his tattoo and his eyes omfg

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So I just found your blog, and honestly? I love it!! Do you think you could do a reaction of rfa+ to an MC who has a bunch of tattoos?? O:

I WANT A TATTOO WHEN I TURN 18 OMG but but my mom doesn’t really like them… and i have to obey her…. sooo… hahaha 😂 (also this was typed on my phone, sorry for the shitty format)



• wanna know how this boy found out about your tattoos?
• ahahahahaha sexy time ;))
• “mc you’re so beaut—IS THAT A TATTOO”
• “why yes yes it is”
• this boi was so intrigued by them, he straight up almost consider stopping sexy time
• he couldn’t stop touching them!! especially the one right underneath your chest 😏
• tattoo kissesssssssssss
• “mc should we get matching tattoos?”
• no but really this boy couldn’t stop kissing and touching you
• he believed that this made you even more attractive *wink wOnk*
• boDy woRshIppiNg!!!
• honestly he just loved them so much omfg


• once upon a time, your boyfriend walked in on you showering
• *opens shower drapes* “princess have you seen my toothbrush”
• it’s called MULTITASKING sometimes mc
• as he glanced at your naked body, his eyes widened as he sees your precious skin that was littered with tattoos
• “princess!! you never told me that you had tattoos!” he marveled at you and litERALLY STEPPED IN THE SHOWER WITH HIS CLOTHES ON ZEN GET OUT
• he began trailing his fingers all over your body, murmuring how pretty they were
• aw mc your blushing
• “zen pls get out of here, a girl’s tryna shower”
• *cue the sexy chuckling here while zen starts taking off his clothes ;))*


• so baehee and you were in the coffee shop right
• everything was going great
• except it was a gaZILLION DEGREES IN THE SHOP
• “jaehee wtf it’s so hot why”
• “mc, it’s because of the sun”
• “well i’m gonna fucken fight it”
• it was like the floor was actual lava and the heat was radiating off of it
• you couldn’t do anything except roll up your sleeves of your uniform
• “is that a tattoo?”
• you whirled around to see jaehee staring at your arms
• you nodded and explained that you got them when you turned 19 as a birthday gift from your parents
• jaehee smiled softly “they’re pretty… cool”
• more than cool, they’re HOT
• wink wOnk


• you and jumin were chilling on couch with elizabeth third watching some soap operas right
• you’ve been sitting there for a while and starting to get cramped a little bit so you decided to stretch
• when you threw your arms up and bent your back a bit, your shirt rode up, exposin you midriff
• jumin noticed you stretching and glanced down at your midriff
• oh hello mc’s bellybutton
• jumin immediately turned to you “mc, love, you have a tattoo?” he points at your stomach
• you lowered your arms and nod “yeah! i have a bunch more all over my body”
• jumin raises his eyesbrows and asked if he could see all of them
• “lol you’re gonna have to see me naked then”
• that can be arranged ;)))


• “mc~ mccccc~ where are you?”
• you were in your shared bedroom, changing into pajamas to go to bed when you heard Saeyoung calling for you
• you hollered out your location and in seconds, Saeyoung was in your room
• “mc, what do you thin—woahh!!”
• since you were in the middle of changing your pants, Saeyoung caught a glimpse of your two thigh tattoos and boi did he love them already
• he backed you up to the bed and made you sit down, while kneeling before you
• “what… are you doing Saeyoung”
• Saeyoung began kissing them and commenting how awesome they looked
• oh boi were you getting turned oN
• you mentioned how you have a couple more on your torso and he wasted NO TIME TAKING OFF YOUR SHIRT
• bow chika bow wow mc ;))

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Why do you like nick jonas

Omfg this is gonna be long I’m sorry

I love his smile. His eyes. His laugh is adorable. The way his forehead crinkles. How he has beauty marks in the shape of the Big Dipper and lips in the shape of a heart. I love how his tattoos relate back to his faith. I love how he’s intelligent and mature. I love how nice he dresses. I love how he is so good at every sport imaginable (and how great he looks in a baseball uniform am I right). I love how sloppy his handwriting is and how he can’t really draw. I love how great he is about his family and friends. I absolutely LOVE his talent and passion for music. I love how cute he is with Elvis. I love how he looks in suits. I love his curls. I love how freaking perfect he is. I love his stupid jokes and snarky, witty humor. I love how dorky he really is. I love watching his mouth when he talks. He’s adorable when he yawns. It’s cute how he flexes and gives bedroom eyes and acts so sexual because he is. I love when he’s suggestive and how he can still be shy. I love how he’s kinda a mommas boy. I love how he looks out for Frankie and I love his mustang. I love how he had a presidential themed room and had the whole Mr. President thing going on. I love his taste in music and when he wears backwards caps and beanies and bandana headbands. I love watching him perform and building on his resume because of the amount of talent he has. I love his lips. I love how he chews gum and always stuffs food in his face like a chipmunk and when he opens his mouth super wide to put something tiny in his mouth. I love how great he can sing falsetto and no matter who he meets or how much they gnarked on him no one can hate him because he’s such a sweet guy. I love his obsession with aliens and his dumb hashtags. I love his stubble. I love how dreamy and smooth he is and how he works out and sometimes his tummy looks pudgy and I want to poke it. I love how outspoken he is about diabetes and how he encourages people with it to be their best. My battery is dying but I can go on if you’d like like his spelling mistakes and how mad he was when he fell and was sarcastic about wanting to see it on YouTube and his obsession with James Bond and bumber and how he spelled fore as four and he’s supposed to be a golf expert and omfg his WAIST AND HOW SLIM IT IS AND HIS SMIRK AND HIS FUCKING DANCING AND OMFG I CAN REALLY GO ON SOMEONE STOP ME HIS FEET HIS NOSE HIS VOTE FOR NICK GUITAR PICKS AND HOW HE LOVES MESSING WITH GIRLS WHO LIKE HIM LIKE ME AND I HATE HIM FOR IT BUT I LOVE HIM FOR IT DO YOU FEEL ME HIS CROOKED TEETH