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Hi everyone!! Just a quick update here!

So, I have gotten a SPECTACULAR response on the survey so far, so many of you have answered, way above & beyond I ever thought! 

Furthermore, your answers to the last 2 questions have been so wonderful and so heartwarming to read I’ve had the idea to take everyone’s answers (still anonymous btw I have no idea who wrote what) and turn them into some kind of gift for Darren to read. Your answers have been really, so so wonderful and I would love for him to be able to read how much he’s really done for everyone so I’m thinking this would be a great idea!! I’m also hoping to include the rest of the results of the survey into the gift as well!

I’m leaving the survey open for a little while longer in order to get as many responses as possible! Right now there are 641 responses, which is GREAT!! So if you haven’t taken the survey yet and you would like to please do so whenever you can, I’m probably going to close the survey sometime in the first week of May, I’ll let you all know when I decide on a date!

Please, reblog and share this survey with other Darren fans so we can get the most accurate results possible!! (if possible please try to keep this away from haters, I’ve already gotten around 6-8 haters who have taken the survey and while it doesn’t bother me and is pathetic, I do still want this to be a positive thing for Darren and the fandom!!)

(PS. If you are uncomfortable with me putting whatever you wrote in the survey into the gift please let me know (((if you don’t mind telling me which one was you)))) so that I can know not to put yours in!!)

(PPS. as of right now I have not published the results so that everyone can’t see them, just because I’m nervous about others trying to steal the results or sabotage things and such but if you’d like to know about them I am more than happy to share!! just come ask me here or on twitter! preferably off anon!! :))

(((((5 more days til hedwig!!!!!!))))))

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kurtbastian AU masterpost

I have been recently reading more and more Kurt/Sebastian fics, so I thought I would compile a list of some of my favorites. They have such an interesting dynamic and the authors in this fandom write some truly wonderful and beautiful stories that I wanted to appreciate. So whether you’ve read all of these already or if you’re just getting to reading them, I hope you enjoy these lovely stories as much as I did! 
Note: These are all complete, multi-chapter stories.

bite me by sparrow30 - Vampire!AU, Kurt’s hilarious and has his classic snark, Sebastian’s intrigued and confused and so caring in sneaky ways. 

europe is our playground by GlassParade - future fic, where Kurt and Sebastian go on an adventure throughout Europe. It’s heartbreaking, and beautiful and so intriguing. 

if my heart was a house by flipmeforward - Loosely based on The Notebook, it stays incredibly true to both Kurt and Sebastian and was so wonderful to read. They meet in the summer after graduating high school and you fall in love with them as they fall in love with each other. 

we were never here by SweetestDisarray - this is one of my all time favorites, college!AU where Kurt and Sebastian make an unlikely friendship and navigate being together. (plus, it has a sequel that ties together everything really well and it leaves you with such a blissful feeling)

life in technicolor by hammersandstrings - this is the story that actually got me started on kurtbastian; it’s a pretend relationship au, which is my actual favorite. Basically, Kurt’s a Broadway star and gets asked to be Sebastian’s PR boyfriend. 

runaways by larinia713 -  Kurt needs a second job to pay the bills, what better way than to brush up on his bartending skills at the hottest gay club in New York, owned by one Sebastian Smythe. Love this so much, it’s sweet and interesting and so hilarious. 

more than i can stand by illyriazshell - Oh man, this story is delicious. Kurt and Sebastian are engaged, they have a voyeuristic streak and a few communication issues but it works out in the end because the love they have for each other exceeds the rest. (there’s also Kurt/Cooper in this which is a huGE guilty pleasure of mine. heed the warnings!)

creep: a love story in five acts (and an epilogue) by lilinas - alright, this is one of my favorite authors so I knew I would love this story and I was completely right. It’s so incredibly sweet and I love the way the two of them navigate their movement from friends to more. Really beautiful. 

“have you ever felt that tension with someone where out of nowhere you just want to grab them, kiss them and make them beg, make them ask for more. their eyes and body drive you nuts and you just want them and you’ll do anything to get them, touch them, hear them, own them and you know you just crave for them and its like your life depends on it and you will never get enough”

I had read this a couple of days ago on a blog (@suspend) and I found it interesting because earlier that day A and I were talking and I had asked him a question and he answered and I thought he was going to elaborate on his response, but he didn’t, so he and I just stood there in silence staring at each other and the tension described above is exactly what I felt

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okay so remember the whole Adam Young / Taylor Swift thing? I've been reading about it and still find it quite interesting that Taylor never responded to Adam's cover of Enchanted. I honestly think that Enchanted was never about Adam in the first place, and Swift did not know how to properly respond or tell him the truth that the song was about someone else and embarrass him. I think he realized this since he removed the song from his site. Thoughts?

That’s really interesting.

Honestly? I think he just got over her.

My thoughts on The Michael Jackson Tapes.

For a while I’ve been thinking of what I should say about this book, and I think I’ve finally found the words. In either February or March, I bought Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s book The Michael Jackson Tapes. The book begins with Boteach’s thoughts and memories of Michael. I remember thinking “Just get to the conversations!” but it was interesting. After what seems like forever, you finally get to the conversations. Boteach inserts his own thoughts in between some of the conversations. While I think it’s great that we get to have some of Michael thoughts and experiences (and Boteach did say that it was Michael’s request), I didn’t like a lot of the things that Boteach said. I think it’s a great book for any MJ fan to read just so you can see how Michael saw many things, but you will have to ignore the judgement of the rabbi. Everything Shmuley did wasn’t bad. For example, he encouraged Michael to forgive Joseph and talk to him. In some instances, I can see where he really had Michael’s best interest at heart. But I believe that the majority of what Boteach had to say was judgemental and unnecessary. Now I understand that Michael was not perfect, but he also wasn’t the person that Boteach was trying to make him out to be. Like on one part he was saying that Michael shouldn’t allow people to sleep outside of hotels just so they can see him. He should encourage to go home. HE COULDN’T HAVE CONTROLLED THOSE PEOPLE! On another part, he was talking about the time he took Michael and Elie Wiesel to the Angel Ball. Now while I love and admire Elie Wiesel, I don’t think Shmuley had any right to be mad because Michael didn’t push the people away because they came over to see him instead of Wiesel. Boteach even went as far as saying that Lance Bass has real class because he came over to meet Wiesel instead of Michael. One line that I found to be VERY unnecessary was when Boteach said that he had gone from Peter Pan to Peter Porn. Boteach said that after two years of friendship, Michael pushed him away because he was constantly trying to tell him that he didn’t need all the drugs he was taking. I do know that it’s true that Michael sometimes pushed people away if they thought the things he wanted were bad for him, but Boteach also said that after a little while, Michael called him. He tried to get him to come to that 30th Anniversary show. Now I think it’s obvious that a person truly wants your help if they push you away and then invite you back into their life, but Boteach claimed that he knew he would’ve, too, been trapped if he went back. He said there was no way he could save him. You know what I think? I think Shmuley Boteach is a selfish, judgemental asshole. I think he was just another person that should’ve never been in Michael’s life, and he doesn’t deserve the title rabbi. 

(Btw, I also didn’t like how he would lowkey advertise his other books and website in the book)

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Quick question: have you had thoughts of writing anything else from Hans' POV? Perhaps even in DAS-verse? I just re-read Dark of Night (and The Hollow Man) and ho boy, they're as good as I remember. It's interesting to read things from his POV, especially when you're so talented at it. However I totally understand if that's something you don't want to revisit; it must draining to get in the mind of that sociopath. At any rate, I still wanted to express my admiration for how well you write him :)

…holy shit, someone is saying I write Hans well? I think I need to lie down. That never happens (well, okay, at least from the Hans fans, but some of them think far worse of me than I think of Hans, lbr). 

Writing from Hans’s POV is a terrifying and draining exercise because of the way I perceive him as a character — he’s deeply empty and angered by that, always seeking something to fill the emptiness when nothing ever will. He’s self-hating but narcissistic, cold and emotionless but retaliatory. Getting into his head in order to write him always takes a lot out of me, but, honestly, I think some of the pieces I’ve written with him have been some of my strongest. 

I’d be willing to consider writing some more from his POV, especially in DAS-verse. We’re going to see a lot more of him in Kristoff’s side of the story, including his self-doubt and motivations, so it might be a little along those lines as well, at least in parts. 

Thank you for the vote of confidence. It’s rare that I hear that I handle Hans well. :) 

Well, I finally got my wifi issues fixed. We finally get to see a little bit of Sadiq’s personality/issues in this, so I hope that’ll be interesting to read!

Title: The Quiet One

Fandom: Hetalia

Pairing: Giripan, one-sided!failing!TurGre, TurUkr (kinda not really??)

Summary: Heracles is introverted, thoughtful, and most of all, quiet. But everything around him is loud, including his boyfriend of two years, Sadiq, who he no longer loves. Then, he meets Kiku- a transfer student who lacks the ability to speak, and Heracles realizes just how much he’s missed the quiet.


So I was just reading this listsicle about photos of celebrities before they made it big. This particular photo is of a young Frank Sinatra after he was arrested in 1938. 

You know what I thought when I saw this picture? “That man has some criminally beautiful bedroom eyes.” 

You know what he was being arrested for in this picture? ADULTERY AND SEDUCTION. 

I’m not making this shit up, people. Frank Sinatra was arrested for wooing his way into a married woman’s pantalettes. Those bedroom eyes? LITERALLY CRIMINAL.

Finding Love Between Night And Day (Closed rp)

Bolin sat down at his desk in the Earth Science class he took at Republic City University. Everyone at his school thought he was weird for his interest in things like rocks and volcanoes, but he couldn’t help being fascinated by them. As he waited for the teacher, he began reading a book on geology. That is until someone sat down next to him.

Bolin looked over at the guy for a second. He was kind of cute. Wait, did he just think that? Stop it, Bolin, he thought to himself. You can’t think like that. It’s wrong, and you know it. What would everyone think if they knew he’d found a guy cute? What would his parents think? What would his girlfriend think? Still, he couldn’t help stealing little glances over at the guy next to him.


I’m really tired so this wont make too much sense but I love Ralph a lot so I’m just thought dumping

When Piggy and Simon die, Ralph starts to take some of their traits into his own personality and it just kills me because he’s reacting so realistically to death.

It’s like compensating for the loss of someone important? And he’s lost them, they’re no longer by his side and he can suddenly see all the flaws in himself that were usually hidden behind his friends. He knows he “can’t think. Not like Piggy” and suddenly there’s no one there to reassure him and he’s very alone, he becomes so insecure, by the end he’s literally lost everything.

But still in his loneliest and darkest hours he’s relying on them; forcing himself to think like Piggy, remembering “you’ll get back” from Simon and he’s just clinging to the memory of them and the security of having something to lead and care about, and the “dignity of the conch” and he’s trying to cope under the loss of two people he considered friends (and abstractly, SamnEric, too).

Insecurity in Ralph is perhaps portrayed from the start, but, in the same way as Jack, he hides it. He conceals his self doubt and worrying under his self confidence in his own leadership, but this leadership has only ever been shown to him through the adults of society and natural ability, and away from that, it quickly disintegrates. Before even half way through the book, Ralph is considering giving up being chief. He also worries about his own failures, and the fear of the beast still sets in him and he’s troubled by things like his appearance and his own ability to think.


+ asuma isn’t an actor; he’s another stuntman. his father was a big name in producing, and everyone thought asuma would follow in his footsteps, but he got out of hollywood for a while, hitchhiked around the states. when he came back he had gained a few interesting scars and skills. he’s always willing to go the extra mile for his stunts, whether it means getting hurt or not. 

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Hello! I dunno if you've heard of a webcomic called Check, Please! but I think you'd like it. It follows the college life of a young southern gay hockey player/baker and his relationships with his friends/teammates (plus slightly angsty love interest!). It's got a great art style, cast of characters, and storyline. You can find it on Tumblr at omgcheckplease, if you want. Just thought I'd recommend it because you're the reason (ayyy) I read Song of Achilles, so this seemed fair

oh, thanks for the rec!

i just looked it up and it looks super cute :)


                                       he didn’t know
which was worse. the mere fact that Korin agreed with him and sought the truth immediately, or that he wasn’t going to see Korin fail to attempt abstinence. it would have made for an interesting week. ❝You keep asking me questions–do you seriously think I’m going to give you answers? Do whatever the fuck you want. Leave me out of your dilemmas,❞ a sideways glance was given, the expression on his face was easy to read: pathetic, absolutely PATHETIC.

( Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ) — ”You don’t have to be so mean about it…” He hadn’t meant to actually say that out loud. It had been an inner thought that had slipped out as his feeling swelled within his heart. He didn’t even seem to realize he said it out loud. “I just– I wanted your opinion.” Though on whether or not he should take the job, not– on anything else.

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Hi there, just wanted to say I love your blog. Your animal lib and feminism posts are always inspiring. I don't know you personally but you come across so wonderfully. It's heartbreaking to read about the negative feelings you're experiencing. I'm currently going through similar (anxiety, panic attacks, self-destructive thoughts) and am using CBT. I really hope things pick up for you, please know that you are a fascinating and strong person <3

Thank you for being nice. I feel like I haven’t posted anything interesting in months and months. Too busy just trying to keep going to do any kind of activism at the moment. I hope to start doing some form of survivor support sometime in the near future though, that’s one thing I’m trying to focus on pushing through all this stress for. 

Avengers vague spoilers (can’t seem to hide under a read more line)

Ok my favorite thing is Thor and Vision interacting. That whole thing was awesome. Everything with Mjolnir , just all of that. And I can totally understand why people find Ultron attractive, though he is a robot so he isnt my thing. But he is animated so well, and his personality is so…interesting lol. He is so Tony’s creation. Loved Quicksilver more then I thought, but confused how they explained their origins. 

Gah I want more people to be able to talk to this about. Friends, hurry up and watch it so I can not spoil things.

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Your paragraph on "unoriginality" rubs me the wrong way. A good friend of yours Cody, has to be one of the most unoriginally styled people in Wellington. When all he does is scroll down Ian Connors instagram page and piece together fits Ian wears he can't be considered anything more than a kid who buys into the hype of a brand or what a public figure wears. Just thought it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this considering you are so passionate on the subject of originality in style.

firstly, not sure where you get the idea of good friend. i like cody but i dont spend that much time with him, there’s very few people id consider my good friends. i cant honestly speak on the behalf of him, but i think you should read what i wrote again, i never mentioned originality. i just think its crucial to be yourself, i know cody has loved his clothes since a young age, im pretty sure its just his passion to buy clothes. so isnt that his identity? idk you’d have to to take it up with him. pretty sure clothes mean a lot to him pre instagram age and all that fronting. he’s obvious about his influences, yes, i dont think he’s trying to claim any originality anyway. but some could say many designers are obvious about their influences also, ysl with the mondrian dress, yeezy season 1 was very obvious where he took inspiration from, coco chanel didnt invent the suit? nothing is truly original. but its just about being yourself, where self identity is a problem for many people my age. if its what you’re passionate about, its cool, its just people that dont know themselves, people who go to area 51 because thats where the think things will make them look cool. i swear im quick to judge because a lot of people dont care about what they are wearing as long as it serves its purpose. but thats them being themself. im not even concerned about originality. if he’s being himself im all for it. why would you want to single him out anyway. let me give you an example, anyone who goes to a concert and is a super big fan of who ever is playing might buy the t-shirt for that tour and wear it. thats cool, because its literally their expression of something that means something to them, something that they’re passionate about, so that is their style. they’re literally wearing themselves on their sleeves. but if you were just buying into the hype of a band, say you were wearing a beatles top. if you havent even heard the beatles and you’re wearing that top, then whats the point? you’re projecting a misguided image of yourself. thats not true to you. i dont know what everyone’s passions are, or who they are, so i cant speak for cody or anyone, but hey if you truthfully portray yourselves through your style perhaps i might have a better idea  ?? who am i to say anyway…?

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I've read some news and comments mostly about jamie and amelia. so jamie was a really private person, not long before fsog, it is said that he even refused to talk about his fiance/wife in one interview. but then after the rumours about 'groucho' club where he went alone and him cheating, and as fsog project progressed,Suddenly he brought about her a lot in intervews(at one point where i thought it's a bit irrelevant) and bring her whenever he goes. Bizzare if i may say, but it's just a theory

Hmm interesting theory.