his style is awful

Imagine for a moment…

He drops a single without any warning… Arrogant, right?

He and his team barely participate in the promotion of his music, letting fans and his friends promote it for him. Wow, so arrogant.

He blacklists 1D and the future of the band in his interviews. Wow, he’s so self-centered and obviously hates his band and his bandmates.

No, it’s not that awful Harry Arrogant Styles. It’s Louis.

Maybe people should try giving Harry the same benefit of the doubt they give Louis. He deserves it as much as Louis.

Taeyong ; College!AU

oh boy idk what im getting myself into….

  • okkaayyy so like before we even get into this entire thing can we just take a second and admire what college boy taeyong would even look like!!!
  • like can you just imagine lee taeyong in sweats and jeans 24/7 with just the cutest hoodies on all the time?? (bcs lets face it, ain’t nobody got time to dress nicely for college)
  • but lik e at the same time he makes it look so..,, effortless?
  • and like obviously he doesn’t dress awful all the time but his style is just so i-didn’t-care-about-how-i-looked-today and yet its so like well put together and just looks sO GOoD ON hiM
  • and like baggy sweaters and caps are just seriously his thing 
  • case in point : 
  • it’s not even fair (╥﹏╥)
  • anywaysss.,,, onto the good stuff! 
  • ((as if lee taeyong’s face wasn’t already the good stuff x-)))
  • taeyong majors in environmental science and when everybody hears this they’re always just like….
  • wat???
  • bcs i mean sometimes taeyong walks around school with a really neutral face and everybody’s kinda just really wary of him so hearing that somebody like him majors in environmental science is just:
  • wow!! okay then!!
  • and like you’ve heard about him before because like.. who hasn’t tbh???
  • all the girls (and even the guys!!) are always talking about how handsome the boy is but then they’re always afraid of him too like,,
  • everyone’s always so scared to approach him because the boy is always so stone faced so sometimes you hear things that might not be true
  • but like it ended up being one of those things where e veryone fawns over the boy but nobody’s ever gotten close
  • and like u kinda just brush it off bcs okay he’s cute but like college!!! so much work!!!! s u f f e r i n g!!!!!!!!
  • but like one day you find yourself in this really pretty outdoor space and the entire time you can’t help but feel entranced and its just. .so pretty???
  • like there’s a really cute wooden patio roof above the space with the prettiest vines hanging down from it and the entire space is just surrounded in flowers, from blue ones to pinks and the entire thing is just soo,,., calming
  • and the space is just so beautiful you can’t help but wonder how tf you’ve never found it before and whyyy is nobody else here?? 
  • and like before you know it, you just hear this awkward cough behind you and when you turn around taeyong is just standing there and you’re just
  • !!!!
  • literally all the books you were holding just magically slip out of your hands in the moment because you’re so startled and surprised because o m g it’s lee taeyong!!
  • what is he doiong here!!1
  • is he angry???
  • wHy dID i hAVe to DrOP my BOOks!!!
  • lee taeyong!!!!1!
  • and his eyes just kind of go wide because shit!! you dropped your books!! 
  • and like when you realize what’s going on you kinda scramble to get your books because bfkdarkfqrnla this is so embarrassing and he kinda just bends down to help you out too and you’re just
  • what is life.. .
  • and while you’re both just picking up the loose papers and books he kinda just mumbles a “sorry for scaring you” and you’re just.. wait… 
  • he said sorry??
  • and so you kinda look at him but like wrong moveee!!! bcs the boy is literally so handsome up close and you’re just.. .when were we this close????
  • despite the fact that you’re so nervous because one ; super cute boy talking to you and two ; he really wasn’t scary at all (rly cute actually…) you kinda just take the leap and start talking to him
  • so like you ask him about how he knew about this pretty place and he kinda just.. shyly answers that he made it
  • wat… 
  • “yOU made it??”
  • and he just kinda chuckles and its honestly the cutest and simplest thing on earth and like??????? this is the same boy people call scary????
  • “no, my friends helped too..”
  • so you learn about how him and his friends are part of the beautification committee and youre like wait??? theres a beautification committee??? and he just continues to laugh because yes, there’s a beautification committee, its just not popular because they haven’t had the time to advertise it!!! 
  • he tells you about how it was his idea to have a green study space that could help out the environment while serving as a way to calm angsty college students trying to study and how his friend ten helped design the structures and how they all volunteered to even help build & plant everything themselves
  • and like the entire thing is just so fascinating because wow!! you never knew that there was so much thought put into the space aside from just it’s visual aesthetic
  • before you know it it’s like two hours passed because taeyong is just so passionate about this area and you’re so interested in everything he has to say that time just kinda slips and next thing you know he’s late for his dance practice
  • and like as he’s getting up, you kinda just smile and wave and at the same time you kinda wish you’d asked him for his number because you genuinely had a good time today 
  • but like as he’s walking away, he turns around really quickly and kinda just smiles at you and says, “i’ll see you again?”
  • you can’t help the grin that kinda of just spreads across your face and so you kinda just echo his words. 
  • “i’ll see you again.”
  • and like you don’t know how but you do end up seeing him again and wo and behold… its at the garden space!! 
  • and like its supposed to be open to all students but every freaking time it’s always empty because it s in such a remote area of campus so it always ends up being you two and occasionally you spot some other people
  • it kind of ends up being a habit for the both of you to just study together until he has practice and you both always save thirty minutes before he has to go just to talk to each other
  • and you just love it when he goes back to talking about his plants,, like his eyes just light up and everything about him seems so much brighter and he just glows
  • so like sometimes you feel bad because you should be listening to him but how can you when the boy is standing so close trying to explain the healing properties of using rose hips in tea to boost your vitamin c
  • most of time though you listen, because everything he says is so thought out and just intellectually stimulating
  • he loves to tell you about the different flowers in the area and why they were chosen,, like how the blue giant hyssop were and horsemint were originally added for the bees but then he kinda just ended up falling in love with them??
  • ( he also lowkey fell in love with something else too if yknow what i mean ;-))) )
  • one day, you guys are kind of running out of time for your thirty minute flower talks and he has to be at dance practice asap bcs theyve got a competition and he kinda just blurts out “do you wanna watch our practice??”
  • and you’re so surprised because you knew he danced but you’ve always kept your friendship to campus and the garden study and like..,,.. this is just a giant leap???
  • but like you;re so on board you kinda just blurt out “yES!! u.. uh i mean yes taeyong that’d be lovely..” 
  • and he kinda just blushes because fskgwehirgn yoU’RE TOo cUtE
  • so like you guys take the subway together to get to the other side of the city and he takes you to the cutest little dance studio. when he walks inside, all his friends are there and all of a sudden you can’t help but falter as you walk in because wait a sec…,, you’re about to meet his frIENDS
  • when he notices how nervous you are he kinda just shyly takes your hand and just.. 
  • “it’s okay, i’m here. you don’t need to be scared, they’re really nice people.” 
  • so you kinda nod but like internally its just : 
  • but when you walk in, you kinda just see this group of people all doing different things, like stretching or playing on their phone and there are girls and there are guys and all of a sudden everything just feels okay
  • and perhaps its because taeyong has your hand so delicately held in his, or perhaps its all the warm smiles directed towards you, but you can’t help but feel excited to meet them too
  • taeyong just kinda goes red and you just kinda go red because wHO Is THiS frIENd aNd wHY dO tHEy bELiEVe thIS???
  • the entire time said boy who yelled that just has this really pretty grin on his face and he keeps being cheesy that one of the other boys has to tell him to shush because “shhhhh they aren’t dating yet”
  • was that supposed to make you more comfortable??? was that supposed to make you feel awkward?? who knows???
  • because the only thing running through your mind is,, “yet” yEt YEt y e t
  • but like taeyong doesn’t deny it and you don’t deny it and the entire time your head is just spinning because… 
  • you’ve known each other for months now… 
  • where is this going!!!!!!!
  • but like eventually thye settle down and the crew just kinda introduces themselves to you and you learn about the boy who tagged you as taeyong’s gf who also happened to be said close friend that designed the structure of the beloved garden study aka ten, the cute and shy dancer seulgi who studies pediatrics and pharmaceuticals, and johhny and yuta and hansol and jaehyun and your head just kinda hurts because theyre so many more names but…
  • they’re all so lovely!!
  • and when you watch them dance, you can’t help the fact that everytime your eyes just keep wandering to… you guessed it!! lee taeyong
  • and when he dances he kinda just turns into this completely different person and honestly its just so admirable. like every dance move is so sharp and precise and like when he talks about plants, he glows as he dances too
  • and as you guys are finally leaving the studio two hrs later, ten kinda steals you for a moment and just whispers in your ear : “thats the most i’ve seen taeyong try so hard during practice!” and just..,,, ten!!! he just ends up smiling and patting your back, yelling out “you should come to our practices more!” before he leaves you and taeyong to walk to your apartment together
  • and as you both walk home together everything just feels so right
  • like it feels so effortless to talk to him and at the same time every part of you feels like its on fire 
  • and you kinda just realize that.. wow… you like lee taeyong
  • when you finally end up at your door you kinda just take a moment to just fully look at him and everything about the moment just kinda confirms your suspicions and before you know it, you’re standing on your tippy toes, placing your lips on his cheeks
  • and he’s just
  • !!!!!!!!11!!11!1!!!!!!
  • and when you slam the door shut, he kinda just laughs and says goodnight too
  • and the entire time you’re just this furious blushing mess and just.,,
  • why!! did!!! you!!! do that!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • why did yOU sLaM thE DoOr!!!
  • wHy dID yOu KIss hiS CHEeKs!!!
  • and like the next few days it’s so hard for you to act normal but you really try
  • people even notice too because evertime you see taeyong waiting for you outside your classroom you kinda just act really jumpy and hyper and everyone just?? ___… are u and taeyong ok???
  • you’re just “yES OfC WErE FINe!!!”
  • and like one day when he dropped you off at your doorstep he kinda stopped for a bit and took out a pot of hydrangeas and you were just like.,,
  • “taeyong what’s this??”
  • and like he just turns into this furious blushing mess because he has so much to say and yet the words aren’t leaving his lips… so he kinda just settles on saying they’re hydrangeas,,, 
  • they’re beautiful.. the flowers are beautiful and you can tell there’s something much more than just “they’re hydrangeas..” 
  • and as he’s about to leave, he turns around once more and kinda swallows the lump in his throat and says it..
  • “thank you for understanding me ___. if we win the competition.. would you be my s/o?”
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and like you’re a blushing mess, he’s a blushing mess, you’re both a blushing mess and you’re honestly so lost for words because.,,, lee taeyong i’d be your s/o even if you didn’t win!!!!
  • and so you kinda nod, because it seems your words want to fail you when you need them most and he just shyly smiles as he walks away
  • when you shut the door, you kinda get curious as to why hydrangeas because taeyong’s always been the kinda boy to put meaning to his plants and when you find out why you nearly swoon
  • hydrangeas : symbolic of heartfelt emotions and an expression of gratitude for being understanding
  • !!!!!!!
  • and when you show up to their practices, you can really tell how serious he is about this whole thing… even the rest of the crew was so surprised they kept asking taeyong if he’d done something bcs wow!!! this is some next level of hard working
  • the entire time you’re jsut this blushing mess bcs you know the reason why aka you
  • on the day of the competition you make sure to free up any time and before the competition starts you make sure to buy them all water and snacks and when you see him in his outfit you’re kinda just… 
  • gOOd bYe sEe yOU iN HeAvEN
  • he’s in this bea u tiful black blazer and this really nice shirt that kinda just hugs him in all the right places and this is the first time you’ve ever seen him in such a formal get up and just.. uGH
  • so like you approach him and hand him his bottle and your hands are shaking a lot bcs this is it.. it’s time for you to join the audience and you know you’d still date him even if he doesn’t win but god this is something special for the both of you and you want him to do well
  • so you kiss him
  • and like it was supposed to be on the cheek but the second you hover near him your mind just goes to jello so you do it you kiss him on the lips and immediately his hands are on your waist and just
  • uGH
  • you wish you could stay like that forever because everything about it so much gREATER than you’ve imagined and he’s just waited for this for so long
  • but like you hear seulgi call taeyong’s name and he kinda just separates from you in this heaving, breathy mess and he just smiles because wow.. 
  • that’s one way to say good luck
  • and like your cheeks are red and everything about you is so cute he’s kinda tempted to kiss you again until seulgi opens the door and is just
  • “taeyong!! we have to go!!”
  • and so you wave bye, and he waves bye, until he kinda stops and asks, “i’ll see you later?”
  • and you smile, because it’s so similar to your first meeting except the kissing and the touching and the prospect of dating
  • “i’ll see you later”
  • and you do see him again!! except this time, there’s a trophy in his hands, a grin in his face, and just fbkwsknvskdfvnfv
  • so he kinda pulls you away, to a more quiet part of the theater, outside where the flowers lie beneath the lights of the walkway and the entire time your heart is just beating because wow this is it this is what you’ve been waiting for
  • and when he pulls out a white bouquet of roses your legs nearly cave because you recall the time he’d told you they’d symbolized new beginnings, and this, this was your new beginning
  • he’s shy, because after all, he’s lee taeyong and it’s you 
  • “___, will you go out with me?”
  • “yes, a thousand times yes”
  • let’s just say you guys kissed a lot of times after that :-)))
  • and everytime everyone asks about your first kiss, taeyong always makes a point of teasing you by asking everyone “first kiss while dating or not dating each other??”
  • and every time everybody is just!!! wHAT DO YOU EMAN WHILE NOT DATING EACH OTHER WHEN WHAT WHERE
  • and you’re always this blushing mess because taeyong!!!! 
  • but he laughs and just squeezes your hand, bcs hey, it was cute even though you kinda cheated since that kiss shoulda been saved for after they win ;-)
  • and like everyone on campus just kinda mutually agrees that somehow taeyong’s gotten even more handsome?? and like everyone just kinda laughs and says its probably because people glow when they’re in love 
  • tldr ; ah yes, cute environmental studies taeyong is cute

asnbknd admin kay here!! sORRY ITS SO LONG AAAH fjbdwaesdcsc. tho tbh i had a lot of fun writing this haha. it was fun looking at which courses suited him and also fun to look at which course i might take for when i get to uni! dw this def will be a series!! tho idk who i’d do next haha… you guys can send suggestions in the ask! also wow how productive was i guys, two posts in one day!!! nonetheless, hope you gus enjoyed~~


Coherent Thoughts on the Derick Brassard Situation 

I’m really just so broken about this, when I first started really getting into hockey and looking into who’s who on the Rangers I learned player by player. For me, it started out with Hank, and enjoying his “flow” and style and just every night being in awe at the saves he made. Then Zucc and his over all likable charm, then Brass always being with Zucc and it grew until I got to know each player, but generally, I became attached to those three. My mom whose been a fan for many many years and saw them win the cup in 94’ warned me to not get attached and I just couldn’t. I love Brass, I mean it’s clear we all do. He’s good. He’s pure, and just genuine and you can tell he’s a leader on and off the ice. I’m just hurt and the tears keep coming but really at the end of the day I have this lingering feeling where I know he’ll be happy there. He’s going to be happy to play for his home. I know the Senators will treat him well, I really do. He’s going to look just as good in those jerseys. The trade itself, business wise, was not even bad. This could have been so much worse in the long run, but the pain for me is just because I love Brass so much, and I love Zucc and knowing now that Zucc lost another one of his best friends is really getting to me. The whole friendship they had was so fun and was something to watch and just, I don’t even know how to describe it, it just feels like everyone was a part of it. It felt like when I didn’t have anyone to go to I could see them embrace or something and it felt right. Through their small accomplishments I felt happiness and seeing them smile made me smile because I know they deserve it. They’re such good people. Inside and out, and all the work they’ve done is so good. But this one hurts, for sure, and it’s going to hurt for a while. I wish only the best of luck to Derick as he works with the Senators. I love you Brassy. I love you so damn much. Thank you for everything.

anonymous asked:

Hello lovely, not trying to tell you what to do but be careful sharing your drawing technique on here! Don't let anyone rip you off! You have a good talent and style that should be kept private!

Hi there! Aw thank you so much for your concern, that’s really sweet- don’t worry I don’t plan on sharing all my techniques haha. I just thought I might share certain tricks for breaking down facial features to help other people out :)
But I will definitely keep certain things to myself!


David Sylvian- Born 23 of February, 1958

My top musical inspiration, from his early work with Japan to his solo career, David Sylvian has always struck me as such a talented individual. Being fluid with style and combining that with his charmingly awe striking vocals- we have always been truly blessed by the work he has put out all these years. Happy Birthday to you, David. And thank you.

EXO in a rowing boat
  • Baekhyun: "I wonder if the boat would capsize if i jumped up and down… only one way to find out"
  • Chanyeol: "We should cover kai, don’t want him getting any darker"
  • Kai: *giving chanyeol death glares* faster i row, faster i get off
  • Chen: "I’m rowing faster then all ya’ll bitches"
  • D.O: "There are too many people on board i say we dump chanyeol"
  • Luhan: Row your hardest, show them whose manly
  • Kris: "Water…" *hesitantly looks overboard* "…not my style"
  • Lay: Is in complete awe of his surrounding and every so often he yells words of encouragement
  • Sehun: *lies down, sipping bubble tea* "are we there yet?"
  • Suho: "Baekhyun, honey, sit down. D.O if i see your hands anywhere near Chanyeols neck again I’m going to have to separate you. Whose hungry?"
  • Tao: *is bedazzling his oar* im going to name him gucci
  • Xiumin: "Sehun you row or you die" *doesn’t speak for rest of trip*