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I’m Utterly In Love With You

Part 1 (It’s really not that necessary to read it to understand what’s going on); Part 2; Part 3; Part 4

Kim Jongdae (Chen) x Reader

Summary: Your parents gave you up so you had no choice but to become his wife.

Genre: Mafia AU, fluff, angst

Word count: 1,861

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“Stay with me, like this” were the first words you remembered when you woke up. You looked around and soon realized you were alone in the room. His room. You couldn’t see him after what happened, it would be so embarrassing. You quickly slipped out of the bed and went downstairs, carefully checking if he’s not there. You couldn’t find him anywhere, so you went to the kitchen. After finally discovered where the mugs were you made yourself a coffee but couldn’t get yourself to drink it because you kept remembering that you actually went to him yourself. You set the cup down and decided to make one for him as well, maybe he will come back soon.

“Hoho, so now where even on that level where you make coffee for me,” Jongdae cooed and you almost spilled the coffee.

“Jongdae! Don’t scare me like that!” but he just continued his speech.

“That’s understandable though, since we just slept together,” he said taking the cup out of your hand.

“We didn’t sleep together…”

“What do you mean? We did! You were lying right there, looking all cute,” he smiled, making you blush.

“Agh! You know what I mean!” you said stomping away. You stopped in the doorway. “Wait. Were you watching me sleep?”

You caught him red handed. He just averted his look and sat down at the table.

“No, I… Of course I wasn’t” he mumbled, taking a sip. “Okay! I was. I admit it but you looked so adorable I just had to.”

You covered your face with your hands. Him and his cute, flirting nature, your heart can’t take it. Wait did you just thought he’s cute? You peeked through your fingers and saw him patting the chair near him but you sat on the opposite side, well you can at least finish your coffee with him. This setting reminded you of the time you signed those papers but you quickly brushed it off.

“What got you so scared last night that you came running to me?” he asked. You never told him anything about yourself, so you wondered if you should share this as well.

“You don’t have to tell me, if you don’t want to.”

“No. It’s okay,” you can’t keep it to yourself forever, maybe you will feel better when you speak about it. “It was my sister.”

His eyes fixed on you. He was suddenly very interested.

“Your sister? What about her?”

“She… She died,” you finally said, your grip on the mug tightening, if you would have kept your eyes on him, you would have noticed that he wasn’t any bit surprised by this.

“I’m sorry,” you heard him say in a quiet voice.

“It was a long time ago but I still think about her some days…” you closed your eyes and breathed out. You can’t start crying now. “Okay, let’s stop being all emotional. I’m more interested in all this,” you said, gesturing to the area around you.

“What do you mean?” he asked. “I’m not getting divorced if you’re thinking about that.”

“That’s not what I mean. I was going to ask what’s going to happen now?”

“That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about as well,” he said, taking out a key and sliding it along the table surface to you.

“What’s this?” you questioned.

“A key. You can go anywhere you want, I’m sure you won’t try to run away but since that incident with Jimin I can’t let you go wandering alone, so it will be with me or one the bodyguards. Other than this, enjoy yourself,” he smiled.

You picked up the key. You certainly didn’t expect this, well having a bodyguard is not very fun either but he finally gave you the freedom you longed so much.


The other few months went by so fast and you two lived more like roommates. He didn’t force you to do anything you didn’t feel like doing but his flirting never ceased. Now that you could actually go out, it all felt so normal. After a long time you felt happy and content with your life and he noticed that you smile more often when with him. You weren’t bored but you wanted to repay him somehow so one day you asked him about work.

“I have all this money, at least let me treat you.”

“You do it all the time anyway,” you pouted.

“Don’t you want to study instead?” and your eyes beamed up at his suggestion. He thought about what he said for a while and then changed his mind immediately. “No, you know what, it’s too dangerous. There’s too many guys in the campus. Nope, no way.”

“Ahh don’t give me false hope!”

“You know you can always work with me,” he said.

And you knew you could, he always told you that because that way you would be with him for most of the day. He spoke about his job often and didn’t hide anything from you but you wanted nothing to do with that part of his life. It was dark and cruel. Violence is not something you could get used to, so you refused for seemingly 100th time. Staying inside, you started to enjoy cooking again and despite him liking it very much, he often took you out on dates to such expensive places you never even dreamed. One evening, you were reading on your computer and noticed an article that had you in it. “Famous CEO finally taken.” You looked at the photo in the article from one of these dates you two had.

“A CEO?” you thought. “Well that’s one way to hide what’s he’s actually doing.”

You were so immersed in the article that you jumped up when Jongdae burst into your room through the door.

“Oh my God! Jongdae!”

“Y/N come with me, quick.” he said taking your hand and dragging you out of the room.

“Where are we going? When did you come back?” he usually worked really long hours and you were genuinely surprised to see him this early. He took you out to the balcony. The sky was clear and very beautiful.

“Come,” he said, guiding you to the railing.

“Why are we here exactly?” you asked him.

He smiled to you and looked down. You two stayed silent for a moment before you spoke again.

“Jongdae did something happen?”

“No, everything is okay. I just like being near you.”

He turned and looked at you.

“You know,” he said, taking something out of his jacket’s inner pocket. “I never got you that wedding ring.”

He opened the little box revealing a beautiful golden ring inside. You had no idea what’s happening.

“Is this a joke?”

“It’s certainly not, you signed those papers yourself,” he laughed.

“I can’t.”

“Y/N please. It may be just a ring to you but it would mean so much to me if you wore it, so can I?” he said taking your hand, he held it for a while before you finally nodded. He then took another ring out and you chuckled.

“You want me to put it on for you?” you asked and then slipped it on his finger.

It felt so strange actually wearing one and only now you realized that you are indeed married to this man.


“I’m always happy with you,” he said, interlocking your fingers with yours. He stared deep into your eyes.

“Y/N,” he finally spoke. “You may have already noticed it but I’m utterly and extremely in love with you.”

You started blushing immediately after his sudden confession, especially since he was holding you so close. You felt kind of bad you couldn’t say the same to him yet or maybe it was just your stubbornness but in the heat of the moment you couldn’t stop yourself and wrapped your hands around his neck and tugged him into a kiss. The kiss was sweet but also passionate at the same time, you felt his hands slide down to your waist and you two had no intentions of stopping when somebody cleared their throat behind you. Jongdae pulled away.

“Am I interrupting something?” you looked at the man who had cat like eyes standing near the door to the balcony.

“Yes you fucking are, don’t you have eyes Minseok?” Jongdae was angry and annoyed, a side of him you didn’t enjoy seeing.

“You know, I don’t even care that I interrupted. All of us were trying to contact you since morning, where the hell were you?”

“Are you seriously here because of that?”

“No. I’m here because it’s urgent, something came up and you’re needed.”

“Can’t you do this without me?”

“We can’t,” the man glared at him. “All of us need to be there, so you better come with, you’re getting on my nerves as it is. I will be waiting outside, you have 3 minutes,” he said and walked away.

You looked at Jongdae who was trying his best to control himself.

“He ruined the mood and I was starting to enjoy myself,” he said, checking his clock. “It’s about 10 pm now, so don’t wait for me because I will probably only be back in the morning. We can continue what we started then,” he smirked and kissed your forehead before going out himself.

You stood there confused, still not sure what happened. Did you seriously just kiss him? You must be out of your mind. You looked at the ring on your finger and smiled to yourself. You had to admit it, the kiss was pretty good. You looked at the stars for a while but since you had nothing better to do after that, you went to sleep. You woke up early and he still hadn’t come back.  You have decided to spend your time cleaning the apartment while he was gone because you refused to hire maids. You rarely went to his office but since you were at it why not clean it as well. You piled up the documents neatly on his table when you noticed something laying on the floor, you bent down and picked it up. It was a photo. Your photo. Way back from high school. Where did he get something like that? You wanted to stand up but bumped your head into the bottom of the table and a bunch of other papers and documents fell down from underneath it. You looked at them and quickly realized it was you. All you. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing or rather you didn’t want to believe. There was your school club activities, addresses of all the places you have lived in, your routes home, day jobs, your friends list, parents, photos as young as teenager. Anything and everything it’s possible to know about you. You picked up another photo. It was your sister. Near the picture you saw something why all of this was hidden in the first place. You were studying and rereading through everything over and over again when you heard the familiar footsteps and that sweet voice call out to you.

“Y/N are you in there?”

~ Part 6 ~

The one thing you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can. The moment that you feel that just possibly you are walking down the street naked…that’s the moment you may be starting to get it right
—  Neil Gaiman, Make Good Art
All the times Trump cared about himself (or the four Black people he knows) more than Black History Month.

By now, I’m sure y’all have seen some of the tweets and memes about Trump having absolutely no idea who Frederick Douglass is.

But have you seen his little speech though?  Because I’ve never seen someone take a speech about Black History Month and turn it into whining about how they were persecuted by Fake News.

Here’s the transcript if you can’t bear to watch Lil Baby Cheeto Prez.  I'ma just bold the parts that have absolutely nothing to do with Black History Month…even though it’s Black History Month.

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“I’m telling you,” Isaac continued, “Augustus Waters talked so much that he’d interrupt you at his own funeral. And he was pretentious: Sweet Jesus Christ, that kid never took a piss without pondering the abundant metaphorical resonances of human waste production. And he was vain: I do not believe I have ever met a more physically attractive person who was more acutely aware of his own physical attractiveness.”


Aw shucks, Mitsuntsun, you’re making me blush with the compliments. I also don’t think you know this, but you being a prolific reader is a huuuuge turn on. Don’t even get me starte–


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rosvolio + jealousy

Escalus takes another swig of his drink, though he lost count of the number of times his cup got filled. This late into the evening, even his sister left his side, mingling with other members of the court; discussing, heads bended close and pearly smiles flashing, with ambassadors that bring more smiles onto her face than he did since he became prince.

His eyes, though, more often than not, are trained on where Rosaline sits. Her posture changed as the night went on, her back relaxing into Benvolio’s arm, her cautious stance exchanged for one of just mild, confident hostility. At the beginning, lots of curious lords and ladies have crowded their table, have checked the betrotheds’ smiles for falseness, have picked at each of their gestures.

But Escalus does not, cannot, understand where this charade starts or where it ends, if there is one to talk about in the first place. It’s easy to ignore the reality of a marriage when he fights off the wrath of the whole Europe, but with the candles slowly melting down, the minstrels playing in the background and no bigger, stronger Isabella at his side to remind him of the fair Verona, he can think of nothing else but fair Rosaline.

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Omg I love David Tennant

For some reason he still makes me think, when I see his name, of that one Christmas where you literally couldn’t pick a BBC channel and he *wasn’t* on it.


                                                   I’m forever chasing after time
                                                       But everybody dies, dies

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god yep sometimes words just aren't enough, that's why i've taken to spamming hearts lmao :') anyway uhhhh prompts!? ...... enjolras getting a recurring kind anon on his ridiculously hard-to-find venting blog (bc Of Course he has a venting blog, but none if his irl friends know about it) but the anon is like weirdly specific so he knows it's someone from irl and so he embarks on his own secret adventure trying to find out who it is, while not letting anyone else know about it??

oh this sounds fun! let’s begin shall we? I haven’t been to a vent blog before so this is just my idea of what it’s like. also this got really long so i will be dividing it up into multiple parts as i work, mainly because it’s late here and i’m tired from crying

Enjolras sighed, taking his computer out. It had been a long day at the Musain. It seemed that summer break meant that all his friends had gone completely insane. Even Combeferre seemed to be a bit more reckless than his normal professional self. 

That’s what Enjolras liked about the internet. It was a place that you could be rash and impractical while still keeping up you personal life as balanced as possible. Enjolras didn’t like being hasty, even on the internet. He personally didn’t believe in being reckless or wild, he preferred to be practical and collected. His speeches, though seeming passionate and full of emotion, had gone through stages of editing before they were brought out into the world.

That was how he started a vent blog on Tumblr. He had started the blog to create a conversation about issues, but the internet was not one for a rational debate. He turned his blog into a vent blog when an anon started ranting about a current political issue. Enjolras relished in learning the other side of the story, not just the view he had. At first, it was mainly political anons, but then some would come talking about their personal lives.

Day in and day out, Enjolras would listen to people’s problems. It wasn’t what anyone expected of him, no sir, but there was something comforting about it. Enjolras would look at the anons and see that even people who seem to have their life together could be at a place of despair. 

It was this fateful day when someone came to Enjoras that seemed awfully familiar. He opened his inbox and read through the messages. There weren’t many, Enjolras never expected more than three a day, but there was one that caught his eye and he knew he would have to post it first. 

oh my god this guy that i see almost everyday is both infuriating and wonderful. he’s very passionate but it seems like he doesn’t have any emotions. like, the only thing that matters is his end goal and not anyone who is helping him. like god, let us have some fun for once. don’t get me wrong, he’s amazing and i do love him, but sometimes i just want him to shut up. i know ways i can get him to shut up too ;)

Enjolras frowned, reading the ask. It just sounded so… relatable? He felt like he understood the person that this anon was talking about. Enjolras sighed and posted the ask. He read the others, posting them in turn and closed his computer, thoughts racing.

The next day played out in a similar fashion. Enjolras payed extra attention in the meeting, looking for any wandering eyes. He also tried to be more empathetic to his friends. Part of Enjolras scolded himself for letting an anonymous user, that he didn’t even know for certain was one of his friends, get to him. The other part hoped for a reaction. 

He couldn’t stop thinking of the mix of anger and lust tied to the words. The user seemed to be spiteful and enraptured at the same time. Enjolras sighed slightly, unsure how two clashing emotions could be contained in one person’s mind. 

As soon as he got home, Enjolras opened his computer. There were only two messages today, and one was from the user from the day before. Enjolras leaned forward, even though he knew it wouldn’t help his vision, preparing himself to read the comment. 

(anon from yesterday about the passionate guy) i don’t know what was going on today, he seemed off. i can’t place my finger on it and it’s driving me crazy. i had to spend the entire meeting restraining myself from going up and asking him what the fuck was happening. i swear, he’s making me go insane. one day he’s all stoic and the next he’s trying to be some sweet guy. what the fuck

Enjolras stood stalk still, trying to take in all the information. So it was someone he knew. Enjolras posted the two messages, and closed his computer once more and took out some paper. He wrote down all his friend’s names, leaving some space in between each name. He knew he couldn’t contact this anon personally, so he would have to take matters into his own hands. 

The next part will be posted tomorrow! stay tuned and thank you so much

part two     part three


So, here in front of you all, my first and last vow.

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Hey I just read through the blog and I love your works! Could you do a fluffy imagine with England? Nothing specific, just sweet and fluffy!

Coming right up!
-Admin France ♡

【England’s Dreams】

Despite how tsundere the man might be, you always had to admit that he was a very creative and dreamy person. You’ve always admired that trait of him- imagination. Though, this imagination can come a bit out of hand during the nighttimes.

Let’s just say- the Englishman is very verbal in his sleeping.

So, it’s the middle of the night. Normally, you’d be passed out like a light but this little Brit is doing the oddest things you’ve ever seen him do. He wraps his arms around himself as his lips curve into a soft smile.

“Y/N… You’re absolutely the best. How did you know that was my favorite type of tea, love? Did the fairies tell you?” Arthur mumbles in his sleep with a smile, though he does the strangest thing ever. Arthur starts to gently laugh, though his speech completely stops. You hold your hands over your mouth to keep you from bursting out in laughter.

Then, he curls up to you out of nowhere. He picks at your cheeks and pokes them. “Soft…” Arthur mindlessly says as he continues to unconsciously fool with them. Your face is turning so red from embarrassment and laughter that you can hardly keep it anymore.

Arthur then wraps his arms around you tightly and pulls you close. His cheeks are a shade of pink and his blonde hair is sticking up in every direction. He kisses you on the cheek and then buries his face into your shoulder. He mumbles something more in your arm, but you can’t make it out what he’s saying.

Oh, you just wished you could see Arthur’s face in the morning when he heard about this.

Then again…
You glance down to Arthur, seeing his adorable sleeping state.

…Maybe you could get used to this.

Narushika Manifesto (in point form + abridged)

I was really rushed near the end but no one is gonna read this except my friends anyway so who cares

- Shikamaru was the first/only to notice the strange way Naruto was treated by the adults of the village, and he never treated him badly. To Shikamaru, Naruto had always been just Naruto.
- Shikamaru was one of Naruto’s first friends. Considering the way he reached out to Chouji, and how unsocial Naruto was as a kid, it’s likely Shikamaru was the one to reach out to Naruto.
- Shikamaru went to visit Naruto in the hospital before the Chuunin Exam finals, and sat there playing shogi against himself for ages, waiting for him to wake up.
- The two of them hung out together afterwards, and at other times, just cuz. Their relationship isn’t fiery or dramatic like SNS, but a more quiet, understated friendship. It’s subtle, but Naruto is gets along much more naturally with Shikamaru than any of the other Konoha 11.
- Naruto felt safe enough around Shikamaru to tell Gaara he had a real monster inside himself in front of him.
- Naruto was genuinely cheering Shikamaru on during the Chuunin Exam finals, and pushed him down out of enthusiasm.
- Shikamaru later said that he’d thought Naruto had been “like him” (aka one of the uncool people). He did think Naruto was a loser like everyone else did in the beginning of part one, but unlike everyone else, he didn’t really view that as a pathetic thing like others did, since he considered himself a loser as well. Nice
- Shikamaru only genuinely smiles and laughs around Chouji or Naruto.
- When Naruto returns from his two and a half year trip, Shikamaru visibly perks up and becomes more cheerful. He instantly starts teasing and joking around with him.
- Shikamaru is the only one to comfort Naruto when Jiraiya dies: they shared a connection because they had both lost a mentor. In the beginning of part one, Naruto only thought of Shikamaru as a normal, casual friend. Someone you hung out with, but neither of you went to the other when you were sad, that kind of thing. However, after Shikamaru volunteered to stay behind to slow the Sound-nin down at the risk of his own life, Shikamaru grew a lot in Naruto’s esteem, and then the two became closer still with the Sasuke retrieval mission. Shikamaru had felt personally responsible for Naruto during that mission, waiting for him to wake up (again) at the hospital. It’s when Shikamaru gave him his speech after Jiraiya’s death, though, that Shikamaru truly inspired Naruto for the first time. (The same kind of inspiration that Naruto made Shikamaru feel for the rest of the series.)
- The rest I’ve talked about extensively on Twitter, so a brief summary:
- Shikamaru told his father that when he was with Naruto, Naruto made him want to walk beside him. WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY. HE ACTUALLY ADMITTED IT OUT LOUD TO HIS FATHER
- The entire speech while Shikamaru was “dying” during the war. That is all
- Also Naruto unconsciously wanted to save Shikamaru so much that the Kyuubi’s chakra surrounded Shikamaru and started healing him
- Shikamaru apologizes to both Asuma and his father, saying he can’t go to them yet because Naruto doesn’t want him to go
- The Shikamaru novel is also full of gay moments. I’ve posted about this in more detail on Twitter
- HE LITERALLY SAID TO NARUTO “I’m definitely going to make you Hokage” I CANT BELIEVE THIS he’s an actual workaholic now who works nonstop to the point of exhaustion every day, and even characters like Sakura (who isn’t exactly the most perceptive about other characters’ feelings, she’s actually one of the worst at that, after the whole manga she still doesn’t actually know shit about either of her teammates) tell Naruto, “He’s working that hard for you, you know” (to which Naruto replies, “I know”)
- Even though he usually has a very sullen countenance, when meeting up with Naruto, Shikamaru is immediately teasing again and they laugh together easily
- Shikamaru is running half the village by this point, but the instant he learns of a new vague threat in a faraway country nobody knows anything about? He’s very stressed and restless these days…….. So of course he immediately decides to embark on a super dangerous S rank undercover assassination mission to said unknown country in order to eliminate the country leader because he MIGHT become a problem later and cause Naruto stress. THATS LITERALLY WHAT SHIKAMARU THOUGHT, HE WAS LIKE GODDAMN THIS DUDE MIGHT MAKE NARUTO SAD IN THE VAGUE FUTURE? BETTER GO ASSASSINATE HIM RIGHT NOW!!
- Not only did he want to do this, he thought of it as his duty because he wanted to protect Naruto’s light at all cost. HE LITERALLY CALLED NARUTO THE SUN, AND HIMSELF THE DARKNESS THAT WOULD DO ALL THE DIRTY WORK IN THE SHADOWS SO THAT THE LIGHT WOULD STAY PURE

Anime filler moments:
- “I’m glad I met you”
- His father sees that Shikamaru’s stuck in a bout of self doubt and general not doing wellness and tells him “go see Naruto”. AND THEN SHIKAMARU DOES AND IS ACTUALLY DISAPPOINTED AND SLIGHTLY BITTER IT DIDNT AUTOMATICALLY MAGICALLY SOLVE ALL HIS PROBLEMS.
- Shikamaru is lost in thought. Chouji asks him, “Thinking about Naruto?” ITS THAT OBVIOUS

Into the Wilds

@turambar-masterofdoom [from]

“Entire?” Túrin’s scrutiny of the stranger - he was familiar, somehow, though he couldn’t quite place it - was momentarily broken. “You’ve poor expectations for your future, then, as well as wagering it to be a short one.”

There was something familiar about the man before him - not an Easterling, to Tuor’s infinite relief. His bare feet ached from the days he had spent running, fighting, hiding, evading recapture or death. Tattered clothes hung loosely off of his thin form, though he still managed a small smile. Whoever this was, he seemed friendly enough. The bar wasn’t set very high. ❝The chief of th’ Easterlings wants me dead,❞ he explained. ❝An’ I’ve spent most of life so far being a laborer, willing an’ not. Try not to get my hopes up.❞

can i just say that this is by far my favorite season of game of thrones?? like i have done my time and trudged through all the horrors and i deserve all this satisfying character and plot development that actually pays off instead of everything being terrible all the time? it took 6 seasons to get here but damn, the pay-off is actually worth it??? like i am legitimately enjoying every damn minute of this season, bless this fast pacing and focus on plot instead of needless shock value. bless the budget that allows them to show us dragons instead of unnecessary sex scenes to fill in time in an episode. like jfc FINALLY, this is what i signed up for with this show to begin with and its everything i have wanted from it.



Summary: Dante is a little bit obsessed with tickling Ari, but fortunately Ari doesn’t mind.

A/N: Based on this prompt. I hope you like it!

Words: 1 100

Dante was, quite frankly, in a completely different place than his kitchen table right now, and the fact that he turned his head at the sound of his name to see his parents before him freaked him out until he realized he’d been daydreaming again.

He cleared his throat. “Sorry. You were saying?”

“We’ve been saying a lot of things,” his dad said, his amusement very much audible beneath his nonchalance. “So let’s see. At first I’m rather certain we were just talking about our days, and your mother asked you and Ari a question, but only Ari was able to provide an answer.”

Dante’s eyes flew to Ari again, where they had been stuck pretty much throughout the entire meal.

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Hi!! I saw the fluffy seven HC and oh honey buddha I think I died and came back to ask my own!! Lol. Can I have MC/Saeyoung + Saeran domestic and fluffy headcanons? Love you ✩

  • MC is kinda like a parent with both of them, they make sure they eat lots, and they refuse to let either one of them sit in their rooms in the dark all day.
  • MC sometimes enjoys cross dressing with Saeyoung, especially since the two of them look really good as any gender
  • They both do their best to make sure Saeran doesn’t feel left out
  • If they’re sitting on the couch watching tv both of them sit on either side of him rather then together, at the dinner table they both try sitting beside him
  • MC likes to hold Saeran’s hand a lot, if he agrees to go grocery shopping they usually hold his hand and lead him around
  • Saeyoung and MC will buy Saeran anything he want’s without hesitation
  • Both of them always say goodnight to him, sometimes they’ll go into his room and tuck him in if he’s already asleep
  • MC and Saeyoung usually avoid pda if Saeran’s around, since both of them worry it’ll upset him if they do it, and they don’t want to upset him
  • When the two got married Saeran was Saeyoung’s best man, and even though his speech was short it still made Saeyoung cry because he hadn’t really expected him to want to speak at all
  • If MC and Saeyoung decided to have a child they would first discus it with Saeran, and he got a bit weirded out by it
  • “Saeran, your brother and I have been thinking, and we really want to have a baby, is that okay with you?” MC asked in a soft sweet voice
  • “It’s fine, whatever, why would you ask me? You two are so fucking weird” 
  • He spent a weekend at Yoosung’s house not wanting to risk listening in on those two
  • Anything baby related they asked Saeran, ‘what name do you like better?’, ‘what color should the baby’s room be?’, they got his opinion on everything, it almost felt like he was also the father, and he hated it
  • But when that baby was born, the emotions he felt scared him, he realized he would do anything to protect the baby, and their parents
  • Since he didn’t sleep much at night anyway, he was always right there during those middle of the night cries, he would change dirty diapers, sooth the child, make them a bottle if they needed, and just stay there until the child fell back asleep.