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an idea: tell me what the club eats for breakfast

lemme tell you : @eddiesbadbreak and @eddiekasp helped w this a lot i love them

bill : big ass bowl of some sort of sugary, obnoxiously crunchy cereal. he’ll sit down at the table/couch with that bowl and that’s when you know it’s about to get loud and crunchy. he also saves the milk in the bowl for last and slurps pretty loudly as well. 

mike : very simple eggs and bacon boy. but he has it down to an exact science. he knows that he can get dressed in the time it takes for his bacon to cook. he can brush his teeth and tie his shoes while the eggs cook. (one morning he totally has a crisis as to what to wear and his bacon burns)

eddie : he loves those breakfast hot pockets you put in the microwave for like two minutes then have to wait ten minutes for it to cool off. he likes them because they are simple and he can eat them while he walks/drives to school. 

stan : on most days, he would just be a toast with butter guy. if he wants to spice it up, strawberry jam. he drinks two cups of coffee (he’s hooked), then that’s usually about it. on sunday’s, though, he has bagels with cream cheese and lox with his family (thank you for educating me @eddiekasp ).

ben : ben likes to switch things up!! most days he has oatmeal because it’s quick, easy, and keeps him full until lunch, and he obviously eats the dino egg oatmeal, because what else could you possibly need? some days, though, ben’s mama will make him waffles and ben always likes the nice change.

bev : since bev is constantly running late in the mornings, she always keeps granola bars and trail mixes in her bag or backpack so she can eat on the go. sometimes she’ll treat herself and do overnight oats so she can just grab them from the fridge and go.

richie : this boy has a damn FEAST for breakfast every morning. first, he starts with some sugary cereal that literally makes him vibrate, then he makes a heap of bacon and eggs and mixes them together. he tops everything off with a massive glass of milk, then heads to school.

thanks for your ask!!! :)

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cute fluffy david cuddles? any cc characters you want

Please, hug the man.

After few more bad attempts…

I bet my drawing skills hat it’s Gwen gave him 12$ to make him hug David. But let’s pretend what it’s not that obvious…


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