his teammates have his back

I know Jiren was in a “Time Cage” or whatever that was and all that, But I was wondering why didn’t Cabba, Caulifla and Kale fire ki blasts at Jiren to try and push him back even a little in his frozen state. Jiren was LITERATELY on the edge of the stage. They couldn’t have at least TRIED? Even get their other Namekian teammates and be like “hey yo help us out to push this guy back”. It might have taken a while but it would of been their only shot. But no, Hit just sends them off.

happy birthday

it doesn’t bother him a single tick.

also read on: ao3 // part of “the princess and the paladin” series.

notes:  lol i’ll be honest, i hate this prompt and i hate what i wrote for this. i literally. i did not want to post this but. ugh. forgive me. it’s not my best.

As the last few seconds to midnight pass, the Paladins sit back into the couches with content smiles on their faces after a well-spent day celebrating Hunk’s birthday.

Hunk sighs, looking up at the ceiling. “Thank you, everyone,” he says, then brings his eyes back down to his teammates. “Seriously — this might have been the best birthday I’ve ever had. I mean, it’s not every day that your friends bring you to a cool new planet and take you asteroid surfing.”

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Nutritionist Bitty AU!

He specialises in athletes and is super in demand among big names of every sport. Like months in advance for a consult kind of thing regardless of how famous you are

He’s the best in the business because he pulls up plans that are nutritious and delicious (it’s a terrible slogan he knows but it’s accurate and his mama came up with it so…). His clients absolutely love him.

Then the Falconers hire him to have a few talks/create personalised plans for the players/teach a few cooking classes.

Everything is going well until the classes, where everybody sort of keeps a healthy distance from Jack who is so bad at cooking that people are honestly afraid. Bitty has never meet anybody capable of well, he doesn’t even know how to explain what happened to the pasta in the 5 minutes he looked away but witchcraft is not out of the question. Bitty had never seen bread on fire before.

And Jack? Well, he is pretty terrible, but maybe he slammed the toaster against the wall since Bitty said at that point he’d consider his job done if Jack could at least do some toast. He does ask Bitty out, because George was very clear that any more property damage would come out of his pay check.

They start dating and everything is amazing, Jack promises never to touch the kitchen and Bitty loves cooking and Jack is always so grateful it makes him feel appreciated. Jack considers the meals a nice plus, but the important part is that he gets to kiss Bitty and hold him and having him in his life makes everything better.

It’s absolutely worth constantly having to get his teammates off his back for dinner invites, and all the calls he’s been getting from professional athletes who could absolutely kick his ass and terrify him more than a little. One was from an Olympic boxing champion, a few from MMA fighters, entire teams from the NFL, hockey players he’s actually friends with, his own team, even Parson calls to give him a shovel talk and try to get a dinner invite.

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Ryuji thoughts

I’m still bothered by how easily the track team turned on Ryuji and how his reputation doesn’t improve at all after Kamoshida is gone, where Ann effectively gets her own restored and even improved. Ryuji though? He’s still the school outcast and the track team shits on him every chance they get.

Ryuji snapping after all of the abuse Kamoshida hurled at him wasn’t the best idea in the world, but it was completely understandable given how many fucked up things Kamoshida did out of pettiness. However, the reaction of the track team in response is extreme, blaming him entirely for the whole thing and helping Kamoshida spread the rumors of him being a delinquent out of revenge. It goes along with the arching theme of the game: rebelling against a corrupt society versus keeping your eyes averted and mindlessly obeying.

We’re made to believe that the track team was an innocent casualty of Kamoshida’s reign, a mistake Ryuji feels extreme guilt for and tries to make right despite the track team making it known that he wasn’t wanted. However, consider this: the team was very jealous of Ryuji’s talent and desired to see him gone for their own ends. Kamoshida, seeing this, purposefully exacerbated the situation by beating all of them, culminating in breaking Ryuji’s leg and spreading the rumors of his home life. The team falls apart on their own, with Ryuji taking the brunt of the blame.

The worst part is that Ryuji honestly thought his teammates would have had his back. After all, they were being abused and beaten too, so why were they so quick to turn their backs on him and quickly make him reviled inside the school? The excuse one of them gives – “Ryuji made all of their suffering worthless because he wanted to punch Kamoshida” – is extremely self-serving, even for a “team above self” mindset. In reality, the team just wanted an easy scapegoat to blame instead of admitting that they were too afraid of Kamoshida to do anything, and Ryuji was an easy target considering the track team didn’t like him anyway!

I honestly believe Ryuji’s confidant would have been much better if it had strictly been between him and the former track team. It would have been him realizing, with Akira’s help, that his former teammates were much happier with him off the team entirely, and it crushes him to think that he missed the fact that they all resented him so much. But then he realizes that he feels much freer and happier with Akira anyway, so it ends up not being much of a loss at all. Sometimes you can’t fix things that were already broken, like the track team.

Because you can’t honestly tell me that just because there’s one monstrous adult in the school doesn’t mean the students aren’t capable of doing the same things.

seijou second years headcanons bc seijou second years

  • kyoutani really does try to get to class on time but is either stopped by an injured animal that he has to take care of or a stray that he’s petting and he feels bad if he stops so he waits until it gets bored 
  • yahaba caught him once and literally dragged him to class bc it’s a fucking cat kyoutani, it’ll be there when you get back 
  • from then on, yahaba meets him in front of the crosswalk and they walk together bc he’s a good captain and he can’t have his team mates, especially his ace having shitty attendance 
  • but if they see an injured animal, they stop ok
  • when yahaba told watari about this, watari awed and then asked when he was getting the go ahead to plan the bachelor party (“it’s for the team!” “okay, yahaba. i was thinking strip club but i don’t think i should damage kindaichi like that”) 
  • watari watches every team’s matches that they’re going to the play and analyzes the hell of them like oikawa did 
  • he becomes perceptive as hell which helps the team a lot but yahaba is kind of scared ?? of something??? he’s not sure what yet but he has a feeling he’s not going to hate it (hint: it involves kyoutani) 
  • watari feels like a third wheel sometimes bc yahaba and kyoutani are always bickering but its how they talk and they’re not fist fighting so i guess it’s ok?? 
  • watari becomes the pillar of the team, holding everyone together and supporting them 
  • when he called iwaizumi about what to do when the team feels dejected, iwaizumi commented that watari was like a single mother 
  • watari jokingly asked who the dad was and iwaizumi said yahaba but you got a divorce bc you weren’t satisfying yahaba in bed (”that’s cold, iwaizumi-senpai”) 
  • kyoutani doesn’t argue with watari at all. they’re really good friends!! he’s also kind of scared but that’s not the point here 
  • watari is the person kyoutani goes to when he doesn’t know what to do or he just needs someone to talk to (“help me with this fucking problem” “try again” “help me with this fucking problem please” “better”)
  • yahaba was really nervous about being the captain at first bc it’s going to be hard to live up to oikawa’s name but after the countless support of his teammates, yahaba found that he was a natural leader 
  • he leads the team with ease (sometimes with a little uncertainty but his teammates have his back) 

bonus! kyoutani visits his grandmother every weekend to help her bake and take care of her garden 

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ok i might have already requested this so ignore this if i have ! but a scenario w noya and his smol nd shy s/o and one day she sees him chagning shirts or something and she notices all his bruises from volleyball? and she like panics but she doesnt know what to do becuase hes SHIRTLESS and she just murmurs for him to be more careful etc etc and then cuddles and hugs and just loads of fluff

Awwww Noya~ Poor bby. I hope you like what I came up for you! Thanks for requesting! -Admin Satori <3

Nishinoya Yuu:

“Where’s Yuu?” You asked Tanaka as he came out of the locker room fixing his beanie over his shaved head.

He regarded you with a raised eyebrow before nodding over his shoulder at the locker room door, “He’s still getting dressed. He got distracted with the inverted colors of his uniform and wanted to try it out to see how it looks on him.” Tanaka shook his head with a small laugh, “He looked fucking awesome. Not gonna lie.” He admitted before turning and walking towards the exit. He waved over his shoulder at you, “See you Monday, _______!” He called.

You smiled softly and leaned against the wall across from the locker room, deciding to wait for your boyfriend to come out and escort you home. Maybe even, possibly, convince him to spend the night. Your smile widened a bit at the thought of cuddling up with Noya under multiple warm blankets, his hair down from a fresh shower, his warm body pressed against yours with your head over his heart. The image made you impatient to get him home with you, so you rushed forward and opened the door to walk into the locker room.

It was quiet, a few moments of shuffling gave away where your boyfriend was. But you didn’t call out to him. Instead, you walked forward as quietly as you could and watched from a set of lockers away from where he was changing out of his uniform. There was a small blush on his cheeks, and you assumed it was from being pleased with how the inverted colors of his jersey looked on him, his hair was a disarray with some of his black hair hanging in front of his forehead like his dyed blond hair.

Just as you were about to step forward and whine to him to hurry up and walk home with you, he reached behind his neck and pulled up the jersey, grunting lowly and turning a bit so you could see the front of his body clearly. The quick, jerky movements caused the motion sensor lights to turn on suddenly, and you stilled your breath completely at the sight before you.

Bruises. Lots of them. Littering his chest and arms, as he took off his shorts you could see there were many on his thighs and calves as well. Some were yellow and healing while others were dark and just forming after today’s grueling practice. You knew he’d been hit while receiving some spikes and powerful blocks. You knew he put his heart and soul into having his teammates’ backs and making sure they had a safety net for when they weren’t successful in their attacks. You knew all of this. Yet, the sight of his injured body, and knowing it would only continue, made you surge forward and wrap your arms around his middle just as he turned his back to where you’d been standing.

He jumped in your arms, alarmed someone had snuck up on him, but the feel of your smooth hands resting over his belly and your face pressed into his back, he relaxed. Noya rested his hands over yours and turned his head a bit so he’d be able to see you over his shoulder, “______-chan?” He asked curiously. Noya didn’t understand why you’d suddenly hug him without a word. Usually, when either of you were giving affection, it was filled with coos and awed words of appreciation to make the other blush. It was sort of a game at times of who could get the most flustered; But this was different. Something was wrong. “_______? What’s wrong?” Noya asked seriously now, squeezing your hands in his before turning around to face you completely.

You didn’t remove your arms from around his middle, now pressing your face into his bare chest and forcing yourself to stay as far away from the brink of tears as possible. But the reminder of his bruises made you pull your face away and stare at his marred skin. “Yuu…..” You whispered quietly, feeling like if you spoke any louder that he’d somehow get another bruise to adorn his small body. You knew he wasn’t fragile. Not in the least. He was very strong and very capable of handling himself, but…. That didn’t stop you from leaning forward and kissing a forming bruise on his right shoulder. “Please…. Be careful.” You murmured lowly as you pulled away from the bruise. You let your eyes wander his bare chest and arms, letting one hand go from around his middle to trace around the outside of his bruises with your fingertip. Chills erupted over his entire body, and you slowly let your eyes go from a rather large bruise on his left forearm to look up into his eyes.

A bright blush was painted across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. You were sure he’d probably have a nosebleed if you kissed his body like that again. Finally, Noya couldn’t hold back his squawk of content and wrap his arms around your small body in a tight hug. “________-chan! You’re so cute!” He cheered happily, nuzzling his face into your hair and pressing his body flush against yours.

“Yuu! Your bruises!” You gasped, pushing him away from you enough to ease your worries.

Noya wasn’t having any of that though. His arms tightened around you and pulled you as tight against his body as he could manage, “No, _____-chan! I’m fine! I promise!” He assured in a rush, resting his head on your shoulder and closing his eyes with an embarrassed smile. “Just…. Just don’t let go, okay?” He murmured quietly next to your ear. You nodded and moved your arms to wrap around his neck so that you weren’t pressing against any of his bruises.

“I’ve got you, Yuu… I won’t let go.” You whispered almost silently, letting one hand stroke through his hair soothingly as the other wrapped around his neck to rest your hand on his opposite shoulder. His arms tightened around your middle and his face turned to rest in the crook of your neck, making you blush deeply at the contact of his lips against your throat. But when he didn’t push further, you closed your eyes and rested your head against his, knowing that sometimes he needed as much support as he dished out. When that was the case, you’d gladly be there for him.

This turned out more angsty than I intended lmao

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57 + andreil and/or 48 + nicky x erik

57. “If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine.”

The first few months of Neil’s pro career go better than he ever could have hoped for. He is friendly enough with everyone on his team, and they work well together as a unit. Andrew is only two hours away, unlike the seven hours of distance between them when Neil was still at Palmetto, so they see each other much more frequently and have even been talking about getting an apartment halfway between the two of them. It’s enough of a relief that he starts to let his guard down, slowly trusting that his teammates are going to have his back if he needs them.

This week’s game isn’t supposed to be particularly important, and Neil is even more relaxed by the fact that Andrew is coming over tonight to spend the weekend with him. 

Therefore, he isn’t expecting to be taken so off guard on the court.

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Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 40: Stance

I really, really like the cover and the title and the caption. Basically everything.

It is very rare for us to see so many pitchers (and their catchers) in same place at the same time. It also shows the types of aces there are. They are all exceptional in their own way, but Terajima-sensei takes it further by emphasizing that not only their pitches, but also their ideals. My guess for each pitcher the ideals are:

  • Furuya - keep the team winning with his pitches (he wants to be the number 1 pitcher, but it is secondary to the team)
  • Mukai - trick batters (he really likes to play with the batters with the excellent control he has on his pitches)
  • Narumiya - conquer all batters/opponent (he declares himself king, he trounces everyone that gets his way to the throne)
  • Amahisa - take out the batters and let the others get runs (that’s the impression I get, he seems the most laid back of all aces)

Naturally, all of them aim for the top, but they find different things/ideals that they take most pleasure in when they are pitching. And interestingly… my take of their ideals leaves Furuya as the least selfish of the aces, or maybe because we have more insight of Furuya than the others, or… because I cannot recall instances when Furuya takes pleasure solely in his pitching. CMIIW. 

Which… might be the problem.  For him, pitching is means to the end, which is mainly to gain acknowledgment from his teammates, and now as an ace, to lead his team to victory. With his desire to be better, he puts more pressure on himself, making him forget the small pleasures of being able to pitch, of having a catcher that can catch his pitches and teammates that have his back. The small pleasures that the other aces have and keep during their pitching.

Miyuki unintentionally nailed the problem in the head in the previous chapter when commented about Furuya’s pitching. Catching for Furuya isn’t fun, because he doesn’t (really) find it fun. For so long it is what separates him with others, what makes him being called monster in the worst way, his pitches are more a curse than a gift for him, regardless how lauded he is for his fast and heavy pitches. He doesn’t care about that. He cares about how his pitches help the team. In a way, it is unhealthy because Furuya is likely to define his sense of self-worth by his pitches/his ability as a pitcher… and that is something difficult to overcome. However, I do like how supportive the others everyone of Furuya, even Kuramochi goes as far as giving pointers to the mound, following Miyuki’s example. I truly hope he realizes it, because this string of failures, especially in comparison to Amahisa who regains his pitches will definitely affect Furuya. His expression in the end shows that.

This is different than Teikou’s game when Furuya was really out of it and Ugumori’s game when he was injured. This time he is fully aware of his actions and he is giving his best. This is going to hit him hard. However, I still have faith in Furuya that he will recover from him slump. Simply by the fact that Eijun will make sure he does.

Look at Eijun’s expression. He doesn’t take any pleasure in Furuya’s bad performance. He might keep appealing for his turn, but he never ever put Furuya down. He keeps supporting and cheering on Furuya. I am not surprised if he pulls off another encouraging speech like in Ugumori’s match about having faith in the ace. That’s what I like from their rivalry, they pull each other up. They step up their game when the other is in a slump, in consideration of the team, and the other, as to remind them that they are not finished and still waiting on each other. They also share the burden of ace, whether they realize it or not. So yeah, for Furuya fans, please don’t worry too much (and ignore the haters). He’ll be back before we know it. (I might be too optimistic, but hey, why shouldn’t we?)

Regardless, chances are pitcher substitution will be called, either sooner or later, either not giving a chance for Furuya to get worse (and make him suffer worse aftermath) or giving a chance for Furuya to recover (and show him that they still have faith in their ace, hopefully enough of a boost), depending on Coach Kataoka’s (and probably Miyuki’s) judgment on Furuya’s current state. Regardless, Furuya will be subbed, because his pitch count is rather high, and they still have the finals to consider.

Now the question is, will it be Sawamura or Kawakami? Sawamura looks more rearing to go, but… well, as much as I like Eijun more, I kinda want to see more Kawakami. His performance is still the most stable and reliable of all pitchers. It will be much a relief for Miyuki after Furuya to have a pitcher with perfect control. I want to see him more in the spotlight, especially with him in his last year. He is still up in the running for ace number. I think it’ll be unwise only to consider Eijun and Furuya for the position. Kawakami is in the same place with Tanba last year, but with more reliable performance. He only needs to be more outspoken really. I figure the realization that he is in his last summer will overcome any hesitation on his part. Other reason why I prefer Kawakami to Eijun is well, to keep Eijun for the finals. Eijun has always been unpredictable, and he has become more so with his expanding repertoire of his pitches. He has the best chance to take any opponent by surprise, especially when he still has room to grow. I’d like to think that the coach will not reveal all Seidou’s cards before the Summer qualifiers.

Damn, no Daiya for two weeks!!! Right when I am having long holidays too! Happy Ied for those celebrating. We’re counting down the days now.


1. Ogiwara Shigehiro aka. childhood friend

2.Aomine Daiki aka. first light


4.and everyone else



Teddy has a crush on a cheerleader.

Which according to the rest of his football team is kind of the status quo considering how many of them are dating cheerleaders. The only issue is the cheerleader Teddy has a crush on is a boy.

Billy Kaplan, to be specific.

Billy Kaplan, king of the nerds and also the triple somersault and the number one starring actor in all of Teddy’s daydreams. To be exact. 

It’s not really an issue, if he’s being honest. His teammates know he’s gay. The school is still in the dark but only because Teddy chooses not to broadcast it. His teammates have his back on and off the field and that’s enough for Teddy, really. He’s not sure if he wants to come out to the entire school by asking out his number one crush.

So, for now, he just catches glimpses in the halls and during classes and pays a lot of attention during half time performances. 

It’s enough.



Billy has a crush on a football player.

Considering how attractive their team is, it’s not surprising. But Billy’s crush is on the hottest, most Adonis like who also happens to be a nerd player in the entire school. 

Teddy Altman, to be specific.

Teddy Altman, the boy who stopped to help Billy pick up his books freshmen year after John Kessler knocked them to the ground and who Billy has been lowkey in love with ever since. To be exact. 

Billy’s sexuality isn’t exactly a secret around the school. It’s the reason John Kessler turned him into a human punching back for two years, after all. It’s also the thing that drove him to try out for cheerleading in the first place and find a nice little hole he could dig himself into where he had actual friends and people who cared.

The girls on the team are all, despite what all popular teen movies try to make you think, very wonderfully nice. Once he joined the squad, he was under one hundred percent protection not only from the girls but also from any of their respective boyfriends. If John Kessler touched one hair on his head, he would be forced to face down twelve girls with kick ass back flips and their muscled football player boyfriends. 

It was pretty awesome.

So he’s out to the school and he’s already done the boyfriend thing (it did not work out) so really the only issue with Teddy is actually Teddy since Billy isn’t entirely sure which way he swings.

So for now, he can let himself glance in class or in the halls or pay very close attention when he’s on the sidelines at football games. 

It’s enough.



Everything changes at Homecoming.

It’s arguably the most important game of the year since it’s the one most of the school comes out for. The squad has a pretty kick ass routine ready for half time and Billy is nervously excited. Their captain, Amber, schedules one last practice after school coincidentally at the same time the football team is having a last pre-game planning session before the game.

Billy is so horribly distracted by sweaty Teddy Altman in his practice jersey that when he gets to the top of the pyramid, he forgets to lock his knees. The girls, bless them, try to keep a hold of him but Billy knows it’s inevitable and as he falls backwards, he closes his eyes and braces for impact.

It comes but it’s not the ground. It’s a set of warm arms that catch him and a breath hot against his ear as whoever it is exhales harshly. Billy lets himself open his eyes and stares into the bright blue fathomless depths he calls Teddy Altman’s eyes.

Oh, fuck.

“Nice catch,” Billy says because he can’t stop himself, “No wonder you’re on the football team.”

Teddy’s lips quirk into a grin as he helps Billy get to his feet. “And nice fall. Is that a cheer leading thing I’ve never noticed or?”

“Sun was in my eyes,” Billy says, wrapping his arms around himself and glancing away. “Um. Thanks.”

“No problem. I can’t wait to see it at the game. The part where you don’t fall, I mean.”

Billy laughs and looks up and Teddy’s smile seems to widen. “I can’t wait to see you. Win the game, I mean. Since it’s Homecoming and all.”

“Right,” Teddy says, rubbing the back of his neck. “Speaking of Homecoming-”

“Billy!” Amber calls. “I’m glad you’re not dead but we really need to work on this!”

“Right,” Billy says and he can feel himself flush. “I need to, um…”

“Right,” Teddy says. “Me too.”

He jogs back to his team and Billy sighs longingly. Nyssa comes up beside him and nudges him.

“Lucky duck,” she says, grinning.

“If I was lucky,” Billy mutters, “He would have asked me out.”


The routine goes off without a hitch that night. Billy does not fall into the waiting arms of Teddy Altman but he does rack up some celebratory cheers from the crowd and it’s almost a fair trade. He also gets to see Teddy make the winning touchdown for the game and joins his squad in cheering their assess off.

Teddy looks almost bashful among the praise from his team and it makes Billy’s stomach swoop. When he catches Teddy’s eye, he gives him a thumbs up and he watches as Teddy pulls out of the fray and jogs over to him.

“Nice game,” Billy says, trying not to focus on delicious sweaty Teddy Altman. “Good tackling…thing.”

Teddy laughs. “And good not falling routine thing.”

Billy grins. “Thanks.”

Teddy glances back at the crowd and Billy says, “Go on and celebrate. You earned it.”

Instead, Teddy turns back to Billy and asks, “Are you going to the dance tomorrow?”

“Against my will. My squad thinks it’s important I have school spirit. I just like doing back flips.”

Teddy grins. “Backflips are pretty cool.”

“Sometimes I pretend I’m Spiderman,” Billy says and then instantly regrets any and all life decisions that brought him to this point. Possibly including his parents meeting and conceiving him. Possibly. 

Teddy doesn’t make fun, however. His grin gets a little wider and he says, “Well, duh. Who doesn’t?”

Before Billy can say Marry me? Teddy follows it up with, “Since you’re going to the dance against your will, maybe you’ll save me a dance?”

Billy blinks. Hard. Then he does it again to make sure Teddy is still standing there. When he is, Billy says “I could save you all the dances.”

“I’ll take them all,” Teddy promises and then he leans in.

Billy’s seen enough cheesy teen movies to know that the football star sweeping a cheerleader into a kiss after winning the big game is one of those right before the credits roll and the music swells moments. 

He just never thought in a million years it would happen to him.

Hockey!Ashton as a goalie though. Tough-as-nails, but not a hair on his head ever falls out of place, even after sitting under a helmet for 60+ minutes. You’re pretty sure he’s not even human, the way he’s so concentrated and stoic in goal, and the picture of handsome and suave off the ice. After a tough loss, one which has interviewers hounding him about the goal he allowed in overtime, he’s seething. He’s disappointed in his teammates for not having his back and disappointed in himself for not blocking the damn shot. His face is hard and he’s scolding himself over and over in his head, even when you’re sitting at home on the couch. So you turn off the sports channel he’s torturing himself with which only makes him more angry. He turns to you to say “I was watching that,” but he doesn’t protest when you silently take his hands and lead him into your bedroom so that he can take out his frustration in a more… productive way.