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Pregnancy Prank .

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You wait with your bottom lip pulled between your teeth, your grip on Shawn’s hand strong. There’s excited energy thrumming through both of your bodies as you watch Jordan blink at the test in his hands, his forehead lining with confusion and surprise. He’s been doing that for about a minute now. It’s only when he readjusts the snapback on his head that he starts to speak.

“Um,” he starts, eyes still scanning over the screen, “congrats? I don’t know. Is this a good thing…or?”

He looks to you, an unspoken question on his face. You smile and feel Shawn’s hand move to your thigh. He squeezes over your jeans when a hint of a laugh creeps up your throat. “I mean, it wasn’t planned of course, but it’s exciting, you know? I’ve always wanted to be a mom, and Shawn’s always been talking about kids so we’re happy,” you say. Somehow you managed to keep a relatively straight face throughout the spiel but now you’re worried because it’s Shawn’s turn to speak, and he’s always been a shit liar.  He looks to you for assistance, but all you can offer is your hand to fit his fingers between.

“Yeah, man,” he tells Jordan, “we’re still young but I feel like we’re ready.”

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Imagine for a moment…

He drops a single without any warning… Arrogant, right?

He and his team barely participate in the promotion of his music, letting fans and his friends promote it for him. Wow, so arrogant.

He blacklists 1D and the future of the band in his interviews. Wow, he’s so self-centered and obviously hates his band and his bandmates.

No, it’s not that awful Harry Arrogant Styles. It’s Louis.

Maybe people should try giving Harry the same benefit of the doubt they give Louis. He deserves it as much as Louis.

Stranger Valentine

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When a terrible Valentines day date takes an unexpected turn; with Min Yoongi

You could kick yourself. You should have seen this coming the moment your friend said she knew the perfect guy for you. Especially considering who the friend was. She hadn’t exactly had the best taste in men. They tended to be morons or complete creeps. But you were tired of being alone on Valentines day. That was enough to let the small sliver of desperation that lived within you take over. So here you were with Minsoo at a semi nice restaurant. And you were miserable.

The date started off as you’d expect. You had decided to meet at the restaurant. He was a handsome man. Tall, with sleeked back midnight black hair. Killer smile enough to make most swoon. Well dressed to. Based on looks, your friend had done well. So there was a glimmer of hope that this would be a spectacular night. That glimmer would fade before you had the chance to receive your drinks.

Just as handsome as your date was, he was equally conceited. He told you all about his activities. About how he could afford all the best things. How lucky you were that you had been able to go on a date with him. So on and so forth. You began contemplating possibly going to the bathroom and sneaking out the window. But that wouldn’t work. The friend that had set you up would not let you hear the end of it. While this date was bad, it wasn’t bad enough to hear your friend whine about all the “work” she had done to set you up. So you were trapped with this douche for the evening. Hopefully he eats fast.

Five minutes later the temptation to sneak out the bathroom window grew. This guy was starting to become worse as the time passed by. You could barely get a word in. And when you did, you tried to desperately change the subject. Sadly he always brought it back to him. This was beginning to become incredibly baffling to you. How can someone talk so much about themselves before the appetizers had even arrived?

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Can I get the founder trio and how they would deal with having their own squad and having to be a sensei to some genin?

ooooo nice


•What a fun sensei. That’s all I can say

•He gets really close with his students, almost too close. Not really a bad thing, but I think I’ve mentioned in some other headcanons before that Hashi is the type to invite his students over to his home for dinner every once in a while. He enjoys bonding with them outside of a training setting

•Hashirama has a big problem with leniency though. His students can persuade him into doing anything if they try hard enough. Just flash him with those eager, pleading little eyes, and he’ll give in and let them have a free day from training

•That being said, Hashirama also has his days where he strictly follows training guidelines. Something I find interesting though, is that Hashirama teaching basic jutsu might not work well? A large majority of his jutsu are large-scale and destructive, so he can’t really show them any super cool jutsu he has. He does like leaving his students in awe by impressing them with cool wood style every once in a while though. It’s their ‘treat’

•Very supportive and cordial. If one of them messes up he’s all “It’s okay!!! You tried!!! No big deal!!! I’m proud of you!”

•Hashi’s favorite training activity is his squad vs him. He thinks it’s fun. No idea why. The idea of all his students ganging up on him is apparently a nice way to pass the time. He’s fair and easy on them though, and makes sure to praise them afterward, even if they didn’t manage to land a single hit on him

•Treats them to sweets whenever they have a good training day (he thinks every day is a good training day tbh)

•Hashirama rarely gets frustrated or loses his temper with his students. Literally the only time he’ll ever correct them is if one of them happens to get arrogant and start looking down on the other students. Hashirama doesn’t like that at all. He’ll have to have a private talk with that student and tell them there’s no need to stoop that low. There will be no competitive-driven condescension in Hashirama’s squad. He wants everyone to be civil and peaceful


•They never really gave us an idea of how Tobirama was with his students and I love his team okay where is my filler arc for Team Tobirama

•I think Tobirama was a relatively decent sensei. As in, he wasn’t too hard on his students. He’s fair and lenient when the time calls for it, but also isn’t afraid to put his team through exacting training when he feels that they need it

•I really do think Tobirama would have a softer heart when it comes to teaching genin. They’re about the age he was when his father forced him and Hashirama into fighting, so Tobirama just keeps it in the back of his mind not to expect too much out of them, or pressure them to a fault

•In his free time, Tobirama doesn’t mind actually hanging around with them. He’d join them for a bowl of ramen every once in a while if they persisted

•Tobirama is easily frustrated by weakness though. Not necessarily physical weakness, as that sometimes can’t be helped, but someone who’s weak-minded. Someone who won’t try after they fail. It just upsets him. He doesn’t want his students giving up. That’s when he snaps and yells at them, when he’s trying to get them back on their feet and force them to keep practicing (someone needs to tell him that yelling and screaming isn’t going to get him anywhere)

•He’s competitive too. He wants his squad to be one of the best in Konoha, and that’s another reason why he pushes them so much. It’s not just for his pride though, he wants his team’s efforts to be recognized. He really does care about them, and wants the best for them

•I love headcanoning Tobirama’s team as being little shits though. Doesn’t really matter who his students are, I feel like they’d have a fun, almost teasing relationship with Tobirama at times. He can be such a grump, of course someone’s gotta cheer him up, even if it’s a bunch of little genin


•Madara is more lenient with his students than he is other children, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less strict. His patience wears thin rather easily if one of his team just doesn’t catch onto something

•At the same time, he knows when he’s being unfair. If one of his students is really struggling, Madara spends extra time helping them learn. He can be cordial if he tries. He’ll especially sympathize with a rather timid student who doesn’t believe in themselves. Hard as Madara may be, that resonates with him for some reason

•It’s the hothead students he can’t handle. If there’s a hothead on his squad then they better pray he doesn’t whoop their ass. They remind him of himself when he was a kid, which is why he resents them so much

•Well, not resents, but they have a love-hate relationship. He’s hardest on them out of all his squad. He tries to beat the arrogance and naivety out of them with harsh training. He’ll make them run laps and exhaust their chakra even after training hours are over and the others have gone home. Madara can be a real hardass

•Like Tobirama, Madara takes pride in his students and of course wants them to wipe away the competition whenever possible. He’s competitive with both the Senju brothers’ teams

•Madara tries really hard not to play favorites but he definitely does. It’s the obedient, skilled students that he really likes. Even if they’re not skilled, actually. As long as they listen to him and don’t brush off his advice, then he respects them

Dylan O’Brien H.S

“Harry hurry the movie is gonna start!” I yelled into the kitchen so my little boyfriend can hurry his little ass on the sofa. Me and Harry decided to go for a movie night, and after two hours of arguing which movie to watch between ‘'The First Time’ and ‘Independence Day’,we decided on ‘The First Time’ starring Dylan O’ hottie. Two hours of Dylan? hell yes.

“I’m coming! Jesus, ever heard of patience?” Harry said walking into the living room with a beautiful hot bowl of butter popcorn, and himself looking effortlessly beautiful in his low sweatpants and oversized sweater. I feel like I don’t deserve him sometimes. He’s too damn beautiful. “Where there is Dylan, there shall be no patience” I spoke. Fucking words of wisdom bitches. “Oh really?” Harry rose a brow plopping down on the sofa. “Damn yes” I said looking right at him.

Harry rolled his eyes at my comment as the faint light of the movie coated the room and Dylan’s beautiful face came into veiw. How is it possible to be so damn perfect? But that bitch got nothin’ oh Haz, with his perfect hair and gorgeous green eyes. A few minutes into the movie, I felt Harry tug all of the covers off of me, leaving my legs bare. “Harry…” I whined, “give me the covers”  I screeched. 

“Get your own” he argued. “"These are mine!” I argued getting to my feet. “"Well now they are mine” he said, chin tipped high into the air. The fuck he think he is? Queen Elizabeth or something? I leaned down close to his face before whispering, “No cuddles for you then”, looking him straight in the eyes. Leaning in closer he whispered,“Fine I have Mister Cuddles” he said, grabbing the teddy bear from the side of the sofa. Smart ass.

I huffed before walking away to grab another cover from the closet. Sinking down on the sofa, Harry had decided to finally leave the covers for me after I bought another one. “Now you wanna give them to me?” I asked looking at him. “Mister Cuddles can’t cuddle like you” he said, looking at me with wide eyes. Don’t give in. I am stronger than this. Stop it. Stop looking at me like that. Stop it. Not happeni- “Fine you can cuddle with me” I gave in, lifting my covers up for Harry to get in.

He jumped on top of me making me release a small ‘oomph’ before he wrapped his arm around my waist, holding on to me like I was going to let go any second. He nuzzled his face into my neck and mummbles a small ‘Thank You’ which made chills go down my spine.

Even the smallest acts from Harry can give me butterflies and chills and he doesn’t have any idea. I wonder if I have that effect on him? Nah. Even him holding me like this, can bring out a whole swarm of butterflies in me.


An hour into the movie, there came a scene where Dylan was shirtless. And let me just tell you. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? I mean he is hot. But have you seen Harry? He got nothing on Haz. In fact, I don’t even think you could compare them. At all.

“Dylan is really hot” I spoke up. “What y’say love?” Harry asked. “I said that Dylan O’Brien is really hot” I repeated. “I don’t think so” he shrugged. His hot breathe started fanning onto my neck, making shivers go down my spine and goosebumps arise on my arms. I hated the effect he had on me.

 A couple moments later, Harry decided to speak up. “More than me?” He whispered. “Huh? What?” I asked, not getting what he meant. “Is he hotter than me?” He asked. 

“Harry, you’re  perfect, you can’t even be compared to him” I coo’ed, turning towards him. “Really?” He asked, hope lightening his voice. “Yes Harry, nobody is better than you” I said. After a few seconds, I felt Harry shuffling, and in no time, his body had pinned mine down to the sofa.

“W-what are you d-doing?” I stuttered, feeling his hot breath fanning my face. “I love you so much baby” He said, hands trailing under my shirt. “I -I love you to, but Harry the m-movie is playing” I stuttered. “You think that that can stop me love?” He said, his lips coming down to my neck to leave wet open mouthed kisses trailing down my chest.

He knew he what effect he had on me. He could probably hear my heart beating. “H-Harry n-no” I moaned. “Are y’gonna stop me love” He asked, lips just ghosting over mine. “F-fuck no” I gasped, he did things to me. I loved the effect he had on me. “Harry f-fuck” I groaned, before finally he,

Attached his lips to mine.

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Haikyuu!! - another name for "home"

Title: another name for “home”

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairings: Kurodai


   “i just want to go home” said the astronaut.  

   “so come home” said ground control.  

   ‘‘so  come  home’’ said the voice from the stars.


Space AU. Kuroo is mission status lost and Daichi just wants to find his way home. Also found here on AO3.

Word count: 3,810

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GOT7 Reaction to You Wearing Their Clothes Everywhere


Anonymous: “Hello! Can you make a Got7 reaction to his girlfriend wearing his clothes? His girlfriend is also an idol and wears his clothes in a dance practice video/v-app broadcast/live stage while he is away on an overseas tour. Thank you!!!!”

Mark: Mark would notice a couple of his tees missing and he would quietly wonder what had happened to his favorite articles of clothing. Mark would question his members and even clean out his closet looking for his shirts. However, when Mark would notice that it was you who took his clothes, he would be a tad shy and embarrassed. His first instinct would be to ask for his clothing back, but when he saw how your little frame was engulfed by his shirt he would become overwhelmed with cuteness. Ultimately, Mark would appreciate this little gesture and feel secure in your relationship.

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JB: Jaebum would get really and shy and embarrassed when he would see you wearing his clothes. He wouldn’t over-react, and most likely wouldn’t even say anything about it. When he would first notice you wearing his clothes everywhere, he would know you were doing it out of an act of love. However, as time went by and all of Jaebum’s clothes were missing and moved to your closet, Jaebum would find himself with literally no clothes left. He would want his clothes back, but since he thought you looked so good in them and didn’t want to ruin your fun, he wouldn’t say anything. Instead, Jaebum would continue wearing that one outfit he had, even if it was dirty and smelled.

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Jackson: Jackson would love it when you wore his clothing. He would even insist on you wearing them every now and then. As time would grow and he would see you wearing his clothes during interviews, or during live broadcasts, Jackson would get somewhat turned on. He wouldn’t let you wear his clothes without you promising him that he could be the one to take them off. And whenever you came home after a night of wearing his clothes, Jackson wouldn’t let you take it off unless he could take it off himself.

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Junior: The first time Jinyoung witnessed you wearing his clothes, he would think it was adorable. He would love you wearing his clothes, but wouldn’t show it much, keeping his excitement contained. However, when he noticed that you wore his clothing everywhere, including during interviews, dance practices, and live broadcasts, Jinyoung’s feelings would change and he would think it was a little excessive. He would want all his clothes back and would throw you a couple of dollar bills to go buy your own clothes.

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Youngjae: Youngjae would be enjoying his afternoon tea while watching some interviews of his significant other. However, today particularly, Younjae was in a pickle; he attempted to pay attention the interview, but his eyes kept drifting to your shirt. He sat contemplating for some time wondering where he had seen that shirt before. It wasn’t until one of the members pointed out that it was his shirt when he finally noticed you were wearing his clothes. At first, Youngjae would be embarrassed because he couldn’t recognize his own shirt. But over time he admired the fact that you wore his shirt, in fact, it made him happy.

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BamBam: At first, the thought of you wearing BamBam’s clothes would be a dream to him. But when he finally saw you wearing one of his shirts, everything would turn left. BamBam would critique you for the awful way that you styled his clothing and would judge you for how you thought the colors matched. BamBam would either instruct you to take the god-forbidden outfit off, or would fix it for you. This would include him lecturing you on how to style appropriately and him giving you a pep-talk of what not to wear. All you wanted was a shirt to sleep in, so you could forget about ever wearing one of his shirts again.

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Yugyeom: Yugyeom would think it was attractive whenever you wore his clothes. When you wore them to interviews and during dance practices, he would adore it even more. Although it didn’t really matter to him, a part of him would question why you wore his clothing so often. He knew he had great style, but was his fashion sense so great that even you wished to dressed like him? After this thought, Yugyeom would hold his head high and smirk whenever you sported one of his shirts with BamBam shaking his head off in the distance. This would also cause Yugyeom to get slightly turned on.

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Harry talking about his bandmates vs how he talks about anyone really is so telling, he'll smile and say all these great things about people he's barely met but when it comes to 1D he gives the same robotic answer that we've all heard a million times with no emotion or hint of genuine interest in it. Sure, maybe he is thankful for the band but he definitely just used them as a stepping stool and now doesn't even know them

The difference between how Harry talks about One Direction and the rest of the guys versus how Liam and Niall do is so telling. Look how much fond Liam had when telling the story about him and Louis stealing the ice cream truck. Look back on how Niall was so excited to tell how he shared his music first with Louis. Look how they both speak so highly of One Direction and keep talking about how they’re still very much a part of the band.

What Harry is doing is intentional. He wants to move on and shed his boyband image in hopes to be accepted by a new demographic. 🌸