his taste is perfect


Summary: Dean and Sam mark each other permanently.

Warnings: smut, knife play, a little blood play, rough/dirty sex, technically bottom!Dean but it’s obvious that they both top and bottom equally

Word Count: 1600ish

A/N: I have no idea where this came from. Just sat down and this is what came out. Hope ya’ll enjoy, it’s a little darker than I usually write. XOXO

They’re flushed and tangled in the backseat, both of them ignoring the fact that they aren’t teenagers anymore and it’s hard for them both to fit comfortably now. Not that they care. They aren’t looking for personal space right now.

Dean slides his leg over, sweaty limb rubbing up underneath Sam’s, and he manages to sit up without poking an elbow in any delicate places.

“Fuck, Sammy,” he pants. “That was…”

“Yeah,” Sam grins back. “It was.”

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Afternoon Delight

Well, it wouldn’t be Smutty Sunday if I didn’t do a Dean one-shot too, right??  

Originally posted by holy-fucking-damn-shit

Dean watched her sleeping in the bed next to his chair. She looked so peaceful, her hair curling around her ear, her chest rising and falling in her soft pink tee-shirt. Sam quietly gathered his laptop and his bag, doing his best not to interrupt her nap.

He nodded at Dean and then jutted his chin toward the door, letting him know he was heading out. As soon as the door was closed, Dean stood up and took the two steps over to the bed. He crawled into the covers next to his beautiful girl, spooning her body, his hand running gently up and down her arm.

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hey guys, here’s my first TC imagine. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, so I hope it’s good! Enjoy/tell me what you think?

You’re sitting in your seat at the front of the class, right next to his desk. The rest of the students are getting up to leave for their next class, but you linger in wait for a chance to get a word in to your TC. He’s sitting at his computer, brow furrowed because the new grading system is still a mystery to him. Soon, there are no other people in the room. It’s just you two in comfortable silence. You get up to leave, and he stands up at the same time. He turns to face you and grabs a stack of papers.
“You doing okay today (Y/N) ? You seemed a little out of it during class.” He asks, with an expression of gentle concern.
“yeah, I’m just fine. I guess it’s just a bit warm so I’m sleepy.”
This much was true, but you held your tongue to another fact. It’s warm, you smell like coffee, I can hear the gentle rise and fall of your breaths, and it feels like I’m in heaven.
Your TC smiles, that lovely, perfect smile that he only gives you.
“Good.” he says, and as he takes a few steps closer in an attempt to pass by you, you notice there’s something on his cheek.
“you’ve got something…” You say as you motion at your own face.
Your TC puts down his papers and brings his hand up to his face to try and get whatever it is from his cheek, but fails.
“Here, let me —“ You say as you take one more step towards him and raise your hand towards his cheek. He doesn’t protest at your help, and you tentatively brush off the small speck — a rogue eyelash refusing to come off.
After removing it, you look into his eyes, and notice that he’s been carefully watching you the whole time, his beautiful, bright eyes tracking your movements. You can’t help but smile.
“What?” he asks with a smile mirroring your own.
“Nothing.” You say with a hint of sarcasm. You bring your hand up to his face and give a gentle pat.
“Now you’re all handsome.”
You removed your hand from his face, but as you turned to walk away you feel a strong hand grasp your wrist. Turning back around, he takes a step towards you and brings your hand back up to his face. He closes his eyes and leans Into the touch, your hand tentatively wrapped in his, your fingers feeling the prickly stubble on his face.
You smile and as he opens his eyes once again, there is a suspiciously playful glimmer in his eyes. His eyes flicker down to your lips, and you immediately know what he’s going to do next;

And he does exactly that.

He drops both of his hands and let’s go of yours for just a second, only to gently wrap his fingers around your cheeks and pull you into a desperate, but very gentle kiss. He separates from you for a second, looks into your eyes for anything that could be resistance or a sign that he’s made a mistake, a misjudgment,

But there is none. You bring your hands back up to his beautiful scruffy face and pull him back into a languid, better than perfect kiss. You can taste coffee on his breath and on his lips, and your heart soars. This is what you’ve wanted to do for years, since the first day you met him.

He pulls away and drops his hands back to his sides and struts away. You hear the reason why; the door handle turns and another teacher walks into the room. You look back to your TC, and he slips his hands into his pockets with a smug look. He turns to talk to the teacher, as if nothing had happened, and you’re left breathless.

We Are Right Now

Peter Quill x Reader: fluffy smut. 

Peter’s feelings for you are outed out by Mantis. 

“You feel…love.”

Peter stumbled over his words, “Yeah. I guess, yeah. I feel a general unselfish love for-”

“No!” Mantis interrupted. “Sexual love.”

“No. No. I don’t!” Peter shook his head at the woman.

“For her!” she pointed in Gamora’s direction, to which Drax bursted into a loud rough laugh. You stood behind Gamora trying to stifle a laugh, because Peter’s face was fucking priceless. Also laughing to hide the sinking feeling in your heart, because of course Peter wanted Gamora; she was pretty hot. And you? You were just some Terran chick who knew her way around the galaxy; Rocket had been an old pal and asked you to come along with them for a while. And yeah, you weren’t blind. Peter was attractive; he was charismatic, funny, and most importantly, he had the right dance moves. So you weren’t surprised that he wanted Gamora, not one bit.

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Pairings-Bucky Barnes x Reader

Requested by @buckybabble-  Bucky or Loki’s or Pietro’s - you can choose - emotions on their wedding day to the reader please? Xx

Originally posted by hothothotgg

  Bucky was breathing deep. He paced the small room- he could hear guests beginning to enter the church, all babbling. Suddenly, he felt like vomiting. His feet felt cold and there were these god awful butterflies in his stomach!

The door opened with a click and Steve walked in. Bucky just flew at him, engulfing him in a bear hug.

  Steve wrapped his arms around Bucky and laughed.

“You okay, Buck?” he asked.

  “I love you,man,” Bucky mumbled.

“Um, I think you need to reserve that for (y/n),” Steve replied.

  Bucky let go of his best man.

“Sorry, I’m just a little…”

“Emotional?” asked Steve. Bucky nodded.

“I love her, Steve. So much. But…man, I don’t deserve an angel like her. She’s….so perfect. And she’s gotten me through everything. Trauma, nightmares, highs and lows, she’s seen me through it all,” Bucky hollered.

  “She’s so perfect!” he added for additional effect.

“Well, no, not really,” he corrected himself. “She’s perfect for me because I love her flaws. Physical and psychological. I love her stretch marks and I love her quirks and I love the little faces she makes in her sleep…”

Steve was smiling at Bucky.

“Bucky, after all that happened to you, you do deserve your angel (y/n),” he said softly. “I can’t think of anyone who’d care for an angel the way they should.”

  Bucky fell back on the couch, but Steve dragged him up. 

“It’s time to get married, Buck!”

She walked down the aisle on Sam’s arm, looking….oh god.

  Bucky almost keeled over out of sheer nervousness. She was such a stunner. 

She was trying to suppress a wide smile, and she was failing. Bucky’s emotions felt turbulent. He could laugh, he could cry, he could yell in hysteria because he couldn’t contain the happiness.

 She would finally become his. All his, forever. 

Memories flashed through his mind. Their first kiss. The taste of her lips. Her far-from-perfect but still adorable laugh. Their first fight. The way she had- that’s right, she had apologized to him. The night after the first fight. 

  The butterflies in his stomach died.

He loved her to death, and suddenly, he wasn’t nervous anymore. He felt….right, complete, healed. 

And he would never forget the moment he heard her say ‘I do.’

Away From Prying Eyes

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where the team goes to the beach for a day, The reader shows up in a bikini and Reid’s IQ is slashed in half XD LOL. They end up doing a little kissing in the water. @coveofmemories


“I spend way too much time with you people,” Rossi said from the back of the car. On one of their rare days off, the team decided to take a trip to the beach, with kids in tow. They spent nearly every waking hour together, but that’s what happened when you were as close as the members of the BAU. Much more than co-workers, and even more than friends; they were family. 

“That’s because you love us,” Y/N replied, slipping on her sunglasses as the sun shone in her eyes. “Don’t deny it.” She could practically hear Rossi smirk. This little day at the beach was so necessary. The cases had been hell lately. Since Hotch, Rossi, Y/N, Emily, and Morgan lived near each other, the four of them, plus Jack, drove together, while JJ, Will, Henry, Garcia and Spencer took a separate car. “I can’t wait to sit on the beach, read and maybe occasionally take a dip in the water.”

“I know,” Emily sighed, leaning her head on Y/N’s shoulder. “Yay! We’re here.” After they parked, they flooded out of the car just as the rest of them pulled into the parking lot. Reaching down for the hem of her cover up, Y/N pulled it over her head, leaving her in a strappy, yet tasteful, purple bikini. “Boom, Y/N,” she laughed. “You look bangin’.”

“Thank you, babe. You don’t look so bad yourself,” she winked. Hotch, Jack, Rossi and Morgan went to grab a spot while everyone else got their things out of the cars. As Spencer climbed out of the car, he nearly tripped over his own two feet, too busy staring at Y/N. He’d always had a thing for her, but he was so intimidated by everything about her that he’d never said anything. Y/N didn’t notice his near-face plant, but Emily and JJ definitely did, both mouthing to him to go for it. For a while, they’d been telling him to go for it, because both knew she liked him too.

As the rest of the team walked to their spot, Y/N and Spencer were left to bring up the rear. “Looking good, 187,” she said with a smile, Spencer unable to decipher the look in her eyes through her sunglasses. A shy smile adorned his face as he mustered up the courage to say something nice back, maybe about how she was the most beautiful woman in the world to him, but unfortunately he couldn’t come up with anything that smooth. 

Instead, “You look beautiful” came out, very shakily at that. And he nearly tripped in the sand, almost falling right in the middle of JJ, Will and Henry’s big blanket. 

“You gonna come play volleyball?” Morgan asked as Hotch walked over to the net. Morgan, Hotch, Garcia and Emily wanted to play. Rossi was going to fall asleep on the beach with his hat over his head. JJ and Will were going to go in the water with Henry and Jack, and Spencer and Y/N both wanted to read a book and have everyone else leave them alone. Reading was such a commodity lately with all the cases they’d had. 

“Spence and I are gonna read,” Y/N called back, turning her head to the side and smiling at Spencer. Morgan called back that it was their loss, but Y/N didn’t care, and from what she could see, Spencer was too distracted by her breasts to do much else. After nearly getting pelted in the head with the volleyball on more than one occasion, both Y/N and Spencer were able to relax, getting lost in their books while the rest of the world moved around them. 

“Done already?” she asked JJ, as she, Will and Henry came back from the water. Somehow it had been nearly two hours. “You wanna go in the water for a little while?” she asked, turning toward Spencer.

“S-sure,” he said shyly, following her and trying his very best to not leer at her butt like a creeper. As she dipped into the water, she turned around and shivered, getting much closer to him than he had expected. “You okay?”

“Yea,” she smiled, dipping her body lower and lower until her shoulders were under the water. “Just a little chilly.” Looking around to make sure no one was looking or within earshot, she turned into him again and pressed her lips to his as the wave blocked them from view. “I’ve always liked you, Spence. And I think you like me too.” 

“I do,” he said softly. Although no one could hear them, he still felt the need to keep it down. “I never expected you to like me…you’re so beautiful.” Under the water, he reached for her hands, entangling their fingers as another wave came toward them. Each wave brought another chance for them to kiss while blocked from view. It became a fun game. How hot or sweet could it get before they had to separate so as to not be seen. “Come here,” he said, placing his hand on the small of her back and bringing her close. Her eyes locked on his, the need greater than before. So when the wave come toward them, he placed his hand gently around the side of her neck and pressed his lips firmly to hers before slipping his tongue into her mouth. She moaned into him. The wave had passed, so they could be seen, but neither seemed to care.

A loud whistle could be heard from the beach. “Ow! Ow!” JJ screamed. “Finally!” Some heckling came from the crowd, mainly Rossi and Morgan, but she never pulled her lips from his - his taste to perfect a mixture of sweet and salty to pull away. Instead, she wrapped her one hand around his back and lifted the other in the air, middle finger held high. This is what they’d been waiting for. That perfect moment. And it was here, so everyone else would have to suck it up or look away.

“We definitely have to do some more of this later,” she said when she finally pulled away.

“Away from prying eyes,” he smiled.

An Indecent Proposal

A/N: So. I originally wanted to get this done yesterday but was so worried it was gonna turn out like shit. But after going over my notes and some encouragement from @arathewallflower, I’m releasing it into the tumblr void. Fair warning, there is SMUT within. It’s not too heavy (at least IMO) but it’s there so if that’s not your thing, go ahead and skip it. It conveniently fit between some asterisks so just keep scrolling and you’ll pass it. Also, this was inspired by this post. Saw it and just couldn’t help myself ;) Anyways. Hope you enjoy!

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An Indecent Proposal

Tonight was the biggest night of his life and she was late.

Finn glanced at the clock, fiddling with his tie. Okay, only by about 20 minutes…but the reservation was for 6 and she still needed to get ready and her advanced lit course always let out at 4:30 and it’s now 4:52 and oh god, where’s the box?

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Wearing Their Uniform~

Hello hello, I’m back with another gif imagine darling~! Thanks to the anon that requested this! It’s for how the Allies and Denmark would react if their s/o put on their uniform/national outfit (and I just went with uniform). They’re all quite smitten. ;D I hope you love this sugar~! 

America: Dude, you look AMAZING! He’s so giddy!!

England: He’s very flattered and it makes him blush a lot too.

France: Well clearly, his s/o has great taste~ They’re so perfect!

Russia: Aww you’re so cute! :3 Definitely gives his s/o a big hug.

China: He’s very proud that his s/o is wearing his countries uniform.

Denmark: S/o, you’re blinding him with your sheer beauty! He’s super excited about it. 

-Mod Lily

sinning sunday fic: morning sex

Originally posted by darlinginmyway

Mike likes morning sex the best.

It didn’t used to be that way. He wasn’t usually picky, more of an any-time-any-place kind of guy. Things, of course, are different with Ginny. 

He really needs to stop being surprised every time she inspires something new in him. It’s quite obvious, through both observation and empirical study, that Ginny Baker stirs a singular feeling within him, a particular affection that he doubts will ever be able to reproduced by anything or anyone else. She’s it. She’s everything. 

In the morning, Ginny becomes hazy, unashamed, free.

When she is fully cognizant, Mike still finds she holds herself back sometimes, she doesn’t let herself be as loud as she wants, to ask for what she wants. He understands, it’s hard to let go when you’ve been taught how to hold on your whole life.

Mike is, and almost always has been, a selfish person. Call it a fallout of his childhood, call it ego attached to his fame, call it whatever you want, Mike will admit to his self-centredness. He is, by far, most selfish when it comes to Ginny. 

He loves loves loves when she’s uninhibited with him, when she exists as an instrument he gets to play to perfection. It so glorious to watch and he’s unstoppably greedy for it. 

Mike knows that as soon as she realizes she’s awake, Ginny will start to go over all the things she needs to do that day; what her work out will be, what her responsibilities are. She is a very pragmatic person the majority of the time, and he loves that about her.

He just happens to also love that he can make her forget where she is, what she needs to get done that day, even her own name. Now that’s he’s retired, he has much more time on his hands and he finds that he’s content to spend a good chunk of that time imagining ways to make Ginny the happiest she can be.

Like right now.

He’d been placing small kisses along her legs and stomach, she’s still in the haze of sleep and he enjoys her body shamelessly. Mike carefully manoeuvres himself between her legs and starts to lay kisses on the insides of her thighs, before planting his mouth over the seam of her body and giving her the same soft, slow kisses. 

She’s getting wetter and wetter and Mike can tell that she’s going to wake up soon so he adds a little more pressure, giving her a teasing tongue and a hint of teeth. He smiles into her when he feels her hands land on his shoulder and in his hair. 

She moans loudly, guttural and satisfied, and he refocuses his efforts. Mike knows she hasn’t opened her eyes yet. He wants to keep her in that state, that half-asleep-half-pleasured place where nothing bad happens and the world is quiet and slow.

He delves into her with his tongue and she pushes back into him, grinding on his face with abandon and he preens at her lack of restraint. She’s making loud, whining noises that mean more to him than any trophy he’s ever received. He slows his pace because he wants her to beg. He wants her to get lost in the feelings he’s supplying her. 

“Pl-ease, Mmmm, Mike! Mike!” She babbles, her voice breaking and raspy from sleep. 

Ginny nearly sobs when he laves at her bundle of nerves fiercely, giving her hard licks that have her gasping and groaning hoarsely. She doesn’t think, she just reacts, and it’s so wonderful to witness. He feels incensed with the need to please her.

She comes loudly and unguardedly and he doesn’t stop for a second. Instead, he grabs her legs and folds them up to her chest, spreading her open to him and his mouth as he continues his assault, addicted to how she’s shaking and saying his name.

“Mike! I-I-oh go-” she comes again, nearly shrieking her release, her entire body vibrating as she tries desperately to scramble away from his mouth. 

He lets up slowly, placing soft kisses, the same ones he woke her up with, all over her as she comes slowly back to herself. Her breath is laboured and she’s glowing with perspiration, chest heaving while her whole body twitches uncontrollably with aftershocks.

Because he can, he licks over her hard once just to see her choke on her breath, moaning pitifully, “Oh! Mike!” He does it once more, then one more time after that. When she almost knees him, too sensitive to control herself, he finally pulls back.

He crawls up and lays beside her, settling a hand on her chest so he can feel her heartbeat and the rise and fall of her breathing. He caresses her breasts, stomach, and throat lightly, lazily, possessively, and she smiles the whole time, eyes still closed.  

When she finally opens her big, brown eyes to look up at him, content and fond, he smiles back.

“Morning,” he says as he runs a hand through his damp beard. She licks her lips and Mike smirks.

“Mmm, good morning,” she rasps back.

She lifts her arms above her head and stretches, groaning happily and he stares at the flex and pull of her muscles, entranced by the movement.

He leans over to kiss her finally, biting her bottom lip before pushing his tongue into her mouth, tasting her, morning sour and perfect. She presses against him, curves and strong muscle. Mike rolls on top of her and settles between her legs, groaning when his dick connects where she’s still warm, wet, and sensitive. He rocks his hips into her lazily, enjoying her body and her mouth and her hands, hands which run up a down his back deliciously, scratching lightly.

He pulls back, lifting himself to his elbows but keeping their bodies connected. Mike brushes a few curly strands of hair away from her face and smiles down at her again. Because he can’t help himself, he leans down and kisses both her dimples, making her giggle and wriggle against him. 

Mike lets out a dramatic gasp when one of her hands comes down to pinch his ass. He laughs before sticking his face in her neck and tickling her with his beard. She starts cackling, that perfect hoarse-y laugh that warms him to his very core.

Good morning indeed.

So Good

My little contribution to the “Ichabbie First Kiss” tag


Abbie skipped into the kitchen, lead by her empty stomach, no longer able to resist the heady aroma of red sauce that seemed to fill the whole house.

“You got it smelling good in here Crane.”

“Oh! Well thank you!” He turned from his spot in front of the stove to give her a warm smile before going back to stirring the sauce in the pot.

“What’s on the menu tonight?”

“Pasta Puttanesca…”

Abbie moaned with happiness, “You’re too good for this world.”

“…With homemade garlic bread…” he turned and quirked up his eyebrow cockily as was his custom.


He knew she loved garlic bread almost as much as she loved coffee.

“It will be ready shortly.”

“Oh thank God.”

“Actually..” he opened a nearby drawer and produced a spoon, dipping it lightly into the simmering pot, “Would you taste this for me? See if it needs anything?”

He held the spoon to her mouth and she blew on it for a second before taking it in her mouth. It. Was. Amazing. Rich. Briny. A little spicy. She let out a grunt of approval.

“Is it good?”

So good I could kiss you. She meant to only think this, but her body betrayed her and before she knew it she was up on her toes giving Crane a proper peck full on his mouth. She pulled away and as quickly as the kiss had started, she ended it.

“I’m so sorry Crane, I—”

She was silenced by the metal clank of a spoon hitting the floor and arms dragging her back up onto her toes and Crane’s mouth back on hers, warm and plush, his beard just the slightest bit scratchy against her cheek.

His tongue tasted like tomatoes.

It was perfect.

Mary Jane M.C

Originally posted by cliffordstralia

warning: smut

word count: 2100+

summary: Best friends Michael and y/n get high together, one thing leads to another and they end up fucking on the couch

requested?: yes, hope you like it Anon! I’m really loving writing Michael smut so expect heaps of it in the future ;) Don’t forget requests are open and I respond to all!

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“do you have it?” I asked Michael, letting him into the empty house. He scanned my barely covered body, only in a pair of shorts and a flimsy tank and nodded, giving me a cheeky wink. 

“you know it baby” he grinned, holding up the small ziplock bag full of Mary Jane. I let out a cheer and walked to the kitchen, grabbing the bottle of whiskey my parents think I don’t know about. 

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Elvis (Charles)

it feels weird not posting all the soulmate au stuff really fast, but i want to drag it out so i can write it. so i’ll post this for now

this one is for Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis cause man. that song. son. boi. friend. that song gets me. (this fic doesn’t really get me, but i still sorta like it so it’s gonna be posted) (pre apocolypse)

You beamed at Charles, running your fingers over the grass around you.

“What’re you doing?” Charles asks softly, his expression light and you glance up at the clouds, smirking into the sky.

“Rest and relaxation. It’s good for the soul.” You answer, glancing at him again and you can’t help smiling. He just makes you happy.

“How long have we known one another, Y/N?” He asks suddenly and you hum softly, pushing yourself into a sitting position.

“Six months. Cause we met at that thing you hosted.” You nod slowly, glancing up from the grass you’d been frowning at and smiling at him. Shuffling over, and ignoring the grass stains that’ll be on your pants, you lean yourself against his shin and watch the trees. “We didn’t get to know one another until Scott threw that party though.”

“You’re right.” He chuckles softly, his fingers sliding into your hair almost absently. “It was quite a good party, even though I had told him not to throw it.”

“You can’t tell a teen anything, you should know that best, Charles.” You laugh, rising to your knees and turning to him, your hands settled on the arm rests of his chair.

“I know, I know.” He sighs, smiling at you and warmth fills you. Like the sun on your skin, inside your heart.

“Shall we go inside, I’m starved.” You offer and he hums for a moment, his eyes returning to the trees before he nods hesitantly.

“Of course, lunch.”

“We don’t have to.”

“No, no, it’s fine.” He smiles and you nod once, following beside him as he makes his way back to the mansion.

“Take my hand, take my whole life too.” You sing softly, smiling into the pot of pumpkin soup. Hank was the only one that you knew actually liked it, other than yourself, but you couldn’t help making gallons as soon as the first cool breeze of winter arrived. “Oh, for I can’t help falling in love with you.”

Crossing to the drawers, you pull out a regular spoon, turning back toward the stove. Behind you, the door swings open and scuffling footsteps pad in.

“Hank, you hungry?” You ask, licking the spoon you’d just dipped into the soup clean, and he laughs softly, pulling out a stool and settling himself on the seat. You offer him a grin as you turn, grabbing a bowl from the cupboard and ladling some of the soup into it. Leaning over, you add some garnish and settle the bowl before him, sliding a spoon up beside it. “Taste, taste, taste. Is it good?”

“Mmm, perfect.” He laughs, shaking his head. “Like always, Y/N. You shouldn’t worry.”

“I like to be sure, I don’t want to accidentally poison anyone.” You laugh, rolling your eyes and grabbing yourself a bowl. “Charles has been acting weird.”


“It’s nothing big, he’s just… I don’t know how to describe it. Have you noticed anything?”

“I- Uh, well. He’s- That is to say, that as a person, Charles, personally- Um.” Hank stumbles, coughing and clearing his throat, his eyes darting.

“Fine.” You whine softly and he relaxes, sighing and rubbing his forehead.

“Thank you.” He mumbles and you smile, huffing a soft laugh.

“What’s happening in here?” Alex grins, waltzing into the kitchen and wiggling his eyebrows at the both of you. Hank chuffs a laugh, and you frown at him.

“You wouldn’t do anything illicit with me? Nothing… Unprofessional in the workplace?” You tease, trying your best to look seductive while you lick your spoon and Alex cackles.

“No, sorry Y/N. You’re too innocent.” Hank snorts and you gape. You. The innocent one.

“Me?” You squeak and Alex flops against the fridge, staring at you in amazement.

“You literally said “unprofessional in the workplace”, Y/N.” He giggles and you frown at the pair of them.

“It would be unprofessional in the workplace.” You whine and the pair burst into cackles again. “Jerks.”

“What is all the ruckus?” Charles asks, coming through the side door and you pout at him, bouncing to his side and glaring at the other two.

“They’re saying I’m too innocent to seduce them. Hank said I was too innocent.” You tattle and Alex holds up a hand.

“Hey, hey. He’s Beast, remember?” He grins teasingly and you can’t help giggling, Hanks cheeks going red even as he smiles. “But even the Professor can’t argue that.”

“He can so, he’s a professor. They teach and persuade all the time.” You remind him, groaning the words as if it’s all obvious and Alex spears you with a heavy lidded glare. “Go ahead, Charles. Tell them I’m super sexy and could have any guy hopping into my bed with the shake of a rabbit’s tail. Ooh, and add that I could even be a dominatrix if I wanted to.”

Hank stares at you, his lips twitching toward a grin and Alex has his palm spread over his mouth to hold back his laughter, his face bright red. Their eyes dart between the two of you as if it’s the most fascinating competition type match to grace their eyes. Sport? Science? Beach racing?

“Uh-” Charles hums, coughing and clearing his throat, his eyes darting and you step back from him slightly, spearing him with a glare.

“You don’t agree.” You growl and his hands come up, as if to ward off your words. “We’re supposed to be friends, Charles. Wow.”

Scowling at the three of them, you swish from the kitchen and head for your room.

“Y/N?” Charles calls from the door and you scowl at it, flicking your fingers and hearing the lock click. “Y/N, come now, it was all in good fun.”

“Know what’s good fun? Not being thought of as a child!” You shout back, flipping the page of your book calmly. He can likely tell that you aren’t that bothered, that you’re just a little tired of being everyones little sister, even when you’re the same age as them.

“I don’t think of you as a child. No one does.” Charles keeps up and you scoff loud enough for him to hear, gaping as marauders suddenly start attacking your book characters. “Let me in, Y/N. We should talk.”

For a moment, you wait for some kind of sign that he’s in your mind, but all you want to do is to open the door so you can blow a raspberry in his face and slam it again. Not to talk.

Rolling over to face away from the door, the book following your eye line, you flick your fingers again and unlock the door. Snuggling down, the door whines open and you hear the soft hush of the wheels of Charles chair on your floors.

“Y/N.” Charles says softly and you grunt noncommittally. “Are you going to listen?”

Rolling to face him, you scowl, glaring and waving your hand. You grin when he grunts, surprised at being lifted from his chair and you quickly settle him against your pillows beside you.

“I didn’t think you’d-”

“Don’t say that. I’d never not let you anywhere.” You mutter, shuffling into his side and leaning your head against his chest. You’re still furious, but you can’t help cuddling up to him, he’s just so cuddle-able.

“You know I love you. That we all love you.” Charles mumbles and you sigh, your eyes falling closed.

“Like a river flows, surely to the sea.” You mouth, the song appearing in your mind like a soft lullaby.

“It’s just strange to think of you that way.”

“Why? What’s so weird about it?” You mutter, glaring at his pressed jacket that half rests under your head.

“You’re- you.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“It is, Y/N. You know it is.” He sighs and you sigh with him, clutching his fingers tight as he interlaces them together. All you want, since the moment you met him and fell insanely in love, is a sign that it was reciprocated. Yet since you’d met, there was nothing.

“Then why are you being so weird? You aren’t thinking about sex or romance or anything like that so why are you different? Did I do something?”

“Different?” He whispers and you can’t help rolling your eyes at the whisper thin cover. Please. Just something.

“Yes. Different.”

“We’ve only known each other-”

“Long enough. I’m not the kind of person to watch something blossom but hesitate to take a cutting. The wise men are wrong.”

“The wise men?” Charles frowns, shaking his head to the ceiling and you growl softly, drawing his eyes back to meet yours. This isn’t working. Nothing’s going the right way.

“Wise men say only fools rush in.” You sing softly and clearly, your eyes glued to his and he inhales a harsh breath in the silence. “But I…”


“I can’t help falling in love with you.” You breath and his lips press to yours, the arm around your shoulders pulling you tight against his chest.

“I love you.” Charles pants as you part, your foreheads glued together and you laugh softly, staring at him with unrestrained wonder.

“How did you not know?”

“I don’t read my friends minds. I certainly wouldn’t read yours when I didn’t think you loved me in return.” He chuckles, pressing three quick pecks to your lips and you can’t help the small part to your mouth, surprised wonder all you can feel.

“You’re a fool, Mr Xavier.”

“Darling.” He sighs and you flush happily at the sight of him, at the feeling of him so close and pressing closer. It’s the same, but different.

i hope the timing on this is correct. I mean, the song was released 1971 so it should be fine but i’m currently too lazy to google the year the movie was set, soo


Destroying Ourselves

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Characters: Dean x Reader/(Demon!Dean x Reader), Sam

Word Count: 5762 (Can’t freaking believe it!)

Warnings: Spn-like Violence, Swearing, Angst, Smut, Blood, Injuries, Possessive!Dean, Unprotected Sex (wrap it up), Oral (female receiving),Morning Sickness, Demon Possession, Violence Against the Reader, Crying, Some Fluff

Request:   Hi ! I have a new request. I loved so much the first one that I decided to do a new one. This time Dean x reader where reader is pregnant but she didn’t tell Dean. Then, she gets possessed by a demon and this one tells to Dean about the pregnancy. He doesn’t trust the demon, saying that reader would tell him everything.

A/N:  I hope this is what you were looking for,  @look-at-this-moose.  I’ve marked the parts that are smutty with an intent and lines.  So if it’s not your thing you can skip over.  

“No, no, Dean, you’re going to be fine,” you babbled, your hands pressed into his chest to try to stem the flow of blood.

“Just hang in there,” Sam urged, his voice breaking.  Your head spun and you pressed harder.  There was blood everywhere.

“Dean!  Dean hang on,” you urged desperately.  Dean clasped hand weakly around his brother’s arm, cupping your cheek with the other.  He looked between the two of you, the fire already leaving his eyes.  

“I’m proud of us,” he murmured.  Beneath your hands his chest stopped moving.

“Dean!”  You shrieked.  “Dean!”

That was the day you watched the man you loved die.  That was the day your world ended.

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anonymous asked:

Omfs more Mafia!Phil and Pet!Dan like shiiiit mate


Please bear in mind I did not write the first one, which you can find here, which explains the situation and is like,,, the best hc ever? Just sayin

~Nothing was added because I felt it had to be~

Another long af one


- Phil rarely goes anywhere without Dan at his side, and he never leaves Dan in the office alone. While Phil’s office is protected, it’s a target for any of his enemies. Today, Phil had to rush out in an emergency, and didn’t have time to take Dan home, so Dan’s waiting in there with orders not to leave. Dan knows what can happen if he disobeys, so he stays. After a little while, Dan gets bored and starts to jerk off. He runs his thumb over the head and whimpers, trying to keep quiet. If anyone catches him and tells Phil… well, suffice to say there’ll be consequences.

-Soon, just stroking his cock isn’t enough, so Dan’s other hand reaches behind him to start fucking his plug in and out. It barely brushes his prostate, like Dan’s teasing himself, even though he’s already reaching the point of desperation to come. It’s not enough, and Dan is getting frustrated, to the point where he can’t help but let out long, desperate whines.

-The door opens quietly, and Dan doesn’t see it happen because he has eyes shut and head tipped back in pleasure, full on moaning now. One phrase makes Dan freeze and open his eyes. “What are you doing, pet?”

-”N-nothing, Daddy,” Dan stammers, moving to sit with his legs crossed and his hands folded in his lap. Phil raises an eyebrow and shuts his office door, stepping over to Dan and standing in front of him.

-”Doesn’t look like nothing,” he drawls. “If you’re dishonest, things will get much worse for you.” Dan mumbles something incoherent. “I’m sorry, what was that?”

-Slowly, Dan looks up. “I was touching myself. Thought about you while I was doing it, Daddy.”

- “How should I punish you?” Phil muses. “Maybe I should edge you, maybe overstimulate you?” Before Dan can answer, Phil goes over to office chair and gestures for Dan to come over, and grabs Dan, throwing him over Phil’s lap once he’s within reach. Phil bends over to whisper in Dan’s ear. “I’m going to punish you, and you’ll take it silently, like a good boy, won’t you?”

-”Yes, daddy.”


- Phil pulls his phone and texts for a few minutes, ignoring Dan, ruffling Dan’s hair whenever the boy gets restless, and after what feels like an eternity, spanks Dan, hard, making the brunette jerk against Phil’s thigh, biting back a yelp at the sudden impact and friction he got from the movement of his hips against Phil’s slacks. Immediately afterward, there’s a knock at Phil’s office door. “Come in,” Phil calls, smoothing his palm over the hand print on Dan’s ass. Two men Dan recognizes as Phil’s contacts with the British Government. Both of them stare at Dan, who raises his head to look at them. “No,” Phil chastises, punctuating his remark by tangling his left hand in Dan’s hair and forcing his head down. “What can I do for you gentlemen?” He asks, spanking Dan again, pleased to hear Dan’s silence.

- “The- the-” one of the men stammers, eyes fixed on Dan still.

- “Spit it out, I don’t have all day,” Phil snaps.

- The second man raises his eyebrows. “Would that happen to be Dan Howell?”

- “He’s my pet,” Phil answers, eyes cold in challenge. “Isn’t that right? You may speak.”

- “Yes, Daddy,” Dan says breathlessly.

- Phil smirks, but releases his hold in Dan’s hair as a subtle form of praise. “Anyways, what do you need?”

- “We need assistance in catching this man.” Phil is handed a photograph, and he spanks Dan three more times as he studies it, fighting a smirk. 

- “Consider it done. If I may ask why?” Phil pulls Dan up to sit in his lap and whispers, “Ride me in front of these men, Dan. Be quiet.” As Dan gets down onto the floor to unzip Phil’s jeans and take him into his mouth to get him wet, the two men watch Dan. “Well?”

- The first man seems to shake out of his trance. “That’s classified information.”

-By now, Dan is pulling out his plug and setting it aside, then climbing back into Phil’s lap, lining up and sinking down, facing Phil. He balances by holding tightly to Phil’s shoulders and burying his face in the crook of Phil’s neck, biting back a moan when Phil brushes against his prostate. Phil gives the men a steely gaze. “I suggest you tell me.” In the middle of his sentence, Phil spanks Dan again, harder than before. 

- “Drug trafficking, murder, treason…”

- “Ooh, treason?” Phil questions, moving his chair closer to his desk and opening up his laptop, typing away on its keyboard. “Did he tell the Syrians what small dicks you all have?”

- “No, he gave away the names of all our secret agents and personal allies to an unknown source.”

- Phil stifles a laugh, because he’s the unknown source. “I trust that my name wasn’t given?”

-”Of course-” the words are interrupted by Dan finally making a sound- a high pitched string of curses and ‘daddys’ that was more a moan than anything. 

Immediately, Phil lifts Dan up off of his cock and sets him roughly on the floor. “Since you can’t be a good toy, you can sit on the ground and be my little cockwarmer,” Phil growls too quietly for the men to hear, and spreads his legs enough for Dan to crawl between them and take Phil into his mouth. This is one of Dan’s least favorite things, because he can’t try to make Phil cum or feel good- he’s just supposed to sit there with his mouth open and taste Phil, hot, heavy, bitter, and perfect on his tongue. “How soon do you need him… disposed of?”

- “Actually, we just need him arrested,” the second man says, pointedly looking anywhere but at Phil.

-”I don’t make arrests. He’s good as dead.” The man in the photo works under Phil, but he won’t anymore, since he couldn’t do his job subtly. “He’ll be in the Thames tomorrow. Remember not to let the media in on it. Dismissed.”

- Turning to leave, the first man is yanked back by the second. “Who the fuck do you think you are, being a condescending douche bag? And fucking some twink in front of us while we talk, too?”

- “I’m your worst nightmare, gentlemen, and I suggest you leave before I have you… taken care of.” The men leave, and Phil looks down at Dan. “This is what you’re made for. You look good with a mouthful of my cock, so pliant and pretty for me.” Phil clucks his tongue. “Too bad you’re such a naughty slut. I’m going to fuck your mouth, and then I’m going to come all over your face. You’ll stay that way the rest of the day, and you will not be coming until tomorrow, and that is, if I’m feeling generous. Put your plug back in now.” Dan pulls his mouth off of Phil’s cock, and is met with a hand in his hair, yanking him back. “Did I say you could stop?” Whimpering, Dan fumbles behind him for his plug and pushes it into himself with a wince, and then crosses his arms behind his back, a wordless invitation for Phil to use him as he pleases.

- Phil holds Dan’s head in place and starts to thrust in and out of Dan’s mouth, picking up speed until he’s moving at a brutal pace. When he’s close he pulls out and looks at the sight of Dan, who has tear tracks running down his flushed cheeks, swollen, fucked out lips and glazed over eyes. Phil rapidly jerks off until he comes on Dan’s face, harshly breathing. Once Phil’s tucking himself back into his pants, Dan sticks out his tongue to lick away what cum he can reach, and says, “Thank you daddy.” The visual and those words are nearly enough to make Phil hard again.




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Smutty Kylo Ren Imagine. Morning sex.

Set up: for whatever reason your heart desires, Kylo Ren has joined you on your visit home while on leave from your duties with the First Order. I decided your home planet to be Naboo; it’s beautiful and looks like an expensive place to live. Your family is very wealthy, but he didn’t know that until shortly before your arrival. You are just waking after your first night home….

Kylo Ren x female reader, oral sex, sex, light bondage, light power play, bipolar cinnamon roll. (And woo hoo my first smut piece…kinda embarrassing but here we go..)

The sun filtered in through small openings in the heavy drapes that covered the windows in your bedroom. You looked at the early morning view of grassy expanse lined by ancient trees, and the pool of water just before it all creating an illusion that all this natural beauty floats upon it’s surface. Yes, it was good to be on leave in your luxurious family estate back on Naboo. The soft bed and pillows beneath you were a dream, the golden brocade canopy over the hardwood bed, glorious. Everything here was colorful and inviting. Soft and welcoming.

A Cheshire grin spread across your face as you turned away from the window to look at the sleeping tempest beside you. Yep, still there. Cocky thing invited himself into your room last night for his own pleasure, despite the fact that your entire family was sleeping relatively close by, and the servants - droid and human - could have been anywhere. Not that you were complaining or surprised by the boldness of his intrusion. No, it was quite pleasurable, indeed. Though it agitated you that when it came down to it, you were merely Ren’s plaything, you dismissed the notion as soon as it came. Psycho tyrant that he was, he treated you with relative care. And by the Gods was he beautiful - and skilled as well.

Kylo Ren actually looked at peace when he was sleeping. His expression soft, his dark hair falling around his face, and his deep slow breaths brought a feeling of your own serenity as you watched him sleep. He looked so peaceful you had decided not to wake him, until he rolled over onto his back and you saw his erect penis lifting the sheets above it. You wanted it. In your mouth specifically, and decided it would be a delicious way to rouse him. Slowly, you pulled the sheets back revealing his muscular form and his swollen sex. You carefully crawled into a position straddling one of his legs that was bent over to the side giving you a comfortable place to admire him and the perfect position to taste his cock that was standing straight up, with the slightest bit of pre-come atop it’s head.

You started with that. Gently licking the bit of salty fluid up with your tongue and then alternating between kissing the tip and sucking on it with your hand firmly wrapped around the base. He moaned in his sleep, and you could see he was waking. That’s when you took it all into your mouth. Wrapping your lips around your teeth you took him in and out, swirling your tongue at the tip and then coming back down to the base. He was so large that his head hit the back of your throat without even being all the way in, so you had to relax your throat and work against the reflex to gag. Changing up your technique, you used your hands and mouth as you continued to work him in a steady rhythm. He moaned and opened his eyes, his face looking confused.

“Y/n, what the fuck?” He didn’t sound upset, far from it in fact, but you paused anyway looking up at him with a raised eyebrow. A moan escaped him as he reached down and pressed your mouth back around him. “I didn’t mean stop,” he said, wrapping your hair around his hand to take control.

His grasp was tight as he greedily fucked your face. It didn’t take much longer for him to come. You could feel his cock throb as his seed shot into your mouth, but you kept going, and he kept coming. Another shot, and then another, his sex still throbbing and stiff between your lips.

By now there was an ache between your legs. The sensation of having Kylo’s dick in your mouth was incredibly arousing, and making him come pleased you as well. It was as if you had been teased almost to the point of orgasm just by giving head.

Although he had come, he was still aroused, and swiftly turned you onto your side. You propped yourself up with your arm as he raised your top leg straight up near his face. He slid the head of his cock in between your folds and you could now feel how utterly wet you were. Sliding his organ against the outside of your slit made you insane with lust. Every time his soft flesh hit your clit, you let out a tiny moan of desperation.

“Stop teasing me and fuck me,” you demanded, although your voice didn’t have much strength in it. It was more akin to begging, actually. Nevertheless, you couldn’t help but roll your hips as he slid against you, trying in vain to get him inside you. He looked down on you with a malevolent grin as you felt a firm pressure push you down against the mattress and lock your hips in place. You struggled against the invisible restraints to no avail making your arousal soar in turn. He had complete control of your body and your senses, and he knew it. “Look at you,” he was taunting, condescending even, “I can feel how bad you want it.” You tried to reply but your jaw was locked  too. “You’re so devoted, so desperate,” he mused and almost laughed as you lay there humiliated, exposed, and yearning for release. He could feel every emotion, hear every thought. Your eyes rolled back as you let your mind and body yield to his control. You became nothing but the ache between your legs longing for release.

Finally, he thrust his sex inside you. The loud slap of his flesh slamming against yours filled your ears. His grip on your ankle was tightening and the pressure pinning you in place was building. The angle he held you in allowed him to penetrate you deep and hard. Moaning through clenched teeth you began to contract around him, and your body began to shudder. “Not yet, my little slut,” he ordered, but you pleaded with your mind as loud as you could. “Not yet….”

Closing your eyes you did all you could to hold back your orgasm, but he wasn’t making it easy. You kept holding on for what seemed like an eternity, and then (fucking finally), “Come for me, y/n,” he commanded. You could see in his face that he was coming again as well. “Come for me…”

Your jaw released and you couldn’t even form a proper word. You came hard, so intense that your entire body was flushed with pleasure. Your heart was exploding inside your chest with every beat, dazed from it’s exertion. He released the rest of your body and you threw yourself up, wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. Despite the control he took, and your humiliation that he had reveled in, there was sincere passion as he kissed you back. He ran his hands through your hair and grazed your cheek with the back of his hand. He was careful as you came down from the intensity of your experience, still breathing heavily and feeling satisfied, yet drained. He kissed you, held you, let you come back together.

After a while, you exhaled deeply, coming fully into the present. All this time, Kylo had patiently held you, dutifully tending to you as you came out of the depths of complete surrender. Devotion, he had called it.

“Breakfast?” He asked.

“Breakfast,” you agreed. Now that he had called attention to it, you realized you were quite hungry.

“You are so spoiled,” he said as you rolled to the edge of the bed and pulled on the heavy cord that would alert the servant droids that you were awake.

“Perhaps, but that just let’s the maids know I will be coming down for breakfast. My lady’s maid will be here soon to help me dress for the day which means you need to get back to your room. If you don’t alert the staff that you’re up, before long they’ll come knocking.”

“Spoiled rotten,” he huffed and got out of the bed. “Lady’s maid? I didn’t think they even existed anymore.”

“Well, lucky for me, they do. You’ll have a valet to assist you too if you’d like. You’re entitled to all the amenities of the estate while you’re here, you know.”

“I don’t require assistance,” his tone cold. Bitter.

“Okay, Ren, as you wish,” you said lightly as you headed towards the refresher. He glared at you momentarily before leaving, giving you an ice cold shoulder as he left.

Christmas Shopping

Recipient: @bionic-buckyb (fangirled when I got you ngl. Merry xmas, enjoy your smut!)

Prompt: Christmas Shopping

Pairing/characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff.

Word Count: 1300+

Triggers: smut, oral sex (giving and receiving), unprotected sex (don’t be a loner, cover your boner)

Tagging: @bovaria@marvel-ash@marvelfanfichq@givebuckyhisplums2k16@starstar1012@fairy-frills@emilypkuzu@annadier@buckystories@shamvictoria11@feelmyroarrrr@totheendofthelinepal@thelazyorange@creatorofwritings@callingmrsbarnes@whotheeffisbucky@palaiasaurus64@likochkah@professional-fandoms@james-bionic-barnes@fvckingavengers

Originally posted by ajl-bae

It was that time of year again. Christmas. And it was your first one with Bucky, actually it was the first Christmas Bucky had without being controlled by a nazi organisation or running from a nazi organisation and every government in the world so you wanted to make it special.

And that started with presents. You were going out with Natasha and Wanda to get presents for the other Avengers. When you had organised it Nat complained about not having anyone special to buy a present for since Bruce had left her, but the two of you convinced her to go and that next year she’ll (hopefully) have someone.

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Sirius Black Imagine: “Bets”

Can you a SiriusXreader imagine, where the y/n is the Hufflepuff Quidditch captain so James and her has this kind of friendly rivalry going on. Sirius has a crush on y/n because she’s very fierce, funny and flirty and they start dating in the end?

Requested by anon

Notes: hufflepuff quidditch captain reader

“We are winning this match, Potter. Gryffindor doesn’t stand a chance. Stop fantasizing,” you bragged.

James pretended to be hurt by your comment and answered in a dramatic way, “I am so sorry you believe that, [y/l/n]. You’re gonna be soooo disappointed when you realize how wrong you are.”

You raised an eyebrow and challenged, “Wanna bet, Potter?”

Your hands were placed on your hips and your [y/e/c] eyes held a mischievous twinkle. By his expression, you could easily tell that he was taken aback. However, his shocked face soon turned into a cheeky one. Nothing in the world could erase the sly grin his lips had formed.

“You know what? Let’s do this.”

“Excellent. If Hufflepuff wins, you are going to leave my friend Lily alone. She doesn’t fancy you, for Merlin’s sake!”

He couldn’t help but sneer at that. “You are horrible at this, [y/l/n]. Even if I leave Lily alone, she will come to me. You are right. She doesn’t fancy me; she loves me, although she still is too damn proud to admit it.”

You rolled your eyes at his arrogant behavior and controlled the urge to face-palm.

“Whatever you say, Potter… What happens if Gryffindor wins?”

His smirk enlarged. “Why? This is the best part. If Gryffindor wins, you will go on a blind date.”

You narrowed your eyes. “Blind date? That’s all you got? Fine. Be prepared to lose, Potter.”

“Likewise, [y/l/n].”

You were cursing inside. The seeker of your team had been ill this week and she hadn’t been at her best during the match. Hence, Gryffindor had won. Why the hell did you think it was a good idea to make a bet with that conceited brat in the first place? Anyway, there was nothing you could do now. Potter had teased you to no end and told you that you should be in the Three Broomsticks for lunch for the blind date. A blind date. You had thought that it couldn’t be that bad, but who would come? Would you know him? Would he be a complete stranger? All you knew is that whoever he was, he was late. You had been waiting and looking at the menu for so long you had memorized it. What if it had been a trap? What if Potter just wanted to make fun of you? It wasn’t normal to wait for more than thirty minutes, was it? You were about to leave and save the little dignity you still carried with you when a voice stopped you.

“Really, [y/l/n], I thought that hufflepuffs kept their promises. You lost the wager, remember?”

You reprimanded the need to groan.

“Well, Black. I have been waiting for my date for more than half an hour. I am tired. Tell your friend Potter that it wasn’t funny to make me wait for a ghost.”

Sirius raised an eyebrow and joshed, “Well, gee, [y/l/n]. Last time I checked I wasn’t a ghost. I am alive, thank you very much.”

Your eyes widened as your cheeks heated up. “Pardon me?”

There was a smug look on his face as he replied in an amused tone, “I am your date, [y/l/n].”

Now you felt butterflies in your tummy. Just what you needed. You opened your mouth, desperately trying to articulate a sentence, but it was worthless.

“Shall we take a seat?” he inquired barely hiding his amusement.

You could only nod. Once you sat down and ordered your meals, you couldn’t help but wonder, “Why were you late?”

The animagus blushed deeply and confessed, “Remus was sick and I stayed with him in the infirmary. I didn’t realize the time until it was too late. I am sorry, [y/l/n], I didn’t mean to make you wait.”

You smiled softly at that. Everybody believed that Sirius was an egotistical boy, but the way he cared for his friends told you otherwise.

“Don’t apologize, Black. You were looking for your friend.”



“You are my date. You can call me by my first name.”

You smirked and replied, “Call me [y/f/n], then.”

The grin that he offered you made you melt, even though you wouldn’t admit it.

You and Sirius were walking back to Hogwarts. The chilly wind from December made you shudder. The boy must have noticed it, since he put his jacket over your shoulders.

“There, [y/n]. You don’t have to act strong all the time and pretend you aren’t cold.”

“I’m not cold,” you countered back, but your fingers grasped the material tightly around you as a freezing gale blew.

He looked at you with an arched eyebrow, clearly not believing a word you said. Trying to dissimulate, you kept clumping, leaving footsteps on the snow. His hand snaked around your waist and for a moment, you couldn’t feel warmer, despite the icy weather.

“You liked the date, didn’t you?”

“What makes you say so?” you teased, playing hard to get. 

“I am a Black. Everybody loves me.”

“You are so full of yourself,” you said shaking your head.

“I wanna make a bet…”

You had the impulse to refute, but then you remembered than even when you lost the last wager, you had ended up winning. The date had been great, even though you wouldn’t confess it.

“A bet about what?”

“I can beat you in a snowball fight.”

You burst out laughing. Really? Now he wanted to behave like a six-year-old?

“You better laugh now, [y/n]. I will win.”

“Just you wait, Sirius,” you retorted. “If you lose, you’ll have to stay silent for a week.”

His eyes widened. “What?! How do you expect me to do that?”

“What’s wrong, Sirius? Are you afraid? Maybe the sorting hat was wrong…” you joshed with a mischievous smile. He was a boastful and talkative person, it would be fun to see him struggling.

He narrowed his eyes. “Fine. If you lose, you’ll let me kiss you.”

Your heart stopped beating. Damn this boy. Why did he have this effect on you? Now you couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to taste his perfect lips, to cup his face as his hands settled on your waist. All of sudden, you wanted to lose the bet.


And so the battle began. He was playing hard, and there was a part of you that didn’t want to surrender so easily, no matter how much you wanted that kiss. You flung snowballs at each other for a few minutes, filling the wintry landscape with gurgles of laughter and squeals. Your bodies were covered in slush, but you didn’t even feel it. You hunkered down to scoop up another handful of snow, when you were pushed on the white blanket under your feet. Sirius was on top of you, his hands on each side of your head. His nose was red from the freezing breeze, and you found yourself thinking that he had never looked so handsome. You lifted your fingers until they touched his rosy cheek. He shivered at the touch, even though you weren’t sure if it was for the cold of your hand or for something else. He bent his head down to the point that your noses were brushing. His breath was hot and it mingled with your own. Before your brain could process what was happening, his lips landed on yours, firmly. He was in no rush, and neither were you. For a moment, the world disappeared. Only Sirius existed. The kiss ended sooner than you would have liked. There was a goofy grin plastered on his features which made you simper. You waited for him to say something, for you were still assimilating that this was real.

“I won,” was all he said.

You rolled your eyes at this and he chuckled. “[Y/n], don’t make me bet again so that I can finally become your boyfriend. I’m tired of pretending.”

You smiled softly, your heart was fluttering. You batted your eyelashes, feeling flirty, and teased, “Well, I’ve discovered that I quite like bets, even if I keep losing them… I don’t know. Maybe we should really make another and-“

His lips were on yours before you could finish the sentence. You couldn’t help but feel thankful for losing that Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor match.

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Imagine #1

Something tugs on your subconscious, bringing you up from the depths of sleep. Your eyes slowly flutter open. With a heavy sigh, you sit up, rub your face, and stretch your hands above your head. Then you notice your surroundings. The glow of sunset filters through the windows of Mr. X’s classroom and bathes the room in a radiant golden light. You glance at the clock. Nearly five thirty.  

“Oh crap, how long was I out?” You look over at him, only to find his eyes fixed intently on yours. You tug self-consciously on the hem of your sweater, which had ridden up when you stretched, exposing a pale crescent of stomach.

Mr. X shakes himself out of his apparent reverie. “You drifted off at three, so about two and a half hours,” he says, though he still looks slightly distant.

You wince. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you here for so long.”

He shakes his head emphatically. “Not at all, Y/N. I was going to stay late today anyway to catch up on grading.”

“Did you get it all done?” you ask as you stand up and begin stacking the chairs on the desks, preparing to leave.

Mr. X’s face flickers through a variety of emotions, from sheepishness to fear to guilt. He looks like he’s been caught red-handed. “Uh…yeah. Yeah. I did. Get it done. Most of it, anyway,” he mutters, looking down at his hands.  

He’s acting strangely, but you shake it off. You need to get home and start on that essay due tomorrow. You finish zipping up your backpack, call out “See you tomorrow, Mr. X!” and turn around…

…only to find him standing right behind you. You nearly jump out of your skin. “Whoa, hey, Mr. X,” you say jokingly. “Ever heard of personal space?”

His eyes are filled with a mixture of hesitation, desperation and longing. You knit your eyebrows together and take a step backward. He takes a step forward.

“Mr. X…?”   He continues crowding into you until your back hits one of the file cabinets. There’s nowhere left for you to go. You can only stand there, his presence enveloping you, intoxicating every single one of your senses.  

“I didn’t finish grading anything,” he says, his voice low and husky. “Not a single damn thing, to tell you the truth.”

“Uh…why not?” you reply, your voice high and nervous. This whole experience seems surreal. He’s so close to you, you can smell his cologne and make out the flecks of gold in his hazel eyes, illuminated by the light of the waning sun.

He drops his head to rest on your shoulder. His next words are muffled, “I watched you sleep. For nearly the entire time. I couldn’t focus with you there. God, do you know how beautiful you are?” Suddenly, he lifts his head. His gaze, hungry, searching, roams over your face. “Do you know how badly I want you?”

You bite your lip but don’t say anything. At this action something seems to break inside him, and suddenly his lips are on yours, insistent, demanding. He tastes like coffee. It’s perfect. He’s perfect. You rake your hands through his hair and are rewarded with a low groan. He lifts your sweater to stroke at the smooth skin of your lower back. A shiver runs down your spine.  

You break away and let out a little disbelieving huff of laughter. “You don’t know how badly I want you…sir.”

mr. neighbour || 08

Genre: Neighbour!Jungkook; fluff; angst-ish
Word Count: 1, 280
Notes: The wait was a bit long, but here it is! Enjoy~
Series: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Life could be incredibly unpredictable at times and sometimes, really unfair. Nobody could ever even begin to guess or understand what life would throw, not even you. One minute it’s your neighbour, Jeon Jungkook, knocking on your door at 4AM and the next, it decides to throw a curveball at your face.

Every part of you had been prepared to have the most boring blind date of your life. You had been dead set on just being there, surviving a couple of hours with the guy, and then getting the hell home.

Yeah, was.

Because the moment your date had walked into the restaurant, dressed in slacks and a tasteful button down with his hair perfect, your jaw had hit the ground. Literally, it was a miracle your jaw hadn’t dislocated with how fast it dropped.

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