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There’s a post going around about pretty much how the marauders would be homophobic back in their hogwarts years and I want to put my opinion out there real quick 

okay. So… We’re talking about the 70s, there was indeed a lot of prejudice back then and it wasn’t easy to come out. 

With that said, we’re talking about four boys in which:

Boy #1 is a half-blood wizard and werewolf. Also not heterosexual. As any young person growing in a poorly informed environment regarding sexuality (let’s be real, I don’t think the school library would have a lot of books explaining puberty at all, maybe Troll’s Puberty For Dummies, but that isn’t really helpful) he would be scared and it would take time for him to come terms with who he is and who he loves, this taking in account older Remus as we know him. I have made a previous post about this matter, in which, in my HEADcanon I say that I think Lily would be the first person Remus would turn to only because in my HEADcanon they are really close friends and well, Remus needed a female touch in the matter But, ultimately, he would come out to his friends and everything would have worked alright because they all love each other and Remus, slowly but steady, also learns to love himself. Werewolf and all. 

Boy #2 is also a half-blood who gets to see what prejudice does in the muggle world and how it grows into hatred and violence all these nasty problems. As a eleven, twelve, thirteen, etc  year old, he doesn’t get why people would have these kinds of reactions towards people who don’t share the same romantic interests as themselves. He doesn’t get either why the colour of the skin is something of a big deal to muggles or why the purity of one’s blood is a big deal to wizards. Peter is a boy who watched the muggle and the wizard world grow in hate over matters that shouldn’t be problems and he would not question nor hate his friends over any of it because he doesn’t want to be like that. He’s very naive as child and that helps him in a path to acceptance rather than hate.

Boy #3 is a pure blood born and raised to be part of the wizard high society but with loving and understanding parents who didn’t blink twice over accepting his son’s best friend into their home to step in as the parents the boy didn’t have. The Potters raised James to be a good, understanding person. He was cocky, yes. But he was not a bad person, he was not a bigot. He helped the 1st years that were being bullied by the group of blood purists that were in Hogwarts at the same time as he was, and he didn’t even blink when one of his best friends told him he was a werewolf. James Potter believed in loyalty above all, he would have opened his arms towards his pan/bi/demi/ace/homo-sexual friends and even throw some playful jokes in about how he always knew Sirius liked to stare at his awesome arse. He would not turn his back to his friends for something as shallow as one’s sexuality.

Boy #4 is also a pure blood but from a very traditional family in every aspect of the word. Sirius Black grew in a toxic environment but he knew those weren’t the right ideals to have. He knew it and he fought against it to the point he had to run away from home. Sirius was a rebel and he knew what he was and was perfectly fine with it and he knew his friends would too because in them he found family, in his friends he found home.

Besides all this, don’t forget that the boys accepted Remus lycanthropy to the point they turned themselves into illegal animagi to be able to help his friend who every month would turn into a raging, murder-y, furry creature. If you think for one second that they accepted all that but had problems if any of them stuck their d*cks in arseh*les instead of v*gina, I don’t even know what else I can tell you

| Cute | Holoform!Bumblebee

“This better be good”

- the first words out of your mouth as you knocked on the door hard.

Sam answered almost immediately, as if he’d been waiting, eyes staring at you from under a mop of brown hair as his head popped out.

“Oh it is,” He verified, a smirk pulling up his lips. He leant against the doorframe. “Bee’s been nagging me to call you for ages.”

“Bee?” You rose an eyebrow, curiosity slightly pinched but the irritation at having to walk all the way over to Sam’s house still pricking you.

“Why didn’t he just come himself?” You muttered. Sam only supplied you with a slight shrug of his shoulders as you turned to walk to his garage.

“You better not get it on with my car, Y/N!” You heard him call. You slightly bristled, knowing he must’ve noticed the excitement you tried to hide at the fact that it was Bee who called you over.

“He’s not yours Sam!” You called back. “And get a haircut you dork! You look like a broom!”

You heard him yelp and looked back to see him run his hand into his slightly overgrown hair with a blanched face. Snickering to yourself, you entered the garage, letting his sounds trail off to silence.

The moment you entered, the bright yellow Camaro in the middle of the room instantly shook on it’s wheels.

You laughed as he transformed, quicker than you’d ever seen before, growing to his full height. He hunched slightly because of the short roof but his servos clicked rapidly, clearly excited.

“You look happy about something,” you teased, resting a hand on your hip.

Because I’m happy! Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!” The song flowed from his speakers which made you give a very unattractive snort. Bumblebee nodded enthusiastically, going down on one knee so that you could see him better, and not have to look almost straight upwards to see his face.

You found yourself lost in the gaze of his impossibly blue optics for a moment, before shaking yourself out of it. “What did you want to show me?”

Bee blinked once, twice, slowly, then popped up again as if realizing that yes, he indeed wanted to show you something. His doorwings fluttered so childishly you almost cooed out loud.

He folded back down into his alt mode, the door opening smoothly without a creak.

“You want me to get inside?”

You – got it – sugar cakes,” came his voice in the distorted radio speech he used.

You rolled your eyes, sliding into the driver’s seat and buckling yourself in as a habit. Humming a tune under your breath, You tapped your fingers on the dashboard to the beat. Your other hand brushed a thumb over the AutoBot insignia in the middle of Bee’s wheel, your gaze growing soft.

“We’ve been through a lot together, haven’t we bud?” You exhaled lightly, remembering all the exciting - albeit terrifying and life threatening - adventures you’d gone through with the Cybertronian.

That we – have,” The words were also without his usual enthusiasm, thoughtful as if he were sharing the same sentiments you were feeling.

You rested your palm fully on the seat, feeling the warmth almost pulsing beneath your fingers, instead of cold leather. It reminded you yet again that Bee was a living being - a sentient, amazing being that you had had the opportunity to meet.

“What would I be without you?” You mused softly, not realizing you were thinking out loud and also failing to feel the seat belt tightening around you, as if hugging you close.

“But hey!” You broke yourself from your emotional state, putting your hands on the wheel, twisting and pretending to drive down a street.

You grinned, laughing as you gave it another spin and made car sounds. Bee went along with it, turning as if you were actually controlling him, the engine revving loudly and sending you into another fit of giggles.

“Sam would freak out if he saw me in his seat,” You snickered, imagining said control freak sputtering and demanding you to get out of his ‘special seat’.

“But you wouldn’t mind would you Bee? After all I’m your favourite.” You joked, nudging the wheel playfully.

“Oh I definitely don’t mind,” A voice next to you drawled.

You stiffened.

Your eyes slid over, and to the right there was a guy, casually leaning on the dashboard with his cheek on his palm. He smirked as he captured your gaze.

You screamed.

Unbuckling your seatbelt roughly and ignoring the whine of opposition from Bee, you threw it off you. You nearly fell headfirst out the car as you leaned to open the door, forgetting it was already ajar. Eventually you made it out, slamming the door shut and backing away.

Your chest heaved as you panted for breath. “Who the hell are you??
Afterwards you instead turned to your best friend of two years. “Bee! Who the hell is that?? Did you know he was in there?”

I did,” Came the short and almost cheeky answer.

“You did?” You asked, calmed down slightly, assured in the fact that Bee would never let someone harmful stay with you in the car but still on edge. “How long has he been in there?”

“Since the start of the conversation”

You turned around so fast you could have gotten whiplash. The same guy was now right behind you even though you hadn’t even seen him leave the car.

“I wasn’t asking you,” you narrowed your eyes, stepping back, putting some space between you. “I was asking Bee” You didn’t even try to censor who you were talking to, seeing as if he had been there the whole time he would have already witnessed who Bee was.

“But I am-”

“Shush!” You said, irritatedly. “Bee, why aren’t you answering me?”

Beautiful – calm down – listen to me”

“I am listening to you!” You said, clearly not getting whatever was going on.

“No you’re not,” Mystery guy said again, furrowing his eyebrows.

“I’m not talking to you” You felt as if you wanted to rip your hair out, your voice raising in pitch at your frustration.

“Y/N, calm down,” He stepped closer, resting a hand on your arm. You jerked back instantly.

“Don’t touch me!”

He hissed, and you saw that your nails had scratched three angry red lines in his skin. Your head cleared a bit and you couldn’t help the worry that flooded you.

“H-Hey wait, I’m sorry,” you stanmered. “Are you okay?”

He only chuckled raspily. “This is not how I expected this to go at all.”

At his calm output you found yourself levelling back to earth. “Who are you?” You frowned. “Why were you in…”

At the look in his eyes, realization suddenly dawned on you. “…in..Bee…”

“Bee?” You said incredulously.

“The one and only babe,” he grinned, winking the same impossible eyes, such a deep and baby blue it was like you could swim in them.

“But, you, how, what?”

He chuckled, lifting an arm to scratch at his head, an arm where there were no scratches that had just been there, as if healed already.

“Ratchet invented these holoforms for us to be able to blend in with humans better,” He said.

“Ratchet what??”

After a long explanation you stood in the same spot, blinking owlishly. Groaning, you leaned against the hood of the car. “I need to lie down.”

Bee laughed before coughing suddenly, dissolving into hacks that instantly worried you.

“Bee?” You said, still in slight disbelief but coming to terms with the fact that was standing right before you.

“I-I’m alright,” he rubbed his throat, and you suddenly noticed that he had been speaking hoarsely the entire time, but now it was like a rake was being dragged down his throat. “Talked too much.”

That’s right, his vocal processor was never properly fixed, You thought sadly.

“Will you be ok?” You asked.

I’ll be – fine,” The radio spoke from his alt.

“Just can’t talk for a while after this,” Bee spoke again.

You grew disoriented from his different forms speaking. “That’s so weird.”

You bit your lip absentmindedly, tracing your eyes over the male. Shaggy golden locks that curled right beneath his ears, sky sapphire eyes and a smooth jawline. Unsurprisingly, the rest of his body was adorned in black and yellow articles of clothing.

“Holoform…right? Holo like hologram?” You asked. “Does that mean…can I…?” You raised a hand tentatively.

“Go ahead,” He prompted, putting his palm up, hovering in front of yours. You ventured closer, swallowing before letting your hand slowly connect with his. Your eyebrows visibly lifted when the tips of your fingers brushed warm skin, instead of phasing right through him.

“Wow,” you breathed and dashed your caution to the wind as you pressed your hand fully to his. “It feels…You feel so-”

“Real?” He grinned toothily, interlocking his fingers with yours. “It’s not. But pretty awesome right?”
He stared at your interlocked hands. “I’ve always wanted to do this with you.”

You ignored the way your stomach fluttered at those words, still in awe. “Wow Bee, just wow. I don’t know what to say.”

You’d been expecting something when you went over Sam’s house, but definitely not this!

“Shh,” he put a finger to your lips before leaping back with the grin still attached to his face. “Then don’t! Let me amaze you”

There was a small flash of light and then Bee was dressed differently, a leather jacket over a yellow ripped shirt that slightly showed his abdomen. There were boots with chains climbing up his legs and fingerless gloves on his hands. He leaned against his alt, sunglasses glinting.

Bee tilted the sunglasses down and peered over the top of them. “Impressed?”

You were silent for a few extra moments before you broke out into laughter once more.

Bee looked adorably confused. You just laughed harder.

“Oh Bee!” You wheezed. Something about the bad boy look on Bee had you in fits. He just looked so clueless, like a five year old kid dressed in ripped jeans and trying to look cool. “No matter how you try to look tough, you’re just too cute.”

Bee’s cheeks flamed and he lost his confident persona, sputtering. There’s the Bee you knew.

“But, but I,” He actually whined, crossing his arms. “Y/N!

You were too busy rolling on the floor to hear him, and Bee contemplated running you over underneath the tires.

“What? That’s a good thing!” You gasped, getting up and leaning on his alt for help. “Isn’t it?”

“Cute?” He murmured angrily, storming over to you. His hands came to box you in and you had barely stopped your laughter when you noticed that he had trapped you on his hood.

You felt your heartbeat pick up as he leaned closer, and you could count every golden eyelash framing narrowed, intense blue. “Am I cute now?” His voice had dropped, and due to the fact that it had already been hoarse, the depth only made a shiver run up your back.

You controlled your breathing, steeling yourself before looking up as if thinking.

“Yes, yes you are,” You said before poking him directly underneath his ribcage. He froze, letting out a giggle.

A giggle.

You lost yourself to laughter again as he whined in the background, and the car revved angrily.


[If Bee thought your reaction was bad, he definitely changed his mind when Sam let out a high pitched shriek when he came into the garage to check on you, throwing a chair at him.]


I Can’t Find My Jacket!

Written for Sterek Bingo 2017 (on AO3)

Summary: Derek doesn’t know where his leather jacket went because he’s searched everywhere and it doesn’t look like he’s going to find it any time soon. Damn… he really liked that leather jacket…

Derek searched all over the loft and it seemed like his leather jacket grew a pair of legs and walked out because it straight up disappeared.

He’s been trying to find it for nearly 3 hours now and it’s almost time for him to head to out. It just had to be his favorite leather jacket that decided to go missing all of a sudden.

The werewolf sighed. It’s only in his life that they go months without another supernatural occurrence taking place in Beacon Hills only for his favorite jacket to pull a Houdini on him.

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grasshoppa  asked:

Hiya! I have a funny idea for you! What are your headcanons for Yoosung asking Zen to help him work out and them bonding until Yoosung is RIPPED? Reactions at the end result? Zen being proud of his beefy bro? I feel like these two would make such a cute bro relationship once Yoosung gets down to business.

You’re hitting me with another super cute and fun request! Yoosung and Zen are definitely Brotp for me and I super lowkey ship them but I really loved this idea so I made this one longer then I originally planned because I enjoyed writing it so much! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! :3

Yoosung and Zen

  • Yoosung had asked Zen if he wanted to hang out with him for the day plus he wanted to ask him an important question
  • Zen, who finally had a day off, agreed since he thought that him and Yoosung should spend more time together
  • Once at the cafe destination, Zen greeted Yoosung, the latter looking extremely nervous about something
  • “Yo Yoosung, what’s up with you? Are you worried about something?” Zen asked as he pushed up his sunglasses to help disguise himself
  • Before Yoosung could even think, he blurted out to his friend “Zen I really need your help, I want to work out and have a body like yours!”
  • Zen blinked a few times in surprise, processing what Yoosung just said while the blonde was blushing from embarrassment
  • “It’s just that I have such a wimpy body and I think that’s one of the reasons why I don’t have a girlfriend. I would really appreciate it if you could help me work out Zen!” Yoosung asked hopefully
  • Zen gave his friend a heartfelt smile then smirked saying “Sure I’ll help you out Yoosung! But on one condition: you have to say ‘I want your help Zen because you have the most perfect body, only fit for a god’ then I’ll help you work out.”
  • Yoosung sighed at his narcissistic friend but swallowed his pride repeating “I want your help Zen because you have the most perfect body, only fit for a god. There, now will you help me?”
  • “Of course Yoosungie! Now let’s get down to business.” Zen said, secretly excited that his friend wanted his help with working out
  • So the next day, Yoosung and Zen met at the gym with Yoosung starting to feel self-conscious about his body
  • Zen could sense Yoosung’s doubt so he gave him a playfully slap on the back and told Yoosung to mirror his stretches
  • Once they were done with their warm-up, Zen had Yoosung lift some weights to see his current strength
  • Yoosung had difficulty lifting the 20 pound weights, putting them down and feeling embarrassed as tears almost fell down his cheeks
  • Zen noticed his friend’s distress and patted his back saying “Hey Yoosung don’t get upset, I know you can do this! It’s going to take some time but I’m here for you. Try thinking of your end goals and results as you work out. We’re going to do this together Yoosung.”
  • With Zen’s helpful encouragement, Yoosung was filled with a new sense of determination, thanking Zen for those much needed words
  • So Zen and Yoosung started going to the gym every weekend and Yoosung’s results were starting to show
  • The two of them would work hard and usually end the day with some protein shakes made by Yoosung
  • Zen was astonished by Yoosung’s progress and soon enough, Yoosung had a body that could rival Zen’s
  • He would stare in awe as Yoosung would flex his muscle, giggling about how awesome he looked thanks to Zen
  • Yoosung gave Zen a sincere smile saying “Hey Zen seriously thank you for all of your help. I can’t believe that I look so good now! You’re a great friend Zen, I really appreciate your help!“
  • Zen ruffled his friend’s hair telling him “No problem buddy. I mean, you’re still not as gorgeous as me but it’s a good start! But in all seriousness, I’m really proud of you Yoosung, I had a lot of fun helping you and we should hang out more often.”
  • Yoosung and Zen became workout buddies from that day on, challenging each other to who could get the better body but both were more happy to spend more time hanging out together

it’s all everything with you (ao3)

an unofficial sequel to “it’s all nothing without you[x]” (check out the accompanying art piece by @erwinsalive here[x]). inspired by a trip to the ocean a few weeks ago (and then forgot about because of all the prompts i was doing lol).

They start by remembering each other’s names.



They know the names are theirs, even though they’ve lived this life by another for over three decades. The other memories bubble from the bases of their brain stems, pop against the surface of their consciousness like the champagne they share. They clink their glasses at New Year’s–another year, another one together. They kiss when the ball drops. Erwin says into Levi’s lips, “Eight years together, darling.” And Levi doesn’t correct him when they sit back into their seats, because it really doesn’t feel like a lifetime away since they had parted.

Love was easy. Instantaneous. Erwin said it after they first met. Took his face between his hands, hands so big and familiar they made Levi’s heart ache with a pain he thought he had forgotten in death. Their lips fell together like they always did, like they had been chiseled from the same stone. And as they lived on together again, they masoned the pieces of this life with the last. It was interesting to see how parallels were formed–how certain phobias transcended through spirit and left them bodily weak. They haven’t remembered everything, they wouldn’t even know when they would have reached the pinnacle of remembering anyway, but they remember enough.

Levi remembers the ocean the following year.

He sits paralyzed in the passenger seat. His hands gripping his pants as if he’s trying to rip them off. He knows now why he has always hated the ocean. He was able to compose himself around imagery and video of it, choking down the anxiety like a pill too big through his throat. But now it was here, undulating like a maggot’s backside, and vast like the sky that sits atop of it. Inside the car, he’s drowning. Inside the car, he’s safe. He swallows, but he can’t move anything else. He’s drowning, he’s…

“Levi?” Erwin takes off his sunglasses and folds them, placing one arm of them into the collar of his polo shirt.

Levi can’t come up with the words. They’re parked right along the beach. He can see the waves rolling in. He can see the brats wadding in the shallow waves. He can see Hange shin deep in water so blue he never knew the specific word for it (he learned in this life it was “turquoise”). He brings his hand to his forehead and shakes out a breath.

“Levi, darling. Talk to me. Did you remember something?”

Levi bites his lip and nods shallowly. He rests the side of his head against the window. It’s cold from the air conditioning blowing on it for the past hour. He feels fevered, sick, disgusted.

“About what?” Erwin leans over and places his hand on top of Levi’s, and Levi’s fingers relax slightly, the denim of his jeans releasing from under nails. “Maybe I can help you through this, like when you remembered…”

“We made it…” Levi starts, because he’d rather talk about this than about the serum. “We made it to the ocean.”

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BTS Reaction to their partner being super flexible and spontaneous.

This man. Oh my gosh. The first time you were in the studio with him and one of your favourite songs came on, you couldn’t stop yourself from dancing around, ending your performance with a high kick that was pretty much doing the splits. Namjoon hadn’t known you that long, but the boy couldn’t stop himself from gaping. Pretty quickly he bit his lip, he just couldn’t stop staring at you. He thought you were awesome before, and he had been making an effort to get to know you slowly. But now. DAMN he is having some hella inappropriate thoughts. When you caught him staring he couldn’t even deny that he had been eyeing you up and wondering just how flexible you would be in bed. He was surprised when you started laughing and winked at him, and at that moment he decided to ask you out the next time he was alone with you.

This boy would be so super-duper impressed that you were such an incredible dancer. He would be watching you dance, bending your body into impossible positions with the greatest look of wonder on his face. As soon as your song finished, he burst out into a massive round of applause, cheering your name at the top of his voice. When you ran towards him, blushing from his enthusiasm, and threw your arms around him he would have such a massive smile on his face, albeit he would be looking a little confused. From then on you would take the effort to contort your body at random points, just because he would always gasp and clap for you.

Let’s face it, you could be chilling in your apartment, doing some yoga or pilates whilst Suga sat on the sofa, and it would takes ages for him to realise you were doing vertical splits. He’d glance up, see one of your feet in the air, and finally take notice of you. He would be hella impressed because, hello, the boy can barely bend over and touch his toes. He’d also be low-key jealous, and he’d tease you about it. “Come on y/n, don’t show off, it’s unattractive.” And even though he wouldn’t outright stare, he’d glance at you whenever he thought you weren’t looking. Each time rolling his eyes because damn, that is one impressive position you are in.

He would be impressed but also kinda terrified. Surely it must hurt? It is not natural to bend your body into such weird positions, what if you got hurt or fell over or something? He would be so impressed with the fluidity of your movements that he would just gaze at you, his expression dazed. He wouldn’t really know what to do with himself. When he sees that you’ve caught him looking a bit worried, he would break out into a massive grin and start doing very lame imitations of your movements, usually involving him losing his balance, so that you both end up just laughing at each other and acting like complete idiots.

Oh boy. We have all seen this boy do the splits, and he is damn proud of how flexible he is. As soon as he realised you were on par with him, it would turn into a competition. He would always be teasing you, asking if you can keep up or if you’re in pain. Naturally, you’d get so annoyed that you’d start doing really extravagant moves and you’d be daring him to try and keep up. It could be anywhere, even backstage at a concert, and you would end up having a mini-competition. But he would love how flexible you are, and he would always be asking you to try dancing with him, and when you gave in and finally let him teach you some choreography- boy would be hyped because you are fabulous and he is fabulous.

This kid is like Jin on crack. He wouldn’t be sitting watching you quietly, he would be yelling at the top of his voice, hitting the nearest available surface and chanting your name every time you danced or moved. He would always be coming up to you “How do you do it? Does it hurt? Can you show me?” And even when you tell him not to try because he will get hurt, he does it anyway, and you have to untangle the Taehyung-pretzel. He would always be telling you to do the splits or something, kind of like you are performing just for him. If you ever started high kicking in public, let’s face it, he would try to out-weird you. He would start singing terribly, or doing a dorky dance, and you would both end up laughing at each other.

This maknae would be so very impressed by you. Jungkook is good at so many things, so seeing you bend your body so crazily was super awesome for him, and he loved watching you stretch and bend. He is innocent though so he wouldn’t be having pervy thoughts. He’d probably just be wondering if he should start working on being more flexible, maybe he should ask Jimin for help, then you three could do really awesome stunts and scare people with random outbursts of contorting your body. He would laugh every time you burst out into a high kick in public, and though he would be a little embarrassed, your excitement quickly pushed that aside.

Thank you for reading! We really hope you like it. We’re open for requests, so go ahead and message us!

Admins ☼ Iris and Indigo ✩

(Why oh why does Tumblr not let me tag you in shit?)

Anywho as I run along this mile and a half long bridge i considered this and decided that yes, this also works. Imagine if you will Prompto returns from running/training with Gladio, a bit battered and bruised but insisting that not only is he fine but Gladio beating the hell out of him was Awesome!

Noctis stared at his boyfriend silently, letting Prompto’s excited praise of Gladio’s form and technique and *stamina* (“He never gets tired! I can run, you know, but I thought I was going to die, I bet he does marathons for fun!”) when finally his head caught up with the curious feeling in his stomach.

He grinned. “You have a thing for Gladio!”

Prompto stopped. Blinked. Went link up to the tips of his ears and started shaking his head so violently Noctis was a little concerned about whiplash. “W-what? Noct that’s…i don’t- you know I’m only interested in you, why would you-”

Noctis waved a hand dismissively. “Yeah yeah, you’re in love with me and think my ass is amazing, i know that ” Prompto sputtered indignantly. “But you like Gladio too. You’re always going on and on about him. And you almost came in your pants when he asked you to that art show-”

“I did not!”

“And you basically feel up all those bruises he gives you.” Noctis added, letting the past few months spin out in his mind through a new lense. “That. Is so cute.”

“Noctis it’s not like…wait. what?”

“You should ask him out. Small and twinky is totally his thing. And artistic; he dated this painter-”


“I know you say tour pictures aren’t an art thing and that you aren’t good but you’re an idiot. But not really, which is good since Gladio likes to talk about books and war history and other boring shit, but you like a lot of boring stuff too. You both like to run and hike, because you’re insane-”

“Are you breaking up with me?”

Noctis paused, blinking in confusion. Prompto had rolled off the bed at some point and looked about two seconds away from tearing out his hair or screaming at him. He tilted to his head to the side, eyebrows jumping up.



“No. It would make having sex later weird if I did.” Prompto let out a slightly alarming gurgling sound. Noctis blinked again. “What’s wrong with you?”

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Sole is dared to undress the companions while the companion also undresses them! love this blog btw❤️

Thank you, enjoy <3

Sole is dared to undress a companion while the companion also undresses them

Cait: She smirks and casually starts unzipping Sole’s suit. Sole laughs at how willing she was and started unbuttoning her corset.

Codsworth: He apologizes and carefully undresses Sole with his pincher after Sole steals his hat off him. “Since It’s off you now…” He left to clean the Vault suit… he just can’t stand the filth!

Curie: She blushes and gets really nervous. She is too busy remembering how to breathe than undressing Sole. Sole leaves Curie in her underwear before comforting her; Sole ended up taking off their clothes themselves.

Danse: He slowly unzips Sole with a deep blush and an intense stare at their body. Sole laughs and teases him which made him blush even more. He couldn’t help but hope that his body looked perfect at the time.

Deacon: He doesn’t like others touching him; but he kept his cool. “You can stop staring at my awesome body now” They both laughed as they undressed each other.

Dogmeat: He doesn’t know how to undress Sole. He would rip it off them, but Sole wouldn’t let him. You don’t find Vault 111 suit every day!

Hancock: “We could do that in private if you’d like, Love” He smirks while undressing Sole. Sole laughs and just says “Maybe later” With a wink; while carefully taking off his outfit.

Macready: Sole starts undressing him slowly. “Get it over with!” Macready undresses Sole as fast as he could which made time for him to help Sole undress him faster. He didn’t want others to think he was enjoying it.

Nick: “I’m sorry kid” He helps Sole out of their suit. Sole carefully undresses his as well with a slight blush. Once they are both undressed, Nick covers Sole with his coat.

Piper: “This game is getting on my nerves!” She goes with the dare with a pout on her face. Sole teases her and casually does the dare. Piper gets mad at them; but she has no other choice!

Preston: “I wonder how many more times I’ll have to strip today” He laughs and starts undressing Sole. Sole stares at his body as they quickly take off his Minuteman outfit.

Strong: Forget about the whole ‘Vault 111 suit is rare’; Strong doesn’t give a shit! He rips it right off them! “Finally, human change to good armor!”

X6-88: They both go with it in silence. “I suggest you all stop giving me that look; before I give you a real reason to be jealous.” He warns the other companions, as Sole silently giggles.

Maxson: He wouldn’t stop flexing, and Sole wouldn’t stop staring. “Something the matter Knight?” He asked Sole with a seductive look; which made Sole blush more than they already were.

Gage: He sloppily undresses Sole; and gets annoyed when Sole struggles with his armor. “Uh, here boss” He helps Sole with removing his armor. He refuses to let them remove his eye patch though.

Ada: “Allow me to…” She carefully took the Vault suit off Sole and handed it to them. She didn’t mind when Sole took her backpacks off.

A/N: Just a little funny GIF blurb I wrote. Sorry if it sucks. lol

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“Code blue, hostile territory, aborting mission. There’s too many enemy tampons.” Jensen shouted furiously into the phone to you. You couldn’t help but burst with laughter into the phone.

“Seriously Jensen get it together.” You stated. You heard Jensen groan on the other end. “Suck it up buttercup. I’m at work and I can’t leave right now and I’m in dire need of these tampons.”

“But there’s people staring at me. I don’t like it. It’s creeping me out.” Jensen cried into the phone.

“Jensen Ross Ackles.” You were sure you heard him stand straight up as he heard his full name. “You’re going to buy the tampons with no more complaining. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am.” Jensen swallowed hard to the sound of your commanding voice.

“I’ll be home later. I love you my peacock haired, tampon freak out of a boyfriend.” You smirked as you spoke into the phone. Jensen rolled his eyes.

“I love you too. See you at home.” Jensen said before hanging up and grabbing a box of the tampons and paying for them. “What are you looking at?” Jensen said to the teenagers staring at him who quickly looked away. “That’s right. You better be staring at my awesome hawk.” Jensen said running his hands along his mohawk and flipping the teenagers off before walking out the door.

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Another addition to Model!Yuri and Photographer!Otabek cause I can’t let go sometimes. Plus… Viktor had to make an appearance before I completely ended it anyway. 

AO3 || Previous

“I’m surprised you agreed to this,” Otabek says as they stand in the elevator. His arm is draped casually around Yuri’s waist as Yuri fiddles with the hem of his loose, tiger printed sweater. 

“Have you seen this line of clothing?” Yuri counters. He scowls at their reflection in the elevator doors. “If it wasn’t so fucking amazing I would’ve said no. You really think I want to work with him that badly? He’s gonna drive me batshit crazy.”

Otabek chuckles. “You’re admitting someone else has a decent line of clothing?”

Yuri punches him in the side as the elevator bell rings. The doors rumble open and Otabek’s arm falls away, hoisting his camera bag up his shoulder.

Yuri barely has the chance to take half a step out of the elevator when he’s knocked off his feet, tackled by a tall, silver haired man. Yuri’s string of curses is drowned out by the shout of, “Yuratchka!” Otabek can’t help but smile.

“Get the fuck off me, old man.” Yuri struggles underneath Viktor’s weight.

Viktor pulls back, beaming. “You agreed to a shoot with me! Yuratchka, I knew you always wanted to work with me.”

Yuri successfully shoves Viktor away and scrambles to his feet. He scowls down at Viktor, straightening his sweater. “I’m not doing this for you, idiot. I’m doing it for the clothing line.” 

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Moving On—Interlude III: The Scientist



NEXT CHAPTER (not out yet!)

Major props to @hecallsmehischild, without whose help this chapter wouldn’t be out for quite some time. (Go read her fanfiction, it’s good!)

“Take it,” Cherry said.

Her brother leaned forward in an old, upholstered chair. Its dark fabric combined with his skull face, funeral clothes, and lurid locket to paint a bleak, moody picture. Cherry imagined him in some of the poems from that Edgar Allan Poe book—Lewis had given it to her for Christmas a while before—and decided he fit perfectly.

Lewis looked down at the Sailor Moon-themed bandaid outstretched in Cherry’s hand, which did not fit perfectly. “Cherry, thank you, but….” He looked down at his cracked locket, then back into her eyes. “I don’t know if this will help.”

“Bandaids always help. Take it!” She shoved it closer to his locket.

“That doesn’t seem to be how it heals,” he said, holding the locket in both hands. “And it’s already better than it was before, right?”

Cherry had to agree: before the locket had been cracked all the way across its front, but now the damage only went halfway across the face. She wasn’t sure when it had happened: one moment she’d seen it cracking worse than before in the restaurant, then they were all making up, and then the next time she’d gotten a look at it, all the new cracks were gone, and so was a lot of the old crack.

But that was no excuse. Cherry glanced up at him: just up enough to see the skull, and then she looked straight forward at the locket before she could see his fire—his hair. “You gotta put a bandaid on it,” she said, pouting because this was first grade stuff, and she was at least third grade smart: he knew more stuff than her in turn, so shouldn’t he know this stuff too? “So that it can heal properly.”

Lewis just kept looking at her—he saw his sockets staring blankly in her peripheral vision—so she groaned. “So your soul goo doesn’t leak out! Duh! You’re gonna get a ghost infection!”

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in your arms

A/N: Woo! I hope you like it, and I hope it’s what you imagined.

summary: You’re stuck on a different Earth, but it doesn’t turn out as bad as you thought it would.

pairing: barry allen x reader

“No!” you shout to yourself, just as you nearly face-plant in the middle of a street. As you shakily lift yourself to your feet, cursing at your now-ripped jeans, cars honk at you. Oh, crap, you think, watching the cars come toward you.

There’s wind in your hair and everything is blurry until it’s not. You blink up at a man wearing red leather, his arms wrapped around you tightly.

“Are you okay?” he asks, looking you over quickly.

“Yes,” you reply bluntly. He nods and looks over your shoulder. You realize this man has super speed and you gasp, grabbing onto his sleeve just as he flashes off. You don’t even have time to process anything before everything comes to a stop and he’s staring at you oddly.

“Um,” he starts, looking between your face and your hand. “Would you mind letting go? I’m kind of in a hurry.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do 5 bc i am a total sucker for gentle jealousy

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Noya was conversing with the loud ace from Fukurōdani, waving his arms about and jumping. Asahi watched the two interact from across the gym, eyes glued to the libero’s back. Watched as Bokuto smiled brightly and clapped Noya on the back before running over to his own team.

Noya jogged over, wiping the sweat off his forehead with the bottom of his shirt.

“Asahi-san! That last spike was awesome!” He announced loudly when he stopped beside the taller male.

Sitting down on the bench behind them, Asahi scoffed lightly and ran a hand through his hair.

“Why don’t you go tell Bokuto-san how awesome his spikes are?”

Noya stared at him, a look of confusion on his face.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean Asahi?” He whispered, anger in his voice.

“You looked like you were having fun over there, why don’t you go compliment him instead.”

Noya recoiled at that, frowning at Asahi.

“Asahi what’s your prob- Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

A look of smugness replaced the anger on Noya’s face, he crossed his arms over his chest and stared down at Asahi with a smile. Asahi stares back, jealous? No, he couldn’t be.

“I’m not jealous Nishinoya.” He grumbles.

“You so are! You should see your face right now Asahi, it’s got jealous written all over it!” Noya smiles still though, stepping closer to his boyfriend and leaning down, “Do you want my attention Asahi?”

It takes Asahi a few good seconds to respond, he looks up at Noya’s grinning face before sighing.

“You know i do.”

Thanks lassfraser for prompting me with “an au that you saw and thought about minty but no one ever asked.” Here is some very lovely chemistry class minty au for you <3

“I accidentally spilled hydrochloric acid on you so you really need to use the emergency shower and omg, if i knew you looked that good shirtless and wet i would have spilled it on you much earlier in the semester” + “No one should look as good as you do in safety goggles”

“Stop staring at him.”

“I am not staring at him,” Monty hissed, sending Jasper a glare.

Jasper shrugged his shoulders, taking the erlenmeyer flask from Monty’s hands and swishing it around. “I understand why, Monty; I mean, I’m straight and even I notice how good he looks in safety goggles.”

“Seriously, though! How does someone look so good in safety goggles?” Monty exclaimed, whipping toward Jasper. “It’s just not fair.”

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[UNFINISHED] Angry Dummy Animation

>> I wanted to animate the confrontation of he mad dummy…But as I continued to animate, I had no idea where I was going with it… x3x; Any ideas?

As far as I can remember, I think Frisk says a terrible pick-up line pun to Mad Dummy after staring into his eyes.. like.. ‘Dang girl, your beautiful doll eyes are awesome’ but… better. xD

This of course is sexual harassment and Mad Dummy gets pissed and confronts you about it, agreeing his eyes are magical… almost hypnotic xD;; and then goes on an angry tirade.. xD

Again. I have no idea where I was really going with this, but I did want to share it. xD Its pretty entertaining. (you can also see some of the extra frames I use for layering xD)

anonymous asked:

Hi there! Can you do "Hey remember the time we practiced kissing? That was so stupid right... Right?" with scorbus please? Thank you!

I can indeed my good nonny! Thanks for the prompt <3


Albus buried his face in his pillow and took a moment to loathe himself. It was one thing to be sexually confused, it was another to do it about your best friend. After all, Scorpius had been out for years now and Albus felt so lame for having his little gay freak out. So what if he was gay? Remus and Sirius were gay and they were awesome. 

Flopping onto his back, he stared up at the ceiling and wondered how long he could realistically stay in bed without missing breakfast. He figured he had another good five minutes for this pity party he was currently throwing himself. 

“Al, get your arse out of bed,” Scorpius said, appearing in Albus’ eyesight and scaring the shit out of him. “What are you still doing lounging about?” 

Albus felt his insides twist painfully. Here he was, the cause of all Albus’ grief talking as if nothing had happened the night before. “Hey Scor, remember the time we practiced kissing?” 

“You mean last night?” Scor asked, sliding a comb through his hair. 

“Yeah,” Albus nodded, sitting up in his bed. “That was so stupid…right?” 

Scorpius turned and looked at him for a moment. “Stupid isn’t the word I’d use.” 

“And what word would you use?” Albus inquired, playing with a stray thread on his duvet. 


“Interesting?” Albus asked, unable to hide his disappointment. 

Scorpius laughed in response. “Were you hoping for a more stellar review?” 

“Well it’s not as if I was bad at it,” Albus grumbled defensively. 

“No, you weren’t,” Scorpius assured him, coming to sit down on the edge of Albus’ bed. “But it’s never going to happen again, so what does it matter?” 

“Who says it won’t happen again?” Albus challenged.

Scorpius licked his lips and  grinned mischievously, crawling onto the bed until he was looming over Albus. “Do you want to kiss me again, Al?” 

Albus swallowed thickly. “Maybe…”

Scorpius just barely brushed his lips against Al’s. “Did you enjoy yourself last night?” 

“You know I did,” Albus answered, gaining a bit of his courage back. 

“I’m not going to be your trial gay,” Scorpius told him sternly. “So you decide now, either you want this with me or I’m your friend. If this is just you experimenting then you can do it with someone else. I’m not going to let you break my heart, Albus.”

Albus determinedly met his gaze. “What if you break mine?”

“It would never happen,” Scorpius whispered, pressing their foreheads together, sharing each breath so intimately that Albus felt his entire body tingle with the heat of it. 

“Why’s that?” 

“If you loved me, even a little, I’d never let you go.”

Albus stared into Scorpius’ crystal blue eyes and knew that he meant it. Looking into the eyes of his best friend, something magnificent and daunting came over him; Scorpius was in love with him. Not just as a friend, but deep, heart-wrenching love. It was overwhelming as he wondered how long he’d been ignoring the signs of it, playing it off because he wasn’t ready to face his own sexuality. It was only now in the face of it that he realized how much he’d wanted Scorpius to love him. That one single thought made everything inside him untwist until he felt like he was floating. 

Albus smiled and brought his hands up to cup Scor’s face tenderly, realizing that he was holding something precious. “Then don’t.” 

Give Me Love Final Part!

Pair : Jensen x Reader

Music : I Dont Know If I Should Stay by Alexz Johnson

REQUEST: If you have time, could you write something where the reader is Daneel’s younger sister (by like 3 years). And so one night reader’s drunk and Jensen tries to help her, but somehow they end up in bed together? You can decide the rest :) And can it be like reality (somehow) so JJ is born and everything? Oh, one last thing, will you make it out of the readers pov? Thanks, there aren’t enough Jensen one shots out there! Though the past one’s you’ve written are awesome!

Its bittersweet, But its time to finish this series.Thank you all for reading it! I hope you enjoy

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Final 

There was a choice to be made, and honestly, I was torn between the two.

Should I stay? Or go?

I knew exactly what I should do, but every time he looked at me, every time he smiled or laughed, he made it harder for me to leave.

I hate this more than anything. My sister wont answer any of my calls, Jensen is here begging for me to choose him and as much as I want to say yes, I couldn’t speak.
My mind was swirling with different emotions while my chest felt tight, making it hard for me to breathe. Why do I have to love him? Why do I have to fall for his crimson green eyes, his freckled cheeks, his full plump lips. Why?

We sat in silence for a while, watching the sun rise over the hills in front of us. Our faces were puffed from crying all night. And yet, we are still here. Not knowing where we stand.

I can see Jensen shift in his seat in the corner of my eye. Turning the key in the ignition.
He skid off the dirt and on to the road without a single word. His hands gripped the steering wheel as he kept his gaze toward the street.

For knowing this guy almost eight years now, I have never seen him so hurt. Lost even. And it killed me. I wanted so much for him to say something. Feigning for a touch or even a single glance.



The drive wasn’t so long, but it was very peaceful. Something I needed to cool down.
The wind blowing through my hair. Music blasting all around. It was relaxing.

But now we were stopped. Parked at a place I wasn’t quite sure where.

Jensen climbed out of the car. I kept my gaze on him, watching him make his way to my door.
“Come on.” He muttered. Flashing a soft smile as he reached his hand out toward me.

Wasn’t quite sure what was happening. But looking at him, I felt safe.

Walking through the field, the rays tingled my skin. My breathing became slightly heavy as I tried to keep my pace with Jensen’s.

“Where are we going!” I croaked.

“You’ll see.”

I could hear something from afar.

Jensen stopped in his place, and let out a soft sigh. Turning his head back to me, he flashed a wide smile. “We are here.” He cheered.

Making my way to his side, the sound of water crashing over more water echoed through the air. It caught my attention. There was a beautiful waterfall down the stream, hitting the rocks below it. The small river swayed its way down toward us, almost hitting our feet.

“It’s beautiful.” I whispered.

Jensen chuckled and removed his clothing before jumping into the water.

“What’re you doing! It could be cold.” I stammered. He shrugged his shoulders and smirked. Throwing his body in to the water, I waited for him to pop back up.

My heart was beating as I scanned the water, but he was nowhere in sight. Until..

I was splashed with the water, drenching my pants and shoes.

“Jensen I swear I’m going to kick your ass!” I yelped.

He threw his head back and belted out in laughter. “Come and get me.”

Was that a challenge? I felt my lips curve up and my stomach flutter. I mean, its just swimming, its not like we were getting married or anything.

I pulled off my pants and threw my shirt to the side. Nothing on but my bra and panties. His eyes never left me, slowly looking me up and down. Hunger struck through his eyes, and it made me want him even more.

I jumped into the water. Feeling the warm liquid all along my body, whisking through my hair.

I could see his feet dangling around and I knew it was my chance to get him back. I swam up to his foot, and pulled him down.

Our eyes met as we were under the water. He pulled me closer to him and smiled.

If only things were different. I hate this. In life, I always believed their was only one person out there for you. Someone who gave you everything you ever wanted, someone who loves you and craves you. Someone who you are terrified to ever lose. And he was that someone.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Hey where you going?” Jensen croaked, following behind.

“I cant do this! We cant do this.” I cried.

I felt his hand slip into mine and pull me back. His eyes looked into mine as if he were searching for something.

“Please don’t do this Y/N.” He pleaded.

Tears welled and my stomach churned. Feeling sick as if I were going to throw up.

“Look, I love you. And I think a part of me will always love you. But I cant do this. And as much as I hate myself for doing this, I know I have to do this. Because Danneel is my sister. Justice is my niece. This isn’t just about us Jensen, everyone we love, everyone we care about is involved and I am so tired of hurting them. So this time, I am choosing her.” my voice shook as a lump formed in my throat making it unbearable to breathe.

He never kept his gaze off me as tears streamed down his cheeks. It was killing me to hurt him this way, but it had to be done.

“I will always love you Y/N. And if one day, you change your mind, I’ll be here.”

He gently pressed his lips to mine.
Our love wasn’t a fairytale, and it may never be anything more than this, but one thing was for sure,
It was real.

(5 years later)

It was cold as hell, as I stood looking at the prices of the vegetables. I crossed my arms over my chest, shivering as I contemplated what I wanted and needed.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice muttered from behind.

I shot my head back and my breath hitched to the back of my throat. “Jensen.” I whispered.

My heart beat profusely as it slowly tightened making it harder to breathe. I havent seen him since the day at the river, and yet he was still handsome as ever.

“I thought it was you.” He chuckled walking over to me. He pulled me in for a light hug and smiled. “How are you?”

I was shocked. Not knowing exactly what to say. “Good. I-”

“Mommy! Can we buy this?” Jax, my 5 year old son muttered. Both Jensen and I shot our eyes down to him. He smiled widely as he held a box of cookies in his hands. “Please mommy!”

“S-sure.” I flashed a soft smile.

Jax threw the box in the cart and met Jensens gaze. “You’re tall.” He muttered.

Jensen chuckled and nodded. “That’s because I’m a giant.” He flashed a wink. Jax’ eyes grew wide and his mouth dropped.

It was like staring at his mini me. Jax had light brunette hair, with greenish blue eyes. His lips were as full as Jensens, and it scared me. Hoping he wouldn’t notice the similarities.

“Why don’t you get some chips for the party tomorrow ok?” I muttered, motioning for him to walk toward the aisle. He nodded and skipped his way over to the chips, leaving Jensen and I.

“S-so you’re a mom?” He stammered.

I smiled and nodded, not knowing what to say.

“H-how old is he?” he hesitated. Looking directly at me.

My stomach churned and I was frozen. After all these years, no one knew the truth of Jaxon’s father. People were skeptical, but that was it. Not once did I ever have to say it out loud.
“He’s five.” I swallowed hard, looking at anything but him. Afraid to see his reaction.

(Jensen’s POV)

Damn she looked so beautiful. Five years have come and gone and yet, she was still breath taking.

“Good. I-”
“Mommy! Can we buy this?!”
Wait, mommy? She has a son?

“Please!” He yelped.

He threw the box into the cart and met my gaze. Cranking his head back to meet my eyes. He was beautiful. Almost like looking at an old baby picture of mine. His eyes were a little darker than mine, but he still had a hint of me.

I’m just over thinking this right? I mean, I havent seen Y/N in five years. So it couldn’t be possible. Theres no way.

“You’re tall.” He muttered.
“That’s because I’m a giant!” I teased.

His eyes grew wide and looked shocked but thrilled. “Awesome!”

Y/N motioned for him to go to the next aisle, leaving us alone.
She looked worried as if she had just seen a ghost.

“S-so you’re a mom?” I stammered.

She pursed her lips and nodded. No words.

“H-how old is he?” I hesitated. Looking directly at her. Afraid as I was, I had to know. If he was mine then-

“He’s five.” she interrupted my thoughts. Not once did she glance at me. Which could only mean….

He was mine.

Shadowhunters preference

They find out you’re Bi/pan

You have been distant with everyone lately. You’ve recently stopped repressing your true self, that you are pansexual. And you were afraid of what your friends and boyfriend would think or say. However, you stopped worrying and decided to start by telling your boyfriend first.

“Hey, babe.” You smiled a small smile as you entered your and Jace’s room.

“Hey! What happened to you? You’ve been a little distant lately.” Jace asked you, putting down his book.

You shrugged a bit as you walked over and sat beside him.

“I’ve been distant because I was afraid to tell you something.” You spoke, not meeting his gaze.

“Hey,” Jace whispered as his pointer finger lifted your chin up.

“You don’t have to be afraid to tell me anything.” Jace smiled a bit as you grinned.

“Okay, here it goes.” You sighed, meeting Jace’s eyes.

“I’m pansexual.” You blurted out, blushing as you did so.

Jace looked lost, and blinked at you.

“Princess, I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the term….Can you explain it to me?” Jace questioned, grabbing your hand in his, making you smile.

“I mean, I am not limited to dating a specific gender or sexual orientation. I am open to having a partner of any gender identity or sexual orientation.” You explained and Jace nodded.

“That’s actually really amazing, Y/n.” Jace grinned, interested in the topic.

“Tell me more.” Jace pleaded as you giggled. You spent the afternoon educating your boyfriend–who was now insisting on learning more about gender identities and sexual orientations.

“But I don’t know, Izzy.” You sighed at your best friend.

“Just tell Alec!” She exclaimed.

“But how will he react? I’m not straight, I’m bi!” You exclaimed back as Izzy grinned.

“I’m pretty sure he won’t be as unhappy as you think.” Izzy winked, as if she knew something you don’t, before walking away.

“Alec? I gotta tell you something.” You whispered to your boyfriend who lay a few inches from you.

“Yeah? What’s that?” He questioned, eyes closed.

“I’m bisexual.” You bit your lip.

“Yeah, Y/n, I know.”

“What? How?” You asked, surprised.

“I heard you and Izzy talking. And by the way, I am too.” Alec opened his eyes and stared into your y/c ones.

“Really? That’s awesome, baby!” You grinned and placed a kiss to his lips.

“We can be bi-buddies.” You giggled.

“Babe, no! No!” He chuckled. You spent the day with Alec laughing at your terrible attempts.

You had given Simon an old photo album you had, from a few years ago. You were on your phone, scrolling through Tumblr when Simon gasped.

“Y/n?” He uttered.

“Can you come here, please?” He requested as you turned off your phone and walked to him.

“Who’s this?” He inquired, pointing to a picture.

It was a picture of you and your ex-girlfriend kissing. It was the day you got into the high school you applied to.

“That’s my ex-girlfriend.” You sighed softly.

“Y-you dated girls?” Simon stuttered, shocked.

“Yes Simon, I am bisexual.” You informed him as he nodded.

“But hey, I still love you.” You chuckled and kissed his lips.

“Magnus? What would you do if the girl you were dating wasn’t straight?” You blurted out in the middle of one of Magnus’s glitter-filled parties.

“What would I do? Nothing. I’ll still love her the same.” Magnus shrugged, making you grin to yourself.

“I know you’re pan, baby doll.” He smirked as your eyes widened

“How’d you know?” You asked.

“Babe, your feed and room is filled with anything pink, blue, and yellow…” He chuckled as you let it a giggle.

“And you’ve told me in your sleep..” He chuckled again as you rolled your eyes playfully.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

You were talking to Clary about your sexuality, that you are pansexual. And you were nervous and scared to tell your girlfriend Isabelle. Little did you know, she was passing by the door and was listening in.

“I’m scared to, Clary.” You sniffled as tears fell down your face.

“You have nothing to be scared of, Y/n.” She assured you, patting your shoulder.

“What if she breaks up with me?” You sobbed.

“She wouldn’t do that.” Clary rubbed your back in an assuring manner.

“I hope she’ll still love me the same…” You whispered sadly.

Suddenly, Isabelle burst the door open and ran over and crashed her lips to yours. You were surprised, but eased into the kiss almost instantly.

“I’ll never stop loving you, regardless of your sexuality.”

Isabelle pressed her lips to yours again, as you smiled into the blissful kiss.

You and your girlfriend Clary were laying together, your head in her lap.

“Y/n? We need to talk.” Clary muttered.

“What’s up, babe?” You asked, turning your head to meet her eyes.

“I…I’m bisexual..” She mumbled, hands shaking nervously.

Your hand reached up to stroke her cheek, Clary leaned into your touch, smiling.

“Babe, I’m bisexual too.” You grinned as she returned the smile.

She pressed her lips to yours in a passionate kiss.

Whip My Hair


Anon Prompt: Maybe one where the reader cuts off a lot of her hair? (I just cut off 15 inches of mine to donate, and I’ve been LOVING short hair =D)

A/N: It`s like you read my mind because I just got my hair cut <3 Short hair besties!!

Warning: Swearing as usual- I have such a potty mouth.

Originally posted by tresemme

You practically floated down the street, your head felt light and comfortable as you slyly eyed your reflection in the store windows as you strolled by.

How did you ever doubt this? You were anxious about getting your hair cut- What if it didn’t look right? What if it didn’t suit your face?

Doubts swirled around your mind this morning as you headed to the salon.

“What are we doing today sweetie?” the hair stylist ran her fingers through your hair.

“I want it all off” you nodded, sure of your decision.

You watched as she gathered your hair and cut off about 15 inches.

“You guys donate right?” you asked as she held the length of hair.

“Yeah of course!” she smiled back at you and bagged the hair up for donation.

You watched her in the mirror as she snipped and styled your hair and you nearly cried with relief when she held up the mirror for you to look at it.

“I love it” you clapped, happy that your risk paid off.

It was around lunch time when you made it back to your apartment, giddy with confidence.

“Y/N? Where is your towels?” Wade rounded the corner to your apartment.

“Wade! What are you doing here?” you jumped back.

“I, uh, had an accident” he admitted sheepishly, holding up his hand.

The pinky finger was missing but you soon spotted it in his other hand.

“What did you do now?” you chuckled but made your way into the kitchen to grab a towel.

“Holy fuck!” he exclaimed behind you.

You couldn’t contain the grin that spread across your face- you knew what had shocked him.

“Your hair!” he pointed his removed pinky finger at you.

“What about it?” you turned back to help him attach his finger.

“It`s… fucking awesome!” he stared down at you and smiled.

“Thanks. I wasn’t sure if it would look right but I`m happy with it” you make quick work of gluing his finger back on to re-attach itself and heal.

“That`s better” he flexed his hands and patted your arm in appreciation.

“Right! Let`s go get Mexican food. I wanna show off your sexy new hair” he grabbed your hand in his and pulled you along.

“Chimichangas it is” you squeezed his hand.

Best decision ever.