his smile pls

“ ━━━━ i’ve been called crazy at least seven times tonight. i’ve been out all night trying to catch a gengar, but everyone thinks i’m just a crazy, muttering kid talking about gangrene.”

☆┊ STARTER CALL. >> @drexm-eater!!

          { ☆ }A FRAIL HAND FONDLY petting the head of a meow wow, a whimsical smile was etching across her lips as she HUGGED it close to her for a brief moment. they were surrounded by a bunch of dream eaters —— considering that nothing of great importance was currently occupying her schedule, she took it upon to stay for awhile and ENTERTAIN the little critters. she just wasn’t sure if her current companion was up for this, though. the meow wow she previously played with now trotted to him, initiating her to smile contently.

          ❝ i think it likes you, riku. maybe you should play with it. ❞

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facebook(.)com/mattharvey33official/photos/a(.)487251848104261(.)1073741828(.)478087355687377/567096536786458/ Oh my goshhhh did Matt and that little girl in the bottom left corner pic make the Mets "NY" logo? Precious

THAT IS SO CUTE! He did several things with kids this offseason and I kept saying he smiled more in those few instances than any other time all year.

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hello!!! youre very cute and you are dragging me back to the dark days when suho wrecked my bias list!!!!

the dark days please!!!! my days have never been as bright as now anon pls!! his smile brights up my day.. let him be your bias again ehe :-)))