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pretty pretty please oh pleaase will you do a post about sunggyu as in what's so great about him, just because i want one after the great job you did on Woohyun :D

Okay so my Woohyun post was liked by people, that’s always nice to hear! I hope the anon who sent in the original ask starts to see Woohyun in a different light from now on ~~

I guess I can talk about Sunggyu too, but where to begin?


Sunggyu’s voice is one that is instantly recognisable. He can be a soft falsetto, he can be a heart-wrenching high note. He is as versatile a vocal as Woohyun is, and can lend his voice to many different genres of music. He has proven himself a strong live vocalist too (remember that time the music stopped during a live and he just carried on singing, totally unfazed?). One of my favourite performances of his was on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook in 2015, where he sang Nell’s Time Spent Walking Through Memories and his own title track Kontrol. 

Sunggyu has one of those voices that really makes you feel things, you know? He is able to project some real emotion into his vocals, and every single song on his second solo album 27 just hits you with it. One of my fave things is when Sunggyu sings songs with softer, quieter parts that then reach an inevitable crescendo where he showcases the true power of his voice. A good example of that is this performance of Only Tears. Then there is this incredible duet he did on Duet Song Festival which just gets me every single time. I could probably go on about Sunggyu’s voice forever. But here is a compilation of his head notes, falsettos and long notes on Immortal Songs 2. 


Not only is Sunggyu an amazing leader for INFINITE in the sense that he pushes them to succeed and leads with a firm hand, he is also known to counsel the other members if they need advice. For Sungyeol and Sungjong’s birthdays last year, he went out while they were in Japan to get them gifts as he didn’t want them to miss out just because they weren’t at home. In INFINITE Showtime episode 10, Sungjong thanked Sunggyu for helping him out and listening when he has worries and concerns. The INFINITE members are close enough to Sunggyu that they can absolutely roast him on tv shows, knowing that its a joke. Back when they all lived together in a dorm, Sunggyu would wake up the members, and that is seriously the cutest thing ever, just watch it (like, yeah okay so he wrestles Woohyun, but he was being a little brat! And the spraying Sungjong was totally Nam’s idea soooo…).


Sunggyu has appeared on sooooo many shows it would take forever to list them all here. However, I couldn’t make this post without mentioning this side of him. Sunggyu has been on loads of different types of shows, including (but not limited to), The Genius, The Sea I Wanted/Dreaming Sea, Fluttering/Exciting India, and twice on Take Care of My Refrigerator. Not only that, but he has been a special host on numerous episodes of Weekly Idol and got his first proper MC position on the show Girl Spirit in 2016. Why is Sunggyu so good on these shows? Because not only is he intelligent, cunning and witty, he knows exactly what the audience wants. Whether it’s deliberately messing up a dance on Weekly Idol in order to get his manager punished, or if it’s his openness and honesty on 4Things Show . Also, here is a video of him peeling a Korean melon with his teeth.

He is also currently MCing a new show called Singderella alongside Super Junior’s Heechul, and it already looks to be pretty hilarious. You can easily find clips on Youtube ~


So above were three main points about Sunggyu as an idol, as the leader of INFINITE, as a singer. Here are some more important things:

  • Sunggyu has made multiple appearances in musicals, showing his vocal versatility as well as his acting skills. He has had main roles in Gwanghwamun Sonata (alongside Super Junior’s Kyuhyun), Vampire, In The Heights (with fellow member Dongwoo) and All Shook Up.
  • His friendships with other idols. Sunggyu is known to be close with numerous other idols, most notably Super Junior’s Heechul and Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho and (former) Beast’s Junghyun. He even appeared on Junghyun’s FB Live broadcast a few months ago in the Beast member’s new studio. 
  • His love of Nell. He is known to be a huuuuuge Nell fanboy, actually going so far as to say he only auditioned for Woollim because Nell were part of the company at that time. He reached peak fanboy when Nell’s Kim Jongwan produced his second solo album 27 and featured on a track with Epik High’s Tablo.
  • His undeniable good looks… So many people may be critical of Sunggyu’s small eyes, but it has to be said that he has amazingly good visuals. That jawline, those hands… I could go on, but you get the idea.
  • His hella cute baby pictures. He was the squishiest little cute kid!

In conclusion, I love Kim Sunggyu and so should you.

If you want me to do more of these for other members, just let me know heheh also @becuzgyu this is dedicated to you ~~


I can’t believe yesterday, 2x years ago, momma and pappa matsuno summoned six demons straight from a garbage dump in hell

what a day

(+Bonus sketch because it would happen, Oso dared him, and I was genuinely curious how many party blowers Jyushi could fit in his mouth tbh (the answer is a lot more))

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My fave Michael line (aside from his cute solo in More than Survive)is most definitely "MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE!!!" Like when I first heard that I cried.


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Ok imma get real with you, I always thought "Harry styles of 1D" was always so overrated, but lemme tell you, his solo career is my fave amongst the other former 1D boys. His sound is so Brit Rock/Pop and there's something so so effortless and nostalgic about his sound and...I'm a freaking fan of Harry Styles the solo artist. He's a great musician, and moreover, a darling person.

Same boo! 


GUYS THAT WAS SERIOUSLY THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. I LEGIT ALMOST LOST MY VOICE (jackson got me screaming too much ;) aayyee) 

  •  Jackson and bambam were being extra as always
  • Youngjae performed (but he still looked a little out of it)
  • Jinyoung was speaking English most of the time 
  •  During Yugyeom’s part in ‘Follow Me’ he changed the lyrics to “Dab,Dab,Dab” (while dabbing of course) and just burst out laughing after
  • Bambam did a sexy dance and said “you have to be 20 to think about that all day” and the rest of the members started teasing him after that. Like bambam you aren’t even 20 yet. 
  • I believe Yugyeom did a sexy dance too and Papa Jaebum threw something on top of Gyeom to cover him
  •  Their unit stages were amazing. After their units performed, they each talked about it. When it was Jackson, Bambam, and Yugyeom’s turn to talk, Mark called them the “swag unit”. Bambam was talking about the song W.O.L.O. and he goes “do you guys know yolo? It-” and Jackson just yells “NO, DON’T TALK ABOUT IT. It’s not yolo…It’s not because of copyright!!!!!“ 
  • They were talking about what they did their first morning in Chicago. Mark and Jackson slept, while the others went to get pizza and went downtown. 
  • During confession song, they walked through the aisles (my friend tOUCHED YUGYEOM…YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). 
    • Before the show, people were handing out hearts that we would hold up during the song. Each member had their own color (I of course got jackson’s heart which was white)
    • People were also handing out ‘Fly’ banners that had cartoon!GOT7 on the front and fly’s fan chant on the back
  • During one of their songs (i think it was turn up the music) they dabbed like 1093034 times in a row
  • They didn’t do dumb dumb :((((
  • The graphics on the screen were really cool! They had a lot of bright lights flashing too. But in the beginning of the show they were having a glitch with the screen 
  • Mark said that since they always do concerts/fan meets in Asia, it was nice to finally come back to America. 
  • Jackson kept hyping up the crowd 
  • There were so many body rolls oh my lord yES
  • Bambam, Mark, and Jackson would ask the others questions in English and they would try and answer back in english. Although they did have to translate some words for the others
  • Like i said before, Jinyoung was talking in English throughout like the whole thing aND I LOVED IT. HE SOUNDS SO CUTE SPEAKING IN ENGLISH
  • After they performed Fly, bambam talked about how that was the song that got them their first win.. He said “we couldn’t have done it without you!” and pointed to the crowd. But Jackson thought he said “without yugyeom!” so he goes, “without you! not without yugyeom!” 
  • Jackson’s laugh sounds even cuter in person…i’m crying 
  • During Fly/ Home Run/ and Just Right, they wore these nice bomber jackets. Yugyeom’s was red and black, Youngjae’s was red and white, Jaebum’s was light blue and white (i really want it omg. If anyone can hook a girl up with a link to it that would be great), Jackson’s was blue and silver, Mark’s was blue and white, Bambam’s was black and gold (i think), and i believe Jinyoung wore a black and white one. (sorry if these colors aren’t right)
  • During Jackson and Bambam’s rap in Just Right, Jackson said “Say yeahhh” & “Say blab blab blab” and Bamba, said “Say dab, dab,dab” and “Say dab boiiii” (what else do we expect from him lmao) 
    • p.s. you guys better believe I was dabbing like fucking crazy the whole night  
  • They were talking about the different dances that they do, and Jackson announced that he loves the way Yugyeom does the little shoulder dance during his solo in Fly (I agree with Jackson, that is my fave part of the choreography tbh). And because of that, they made him do it for us. 
  • Before they performed “This Star”, Mark said that jinyoung wrote the lyrics. He then asked him why he named it that. Jinyoung replied with “It’s not called This Star, it’s called These Stars” and pointed to the crowd (that was smooth af)
  • At the end when they were saying their speeches, they all wanted Youngjae to go first. Before he started speaking the crowd started chanting “youngjae! Youngjae Youngjae!” even Jackson joined in.
  • Youngjae said that he performed today because he felt guilty. He didn’t want to let us down. He said he wasn’t feeling good and he hopes we understand. Jackson replied by saying “We will always be here for you Youngjae!!!” (i love supportive jackson)
  • All the members kept asking Youngjae if he felt okay throughout the whole show :’) 
  • Jackson asked if we knew who Mike Ditka and Michael Jordan were and then said that “Igot7 are better!!!”  
  • They did a dance roulette thing. There was a spinning wheel that would choose which choreography people had to do in order to pass the mission and to help them come back (to the city) again. There was a camera that would choose random people from the crowd to dance
  • Speaking of camera…during one of the songs (i think confession song but i’m not sure), bambam takes one of the cameras that was on the stage (the one that projects the crowd on the big screen) and started filming people in the crowd and they would show up on screen! 
  • Jinyoung took someones camera on stage and started filming the members 
  • MC Bambam made an appearance ft. MC Mark and MC Jackson
  • During the last few songs, Yugyeom wore the pink bulls hat that Jackson always wears. He even pointed to it during his speech
  • The members (but mainly bambam) would take peoples phones and take selfies / pics of the other members. 
  • Jaebum said he would say his speech in Korean to make it more sentimental. He basically thanked the fans for being so welcoming and for supporting them all these years. 
  • Before Jackson started his speech, he yelled “EVERYONE LEAVE YOUR BOYFRIENDS” and then started laughing. Then he just says “WHOEVER HAS A BOYFRIEND CAN LEAVE” and pointed to the door. He then said that he hopes we stay healthy. Fame and fortune don’t matter, what matters is that we all stay healthy. Because we only live once ;)
  • Bambam said the same thing he said in Dallas. He needs to forget about the haters and just move on cause he already has everything he needs. 
  • They asked us all to stick our hands out (like as if we were about to do like a handshake type thing) and they got in a half circle (as if they were including us) and say “Got7 and igot7!” 

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(1) Hi, I was following u closely for many months and I read all of ur opinions before sending u this. I want to say that I really love ur blog. Im a mutual Ri fan for long and I like how u state ur opinions about him and how ur unlike his other vvips who spend their life mourning his lack of promotion and how badly treated he is. Yes we all know he needs more recognition but we dont have to give that image about him or his fanbase in general.

This ask came in 8 parts:

(2)My fave line of anything u said is that Ri needs our support not our pity. That’s how Ri fans should be like. It’s my great wish that others would learn from u.However I must say that I disagree with some of ur views. Plz don’t take this as an offence. Seeing how opened up and diplomatic u are, I am sure u will be considerate. Let me first warn u that I only like Ri. I knew him before big bang and I only kept him as my fave and the only one that matter between the 5. I only follow his solo(3)career and his solo albums are my fave. I only go to big bang concert for him. I am not attached to any of the other members at all. Thus I hope u can understand me when I say that Ri eldest members don’t actually love him. Im sure u know the number of scandals they caused him bcz of their loud mouth. People say Ri say their secrets in shows but he never caused them a problem with the public. They on the other hand did on so many occasions. The top top top incident, the porn watching incident(4)they bring up his playboy statue all the time. Just bcz they’re boring on shows they need to stop attending. He.s not their sacrificing goat to bring him up every time they can’t find anything to talk about. U know more than anyone that the public care for what they say about him and not the other way round bcz they’re the eldest and he is just a maknae. There are also those times they shut him out harshly and the way taeyang said in dome that Ri can’t sing or dance. Gdragon also tells him to(5) shut up the whole time. Top joins them in beating him. Daesung doesn beat him but he throw hurtful words his way. They all said to leave Ri behind and continue promoting as 4That can be considered a joke but he has feelings. It hurts when they tell him he can’t sing and that they will continue as 4  Don’t they know that the public already consider him useless and keep saying he can’t sing? Why add to his problems, they’re not being funny. They never were. They’re just plain rude and hurtful(6)Then they blatantly complain that he doesn’t hang out with them. Like hell he would. Why would he spend time with bad members who don’t respect him neither as a person or a singer when he have mutual beautiful friends that make him feel like he belong?I never thought Ri belong to big bang. It’s not from his lack of trying but more bcz the others made him always feel like he’s beneath them. They fed him an inferiority complex and let him almost die with it. They didn’t even attempt to get him(7)out when they could.Ri fought and came back on his own. I honestly wish he gets out of that hell hole. I don’t want him to stay with people who don’t appreciate his person and his talent. It hurts him u know. U urself said that he looks uncomfortable when they go too far. He said that he doesn’t know why top told that top top top incident when he knew that Ri promotions were soon to drop. They’re disrespectful but he continue being selfless with them bcz he has to.(8)They were clueless about the fight he had to undergo to restore his confidence. So don’t say they love him and care about him when they don’t even know him. I just wanted to let u know that u’re defending them when they don’t deserve it. I apologize for this super duper long ask. Have a nice day.


To start with, thank you for the kind words. I truly appreciate the respectful tone you used in the ask. Of course I wouldn’t be offended. To each their own opinions.
But let me clear few things, I never said the hyungs were angels. They do go too far sometimes but it’s mostly jokes. They would never mean to hurt him. At least not intentionally. Never.

You said you’re only Seungri’s fan so unlike me and other Vips, you might not be familiar with the group’s dynamics because that’s sincerely their way to show him love. Their characters are entirely different from Seungri therefore they can’t be open and forward like him. That’s why they retort to other measures (some of them can be considered extreme and categorised as tough love).
The thing they say to him or about him in concerts are jokes. I’ve been to most of their domes and Bae said more than once that Seungri can’t sing or that he’s not important in BigBang. Even in one of the recent Tokyo domes, Bae said that Seungri’s a singer anyway so he should sing some more. Seungri just acted offended saying that he has always been a singer and that what Bae said is totally wrong but then they all laughed it off because it was meant as a joke. That’s Bae twisted sense of humour and Seungri understands it because he spent ten years with him. If it was offending him, he would’ve drew the limits a long time ago.

The most important thing is that Seungri knows that the hyungs love him. In one of Yg family concerts, they kept jokingly making fun of him so he said, ‘I know that you all love me so much and that’s why you like taunting me.’’ and they all just smiled at him.

‘He (Seungri) may seem like the bullied character to people, but it’s only because there are no walls between us members. We can tell each other anything.’ _ YoungBae
‘I show people love by teasingly hitting them.’ _ TOP
‘Fighting and arguing amongst brothers are normal. Living together can also cause disagreements. I don’t think it will work if there’s none.’ _ Seungri
‘I feel annoyed by the hyungs teasing sometimes but it’s not as if they’re doing it because they hate me. I’ve never felt hurt or frustrated, or even wondered why they’re doing that to me. Since we all love and take care of each other.’ _ Seungri

And Seungri does belong to BigBang. You’re also his fan so you know too well how much it took him to build a solid position in the group. Saying that he doesn’t ‘belong’ is like throwing years of his hard work from the window.
Also, it wasn’t the hyungs that fed him inferiority complex. It was the public. They would never want him to suffer because unlike what you implied they do care about him and his well-being.
Let’s not talk about the older days because he was a bit reckless. Seungri hyungs are not as open about their emotions as he is but they praised him several times.

When everyone kept criticising Seungri’s voice, Jiyong said that he could’ve not written many of BigBang’s songs without envisioning Seungri’s voice in them and that he truly likes his voice because it’s really sweet. He recently said the famed ‘our seungri sings well’. He also described Seungri of being a genius for writing his album in two weeks. For Seungri’s Let’s Talk about Love comeback, Jiyong kept monitoring his stage, sending him feedback and even showing him support by attending his fansign right after his Inkigayo.
Bae praised Seungri’s voice and his ability to attract people more than once. Dae stood up for him when he, Jiyong and Bae talked about Seungri’s scandal. Unlike the other two who mentioned their disappointment to please the public, Dae looked completely mortified and only said that he loves his dongseang, he misses him and wants him back as soon as possible. Choi would always fool around with him and when Seungri had his first drama role, he gave him acting advices when even Bae predicted that he wouldn’t. They all stood for him when Yg wanted to remove him from the centre in loser. They said he matured so much in the last few years. They don’t even need to tell him what to do anymore. In other words, Seungri doesn’t need their guidance.

And please don’t say that they don’t know him. They spent ten years together, I am sure they know him more than me, you and any other fan. It’s a whole decade after all.
That’s all I have to say on this regard. I defend the hyungs because they tend to be misunderstood just like Seungri is at times. They would never cause harm to their energy ball. At least not purpose.

Note: All the asks were sent two to six days ago. I apologise for the late reply. I didn’t have time to come over.

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check this out youtube(.)com/watch?v=tyHL3hi742M this is niall's best vocals from 2015 and i think you will like it

oh my goodness this is amazing

niall does not get NEARLY enough credit for his vocal performances. he ALWAYS delivers and he’s stepped in flawlessly for the other boys time and time again. he is not appreciated or celebrated nearly as much as he deserves. he’s an incredible performer, even with those spur of the moment covers, he can just deliver no matter what. he’s an amazing entertainer, and he’s got the talent to back up that personality that makes him so magnetic. he does a phenomenal job, and he does a consistently phenomenal job. he gives 110% every time he’s on that stage. one direction just wouldn’t sound like one direction without him. he’s so, so important to their overall sound and every single one of their performances. he’s such a treasure.