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monsta x 1st win reactions in a nutshell:

Shownu: i can do this i’m the leader *starts speaking* ok never mind 
Wonho: *doesn’t realize it at all, looks confused more than happy, cries cause everyone’s crying*
Minhyuk: dam broken. there’s the frustrations and hopes of years in his tears
Kihyun: literally too emotional to stand. can’t stop crying, doesn’t try to
Hyungwon: stoic face but there’s tears streaming down his cheeks 
Jooheon: someone’s gotta take the damn mic I guess
Changkyun: fire can not kill a dragon, internally combusting, but gotta act cool


o h boi i gone and done it

i made myself a bnha oc whoopy doo.. pl s give him love Kushi n eeds love

also thats @artminnie‘s oc chino! his hero name is water mouth

okay but whatever you do, do NOT imagine tom on a press tour, while he was doing an interview when suddenly someone asked him about your distance relationship. Do NOT imagine how his heart would sink and tears would swell up in his eyes. Also, do NOT imagine him answering ,,of course it’s hard.. you know. living apart from the person you love more than anything, not being able to see, hold or kiss them whenever you want.” Whatever you do, do NOT imagine him calling you afterwards, but as soon as he heard your voice he would break down in tears, his voice shaking when he was saying ,,I miss you so much darlin’.” Do NOT imagine you answering how much you miss him too and that you’ll see each other in less than two months, also telling him that you love him and babyboy answering “I love you so much more you can’t imagine.” still with tears in his eyes. DON’T DO IT!!

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it's my birthday today and I was wondering if you could do some headcannons for richie crying? (ps I love your blog I check for new headcannons everyday!!)!


- richie hates crying, he thinks it makes him weak

- but when he does it must be something bad because it takes a lot for richie tozier to crumble

- his hands shake and his bottom lip quivers and he has to look away from whoever he’s with so they don’t see his magnified tears in his eyes (stupid glasses don’t help)

- he always walks away and finds somewhere private before he slides down the wall and just puts his knees to his chest and his head in his hands

- richie is a sobber, like it’s loud and ugly and his chest hurts and he can’t seem to stop once he starts

- he has to gasp for air as he lets out this long, choked out cries and if anyone ever heard him their heart would break

- eddie once heard him cry and he was leaning against the other side of his bedroom door silently crying with him

NCT Hyung Line - Him cheating on you and tying to apologise

My first reaction. Yayyy :D (English isn´t my first language so sorry for any mistakes)

requested by americanoology    - thanks for requesting again !


You saw him at pratice and there where this new really pretty trainee girl. First they were having a small talk but she got really flirty. After a few minutes she leaned in for a kiss and he didn´t stop her. He kissed her back and didn´t realize that you were there. Watching him and the girl kissing with your eyes full of tears. As the girl saw you she pulled away making Taeil confused. Then looked at the direction the trainee was looking at. His eyes widden as he saw you and with that you left. He ran after you, trying to stop you from running away while his tears couldn´t stop falling. He told you that it wasn´t his fault. You couldn´t believe him “So thats why you kissed her back” was the last thing you said after smashing the food you bought for him to the floor. The last time you looked at his tearful eyes. 

“Don´t ever contact me again. I hope it was worth it.”

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It was your first wedding anniversary and you prepared his favorite dish at home. He was late again and you guys stared fighting cuz of it. He just couldn´t take anything serious. After a few minutes of agruing he left the apartment leaving you completly alone. He stopped by his new fav bar and bought a few drinks. A woman was catching his eye. She was just as pretty as you. After a small talk with her she left with him to a motel. He was drunk and didn´t realized what he was doing. Right in the action he came back to reality and left the woman he was rushing to your apartment. You were sleeping in the bedroom as you heard Hansol coming in. His eyes teard his hands shaking. He pulled you into a hug telling you how much he loves you and how much he was sorry for what he did. You confused asking him why he was acting like that. Your eyes widen as he told you the truth. You immediately pulling away from his touch. “Leave” you told him. 

“Baby I´m so sorry I know it was my fault…b..but I was drunk….please don´t do thi–”

“Leave!Or I´ll leave” you screamed taking a few steps away from him. You couldn´t just forgive him. So you packed your stuff and ignored his calls for you. And the last time he tried to stop you but couldn´t. So you left and forget the little present you left at his nightstand. After you were gone he saw a little box on his nightstand with an sticky note. -`Happy first anniversary babe! I love you forever and hope you´ll like the present I have for you! I´m sorry about our fight and hope we can forget about it´- Hansol opened the box.

There was a pregnancy test on it. - prositive -

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You and Johnny were in a secret realtionship. Even his own members wouldn´t know about you and him. Since you were new in Seoul you needed a job and luckily did get one at yours and Johnnys favorite coffee shop. You hadnt told Johnny about your job yet. You wanted it to be a suprise. But you were the one who was getting a suprise. You saw him entering the shop while he was holding the hand of a beautiful girl. They sat down and looked at the menu. He was still holding her hand - telling her that he loves her and only her. You grabbed the drink that was in the corner and started walking to his direction.

“Here is your order Sir.” you said after pouring the smoothie on his now wet head and clothes. Then smiled at the girl. “He´s a f*ckin´cheater be careful.” and with that you left the shop.

Ignoring his calls for. And ignoring all the calls he left you on your phone even after weeks. You weren´t going to forgive him.


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It was NCTs comeback party and everyone included you were invited. The boys and you were having a great time but Taeyong was acting a little bit strange. He just didn´t like the fact that you were spending time with Ten on the party when you should be by his side. As he saw that Ten was getting a little bit to touchy with you he coulnd´t take it anymore and pushed Ten away from you. Catching everyones eye to you guys. Taeyong started agruing with you. Saying that you were flirting with him when the oppsite happend. Ten was telling you about the cute girl that he currently liked. As you tried to calm Taeyong down he grabbed the girls arm who was just passing by you guys. 

“Should I show you how it felt?!” he said after grabbing the girls face and pulling her in for a kiss. Your eyes filling with tears as you walked out of the club. Jaehyun pulling Taeyongs face away from the girl. Yelling at him and telling him the truth about what happend. Taeyongs eyes widden as he heard Jaehyuns words. He rushed out of the club to find you sitting at a bench a few blocks away from the club. His eyes teary as he apologized to you. You crying with him and pulling him into a big hug and saying ´I´m sorry and I love you´ again and again.

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Doyoung was ignoring you for a while now. You didn´t know why he was acting like that so wanted to talk to him. You went the the guys dorm knocking at the door. A few seconds after the door was being opened. A suprised Mark looking at you. At first he didn´t wanted to leave you into the dorm without telling you the reason. You were trying to pass him but he stopped you. Telling you that this wasn´t the right moment and pleasing you to go. You pushed the little boy away and went into the living room.  Just to see Doyoung and a girl sitting on his lap.

“WTF IS GOING ON!” you yelled at Doyoung. He was shoked seeing you standing there. Doyoung pushed the girl out of his lap trying to explain. “It´s not what it looks like Y/N!Let me explai–”

“its not what it looks like my ass! I called you everyday and YOU ignored me EVERYDAY just so that little b*tch can sit on your lap?! Are you kidding me!”

“NoO- I just- I- … I´m so sorry..” he couldn´t look into your eyes.

“Yes. I´m sorry too. Sorry for trusting you.” you slapped his face leaving his eyes widden.

And like that you went out of the dorm out of his life.

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It was late night and you were by yourself again - your bf wasn´t home today. He told you not to wait for him but you did it anyway. Tomorrow he was leaving for his worldtour and you wanted to see him the last time before he leaves. You were focused on this new netflix series as your phone ringed. It was Johnny calling you. “Hey John´what´s up?”

“heyy..I´m sorry for calling you this late but we need to talk.” Johnnys voice was shaking and you were getting confused. “You can tell me everything John. Whats wrong? Did something happend at pratice or with yuta?” you asked confused.

“Its about Yuta….I´m so sorry.. I know that you love him but I just can´t take this anymore. Y/N… he isn´t at pratice he wasn´t even here. He is with that girl again….. he has been cheating on you….since months….I thought that you have to know about it….I´m sorry for not telling you sooner. You can talk with me anytime and I´ll be always there for you. You deserve better Darling and you know that.”

2 hours later Yuta arrived at the front door of your apartment only to find his stuff at the floor with an sticky note.

“Greet your new girlfriend by me” - Y/N

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Hit the stage season 2. Todays theme: Love

Hit the stage happend again! And you were so happy about the fact that Ten is in the show again. He even got you backstage vip cards for you and your best friend. But you weren´t happy about the todays theme. Ten has to dance a slow romantic dance with that sexy SM Dancer girl who everyone loved. You have gotten the chance to see the dance before everyone else and you didn´t tell him but of course you were jealous. Maybe a little bit too jealous. Everyday you would text him- who he was with - what he was doing - if everything was ok-. After the performance you looked for him.

But you couldn´t find him. After the whole search for Ten action you received a text message. 


Ten from the rookie boy groub NCT is dating his beautiful dance partner from the new popular dance show Hit the Stage! We wish the couple much luck and are happy about the realtionship.

And there was that picture. That picture that broke your heart into million of pieces. - his arms around her waist. her arms around his neck. and the lips connected.

Days later he tried to contact you. Telling you it was fake. Telling you he loved you and only you. But the picture was telling another story.

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Kun and you were currently dating. You guys first met at the new book shop he was working for. Before you guys stared dating you were just an normal customer who loves to read.Your friend gave you the recommendation to this new book shop where that cute boy worked. He was always kind to you, bought you coffee, spend his breaks with you,gave you book recommendations.After a month of being close friends he finally confesed his feelings for you. After 3 months of dating he gave you that beautiful necklace; you wore it everyday, feeling special because of it. You were his first and last love; that´s what he had told you.

But was he telling the truth?


Today was your guys anniversary and you wanted to suprise him. You had bought him  flowers; the ones he bought you on your first date. You went to the book store waiting for his shift to end. As the time finally arrived you saw him walking out of the shop. But he didn´t saw you. He kept walking so you started following him.

He wasn´t going to the direction where his house were. But why? You followed him quitely. And there she was. She had beautiful long dark hair. Dark brown hair and was a little bit taller than you. And she had the necklace.

Maybe you were his first love. But not his last.

As the warm tears were running down your cheeks you felt someone holding your hand. And you turned to the direction to saw a strangers face.

“Forget him. You are to beautiful for him anyway.”said the handsome boy to you

 who was now your husband since three years.

– You hadn´t heard what happend to Kun after that. But he knew as you stared ignoring his messages and calls that he had lost you. And even that dark haired girl couldn´t replace you. He made that mistake. 

(Hmmm..who is that handsome stranger??- i kind of thought about WinWin cause why not;D)

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Jaehyun and you were in a dream like realtionship. But dreams don´t last forever right?

Jaehyun broke up with you, two months ago. You were begging him to stay, begging him not to end your realtionship. But you weren´t enough for him; that´s what he had told you. As you guys were still together you knew that he was cheating; all this ignored calls, make up on his clothes and not showing any love to you anymore.

You now moved on, no, you tried to move on. You thought that you did get over him, that you were ready to meet new guys. But were you ready?

That night he came to your apartment;completely drunk. Telling you he was sorry, telling you you were his only one, telling you he can´t get over you.

Now there were you. Sitting on front of your door just to listen to the voice who where behind the door.

“Please…..don´t leave me again……i need you……” said the person who´s voice was shaking from crying.

So… are you going to open the door for him? To the door to your heart? Will you let him in .. - again?

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I´m so sorry guys but I just can´t imagine WinWin being a cheater.

The D Word (Part 1)

Summary: Tony Stark means the world to Peter Parker. So much, in fact, that Peter slips up and calls him ‘dad’ on more than one occasion. In other words, the two times Peter prays Tony doesn’t hear him say 'dad’ and the one time he wishes he did.

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Aunt May, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: fluff, angst, cliffhanger

A/N: I think my writer’s block is finally gone!! I swear I am working on the prompt requests I’ve gotten. Thank you all for your patience! I’ll post part 2 tomorrow night. Let me know if you want to be tagged!!

One Shot Masterlist

The first time Peter called Tony “dad”, he managed to stop himself from mortal embarrassment.

He had been distracted by something on the TV when Tony had walked into the living room of the Avenger’s Tower.

“How’s it going?” Tony asked, patting his shoulder.

“S’good da…” he trailed off as he realized who the hand on his shoulder was connected to. He shot up from the couch and stumbled backward.

“D-d-dat is a really good show,” Peter stuttered, pointing to the TV. “Real good.” He tried to shrug it off with a smile, but it came out looking more like a grimace.

Tony raised an eyebrow. “You okay?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

Peter chuckled. “Uh huh. Totally fine. Nothing weird going on here.” He knelt down and quickly gathered up his sneakers and backpack. “Bye!” he called over his shoulder as he bolted to the elevator.

Tony just shook his head and chalked it up to teenage hormones.

The next time it happened, Tony was driving Peter home after a long day of training. Well, technically Happy was driving and Tony was backseat driving. Peter had completely passed out against the plush leather seats when they arrived at his apartment complex.

“Kid, we’re here,” Tony said, tapping away at his cellphone. When Peter didn’t respond, Tony poked his side. “Spidey, c’mon. You can’t keep that gorgeous aunt of yours waiting.”

Peter groaned and tried to push Tony’s hand away. “Stop it, dad,” he mumbled. Opening his eyes, he realized what he had spoken out loud. Now wide awake, he cautiously turned to look at Tony to gauge his reaction.

By some miracle, Tony was too engrossed with his phone to hear the teen’s whispers. Peter nearly collapsed with relief until he saw Happy’s smirk in the rearview mirror. Peter’s eyes grew wide, but to his shock, Happy mimed zipping his lips. His mishap for safe for now.

Tony put his phone away and turned his full attention to Peter. “Sleeping Beauty! How nice of you to join us!” Peter shook his head and smiled. “You did good today, kid,” Tony commended, squeezing his shoulder. “You’re getting really good. You should be proud.”

Peter blushed at the praise. “Thanks,” he replied softly. He pulled on the door handle and got out of the car.

“Night Petey,” Tony called out the window as Happy drove away.

Peter waved at the disappearing car.

“Night dad,” he whispered to the empty street. He sighed and mentally scolded himself before making the trek up to his apartment.

“What’s up with you?” Ned asked him the next day. “You seem all…” He waved his hands around in random patterns as Peter stared forlornly at his lunch.

“I keep almost messing up,” he confessed to his best friend.

Ned cocked his head to the side. “Almost messing up how?” He lowered his voice and leaned across the table. “Is this about the Stark internship?” he whispered.

Peter nodded. “Kind of. A little. Not really. I mean it involves Mr. Stark, but…”

Ned sat patiently, waiting for Peter to continue.

Peter sighed and decided to tell his best friend everything. “I keep…I keep calling him ‘dad’,” he admitted. He shut his eyes and waited for Ned to laugh in his face.

“Makes sense,” Ned replied, much to Peter’s shock. He took a bite of his sandwich and swallowed. “I mean, you spend a lot of time with him, and he is pretty protective of you. Remember the Training Wheels Protocol?” Peter groaned at the memory of Tony’s little software installation on his suit.

“But he’s not my dad!” Peter exclaimed. “I mean,” he continued, lowering his voice, “what if he hears me and gets so disgusted by it and kicks me out of the Avengers? I practically just got back on!”

Ned took his bag of Cheetos and traded it for Peter’s bag of chips. “He’s not going to kick you out,” he reasoned. “You’re Spiderman! You have awesome powers! He needs you!”

The bell rang, and Ned scrambled to clean up his trash, leaving Peter alone at the table.

“But what if he doesn’t?” he asked himself.

“Peter! I need you!”

Peter stood at the back of the Quinjet, his ears ringing. He could have sworn his breathing stopped, but he didn’t collapse or pass out, so his lungs must have been working. His voice, however, was not.

“Peter!” Steve shouted again. “Get over here!”

Peter stared at the body on the stretcher in front of him.

“I-I-I,” he stuttered.

Steve yanked off his Captain America mask as Bucky navigated the jet out of the trap they had walked into.

Steve pointed to a small door in the wall of the jet. “Grab towels. Lots of them.”

Peter’s nerve endings finally seemed to start firing again, and he got what Steve requested.

“Good,” the super soldier said calmly. “I need you to apply pressure at his wound. He can’t bleed out before we get him to the Cradle.”

Peter nodded and gulped as his hands shook.

It was supposed to be a simple intel retrieval. Tony had agreed to let Peter come as long as he waited in the Quinjet. That simple retrieval turned out to be crawling with HYDRA operatives. Overwhelmed and outnumbered, Steve, Bucky, and Tony had rushed back to the jet.

But not before Tony got hit square in the chest by a plasma ray. The front of his armor never stood a chance against a weapon they hadn’t seen before.

Peter numbed himself as he stumbled next to Tony’s stretcher. The Iron Man faceplate was scattered somewhere on the floor, and Tony’s eyes darted wildly. His normally rosy cheeks were void of all color as blood pooled out of the large wound dangerously close to his heart. Peter closed his eyes and pressed the towels against Tony’s chest.

Tony groaned and Peter had to fight back tears. As soon as one towel turned crimson, he switched it out with another.

“Y-y-you’re gonna be okay,” Peter whispered in a shaky voice. “You’re gonna be okay.”

Tony’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as another spasm of pain hit.

Peter fell back. “I’m sorry!” he cried, rushing back up. “I’m sorry!”

“Peter!” Steve called from the front. “Don’t let up no matter how much it hurts.”

Peter nodded even though Steve couldn’t see him. He picked up a clean towel and resumed his duties. Tony’s bloody hands wrapped around Peter’s wrist. He opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water as if he was trying to say something.

“What?” Peter asked. He took his free hand and clasped it with Tony’s. “What?!”

Tony gulped and looked Peter in the eyes. “S-s-sorry,” he gasped.

His grip on Peter loosened, and his eyes fluttered shut.

Peter panted, not knowing what to do. He let the towel fall to the floor as he shook Tony to try and wake him up.

“T-T-Tony?” Tears fell down his face as he shook him harder. “TONY!”

He was practically hysterical now. He yelled as he grabbed at the rest of Tony’s armor. If he could rip it off, maybe Tony could breathe easier.

A strong pair of arms wrapped around him and carried him away from Tony’s unconscious body.

“No!” he yelled, struggling against his captor. “NO!” He thrashed about and broke free, immediately running over and grabbing Tony by the shoulders.

“Dad!” he sobbed. “Dad please wake up! You can’t leave!” He let out a scream as Tony refused to respond. “DAD!”

He begged and bargained with every god he could think of. He promised to stay out of trouble and stay in Queens. He promised he would graduate high school and make him proud. He promised his father everything if he would just…


Peter was so hysterical he never felt the needle prick his neck. The last thing he saw as his vision blurred were two people leaning over the stretcher.

And then it all went black.

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82 and 68? Like a sad breakup or smth?

82: “I can’t do this anymore.”
68: “Please don’t leave again.”


“Theo, please,” Liam whispered. “Please don’t leave again.”

Theo paused in packing his suitcase and turned to see Liam standing in the doorway, tears in his eyes. “Liam, I can’t,” he said. “I can’t do this anymore. I have to go.”

“What about me?” Liam whispered. “What about us? I thought…”

“Plans change, Liam,” Theo said, turning back to his suitcase. “People change. I’m sorry. I wish… I wish circumstances were different.”

I wish we’d met in a coffee shop or grocery store and you charmed me with your humor instead of your anger. I wish I wasn’t a murderer and border-line psychopath that betrayed you and everyone you love. I wish we could have the perfect normal life, with a house and a dog and maybe even a kid.

I wish circumstances were different.

“But Theo,” Liam swiped at his eyes and stepped forward. “We can fix this. You don’t have to leave. We can figure this out. Together.”

Theo shook his head. “This is something I have to do on my own. We just… we can’t. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t go,” Liam pleaded.

Theo finally looked Liam in the eyes, tears stinging his own. “God, I love you.”

Liam took a shuddering breath and backed away. “I love you,” he whispered.

Theo closed his eyes and took a deep breath before grabbing his suitcase and heading for the door. “I really am sorry,” he said before leaving.

As he walked towards his truck and got in to drive away, he tried to ignore the sound of Liam’s sobs echoing in his ears.


A/N: Mehhh, angst!! I love it, but it doesn’t love me. I hope you enjoyed, friend! Thanks so much for reading and as always, feel free to let me know what you think!

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Ks is a innocent small boy and when he saw news of KxK, he got really sad and started crying while sitting on ji bed. ji came home to see ks crying and tried to comfort ks but ks, wiping his tears of vigorously to try to act strong(altho is still like a small kid)and doesnt want to tell. After a while of coaxing, he finally tells ji and ji tells him the truth. Add the detail that when theyre talking, ks is lying in between ji legs with his head on ji's chest, with ji looking down to talk to ks;)

Salty tears reach the crack of Kyungsoo’s lips as he closes his laptop. His hands are shaking, and the tears won’t stop falling. He can’t believe what he just read.

Breaking: Kim Jongin and Jung Krystal confirmed to be dating

Instead of reading the whole article after reading the first heartbreaking few lines of the headline and the lead of the story, Kyungsoo cries quietly. He lets the tears fall and soak through his large sized green sweater that his boyfriend gave give in his birthday. It’s actually the most bitter greeting that he has ever received ever since he found himself surrounded by Jongin’s smell–in Jongin’s penthouse.

After a week, Kyungsoo finally got the time to visit his supermodel and actor boyfriend. College has made him busy especially when he’s one step closer to graduation. However, fate has something heart-shattering in store for him when he thought it will be a day of joy by being around Jongin’s arms once again. But he’s dead wrong. Did Jongin fool him that’s he’s the only one that he loves? Or Jongin is not the real Jongin that he knew when they first met in a gasoline station?

With these negative thoughts swirling in his head, Kyungsoo packs his laptop with tears in his eyes. He doesn’t have the heart to surprise Jongin and tell him about the list of movies he downloaded for them to watch. He wants to go home. He wants to be away from Jongin. He has to calm himself.

But before he can leave, the door to Jongin’s bedroom opens. Kyungsoo freezes on the edge of Jongin’s bed and wipes his tears away with closed fists.

Perfect timing for Jongin to arrive when it’s the perfect time to drown in tears and leave without a trace. But unpredictable fate is being mean to him.

“Kyungsoo.” Jongin enunciates the name affectionately, but carefully.

Kyungsoo can’t find within himself to stand up and leave, so he turns away.

“Kyungsoo, look at me.” Jongin commands with gentleness in his voice, but Kyungsoo doesn’t meet his eyes and he can’t stop the tears from pouring now that Jongin is crouched down in front of him, coaxing him to look at him. “You read it. I know you did. You won’t cry like this if you didn’t. Fuck.” Jongin pulls his hair in frustration and agitation.

His heart beats rapidly against his chest. Kyungsoo wants to explode. “Are you  playing with my feelings, Jongin?” 

“No, Kyungsoo. I’m not.” the supermodel assures. Kyungsoo swats his hands away when he attempted to grab hold of his clenched fist. “Don’t touch me.”

Sighing, Jongin settles beside Kyungsoo and the sound of sobbing prolong for awhile. Kyungsoo’s legs are glued. Even if he wants to leave,still, he wants to have the last words with Jongin, if ever that would be the last for them.

“I read the article,” he trails off with a choked sob. “N-No. I mean, I saw it. I-I didn’t read everything. Reading a little is already too painful for me to bear.” his body wracks from his sobs. He finally has the courage to look at Jongin with his red rimmed eyes. 


“Jung Soojung huh? She’s pretty, gorgeous, a woman…” he mumbles softly next, “She’s everything that I’m not. She’s the perfect match for you. I’m just a nobody anyway, right?”

“Kyungsoo stop it.” Jongin demands, but when Kyungsoo looks at him, he expects Jongin to shout at him, to glare at him or anything worse. But to his surprise, the supermodel grabs a hold of his hand and pulls him to his chest. “Stop, Soo. Stop it.”

Struggling won’t do anything. Jongin has a firm tight around him and gets surrounded by warm arms that he longs and yearns for long–the reason he’s at Jongin’s penthouse.

Resting his head where Jongin’s steady heartbeat lies, Kyungsoo cries more. The thought of Jongin with someone else is too painful to digest. It’s the kind of nightmare that he never dream of having one day. But it’s here and whatever the truth is, he has to face it and accept it as it is.

“It’s not what you think it is, Kyungsoo.” There’s a slight tremor in Jongin’s voice and Kyungsoo wishes at the same time that if this would be the last time Jongin holds him this way, as if not wanting to let him go ever, he wishes at least this could last long. For now. 

“You have someone else…” the tears won’t stop rolling down his rounded cheeks.

“Goddamn, Kyungsoo. It’s not real. We’re not dating. Hear me out, baby. We. Are. Not. Dating. Soojung and I are just friends but there’s nothing between us. It was a set-up. It was a cover-up because I fucking want to protect you.”

His breath hitches. Jongin’s hand still moves up and down his back to soothe him. “You’re lying.”

“I’m not. I was supposed to tell you before the scandal breaks, but the management decided to release the news this instant because a lot of media outlets are threatening to release an article about Supermodel Kim Jongin being gay and dating a college student named Do Kyungsoo. They know about us, Kyungsoo. they fucking know and I don’t want you to be ridiculed and make your life miserable because of these people who care too much about other people’s lives. Fucking media, fuck everyone. Fuck everything! Just because I’m dating a guy? They can’t accept that? But if it’s a girl, it’s acceptable? Fuck them! I’m so fucking tired too, Kyungsoo. So fucking tired of this shit that everyone expects me to be, expects us to be.”

Miraculously, Kyungsoo’s sobs lessen and instead of responding to his agitated boyfriend, he wraps his arms around the male’s waist instead.

Jongin sniffles, a sign that he’s crying too. “I only love you, Kyungsoo. Just you. I told the management that I’m going to give up the limelight given to me, but they won’t let me. Not until my contract ends–”

“You’re giving up your dream for me?” Kyungsoo lifts up his tear-stained face and rakes his eyes at the lone tear cascading down Jongin’s tanned cheek.

“How am I going to be happy with my dream if I don’t have the freedom to be with you? I’d rather give up that dream than fool everyone that what the media thinks of me now is the real me. The real Kim Jongin is dating a man, not a woman. Not Soojung, but you.” Cautiously, he cradles Kyungsoo’s left cheek and presses a kiss on his forehead. In return, Kyungsoo closes his eyes and savors the sensation of Jongin’s lips touching his skin. “Just for a year, Kyungsoo. Please bear this with me. Just a year and we’ll be free. We won’t have to hide anymore. We will be who we want to be.”

They stay in that position, Kyungsoo in betwen Jongin legs, facing him with his cheeks cradled by the warmth of Jongin’s calloused hands. A little later, their foreheads press together.

“Don’t ever leave me, Jongin.” Kyungsoo murmurs audibly closer against Jongin’s lips inching closer to his. “I love you.”

“Just you, Kyungsoo. Only you. I love you.”

And they kiss to assure each other that this won’t be the last kiss that they will ever have.

@serenadmitri Most definitely 🤗 Enjoy my 7am no sleep I love Jung Hoseok brainfart ☁

I feel like he’s really good at hiding his emotions and since he’s also a super determined person, it’s really difficult to see anything but his happy side. And he does it in a way that doesn’t feel like he’s hiding his feelings or true intentions but rather feels reassuring. Like he’s showing us that we don’t have to worry about him at all.

Like when he got emotional during that one consert while he was talking and he just kept on talking even though he was holding tears and his voice didn’t break even once.

Like,,, I don’t know how to explain it but he’s just really open without showing nothing but his happy face all the time. He let’s the maknae line mess with him and even insult him to a certain point but when they cross the line he just blatantly tells them that he’s upset. But he does it in a manner that isn’t guilting them as to not make anyone else upset.

He’s just so mature even though at first glance you would think he’s just the quirky one that just runs around and screams. Maybe that’s why it’s so interesting to me.