his sweetheart

{ten times}

story peek: “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times already, but just like another ten, please”

It had been a shitty day. It may have only been eight in the morning but it was shitty nonetheless. (Name) woke up too late to be able to eat breakfast and grab her morning coffee, and after rushing to get to the train, she showed up only to have missed it by seconds.

She figured she was going to be late already and decided to just walk to school instead. She was five minutes away, the school in sight, when it started to rain. She let out a loud groan, picking her brisk walk up to a run. Of course. Why wouldn’t my morning be like any other Hollywood blockbuster?

(Name) made it to school 15 minutes late, with her makeup smudged from the rain and her hair dropping water onto the floor. Her clothes were soaked and her shoes made a squishing sound when she walked. To make her shitty day even worse, she remembered she didn’t do her algebra homework and was surprised to find out there was a test that day in her history class.

She trudged to her locker to retrieve her books for her final class of the day. Her shoes didn’t squish as much when she walked and her hair and jeans were still damp with rain waiter. She sighed, resting her forehead against the cool metal of her locker door.

“Bad day?” she smiled slightly at the sound of his voice. With her head still against the locker, she turned it to face him.

“Is it that obvious?” she sighed and he shook his head.

“Not really, I just know you better than anyone else. I am your boyfriend you know,” he teased, ducking his head down to press his lips to hers. She smiled, happy to have someone there to make her day a little brighter.

At that moment she didn’t care that she stood in the middle of the hallway, surrounded by peers. She cupped Peter’s cheeks, as his hands gripped her waist and kissed him repeatedly until she wore a smile so big she couldn’t kiss him any more.

I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times already, but just like another ten, please,” she murmured, leaning in to kiss him again. Peter laughed and turned his head so she kissed his cheek.

“(Nickname), sweetheart, we’re going to be late if we don’t get to class now,” she pursed her lips into a pout and gave him the best puppy eyes she could.

“But I’ve had a bad day,” she whined and Peter sighed. He pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“I know, baby, but me and my kisses will still be here after school okay?” she nodded and hurriedly kissed him again. She giggled at Peter’s fake stern look and wrapped an arm around his middle, dragging him with her to class.

“C’mon bug boy, don’t wanna be late, now do we?”

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A little reminder that Rahul Kohli is a sweetheart, he’s against sexism, he supports and advocates for lgbt/poc representation and most importantly he blessed us with 4 photos of Katie (in KatieMcgrath-scale that’s like 400 photos ‘cause we rarely see new pics of her). So.. don’t send him hateful/annoying tweets like: “I like you but I hate your character”, “She’s gay dude stop it” etc.

Besides I’m pretty sure this would totally be Katie’s response:  


“[Ray] would stay up til like 6 am, just working on this arrangement, over and over, and he wrote this whole string arrangement.” - Gerard Way, about #singitforjapan


Im calm, you are calm, everyone STAY CALM! Ya know, its just the usual. The director of a Star Wars film, arguable what has been called the darkest Star Wars film of all time, has called the so called “villain”, evidently not a credible villain because of his innate pull to the light, A SWEETHEART, on his own instagram!

In other words, A LOT of new information and photos and posters and videos of The Last Jedi have been shown today at D23. Six posters with the main characters on them released…. SIX POSTERS! And the director himself has DELIBERATELY CHOSEN to post the poster of Kylo Ren, the “antagonist” of TFA, on his instagram account and has captioned it calling him A SWEETHEART!


Also, on a more logical note, WHAT KIND OF DIRECTOR CALLS THE APPARENT “ANTAGONIST” OF HIS FILM A “SWEETHEART”?? This is a sign fellow Reylos. Most of us want and know that Kylo Ren will undergo a major redemption (that will be iconic imho) and this is a good sign. Calling a “villain” (who is not really a villain because he is a three dimensional, morally grey, light-side born, passionate character without the characteristics of a truly evil villain) a “sweetheart” is essentially the first stepping stone to Rian trying to give a slight nod to the future of his character. He is publicly showing his view on him (an opinion that has been admittedly shared with Adam’s and JJ’s point of view on Kylo Ren). For everyone to know what the director of The Last Jedi thinks of Kylo Ren, one of the main characters he has directed, is important. It is called part of a subliminal marketing strategy, my pals.

Ps: Im going to reblog over and over and repeat it for the next week at least, sorry not sorry.

Ghost Messenger

Words: 11.8k
Genre: Fluff, Angst
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8:34 am. Y/N: I hope you have a really great day today! Remember to eat and don’t overwork yourself! If you need anything, I’m just a simple text away! :)

8:45 am. Hyunwoo: Yup.

Namjoon smacks his head on his desk, his phone falling through his fingers and onto the wooden surface. He begins to feel his throat tighten from guilt but he suppresses it, inhaling a large breath as he sits up. He shifts the phone aside and opens the file folder, pages and pages of old text messages printed out in front of him. Before noon today, Namjoon has to read all of them and find out the client, Hyunwoo’s, texting habits and mannerisms in order to mimic.

8:34 am. Y/N: I hope you have a good day today too! I know you’re probably really busy today so don’t worry about giving me a call. I’m doing fine here. Good luck on your meeting with the shareholders! Dad mentioned it yesterday so I just wanted to wish you luck. :)

Namjoon can’t fathom how you manage to send a text every single day at the exact same time. What he also doesn’t understand is how your fiancé can consider it annoying or clingy. If anything it’s kind of swee- ding!

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Our Little Secret-Part One

Summary: After a hunt and quite a few drinks the boys learn that you aren’t as ‘experienced’ in one department as they thought you were. Dean thinks he can rectify that

Series Masterlist

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Square Filled/Kink: Oral Fixation for @spnkinkbingo

Word Count: 4700

Warnings: Smut, oral (male and female receiving), insecure reader, language

A/N: Thank you so much for reading. This is the first part of what I hope is a lengthy and smutty series. Any feedback is always appreciated. This is also for @emilywritesaboutdean and @wheresthekillswitch ‘s Do It Like TFW Challenge (The gif is near the bottom)

A thank you to my beta @ayeronda for betaing at an ungodly hour and being so wonderful.

It’s been a long ass day and an even longer hunt. You were more than happy to be sitting on Dean’s bed in the boys’ motel room, sipping on your second, or maybe it is the third beer. And that was just here, it wasn’t counting the four or five shots you had had down at the bar. So now you were here and Sam was riding Dean hard about his strikeout at the bar.

“Dude, you were never going home with her.”

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.”

You can’t help but chuckle, “What? Two whole minutes?”

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