his songs always remind me of them

Songs that remind me of Luke:

Miles Away- The Maine - he’s miles away 

A daydream away- All Time Low- I always think of Luke when I listen to this song I suppose it’s because he’s just a daydream away. 

Hell Nos And Headphones – Hailee Steinfeld- he has spoken about music been his escape and how he used headphone to zone out the busy school bus

As It Is- Dial Tones- I’m not really sure why with this song, but I suppose it’s because he’s changed and he’s made mistakes in his past but is moving on from them, everyone has things left unsaid even Luke.                                

Halsey- Young God- I just imagine driving round with Luke with this song playing, plus in my eyes he’s a young god.                                                       

Ever After – Marianas Trench-  Luke’s a perfect disaster, he;s my ever after.                                             

Play date- Melanie Martinez - I think about him everyday 

The anthem- Good Charlotte- How could I make a playlist about Luke and not mention Good Charlotte, this song is about not been like anybody else just like Luke is. 

Youth- Troye Sivan- this song has a live for now kinda feel to it just like Luke and Luke is living his youth right now and so am I. 

No idea- All Time Low- he takes my breath away 

Chasing cars- Snow Patrol- I don’t know how to say how I feel so I made a playlist. The boys covered this song and i’m still not over it.

Jack and Jack- Distance- he’s away a lot it must really put a strain on relationships, timezones are difficult I know that. 

What’s my age again- blink 182- he doesn’t always act his age 

Tear in my heart- TOP - the songs on the radio are okay but my taste in music is his face

A drop in the ocean- Ron Pope - one of m favourites of Luke’s covers, makes me cry

Superman- Joe Brooks- the song he said he’d sing to a girl, I felt it would be a shame to skip it. 

Hoilday- Green day- the song he used to play on repeat on his guitar 

Waste The Night- 5 SOS- When talking about the writing of the song Zakk Cervini said, “Luke went in and laid down the chorus and it just clicked. It’s a really simple song, but it’s a different song for 5 Seconds of Summer. Luke is a really chilled, relaxed guy, and that song is similar [to him].”

day 10

favorite DAY6 cover and what song you want them to cover 
since everybody loves STOP AND STARE, i’ll pass that one and go with these four BECAUSE I COULDN’T JUST PICK ONE 
- put your records on (jae is great but MY BOI BRI BRI. his vocal range is no joke) 
- she will be loved (JAE ! and i always thought brian’s voice reminded me a bit of adam levine)
- happy (one word: harmonies) 
- bruno mars medley (i love bruno mars and the coordination between PARKsungjinJaehyungIan) 

i really want them to cover the reason cause when i first heard congratulations, i was somewhat reminded of this song and this used to be one of my most favorite songs during my childhood(?). if i didn’t like this song, i probably wouldn’t have liked congratulations, nor would i have really liked day6. 
(tbh i want them to cover every song i know cause all their covers are amazing)