his teeth omg


tearing up a package with your teeth is not a good idea…unless you are Haechan😂

Strengths and weaknesses
  • Yuuri: Victor, what are your strengths?
  • Victor: I fall in love easily.
  • Yuuri: Okay..What are your weaknesses?
  • Victor: You, everything about you from the way you skate to those beautiful eyes of yours that seem to be always pulling me in
  • Yuuri: ////
  • Victor: ;)

ok but a modern magic!merthur au where merlin attends his first uni and he meets him initially because he spotted arthur’s tramp stamp. it’s a bright frickin’ blue butterfly and looks exactly like the one he always conjures.



I’ve heard many people complain about the Joker; “He was gross!, “Wtf is with his teeth?”, “Omg he doesn’t care for Harley so why is he saving her??”, “Jared’s Joker makes me uncomfortable!!”

Okay, first of all, of course, Joker is going to be gross and make you uncomfortable. He’s the fucking Joker. Why wouldn’t he make you squirm in your seat? Joker is a psychopath. He kills for fun, he thinks the world (all the horrors surrounding it) is a joke. He should make you uncomfortable. He should be gross and disgusting. He’s the Joker.

Teeth: Okay, this one is pretty logical. Batman most likely knocked his teeth out. Joker can’t smile without his teeth hence them getting capped and what not. After this, his smile wasn’t the same. Hence the smile tattoo on his hand.

Tattoos: Not gonna lie, I wasn’t a big fan of them at first. Especially the damaged tattoo on his forehead. Yet, the more you look over them the more logical they get. You all can make your own theories as to why he has certain ones. 

Gangster/Mob Boss: I, personally, believe Joker’s whole mob boss slash gangster portrayal is him mocking Falcone and all the other crime bosses in Gotham. It’s a joke. A gimmick. Something to piss Falcone and the rest of them off.

Screen Time: People are also complaining about how much screen time Joker had. This movie wasn’t a Joker movie. It was a Suicide Squad movie. Joker plays a part in the comics, but he hasn’t shown often. We have flashbacks, the time he kidnaped Harley, the time Harley put Joker’s face on Floyd’s. The reason why he even had a part, a huge one at that, in the movie is because this was the first time Harley has been recruited for Task Force X. In the comics, Joker was presumed dead during the time she joined the team. 

Comic Portrayal: This is the most accurate portrayal of the Joker I’ve seen. Heath was an okay Joker, but he didn’t have that comic base of the character. Jared did his best to be the comic Joker. First: His clown makeup wasn’t makeup. It was because of the chemicals he was “born” in. Second: He was more psychotic. The only thing I didn’t like was his laugh, but I believe if Jared worked more to get it at that psychotic level then it’ll be great.

Jared reminded me a lot about the Joker I’ve read in the comics. Especially during the “Death of the Family” event.

Harley: Joker doesn’t care for Harley. From the moment he met her, he wanted her gone. He used her to his advantage, seduced her into getting him out of Arkham, and even tried killing her afterward. He doesn’t love Harley. Simple. He doesn’t want or love her, but he does need her.

Harley wants Joker. She is fascinated by him, despite how abusive and cruel he is to her. Yet, the moment she was able to get free from him, she took it. No matter how much she misses him or how she still has that longing, she doesn’t need him.

Harley wants but doesn’t need the Joker. Joker doesn’t want but needs Harley.

They showcased that.

The moment Joker “died”, she went back to the team. The moment she was “completely” free from him, she went back to the people she grew attached to in such a short time. She could’ve gone to the crash site and looked for Joker, but she didn’t.

Even in the comics, Joker tried getting Harley back. He kidnapped her, tortured her, and tried to seduce her all over again to get her to come back to him. But she didn’t want to. She escaped and went back to Waller.

Joker could’ve let her off the hook. Let her do her own thing. But he tried to get her back.

The movie cut out many scenes that showed a more abusive side of their relationship, despite this, they still captured many aspects that showed what their relationship really is.

I understand that this movie didn’t meet everyone’s expectations and that it isn’t their sorta movie. I’m not bashing anyone here.

I loved the movie. I’ve read all the Suicide Squad comics. It is my all-time favorite series. And to see it brought to life on the big screen was a dream to me. I cried after the movie because it meant so much to me.

I’ve never shipped Joker and Harley, but that doesn’t stop me from understanding and psycho-analyzing their relationship. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Joker. My favorite villain is Scarecrow. Joker was always this complex character for me to understand and get, but as I’ve begun studying Psychology (this is my second year of college btw), I’ve been able to understand him and his relationship with Harley.

Jared Leto’s Joker was, all-in-all, amazing.