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At some point during a whispered discussion about some of the Notable Personalities around campus, someone suggests that "Maybe the reason Jimothy is so willing to give out his teeth is because they weren't originally his. After all, the tooth fairy legend had to come from somewhere, right?"

Oh christ this is horrifying how could you make me recoil from my own vantablack beadchild in sudden revulsion

Nah sod Single Ladies this is my fav bit i’M CRYING!!! Benedict put the WHOLE MOUTHGUARD IN HIS MOUTH BETWEEN HIS LIPS AND HIS TEETH . HOLY fuck, you’re supposed to tuck your lips AROUND it!! Like what Wong’s done and Benedict’s like put the whole thing in his mouth so BW is trying to tell him to tuck his lips around it i’m laughing so much typsning thisa i’m so… BW’s like DUDE NOOO ahahahaha  I played this before in a group and someone did the same thing omg there’s always one, THERE’S ALWAYS ONE!! and it just had to be BC. I’m howling.

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I actually find the notion of tooth fairy Jimothy kinda adorable! Does he cherish the teeth? Does he remember which child each one came from? Are they important to him? Tooth fairy Jimothy sounds like a friend and I hope he knows that we appreciate all the work he does.

He doesn’t cherish them as much as he does plastic beads; I’m more concerned at how he apparently jams them into his own mouth until needed. They’re his now. All the teeth are his.

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if even were rich hed buy isak a star

oh my god…….and the night after he bought it, theyre stargazing….isak is talking about the stars, the universe etc…and even is like “and whats that star called?” and isak is like “i appreciate you thinking i know the names of ALL the stars but thats impossible” and even laughs “im sure this name is a familiar one though” and isak just looks at him confused and even presses his tongue against his teeth and smiles “isak valtersen. its called isak valtersen” and isaks mouth hangs open and hes furrowing his eyebrows and looks at even then on the ground and then he raises an eyebrow “did you buy me a star??” and even is grinning and nodding and isak is just staring at him in disbelief and adoration 

Creativity [M]

Genre: (Creative) Smut [Inspired by fifty shades darker ;_; ] 

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader 

Word Count: 1500ish

(Song rec: Pray )

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His lips were inches away from your core, teeth digging into his lower lip as he marveled at the sight in front of him. However, his pleasure didn’t last for long as your legs clamped shut when you felt his slender fingers on the inside of your thigh.

“Baby,” He whined out, hand lightly hitting your inner thigh but you refused to move, “Let me taste you.”

You shot up at his words, hands pushing him down underneath you, denying him his wishes as you rubbed your dripping folds over his erection, covering it in your essence before lining it up with your entrance and sinking down, your tight walls wrapping around it.

“Mhm, I’d rather make you feel good, Yoongi,” You bent down to whisper in his ear before biting your lip teasingly.

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Late for Work

Something fast and fluffy for the Oscars. I’ll clean it up when I get a minute; as it is I’m probably going to be late for work, too.

The second alarm didn’t drag Nick out of bed. Or the third. It took Judy for that, in a burst of sudden motion under his chin that clicked his teeth together. It was very effective.

“Nick, we’re late.

He made sure she wasn’t going to drag him over the edge of the mattress in her haste, and checked his watch.

“By like five minutes.”

Her feet pattered on the apartment floorboards. “You know how the trains are. Do you want to chase them again?”

No, he really didn’t. So he dragged himself out of bed, let her take the tiny water closet of a bathroom so she could scrub her face in front of the chipped sink, and went looking for clothes. He had a full service uniform here, folded in a neat stack on the couch. He stared at it.

“Where did this come from?” he called.

“You brought it, last night before we left.”

“I don’t remember that.” Nick racked his brain. He didn’t remember anything, actually. Not getting to her apartment, not getting into bed, not falling asleep in a tangle of chaste limbs. It was all a happy blur, after the awards ceremony and the after party where they’d all been glowing with energy and camraderie. “How much did I drink?”

“I think Clawhauser made us count. You can ask him when you get in.” Judy stepped back out into the room, with her suit halfway on at her waist. “Get dressed, come on.”

Mildly Hung Over Nick decided he liked Sober Nick, because Sober Nick even made sure his badge was in the right spot. He dressed as quickly as he could.

Judy snugged her stab vest into place.

“Do you remember much?” he asked.

“The cheering. Francine nearly making me go deaf.” Judy stopped where she was, to look his rumpled fur up and down. A smile danced on her muzzle. “I think I kissed you.”

“Oh.” The department knew. They knew, and Del Gato and Wolford especially gave Nick endless ribbing for it. But some things were worth it. “I hope drunk me is a good kisser.”

“Well, I did it again,” Judy said. “And again. So it can’t have been all bad.”

You get to deal with Del Gato.” Nick said.

She beamed up at him - I love you - turned to leave-

-And came up short at the two crumpled dress uniforms, in piles at the threshold.

“Oh, no.”

“Trains,” Nick said.

“Nick, we can’t just leave them.”

“The trains will.”

She bent to collect them anyway. They must have been pretty far gone, to leave their dress blues where they’d fallen. There were some things Judy Hopps just did not do.

She made for the couch, to lay them out and fuss with the seams and epaulettes. Nick held the door.


“Your belt.”

“We’ll fix it later.”

She glared. There wasn’t as much to it as he knew she would have wanted. But she stayed, too. Nick had to cross the room and pick her up. She squeaked.


“We’ll fix it.” He bore her out into the hallway, pulled the door shut behind them, and turned to hoist her up against it with his paws under her rump. “I’ll even do the ironing.”

“You hate ironing.”

“Fine.” He kissed her back for last night, fast. They had a train to run after. “You can help.”

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Headcanon: Sasuke doesn't like Sakura on top, when she tried it once and got carried away she almost gonna break his cock due to her strength.

Perhaps it was a little awkward learning the only time she loses her immaculate chakra control is when she rides him, although i prefer to think they spent a good amount of time finding the perfect ‘balance’

Maybe he cried out at a particularly rough grind of her hips, head thrown back before he looks away, embarrassed, sucking in air through clenched teeth

She stops, alarmed, both by her inability and his reaction, but she’s a fast learner and her expression softens

And she tries again

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"I want you to scream my name. I want to fuck you senseless, and I want you to thank me for it when you wake up sore and aching, and I want you to beg me to do it again. And I will. I want to worship you.” He grazed my bottom lip with his teeth, nipping delicately, dabbed my slack, swollen mouth with slick lips, his relentless stare never leaving mine. “You game?” Can you murder me a bit more???

Can I?

Idk. But I’m game for trying.

Thank you for dying. It was my absolute pleasure! Hope you have an excellent afterlife! *hugs*

Hardcopy Ch 3

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A quick story about greg having a normal day at work when sherlock barges in with a huge out of character smile on his face and anounces that he had sex with john for the first time last night followed by john yelling at him from the other room.

It was a seemingly normal day at work for Greg, nothing out of the ordinary.

Until Sherlock walked in.

He had the biggest smile Greg had ever seen in his face, stretching from ear to ear and flashing his pearly white teeth “Afternoon!” He happily chirped while clasping his hands together “How’s things?”.

Greg realised a brow and slowly placed down his coffee cup, his mouth starting to gape slightly “Eh yeah alright, what’s got you in such a good mood?” Greg asked.

Sherlock ecstatically rocked from side to side “Oh nothing….” He trailed off as if it was definitely something “John and I had sex last night!” He blurted out like a giddy school girl with hot gossip.

Greg’s jaw almost fell to the floor, did he just hear him right?

Before he could speak John burst in pointing his finger at Sherlock “Are you going about telling the whole bloody world?!” He shrieked at Sherlock who shrugged his shoulders.

John let out a groan and rolled his eyes “Sorry he just burst in here Greg-”

Sherlock cut John off with a confused tone “Who’s Greg?”

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Hello, SSS Sunday today ? :) ( PURE PURE PURE PLEASE )

Hi Anon! Hope your Monday is going well, unless it’s already over in which case, Happy Tuesday! Congrats on surviving Monday. I missed this as I wasn’t on tumblr much yesterday, but here you go! From chapter 9:

His eyes flutter closed but I keep mine open. I don’t want to miss a second of this. The brief wrinkling of his forehead right before he touches his to mine. The way he tugs on his bottom lip with his teeth as he skims his nose over mine. The visceral pull I feel towards him when he does that. And then his lips are on mine, soft and searching.

  • Ze: Alright, alright, alright...
  • GaLm: Ohh hoooohhh....Zeee
  • Ze: I might leave myself exposed, I might leave my- you know what? This is a bad idea
  • GaLm: NO, Ze, come BACK, ZE!
  • Ze: Nope! Nope! Nope! He has something dangerous!
  • GaLm: ZE! Come back, Ze...
  • Ze: He's got something dangerous! He's got like, a gun!
  • Chilled: Ze, I think he's just... Ze, he's just- he's just- he's just...he's just playing with you, man. I think he's just trying to get into your head!
  • Ze: [through his teeth] Yeah, well I'm gonna stick a fuckin dildo in him....
  • Smarty: Wah?!
  • Chilled: What?! You can't say that out loud!

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Imagine eremika making out in canon 😏

Imagine wandering, inexperienced hands trembling with uncertainty because they don’t know where to go.

Imagine soft pecks melting into longer, deeper kisses. Parting lips to breathe. Hot breath brushing against the other’s cheek as they try to catch their breath. That brief beat of silence before the distance closes once more and all of a sudden the room just got 12x hotter than it was before. 

Imagine Eren walking Mikasa backwards until she hits the wall. Mikasa letting out a small gasp of surprise before she moans under his touch and completely succumbs to him without question.

Imagine Mikasa crawling into Eren’s lap, using his throat and groin as her playground. Eren running his hands up her spine and under her shirt, slipping down to squeeze her bum when her teeth graze against his hot flesh. Bucking his hips up wantonly, only to be met with agonizing friction. Whining against her skin in frustration and growling when he doesn’t get what he so desperately wants at his pace. Rips her shirt open with an effortless yank, buttons scattering across the floor –

And then, well, y’know. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pretty Boy pt.1

Hiiiiii oh my gosh so I could not stop thinking about the pretty boy Carl idea and so I had some down time today so I decided to write the first part in what will probably be a little 5 part story. This first part is more of an introduction ficlet more than anything else and hopefully these will get longer as they go on. Hope some of you guys like it!!


The first time he says it, Negan just wants to see what kind of reaction he’s going to get. The boy looks to be the youngest one out of Ricks group that are all kneeling in front of him. And it’s not like Negan doesn’t mean it. The boy has long chestnut hair that is starting to curl, rosy cheeks, and a very full bottom lip that Negan would just love to lean over and take between his teeth and hear what kind of noises the boy would make. Negan means what he says, even with the bandage covering the boys right eye.
“You’re very pretty, you know that? Think you’re prettier than most of my wives.” Negan tells him when he kneels down in front of the boy.
The boy’s eye goes wide and his cheeks flush an even deeper shade of red and Negan swears he can see the boy’s pupil dilate at his words. The boy’s mouth hangs open so Negan hears the sharp intake of breath when he looks the boy up and down. It makes a wolfish grin spread across his face.
“Get away from him! You don’t touch him!” Rick shouts out from where other Saviors are holding him in place on his knees.
Negan turns his attention back to Rick and the task at hand, mentally shaking off all of the fantasies he was starting to conjure up of him and the pretty boy and what he would do to him if he had the boy to himself and instead focusing on what needs to be done. He needs to set an example.
Negan does, however, note the slight bulge in the boy’s jeans and the way he shifts ever so slightly as if he’s trying to get friction between his thighs without being noticed. But Negan noticed, of course he did. He’s set his sights on this pretty boy and he’s not leaving him be anytime soon.