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Why I Think Darla is the Most Tragic of the Whirlwind

The Whirlwind gang, or coven if you prefer, consisted of Darla, Angelus, Drusilla, and Spike. Of the four, I’ve always felt that Darla was actually the most tragic figure, a fact which comes as surprising, even for me, when one considers Drusilla. However, I am looking specifically at the soul which may clarify matters. 

Drusilla was a kind, sweet girl who desired to be a woman of God. While, it is undeniable that the things Angelus did to her when she was human were crueler than perhaps anything done to the other four, when he sired her, I am confident that her soul went to heaven. In this sense, she had the best luck of the four. She went to heaven and never got cursed back into her undead, demon-possessed body. She never had to live with being an “evil thing.”

Spike is the runner up to Drusilla in terms of how fortunate he was. Spike had a good relationship with his mother; his human life, while not perfect, wasn’t a horrible one. When he died, one can’t be certain where his soul went heaven or hell. If it hadn’t gone to heaven though, he got it back so he got a second chance. It’s a curse for a soul to be trapped in a vampire’s body, but, hey, it’s also an opportunity to prove yourself, if nothing else, and he got that, (with a whole lot more help/support than Angel did when he got his soul too which makes him doubly fortunate.)

Next is Angelus, once Liam. He had a poor relationship with his parents, particularly his father, and he cared nothing for being right with God when Darla sired him. Honestly, he probably didn’t go to a better place. However, he got his soul back in 1898 giving him the opportunity to redeem himself. He got his second chance.

This leaves Darla who was the least fortunate of all. After a difficult life, she comes to resent God and says Satan can have her soul if he wants it. She craves love, but she never finds it. Nevertheless, she gets brought back by Wolfram and Hart as a human and through Angel’s sacrifice she begins to see some hope. For the first time in her life, someone sacrifices for her and she starts to believe in the good again. Before she can take advantage of that though, before she can use her second chance more wisely than her first, she is sired by Drusilla and her soul is lost once again. That’s why I feel that she is the most tragic character of the Whirlwind: No second chance combined with no guarantee of heaven.

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