his smile makes my head spinning~


“Hello Babe.” Cal puts his arms around my neck and pulls me against the back of my chair to give me a kiss on the cheek.

“Hello annoying pain in the ass.” I smile back before leaning forward again to my desk.

“That’s not nice.” Cal sulks, resting his chin on the top of my chair.

“You’re not being very nice by distracting me while I’m working. So suck it.” I lean my head back and stick my tongue out at him.

My boyfriend takes the opportunity to kiss me, spinning my chair around and making our lips twist against each other until I am facing him and we are kissing properly. I pull away and let out a fake sigh, “Why can’t you ever leave me alone?!”. Throwing my head and arms back, opening myself to Cal who sits on my lap and attacks my neck with kisses. Now it may sound romantic or even sexual but having a six foot something man sitting on you is not very comfortable, now while being on a gaming chair anyway. You push Cal away and he whines. But you quickly silence him by shoving him onto the bed behind him and straddling his hips. You grab his hands and pin them above his head with your fingers laced together. Cal pouts up at you and makes you grin. “You’re such an attention whore.” You shake your head with a laugh. He sits up and you both adjust your arms so your hands are around his neck and his on your hips, pulling you close so your chests are pressed together. “Don’t act like you don’t like it.” Cal leans in and pecks your lips, resting his forehead against yours while staring into your eyes. You roll your pelvis and grind down onto his crotch. Cal leans back with a loud groan, laying back down on the bed. “Don’t act like you don’t like it.” You tease him, leaning down to kiss him. “Trust me babe, I’m not.” He says against your lips before flipping your bodies so he is now on top. “I’m never acting when I’m around you.”

Don’t Wander Too Far (Newt Scamander x Reader)

“This way please, watch your step,” Newt led the way walking in front and I get only a view of his back. Although it’s not him I was paying attention to right now. The sight before me filled me with awe, different plants and creatures as far as you could see.

“Come, I must show you the Occamys. The little one has been quite restless lately,” Newt turned around slightly while he spoke, with a gentle smile on his lips before turning and walking away. Numbly I nod my head, my eyes briefly making contact with his before I gaze around the giant insects rolling mud balls up.  

I hope it’s mud.

I stop watching them work, and move onto the next moving creature I see.

Spinning on the spot I stare out at all the different wonders around you, my feet wandering around while my mind is in a daze. Massive arrays of colours fill my vision, and my eyes dart around trying to take in everything I’m seeing.

I always knew he took care of magical creatures, but never in my wildest dreams did imagine this.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath, releasing it with a deep exhale.

“[Y/N], where have you gone? You mustn’t wander off too far.” Newt’s faint voice came from behind me,

A loud roar startled me and I spun around, my feet stumbling as I found myself in front of a…actually I’m not sure what it was. It wasn’t one of Newt’s typical creatures, like the Niffler or the Bowtruckle.

It was a huge lion like creature with spikes. It roared again, and its neck expanded, similar to that of a frog.

“Don’t move a muscle, Nundus are very easily spooked.” His voice seemed closer this time, but hushed and quiet.

I could feel Newt’s warmth as he stood behind me, moving slowly as to not startle the Nundu. I took a step back into Newt, as my flight response kicked in.

However this only activated it’s predatory instincts and its claws slashed towards me. I braced myself for the pain, my leg frozen in fear and my arms protecting my face. However the pain never came.

I opened my eyes to find Newt standing in front of me.

He protected me.

Oh no, he might have got hurt and it was all my fault.

“Shh, calm down Nundu. Mummy’s here.” Newt stood between me and this lion-like creature. His hands raised and his head down in a submissive pose. The Nundu slowly calmed down at the non-aggressive posture coming from Newt, “that’s a good girl.”

Neither of us moved before the Nundu had turned and left, disappearing into the trees.  

“I’m going to need to keep an eye on this one, almost as bad as my Niffler.” Newt mumbled quietly to himself. “Please be careful, muggles have very fragile bodies.” He spoke, making eye contact before quickly looking away. He turned his back on me.

“Wait Newt, you’re hurt.” I grabbed his hand and turned him back to me. My eyes raked over his cheek inspecting the cut. Thankfully it didn’t seem too deep, but it would still need to be cleaned and bandaged.

He looked away, “All is okay, it’s only a flesh wound and I can clean it back at the house.”

His hand slips into mine, leading me back to the house.

I guess the Occamys will have to wait until next time.

i want to pepper luke’s soft pale chest with kisses and admire every single freckle scattered like constellations across his body, and appreciate the way his hair curls at the nape of his neck, darkening from day old natural oils as a result of doing nothing but laying in bed for the whole day prior. i want to make him smile, forget about shaving just so he has a bit more of him to love in the form of a soft fuzz surrounding his jawline. i want his soft tummy and thicc legs and broad hugs where he finds it easy to lift me up and spin me so that my head feels as dizzy as my heart does whenever i see him. i want big shirts and snapchat filters sent in the form of flirting, and a love like luke that would last the ages, as he looks at you with such wonder, as though you had personally hung the stars in the sky for him to gaze at with such love. i want to think the very same thing and truly believe that the soul i’d be falling for, is as vast and unpredictable, yet as calming as the ocean blue held within his eyes.


Gif source:  Mouse  |  Jay

Imagine being Jay’s younger sister and him walking in on you and Mouse making out.

——— Request for anon ———

“Jay, about earlier…” Mouse begins, turning around in his spinning desk chair to give Halstead a nervous look, “Me and your sister—”

“Mouse, I trust you with my life. It’s safe to say I trust you with my sister,” Halstead chuckles, shaking his head to dissipate any of the worries Mouse might have about what had occurred earlier today in the locker room when Jay had walked in on you and Mouse making out. Before Halstead moves to get back to work, he smirks, “Just, don’t screw it up.”

Mouse smiles, looking back to the computer monitor he was working at, “I won’t.”

fratboy!calum is walking across the quad to head to your psychology class when he hears a high-pitched voice scream out his name, making him look up from his phone just in time for you to launch yourself on to him and hug him tightly. luckily, he keeps his balance, laughing as he hugs you back and asks you why you’re so excited. “i passed, cal! i passed the test that’s worth like 30% of my grade!” and calum just gets this really wide smile on his face as he picks you up and spins you around, promising ice cream and pizza as a reward and “maybe something else” with a smirk

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Headaches - Thomas x reader

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You were having a great time. You had somehow reduced the Thomas Jefferson, your crush, to a mess of blushing, fumbling and flustered cheeks.

“You feeling ok, Thomas? Your face is red, are you burning up?” You placed a delicate hand on his forehead, bringing it down after a little, subtly caressing his cheek. He blushed a crimson red before fumbling on his words once again.

“I- um- n-no, I just…..your’e pretty~ Wait, uh- “ You watched as he helplessly tried forming words. You couldn’t conceive your smile, flirting with him is so much fun! This once, strong, powerful man, had nothing to say.

“Oh, what’s wrong Thomas, cat got your tongue?” You teased. He sighed, nodding slightly.

“Y-You’re so beautiful Y/N………You make my head spin….” He whispered, his voice unstable from hints of anxiousness.

“Maybe I can fix that, my dear” You leaned closer to him, grinning wickedly” can I come over, say, tomorrow for some lunch?”

His eyes lit up and he smiled a brilliant smile that brightened your day every time you saw it. He nodded excitedly, both your faces still dusted with pink.

“That would be…..lovely! I will see you at my estate?” He fumbled a bit, you nodded, turning from him and waving goodbye.


You made your way over to the Jefferson estate, a basket of assorted desserts for him in one arm. A maid had let you in and said he was in his room. You set the basket down on a nearby table, and you were escorted up to his room. 

You looked in, Thomas was laying in bed, fully clothed but a cloth covering his eyes. You made your way over to the bed and laid a hand on his arm, gently rubbing it.

“Thomas, are you alright?” 

“huguh…” He let out a soft groan, you grew with concern, looking back at the maid.

“He has a terrible headache, apparently it was about a girl and how hard it was to speak to her” She whispered and your eyes widened.

“Oh, Thomas I am so sorry…” 

“Don’t be, my dear, I was just so dumbfounded by your astonishing beauty and intelligence yesterday, my mind couldn’t take it.” He spoke softly.

You smiled at him, shaking your head. You kissed his forehead, whispering in his ear a trail of sweet nothings before saying one final thing,

“When you feel better, I’ll be waiting…..”

You Are In Love: A Steve Rogers x Reader Bit (1/3)

You take a deep breath, letting out a small laugh as the breath escaped. Being spun in the room, you knew that the reason why you were so dizzy wasn’t from the spinning. It was from the person who was spinning you.

“What’s so funny?” He asks, smiling down at you in his arms. Can you feel it too? He questions in his head, but he knows that he can’t say it. It’s too soon to tell. The two of you had only just met.

I can’t catch my breath. His eyes are so, so blue, and they’re looking at me. Can he feel this? “I’m on a date, dancing with Steve Rogers.” You blush a bit, finally making eye contact with him.

He laughs, his eyes crinkling. You giggle, resting your forehead against his shoulder. “Is that okay? That you’re on a date with Steve Rogers?”

“It’s wonderful.” You lick your lips, biting the bottom one. You kept your face turned towards his shoulder. “And is it okay that you’re on a date with me?”

He grinned, gently pushing you off of himself to spin you once in a circle. Steve watched your hair and dress fan around you. You’re absolutely wonderful. “It’s perfect.” He pulled you close once again, and you smiled up at him as he began to hum along to the song that was playing.

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Imagine Natasha introducing you to the Avengers as the newest recruit...

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“So guys meet our newest recruit, Y/n” Natasha introduced you happily. You looked up and met the smiling faces of the Avengers. Your eyes landed on a man with a metal arm and long hair that swept behind his ears, and the most beautiful blue eyes you had ever seen. “Ooo,” you let out a quiet moan, staring at him made your head spin. Before you knew it everyone had backed a few feet away including Natasha. You were shocked and didn’t understand why, until you heard a small crackle. You looked at your arms and blushed deeply, “Oh my, I’m sorry… I swear it harmless.” You murmured making the fire go away. “So ah, ta-da?” You awkwardly said, making eye contact with man with a metal arm, he was staring at you with his head cocked to the side, a curious look in his eye and playful smile. A man with blonde hair came forward and extended his hand to you, “Steve Rogers Ma’am, it’s nice to finally meet you and learn your powers.” You blushed deeply, “Nice to meet you Captain.” He stepped back and turned to the team. “Tony, Wanda, Vision, Pietro, Thor, Clint, Bruce, and Bucky, respectively,” Steve stated pointing at each and every one of your new team mates. Your breath hitched when you looked at Bucky, he was mesmerizing. You smiled and waved at everyone, the girl with Wanda ran forward and wrapped you in a hug, “It’s so good to meet you Y/n, now its three girls on the team!” She said excitedly, you laughed.

“Nice to meet you too Wanda,” you smiled and hugged her back. “So let us see a magic trick fire cracker,” Tony said eyeing you carefully. You smiled and made a small fire ball in your hands and made it grow more and more as you moved your hands further and further apart and in the fire ball you made a picture of the Shield the Captain loved so much. Tony nodded, impressed. “Cool,” Pietro said by your side, you didn’t know when he got there which startled you and you released the fire ball into the air, which hit the window and caused a huge flame explosion. “Oh my god!” You yelled, but before it was a problem Vision had it put out, “It’s quite alright Ms. Y/n,” he said quietly to you, with a gentle smile. “You scared me!” You snapped at Pietro, who threw his hands up, “Sorry princessa,” he said looking at you sweetly, you blushed and looked down at the floor, and he caressed your arm. “You make a beautiful flame,” Pietro said sweetly. You giggled and pushed his arm, “Stop, you’re making me hot,” your arms were burning red, and your veins a bright red color as the fire coursed through your veins. Pietro winked and kissed your hand before disappearing quickly. You laughed, the next to greet you was Thor who grabbed your hand tightly and got down on one knee and brought your hand to his forehead, you assumed it was tradition in Asgard. “Lady Y/n, your powers are most beautiful and wonderful,” You giggled and took your hand back. Thor stood and went back to the group. Clint and Bruce came next, both shook you hand and smiled at you, their welcome was an encouraging push to keep smiling.

The finally Avenger to greet you was Bucky, you were flustered all over when he took your hand in his and flipped it palm side up, he stared into your eyes excitedly, like a kid on Christmas morning. “Can you make shapes with it?” He asked happily, you stared back at him, a bright smile graced your face. You nodded and made a rose out of the flame, “Now for my favourite party trick,” you put your other hand over the rose, pressed your hands together and when you opened them, thousands of fiery butterflies fluttered from your hands and surrounded the group of Avengers, Bucky’s face was mesmerized by the trick, and he watched at the butterflies danced in the air. “That’s amazing,” he said looking excitedly at you. “Thank you,” you blushed and took your hand from him. He took it back and kissed the back of your hand, “That was beautiful doll.”    

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The Masquerade with a Twist

Oliver couldn’t help but laugh a bit at that and tilting his head as he listened to her plan. “Oh?” He asked then thought about it for a second. That could actually work. The Brit stopped in his tracks before smiling and wrapping his arms around. The other’s waist and picking her up, spinning her around. “Erie, I want to make you my wife!”

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