his threat was empty


Supercorp au: Lex gives Kara the shovel talk after hearing endlessly from his sister about the young reporter. While telling her his empty threats of “if you break Lee’s heart, so help me god,” Kara confess that she loves her. 


Jesse McCree is not amused in the slightest. He waits a couple of minutes before walking up and slinging a casual arm around his significant other. He asks them what they are chatting about. If they continue, he’d move his serape behind him, revealing his hand resting easy on his Peacekeeper. It’s a mostly empty threat, but oh boy does it work.

He’d walk around with his significant other more, maybe even partake in some of their missions. He plays and says it’s just because he misses them, but his eyes linger on those people a second too long to be considering glancing. Nobody better fuck with them, is all he means.

Jesse would shower them with some McLovins. A lot of cuddly kisses, even during sex (if they do that kind of thing). He would compliment them more, see if they want to go out. He wants them to know that what they said was wrong. They’re a damn good soldier and a great person.

Gabriel Reyes

He would fight them. Seriously. I’m not telling a joke. I’m not making this shit up. As soon as he hears enough to confirm their assholery, he goes in arms swinging. It doesn’t matter if there’s six of them. He will fight them all. He wouldn’t kill them, but he would try to break a bone to teach them a lesson.

If the people shit-talking are subordinates, he’d make their life a living hell. He doesn’t care if people call it an abuse of power. How dare you talk to your teammate that way? How dare you talk to his significant other that way? He would report it to superiors, too, to get them in trouble for it.

Every time he thinks of them he reassures his lover and always commends them in battle. He trained them himself, goddammit, he knows firsthand how good they are. Even when they’re having a bad day, they are still doing better than most. Gabriel’s probably angrier than they are about it.


He would be the calmest when he sees it. Genji would walk up and stand with his s/o and talk. He will use his appearance to his advantage to try to scare them off. He’d make the situation feel off somehow in an attempt to get them to leave. He wouldn’t fight them unless they throw the first punch. If they continue, he’d have them removed the strike team his significant other is on. Nobody really knows how he did it.

He would try to have his significant other moved away from them. He’d try to convince them to switch teams or go on different missions from them. He would also report it to their superior often until something is done about it from that side.

Genji would train with his significant other. He’d teach them new moves, refine what they already know, and generally improve their skill. It’s not because he doesn’t know that they are already strong and capable, it’s that he doesn’t want them to take what those assholes said to heart. Also they should expect some cuddles.


Alfie x Fem!Reader (Smut)

Requested By Anon

Warnings: smut, swearing, masturbation

Alfie was a man of short patience and few weaknesses. Those who knew his weaknesses often received the brunt of his short patience, all but you. You often reminded Alfie of a Catharine wheel or a stick of dynamite that hadn’t quiet been lit right but could pack an almighty punch at any second.


Taking you in as a request from a friend who never made it back from the war he’d assumed you would be the meek kind of girl, that you’d do whatever he asked without question. For the first few weeks that’s how things went, until he heard that without your brother you’d gone a little wild and opted to keep quiet about it.

He regretted telling you off when he found out about it. His empty threat, of hitting you upside the head with a whisky bottle if you didn’t behave like a good girl should, fell on devilish ears and he found himself balancing you on one knee as you tucked your ankles together and sat like a proper young lady.

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“Lucifer, just calm down…” You pressed, your arms wrapped around you. Fights with Lucifer always dropped the temperature of the room down a few degrees, but this is ridiculous. You could see your breath and you couldn’t stop shaking.

“Calm down?!” The angel screamed, whirling around to you. “Tell me to calm down again, and you’ll regret it.”

The threat Lucifer just uttered shut you down. You fought, sure, all couples do. Lucifer had a temper. But he never threatened you. Never.

You swallowed and looked at the ground, knowing there was nothing you can say. You shook involuntarily, but now you couldn’t tell if it was from the cold, or Lucifer’s empty threat.

But angel stopped in his tracks. Now that he stopped yelling and thrashing, he realized what he just said. “Oh, Y/N, I’m-”

“It’s ok, Lucifer.” You murmured, but even you didn’t believe yourself.

“No, don’t you say that.” Lucifer said, walking the few strides that it took to get to you. “I didn’t mean that, I would never hurt you.” He added, his voice was shaking.

“I know.” You responded, then wrapped your arms around his abdomen. Lucifer immediately hugged you back. His arms were tight around you, as if he was scared that you would leave because of his bad temper. He made a mental vow to never scare you like that again.

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What would UF papyrus do for his S/O on Valentine's day?

     Papyrus discovered Valentines day online, trying to figure out the humans sudden facination with souls, and quickly gets nervous. Papyrus feels like he must go above and beyond for every occasion, but he struggles with being affectionate in public. He tries his best to plan around his need for privacy. He’s still nervous, but he won’t show it. Please shower this tsundere skellie with affection, he needs it.

     His S/O is woken surprisingly gently, with a plate of soul shaped pancakes in bed and a single rose in a vase. He’ll give them a sidelong glance suggesting a painful death if they make a mess in bed, but it’s an obviously empty threat. As his S/O eats Papyrus, who ate downstairs, will begin sternly informing his S/O of his plans for the day.

     "AS IS TRADITIONAL OF THIS RIDICULOUS HOLIDAY, I HAVE PROCURED A NUMBER OF GIFTS SUITABLE FOR THE S/O OF THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE PAPYRUS! AFTER YOU RETRIEVE THEM FROM DOWNSTAIRS WE MAY PROCEDE TO THE THEATRE OF MOVIES AND PERHAPS… SNUGGLE… IN THE DARK.“ His cheeks flush a pale red here, and eye contact is momentarily lost before he regains himself. He has definitely bought tickets to the most cheesey romantic love story of the century, and despite the numerous loud complaints throughout the movie he absolutely loves every minute of it."AFTERWARDS WE SHALL HIT THE MALL! ANYTHING YOU WANT SHALL BE YOURS. ALTERNATIVELY, WE COULD RETURN TO THE PLACE OF TAGGING LASERS AND RAISE OUR DATING POWER THROUGH THE DECIMATION OF OUR ENEMIES!” Papyrus is more then willing to go shopping, but he’ll be a little salty over it. He’s going to be convinced his gifts weren’t good enough for them. He REALLY wants to go laser tagging. This is probably the one day he won’t hold it against them.

     "AFTER THAT WE SHALL VISIT A SECLUDED ARE OF THE PARK FOR A PICNIC. OBVIOUSLY MY LASAGNA IS THE BEST FOOD TO BRING TO THIS EVENT! THEN WE SHALL RETURN HERE FOR “RELAXATION TIME!” YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO CHOOSE THE ACTIVITIES, BUT I HIGHLY RECOMEND PUZZLES!“ For someone who is as big of a control freak as Papyrus, relying on his S/O to make decisions is a big show of trust. He’s going to be a little nervous, but trust isn’t something he gives out easily for obvious reasons. Please do at least one puzzle with him, he can barely stand sitting still for five minutes let alone the hours he’s willing to give here.

     For dinner, Papyrus has reservations at the MTT resort. The place is practically deserted, although it’s hard to tell if this is because monsters aren’t a big fan of Metaton, a lack of valentines day celebrations, or if Papyrus planned it. Probably a mixture of all three if we’re being honest. (Metaton has surprisingly high ratings amoung humans though. Just an FYI.) Papyrus uses the empty venue to his advantage, and offers his S/O a dance. He’s a surprisingly good dancer, and his content to spend the rest of the night dancing with his S/O as long as no one approaches or questions him.

Kanda Yuu and his little buddy Johnny

It’s pretty obvious but

Kanda is crazy strong. It took three Exorcists (Lavi, Krory, and Bookman) to take down one of these Akumas with great difficulty. Kanda does it alone in three seconds without breaking a sweat. Lavi legit looks scared by how strong Kanda is. It’s like, “Holy shit, this is a guy I routinely try to piss off; I had no idea he could do that.”

And yet

He’s letting himself be led by Johnny, who barely has a fraction of Kanda’s strength. I can’t even get over how cute this scene is. This is the only person in DGM so far who killed a Noah, and Johnny’s just dragging him around like it’s no big deal. It’s like this massive German shepherd is letting himself be pushed around by a hyperactive puppy because he thinks it’s cute.

Also, this scene:

Johnny is literally shoving that bottle into Kanda’s hands (and his face has gone all dark too lol), and Kanda’s resisting…barely. I mean, he looks pissed, but it wouldn’t be hard for him to snap Johnny’s wrist by accident. It would be like breaking a dry leaf in half to him. It would be nothing.

Guys. Kanda is putting a massive cap on his strength around Johnny to make sure he doesn’t hurt him. And Johnny’s not scared at all. Even though Kanda has a reputation for being nasty, Johnny’s just like, “Oh, Kanda, lol, why should I be scared he’s just a total sap with a grouchy face here let me mother hen the pants off him.” Even when Kanda rips the bottle away from Johnny, you can bet he’s only using an ounce of his actual strength to make sure Johnny isn’t hurt.

Kanda. Is. A. Gigantic. Marshmallow.


Charlie was furious, of course, but the sweet part was that he wasn’t furious at me. Renée was the traitor. He’d counted on her to play the heavy. What could he do now, when his ultimate threat—telling Mom—had turned out to be utterly empty? He had nothing, and he knew it. So he moped around the house, muttering things about not being able to trust anyone in this world…


Dagur’s attempts at *protecting* the people he cares about. He’s gone from crazy, scrawny kid making empty threats to using his “bad guy” image to his advantage. In RTTE, he manages to convince everyone that he has every intention (plus the cabability) of carrying his threats out! I wouldn’t be inclined to take much notice of DoB Dagur, but Dagur in RTTE - That’s a guy I wouldn’t want to cross!

While I love these gifs, they are not mine. Credit to whoever made them. =)

uh guys im sorry but i have to say this, in the dragons short hanzo doesn’t try to kill genji after learning hes alive like? genji revealed who he was at the very end and hanzo only knocked his arrow in an empty threat the entire time they were fighting hanzo just thought it was some weird robot assassin who knew way too much about his personal life for whatever reason

leonard snart likes it slow. he likes it when barry takes his time with the foreplay, when barry makes him say please before he’ll even consider eating him out or put lips to cock. he loves it when barry takes his time loosening him up with his tongue, edging him until len is begging barry to fuck him, repeating the word ‘please’ over and over. and by this point len is so spit ‘n’ slick that there’s no need for lubrication, and barry just slides in home.

and leonard snart likes to take it up the ass nice and slow, to the point where barry’s vibrating dick is barely brushing against his prostate, and len’s panting like he just ran a marathon while his toes catch against the bedsheets and his mole-speckled thighs are trembling in barry’s grip, and barry’s whispering obscenities in his ear about how long he could edge len out (which is not an empty threat) while his hips move in more of a grind than a thrust. and len’s dick is caught between their stomachs and there’s hardly any friction or movement to really get him off but leonard truly lives for that shit. he lives for the moment where barry is close, and at this point their bodies have been sliding against each other from the sweat and grind, and len has a tight grip on barry’s back, because when barry is close, after all the slow and the tantalizing and the barely there brushes, barry gives one singular hard and fast thrust and is tipped over the tipping point

Some good ol’ Sterek feels:

(because I got nostalgic and had to write these down)

Think about Derek slowly starting to rely on Stiles. It takes some time, ofc, because Stiles is human and no human has ever wanted to help him before. But this boy does it again and again; putting his own life on the line, lies to his father for Derek and it’s scary as hell the day Derek realizes that he counts on Stiles to be there for him.

Think about Stiles getting over his fear for Derek when realizing that the wolf’s threats are empty, and that he’s had plenty of times to rip Stiles’ throat out but instead used his own body to shield him from danger.

Think about Derek looking to Stiles in pack gatherings, caring about what he has to say, values his opinion. 

Think about the first time Stiles tells Derek “I trust you” that will look exactly like THIS. Because Derek doesn’t trust anyone and he’s not sure what he’s done to deserve Stiles’ trust, but he can tell by the way the boy’s heart beats steady that it’s true.

Think about Derek feeling the corner of his mouth twitch at one of Stiles’ stupid jokes, and then spends a whole day frowning while trying to understand what it means.

Think about Stiles fearing for Derek’s life one night when he and Scott are in the Jeep, looking for him. There’s a painful tug at his heart every time he thinks about the werewolf and it scares the hell out of him.

Think about Derek sneaking into Stiles’ bedroom to the extent where he starts leaving his window unlocked for him at night, because Derek knows how smart Stiles is and chooses to come to him first.

Think about the first time they hug: Stiles still bleeding from the battle and Derek still covered in shreds, and Stiles just throws his arms around his neck, breathing harshly into his ear that “you’re alive” as Derek slowly returns the embrace with hesitant arms looping around the boy’s waist.

(Ninakask and I did a collab of a scene like this over 2 years ago)

Think about Derek letting down his guard around Stiles. Because he feels safe when they’re together. Because he’s not alone anymore. He allows himself to scoff at Stiles’ jokes and smile warmly at him when there’s nothing left to say, watching the flush spread on the boy’s face.

Think about 17 year-old Stiles realizing he’s in love with Derek Hale and it feels like the best and worst thing in the world, because it hurts when they’re apart for too long but he’s too scared to confront Derek about it.

Think about Derek hearing Stiles’ heart skip when their eyes meet across the room, and he’s struck by what the boy feels for him like lightning. It scares him half to death, because his own heart jolts in response to Stiles’ and he doesn’t know how to handle it.

Think about Derek kissing Stiles for the first time, cupping Stiles’ cheek and swiping his thumb across the streak of tears. He can hear the human’s heart speed up as he tilts Stiles’ head up to look into his eyes, and they both sigh against each other’s lips when he leans in to claim Stiles’ mouth in a soft kiss. They tremble, but it feels right.

Think about Stiles pulling Derek into a hard kiss before splitting up, having to fight the battle from different fronts. The pack doesn’t know but Stiles doesn’t care, and Derek kisses him back just as fierce; their hands clasping at each other’s jackets and teeth nearly clashing.

Think about Derek whispering “I love you” into Stiles’ hair when they’re lying curled up on a couch, almost too quiet for him to hear. But he does, and he knows just how much it means for Derek to be able to say it, and his heart swells inside his chest.

Think about Derek and Stiles being a couple while shit’s still going down in Beacon Hills, with new villains to fight and their pack to protect. What a fucking perfect couple they’d make. Wow.

Just think about Sterek.

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"You don't worry about the shadows, you own the shadows, you watch the light like it's fire coming to get you. I'm coming from the shadows, and I'm not likely to stop until everything you hold dear is turned to ash."

Rori tilted his head to the side, flicking open his butterfly knife and snapping it shut again. He slowly licked his lips and then chuckled quietly, closing his eyes. “… You see… Idle threats and empty promises, they don’t scare me. You can’t destroy everything I hold dear… If I hold nothing dear to begin. Run along and find someone else to bother– before I do some digging on you.”

my step dad told me i have to get my xbox out of the living room by the end of the week or he’ll throw it out

he’s mad cause i sit in his chair to play it

i know its an empty threat but god he pisses me off he’s such an asshole


I left an abusive relationship earlier this month. This is the last message he sent me before I blocked his number. These sweet nothings and empty apologies were followed by threats and violent encounters.

Bless Your Heart(ReaderxBucky)

Title: Bless Your Heart

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Anon Requested: Hi! I really love your writing! Could you possibly write something where the reader has a southern accent and Bucky picks on her while she’s cooking or something because he thinks its cute?

Your name: submit What is this?

“James Buchanan, if you do not give me back my phone this instant, you will be severely punished.” You hollered as you chased the man you called your significant other around your apartment. He was much quicker and stronger than you but was not going to stop you from trying to get your phone back.

Your empty threat grabbed his attention. Bucky stopped running and innocently strolled towards you, holding your phone above his head so that you were still unable to grab it from him.

“And how do you plan on doing that, ma’am?” His curious tone was followed by one of his sly grins.

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“And if you had to choose?”

She never let him ponder long enough. Impatient to the touch, irritated by the unknown, and stuck to an idea with endless possibilities, numerous realities where he would ultimately leave her after his final empty threat.

“I wouldn’t pick you or me.”

So he lost her and a bit of himself that day; there’s no poetry deep enough for him to swallow at night, the moon doesn’t dance within his sad and dismissed fingers, but the sun held all of his secrets because if he truly loved her he should’ve said:


I pick you.

But he didn’t and that’s how love dies.

We have nothing to fear as long as we stay close to Him, His Word, and His people. The devil’s threats are empty. Believers are safe in God’s hands. Nothing can hinder the working out of His plans.
—  God’s Answer To Fear And Worry