his thigh tho

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Does Avian have a habit of stealing Sniper's clothes? Like he's looking for his shirt and then he calls out "Avi! Have you seen my shirt?" "nope haven't seen it at all babe" and she's wearing his shirt.

Yeah she really does, specifically the shirts. She usually wears them as pajamas bc she loves loose clothing thatsmellslikethebf but she has to make sure her wings don’t mess them up at all. v comfy!!!


she leaves behind a couple feathers 👀👀

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Which lords have the best asses? Lmao sorry I like my men to have something I can grab

do u not like ‘em bony??? u want somethin’ u can grab???

so u pull up in the jag???

then u hit ‘em with the jab???

like dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun???


anyway have an ass ranking lmFAO

  • Nobunaga: pancake ass. he would sit on u and u would feel pain bc he so bony. it’s bc he always sittin up on a high horse or some shit (words i’ve seen graciously put by @guacameowle and i must give credit where credit is due bc i laughed for like 80 years). 2/10 bc he makes up for it by being Pretty
  • Mitsuhide: like… nice ass. not 2 plump but not 2 flat either. like perfect shape for an ass. Satisfying Ass. 8/10 bc he don’t know what 2 do w/ it
  • Yukimura: Pretty Good Ass bc it’s toned af like literally every other part of his body. yukimura is hot af idc what anybody says like u better Work Bitch. 7/10 bc he’d die of embarrassment if u try 2 feel him up
  • Saizo: lbr here saizo flat af. like idc how often the game likes to make him seem rly muscular or s/t he’s lean and that’s it and his ass bony af. 3/10 bc at least his dick game strong
  • Masamune: suprisingly decent ass. but like it Hidden under majestic hakama pants so u don’t know till he got it out. also 7/10 bc what are u a heathen??? masamune’s a good man who doesn’t deserve this Sin marvel at his ass don’t touch
  • Kojuro: an Okay Ass. like it ain’t bad but it ain’t rly that special either. has better tiddy than ass but he still bulky so u can’t rly complain. 6/10
  • Hideyoshi: very…….. debatable. like i mean he’s not rly big or anything but hideyoshi is like??? fuckin toned as shit??? have u seen his abs??? wtf. he doesn’t got enough junk 2 be plump or anything but it’s a fit ass so 6/10
  • Toshiie: dude’s built like a motherfuckin tank his ass game is like just as good as his tiddy game. will probs yell at u if u grab his ass but like… follow ur fuckin dreams don’t be a coward. grab that solid 9/10
  • Ieyasu: boy’s on the skinny side so like. he got a pretty skinny ass let’s not lie here. his thighs nice af tho so 4/10 for effort
  • Mitsunari: boy has ass for days and none of y’all will stop thirstin over it but like… understandable bc the Proof is there. 9/10 bc he’ll kill u if u touch it. 
  • Kenshin: he is Beautiful and soft 2 touch but like… kinda skinny so there ain’t enough 2 grab. unsatisfying but he still takin care of u in all other ways so like. 5/10 
  • Shingen: thickest??? motherfucker in this game??? shingen thicc as hell. 10/10 bc it’s a Perfect Ass that matches the rest of how Huge he is and he would happily let u touch it (but u gotta let him touch urs so like think wisely)
Monsta X reaction to their s/o biting their thighs just because they find it fun

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Shownu; Shownu has been used to having his limbs being bitten by the boys. And now, you keep on biting his thighs and when he found out that you were biting him for fun, he’d just chuckle at how cute you are. But then when his thighs would become a little bit sore, he’d stop you right away. 

*bites his thighs*”

“Ah! *pulls you away from his thighs* Babe, it hurts… *pouts*”

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Wonho; When you bit his thighs for the first time, he’d wince in pain but then he’d just laugh it off since you were cute. But then when he found out that you were biting him because you found it fun, he’d also try to bite you arm as a revenge. But then we you beat him to it, he’d just endure the pain while uttering a couple of whines.

Babe, hajima~ It hurts…”

“Okay, okay. *pulls away from his thighs*”

“*bites your arm*”

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Minhyuk; Minhyuk would shoo you away to be honest. The second he feels your teeth digging on to his flesh, he’d yelp in pain and push you away gently with while laughing. He’d be laughing in pain. When he asks you why you like biting his thighs, he’d be so shook when you told him that it was fun thanks to his reaction. 

Yah, why do you keep on biting my thighs huh?”

“Your reactions are really funny babe. *laughs*”

“Are you serious?”

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Kihyun; Before you could even bite Kihyun, he’d already have you wrapped in his arms. He knows how painful it is when you bite his thighs and he’s not gonna let you pass this time, after hearing out your reason why you keep on biting his thighs. With you in his arms, he’d plead you to stop despite having you real close to him. 

Babe, please stop. It really hurts when you bite me.”

How about… a no? *sticks tongue out at him*”

Oh really now? *tickles you until you’re out of breath*” 

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Hyungwon; You knew how Hyungwon would immediately to to escape from you. Catching him off guard, you’d bite on to his thighs, only to get a yelp from Chae Pepe Hyungwon. He’d try to push you away from his thighs tho and when he succeeds, he’d squirm away and look at you with the same look that he has in the gif from above. He’d also try his best to stop you from biting his thighs.

Yah, do you really love my thighs that much?”

“Yep! And I also love you~ *wink*”

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Jooheon; The boys actually love watching Jooheon’s reaction when you bite his thighs. Minhyuk would actually tackle him down and you’d do your biting, only to make him laugh out loud while throwing in some screams here and there. When the boy’s asked you why you liked biting Jooheon’s thighs, Jooheon’s face would fall into a a pouty look once he heard your reason.

Oh c’mon! If I bit you would you be happy if I told you it was fun?”

“I guess? I don’t know. I haven’t–”

“*bites your thighs*”

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I.M; Changkyun wouldn’t see this coming. He has been the one who kept of biting Shownu and now that he’s experiencing it, he’s not impressed. He’s not happy about the pain when your canines meet his flesh. When he sees you sitting right beside him, he’d already warn you and if you didn’t listen, he’d be like Wonho, he’d bite back. He’d bite you until you tap out, telling him that you won’t bite him anymore.

“*bites you on the arm* Rrrrrrr!”

“Alright alright! I won’t bite you anymore.. *Changkyun let’s go* It hurts, you know… *pouts*”