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the fact that caleb from “the gay and wondrous life of caleb gallo” showed up in the new season of grace and frankie for about 12 seconds as the usher in the gay community theater is making me inexplicably happy

When the meeting broke up, [Walter Scott] walked across the Mound, on his way to Castle Street, between Mr Jeffrey and another of his reforming friends, who complimented him on the rhetorical powers he had been displaying, and would willingly have treated the subject-matter of the discussion playfully. But his feelings had been moved to an extent far beyond their apprehension: he exclaimed,  ‘No, no- 'tis no laughing matter; little by little, whatever your wishes may be, you will destroy and undermine, until nothing of what makes Scotland Scotland shall remain.’ And so saying, he turned round to conceal his agitation - but not until Mr Jeffrey saw tears gushing down his cheek - resting his head until he recovered himself on the wall of the Mound.

The Life of Sir Walter Scott, vol 2 by Lockhart

I’ve brought up walter scott crying over judicial reform a couple of times before, so i figure if i’m gonna post history stuff from time to time i gotta start with this

Henry Cockburn also mentions this incident in his Memorials:

“… the practical Walter Scott, who, after one of the Faculty meetings, positively shed real tears over the threatened alteration of the old shape of the Court of Session.”

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