his smile to cheer me up

Some really good things in Voltron Legendary Defender:

  • Hunk’s big strong hands and the very delicate motions he makes with them
  • the way Keith’s voice squeaks sometimes if he’s trying to raise his voice (see: “We had a bonding moment!”)
  • How in the episode Shiro’s Escape Shiro woke up from remembering his time in captivity to the entire team smiling at him and happy to see him.
  • How super nonjudgmental Lance was about Keith not getting the cheer, like. corrects him gently
  • Allura. just Allura. she is everything childhood me aspired to. She is an actual disney princess who can crush space-age metal with her bare hands. Has mice friends. Is a terrifyingly powerful sorceress. 
  • The whole fact that Shiro is a hugger, like. season 3 wishlist: I want to see Shiro hug everyone on the team at least once. Since Hunk is also a hugger they get The Best Hug. 
  • How sad Pidge and Hunk were to split up in Belly Of The Weblum
  • Basically as early as s1e2 Coran just has this gaggle of aliens show up in his house and his response is to basically just adopt them all. You know who’s the real Space Dad on this ship. He has juice boxes
  • I mean look at this proud dad, presiding paternally over his strange space children. (also Keith, my boy, why are you sticking only one leg out like that)
  • Pidge’s space caterpillar friends
  • Everyone’s laser sound effects
  • The Lions are ancient super powerful beings but basically everyone on the team has adopted this very affectionate gentle way of talking to them and it’s just the most endearing thing ever. 
KNK Reaction

Requested: yes ( reaction where knk is being in a bad mood & u make silly faces to try to cheer them up and they chuckle a little / smile ?- anonymous)
Members: all
Genre: Fluff
A/N: This is cute!

Youjin: When you saw that he was looking upset you decided to go over to him and help lighten his mood. You plopped down on the couch right next to him and started to stare at him until he noticed you. “y/n? Why are you staring at me?” He would question your actions, an irritated aura still about him. Just when he was about to ask you a second time you make the funniest face you can. He would let out a small chuckle and tell you that you’re ridiculous (in a loving way). 

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Seungjun: After a bad day at practice he came home being super pouty and he didn’t want to do anything but lay on the couch. You wanted to get him up to make dinner with you so you bent down to be face to face with him and you stuck your tongue out and crossed your eyes. Seungjun smiled and gave you a small kiss before getting up to help you with dinner. 

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Inseong: You were worried when Inseong appeared to be in a bad mood. He usually is so happy and hyper so when you noticed he was upset you tried your best to lighten his mood. When he noticed you were staring at him from across the room he was confused, but then you scrunched up your nose and made a funny face, causing him to laugh like crazy. 

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Jihun: He was upset because he couldn’t think of any choreography to use for a new song, he was sitting in the studio with his head in his hands. You went and sat next to him and rested your head on his shoulder. He was surprised and looked to see who it was, even though he already knew. You made a really silly pouting face and he chuckled. You noticed he was starting to get happier so you upped the dorky faces, causing him to lose it. 

Ignore Inseong

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Heejun: You realized that Heejun was looking a little tired and not his usual self. You went over to talk to him and see what was the matter. He didn’t give you his normal affection so you stood in front of him and gave him the ugliest face you could make. He would show you and ugly face as well and it would soon become a ‘who could make the ugliest face’ war. 

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I hope you liked it~


Please you all have to remember this moment … Its so touching and so incredible ❤💔 Kai was on tears and so emotional, Kyungsoo was aware of that so he tried to cheer him up , he choose him after him to give a talk in a surprised way he want kai to laugh and change his mood to be happy (T^T) And then Kai lean on him and hugged Kyungsoo shoulders and Kyungsoo touch his hand to make him feel alright , Kai choose Kyungsoo to be with after being on tears and after that he felt good and he laughed while he still hugging kyungsoo shoulders.. You all can see here how Kyungsoo really care about Kai and want to make him smile (T-T) god how they treat each other make me speechless 💔❤ (Cuddlekaisoo) on IG talked talked about it .. This moment always make me feel beautiful pain in my heart cause their love is so deep and amazing .. They just make me feel like hdjdjfjrmkfkeiudbfk 😭

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I’m Not Scared

Request: With Juggie, 100 and 74 from the prompt list?

Prompts: #74 “I swear, I’m not scared.” #100 “Sit still, for the love of all that is holy.”

Word Count: 406

Pairing: Jughead Jones X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I smiled as Jughead set up the final movie to play at the drive-in, and I have the best seats since I’m up in the booth with him. “Halloween.” I cheered as the opening credits started playing, I didn’t even have to see the title to know what movie it is. “I really, truly, do not understand you when it comes to this movie series.” Jug announced, catching my attention, what does he mean?

“What?” I furrowed my eyebrows, watching as he stood in front of me, his hands on both sides of my face. “You, my dear, always get scared when you watch this movie, even though you’ve seen it a hundred times.” He explained, kissing my smushed lips quickly. I gasped, as he went and sat down in his seat, “liar! I do not.” I defended myself, he rolled his eyes, “hmm, sure.” He hummed, focusing his attention on the movie, I’ll show him.


“I swear, I’m not scared.” I assured my boyfriend in a small voice, looking over at him to find him nodding at the screen, “sure thing babe.” I jumped at the girls screaming outside, sliding off my chair I landed with a thud. The chair rolled to the back of the room, gently hitting the wall, damn you rolling chair. “Jug.” I whined over his laughter, he came over sticking a hand out to pull me up. “Ow.” I winced, noticing the cut on the back of my arm, “I’ll be back.” He declared walking off, leaving me there with a small stream of blood rolling down my arm.

“Sit.” Jughead nodded to the cot in the corner, which I’d rather not talk about, “no more rolling chairs for you.” He sighed, kneeling in front of me and wiping my arm with a wet paper towel. “So professional.” I teased as the unopened band-aid hung from his mouth, he narrowed his eyes at me. He opened his mouth and let the package fall to the ground. “Stay still, for the love of all that is holy.” He grumbled under his breath, jokingly, as I kept flinching when he wiped at the cut. 

“I’m trying.” I rolled my eyes at him, he chuckled, and tore open the band-aid, smoothing it across my cut. “My hero.” I wrapped my arms around his neck before he could stand up, “it’s my pleasure to save such a beautiful damsel, in so much distress.”

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RFA and saeran reacting to MC grieving the death of a relative ? Sorry it's so depressing ....I love your writing, please take care of yourself. 💖

~Thank you, bby!! You are so kind! <3


  • His heart was aching when he saw you upset
  • He can relate, after the whole thing with Rika
  • After you heard the news he just held you and let you cry as long as you needed
  • He encouraged you to talk about your feelings with him
  • He tried to cheer you up with kisses
    • “Do you wanna look at old photos? Sometimes that helped me…”
  • He cooked you a nice dinner
  • And you sat together and looked through photographs and he asked a lot about your relative
  • He was happy to see you smiling a bit as you talked
  • The next day he asked you to come to the clinic
  • And he brought you to the back and let you hold a bunch of puppies and kittens
  • It’s hard not to smile and feel happy when you’re holding baby animals
    • “It’s okay to feel sad, but know I will always be there for you” he kissed you


  • He dropped everything to be there for you
  • Family is important to him
  • And you are important
  • So it hurt him to see you like this
  • And although it was hard to see you cry, he let you cry it out
  • And Elizabeth 3rd was by your side to help comfort you
  • He made sure you kept eating and drinking regularly
  • It was hard for him to open up emotionally to you but he was there just the same, and if you wanted to talk he would listen
  • Even if he wouldn’t quite understand your feelings
  • Sent beautiful flower arrangements and gifts to all of your relatives
  • And took over paying for the funeral
  • It was expensive but tasteful
  • And you appreciated all of the thought and care that he put into everything
  • He urged you to spend time with your family, grieving together, because it’s always easier with your family by your side


  • He wanted to cry seeing you cry
  • It was super hard for him
  • But he was there to comfort you in any way he could
  • He believed in comforting touches
  • So he would run his fingers through your hair or rub your back
  • He took over everything in the house so you didn’t have to cook or clean
  • And he asked if you could tell some of your favorite and funniest memories with your relative
  • Because laughing helps
  • He kept being silly every chance he got, just to see you smile a bit
  • Lots of take-out in bed while you talked and talked about your feelings and memories
    • “Don’t worry MC, God is taking care of them,” he smiled
  • For a while you guys would light a candle in their memory
  • And Saeyoung put together a nice site where compiled old photos and movies of you guys, so you could go on there and smile when you were missing them or sad
BTS Reacts - You Having Low Self-Esteem

Taehyung: Taehyung, as usual, would be distracted by something else at first, not noticing your slightly hunched, timid self behind him. Someone would direct his attention to you; it’s normally Jungkook who does so, telling him, ‘Tae, your partner looks upset’. The best part about Tae is that he would always have whimsical ways of cheering you up, making you feel like the only person he would ever have eyes for. As you raise your eyes toward his figure, he would spin around quickly, imitating shock before smiling at you when he sees your beautiful self.

“Ah, who is this gorgeous person behind me!?”

Yoongi: He couldn’t possibly understand why you always felt small in comparison to others. You were his world; he wished you realized the magnitude of that. You are what inspires him to write and compose. The meaning and soul in his lyrics reflected what he always sees in you: pure art. He hated whenever you compared your uniqueness to others. Whenever he sees you throwing feeble glances at other people, wishing you could be just like them, he would tell you this in a commanding tone of voice:

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re less than amazing. Just be yourself.”

Seokjin: Jin would have caught on to your lack of confidence in an instant. He could tell whenever it started to bug you. He is so thoughtful and devoted, that it always has you questioning your own worth to deserve that sort of treatment. He loves every bit of you, and he wants you to know that, every second of the day. Instead of telling you exactly how to feel, he would give you words of encouragement instead, as well as subtle compliments, hoping to boost your spirits. He would make sure to look your way every so often, making you feel wanted.

“Aish - you look so lovely today, I can’t seem to take my eyes off of you.”

Jimin: Park Jimin was aware of your self-esteem issues, but he never truly understood it, because he just couldn’t see how anyone would think that you were anything remotely short of wonderful, on both the inside and out. He would always wonder why you thought so lowly of yourself, especially when he saw nothing but perfection. Whenever he sees you doubting yourself and looking to him for comfort, he would just shake his head at you, thinking that you were silly to even fathom the thought of being undesirable.

“You know you’re stunning, even when you’re not trying, right?”

Hoseok: When you get upset about the way you looked or the way you were in general, Hobi would pick up on that negativity. He would get a bit frustrated, but it’s only because his efforts to tell you that you were incredible didn’t get through to you on some days. Even so, he would try his hardest to get you to cheer up - and that was truly one of the best qualities of Jung Hoseok - it didn’t matter to him how badly you thought of yourself, he would love you unconditionally, and that was enough to make you feel better. Whether it’s right next to you or from across the room, he would beam brightly at you, waving or signing a heart whenever possible.

“Smile for me, jagiya!”

Namjoon: Seeing you think nothing of yourself would make Kim Namjoon hurt. He knows what it feels like, to think that you have no value, like you are unwanted. He’s felt this pain before, and he would do anything to stop you from feeling it. Whenever you trail behind the group, consumed by thoughts of worthlessness, he would fall back to walk with you and be by your side. He would want you to have a little more faith in yourself, and he would try to get you to do that by putting a little of his own faith in you, too.

“I’ll always think you’re perfect. Don’t worry about a thing.”

Jungkook: It would be Jungkook’s first time hearing of your self-esteem issues. You carried yourself relatively well, and to hear that you were actually quite insecure about your being would make him divert his attention to you in surprise. He would start to question you: how long have you felt this way,  why would you think things like that?  He’s always looked up to you as not only his loved one, but also a role model. When the topic is brought up amongst Bangtan with him hearing it for the very first time, he would say these words while shooting you a dumbfounded stare:

“Jagiya, I’m shocked someone like you can even feel that way. I don’t think you have anything to worry about; you’re flawless.”

Thank you so much for requesting, I hope you enjoy this react! <3

Spring day

“Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: Could you have the reader and Jungkook (who are dating eachother) watch jungkook/BTS’s “Spring” MV for the first time together?

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“Y/N! Hurry it’s finally out!” Jungkook called from the living room, sitting with the laptop perched onto his lap.

You came running into the room, plopping down on the couch next to him to rest your head on his shoulder.

“Is this going to make me cry?” You asked as you remembered the “I need U” music video.

Jungkook laughed. “I hope not but If you do….I’ll figure out a way to cheer you up.”

You smiled. “Careful. That might make me more inclined to.”

He put his arm around you, pressing play on the music video. You sat there in excitement as you always did for his music videos. Of course you were being supportive but you also just really loved seeing how they turned out due to their creative tones and stories. The first scene starts to unfold and you see V walk out to the train tracks. 

“What is he-?”

“This was funnier in person. He kept screaming about his hands being frozen and flinging snow off of him.” Jungkook smiled. 

“Sounds like him.” You laughed. 

The split second afterward it quickly reveals Jungkook on the train and Jimin near the ocean. 


“What is it?” He asks.

“You just looked really handsome..”

He giggled. “It showed me for like 5 seconds.”

“You’re still hot…Wait! Look at Namjoon! He looks really good too…” You mumbled.

Jungkook turned and looked at you as you smiled being guilty. You gave him a quick kiss and he forgot about the remark, continuing to look at the music video.

“This part was fun to film and we weren’t freezing.” He explained as you saw the members throwing around food and silly string.

“Yeah it kinda reminds me of the run music video scenes with the parties.”

“That’s true…except this was less painful than that pillow fight.”

You both sit there taking in everything that is the music video and you were really amazed by the shots.

“You guys always come out with something artistic….It’s so pretty. The lyrics are pretty too. It’s hopeful but also- sad. It feels like even though you’re acknowledging everyone’s struggles it makes you think about them more. You guys did amazing on this. seriously.”

Jungkook nodded. “Yeah…It comes from Namjoon and Yoongi’s experiences…They’ve been through alot but they have hope for themselves and our fans.”

You sighed. “You guys are literally the sweetest…”

“I think as our leader he just wants to show our fans that we really do care.”

“Well I think he’s doing a great job. Oh wait! Didn’t you write monster on his face right here? They don’t show it but I think I saw it on twitter.”

He nodded again. “Yeah but I spelled it wrong..”

Jungkook chuckled. “I’m still working on my English.”

“I think it’s cute.”

The more scenes it shows of Jungkook on the train the more you kept thinking about one thing. 

“God…I can’t believe I’m dating someone so- gorgeous..”

Taehyung walked into the room.

“oh. Is that our music video?”

You both look back at him and nod. Taehyung runs over and leans over the back of the couch to watch with you. 

“Where am I?” Tae asked. 

“…uh…there!” You pointed to him walking the back of the group shot. 

“Whoa. Did you just see yourself? Wait. What does this mean? Great now I have to go read theories on this later…” You sighed. 

Taehyung shrugged. “The director doesn’t really explain much to us besides what we need to know to act out in the scene. We know just as little as the fans do.”

Jungkook smiled. “Do you remember that huge pile of clothes? We kept messing around and got scolded.”

Taehyung laughed. “Yeah but it was fun.”

The scene on the train pans out to reveal all the other members on the train with Jungkook.

“Aw… you guys are all together after all…” You add.

Taehyung giggles, hugging onto Jungkook. 

“Of course we are.”

Jimin comes of the train, bringing the pair of shoes and walking out with the group.

“You can see how cold he is.” Taehyung Joked.

You nod. “I felt bad that it was freezing and you guys were out there for hours..”

Jungkook shrugged. “Thanks to that the music video came out nice.”

Taehyung agrees. “Yeah. I’m glad.”

so many good things happened in episode 9 i need to list them (SPOILER ALERT)

- yurio gets to see his grandpa at the other skating session

- more smiling yurio


- basically yoi theorists were right









episode 10 will be the death of me

Spin The Bottle

Prompt: Can you do a tom holland imagine where the cast and reader is playing spin the bottle and the reader accidentally keeps getting haz and tom gets really jealous the reader and haz are kissing too many times

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Warnings: None

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For @emmmna who asked me for something to cheer them up. I went through my blog looking at fluffy otp prompts and found this: “‘Be nice to your seat partner. They might just be your future spouse!’ the teacher says, and you turn to me and wink. Are you even real??” au. I wrote it rather quickly but I hope it makes you smile, sweetheart!

Derek is a popular kid, and by law (according to every teen movie ever made) his brand of popular is not supposed to get this dumbstruck when the guy who once sneezed on his apple the first day of pre-school winks at him in the middle of Biology.

Derek doesn’t know what it is about Stiles Stilinski but he drives him insane– standing by his locker, talking to that McCall kid in class, sitting on the bench, fidgeting at lacrosse games. One moment Derek is a perfectly normal teenage boy with a perfectly functioning teenage brain and the next he’s that guy in a romantic comedy; all the lights dim and it’s just him, Stiles and whatever bizarre thing Stiles is doing. It’s horribly, wonderfully unsettling and Derek is 95% sure he’s in some kind of love. (He is still a little disturbed Erica had to physically drag him away last week when his eyes refused to stop looking as Stiles tried and failed to lick some kind of sauce – meat, Derek thinks it was – from his elbow.)

“What?” he asks, blinking, trying to look up at Stiles’ face. Unfortunately, his brain has other plans and he continues to remain fixated on the way Stiles is holding his pencil, twirling it between his fingers. He wonders, briefly, what they would feel like laced between his fingers or running through his hair before immediately stopping because no. Stiles also makes him want to bash his head against the wall 75% of the time. He’s a lethal combination.


“I said I’d like a fall wedding. They seem to be quite popular for some reason. Maybe it’s all the pretty leaves.”

Derek blinks again, suddenly struck by the image of Stiles in a suit surrounded by crisp, golden leaves to match his eyes. It’s a strangely lovely image and turning away a little, he scowls at the way his stomach flutters. He’s seventeen for Christ’s sake. He’s only kissed one person: Paige Krasikeva during a game of truth or dare. “You know Miss Byrne was kidding when she said we’d all get married, right? We’re not going to fall in love just because we got seated together in one class together.”

Derek hopes it will be just one class, anyway. He doesn’t think he’ll survive the year otherwise. At least, his grades won’t.

“That’s what you think.” Derek feels his scowl deepen and Stiles throws his head back, sighing. “Yes, buzz kill, I do actually know what a joke is, thank you very much.” He blushes a little, ducking his head, and Derek instantly feels bad.

“I, uh…”

“Dude, look. It’s fine. Sorry.  I didn’t mean to, like, offend you or whatever.”

“You didn’t offend me.”

Stiles snorts. “Uh-huh. You moved your chair the moment you sat down next to me. I get it, it’s fine. I’ll shut up, I promise.” He mimes zipping his lips, blush deepening, and his eyes zero in on his textbook but Derek can tell he’s not taking in a word of it, even as he turns the page.

Opening his note book, Derek cringes, writing down the date. He looks to the clock. He’s got another thirty minutes of sitting here with Stiles.

Twenty-nine, he swallows.

Twenty-eight, sneaking a glance at him.

Twenty-seven: “I’m sure you’d make a beautiful bridegroom.”

Stiles’ head snaps up and he drops his pencil. They both watch it roll away. “What?”

Derek wants to slap himself. Of all the things he could have said, of all the fucking things, who the fuck says…that?

“I, erm-”

“You don’t have to mock me, you know,” Stiles hisses, defensive, embarrassed. “I get it. You’re the basketball captain and I’m on the bleachers. You don’t belong with me, whatever.”

Derek bites his lip, supressing a smirk. “Did you…did you just paraphrase Taylor Swift to me?”

Stiles’ cheeks colour again and Derek’s breath hitches. Fuck, he’s never going to tire of that.

“You knew I was paraphrasing Taylor Swift?”

They both burst out laughing at the same time, earning them a scowl from Miss Byrne and a guffaw from the back of the room. Turning, Derek catches Lydia Martin roll her eyes at them before shooting Stiles a knowing look. When he turns back around, Stiles is an even brighter shade of red, if that’s even possible, mouthing something to her. It’s utterly, utterly endearing and Derek kind of wants to do something stupid, like hold Stiles’ hand or draw hearts all over his notebook.

“You know,” he whispers, after a moment, feeling brave, “I’ve still never forgiven you for sneezing on my apple. Maybe you could buy me a new one, after school.”

Stiles’ mouth drops open. “That one is on you, buddy. Who actually brings an apple to give to their teacher on the first day of school anyway?”

It’s Derek’s turn to blush. Dammit. “Oh, I don’t know. People with manners?”

Stiles’ eyes widen. “That’s…the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard, dude.”

“Shut up.”

“Oh my god, but it is.

“Are you going to buy me another one or not?” Derek asks, rolling his eyes, resisting the urge to wrap his arms around himself. God, what is wrong with him.

Grinning, Stiles reaches into his bag, presenting him with a –

“I don’t know what kind of apples you eat but that is an orange.”

Stiles curses, scratching the back of his neck, and Derek just about falls out of his seat with how tingly he feels looking at him.

He desperately hopes he’s not giving him heart eyes.

“Points for trying?” Stiles grins, hopeful.

Derek pretends to consider him before taking the orange and beginning to peel it. “Depends.”


“If marrying me includes a date after school today.”

In the end, it’s Stiles who falls out of his seat, and Derek can’t stop grinning for the rest of the day thinking about it.

Pick you up at 6? comes a text the moment he sits down in History. Erica peeks over his shoulder, trying to pry as usual, but Derek hides his phone, heart pounding as he replies, I help coach the pee wee basketball team until seven. Pick me up then?

So. Darn. Cute, Stiles texts back.

“Derek…are you – are you blushing? Oh my god, you never blush. Who was that? Was that Stilinski?”

“Shut up, Erica.”


Stiles ends up taking him to an apple orchard and buys him exactly one hundred and one apples. 

“One hundred and one apples for forever and a day?” he asks, winking. Derek’s stomach flips.

“Sure,” Derek says, shaking his head fondly, biting into one and then, because Stiles bought him several different kinds, another.


“Forever and a day?” Stiles asks, fourteen years later, holding out an apple. It’s cut in half and getting down on one knee he opens it carefully, like a box. Inside is a ring.

“Sure,” Derek whispers, grinning so hard it hurts, falling to his knees and burying his face in Stiles’ neck to hide his blush.



Stiles laughs. “Fair enough.”

I Own You - Theo Raeken (Part 3)

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No my gif homies (soz I don’t own any of these) creds to the amazing owner

word count: 1136

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Warnings: nah

Part 1 , 2 , 4

You knocked three times on Stiles’ door and no longer than a minute later the bright smiling, brown-haired boy opened the door. ‘(Y/N)! I’m so glad you could make it!’ He cheered and he indulged you in a powerful hug that had you chuckling. ‘I knew how upset you’d be, I don’t like seeing you upset.’ You told him with a smile. ‘You’re sure you’re okay, though? I don’t want you doing this for me.’ He said as he stepped aside to let you into his home. ‘I’m fine, Stiles.’

‘(Y/N) BABEEEE!’ Malia yelled from the living room. You popped your head inside and smiled, they were all cuddled up on the couch. ‘Come one, (Y/N)! We were waiting for you!’ Stiles said excitedly. He grabbed your hand and dragged you towards the couch pulling you down between him and Scott. ‘Here, we don’t want you getting any sicker.’ He said as he reached for a blanket and wrapped it completely around you. ‘Awh, cuties!’ Lydia giggled and you rolled your eyes, blushing slightly.

The movie began and you all quieted down. There were the occasional whispers here and there but for once everyone seemed to really enjoy the movie. Your phone buzzed in your pocket and you subtly checked to see who it was.

Ew, Theo: What are you doing?

Me: Movie night at Stiles’? Didn’t you hear?

Ew, Theo: If you hadn’t noticed I was otherwise occupied

Me: I know. I was there.

Ew, Theo: Aren’t they suspicious because you were “sick”?

Me: Nah, Stiles has me wrapped up like a burrito

Ew, Theo: He into you or something?

Me: Is that jealousy, Theo Raeken?

Ew, Theo: I don’t even know what that is

You had to admit that it was getting really hot inside your cocoon. You wondered if it was because of the fact that you were talking to Theo. It couldn’t be, right? You were just texting him, surely he couldn’t have that kind of effect on you. Still, you felt like you were boiling from the inside out. You let out a sigh before unwrapping the blanket from your body, finally allowing your body to breath. ‘Eh, (Y/N)?’ Scott suddenly whispered to you. ‘Hm?’

‘Who left that thing on your neck?’

This drew Stiles’ attention, you wondered how he didn’t get whiplash by the speed in which his head turned towards you. Your eyes widened as you stared at the screen in front of you. Stiles grabbed your chin and turned your head to get a look at your neck. ‘Holy shit, (Y/N)! Is that a hickey?’

‘What?’ ‘Holy shit!’

And once again, all the attention was on you. You groaned and lowered yourself in your seat, trying to sink through the ground which of course wasn’t possible. ‘Who’s the lucky guy, (Y/N)?’ Lydia grinned. Malia on the other hand, had a confused and suspicious look on her face. ‘No one you know…’ You muttered under your breathe. ‘Were you ever even sick?’ Stiles sighed next to you.


‘(Y/N)! Why didn’t you tell us there was a guy?’ Lydia whined. ‘There isn’t “ a guy” Lyds…it was just some dude. Nothing serious.’ You shrugged. ‘Can we please just watch the movie?’

You could see by the look on her face that she wasn’t done with you, but since the movie was still playing she let it go, for now. You let out a quiet sigh of relief. Something felt different though, a kind of weird tension. You turned your head to look at Stiles.

‘Stiles, are you sulking because I made out with some dude?’ You whispered to him.

‘What? No! I’m not sulking, you’re sulking…’ He replied, not once taking his eyes off the screen. You rolled your eyes with a slight chuckle. ‘I just didn’t think you’d be the type to…randomly make out with some dude.’ He continued with a sigh. ‘It was about time (Y/N) got some action! Get some girl!’ Malia called causing you to roll your eyes again.


When you got home that night you were so tired you were surprised you even made it home. Stiles had made you watch at least 5 movies. Stiles had offered for you to stay over at his place, which wasn’t an unusual scenario after movie night. But tonight something was telling you to go home.

And when you got home you were in for quite a surprise. You opened your bedroom door and frowned when you found someone in your bed. Normally you would’ve screamed, but your recognised the person immediately. The fact that it was just Theo didn’t make the situation any better, though. What was he doing here? Did he wait for you and fell asleep? You decided not to wake him, since he looked so peaceful. He didn’t look like Theo the “bad guy”. As you changed into your pj’s you wondered if he really even was the bad guy. There had to be more behind him, you just didn’t know what yet. You got into your bed and stared at the ceiling for a while. You really were playing a dangerous field. If Scott or any of your friends ever found out, you’d lose all of them. You still didn’t know why you were letting Theo get to you the way he does, you just couldn’t help it.

‘Aren’t you gonna kick me out?’ His sleepy voice suddenly sounded next to you. ‘Never wake a sleeping wolf. It’s bad luck.’ You muttered, a small smile playing on your lips. ‘Alright, maybe I was a little jealous. Only a little though.’
You couldn’t hold back a laugh. ‘A little jealousy caused you to break into my house?’ You asked. ‘No, I just wanted to see you.’ He replied with a shrug. ‘You see me every day at school?’ You frowned. You turned to your side and propped your body up with your elbow. It was pretty dark in your room but you could still all his features clear as day. ‘School is different.’

‘How so?’

‘For example, I don’t get to do this.’ You hadn’t even realised what was happening before his lips locked with yours again. This kiss was different than the one in the car, this one was slow, soft…loving almost. Something you most certainly weren’t expecting from Theo Raeken. But you were loving every second of it. Your hands wrapped around the base of his neck to pull him closer to you. But before you could really get into it, he pulled back. He stayed close to you though, your noses nearly touching. ‘I shouldn’t have to be jealous.’ He said leaving you slightly confused. ‘Do you know why?’ He asked you.

‘Because you own me?’

He grinned a boy-ish grin and pecked your lips again. ‘That’s right, princes.’

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“Hello!” You looked up as a boy grinned down at you, a bright smile on his lips. “So you’re [Y/N], the one who everyone is afraid of.” He sat down, too cheerful for you. 

“What’cha want?” Bored, you were so bored as you eyed him. He was pretty, well, the only pretty young boy in Arkham. The only one your age. What a shame that he was so cheery. 

“Name’s Jerome, and I wanna tell you how gorgeous you are.” Dismissing the redhead you turned in your seat to ignore him. “Come on! I bet you look so much more gorgeous covered in blood… and me.” 

“If ya don’t shut up, I’ll shower in your blood tonight.” 

“Ohh, I like pretty girls with sharp tongues!” 


Leo looked like a Latino Santa’s elf, with curly black hair, pointy ears, a cheerful, babyish face, and a mischievous smile that told you right away this guy should not be trusted around matches or sharp objects. His long, nimble fingers wouldn’t stop moving ―drumming on the seat, sweeping his hair behind his ears, fiddling with the buttons of his army fatigue jacket. Either the kid was naturally hyper or he was hopped up on enough sugar and caffeine to give a heart attack to a water buffalo. ― The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus Book One)


“I know you’ve had a bit of a tough week so I thought I’d cheer you up,” Steve smiled.

“Steve, you cheer me up just by being here.”

His smiled widened, “What would you say to going to see your favourite musical when it comes to town next month?”

You frowned, “What? It’s all sold out…” You stared at him before you grinned, “You didn’t!”

“Oh, I did.” You threw yourself around him, hugging him tightly, shouting muffled ‘thank you’s into his shoulder. Steve always knew exactly how to make you feel better.

everything, everything

Lance McClain will hit on anything with a pulse. Except for Keith, apparently.

Why no, Keith is not bitter.

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“Great job, paladins,” Shiro praises, smile soft. “Let’s head back to the castle.”

They’ve just finished saving a planet from a Galra attack, and the small, rodent-like aliens circle them, cheering. One of them offers Shiro a bouquet of brightly-colored flowers in thanks, and he bends to receive them.

“Excuse me,” Lance says, eyebrows near his hairline. “I seem to have dropped something.”

Keith sees nothing else in the purple dirt, but Hunk dutifully asks, “What?”

Lance’s expression changes—eyes hooded, mouth curving into a lazy smirk— and Keith immediately knows he’s up to no good. “My jaw.”

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Moving On? - Finn Bálor One Shot

I was currently in the middle of a typical conversation with Xavier, Kofi and Big E which normally included me trying to catch my breath from laughing hysterically it didn’t matter how bad of a mood I was in before I ran into the trio they always knew how to make me smile and make my day better, It was currently a conversation about how Big E ruined his chances with a girl while on a date with her and ripping a bag of Cheetos out of her hands
“You did not!” I said towards E
“She had my Cheetos!” He said defensively
“It was a date!” I said
“My man is serious when it comes to his Cheetos..” Xavier chipped in
“Apparently..” I said and I noticed my very  sad looking boyfriend, Finn sitting on an empty crate staring at us “I gotta go..”I said excusing myself

“Aw.. Cheer up buttercup..” i said as I made my way over to Finn He smiled slightly
“Hi love..” He greeted me with open arms
“You okay?” I asked concerned and he nodded slightly
“Just ready to get out of here..” He said and I pulled back to look him in the eyes
“You just got here..” I said he literally had just gotten to the venue less than an hour ago
“Yes and Now i’m ready to leave” He snapped which was unusual coming from him, He was normally in such a happy and positive mood even with everything happening with his shoulder injury a few months ago, I don’t know how he managed to stay so positive during it all
“Okay.. Okay.. We’ll leave..” I said
“No.. You stay.. I’ll go..” He said and I looked at him strangely
“Finn..” I said and he stood up kissing me gently before beginning to walk away
“Love you…” He said
“Love You” I said confused

What has gotten into him? I thought to myself which is how I managed to find my way into the Women’s locker room and sitting on the floor in front of becky and Charlotte as they got ready for their matches later in the evening
“Maybe He’s cheating..” Charlotte said and I glared at her
“Charlotte!” Becky scolded
“What? It’s a possibility” She said sternly
“No! It’s not.. I know him better than anybody and He wouldn’t even entertain that thought..” Becky said
“Maybe coming here was just too much for him to handle..” Bayley said quietly and I looked at her, Maybe she was right.. Maybe it was all too much for him to come back

After the show I knew I needed to skip out on the going out with the roster for drinks and head straight to the hotel to figure out what was going on with Finn.. As I entered the hotel room it was quiet I looked around seeing the terrace door open and I smiled slightly as I walked out to see Finn sitting in one of the wicker chairs in the dark over looking the city skyline
“Hey..” I said as I walked up to him and sat on his lap
“I thought you were going out with the crew..”He said
“Without you? are you kidding?” I asked with a laugh
“Hasn’t stopped you before..” He said
“What’s gotten into you?” I asked and he shook his head
“it’s nothing..” He said dismissing my question
“Am I supposed to believe that?” I asked
“It’s stupid.. You’ll think I’m an idiot”He said
“Try me..” I said and he looked at me once more before taking a deep breath
“I miss you.. I miss being with you, I miss the long drives from city to city every night, I miss the feeling of your arms wrapping around me the second I come back through the curtain every night, I miss going out with the roster and showing you off and knowing that you’re mine, I miss everything..” He said and I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks
“I’m still here..” I said
“Yeah but I’m not.. Since I got injured it’s put a lot of things in my life in perspective and I realized just how much You actually mean to me and with you being on the road all the time by yourself it’s left me at the apartment alone and I don’t want you to move on..” He said
“Move on from what?” I asked
“Me..” He said fearfully and I looked at him he had tears forming in his eyes
“Listen to me Devitt…” I said as he looked at me “I’m not moving on from you.. Not ever.. You are my first love, My first time, My world, and yes you annoy the hell out of me at times but I wouldn’t want it any other way.. So don’t you worry about me moving on because it’s not gonna happen” I said and he nodded
“The only moving We get to do is moving forward with our future..” He said and I smiled before kissing him “Marry me..” He said simply and I smiled
“In a heart beat..” I said looking at him “but I want a ring first..” I said and he nodded in agreement
“You’ll get that ring soon..” He said

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