his stupid face and my need to make something

Considering that my life has been taken over by this stupid game, it was inevitable that I would draw something for it.

So, I married Sam in the game and there’s some dialogue that happens with his family, which would be normal if I wasn’t married to him, that just makes me either giggle or face-palm. This particular one just wouldn’t leave me alone until I drew it. There’s a couple more that I could do, but we’ll see if I get around to sketching them out or not. I also have another piece that I really need to finish….

Sorry the file is so small. I didn’t realize that it may be hard to read until I was basically finished….I’ll try to make the file bigger next time if I do something like this again.

I’m incredibly annoyed.
I want to slam my acquaintance’s face somewhere.
“What’s up?”, he asked. I told him I’m reading something and he seemed all interested in knowing what that was. I told him and I was like “do you want to read it too?” and he agreed.
After giving the PDF, he started making questions like “is it haunted? Does it have blood? Will my computer be possessed by a demon?”. At first I followed his act, but he started overdoing it.
I told him to just forget it, not to read it.
But then he started again with those stupid questions, adding the fact I didn’t want to answer as a suspicious mean.
I was like “I answered you already. It’s only a 3 pages symbolic story.” but no, that wasn’t enough.
I left eventually.
He made me so mad.
I get it, you don’t want to read, fine. Just freaking say it, it’s not like I care about it. You don’t have to act like a 5yo.
I mostly got mad because he was acting ridiculous over the story and then over the books in general. I don’t really get aggressive, but god. If I could slam his face somewhere, I would get so happy.
I’m generally a calm person, I’ve got lots of patience to a ridiculous and annoying point (as I am told by many through years), but I get so annoyed when people act like real jerks around something I love.
I mostly god mad because I regretted I showed him the story. I felt like I did a stupidity, like somehow I offended all the books…
I dislike when people acting like losers to avoid something instead of saying it to my face. Besides, we don’t have the same interests, not all love books. But that doesn’t give them the right to act this way towards them.
Ok, now I act like a 5yo.
I just got irritated, because I expect some .. hm.. respect when I give to someone something I really love.
Because that’s how I felt, I felt like I gave him a blue vase and he decided to let it fall because blue wasn’t his color.
I shouldn’t mind such things, but meh.
It’s not like it’s a huge problem, but it’s just so annoying. Literally. So. Dam. Annoying.