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Anyone who hears the score knows it’s the only way to tell history. There’s not another musical genre that would fit in which he [Alexander Hamilton] could be given full expression and frankly hip-hop has been around for forty years! So anyone who is like, “Oh hip-hop’s not music” is living in their own bubble of their own creation…I’m in the tradition of a lot of artists who have been making amazing work for a really long time. So, when you tell me “I hate rap but I love this,” you’re half insulting me. You should know that. And I always tell them all: you’ve been missing out. I hope you listen to more.

No big deal just took a selfie with the BC NDP leader, John Horgan. I was at a little rally tonight for the BC NDP. I hope they can win the election in May. 😬

I also shook his hand and talked to him a bit about some issues I’ve had finding employment and how I hoped that the NDP can help generate more secure jobs for young graduates. He was very friendly. I’m incredibly socially anxious but I felt ok enough tonight to chat and shake his hand at least.

And now you know the face behind the blogger. 😮

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Yata getting addicted to drugs? Maybe dabbled in them during his depression moments when totsuka and mikoto died or when saru left and then got hooked. And this is when saru comes to save the day by trying to help him get over his addictions :D

So maybe after Totsuka and Mikoto’s deaths when Yata was at his lowest point that’s when he gets addicted, like some drug dealers move into Homra’s territory because they figure Homra’s dead now and there’s no need to be afraid anymore. Yata hears about this one day when he’s just randomly skateboarding around the city and gets pissed off at the idea that people are already spitting on Homra like this (and of course there’s that deep pang in his heart as he tells himself that they’re wrong, Homra’s not dead, everything they built with Mikoto can’t have crumbled that easily). He goes after the guys himself and probably gets pretty banged up in defeating them, he’s standing in a warehouse surrounded by unconscious guys and bleeding from half a dozen wounds as he walks over to check out the containers the guys were busy trying to transport when Yata jumped them. Inside there’s a bunch of drugs stored up, Yata intends to just set them on fire but for some reason he can’t bring himself to destroy the whole thing, taking some of them back to the bar. He lies down on the couch watching Totsuka’s videos and feeling miserable and suddenly he finds himself fumbling for the drugs, part of him screaming that no way could he do this, it’s wrong and does he want to be scum like those guys he just beat up, but he’s also got this awful pain in his chest and he feels listless and like he can’t breathe and in that moment he just needs something to help him keep going. Once the high kicks in Yata feels better than he has in weeks, energy restored as he goes out skateboarding and feels like he’s flying. Afterward of course there’s all the guilt and self loathing that he sunk so low, but Yata can’t deny that the drugs made everything stop for a while and as much as he wants to be able to destroy them he can’t.

Then after MK happens Yata swears to himself that he doesn’t need the drugs anymore, after all Homra’s back and he’s got his friends with him again and a new King and all’s good. But he remembers how easily everyone left last time (and Saruhiko’s still gone, an old wound still bleeding after all this time), plus the withdrawal symptoms start to make him shaky and slow and he keeps using instead. He manages to keep it together well enough that no one seems to really notice, maybe Kusanagi suspects something’s going on and Anna can tell that something’s clouding Misaki’s aura though she’s not sure what but in general Yata can manage even when he’s high to keep people from suspecting too much. Everyone just figures that’s Yata being his usual energetic self and if he’s twitching oddly or his hands shake, well, maybe he just stayed up too late last night and he’ll be fine tomorrow. In the meantime Yata’s run out of his initial supply of drugs and he’s taking down dealers on the side and stealing their stashes in order to keep himself stocked.

Post-ROK, Fushimi and Yata are slowly starting to reconcile and this time Yata decides he really is going to get clean, like maybe they start to have their talk about the betrayal but Yata’s high for most of it and Fushimi seems to know that something’s up, it ends in a fight instead and Yata blames himself for being so wasted he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and said some sharp things that he shouldn’t have. Fushimi is slowly becoming really suspicious, he talks with Kusanagi and Anna at one point about how oddly Yata’s acting and they both admit that they’ve seen a change in Yata since Anna became King and neither one is certain that it’s just the natural progression of grief or something like that. Finally one day Yata’s supposed to meet with Fushimi and he’s late, Fushimi goes to Yata’s apartment and catches him shooting up. Yata’s far gone enough that he argues that it’s no problem, this is just for some energy and he’s quitting anyway, any day now. Fushimi gets pissed off that Yata’s been hurting himself this way all this time. I imagine he’d be pissed at Homra too for not noticing, though part of that anger is Fushimi trying to be mad at Homra in order to keep from hating himself, like if only he’d been there all this time he could have stopped Yata, he would have noticed something was wrong sooner and stopped things before they got to this point. They probably have a few fights about it before Fushimi finally manages to blurt out his sincere feelings, that he cares about Yata and that he’s so worried that this drug addiction is going to kill Yata early and what’s Fushimi supposed to do without him. Yata’s so shocked that he kinda collapses into Fushimi’s arms and agrees to get treatment. I kinda like the idea of them both supporting each other after this, like Fushimi agrees to start seeing someone for his own issues too and they both become each other’s support system, Fushimi helping Yata get clean while Yata helps Fushimi face the demons of his past and the emotions that he’s been burying all this time, both wanting to get better for the other person’s sake.

Okay but let’s summarize what we learned from having a video version of EB

- Link might stay silent after Rhett says something that exasperates him, but there’s a high chance he’s actually going like this:

Side note: He does it again a few minutes later and it looks exactly the same, which is scary.

- Link uses his hands to talk, even when he’s supposed to be recording audio and I can relate to this.

- There are heart-eyes, even more since they sit opposite each other in this setting, and Rhett is the King of heart-eyes:

And how about this one from Link?

What else did I miss?