his stutter and pausing is so difficult

Sanders Sides When Anxious (an analysis)

This is an analysis discussing anxiety symptoms as shown by the sides.

Logan: based off of when he figured out anxiety was gone, his behavior in anxiety’s room, and that one bit in losing my motivation where he kinda freaked out just a bit.

* talks very loud and fast and high pitched
– almost too difficult to understand. All the information is spilling out and when it gets really bad grammar kind of stops working. Right before they leave anx’s room he yells “Yerkes-Dodson” and points at the high side of the graph. He’s trying to convey ‘this is where we are,’ and basically everything Anxiety says, but he can’t because he’s too anxious. His mouth can’t keep up with his brain.

* Weird distracted 'dark’ tangents
– “tall enough to ride all the rides at Disney land unless you get decapitated riding small world” and “a snake devouring its own tail in order to satiate its hunger”, while not that dark, are apparently as dark as Thomas’ mind goes. When Logan is feeling anxious, he lets unpleasant thoughts spiral out of control.

* Movie references
– this is a weird one but after searching through all the videos I cannot find any other places where Logan makes any sort of references. I mean the closest we get is “elementary my dear – Daddy??? –no” in losing my motivation and that was half hearted and didn’t work out so well. After Anxiety disappears though he makes three. When he’s worried and Thomas isn’t listening to him he asks someone else to intervene. He seems to be having trouble getting his meaning across, so he resorts to saying “Flames, on the side of my face, seething, seeeething fire.” This is a quote from Clue (the movie based off the game). Later in Anxiety’s room, while trying to describe what Thomas is like without Anxiety, he can’t seem to make an accurate description, so he just calls Thomas a “cotton headed ninny muggins” which is from the movie Elf. Later when Patton shouts suddenly, Logan, startled, exclaims “E equals MC Scared!” Which just so happens to be the title of an epic rap battle of history. When Logan is upset and he can’t think of words he uses someone else’s. (*It should be noted that when he Patton and Roman left they imitated a song from the sound of music, but Logan didn’t initiate it and I would compare Logan’s interaction more to word association then anything else. He only said something because Roman said it first.)

He was also the first one to get eyeliner in Anxiety’s room. I think it was because he was already anxious about Anxiety not being there.

Roman: based off his behavior in Anxiety’s room and in Am I Orginial

* Loud high pitched voice and visible breathing
– he doesn’t talk fast but he gets high pitched and loud and yells a few times and sometimes you can see his shoulders moving up and down when he takes a deep breath.

* No self control
– He just says the first thing that pops into his head and does not stop. For example the creepy cookie rant. He can’t seem to find the breaks.

* Asking for reassurance
– When Patton asks about the eyeshadow Princeton says he didn’t apply it “But does it look okay? because a prince has to slay!” and after telling Virgil why he’s necessary he goes “Was that good? Did I do good?” Princey is usually telling the group how totally awesome and handsome he is. He provides these affirmations to himself most of the time. In Anxiety’s room apparently he has to ask the others instead.

* no creative insults
– he did not use a single nickname for Anxiety while in his room. Also near the end of Am I Original he said he was unable to come up with a harmful nickname for Anxiety right before having an emotional breakdown because he’s anxious about not being able to make good ideas.

Patton: based on time in anxiety’s room and the losing my motivation episode.

* He gets louder faster and more high pitched
– his speech patterns change just like Logan but not to the intensity of Logan. It doesn’t get to the point of screaming single phrases out. He just gets loud and high pitched.

* Much less of a doormat
– he made sure he was heard, even yelling over Logan when he had something important to say. He wouldn’t usually do that. Roman and Logan push him around a lot and he usually lets it happen.

* He’s very worried about everyone else
– “Do you have self esteem issues?” He’s concerned Roman has self esteem issues. “I don’t care how dark your clothes are, you shine! (Bright like a diamond!)” He’s worried about Virgil feeling bad. He also goes overboard trying to make Virgil feel better. I mean I love our dark strange son but “you could never be too much” is going a bit far. Patton doesn’t consider that though. He’s too busy trying to comfort everyone.

* More emotional than normal
– He very nearly cried because Roman said they were eyeshadow buddies. He has a lot of feelings. Nuff said.

Virgil: for someone who is the literal embodiment of anxiety he doesn’t really get anxious much (that the viewers can see and or are made aware of) he really causes it more. Maybe he’s just used to it. Anyway he appears anxious immediately before (like three seconds) and after (while he’s explaining why) he wants to be around Thomas’ friends more, and of course during his name reveal. He gets anxious when opening up.

* All the fidgeting with his hands
– he looks like he’s biting his thumbnail, he’s tapping his fingers, he’s touching his face and when his hands are off camera you can still tell from his arms he’s moving them around a lot. He doesn’t know where to put them and has a lot of nervous energy. During changes he reaches up to scratch his ear.

* Hiding
– He seems to be avoiding eye contact. He covers his face with his hands. He keeps looking at the floor. He glanced around the room quickly. He hunches his shoulders down a couple of times. Maybe he’s hoping he’ll sink into the floor. He doesn’t want to look at them and he doesn’t want them to see his face.

* He closes his eyes a lot
– a lot. The entire time he’s thinking about revealing his name and the entire time he’s explaining why he needs Thomas’s friends he keeps closing his eyes. And as he’s yelling “My name is Virgil” he closes them really tightly.

* Physical affects???
– I don’t know but a few of his facial expressions give me the impression he feels like he’s going to puke. Also between “Actually” and “on the subject of my name” he sticks his hands out and opens his eyes really wide, like he’s stabilizing himself. Like he’s dizzy. He swallows a lot to. Maybe his throat has gone dry? Maybe he’s trying not to puke? I don’t know. Anyways I’m pretty sure that he’s suffering more physically than the others are which I think kind of makes sense since he’s the physical embodiment of Anxiety.

* Blurting things out
– the big revelation, the thing he’s nervous about, that he wants to spend time with Thomas’ friends or that his name is Virgil, is very difficult so he says it very quickly and loudly and then glanced around waits for the others to attack him for it. He blurts out that he needs Thomas’ friends because Thomas seems mad at him and then he sighs and explains and you can tell he really regrets saying it.

* Uhhhhhhh
– he says uh a lot and pauses and even stutters a teeny weeny bit. He’s trying to word it right but he can’t think fast enough. Kind of the opposite of the others. Also his voice is the only one that doesn’t get higher.

* Fight or flight
– After admitting his name he crouched down lowers and looks at each of the suspiciously. He is afraid. Flight or fight engaged.

As a final note when they were in Anxiety’s room all of them started to look more and more like him. It was just the eye shadow it was also the hair and they seemed to adopt some of his posture too.

It’s two am and I did this on my phone, please excuse any mistakes. I just got a bit into it.

Binary Star (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jaebum / Mark

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3,935

Summary: In some cases, these close binary systems can exchange mass, which may bring their evolution to stages that single stars cannot attain.”

You and Jaebum have been dating forever when Mark Tuan shows up in your classroom. You’ve always been against change - a bit debilitating, being a writer - but for some reason this new kid has you thinking there might be an upside to chaos.

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How I met you (headcanon) | ‘Dancing with the stars’

Requested: yes “Helloo im kinda new to your blod and can i request a tom headcanon where you and him doing a sexual romantic ballet duet pls❤️❤️ “

masterlist: https://urbanstrangersfanfics.tumblr.com/post/165038874661/tom-holland-masterlist

taglist: @sarcasticvodka @mamanewta5 @dr-tardis-who @petah-parkah-and-potahtas @wandering-at-midnight @peterparkersgal @castellandiangelo @i-survived-my-trip-to-nyc @once-upon-a-walking-wolf-demigod @notfabulousanna @dec-snowy @b0okjump3r @lancesome-mullet-spacegays @sunshine-little-miss @marveltomjunkie @whiitee–sxxl @kawaiianime03 @homecomjng @espritdefleur @muffinfangirl28 @brokenanxiety

(Ok I want to say that this headcanon inaugurates a new series of headcanon called 'How I met you’. Basically it’s a series that offers different scenarios of the first time you met Tom or Peter)

You met at dancing with the starts:

- One day Tom’s manager called him because he had a very interesting news!
- Tom was chosen to participate at the new series of 'Dancing with the stars’;
- At first Tom was excited at all;
- But then his manager convinced him;
- “You’re gonna love it. Your teacher is one of the most famous dancers in the world. Her name is Y/N”;
- And Tom was like ??? Who is this girl?;
- A few days later Tom had his first training session and -again- he wasn’t sure about doing it;
- But boy, the moment he saw you in the ball room he completely changed his mind;
- Without any doubt, you were the most beautiful girl in the entire world;
- He loved the way your hair highlight your features and the soft curves of your body;
- “Tom you are drooling”
- “Shut up, Harrison!”
- You, on the other hand, were pretty excited to start this adventure. You didn’t know who he was but he was really attractive;
- Tom stuttered when he introduced himself;
- “Hi I’m Holland Tom… I mean… Tom Holland”;
- Harrison laughing like crazy in the background;
- As we know, Tom used to dance, but he never tried ballroom dancing so everything was completely new for him;
- “Tom you have stepped on my feet again!”
- “I sorry!”
- “You have to count until three! It’s not that difficult”
- “Ok, let’s make a pause”
- Days passed by and Tom was more infatuated than ever;
- Especially because he had the chance to touch you all the time but he couldn’t kiss you like he wanted to do;
- He really loved touching your body, it was just perfect to him;
- And your skin was soooo smooth;
- Dancing with Tom was the hardest thing ever;
- You were addicted to his touch, all you wanted was to feel his fingertips on every part of your body;
- Sometimes you knees trembled so hard that you almost fainted;
- The night of the first show, when Tom saw you for the first time in your ball dress, he promised himself to marry you;
- Because he knew you were the best he could ever want in his life;
- Can we talk about Tom wearing a suit?
- That’s probably my new religion;
- The sexual tension between the two of you was reaching the limit;
- Tom was just too afraid to look like an idiot in front of you, and you wanted to look professional;
- But eventually you two couldn’t take it anymore and one day you kissed;
- It was the most mind blowing kiss ever;
- “I don’t know why we have waited this long”
- “Just shut up and kissed me”
- From that moment on, you guys became an incredible dancing couple;
- Tom became more confident and flowing;
- You loved dancing with him, and watching his body moving;
- On the last week you had to prepare a new number… TANGO!
- And tango is the sexiest dance ever!!!!
- I’m sure that the first times Tom got a boner;
- Eventually giving him head after practice;
- Tom couldn’t help staring at your beautiful body;
- Always complimenting you;
- “Darling you are absolutely the most gorgeous woman in the world”;
- “I’m so lucky I have you”;
- His heart melted every time you touched/looked at him;
- He would be sooooo whipped;
- Like, also in bed, he would be super sub! Because he wanted to see your body moving on top of him;
- Ok but it’s Tango Night!
- Tom would be a bit nervous at first;
- Kissing him and telling him that everything will be fine;
- And guys you slayed!!!
- Giving a reward one you get home 😏;
- Even if Dancing with the starts ended, sometimes you still danced in you living room;
- Okay but one night you guys got so drunk and once at home tried to dance;
- You broke a lamp and a few glasses;
- Conclusion: Tom was the happiest man and every time you remember him that he didn’t want to join the program he would blush or roll his eyes;
- “I’m glad I did it, because I had the chance to meet the most beautiful woman around”;

The Drive part 2

I forgot to mention before that this fic takes place some time after my previous fic, the locker room. Not too important, but it helps with context. If you don’t want to read that fic, just know that Betty and Jughead got hot and heavy (but didn’t go all the way) in the boy’s locker room one evening. I intend on writing a part 3, but it probably will take a while. Anyway, enjoy!

The Drive, part 2

The drive was made in silence between the young couple, save for Betty’s hushed sniffles as she allowed herself to calmly cry. She leaned up against the passenger window, staring out at the trees and night sky, sinking deep into her thoughts. The couple made their way just out of town, and followed a well traveled dirt road that lead to an abandoned camp ground half way up the mountain. Jughead parked, turned off the engine, and began preparing himself for the worst.

He swallowed heavily, and gripped the steering wheel in a feeble attempt to ground himself. Without meaning to, he glanced over at Betty, and pain wretched through his chest. Her head was hung low, her eyes locked on her fingers as they traced the crescent moon scars on her palms. She brushed away slow tears that continued to stream down her pink cheeks. He fought back the urge to pull Betty close to him, to cradle her head in his hands and hold her until the pain subsided. He recognized that Archie’s drunken speech was the initial damage to Betty’s night, but Jughead felt just as responsible for her pain. She’s loved Archie since we were kids…  Maybe he was right? People do crazy things when they’re lonely… He breathed deeply, and forced himself to speak.


“He was just drunk,” she interrupted, “Drunk, and saying stupid things he doesn’t mean.”

Jughead paused, thinking carefully before responding.

“Drunken words are a sober man’s thoughts, or so they say,” he let out a heavy sigh, and shifted his body to face hers, leaning one arm across the backrest. “I can’t speak for Archie. He won’t talk to me about you, I honestly have no idea what he really wants. I imagine tomorrow once he’s nursed his hangover, he’s going to owe you an explanation,” He paused, waiting to see if Betty would share her thoughts. She graced him with long awaited eye contact, her sad, frustrated eyes meeting the concern and shame in his. He continued, his heart pounding and making it difficult for him to think clearly.

“All I do know- Betty… you-” he stuttered, and swallowed. “You deserve to be happy,” He finally choked out. “You do so much for everyone else all the time, and I’m afraid you’ll forget about yourself Bets. Maybe Archie meant what he said, maybe it was just the booze. Either way, I don’t… I don’t want you to feel obligated to- to continue whatever we are. No harm, no foul. If you think Arch can be good to you and make you happy, then I won’t stand in your way,” Before Jughead could continue, he realized Betty no longer crying. In place of her tears, a subtle smile tugged at the corner of her lips, still sad but somehow different. Was this pity? Jughead felt embarrassment swell in his cheeks. He was doing his best to be supportive and honest, and she pitied his sincerity? The sudden vulnerability weighed heavy in his chest.

“So where would that leave you, Jughead?” she said softly, and the tension in Jughead’s shoulders let go.

Her voice was so soothing to him, even in moments of anguish. His eyes fell to his knees, eye contact becoming too intense for his racing heart and mind. The thought of being without Betty was suffocating, but he knew Archie had been the apple of Betty’s eye since they were kids. The two of them were destiny, and her fling with Jughead was just a distraction along the way. No matter how much it hurt, he couldn’t bear to come between Betty and her happiness. His jaw was stiff, his body tensing as he waited for the girl of his dreams to slip through his fingers and into the arms of his “best friend”.

Betty could see the heartache festering behind the raven haired boy’s aloof demeanor. His chest rose and fell with each shaky breath, and the expression in his eyes was distant, like Jughead couldn’t fathom the answer to her question.

“You know you deserve happiness too, right?” she leaned slightly closer to him.

“No where near as much as you do.” he spoke under his breath, but Betty heard every word. She shifted next to him, barely inches separating them. Alarmed by her sudden shift, and her faint but intoxicating vanilla scent, he looked up at her and into her crystal blue eyes, still red and damp. He listened intently to her, mentally commanding himself not to wrap his arms around her and never let go.

“Archie’s never cared about what I want. He makes all these decisions because it’s always what he wants, when he wants it. He’s just not capable of thinking any other way. It’s not a bad thing,” she rambled, struggling to make her point without condemning the boy next door. “I mean, that’s what makes him the passionate idiot he is. He has a good heart and he’s not trying to hurt anyone. But, at the end of the day, the most important person to Archie is Archie. But you, Jughead…” She took his free hand and squeezed gently.

“Your first thought is always me, even over yourself. Last time I checked, I’m one of the few people in your life lucky enough to make you happy, and yet you’re willing to let all that go because you think it’ll make me happy to be with Archie? It’s both the sweetest and most stupid thing I’ve ever heard,” she let out a tired laugh.

Jughead spoke without thinking, “We do stupid things for the people we love.”

The pair were frozen for a moment, suddenly aware of the implication of his remark. Betty pursed her lips, waiting to see who would take the leap of explanation. Jughead felt like his lungs were pure lead, and a bitter metallic taste saturated his mouth. He couldn’t believe the words that had just escaped him. He was supposed to be letting her go, not confusing her with his stupid feelings.

“Jughead…” she whispered. “You love me?”

Her words hung in the air, her gentle gaze never leaving his. He was left with no choice but to be whole with her.

“Of course I do.”

His voice was low, raw, foreign in his throat. Without hesitation, Betty slid her hand up his arm, cradled his neck with her dainty hand, and brought her lips to his. Her other arm slinked around his back, and gripped a handful of his sweater. Jughead’s hands followed suit, leading his arms to wrap her small frame tightly against his chest. She pulled back, smiling brightly, and Jughead didn’t loosen his grip even slightly.

“I love you too, Juggie.” Her voice sent a tidal wave of emotion through his entire being. He had spent so much energy forcing himself to believe that maybe, possibly, one day Betty could feel the same way he did. To hear her actually say the words he was dreaming of was absolute bliss. But, a nagging doubt creaked in the back of his head. He needed to know for sure where she stood with him, and with Archie.

“What if tomorrow… Archie tells you he meant everything he said. What happens then?”

Betty cocked an eyebrow, still smiling.

“I don’t want Archie Andrews,” Jughead’s smile grew wider as she spoke, “I want you.”

The couple stayed there for a moment, soaking in the euphoric presence of one another. Betty took to tracing her fingers along his jaw, completely enthralled with the angular lines of his gorgeous face, her heart fluttering knowing what lengths this brilliant, compassionate man was willing to take for her. Jughead continued holding her tightly against him, her warmth and delicate scent more inviting than anything he’d ever experienced. He felt at home with her in his arms. Breaking her gaze from studying his every feature, Betty glanced at the clock in the dashboard: 11:48

“Well birthday boy, you still have twelve minutes. Any last requests?” she curled up against his chest, listening to his now slow and steady heartbeat.

“Well, originally my plan was to throw a few blankets in the box, lay back and watch the stars with you. How does that sound?” he answered softly.


Jughead had pulled a few thick, fluffy blankets out from a bag under the seat, and laid them out carefully in the box of the truck. Before long, he had created a comfortable surface perfect for lazing about, and watching the night sky. The pair crawled over the tailgate. Jughead laid flat on his back, leaving his arm up for her to cuddle up against his chest. A clear night made for remarkably bright stars, and an even brighter half moon now well above the horizon. The moonlight was enough to cast dim shadows through the forest, and Betty found herself more interested in the glow of Jughead’s skin against the ghostly light. With his free hand he pointed up to the sky, tracing the movement of some bright light.

“I can’t tell if that’s a meteorite, a satellite, or maybe, just maybe, a UFO,” he said mystically, his light sarcasm apparent. He turned his eyes to her, realizing it wasn’t the sky Betty was focused on.

“What? Draw the line at aliens?” he quipped, however Betty didn’t laugh. Her eyes were locked on him, and Jughead saw an intensity in her gaze he didn’t recognize.

She pulled him into a kiss, but it wasn’t like the loving, gentle, healing kiss they shared earlier. This was emotional, almost greedy, as if she craved his lips with an insatiable fervor. Her tongue teased him, pleading for entry, to which he eagerly allowed. As his tongue explored hers, she let out a quiet, sultry groan that took him off guard. He pulled back, images flooding his head of the last time he had heard those moans echoing slightly in the boy’s locker room. She spoke, her voice barely more than a whisper.

“There’s something I- I hoped maybe…” she stuttered, a rosey colour spreading through her cheeks and down her neck. “And now that I know for certain that you- well I mean I was sure before regardless, but now it’s just even more…” she trailed off, unsure if she was making sense or not.

“Breathe Bets. Start again, I’m hanging on every word,” he gently kissed her hand. She looked him in the eyes, amazed again at how incredible he was in every way.

“I want you, all of you.”

“I know,” he replied, smirking. “That’s what you told me after Polly’s baby shower. I was listening then too, scout’s honor.”

“Well listen closer,” she pleaded, and he abandoned his joking persona, clueing in that Betty was really trying to communicate something. She continued, “I trust you Jughead, completely. With my heart, my soul… and my body.”

His eyes widened, and he swallowed heavily. “You mean you want…”


byuuoo-deactivated20171025  asked:

Mcgenji with 13? 💕

Still willing to take a few of these if anyone wants

“Kiss me.”

“What?” Genji sat up straight from his position on the motel bed. He glanced over at Jesse who was still sitting by the window. His foot tapped against the floor.

“Just singing along to this song.” Jesse gave him a smile. “You ever listened to Frank Sinatra?”

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anonymous asked:

My friend I also love whump so like hows about a fic wherein our dear Hiccup is being, lets say, roughly treated by, a character of your choosing, because that character wants some information or something like that from him.

Well, after three months here it is! Sorry, guys, I’ve just been busy with other stuff. If you’ve seen the updates on Infernal Fascination I’m sure you’ll understand.

I’m quite proud of myself for keeping Dagur under control in this. He wanted to turn this into a Dagcup fic, but I refused to let him. There are still some implications of that, but I only allowed just as much as the show would… If the show was pg-13… Honestly, there are times he just needs to be locked in a room with caution tape that says “Censored” over the door.

Alternate ending to “The Zippleback Experience.”

Requests are closed.

“Oh, I hope you don’t.”

There was suddenly an oddly shaped sword pointed at Hiccup’s face. He glared up the length of it to defiantly meet Ryker’s gaze. He couldn’t let him know that he was scared.

Dagur grabbed at Ryker’s hand and pulled the sword away with a growl. “I told you I don’t want his face ruined.” Dagur glanced down at Hiccup, and he turned his glare on him, baring his teeth in what he hoped was a threatening gesture. “Actually, you should just let me handle this.”

Ryker rested his sword on his shoulder. “Why?”

“Because I know him and you don’t.” Dagur grinned at him as he said this rather than looking at Ryker. Hiccup did his best not to shudder.

“Fine,” Ryker said, sheathing his sword. He crossed his arms, obviously planning on staying. “Get him to talk. But if your way doesn’t work I’m doing mine.”

Hiccup didn’t know how he felt about this arrangement. He didn’t like the fact that Ryker would witness whatever Dagur was going to do to him, but at the same time, he was grateful for his presence. He had a pretty good idea of what Dagur would do to him if nobody was around, and he’d rather not have to ever face that.

If he didn’t escape in time though…

He swallowed hard as Dagur crouched down to be eye level with him. Come on, guys. Notice I’m missing. Come and get me!

“Hey, Dagur. Long time, no attack. How are you doing?”

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Run - Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Warning: Contains scenes of a sexual nature and mentions of violence and death. Please don’t read if you’re too young. 

Never have I ever - the strip version. You don’t know who’d suggested the tweak to the rules of the game. You don’t even know who’d suggested you play the game in the first place. But if truth be told, you were glad they did, because it had made the night infinitely more entertaining for you as you’d watched Namjoon squirm in temptation at each removal of an item of your clothing. He was bothered, and you were amused. You liked nothing more than teasing him, and this game made it almost too easy for you. Slowly, you made your way back to the centre of the group, a sullen, threadless couch and set of cushions sheltered around a wooden crate lowered as a coffee table. Jin’s apartment was sparse, his own bedroom containing nothing more than a thin mattress and piles of his clothes stacked neatly next to it. But despite it’s lack of content and dubious location, there wasn’t one aspect of it you disliked. Since you’d met Namjoon, you’d spent countless nights exactly like this -filling the room with the memories that gave it such a comfortable, unique vibe.  A disgruntled chirp escapes your lips as you return to your seat from the kitchen, your spot now occupied, the eager grin of Kim Namjoon staring back at you with a knowing smirk to draw you out of your memory driven daze.

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maethem  asked:

Hey! How would BTS react to finding out that you work on a radio AM? (Sorry if was confusing) PS: You can choose if would be a short or long reaction, and if you have a limit of boys you can choose too, but with Namjoon 😆

Ah, sorry this took so long~ And you didn’t say what kind of station it was (talk, music, sport, etc) so I tried to keep it kinda vague for most of them ^-^ Hope you like it!

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin was impressed with you and what you did every day, as he found it difficult to even host a show with his members without stuttering or being so nervous that he’d have to take constant pauses, and he’d tell you how proud he was often; nearly each time you came home from work.

Yoongi wasn’t quite sure what to think at first, so he just nodded along and decided he’d listen in while you were working one day. And, as he listened, he was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable you seemed and went to talk to the higher-ups at his company to see if he could get you an announcing job, if you wanted it.

Hoseok would immediately want to come to the station with you, but he didn’t know what he’d do if he just went by himself. He wouldn’t really know what to say, so he asked if you would want the entirety of BTS to come on and talk with you, answering whatever questions you wanted to ask and hopefully helping you gain new listeners.

Namjoon would really want to watch you work, thinking he’d find it more fun than just listening to you over the radio. But he didn’t want to intrude, so instead he asked if he could join you as a guest. He’d talk about whatever you wanted to talk about, whether that was BTS or just current news, so long as he got to watch you work.

Jimin seemed shocked when you first told him, and he was sure to tell you how cool he thought it was, but afterwards he didn’t talk about it much. Until he almost randomly mentions that he liked the song you played that day, and then you found out that he now listened to your radio station whenever he worked out, though he didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.

From the moment Taehyung found out you worked on the radio, he didn’t turn it off. If you were at work, he was listening for your voice; it was so much better than just texting you. And now that you knew he was listening, you could mention things only he would understand, and he’d be beaming the next time you saw him.

Jungkook would want to join you on your show, but he would also want to help you gain new listeners. So, after talking it over with his Hyungs, he asked if you’d want him and the other members to come and perform live. They’d perform whatever song you wanted and as many as you wanted, so long as the radio station didn’t mind.

TITLE: My Dork
AUTHOR: Bucky-Take-The-Wheel
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Edward Nygma having a crush on you, but being to shy to tell you
NOTES/WARNINGS: First time writing for ‘gotham’ Edward, so hopefully not to horrible (andmyfirsttimewritinggothamperiod) ^^“

"I just don’t see how you do it, kid.” Harvey Bullock, one of the detectives at Gotham PD stated to you bluntly.

“How I do what, Harvey?” You replied from your desk with a smirk, looking up at the gruff detective with a smug stare.

“Put up with Nygma, he’s…he’s-” he began to explain.

“Smart?” You asked, cutting him off, not quite appreciating how everyone treated him around here.

“I was gonna go for obnoxious.” He complained, taking a seat at his desk across from you.

You only rolled your eyes at the statement, you could never quite comprehend why everyone here was always so hard on Ed. He had been your best friend for years and not once have you ever found him obnoxious.

A dork no doubt, but never obnoxious.

“Uhm. Excuse me [F/N]?” You heard a voice ask behind you.

“Speak of the devil.” Harvey grumbled as he resumed his work, trying his hardest to block out the conversation.

“Oh, hey Eddie!” You exclaimed with a smile, turning your chair to greet your best friend.

“I found something that will help on the case!” He stated excitedly, a grin taking over his face as he set some papers on your desk.

“Aweso-” you attempted to compliment, before said papers were snatched off your desk by Harvey.

“Yeah, I’m the one who needs the papers, smartass.” He stated, rolling his eyes as he began flipping through the pages, seemingly not caring.

“Well, I intended [F/N] to look through them first, actually…” Edward muttered under his breath, much preferring you look over them first.

Unlike most of the PD, you would always compliment his work and thank him, while most everyone else there only seemed to only want him to shut up and go away.

“Good job Ed.” You replied with a small smile, as you looked up at him, not wanting Harvey’s bluntness to bring down his mood at all.

He only gave his dorkish smile in return, before awkwardly turning away.

“Hey Ed before you do your whole, me complimenting you and you running off to do your smart person things, you wanna grab lunch or something?” You ask with a smile.

Your unsure why but Ed had been acting very off lately, normally he would get excited about explaining everything he figured out to you, which of course, you happily listened to.

But instead he seemed to run off at random points, especially when you complimented him.

“Oh, sure.” He replied erratically, quickly turning around to face you, his dorkish grin still spread eagerly across his face.

“Weirdos.” You heard Harvey scoffed under his breath.

“Come on then, it’s on me.” You reply with a smile

“So Ed….” you asked slowly, as you awkwardly twirled your fork around in your food.

“Yes?” He asked eagerly, his head shooting up to face you.

“What’s been up with you?” You asked nervously, worried that perhaps you had said something wrong to him, in the past that had changed how he was acting around you.

“Oh, you know, solving things, reading things, oh, and I just found this amazing rid-” he began explaining, your question going straight over his head.

“No, i mean…how you’ve been acting…” you mumbled shyly, looking down at your barley eaten food.

“What are you talking about, [F/N]?” Edward asked with a confused head tilt, which you found quite frankly adorable.

“Ughh. Nothing just forget it…” you mutter as you set your head on the table with a whine.

“No! Come on, I mean you know I’ll figure it out anyway!” He replied jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.

You let out a small giggle. “Have you been avoiding me for a reason?” You ask bluntly, moving your head to stare up at Ed.

“I mean…I feel like when ever I see you, you keep randomly leaving! Sometimes even mid-sentence!” You exclaimed dramatically.

He in return, only stared back blankly, seemingly not knowing how to reply to your question.

“Please tell me..if..if I’m annoying you or something….” you mumbled.

“No! You could never annoy me!” He replied quickly, not wanting you to get the wrong idea.

“Then tell me Ed.”

“I-I have to go…” he stuttered, attempting to leave the booth.

“Not so fast Ed, tell me” you stated bluntly, as you grabbed his tie, efficiently pulling him back to his seat.

He paused, contemplating how to proceed with the difficult situation. That is, before a wonderful idea struck him.

“It caused the destruction of Troy, The worst of tragedies And numerous maladies Yet it is chased, desired and fought for What is it?” He asked, giving you some intense puppy dog eyes.

A riddle? What are you thinking of course hes gonna explain with a riddle, this was Ed you were talking about here.

“Ok…let me think…” you muttered. “Destruction of troy…chased, desired, and fought for…”

As you thought allowed, ed stared nervously at you, hoping that the riddle would explain everything.

“Ah ha!” You exclaimed, it finally hitting you.

Ed’s eyes widened, nervously awaiting your answer.

“The answer is obviously love! But that doesn’t explain anything.” You reply blankly, the meaning going over your head.

Or so Ed thought.

You were pretty sure you knew full well what he was going on about but you first had to confirm your suspicious, before jumping to conclusions.

“Do you have a secret girlfriend or something? ” you asked, faking your response.

“What? No!” He responded quickly. “I…I uhm…” he mumbled nervously, before slamming his head on the table.

A giggle escape d your lips, looks like you had to take matters into your own hands. “I’m joking Eddie. I got the riddle you silly dork.” You state with a smile, as you moved ed’s head to face yours.

“Y-you do?” He asks, a blush running across his face. “I mean…of course you do.” He states nervously, as he adjusts his glasses.

“Eddie, you could have just told me.” You reply with a giggle as you stand up to move to the other side of the booth, taking a seat next to Edward.

“What?” He asked blankly.

“Me, surprising you? That’s a new one.” You state with a grin, as you lean closer to Edward, giving him a small peck on the lips.

He only stared back in shock, his face heating up immensely.

“Eddie? You there? Earth to Eddie.” You ask, waving a hand in front of the shocked dork in front of you.

“Ah…yes. I am” he replied as he nervously grabbed your hand.

“For a genius, you sure are a dork sometimes.” You laughed lightly as you leaned onto his shoulder. “But your my dork.”