his speech was adorable and hilarious too

Reasons why u should watch the b99 golden globes win video if ur feelin’ down (or just whenever tbh):

- Andy Samberg’s voice is like two octaves higher than normal its amazing

- Seth Meyers looks like he’s having The Time Of His Life

- (like everything he’s ever done has led up to This Moment)

- Andy Samberg’s voice is like?? two WHOLE octaves higher than normal I’m s o

- Joanna Newsom is so beautiful man u should watch it just to gasp at her beauty

- Andy Samberg’s voice is like two octaves higher than normal???

- Melissa Fumero is literally bouncing up and down in her seat she’s so excited for her pal I die

- Sambs’s voice is tw O o ctaves higher tha N nor m Al

- Seth Meyers’ little “this is the best night ever” before he announces the winner

- there are several voice cracks in that thank you speech oh gosh

- Melissa Fumero is also V beautiful u can gasp over her too

- Andy Samberg is so genuinely surprised and shocked that his voice is literally /two octaves/ higher than usual and I’m not sure if its absolutely hilarious or lowkey adorable

- both tbh

- both