his smile just melts me

Making Out With Day6

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This is purely what I think, this doesn’t reflect the members whatsoever. Don’t take this to heart. I may have gotten carried away. This is PG-16 lmao. This was requested by @clumclumsos! (Also requested making out with TD, History, UNIQ and 24k so those are next. Thank you! Without further ado, enjoy!

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honestly i dont give a shit who u stan u cant tell me taeyong isnt the cutest most innocent ray of sunshine that has ever walked this earth

Chanyeol scenario - Chocolate legs

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Not requested

Genre: smut, fluffy AMBW moment!

Summary: Getting negative comments about your interracial relationship can be difficult, but chanyeol doesn’t seem to mind your skin or size. In fact, he loves it ;)

Warning: bath (semi-)sex, dirty talk, cursing, cute puppy!Yeol kisses Xx

A/N: I got very carried away with this one. it just makes me extremely satisfied that chocolate Legs- Eric Benét is D.O and Chanyeol’s favorite songs! ChanSoc collab or no? 

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Who Will It Be? - Part 2

Anon: Can I have a threesome with Taemin and Kai where you three are best friends at SM. One day they see you practicing a sexy dance and get turned on, please.

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Kai (EXO)/Taemin (SHINee)/Reader

Word Count: 1,489

Summary: What happens when your two best friends can figure out who should take their chance on you?

A/N: Another Parter story! I hope you all don’t mind :) Also here is Part 1

“What are you two doing?” I tried to push away but Kai kept me in place.

“Like we said,” Taemin said. “You have to see first hand for yourself before deciding who to choose.”

“Come on (y/n),” Kai said wrapping his arms around my waist. “Aren’t you a bit curious to what will happen?” He trailed kisses from the back of my ear to my neck. I have to admit, I have found theses boys extremely attractive but I’ve never did anything or said anything in fear that they would become awkward.

“Just relax…” Taemin moaned in my ear. Oh his voice made me weaken. He cupped his hands on my face and pulled me up to his lips. How could I relax? There is no way to. I had Kai holding me and kissing me on my neck, and here is Taemin kissing me with his soft, warm lips. I had no way of fighting these two.

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So I saw this today and it gave me an idea

Shhhhhhhh, he’s okay now…….

Morning After: 10k Imagine

It seemed as if it was a fairy tale. A soft sweet fairy tale. The soft rain was like a lullaby. The smell of the forest filled the air. Everything seemed perfect, even in the middle of a damn apocalypse. There was no concern of zombies or survival. It was just me and him in our ablise.

Last night, or in other words the early dark morning was our first time together. Our first time with each other, our first time in all. It was awkward, sweaty and weird. Neither of us knew what they were doing, but everything still seemed to just happen. It was all natural, it was pure instinct.

Even though it was new and slightly awkward it was perfect. The new sensations brought us to a whole new universe. It seemed as if we were in our own world. His touch sent me in shivers. His moans and groans still lingered my mind.

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My @not-haikyuu secret santa gift for @blueberrytier ! I hope you like this! Happy holidays, and happy New Year! Sorry this got finished so late.

six children, three friendships, two snowmen, and one snow alien.

a/n: i headcanon that kenma was a cheerful child until he got into middle school where he discovered that life sucks. thanks again to @thejunbox for betaing! and another friend who doesn’t have a tumblr!

Kenma bounced up and down on his heels, waiting impatiently for Tetsurou to come downstairs. Tetsurou’s mother looked on with fondness. She gently maneuvered him into a kitchen chair, and reassured, “Just sit here and wait. You know how slow Tetsurou can be sometimes, and you wouldn’t want to be tired when he finally comes down!” She smiled winningly at the young boy, who looked up with big eyes.

“Yeah,” he agreed readily, eyes shining. “I can’t wait until we can go out and play! Do you think Tetsu will want to build a snowman with me? Or maybe even snow forts! We can have a snowball fight!” Kenma chattered on, waving his hands in grand motions as he described just how cool their adventures would be. Tetsurou’s mother wasn’t fazed at all, and continued to make awed noises when appropriate. Kenma’s story grew more and more passionate until he was cut off by Tetsurou bounding down the stairs.

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Dan Howell Piano Imagine
Atoms For Peace - Ingenue (Dan Howell Cover)
Dan Howell Piano Imagine


Just a cheesy imagine, because I was playing around with iMovie. The idea is it sounds like you are hearing it from a distance but then when you walk into the room it sounds clearer.

Close Your Eyes:
You walk into a large room. You heard a strange, melodic noise coming from it, and decided to investigate. Sitting positioned at the piano, clearly believing he was alone, is Dan Howell. He’s playing a song gently on a grand piano, and it echoes throughout the whole room.

You walk up behind him slowly, and once he pauses, you whisper, “It was lovely.” He turns around in surprise, his eyes wide, but his shocked face melts into a warm smile. “I’m sorry, you just scared me.” He chuckles, and looks down sheepishly. He turns back to you. “Thank you though…do you want to hear another?” He pauses, as if to have forgotten something. “Oh yeah, and what’s your name?” You offer it to him, and he turns to face you. “That's…really pretty.” He blushes, and awkwardly attempts to distract from his previous comment. “So…what about that other song?”

YouTube Video [x]

Anomaly// Josh Dun

Requested: Can you make an imagine where it’s in Josh’s POV and he likes you and you go out on a date and he gets really jealous, but your date stood you up and go home crying and then he comforts you and tells you that he was jealous and that he likes you and it’s all fluffy? Thank you!!!!!


               “Jishy, how do I look?” You asked, turning to your best friend who was laying across your bed. Acting as your fashion consultant while you prepared for your date. You had never met the guy, so you were determined to make a good impression.

               “He looks like a loser.” Josh mumbled, looking at your phone. Which was currently open to pictures of your date. “Like how many shirtless pictures of yourself do you need to take?” You gave Josh a look, walking over to poke him in the stomach playfully.

               “Coming from the guy who almost lives without a shirt on.” You laughed, laying alongside your best friend as he continued scrolling through pictures. “Awe that one is cute!” You pointed, it was a selfie the guy had taken with his dog. Him smiling as the animal placed a loving puppy kiss to his cheek.

               “Cats are better.” Josh growled, if you didn’t know better you would go on to think that he was jealous. “Its 5:45, aren’t you supposed to be meeting this douche for 6?” He asked, you felt bad because you were initially supposed to hang out with Josh for the night. Until your best friend messaged you, telling you that Kris wanted to take you on a date.

               “Yeah, thank you for everything tonight Jishy.” You hugged Josh close, you could almost hear him roll his eyes at the use of his nickname from you. You smiled as his arms pulled you tightly, before slowly releasing you.

               “You’re welcome Y/N, have a good night tonight.” Josh whispered as you left to go meet your date. You’d be meeting him at a Chinese restaurant; considering the two of you both apparently liked the cuisine.


               You checked your phone; 5:55pm. Well it wasn’t quite 6 yet, so he had some time to show up. You were currently at a table, sitting and waiting for a message or for him to show up. You continued to sip at your drink awkwardly, checking your phone anxiously again. It was 6:00pm now, was he running a little late?

               You stayed convinced that he was running late until 6:30, when you realized you had been stood up. A date you were looking genuinely forward to, you got stood up on it. With a small sigh you stood from your table, walking over to the counter and asked for 2 to-go containers. Might as well grab supper for yourself and Josh (considering he was probably still laying on your bed) while you’re here.


               “I got food.” You called, trying to hide the hurt and embarrassment in your voice. Putting the bag down as you sat, resting your head against the cool surface of the table. You heard Josh jog into the room, making some joke about eating your leftovers; voice softening as he saw you.

               “It didn’t go well?” You shook your head, tears finally leaving your eyes. You held back a sob as you spoke.

               “He didn’t even show up Josh. I sat there for half an hour, I probably looked like such an idiot.” You cried, looking at your best friend; who looked like he was about to cry as well. Without any words being exchanged he pulled you from your spot and into his arms. Hand rubbing your back soothingly as he pressed his lips to your forehead. Though it seemed a tad abnormal, the kiss, you didn’t mind. It felt comforting.

               “What a loser, he doesn’t realize what he’s missing. I would’ve killed to go on that date with you, I wish I did.” You looked up, trying to translate his words. Did he just say he wanted to go on a date with you? “Let’s go lay down upstairs, you need a good snuggle session and I feel like I should explain.” You felt a weight lay deep in your stomach—please oh please Josh, do not say you had anything to do with this. You felt tears of fear begin falling as you laid beside him, watching as he bit his lip. Trying to find words as the two of you laid in silence. “I’ll admit, when you said you were going on a date with this guy. I got a tad jealous. Like he looks like what you describe as a “hot dude”. I took one look at him and his stupid profile and knew something was off about him.” Josh growled, jealously dripping from his words. “I didn’t know how to say ‘don’t go on that date. I’m too jealous for you too’. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I knew I ruined this for you.” You let out a breath of relief, Josh didn’t do anything to ruin your night. Thank god. “I just. I’ve liked you for years Y/N, I just never had the guts to tell you. I didn’t want to be that guy who ruins his friendship because he thinks he has a chance with the girl.” The dejected tone in his voice broke your heart. You always looked at Josh and thought of him as adorable, cuddly, and amazing. The two of you essentially had a relationship going minus the kissing and title.

               “Well, tonight may have gone to shit. But I think I found someone else I like.” You whispered, hand resting on Josh’s chest. You felt bad at how much he tensed, obviously thinking you found someone else. “He’s really funny, I love his jokes. He also has this smile that just makes me heart melt; it lights up a whole room—really.” You smiled up at him, realizing his eyes were squinted shut, mouth in a small scowl of jealousy. “He’s also really strong, like damn those muscles.” You giggled, snuggling closer to Josh as you continued talking, cheeks burning red. “He gives the best hugs, the best cuddles; and he’s really good with music. I also like his hair. It’s always changing but it’s always so soft.” You held back a laugh when Josh pulled away from you; rolling over before letting a sigh out.

               “Then go tell him how you feel; you deserve a guy who will make you happy.” You had a moment of heartbreak when you heard his voice crack. Did he really not pick up on what you were doing?

               “He does make me happy; him and his silly pink hair and alien obsession.” Your words caused Josh to look at you from over his shoulder; tears in his eyes as he gave you a suspicious look.

               “Is there a Josh 2.0 out there; or are you talking about me?” He asked, obviously trying not to get his hopes up as he waited for an answer.

               “I love my Jish; maybe a little more than a friend.” You bit your lip, holding your arms out to the drummer. “I really hope he loves me back.” You smiled widely as his arms slid around your waist, pulling himself closer to you.

               “He loves you; to pluto and back. He always has.” You smiled, fingers running through that silly pink hair you spoke of. Josh was the only one you needed.