - 6.12

Not only is this a holodeck episode, you guys, but it’s a META HOLODECK EPISODE. I heard you liked holodecks so I put a holodeck in your holodeck so you can holodeck while you holodeck. We’re still doing that, right? 

Before you dive into this ep, you may want to revisit the second-season Sherlock Holmes-themed adventure, “Elementary, Dear Data”, because this episode is basically its sequel. It too, opens with Data and Geordi enjoying some leisure time in a Holmes program:

This is not a pipe

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Sympathy for the Devil

The first time Steve lays eyes on Tony he’s only a small thing tucked into his bed as deeply as he can burrow in, shivering with fever. A soft touch pushes through his sweat dampened hair and a sympathetic smile greets Steve she nye forces his eyes open. It’s a man he’s never seen before with a mustache and blue, blue eyes in pieces of a suit. HIs jacket is missing for some reason leaving his suspenders visible and his tie hangs loose around his neck like he was on his way off to bed for rest when he found Steve.

The touch to his forehead is gentle and blissfully cool. It coaxes Steve to shut his eyes again. The stranger hums, a low, rich sound that makes Steve shiver in a way that has nothing to do with his fever. Something tells him he should be afraid but Steve also finds himself very much wanting this stranger to stay.

“Who’re you?” Steve croaks out. His throat is sore and his head hurt. The hand smoothing his hair is pushing the pain in his head a little further away with each pass. 

The man’s smile quirks on one side and he shrugs. “You wouldn’t believe me kid.” 

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Fic: We'll See

“What’s with the scruff?” Chris asks, rubbing the tips of his fingers against Will’s jaw.

“Been home all day,” Will kisses him lightly, pulls back to smile. “Didn’t feel like shaving.”

“Boxers and scruff all day then?” Chris turns, pulls a diet coke out of the fridge.

“Don’t you like it?” Will leans against the counter. There are dirty dishes in the sink and crumbs everywhere. Is this what Will working from home is going to look like?

Chris sighs. “We’ll see.”

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Length: 4,800 words
Genre: juvenile detention AU
Summary: (Based around the plot of Holes) Dan, a troubled boy, is wrongfully convicted of stealing and sent to a juvenile detention camp where he befriends & develops feelings for a mysterious and enthralling boy named Phil.
Warnings: none really but you might want to grab a snack or something bc it’s a long one, oops


“I didn’t do it!”

Dan’s palm slams down on the metal table, creating a faint echo in the dimly lit interrogation room. Across from him, a middle-aged investigator with a thick business-man style mustache and balding head sits smugly in his seat, arms crossed over his chest. He scans over Dan, squints his hooded eyes and leans forward, resting his clasped hands on the table between them with his brow furrowed. “We have clear footage of you breaking and entering the store at exactly 1:06 am, then leaving with a black bag full of the missing items. It’s on tape, kid. There’s no way out.”

Dan tenses and throws his arms to the side. “For the last time: that isn’t me. I didn’t steal anything. Besides, I’m much taller than whoever that is in the video. It proves nothing. How many times do I have to explain myself?”

The investigator grumbles and leans back in his chair, still unconvinced and skeptical. “Let’s take a look at your record, Mr. Howell.” He pulls a manila folder out from under the desk and flips through the pages loudly. Dan feels his heart drop into his stomach. His hands are overcome with a strong urge to rip the files from the man’s calloused hands, but he instead clenches his fists beneath the table. 

“Breaking and entering on someone’s private property, trespassing into a closed construction site, possession of alcohol as a minor, vandalism, public property damage, suspended license…” The investigator stops and looks up at Dan, who’s blushed angry red in his seat. “Damn kid, you sure have trouble with the law, huh?”

“Look, Mr.-” Dan glances at the name plate on his desk. “-Mr. Barry. With all due respect, those were all misdemeanors. I did my community service. I wouldn’t rob a freaking convenience store,” Dan can’t help his voice wavering under the pressure. He can feel beads of shiny sweat sticking to his forehead and hastily swipes them away with the arm of his jumper.

“This isn’t a little misdemeanor. We take robbery very seriously. I don’t think you quite understand the severity of your crime, Daniel.” He itches his mustache with chubby fingers and locks eyes with Dan, smoothing over his tie which has a fresh barbecue sauce stain.

“I DIDN’T DO IT!” Dan’s standing now, flailing his arms in frustration. “I SWEAR TO GOD! Look at the damn tape, it doesn’t even look like me!”

“You were in the area at the time and this tape proves it was you,” Mr. Barry says flatly. He seems almost pleased with himself. “I’ve discussed the matter with family court. You’re being sentenced to two years at Camp Green Lake.”

Dan’s face drains white. “Two years?” He feels tears welling up in his throat but swallows them, angrily bunching his hands into fists. “I didn’t do it. I swear I didn’t,” he insists, but at this point he knows there is nothing more to defend. His previous record is making this whole get-proven-innocent process incredibly difficult. He sags down into his chair. “Camp? Not juvie?”

The investigator smiles smugly. “Better than juvie.”

- - - -

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Sorry if this sends twice. Who does domestics? Who get ridic excited for holidays? Who is more affectionate? What do Bilbo and Bofur do when Thorin is busy kinging? Are there fights over who gets to be the middle spoon? Who wins?

YESSS OK this took a bit to get to because I discussed these with my boffinshield partner in crime, amahhi. Answer’s under the cut because WOW DID I TALK A LOT ABOUT THESE THREE….(warning for a very mild drug mention down in there. old toby leaf. freakin hobbits)

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