his smiles and laughs are so amazing

Astro Needs to Stop

Everyone is a visual. Everyone is a sweetheart. Just utter perfection. Like how am I supposed to have a bias when everyone is so amazing. Like, first it was Rocky cause that smile kills. Then I saw Sanha and was like “Oh baby, this boy is adorable.” But when I saw Moonbin and Eunwoo those boys just… no words. And Mj is so bubbly and his laugh is so contagious. And how can you not when JinJin is just over over there with his cuteness and deep voice. Just.. How. Do. You. Bias?

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Please you all have to remember this moment … Its so touching and so incredible ❤💔 Kai was on tears and so emotional, Kyungsoo was aware of that so he tried to cheer him up , he choose him after him to give a talk in a surprised way he want kai to laugh and change his mood to be happy (T^T) And then Kai lean on him and hugged Kyungsoo shoulders and Kyungsoo touch his hand to make him feel alright , Kai choose Kyungsoo to be with after being on tears and after that he felt good and he laughed while he still hugging kyungsoo shoulders.. You all can see here how Kyungsoo really care about Kai and want to make him smile (T-T) god how they treat each other make me speechless 💔❤ (Cuddlekaisoo) on IG talked talked about it .. This moment always make me feel beautiful pain in my heart cause their love is so deep and amazing .. They just make me feel like hdjdjfjrmkfkeiudbfk 😭

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More Teacher!Kent AU

NHL Fine



At the stove, Kent’s refilling the guac when a warm hand touches his hip, and a big nose presses into the side of his neck.  “Best thing in kitchen, cute guy making food.”

“Excuse me,” Kent says, huffing, “but I have a boyfriend.”

Alexei laughs.  “Oh yes?  Is he good boyfriend?  If not, I’m steal you.”  His warm lips press against Kent’s pulse.

Kent smiles, continuing on his task.  “Eh.  He’s not bad.”

“Not bad?” Alexei asks.

Kent’s grin widens.  “I mean, he’s pretty hot.  At least, that’s what they tell me.  He’s got amazing abs, and his hockey-butt is one for the ages.  I mean, not as good as Zimmermann’s…”

“What?” Alexei squawks.

“Or well…so I’ve heard,” Kent says with a giggle.

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Never Get A Break - Jaehyun

Requested: OMG adm Finn the jaehyun make out was soo perfect kyaaaaah~😙 your writing is amazing, like a professional, it’s so good! 👍👏👌Now I need the hot steamy makout with Jaehyun too lol.😁 Tysm ily 💜💛💚💟✌

A/N: Sorry, it’s probably not as steamy as you wanted, it’s rlly fluffy :’)
Also it’s 3AM so I apologize for producing garbage ^^;

**suggestive language**

Word Count: 485

Your back pressed to the granite counter, a gentle laugh escaping your plush lips. Your fiancé’s hands wandered under your sweater, his calloused fingertips setting your skin ablaze. He smiled, his soft dimple showing as his lips brushed your cheek.

“I missed you” he murmured.

His fingertips prodded at your ticklish sides, making you squirm.

“No!” you giggled, pushing at his chest gently.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it” he whispered, pressing his frame flush to your own.

Jaehyun stopped his antics, instead pulling your waist closer. His gaze softened, his smile fading. He leant down, tilting his head gently. Your eyes fluttered close, your heart throbbing. You waited expectantly, slowly peaking an eye open after a few moments. Jaehyun’s gaze met your own before he drew back, laughing obnoxiously.
You pouted, stalking past him.
He grasped your elbow, guiding you to lean against the counter once again. He leant close once again, his tall frame obstructing your view.

“Is this what you wanted?”

He smiled, knowing your irritated façade would soon fade. He caressed your jaw gently, leaning down to capture your lips. A muffled sigh escaped you, your heart fluttering. Endearingly, his lips slowly coaxed yours to dance.
Your small hands gripped his sweater tightly, pulling him closer. His gentle caress soon became a controlling grip. His starved lips devouring your own hastily.
Gasping, you peaked and eye open as he pushed you onto the counter, knocking over a glass of water. You drew back, your gaze stern.
He ignored you, his lips trailing over your exposed collarbone. Your fingers wove into his soft hair, yanking harshly. He met your gaze, wincing slightly.

“You have to clean this up-”

“Later” he mumbled, chasing after your lips once again.

You smiled into the kiss, moaning quietly.
Jaehyun’s large hands moved to your thighs, agilely guiding your lithe legs to wrap around his slender waist. You shifted, your core pressing to his confined manhood. His lips stuttered, parting in awe. You introduced your sly tongue to his own, draping your arms over his broad shoulders.
Suddenly, a phone rang loudly, the obnoxious cry making you knit your brows together. You reached into the back pocket of Jaehyun’s jeans carefully. His lips left your own, his stature straightening.

“It’s Doyoung” you remarked.

He snatched his phone from you, hugging your head into his soft sweater, smothering you.

“Hey” he casually answered, ignoring your pathetic writhing.

“My hair!” you hollered, your hands quickly finding their way under his sweater.

Desperately, you attempted to tickle him, grinning as he let out a weak laugh, releasing you.

“What are you doing?” Doyoung questioned.

You slid from the wet granite counter, pouting as your moist jeans rode up uncomfortably.

“Nothing-” Jaehyun assured, “You should see (Y/n) right now… she’s so wet.”

Jaehyun snickered quietly as Doyoung stuttered.

“I never get a break” you muttered quietly, striding toward the bathroom, rolling your eyes.


Naruto Shippuuden Episode 500

Gaaras Face in the Last Screencap is amazing, I can´t get enough ♥This Scene was so funny, I laughed a lot and can´t stop Smiling.

And his Outfit, Kyaaaah ~
So pure! He is so adorable ♥

“How do I…?”

“How do you look?”

Aithlin’s brows flattened, but the warmth in Dorian’s eyes coaxed a smile out of him. “You shouldn’t interrupt me, but… yes, how do I look?”

“Like the most beautiful creature in Thedas.”

“’Aside from myself, of course’.”

Dorian laughed, low and sweet, and shook his head, forefinger tucked up beneath the curve of Aithlin’s chin. “There you go, putting words in my mouth again, when I’d much rather you find another way to engage it. A kiss, maybe, if you’re feeling adventurous?”

I was so so amped to get a chance to commission @oatson, and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed with the experience! Not by a long shot. Please, if you have a chance, go commission her. She’s such a sweetheart and (obviously) so talented! I mean, look at Aithlin’s arms.

Because my other post got so much traction, here is a list, in no particular order, of things that Viktor “Wow! Amazing!” Nikiforov is always high-key about:

  • Yuuri Katsuki
  • Ice Skating
  • Yuuri Katsuki ice skating
  • Dogs
  • Food
  • Alcohol 
  • His hair
  • Yuuri Katsuki’s eyes, hair, face, brain, hands, feet, nose, smile, laugh, voice, hips, tummy, thighs, lips, butt, chin, shoulders, and ears
  • Yuuri Katsuki’s family (He gives Mama and Papa Katsuki 128 hugs a day and they love him right back)
  • Soft things (Pillows, blankets, cushions, Yuuri, Makkachin, his scarf)
  • The ocean
  • His beautiful fiance, Yuuri Katsuki
  • Big cities
  • Small towns
  • Beautiful women! “Yuuri look at that girl, I hope she’s having a good day, I like her scarf” (All women are beautiful women to Viktor)
  • His bitey itchy scratchy child, Yuri Plisetsky. 
  • EVERY JUNIOR on Yakov’s roster. He loves them! They’re growing so much! He’s so proud!
  • Coffee
  • Grand Prix Silver Medalist and Top Ranked Japanese Figure Skater Yuuri Katsuki
  • Fashion–everyone has their own and they’re all valid and amazing! Sometimes he thinks he’ll go blind looking at Yurio but you know, that’s okay!
  • Cold days
  • Warm days
  • Spending money on people he loves. Let Viktor spoil you rotten, Viktor wants to spoil you rotten. Yurio, why are you not eating? I’m buying you lunch. No, I’m buying you lunch. Do you want extra? Here, I bought you extra. Do you like that poodle plush, Yuuri? Oops, I bought it. In every color. Here, take them.
  • Shoes
  • Music
  • Good smells
  • Marrying! Yuuri! Katsuki! God, I can’t wait to stand next to the man I love and declare in front of everyone I’ve ever known and loved that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him. I can’t wait to be able to call this beautiful man my husband. I wish I could marry him every day for the rest of my life.
  • His country. Viktor loves Russia and the Russian people SO MUCH. He wishes its government would get its shit together.
  • Yuuri. Katsuki. 
They Are For You

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Requested: yes, by @tanovic54321 and a couple of anons

Pairings: Ezra Miller x Reader

Warnings: n/a

Word Count: 1,322

A/N: Hope that you guys like this! Let me know if you have any other requests in my inbox!!!

You hadn’t wanted to date him. You told yourself that it was ridiculous, that there was no way that it was going to happen, and even if some miracle happened and he noticed you, nothing was going to happen.

And then he dazzled you with his smile and made you laugh, and you realized that he was a normal person, just like you. And then he left.

So, you pushed thoughts of Ezra Miller out of your head, because even though he waltzed into your flower shop one afternoon, if your experience had anything to say about it, he wasn’t buying that bouquet of flowers for his grandmother. It was unlikely that someone as amazing as him was single, or looking for a partner who owned a flower shop. He was going to be the Flash, and you just tied some flowers together for a living.

It wasn’t that you didn’t love your job, you just knew that it was irrational to think that you were living in a cheesy rom com. And then he came back.

Ezra Miller was in your flower shop on a weekly basis, and you were acting like a total fool. Not only did you blush every time that he would so much as glance at you, but you dropped things more often than usual when he was around, which was saying something, as you were and extreme klutz.

But eventually, you knew that you didn’t have a chance of not falling for him. You had been teetering on the edge for so long, and that day, you fell.

You were in the back room, putting together a bouquet that someone had ordered for their mother, when you heard the bell chime out front. Your heart leapt when you glanced at the clock and realized that it might be him.

You smoothed your hair, glancing in a mirror quickly before hurrying out to the front. You could admit that you were a little sad to see that it was only Lucy, here for her mother’s flowers. You informed her that it would just be a second before everything was all finished up.

You rushed around, placing flowers here and there before tying a ribbon around the center. You hurried back out with the finished product, only to find two people in your storefront.

Ezra was chatting to Lucy while he leaned on the counter, acting as if nothing unusual was happening. You felt a slight twinge of jealousy at the sight of how natural the two looked together, but you shook it off.

“Here it is!” you announced, wincing at the little crack in your voice. However, the pair didn’t seem to notice.

“That looks wonderful!” Lucy said, taking the bouquet from your hands and sliding you her payment across the counter. “Keep the change.” She said with a wink, turning to leave. Before she walked out of the door, you saw her mouth ‘he’s cute’, gesturing to Ezra. You sighed at her and waved her out the door. You knew that she meant well, but sometimes your customers got a little too involved.

You held back the urge to roll your eyes, figuring that Ezra would be asking what you were looking at, and you did not want to think about trying to explain that your customer was trying to set you up with the probably-already-dating-someone-movie-star.

“Hello,” you said to Ezra, taking care of slipping the money into the cash register’s drawer. “do you need another bouquet?”

“Yeah,” he said cheerily, flashing you another blinding smile. “What would you recommend?” he asked, glancing around the shop.

“Well, what’s the occasion?”

“I’m trying to ask this girl out on a date.” He explained, and you tried to ignore the feeling of your heart sinking down into your stomach. You knew that he was probably dating someone anyways, so why did the confirmation hurt even more?

“Oh, really?” you said, turning to fix a display behind you, hoping that a few moments to gather your thoughts would help you make it through the rest of this interaction. ‘Of course they are for a girl.’ You chided yourself. ‘Aren’t flowers always for some beautiful girl?’

“Mm-hmm, I have been trying to find a way to ask her for a while, but I just haven’t been able to work up the courage.” He said, pushing a few of the decorations that sat on the counter around.

“That doesn’t seem like you,” you laughed.

“What do you mean?” he asked, looking up from the counter.

“Well, I just mean, you-you are so confident and I would thing that any girl would want to go out with you so I- guess I just thought that-” you paused, trying to stop both your ramblings and the blush that was rising up onto your cheeks. “Ill whip something up and be right back.

You had to admit, a few tears might have spilled out when you got to the back room, but you simply wiped them away and proceeded with you work. After all, dating him wasn’t something that was actually going to happen. It was a pipe dream that you liked to entertain yourself with when the shop was slow.

“Alright, here they are!” you announced, trying to sound chipper while handing him the bouquet.

“Actually, they are for you.” he said, pushing your hand that held the flowers out back into your chest. “I was hoping that you were free sometime soon?”

“Well, next time maybe don’t have me make the flowers then, it’s a bit of work.” You said, before you could really process the situation that was happening. Then, your eyes grew big as the realization of what was happening dawned on you. You didn’t know what to say. You had been thinking about this from the first time that you met him, and then you went and blew it all because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut.

Luckily, before you could spiral any further down into your misery, Ezra laughed. And not an uncomfortable laugh, meant to lighten the tension. A gut bursting, hiccup inducing, full body laugh. You thought that his face was going to spilt on either side from his smile, and you could honestly say that you had never felt more relieved in your life. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking,” you said, trying to keep the laugh that you felt bubbling up inside.

“No,” he said in between laughs, “the thing is that you are absolutely right. But I have been coming in here for weeks just to see you, and I didn’t even think about you having to make your own bouquet.”

You couldn’t hold your laugh down anymore. It bubbled up from your toes and trickled out of your mouth, slowly at first, but after a few moments, it was roaring. The two of you stood in the middle of your shop, laughing like idiots. “I can’t believe that you have been coming in here all of these weeks just to ask me on a date. I have been hoping that you would ask from the first time that you came in.”

At that, Ezra’s laughter trickled off, a spark of something that you couldn’t identify lit up his eyes. “Really?” he asked, leaning into the counter. All you could do was nod. “Are you free this evening, by any chance?”

You nodded, unsure that this was really happening to you. you were almost certain that your alarm clock was going to wake you up at any moment from this wonderful, perfect dream.

“Could I pick you up around seven?” he asked, sliding a piece of paper across the counter, his phone number scribbled across it in a messy scrawl.

You simply nodded as you watched him leave the shop. Honestly, you were thinking about closing early after the wink he threw over his shoulder on the way out.

My Imagines #9

You stand in front of the mirror, looking at yourself, and you couldn’t help but smile. The dark blue dress with long sleeves fitted you perfectly, besides it was really comfortable, and since you didn’t knew where your boyfriend would taking you, it was a good choice. While you were finishing putting your make up you heard a whistle and laughed, turning around to see Tom in the door looking at you. Anyone that sees him like that could tell he loves you.

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Tom: You look amazing darling.
Y/n: And you’re as handsome as always.

He smiled.

Tom: Can we go?
Y/n: Sure. But first, what shoes should I wear?
Tom: Anything comfortable.

You nod and get a pair of heels that were not that high. Because of Tom's height, you use that all the time so you won’t look like a dwarf by his side. You two hold hands and walk to the car. You’re so curious that you would’t stop looking around to see if you recognize any place you have been with him before.

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The car stopped in front of a disco, like the ones in the 70’s. You smiled and looked at Tom, that seems to be holding a laugh.

Tom: I assume you like it.
Y/n: Like it? Oh my God Tom, I love it! I’ve always wanted to come in a place like this to dance!
Tom: Well, what are we wating for then? Let’s get in!

You approach to kiss him soft, and he took your face in his hands to keep you close. When you get away from each other looking for air you whisper:

Y/n: I’ll give you a better “thank” when we get home, ok?
Tom: Whatever you say darling. But, yep, I like the idea.

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Soon as you get in you can hear old songs playing and see couples on the floor, dancing and having fun. After you two get a table and ask some drinks, you take Tom’s hand and go dance too. At first it was awkward, but soon you were sliding through the dancefloor.

When the song ends everyone applauses, and you two sit to drink and rest.

Tom: If you want to eat anything just tell me ok? This night is all about you, love.
Y/n: You keep like this, I’m loving. -You said, joking.
Tom: I will, love. As long as I can.
Y/n: That’s why I love you, you’re a perfect gentlemen.
Tom: Thanks ma’m. Now, do you give me the honor of dancing with me?
Y/n: Ain’t gotta ask me twice.

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Later, a lot later, you and Tom had headed to his apartment, where he asked you to spend the rest of the night. Once he had locked the door you approach and kiss him. His hands go to your face, and you deep the kiss, melting into each other. He leaded you to the bedroom, shoes, coat, tie and his shirt staying on the way.

Tom: I’ve gotta say, you’re a amazing dancer. I never thought you could dance or sing like that.
Y/n: Well, it’s not something I do all the time, just in special occasions.
Tom: So today was special?
Y/n: Everyday with you is, Tom.
Tom: Then I want you to sing for me every day.

You laugh and felt his mouth on your neck, kissing softly.

Y/n: I will. But not now. I owe you a “thanks”.
Tom: Come and pay me then, darling.

You smiled and kissed him again. That was going to be a long, long night.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) I’m amazing. This is soooooooooooo big. Hope you like it. Kisses, Halo. \ (•◡•) /

BTS reacts to their s/o speaking poor korean

Request: BTS reacting to their s/o trying to speak fluent korean and failing 

Jin (Seokjin) 

Jin would be really touched that his s/o was continuing to learn and practice independently. Even when they made mistakes, Jin would be the first to compliment them on how much they’ve improved and how proud he was to have such a smart and considerate s/o. I think Jin would be very patient, always explaining not only how to pronounce certain words or how to structure sentences but also when and why things are said. 

Daebak, you did so well this time! Usually, you would have to say that more formally but otherwise, you’re doing amazing!

Suga (Yoongi) 

Depending on how badly his s/o messed up, Suga would probably smile his gummy grin. He wouldn’t tease them or anything, but he would laugh a little at their accent. Suga would also be pretty quick at pointing out when his partner did make mistakes, believing in complete honesty. Suga wouldn’t see the point in letting them continue to make the same mistakes even if it did hurt their feelings slightly. Yoongi would be the most likely to get frustrated if he could see his s/o not taking learning seriously, but alternatively, he would also be the most understanding and comforting if his lover was getting upset about not improving quickly. 

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As long as you’re trying your best, there’s no point being upset. You’re doing what you can. 

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Rap Monster would be very focused on helping his s/o improve. Everywhere they went together, he would be pointing out words he thought they may not know yet. He would probably do a lot of research on great learning apps and books to give to his s/o as resources when he couldn’t be around to give private tutoring sessions. Namjoon would probably sit and study with his partner whenever they wanted, just holding up cue cards and checking their pronunciation. 

Bareum, bareum, sorry bae but your pronunciation isn’t quite there yet. Let’s go over it again tonight when we get home. 

Jhope (Hoseok)

If Hobi’s partner made a mistake he would smile and ruffle their hair. He would think the whole situation was just the most adorable thing ever. Jhope would jokingly teach his s/o how to say things in the most aegyo filled way possible, just because he wanted to hear his partner be cute. Hobi would always be willing to help if he was needed but would probably be more likely to just attempt to speak in a language more comfortable for his lover. Hobi is a giver and very caring, he would want his s/o to not be stressed about messing up and would think of all the possible ways he could make it easier for them. 

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You almost sounded native that time. Let me try my English again too, okay? Then you can study along with me. 


Jimin would probably give his partner one of his big eye smiles and laugh if they made mistakes. He would tease them easily, before correcting them. Jimin would think it was hilarious every time they made a mistake and would be constantly watching his s/o, waiting for them to slip up. Jimin would be overly excited when his love did get full sentences and conversations right though, making a big deal over how good they sounded.

Ya amazing! You’re fluent now! 

V (Taehyung)

Taehyung would be very understanding of any mistakes his s/o might make and would quickly correct them, before patting them on the head or comforting them in some way. He would never tease or mock them, though depending on how funny the mistake was he may laugh a little! Taehyung tries very hard to speak English so he would admire and sympathise with how difficult it must be for his s/o to try to hold conversations all the time. 

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Sorry I laughed Jagi, that was a funny one! You’re very cute for trying so hard. Fighting!


Jungkook probably would barely notice if his s/o made a small mistake and wouldn’t really even feel the need to point anything out until they made a potentially offensive speaking error. Jungkook would think it was fine if his s/o spoke imperfect Korean, as long as he could understand what they said and they were able to express what they were thinking in the socially acceptable way, it wouldn’t really matter to him. 

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You sound fine. I mean, you’re definitely not native but why do you need to be?

What the heart wants pt. 3

Requested by a few anons and @halseysbuttplug. Hope you guys enjoy it!

AN: The next steps in Alex Summers’’ relationship with his soulmate
Characters: Charles Xavier, Alex Summers, various mutants
Pairings: Alex Summers X reader, Charles X Erik
Spoilers: none
Warnings: mentions of abuse


Alex could hardly believe his luck, in fact he was so excited that he pulled you into a tight hug, spinning you in a circle while you laughed.

“Y/N this is amazing! I can’t believe-really?” Alex laughed.

“Really!” You answered, “Alex you need to put me down, people are starting to stare.”

“Who cares? My soulmate is a mutant!”

You smiled, your cheeks turning red as people glanced at the obviously jubilant boy. No one had ever reacted this positively when finding out about your mutation before, and you were so thankful to Alex that you weren’t quite sure what to say.

“C-can we maybe talk about this when we get back to your place?” You asked, prompting Alex to put you back on the ground. Almost instantly, you missed the feeling of his arms around your waist, “I just don’t want to get caught by any weirdo anti-mutant fanatics.”

Like my father, you thought to yourself. You grimaced as Alex’s eyes softened in a way that made you think he may have understood more about your reservations than you would’ve liked.

“Of course, we’ll call a cab and then-“ Alex started, scrambling for his phone.

You reached out to stop him, worrying at your bottom lip.

“We-uh-we might not need a cab,” you started, “if you’d like I could…” You let your voice fade into nothingness.

Alex raised his eyebrows genuine curiosity sparkling in his blue eyes, “What? You could…get us back?”

You nodded, offering him your hand and trying to hide the fact that you were shaking with nerves, “If you’d like.”

Without a second’s hesitation, he took your hand, lacing your fingers together and pulling you a little closer. You walked to a seemingly deserted section of the parking lot and tried not to flinch when Alex leant forward to whisper the address in your ear.
You were, in equal parts, nervous and excited to share this part of yourself with someone. You’d traveled with your sister once or twice, but she’d always hated it and, after each trip, could never quite meet your eye. Alex, on the other hand, seemed incapable of looking anywhere else, his eyes tracing every detail of your face as you reached into your soul and tried to picture your location clearly in your mind. Despite your eyes being closed, you knew the portal had opened, you felt it even before Alex’s wonder-filled gasp confirmed your suspicions, and as you pulled Alex forward, you couldn’t help but smile.

The portal spat you out on a perfectly manicured lawn outside one of the most beautiful, grandiose buildings you had ever seen and you instantly turned to face Alex, certain that you’d taken you both to the wrong place. Alex shrugged, his hand still clasping yours with a mischievous smile on his face and simply dragged you towards the front door.

“Welcome home Y/N.” Alex whispered as you stepped into the foyer and gasped, completely taken aback by the luxury of the mansion. Alex was more than happy to stand back and watch you, smiling affectionately and allowing himself to, for the first time, truly accept that this was happening. To him. In real life.

“It’s beautiful,” you gasped, turning back to the smirking blonde, “you live here?”

Alex nodded, secretly thinking that the house paled in comparison to you, “It’s quite something isn’t it?”

“Alex,” a voice called, “is someone here?”

Erik Lensherr sauntered into the lobby and froze. Alex watched, with a dull hint of panic as your body tensed and you and Erik stared one another down, like two deer in headlights. He stepped forward, taking his place beside you and letting his fingers brush yours in a subtle show of support. Erik’s eyes fell on your hands and then recaptured your gaze. Alex felt himself swallow hard. Alex had never been particularly close to Erik, especially after he’d crippled the professor, but over the years they had established a fragile peace, and Alex knew that Erik was never entirely comfortable with change, particularly change that involved bringing strangers into their home. After another moment of tense silence, a ripple of understanding seemed to flow between you and Erik and he smiled, extending his hand for you to shake.

“Erik, vice-principle, I control metal.” He introduced.

Visibly more relaxed, you answered, “Y/N Y/L/N, I create portals.”

Erik’s eyes flashed with curiosity and Alex internally sighed, anticipating lots of questions on Erik’s part in the future, “A pleasure, miss Y/L/N. Will you be staying long?”

You shot Alex a quick look and shrugged, “I suppose that’s yet to be seen.”

Erik nodded, understandingly and stepped back, just as the professor himself appeared in the doorway.

“Ah, Alex, this must be your guest.” He exclaimed excitedly, “Miss Y/L/N, on behalf of my school, I’d like to say; welcome.”

You opened and shut your mouth, unsure of how to respond to this wheelchair-bound man who knew more than he should. Seeing your confusion, the man nodded and looked vaguely apologetic.

“Of course, my apologies miss Y/L/N, an unfortunate side effect of my mutation.” He explained, tapping his temple lightly, “I am Professor Charles Xavier, I read minds.”

You recoiled slightly at that, instantly panicked again as you noticed the tangible sympathy in Xavier’s eyes. In that one look, you could tell he knew everything, every dark secret that you’d tried to hide from the world was now shared with this man who was a relative stranger. Alex felt his heart twinge as he remembered his own first encounter with Professor X, and wishing that he could do more than just watch and gently stroke your hand to remind you that he was there. As if that wasn’t enough, Raven and Hank chose that moment to rush into the room themselves and instantly begin fussing over you.

The sudden influx of people left you reeling and feeling claustrophobic and, as Raven began stroking your hair and pulling you into crushing hugs, you felt panic set it. Your throat tightened and your vision started to blur. Your heart began to race, your breath coming in short, painful bursts as you felt your consciousness slip away into a state of pure instinctual need to survive. Countless moments of abuse flashed through your mind and you found yourself pushing away from the crowd of strangers and searching for something; an anchor to keep you from drowning, a patch of land on which you could steady yourself. Anything.

Just when things truly became too much, and you felt the cold breath of terror on your neck, Alex’s warm hands on your upper arms kept you from falling and his wide blue eyes that were filled to the brim with concern became like a calming drug to you, slowly but surely bringing you back.
It registered somewhere in your mind, as Alex scooped you up in his arms and carried you further into the house, that you shouldn’t feel this safe with someone you’d just met but, honestly, you didn’t care. Instead of fighting, you decided to trust that, maybe, the world was finally giving you something good, and you buried your face in his chest, clinging to Alex like he was your salvation.

Meanwhile, Alex had just experienced the closest thing to a heart attack he’d ever imagined. Watching his friends crowd you, watching them force themselves into your personal space, it had torn him up. In the short amount of time Alex had known you, it had become blatantly clear that physical contact wasn’t an entirely comfortable concept for you, and neither were sudden movements. He reminded himself to tell his friends that and, as carefully as he could, Alex set you down on his bed, crouching in front of you and holding you steady until you stopped shaking.

“Y/N I’m so sorry,” he gushed, “I had no idea that they’d react like that.”

You shook your head, waving away his concerned tone and trying for a smile that came out more like a grimace.

“It’s-it’s fine.” You breathed, “There was no way you could’ve-no way you could’ve known.”

Alex hesitantly took your hand, encouraged when you gave him a slightly brighter smile, and kissed your knuckles. You flushed, but squeezed his hand, desperately grateful to him for being there for you.

“Thank you,” you said softly stroking your hand over his cheek, “for getting me out of there. I-“

Alex shook his head, leaning into your palm and letting his eyes flutter shit as that rush of exhilaration he always got from your touch shot through him.

“Hey, you’re my soulmate aren’t you?” He teased lightly, “I’m always going to be here for you.”

You chuckled, reveling in the casual comfort you already felt around Alex.

“I still can’t believe that this is happening,” you admitted, “I still can’t believe you’re actually here.”

“Me neither,” Alex answered, “I’ve waited so long…I didn’t think I would ever find you.”

“I’m glad you did.”

Alex smiled, “So am I.”

After a comfortable dinner, taken on the floor of Alex’s bedroom, and apologies and proper introductions from the other members of the staff, Alex had set you up in your own room and had said goodnight. You took a long, luxurious bath;’wrapped yourself in one of the very big tops Alex had offered you as pajamas and curled up in the middle of your bed! Staring at the ceiling X pondering the day’s events.

You were comfortable for maybe twenty minutes before your anxiety began to bubble up again, and the sheer amount that had happened over the course of one day began to overwhelm you. Searching again for that safety, you crept along the corridors and knocked quietly on Alex’s door, before you could properly think through what you were doing. He made a soft, affirmative noise and you let the door swing open, shifting from foot to foot, suddenly aware of how much of your legs were on display and what a bad idea this probably was.

Alex was lying on his bed, his shirt abandoned somewhere on the floor and his eyes glued to the pages of a thick book. You leant against the doorframe, partly because it seemed like the sort of thing that those glamorous women in movies or books would do, and partly because the sight of a shirtless Alex Summers had, quite literally made your knees go weak.

“Hey.” you called, wincing slightly at the shakiness of your voice.

Alex’s head shot up and his eyes scanned over you body as he let his book fall shut without a bookmark to keep his place.

“Y/N! Hi, what’re-are you okay?” He asked, instinctively standing and moving towards you.

You nodded, crossing your arms over your chest and trying not to let your gaze linger on any part of Alex for too long.

“Is there something wrong with the room?” He prompted.

“No, no it’s lovely,” you assured him, worrying at your bottom lip with your teeth again, “I just-I guess I got lonely.”

“Oh,” Alex replied, clearly happy that, in a moment of loneliness you’d decided to come to him, “yeah this old building does tend to do that to people.”

You nodded and, not for the first time, Alex had the overwhelming urge to kiss that adorably unsure expression off your face but, as always, he resisted and, as always, he reminded himself that there would be plenty of time for that when the moment was right.

“Alex,” you started, still unsure, still hesitant. It drove him mad. Couldn’t you see that he could never deny you anything? That he was entirely yours already? “Alex, could I maybe stay here tonight? I don’t think I can be alone here just yet.”

His heart stopped beating and Alex felt as his skin began to flush, “Uh, yeah. Yeah of course.” He stammered, suddenly realizing what a mess his room was, “Yeah, I’ll sleep on the floor and you can take my bed.”

You frowned and Alex thought that it was entirely unfair for you to look so good doing that.

“No, I’m not kicking you out of your own bed,” you protested, holding up your hand to cut him off as he opened his mouth to argue, “I’m not doing it. Either I sleep on the floor or…” You looked over his shoulder, “or we share.”

Alex raised his eyebrows, “The bed? Share the bed?”

You nodded, trying hard to look confident and sure, “Well, we’re soulmates aren’t we? It’ll end up happening eventually, why not now?” You paused, “If you’re okay with that of course.”

“Okay, yeah I’m-that’s fine-let’s…do you want to go to bed now?” Alex asked, surprised by how nervous he suddenly was.

You nodded and let Alex thread his fingers through yours as he lead you to his messy, unmade bed. Without looking at him, you clambered under the sheets and sighed with relief. Alex sat down on the other side of the bed and looked over at you with an affectionate smile. He made you feel safe, safer than you’d ever imagined and your heart couldn’t help but swell at the sight of his goofy, nervous smile. On a whim, you sat up and hugged him, wrapping your arms around his waist and pressing a kiss to the skin in between his shoulder blades.

You felt Alex’s muscles tense before he relaxed and chuckled, his voice low and raspy, “What was that for?”

You shrugged as Alex lay down, his eyes clinging to yours, “For letting me stay here, for welcoming me into your home, for looking out for me, for everything.”

Alex kissed your knuckles again, “It’s nothing Y/N, I’m glad you’re here believe me. I'm…so, so glad.”

Slowly, Alex let his arm wrap around your waist, pulling you closer so that your head was resting against his chest and your legs were tangled together.

“Is this okay?” He whispered, his heart pounding in his chest like a sledgehammer.

You shifted slightly and then nodded, nuzzling into Alex and biting back the whimper of relief as a gorgeous warmth spread through your veins.

“Your skin is soft.” You mumbled into his chest.

“Thanks.” He whispered back, relaxing as that same warm contentment flowed through him, “My shirt looks really, really good on you.”

You giggled together, basking in the joy of just being with one another and fell into an amenable silence. Alex stroked up your spine slowly, easing you gently into sleep.

“Alex?” You murmured, already dozing off.


“I was abused by my dad,” you admitted sleepily, “I don’t want to go back home to him.”

Suddenly, Alex was wide awake as pure, unadulterated fear and hatred coursed through his veins. Everything made sense now, and Alex’s heart broke. He felt helpless, completely helpless and he squeezed you gently, pressing a kiss to your forehead and vowing, should he ever meet your father, he would make sure that the man never got within 500 meters of you. He wanted to talk about it, to tell you how sorry he was, and promise to protect you but, as he looked down at your sleeping face, he couldn’t bear to wake you. There would be time to talk in the morning, he reasoned, for now he would just hold you and let you sleep.

“You don’t have to go back.” He promised, “Not ever.”

getting drunk with Hoseok

- whaaat a trip
- funny af when he’s wasted
- he’d be the star of the show
- he’d hang onto you most of the night
- it’s very rare when you witness a completely wasted, blacked out hoseok
- you always have to keep an eye on him
- announces to everyone how awesome you are
- “ahh, y/n-ah, you’re so amazing. everyone, y/n is amazing!”
- you’d smile, but smack the back of his head lightly and he’d just laugh at you
- his bright smile would never leave his face the whole night
- the aftermath can either be messy, or whiny
- if he gets really messed up, he’ll need you to stay with him in the bathroom for a little while
- if he’s not too drunk, he’ll just ask you to massage his scalp and play with his hair to try and relieve his migraine
- he’d be very grateful for you and your assistance
- “thank you for taking care of me, y/n”


The night before her birthday she packed an overnight back and headed to Salim’s. He was already preparing dinner when she arrived.

“Hi,” she greeted him, leaning over his shoulder as he chopped onions and kissing him on the cheek. “What’re you making?”

Salim instantly dropped the knife onto the cutting board and spun around grab Ryleigh and pulled her in to kiss her. When he finally leaned back he was grinning at the look of surprise on her face.

“Hi,” he smiled back. “I realised this morning that I have no idea what your favourite food is so I’m making you my speciality, lamb.”

“Ooh sound delicious,” she returned his smile. “And spaghetti.”

“Huh?” Salim frowned.

“Spaghetti,” Ryleigh laughed. “Spaghetti is my favourite.”

“Oh! Well then I’ll make you spaghetti for lunch tomorrow,” he nodded decisively. “Tonight you’ll have to make do with lamb.”

“I’m sure the lamb will be amazing,” she shook her head in amusement. “And you don’t have to make spaghetti tomorrow, it’s not a big deal.”

“Nonsense it’s your birthday weekend,” he stepped back, grasping her fingers and bending forward in an extravagant bow to kiss the back of her hand. “For the next few days I am you loyal servant, milady!”

A tribute to all four of 5sos

Because all four are equally important and need to be appreciated.

Calum has the biggest heart in the world. He payed for fans’ tickets when they couldn’t afford it. He has permanent tattoos for each member of his family. He’s so fucking passionate about music that he even reads music theory books in his free time. His smile is so contagious, it has the power to lighten up everyone’s mood in an instant. His hair is so fluffy and never looks the same but always looks flawless. He doesn’t say much but he avidly listens and takes his surroundings in. He finds his band mates hilarious and is always the last one laughing. His skin is beautiful and he handles drama well. They say a picture says a thousand words, but his facial expressions say a million.

Ashton is so talented. He sings, he’s a jaw dropping amazing drummer, he plays god knows how many other instruments. He knows what he wants in life and he’s willing to put in the work to get him there. He may not joke much and his jokes may go unnoticed sometimes, but he’s so funny when you give him the chance and listen close enough. He takes over when times are difficult, like when Michael got burnt onstage and he was the one who went out to talk to the crowd. He loves his family so much. You can just tell how much he loves to go home and see Harry and Lauren again. He’s so proud of them and he’s the best big brother probably anyone could ask for. He’s able to appreciate how far the band has come and he’s done so much to get them there.

Luke’s the best front man anyone could have asked for. He’s able to find the perfect mix between staying quiet and talking a lot when necessary. He’s so welcoming to new ideas. He’s the secret ingredient to the band; he may not outwardly seem like he says much, but he is vital to the process. He knows how to get the crowd hyped. He learns from his mistakes and is always willing to look forward. He may not blatantly say it, but he’s extremely loving: of his family, of his friends, of the fans. He’s got the literal voice of an angel, his singing range actually blows me away. He’s so silly but he knows when to be serious. He glo’d the fuck up lately and he’s such a man. He helps melt the band into one.

Michael cares so so much about the fans, it’s mind boggling. His whole face lights up at even the mention of us. He’s so thankful of everything he has. He’s an amazing guitar player, fucking shreds that shit. He gives the tightest hugs that make the other person feel at home and loved. He’s so loud and sarcastic and funny. He’s the literal life of the party. He’s the kind of guy you can introduce to any group of strangers and he’d instantly get along with them. He’s got a huge heart; he doesn’t have it in him to talk shit about anyone. He’s just here to do what he loves and do it with the people he loves.

All of 5sos are important. They’re all extremely talented. No member is more important than the other because all four are needed to complete the band. Fuck drama. Fuck all that dumb shit. They make good music, they’re great people, and they deserve recognition for that. What they don’t need is a fanbase that focuses on petty, meaningless rumors when there’s so much more about them to focus on.

fucking misha dmitri tippens collins krushnic with his too bright, bluest blue to ever blue, lucid as fuck blue eyes filled with knowledge and wonder and kindness and his huge beautiful fucking heart filled with nothing but love and understanding that’s too pure for this goddamn world and his stupid, dry, asshole sense of humor that makes me laugh too fucking hard and his goddamn amazing friendships with everyone and his fucking stupid smile that’s all teeth and gums and smile lines and eye crinkles and his f UCKIGN NOS E SCRUCNH W HAT TEH FUKC IS THAT ABOUT GDODAMIT and his giggle???? that makes me watn to fucking die??? oh my fuck i can’t stand this i’m so angry

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something like you meet Jim without know who is he and he is super egocentric but cute at the same time ? 😂 Love your account ❤

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Reader x Jim Moriarty

“Hello, love.”

You looked up from your laptop to find a man pulling out the chair opposite of yours and sitting down at your table.

“Can I help you?” You asked, ever so slightly lowering your laptop screen.

The man unbuttoned his suit jacket and ran his fingers through his light brown hair, laughing ever so slightly. “Adorable.”

You stared at the stranger warily. “Who are you?”

The stranger’s smile fell, and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “You mean you really don’t know?”

“Know what?” You asked.

“Who I am.” He stared at you in amazement.

“No,” You muttered sarcastically. “No, I don’t usually know the names of strangers that sit down at my table unannounced.”

“But everyone knows who I am.” The man muttered in disbelief and a hint of disappointment.

You rolled your eyes and lifted the screen of your laptop back up. “Keep telling yourself that.”

“J,M.” He told you.

“N, O, P?” You finished his sentenced.

“They’re my initials.” He groaned, placing his head on the table. “J, M. Jim Moriarty.”

“That’s an odd name.” You shrugged.

Jim lifted his head off of the table. “Ohhh, I see. You want to play a game with me.”

“No,” You told him shaking your head. “No, I want to drink my coffee.” You held your mug up and shot him a sarcastic smile.

“Coffee’s boring.” He drawled on, resting his head in his hand. “What do you say we do something else? Hmm. How about dinner tonight at seven.”

“I can’t.” You told him, half-happy you had an excuse and half-disappointed. “I have to finish my research paper.

“On what?” He asked.

“The Crown Jewels.” You sighed.

A mischievous grin replaced his tired smile. “You know I can help with that.”

“You can?” You raised an eyebrow, taking your eyes off of your screen.

“Absolutely.” He grabbed your napkin. “I’d be more than happy to help you, if you come to dinner with me that is.”

Jim stood up and handed you back your napkin with his number neatly printed on it. “You know where to find me, love. That is, you know where to find the one and only Jim Moriarty.”

With that, he walked away, leaving you with a tough decision to make.


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this is it.

sweaty hands holding each other so tightly the knuckles go white

watery eyes looking in the same direction with passion

trembling voices whispering little things that mean the world

beating hearts that beat in the rhythm of a bird fluttering its wings

butterflies flying happily in the stomach making fun of all that nervousness

first times when everything is so serious and important

caring kisses on the forehead full kisses on the lips

long walks by the beach throwing pebbles in the ocean laughing until you cry

promises of eternity growing old together dying by each other’s side

singing stupid songs to proof something you don’t really have to 

sleeping in his t-shirt because although it’s way too long it fits you perfectly

listening to the oh’s and ah’s when everyone is amazed by you

smiling without a reason when he’s the only reason to smile

watching her getting ready in the morning 

when she pretends she knows what’s going on in basketball

when you both fall asleep on a couch cuddled to each other

when you argue when you’re not together and then you fuck each other to death

when you say it and you mean it and you know this isn’t temporary

when you finally realize it

this is it.

you know what, right?

bts positivity

- golden maknae on top
- drinks banana milk over alcohol
- sweetest vocals 100/10
- soft mischievous bunny boy
- deserves all the love in the world

- a fluffy ball of happiness
- loves to make his members laugh
- vocals are heaven sent
- brightest smile ever
- loves fans so much

- literally a walking angel
- has the voice of an angel
- thinks of his members first like an angel
- pure angel
- did i mention he’s an angel?

rap monster
- great composer/lyricist
- brain mon
- can’t cut onions
- his dimples are everything

- your hope, your angel
- actual ray of sunshine
- mood maker
- has the most amazing personality 
- talented as hell

- his lyrics are deep
- so is his voice
- he swears but it’s kind of hot
- loves to sleep
- pulls off every hair color

- mom of the group
- loves to eat lots
- great cook
- has a heart of gold
- sings beautifully
- gives his 100% to all