his teeth are so white



Matthew Daddario as Cal

He leans forward slightly, lips pulling back against his even, white teeth. It’s so aggressive and animalistic I expect to see fangs.
     “I am your rightful king, Silver-born for centuries,” he replies, seething. “The only reason you’re still breathing is because I can’t burn the oxygen from this room.”

(inspired by @marebarrowcalore​)

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to review this character and now that I’ve taken a look at it I can see why. Everything about this design is honestly a mess. Those eyes creep me the fuck out, he looks like a crack addict?? (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and his teeth are so weirdly white and straight (hmmm just like the majority of video game characters) AND not to mention not anatomically correct. Speaking of which, if he’s supposed to be a gorilla why does he have brown fur? Gorillas have dark fur as well as dark skin, whereas this guy is white. They whitewashed a fucking gorilla and seriously thought they could get away with that. Slap a tie on it and suddenly you have a completely non-threatening representation of middle-class white America. That’s honestly so fucked-up I don’t even know what to say. 

Live Life Golden Part 6

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2219

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He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.


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A redraw from May, and what a difference only 6 months can make!

Also I still think drunk Hinata is super cute uwu


(4/10) Oh Darling

Sansa laughed and was rewarded with Jon’s rare smiles. It made him look younger when his full lips revealed a pearl white row of teeth and smoothed his face.

“So what are we doing here?”

He leaned closer to her but kept looking to the wedding party. It was kind of sweet how he want to cheer her up but she had an important mission.

“You mean what I am doing here?”

“No I mean what are we doing here?”


Georgina: What are you talking about, Roy? Joël’s had a bit too much to drink, that’s all. I was just helping him find the bathroom.
Roy: Oooooh, Jo-ël ! He’s so gorgeous. His white teeth and beautiful smile and sexy bod just make me melt into a puddle every time I see him!  
The broken blood-vessels marbling Roy’s eyes make him look demonic. Joël frowns and takes a step backwards, putting his hands out to steady himself. Georgina tries to make her voice sound as if she is in command of the situation. It is the same voice she uses with her children when they are about to scratch each other’s eyes out. And with Bunty when she’s trying to persuade her to go to bed after one too many scotches.  
Georgina: Listen, Roy, I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but-
Roy: Doesn’t ring any bells? Okay. Maybe you’ll remember this delightful piece of purple prose a bit better: “When he lay down beside me he was so strong and assertive, but so tender. I will never forget the feel of his smooth mahogany skin, his soft, sweet kisses. When he looked at me with his smouldering chestnut eyes I thought I would pass out from the burning fire of lust in my loins-”
Georgina: You read my diary. You read my diary.
She feels sick, dirty, violated, her skin crawling. She wants to tip a bucket of bleach over her head to try and expunge the horror. Roy read her diary. Roy nods, his smug, horrible, gloating expression besmirching all the beautiful memories that up until five seconds ago she had held so dear. She sees her sixteen year old self chewing the end of her pen and hugging herself tight as she stares at the pages of her diary and struggles to find the words to describe the wonderment of that night, agonising over every single detail lest she accidentally leave something out. The slippery grass on the banks of the river, her embarrassingly high-pitched shriek when she thought she was going to slip over in the mud, Joël’s hand on her arm. The shock of his tongue in her mouth, the distant jangle of the music floating from the house where everyone else at the party danced and laughed and drank, the shivery romance of the stars reflected in the water, the fact that it was actually Joël she was lying with, the smell and taste and realness of him…it was the fulfillment of all her adolescent fantasies, and fuel for a good many adult fantasies as well. And now Roy has killed those precious memories, and she hates him with every fibre of her being. He is Satan.
Roy: Hey, I don’t know why you’re so upset! I should be the one who’s pissed. My sister and my best friend sneaking off behind my back, keeping secrets from me. What the hell are you crying for? Because you’ve realised finally he just used you for sex? Lucky I came along now to stop him doing the same thing again. You should be thanking me, Georgie.
Joël: What the actual fudge, dude?
Georgina: You read my diary. How could you, Roy? And you dare cry on my shoulder about how nobody loves you. Well, I take back what I said. It’s true that nobody loves you. It’s true that you’re unloveable and unlikeable. Because you’re a complete and utter prick.
Joël: S'alright, dude. Crystal loves you. Well, your wallet, anyway-
Georgina: Who’s Crystal?
Joël: This hooker he’s been banging since his buck’s night.
Roy: Shut up.


WE’RE NOT GOING TO ABOUT HOW BAD I LOOK WE WILL JUST TALK ABOUT how he’s amazing and lovely and so nice and tall and warm in person and he probably thought I was dumb because I didn’t hear him when he asked me to stretch out my shirt to sign it and his eyes were so brown and his teeth were so white it’s strange that he can be so otherworldly and human (haha) at the same time 💗💗💗💗💗