his stare is rather creepy


Jace hasn’t ever had trouble with relationships before.

First of all, he’s charming. He can basically just look in someone’s direction the right way to catch their attention, and he can feel their eyes on him when he walks away. Usually he’s the one to flirt for information on missions, because he’s great with guys and girls. And he’d rather not see his little sister being stared at by creepy men.

Second of all, Jace has never been in love before. He’s had crushes, sure, and he’s looked at certain pretty people and wanted to kiss them, but he’s never felt butterflies or anxiety over the thought of being turned down. And up until now, he’s always assumed that it was because he’d never been turned down.

But then he met Simon, and now he knows.

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Connor traces his thumb across the edge of Oliver’s cheekbone. Oliver smiles, sleepy, and opens his eyes. They narrow against the early morning light peeking orange through the blinds.

“It’s Sunday,” Oliver says, scolding, but then he reaches up, clasps Connor’s wrists, and drags Connor’s palm to his mouth. “It’s early.”

“You can’t blame me, can you?” Connor says, easing back down into the pillows. His eyes never leave Oliver’s face.

“You could have just stared at me longingly instead of waking me up.” Oliver holds Connor’s hand in the small space between them.

Connor rolls his eyes. “That’s some creepy vampire bs. I’d rather stare at you when you’re awake.”

“And that’s not creepy?”

Connor nibbles his bottom lip. “Not if you are staring back.”

Oliver eyes him, lips curled and eyes sparkling. Connor won’t admit that he woke Oliver up because he couldn’t wait another minute to talk to him, or to see him look at Connor like that. So fond - so full of love - it makes Connor’s chest ache in the best possible way.

“I love you,” Oliver says, heart in his words.

It’s almost too much. But Connor is so greedy for him, for this.

“I know,” Connor says. Laughing, Oliver hits him with a pillow.

It’s the perfect way to start a morning.

What I Call Life (Part 14)

Part Fourteen of the blangstpromptoftheday mpreg fic.

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Sorry for the extensive wait. This chapter’s over 12,000 words long so I hope that makes up for everything. Slight warning for violence. Also the song featured in this chapter is here.

This fic is on FF.net too.

“Oh my god.”

Kurt dropped his phone on the floor, hands shaking as he stared down at the device in horror. Just moments before, his facetime request had finally been confirmed; yet when the call finally connected, instead of seeing his fiance’s face staring back at him, it was Blaine (his ex-fiance) answering in Alex’s place. In that moment, he knew exactly what was going on. Kurt wasn’t dumb. Within mere seconds of seeing Blaine’s heartbroken expression on his tiny phone screen, Kurt knew where his current fiance was. The purple background and the fact that Blaine was completely covered in dark eye make-up showed that Alex was in the zebra room at the strip joint Blaine worked in. He wasn’t in Japan like he claimed; he was in fucking Los Angeles, California in a fucking strip club getting a handjob from someone he thought was a random dancer.

But Blaine wasn’t a random dancer. He was Kurt’s ex, Kurt’s one true love and the father of their child.

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