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DualSign-- The Hunt is on

Suddenly, Dualscar paused. Now that he had done it– and it was so easy. So mind-numbingly easy that it was boring– he didn’t know what he would do next. Taunt the mutant? Reasonable, but it just didn’t seem right. Who was he to taunt the fugitive when he only managed to catch him because of his kindness? Dualscar scowled and pressed the mutant even harder into the wall, hearing a grunt of pain come from the other troll. He just couldn’t get over how utterly boring this victory was. He had planned so meticulously how he would catch this troll, but he had ended up doing it in chaos caused by the annoying clowns? Orphaner hesitated, looking down at the shorter troll he had pinned to the wall.

Why was he so calm? Was he stupid? Or did he somehow know he would get out of this just fine? Dualscar scowled– how could he be so sure of that? What was it that made him so calm in the face of danger? Forcefully, he turned the fugitive around so he could see his face and he froze where he was. Signless wasn’t fearless– the fear was apparent in his eyes– but he continued to stay calm. Suddenly, he let go of the mutant. He completely released him and took a step back, his way of silently telling him to run. It just felt wrong to win this way.

The Orphaner watched the array of emotions flit across the fugitive’s face– confusion, apprehension, and finally, gratitude. He snorted– the gratitude was unnecessary. He wasn’t doing this for Signless. He was doing this for himself. Dualscar wanted to feel the thrill of the hunt. He wanted to catch his target on his own terms. Silently, he watched as the mutant raced away, his cape flapping behind him. How ridiculous. He decided to not think about the fact that his own cape did the same thing when he ran. Once the mutant was gone, he headed to the inn he had been staying in. It would only be fair for him to give the other a head start, right?

Assured that what he was doing was right, Dualscar calmly walked into the inn. His footsteps echoed surprisingly well in the loud entrance hall. A moment passed and the room seemed to notice he was there, as it all fell silent. Looking around, he saw several burgundy and yellow bloods. He turned his nose up at them and sauntered into the room he had paid for beforehand. The Orphaner fell onto his bed– there was no way he would be able to sleep today. That would be dangerous– almost everyone in the inn wanted him dead. With a sigh, he began planning out his next move.

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heY HEY HEY! Can I request gom+ kagami and their s/o doing the boyfriend tag thing in youtube? XD What are they gonna do, is it a make-up tag or q & a tag or playing a board game tag, whatever is in your head hehe (if I pass a certain character limit, feel free to remove murasakibara or midorima or both!)

the hell is dis, why did i do dis

well, forgive me for this one, i’m not even sure if my brain works

hovewer, thank you for the request!


✲ carpool karaoke, Kuroko loves singing in the car

✲ he always choose his partner’s favourite songs, what a nice little thing

✲ they end up singing only disney songs


✲ I’m pretty sure, he and his partner would invite GOM and do something similar to NigaHiga’s I Dare You

✲ he would get the worst of the worsts dares, believe me. Like kiss Aomine in front of the whole Internet (not bad to me tho)

✲ his s/o would probably regret accepting this idea


✲ he and his partner play sports together, who has more points wins

✲ he wouldn’t even have to cheat, the only one who can beat me is me, remember?

✲ who loses will be a winner’s slave for the rest of week, guess who is the slave


✲ my bf/gf does my make-up challenge (you didn’t suspect it, did you?)

✲ he uses products his s/o didn’t know existed and everytim you asked what the hell is this, what the hell is that he would laugh his ass off

✲ the whole challenge end up with Kise’s partner looking like a fucking god, because he is a king of make-up



‘this is so stupid, nanodayo’  

please, stop with your disgusting - if it break, you will get pregnant - jokes or I will leave and never come back’

‘i can’t breathe sdfnjdgnvifjnb’

✲ he would run away, red from head to toe and never again agree to his partner’s ideas 


✲ akashi and his partner do q&a

✲ he tells the most embarassing things his s/o did and they only throw food at him

✲ in the end his partner put a pillow on his face screaming ‘euthanasia’ just to stop him from making them look like a losers in front of everyone 


✲ CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE (I’m orginal af today, aren’t I?)

✲ ‘Atsushi, you are not supposed to eat it.’

‘I don’t care.’

✲ he would end up crying because you spit out all these marshmallowes 

‘I’m so disappointed, s/o-chin’

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I had a lot of respect for you being one of the few people to stand up against Harley, but now you're in his video having dinner with him? He said you invited him to dinner and you're all friends ?


I really never wanted to talk about Harley again on here, but I guess I have to. This is the REAL story for everyone…

Me and Harley have been going at it on Facebook messenger for months now, we argue about everything… I disagree with pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth these days. But talking to him on messenger is useless because he just runs from all the points I bring up and instead makes jokes or makes stabs at me. A few days ago it got really bad, we were in a heated argument because he was making up lies about me and Tim on Tumblr.

So… instead of replying and continuing this ridiculous back and forth messaging , I tried calling him, he didn’t answer so I messaged him saying “either call me back and talk to me properly, OR never fucking talk to me again”… he replied, “I’ll be Sydney tomorrow how about me meet up and we can talk face to face” I thought about it, and I said okay.

I have so much build up anger towards Harley and even though it would probably be completely useless I wanted to let it all out, to his face, where he couldn’t fucking run away or make some stupid troll joke. I also wanted to try my very best to help see what a bad path he is on… and at the end of the day so I could say, hey at least I tried….that’s why I agreed to meet him.

So yesterday was the cruelty free festival and I didn’t talk to Harley, there was no point the only thing I want to say to him couldn’t be said in public. At one point he sat directly opposite me and waved, I waved back because obviously I’m not going to ignore him, but we didn’t speak the whole day.

THEN that night me and Emily went to newtown for dinner, as we were walking into a restaurant we saw Harley going into the place next door, we noticed he was alone and Emily suggested maybe I should just talk to him tonight so I don’t have to see him again. The restaurant we were in was empty so we could easily talk about everything. I messaged him and said, “hey I saw you at newtown, we are next door if you want you can come in and we can talk now. I’m with Emily.”

That message wasn’t a OH HEY 👋 let’s hang and get dinner… no. BUT of course Harley has manipulated that, and taken everything out of context. So anyway, Harley never opened my message so we just ate and left.
As we were leaving, we walked passed the restaurant Harley was at and Emily saw her friend sitting out the front…her friend called out to her and she was like oh hey and started talking. I looked around and saw Harley sitting one table down from Emily’s friend. He looked at me and said “hey, you stalking me now bonbon, haha”… he was with two girls that I had spoken to previously at the festival that day. I stood there and said hi to everyone. Harley asked me some casual questions, I replied and acted normal because obviously I’m not going to blow up in public, when others are around.

Emily talked to her friend for like 10 min, so eventually I sat down and talked to the two girls. They were asking me some questions about Sydney etc, it was then that Harley snapchatted and filmed me without me knowing. I thought I saw him doing something but then was like nah he isn’t that stupid… anyways the conversation ended with me saying to Harley..“okay I’ll message you about meeting up on Tuesday because we really need to talk” He was like yeah cool bye. Then I got back to my car and I realised he put me on his Snapchat with the caption “evidence”…

I was obviously mad because he made it seem like we were all pals, when that was definitely not the case and he KNEW that. So I messaged him and said “ take me off your snap” he replied later saying “what is this high school? ha ha ha”… then we had an argument about how he is making it look like something it’s not, and I asked him many times to delete it, but of course he didn’t. Then I saw he also put me in his video.

It’s actually really really sad that he is so desperate and has to manipulate situations to make it look like he has my “support” when it’s the complete opposite. I was trying to tell him how much I DON’T support what he is doing right now, and that he needs to get some real help!

This whole situation has reminded me of how much of a master manipulator he is… he literally will twist and tweak every situation to make it look like something that favours him. He is soooo sneaky, he messages Tim behind my back telling him to break up with me because I’m not “good” enough. He messages all my friends trying to turn us all against each other. ITS FUCKED. I just want this to end. I’ve decided I’m not meeting him, he literally doesn’t deserve my time, and before ANYONE says something, no Harley didn’t “make” me, sure he inspired me once upon a time but so did many others… I owe him nothing.

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Steve is driving one day and "For Those About to Rock" comes on and he likes it. He goes home and checks some more ac/dc out. Steve decides he likes them. BUT HE WILL NEVER TELL TONY. It's too much fun to watch Tony freak out about it.

Steve LOVES modern music.

The thing is, he can’t ever remember spending a time without music, without his Mam singing lullabies in Gaelic or Babushka’s own Russian songs or Bucky playing the piano or the old Victrola that Steve’s Da had gotten for his Ma that was his last present to her. 

Of course, it’s only natural that he loves the music he grew up with and the dance hall tunes he and Bucky danced to.  Well, Bucky danced.  Steve could too - but he’d never really had a partner among the girls.  And then, when Bucky danced with him, in the privacy of their apartment, “just being a pal” - it was all Steve could do not to look up into those bright blue-gray eyes, want to close the distance between them and just let him know…

Well.  One would think that a fella could get used to regret by now and not feel that kind of crippling pain anymore…

The first time Steve Rogers heard modern rock, he sat bolt upright, heart beating fast and in time to the heavy bass beat, the unique wail of the guitar, the roar of the drums.

It’s not the music he grew up with.

But it spoke to him all the same.

So yeah, Fall Out Boy has a very special place in his iPod.  Thor was absolutely delighted with “Midgardian” music and Darcy gleefully rubbed her hands and said, “Boys, let me take care of your musical education.”

Long-lost Cousin Jane had hollered something about not letting Steve and Thor anywhere near “Glee Interpretations of Journey Songs” and Darcy had screeched “BLASPHEMY!” in return and okay, the deal was that nobody was to let on that Steve liked anything else other than 40’s music at the very latest. 

“That’s evil,” Darcy approved.  “I LIKE it.”

Okay, so obviously, Natasha would find out.  Trolling Tony was always a Good Thing, in Nat’s opinion. 

Sam, of course, would roll his eyes and tell Steve, “Trust me, young padawan, I got some more stuff for you to catch up on.  You ain’t no Jedi Master yet.”

Eventually, Bucky would join Steve on his musical tour of the 70 years they’d missed out on.

Yes, Bucky would share his love for Fall Out Boy. 

Also, Bucky ended up discovering how to play an awesome piano rendition of Sweet Child o’Mine.  He would perform it for his adoring niblings and for Jane and Thor’s babies. 

But of course, the best thing was rediscovering dancing and this time, Bucky asserted that he was going to hold Steve as close he wanted to and “no fucking excuses, Rogers, I want my baby right here where I can see you.”

Yeah, he and Bucky kind of mutually agreed on the fact that they were both epically stupid, pining idiots in the 30’s.  They were good and determined to make up for that now. 

There are certain AC/DC songs that generate very interesting reactions from Bucky, which result in Steve walking funny the next day, with the dopiest grin on his face and with Bucky proudly displaying certain… evidence by wandering out into their kitchen wearing nothing but those stupid Captain America shield boxers.  

Tony has yet to find out about that though.

- end -

Note:  Because Grand High Troll Steeb is LOVE and because tygermama is one of my favorite Shameless Plot Bunny Herders! :P