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headcanon that if Nick gets super surprised when he’s running diagnostics he bluescreens while all his systems reboot/recover

loud-ass beeping, red eyes, frozen body and all

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Also probably not a surprise: meeting in the ER AU. Look, I only have one note, but it's a good one, right? Of course right. <3

Content warnings: Blood, prescription pain killers, broken bones, concussions, car collision 

  It was really hard to focus, everything seemed sharp and fuzzy at the same time, like the world couldn’t decide to be one or the other. A blinding light flashed in his eyes and he winced away from it, dazed.

 “Mr. Dameron, you’re going to be okay.” The voice was whisper soft and soothing, the man speaking a weird mix of sharp and fuzzy like everything else.


 “You’re okay, I promise. My name’s Finn, and I’m going to take care of you.”

 Poe started to realize he was feeling cold, and his head felt so, so funny, and his leg was on fire. He tried to lift his head to see what had happened to it, but Finn pushed him gently back down.

 “We’re going to take care of you, Mr. Dameron. Just hold tight for me.”

 “Bebe?” Poe managed, and Finn’s fuzzy face went apologetic.

 “Not sure who that is, Mr. Dameron.”


 “You had a kid with you?” Finn’s voice betrayed alarm for the first time. “You were brought in alone.”

 Poe tried to shake his head, then winced. “M’dog.”

 “It’ll be better for your head to lie still, hun,” Finn murmured. “I didn’t see a dog, but I’ll check with the ambulance guys while you’re getting your MRI, I promise.”


 “Someone hit you with their car. We’re going to get you patched up. You’re going to be okay.”


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Leia: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.


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