his smile please x x


“Things have changed.”

his laugh and smile is so precious i love him so much i suddenly dont know what a depression is

boyfriend kihyun

A/N: i wrote this in my car this morning because life is hectic but these bring peace to my heart !!! i only have 3 left and im excited but sad because i love being active (ish) on here !!! masterlist!!!

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  • he is soft and smol please love him
  • call him cute!!!! all the time!!!!
  • call him sexy too he wants to know he’s sexy !!! literally just think about the no mercy performance you know which one im talking about
  • honestly just compliment him ALL THE TIME
  • whenever you do he will get this smile that takes over his whole body because WOW the love of his life thinks he is all these great things ????
  • lots of giggling don’t fight me on this
  • give him lots of hugs please he will love it just wrap your arms around his waist and squeeze him tight i promise he will chuckle and he will feel so loved and warm inside
  • not massive on pda but not opposed if it happens naturally?? he doesn’t want to make a huge show of touching you but your bodies will always have contact of some kind even if it’s just your legs overlapping on the couch
  • congrats!!! you now have 5 kids and a second spouse welcome to monsta x
  • seriously get ready to babysit and then complain about the stress of these children with kihyun and shownu
  • loves cute nicknames!!! kihyunie and also kihoney and anything else you can think of he will love it
  • if you ever get annoyed at him he will act cute so freaking quick like he will rely on his cuteness to get him out of the fact he ate all of your snacks this boy
  • please record him falling just once i want to know if really falls over the way they said he does on the qmentary
  • he would probably make you warm drinks a lot regardless of the time of day
  • he is so concerned about your wellbeing oh my goodness this boy will always be keeping tabs on whether you’re eating and sleeping well
  • and if you’re not no need to worry kihyun is on his way with 162728 home remedies and kisses
  • monsta x will probably make fun of your relationship for a little bit but after that they won’t say anything because it feels so right and natural and the way kihyun lights up when you’re around or when he talks about you compares to the passion he feels for music so monsta x is like !!!!! true love !!!!!
  • speaking of music
  • that boy will be singing always
  • shower serenades morning and night
  • car karaoke sessions
  • will sing about whatever he is doing because it makes you laugh
  • please make weird couple songs
  • even if you don’t like singing kihyun will sing it all and you can be his hype man
  • okay he is totally the type to take you on dates to pet stores/cafés or something because he is a kitten and wants to be around other smols like himself
  • just imagine him sitting in a pen with puppies or kittens and laughing and talking to them in this soft caring voice
  • and then he looks up at you and his eyes shine and he is so loved by the animals because they can sense how pure he is and you’re dying because he is cute and you love him so much
  • little do you know that’s how he feels about you always and forever
  • he’d be such a huge fan of your mom too???
  • probably thanks her for raising such a phenomenal child
  • what a loser he compliments and flatters everyone you love to no end but it’s simply because he is so grateful to have such a beautiful presence in his life and he thinks it’s necessary to thank everyone who had a part in making you into who you are
  • will be best friends with your best friend
  • like this boy will go to brunch with your closest bud and the two of them will make really fun plans for your birthdays and holidays and they become so close by bonding over how much they love you
  • and then they bond over how much they love to playfully tease you and you’re like wow okay when did i ask for twice as much roasting
  • before you know it they have their own inside jokes and when you look at kihyun like ???? he just does that cute smile that shows his dimples and shrugs and continues the conversation
  • you secretly love this closeness though because this makes life a lot easier since kihyun is the love of your life and your best friend
  • sKiNcArE wItH kIhYuN
  • lots of cute face mask rituals and relaxation
  • since both of your lives are stressful you make a point to sit together and vent and then treat yourselves because life is tough but you’ve got each other and snacks to lean on
  • he will pamper and spoil you !!! gifts !!! of every kind !!!
  • honestly this boy is like springtime sunshine and he may be soft but do not doubt his everlasting love and devotion for you, your safety, and happiness he is super responsible and wants you to have the best life and his successes and failures are things he wants to share with you because he trusts you the most in the world and he genuinely sees you as his other half wow

What do you guys will happen next for Stiles and Lydia?

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‘Am I ready?’ 'For now.’ (dedicated to mymargulies)