his smile is the best omfg

little things to love about hansol
  • literally the biggest meme ever
  • also has a big heart 
  • loves his little sister to bits ;; 
  • always wants to be the best role model for his little sister /cRYING
  • very poetic 
  • writes a lot of the hip hop unit’s lyrics 
  • his lyrics always tell an amazing story 
  • he is the peacekeeper of the group
  • his smile!!! so bright!!! so big!!!
  • both of his parents are artist 
  • himself.. not so much LOL 
  • but it’s okay he does his best 
  • does a lot of exaggerated movements 
  • has a lot of dynamic expressions and reactions 
  • little leonardo dicaprio
  • made a little snowman in front of the pledis building oMFG SO FRICKIN CUTE
  • was in “kids explore life” 
  • same birthday as dk
  • always imitating seungkwan and his adlibs
  • “mOM I WON THIS!!!!” 
  • “ur not supposed to say “oh my god”” -Vernon to his sister
  • had one great concept of “do not put up a front”
  • OMG HIS LAUGH!!!!!
  • he loves to sing 
  • if he wasn’t in the hip hop unit, he said he would be in the vocal unit
  • *dabs*
  • *running man* 
  • *hotline bling dance* 
  • *hit them folks*
  • knows all the trends, such a trendy boy
  • it’s all about self love with this boy 
  • always vibing 
  • always lit in the mixtapes 
  • pls love this hard-working, inspiring, respectful individual. 

Donut’s probably dead.

Hope you feel better soon, friend~

[submission by @mercuryblacksleg]



Today, I met Chris Colfer 💜
• I got a special meet and greet
• he was a total sweet heart and cracked the funniest jokes
• he’s so smol
• his laugh is the best thing I’ve ever heard
• he’s got a great ass
• and THIGHS
• the event was so entertaining
• he read to us from his recent book!
• the first thing I smelled when I walked in the meet&greet room WAS HIS AMAZING COLOGNE
• he shook my hand (they’re so soft omfg) and smiled at me and greeted me
• he asked me what was my name and hE KNOWS
• he signed a book specifically for me
• I apologized for my hard name pronunciation but he was like “oh no nono don’t be sorry! It’s so easy to spell!”
• his nose is so so so cute
• I got to ask him a question I’ve wanted to know and he was so so happy to answer
• did I mention his smile???
• he asked if we wanted (my friend and i) a pic taken and yes !!! We got a pic taken !!!
• during the process my friends phone wasn’t working and he had to pause so his face was like an inch away from mine when he asked “do you live far from here???”
• we said no we didn’t, but in that moment he looked down at me and I saw every possible detail on his face
• he’s so beautiful so so beautiful
• his eyes are so pretty
• he was an absolute delight and continuously thanked us for being there
• he shook our hands one last time and we said bye

I don’t think I’m ever gonna get over this.

Got7 appreciation post

Mark Tuan

reasons to stan this cute lil muffin:

  1. He’s pretty fucking insane at acrobats, okay.
  2. He raps out the side of his mouth, and if that’s not the hottest thing eVER, you’re invited to leave. 
  3. He probably gives the warmest and best hugs ever. Mark is so fluffy and sweet and loveable no one touch me 
  4. His laugh is so c u te goodbye
  5. He’s the quiet one, so there’s sure to be a lot of secret observing and I am just so into the concept of quiet wallflower Mark, tbh.  
  6. Also this happened: 

Im Jaebum

reasons to stan my sweet soft baby boy

  1. He’s a softie. Feeds stray cats in his downtime even if they scratch him.
  2. He is a precious little pancake who loves being onstage and being praised. 
  3. He’s an only child but he loves the members like they’re his brothers. 
  4. He’s kinda really fucking hot
  5. Chic and sexy
  6. soundS LIKE AN ANGEL
  7. also he is the mOST boyfriend-looking mf in the world. look at this shit

b y e 

Jackson Wang

reasons to stan the epitome of boyfriend goals

  1. He loves his family so much omfg (posterboy for Momma’s Boys R Us tbh)
  2. He is a literal angel, I’m pretty fucking positive. 
  3. He’s the comic relief for my boys and I will forever be indebted to him for keeping them happy.
  4. His laugh and that smile, someone put me in a cage 
  5. He knows, like, five different languages
  6. He does this adorable thing where he runs away from pretty girls okay do not touch me 
  7. Wang Puppy. 
  8. He’s also hot af goodbye

Park Jinyoung

reasons to stan the bean

  1. He’s an A+ actor
  2. His English has improved so much since their debut and I am so glad to say that I got to hear it in person and I am so goddamn proud
  3. He’s like a real-life sour patch kid– sour on the outside (savage, actually, lol) and secretly a big softie on the inside 
  4. Have you seen his performances lately because hot damn
  5. He literally has the voice of an angel tbh
  6. Park Gae is my life, alright?
  7. He, too, is fine asf.

Choi Youngjae

reasons to stan my lil otter

  1. He is literal sunshine incarnate. It’s impossible to be sad when you look at him. 
  2. Coco’s mom 
  3. 300-time thickest calves award winner
  4. Makes everyone their smiley best <3
  5. He sounds like Fergie and Jesus had a baby, that gorgeous voice ugh
  6. That blonde glow-up though
  7. He’s hot af too don’t touch me

holy shit rip


reasons to stan the love of my life

  1. Do you see that smile on his face omfg what a cutie pie???
  2. Dab boi
  3. Sweeter than frickin’ candy
  4. Designer hoe boyfriend
  5. Yugbam
  6. Chelsbam (ship it)
  7. It is literally impossible to be sad in his presence okay it’s like he’s the sun and I’m the earth
  8. His accent is so cute I fucking die okay
  9. He’s so hot, man.

ultimate bias af

Kim Yugyeom

reasons to stan the evil maknae who ruins my life

  1. He can freestyle the fuck out of some dance moves
  2. Hit the Stage. B y e 
  3. Cutest smile in the entire world oh sweet lord
  4. Sweetest baby in the universe
  5. Got excited over ordering a hotdog in English (thank u based naver app + Hard Carry)
  6. My pure sweet boy
  7. I cried when he came out onstage bc he really is the most pure human being I have ever come into contact with, my little muffin
  8. Silver Yugyeom is my religion
  9. also hot af

stan talent, my friends. 

disclaimer: none of these images are mine. 

Jealously Got The Best Of Me

Wanna One’s Park Jihoon X Female Reader

 Fluff, angst 

 TW: use of explicit language

 Word count: 2571 

 • jealous! Park Jihoon

 • boyfriend! Park Jihoon

 • ft. innocent, in love best friend Kang Daniel  

• ft. created character, Taerim 

 omfg why is it always Daniel 😂 love him. Fun fact: Jihoon and I share the same birthday 🎉


 "Hi Daniel oppa!“ You greeted warmly, dropping your backpack on the studio floor, it landed with a loud thud. 

 Daniel smiled and stretched his arms out for a hug as the two of you were close. “Where’s Jihoon? He’s on his way isn’t he?”

You nodded, blushing slightly at the mention of your boyfriend. “Y-yes. He’s running a bit late though,” you replied.

 Daniel smirked at the sight of your reddening cheeks, he poked the side of your face gently. “Ahhh, I see. Thinking about your boyfriend all the time now. Don’t forget about us,” he said, referring to the rest of the Wanna One boys.

 You were the daughter of one of the producers here so naturally, you and your dad worked closely with the boys and since they weren’t too far in age, became your close friends.

 Today, you promised Jihoon you’d work on his choreography with Daniel’s guidance.

 You thought back to that moment, when Jihoon asked you out on a date. 

 It was already evening to begin with and the night only dragged on in the studio. The whole crew was exhausted and drained but they still worked hard on their song. 

 You, being a gracious daughter and good friend, offered to run down to the nearby convenience store for cup ramen and snacks. Jaewhan offered to go with but it was Jihoon who met you at the door after grabbing your jackets. It was a pleasant surprise, you just hoped that he wouldn’t do anything to deepen your crush on him. The cold air stung your face but that was not the reason why it was red.

 As the two of you were walking back - Jihoon already ripping open a packet of chips - he confessed that he liked you a lot and asked you on a date that Saturday. Shocked was an understatement so in a jumbled mess, you managed to confess as well and agreed.

 That was only two months ago. 

Daniel was one of the first to know about your relationship, it was kept in the dark from your dad and their manager…for now. 

The door swung open, causing your flashback to end and Daniel to look up from setting up the AUX cord.

“Jihoon!” you shrieked excitedly and bolted into his arms. 

Your boyfriend laughed and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Ahh, I missed you too jagi. You look gorgeous today,” he flattered, securing his hold on you. His grip on you seemed tighter than usual but you let it slide. 

Maybe it was because Daniel was around…..No Y/N, don’t let your thoughts wander.

“I’d hate to break up the reunion but we really need to start soon. Okay?” Daniel walked over and traded hugs with Jihoon. 

You winked at Jihoon. “Are you ready?”

“To win a dance battle? Yes,” he teased causing the three of you to burst out laughing.


“No, no. Hang on a second Y/N, Jihoon will show you,” Daniel instructed. “You need to move your right leg more to the back…yeah that’s it.”

 You looked back at your talented and hard working boyfriend covered in sweat and was taking a short break while his hyung bossed you around. 

“Yah! Oppa, don’t be so hard on me,” you whined. “I was never meant for this!”

Jihoon chuckled and walked over to ruffle your hair playfully. “C'mon Y/N! I know you can do it babe,” he encouraged.

“Yes! Believe in yourself! Let’s take a break though. I think Jinyoung might be looking for us.” Daniel collapsed on the floor, his hair damp with sweat. 

“Um, I’m going to…get a drink yeah,” Jihoon awkwardly stammered out before leaving. He was gone for quite awhile. 

You turned to Daniel. “Oppa, can you help me with a dance? I want to show Jihoon I can do something.”

Daniel’s shut eyes flew open, he shot you a puzzled look. “He’s proud to have you as a girlfriend anyways, but…sure. Why not? What dance do you want to do?” he replied. 

You shot up from lying on the cold ground. 


You showed Daniel a video of one of your fellow trainee friend dancing and you swore she was going to be debuting soon. She was around Daniel’s age too.

“Isn’t this…” he didn’t know her name. But you knew both of them had bumped into each other before. 

“Taerim unnie? Yes, it is. I think she’s preparing to debut soon. Why? Are you interested?” you teased, laughing at how red Daniel’s ears became despite his denial.

He sighed. “Okay, if I teach you this dance, you introduce me to Taerim. Deal?”

You nodded your head, grinning from ear to ear. “Deal!”

You launched yourself into Daniel’s arms, “I love you, oppa!”

He just laughed and shook his head in response. 

Suddenly, Jihoon flung the door open, causing the two of you to break apart immediately.

Yikes, you hoped he wouldn’t have taken that the wrong way. 

It appeared that luck was on your side today because Jihoon just grinned at you, it seemed like he wasn’t affected. 

“Let’s keep working until lunch. I think we’ll be done with this by then,” he suggested. “Unless…both of you are such awful dancers." 

Your jaw dropped but at the back of your mind, you agreed and his words stabbed your heart a little more than it should have. Your game face appeared anyway.

"Bring it on, Park Jihoon." 


 You met up with Daniel a few days later, all pumped and ready to work. He had already set up the studio and was waiting for you. You bumped into Daewhi and Jinyoung as they walked out of the dance studio just as you strolled towards it.

"Hello Y/N! How are you?” Daewhi asked then furrowed his eyebrows. “Jihoon isn’t here today, is he?" 

You giggled at Daewhi. "Hey boys, uhh…I don’t think Jihoon’s here but…I’m here to work on something with Daniel oppa." 

Jinyoung raised one of his perfectly plucked eyebrows. "Alone? Just the two of you?”

“Yah! Don’t be so rude. Y/N and Daniel are friends too, I’m sure Jihoon won’t mind,” Daewhi defended, smacking Jinyoung playfully on the shoulder. 

“Sorry Y/N. Please don’t be mad at me,” Jinyoung apologised, pouting sulkily when you glared at him.

“Ahh, it’s okay. Don’t worry Jinyoung, I’m not mad. I’ll see you boys later tonight, there’s a track to work on.” You waved goodbye to the two boys and entered the studio.

“Hey Y/N.”

“Hi oppa." 

”….Did you call Taerim yet?“ he asked in a soft voice. 

Your stomach hurt from all the giggling you had been doing. "Aww, oppa likes Taerim!" 

Daniel turned even more red and spun away to face the wall instead, burying his face in his hands.

"Not yet, but I will after this. In front of you so you know it’s real, okay? Now, let’s start working on the dance." 


You stared at Daniel, who was pacing back and forth and stuttering incorrigibly. He seemed nervous…about a girl. "So, do I call her or not?” you asked, phone in hand and ready to call your good friend. It nearly slipped out of your sweaty palm, that’s how hard you were working. 

“N-no! Not yet! Please don’t!” Daniel begged, he was in hysterics. 

“Oppa, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this nervous over a girl. C'mon! Get a grip, you’re Kang Daniel. She’ll love you, believe me. Taerim unnie is single but I’m not sure she will be much longer. Believe in yourself,” you cheered. “I’m calling her now." 

So Daniel sat by your side and listened meekly.

"Hello? Y/N?”

“Taerim unnie! How are you?” You beamed at the sound of your friend’s voice. You could feel her smile through her words. 

“I’m good! Yourself? Where are you? Let’s go for coffee. It’s been so long,” she offered. “I have a short break before my vocal coaching today. We should go out." 

"Are you in the studio right now? Good. Come over to Dance Studio Three. There’s someone I want you to meet.”

Daniel looked you in the eye and mouthed ‘no’ repeatedly but Taerim was already on her way. He huffed. "I don’t know whether to kill you or thank you, Y/N.”

You smiled cheekily and batted your eyelashes. “You know you love me." 

"That I do." 


It was your third time meeting up with Daniel and unlike the other two times, you weren’t in high spirits. 


Well, your boyfriend hadn’t been as…attentive to you. He hadn’t been replying your texts and answered your desperate calls with half-hearted, most likely scripted dialogue. He sat on the opposite side of the couch whenever the two of you were in the studio but that wasn’t particularly peculiar since your relationship was still kept a secret. Jihoon avoided almost all contact with you, he barely spoke to you in person even after your dad had left. He gave reluctant hugs and brushed you off whenever you tried to talk to him, reason being ‘I’m sure you have the hyungs to talk to you, don’t bother me while I’m busy’. The rest of the boys had also acted cold towards you. 

You wanted to cry.

 It was upsetting and the only people you could confide in was Daniel or Taerim, you chose the latter and she suspected that Jihoon was jealous since you and Daniel was always together now that the two of you were working on a dance. He might’ve said something to impact the other boys negatively too, he probably ranted to them. 

"Hey, why so glum?” Daniel questioned and when you didn’t reply he continued. “Cat got your tongue?" 

At that, you managed to crack a small smile. You hoped his teammates hadn’t ostracised him too. 

"Are you and the boys okay?”

“Yeah… we should be. Everyone’s a little distant but it shouldn’t be anything I can’t fix." 

Taerim burst into the studio, her presence seemed to light up the somber mood.

And Daniel’s face.

Although he managed to utter about seven words to her the first time they met.

"Hi,” he said shyly. 

She blushed in reply. 

You stood up, made a lame excuse and bolted for the door. It was sweet to see a new relationship blossoming, while your own was in jeopardy. You entered your dad’s workroom to raid his secret snack stash but there were already people in there. 

Daewhi. Jinyoung. Guanlin. Woojin. Jihoon.

You ignored their gazes, grabbing a chocolate bar from the drawer. 

Your dad wasn’t around. Why were they here? 

You ripped open the candy, it split the deafening silence. Just as you were about to leave, Jihoon spoke up. 

“Y/N, let’s talk.”


You trailed behind Jihoon, heart beating uncontrollably in your chest. Your hands paled and shook. You might not have a boyfriend at the end of this talk and the thought of that made you want to cry but you held on to your strong facade.

Jihoon opened the door to one of the Wanna One workrooms. He let it go behind him and it nearly slammed in your face. He lounged comfortably on the large, cushy chair in the room so you settled for the beanbag. Jihoon was never exactly direct with his feelings and it messed you up on occasion. But today, he didn’t beat around the bush. 

“Are you cheating on me?" 


You were hurt and confused by his sudden accusation, unable to form a coherent answer.

Jihoon gritted his teeth. "I knew it. I knew it! You’re with Daniel aren’t you? That brat!" 

"I’m not!” you snapped. “For goodness sake, Jihoon! Daniel is my best friend! You’re my boyfriend! I’m not cheating on you." 

"Well it sure doesn’t seem like it! You’re always with him, not me! You like him don’t you? Why don’t you break up with me and date him instead!” Jihoon spat, he leapt up from his chair and headed for the door but you caught his arm and to your surprise, he didn’t fight you off. 

“Jihoon, listen to me,” you choked back tears. “I’m not cheating on you. I would never do that! I thought you trusted me enough to believe me!”

He spun round to face you, your hand losing your grip on him. “Really? Then why are you always spending more time with him? I really didn’t want to believe Daewhi and Jinyoung when they said they always caught the two of you dancing, in very promising positions.” He held up his phone, a picture of Daniel holding your right arm and standing approximately thirty cm away from your face.

That would’ve ticked anyone off, you felt the guilt eat you alive. But Daniel didn’t like you like that, he liked Taerim. 

“It’s not what you think. I-I’m-” You couldn’t bring yourself to tell him the truth, it was embarrassing. He wouldn’t believe you anyways. 

Jihoon wrangled himself out of your hold and stepped back, he tugged his hoodie tighter over his head. “I knew it. I shouldn’t have trusted a whore like you. Go run to Daniel now. Go,” he snarled.

But you stood rooted to the ground, unable to comprehend what was happening, still, you refused to let the tears fall. 

“Even if you’re not moving on," 

Jihoon looked you in the eye.

"I am.”


You felt someone wrap their arms around you from behind, you struggled against them. Your mind was fuzzy and you couldn’t see anything, your tears clouded your vision.

“Taerim, I don’t want to talk about it,” you muttered, burying your face further into one of Jihoon’s hoodies you stole without him notice. All you wanted to do the entire afternoon was cry your eyes out in your dad’s workroom, covered in Jihoon’s hoodie, you didn’t want anyone to disturb you. “Taerim, go away!”

“I’m so, so sorry Y/N." 

Jihoon! Out of all people! 

You scrambled away from him, refusing his advances. "Don’t touch me, I heard you hate whores,” you growled out. 

“I talked to Taerim noona and Daniel hyung. Y/N, it’s all my fault. I-I became jealous too easily. I should have trusted you,” he admitted, his head hung in shame. When you didn’t respond, he continued. “I-I thought you finally found someone better than me. Someone older than me. I-I became insecure…and doubtful…you-you deserve-b-better than…me." 

"Don’t say that,” Your words caught his attention, he looked up, cheeks were damp with tears. “Don’t beat yourself up about it. It isn’t your fault.” You coaxed. “I’m sorry too. I just wanted to do something so you’d be proud of me and…it’s stupid.”

Jihoon chuckled. “I can handle anything, if it’s from you.”

“I wanted you…to find a reason to genuinely like me more. Ugh!” You blushed, covering your face. 

Jihoon snuggled up to you again. “Ahh, jagi. You’re really too adorable. I like you for who you are but it was nice that you’d tried to do something I liked too. Thank you,” he cooed the said, “Wait, are we back together?”

 You pursed your lips and he pouted. “Yah! I’ll get on my knees and beg for you to take me back!" 

 Before he could, you leaned over and pecked his cheek, throwing your arms around his shoulders, smiling.

 "You dork, I wouldn’t want anyone else but you.”

Boyfriend! Baekhyun

I hope you like it!! So so so sorry about the long wait!!

When He First Sees You

  • Baekhyun would most likely see you waiting in line at an amusement park  eating some of that “good good” (themed snacks are the best ok ok)
  • Yeah so anyway the sun would be reflecting itself on your skin making you look like you had the best highlight the world has ever witnessed
  • Lemme tell you..Baek liked it. A lot.
  • You know how he smiles when he’s admiring someone and kinda sticks out his tongue a little bit?
  • Just imagine him doing that, but to a point that he forgets where he’s at and people are kinda stepping on the back of his shoe (I HATE THAT OMFG) to get him to move up
  • But he literally can’t because is anyone else seeing this mystical creature of Aphrodite?? Is this Aphrodite??
  • It’d be about 10 minutes into his staring match with the unknowing opponent when Sehun pulls him away like “hyung wyd it’s our turn”
  • Luckily enough, the both of you enter into your separate rides at the same exact time so there would be an almost perfect chance for him to approach you

How He Asks You Out

  • So the ride’s ended and Baekhyun LEAPS out of his seat like “gotta blast!”
  • And the rest of exo is like “???” except for Yixing
  • He was too busy giggling at the fact that Byun said “gotta blast” because it reminded him of a meme
  • And then Jongdae’s like “We’ve known each other for almost 5 years and you’re just now figuring out that child is a meme?? Gotta keep up.”
  • And then Junmyeon jumps in like “yeah, stop laying low…Get it? Because your name is Lay? Get it now?”
  • ANYWAYS, Baekhyun is running like crazy to find you..and he does..with a strategy
  • “Excuse me, I’m one of the survey conductors at this park, and I’d like to know if you’re willing to answer some quick questions?”
  • “I don’t know if I’m mentally able to right now..”
  • “Well, what ride were you just on that made you mentally unstable?”
  • “um..the Goliath..yeah that’s it.”
  • “So on a scale of 1-10, how much did you enjoy it?”
  • “I’m not gonna lie; it was pretty epic so I’d say an 11.”
  • “WOAH OKAY WE GOT A WINNER OVER HERE EVERYONE! Hahaha so would you be interested in viewing the light show that this park projects tonight at 8pm?”
  • “Yeah, I don’t see why not.”
  • “Good good good..so thanks for helping me with this survey, but I bet you noticed that I don’t have a pen or paper?”
  • “AH YOU GOT ME! Honestly, I kinda thought about it, but I thought that maybe you had dictophonic memory (when you remember everything you hear) or something..?”
  • “Nah, I just wanted to start a random conversation so that I could confront you.”
  • You’re just like, “..on?..”
  • Baekhyun, being completely extra, sighs and goes “Listen, I was in that line over there and your beauty was blinding me for about 15 minutes. I have a career to uphold, and I don’t need cataracts.”
  • So you’re playing it off cockily, “And? How am I supposed to fix that?”
  • “Let me take you out tonight. We can go to that light show and have a great time together!! Do I need to go to that fortune teller to ask her about the ever present future we have together?”
  • “Okay. We can, and I’m sure we’ll get “lit” (lol.). No, you don’t have to because I see our future, too.”

Your Relationship

  • As predicted, your ever present future came closer than you thought it would.
  • Baekhyun wasn’t only your boyfriend, but he was your best friend.
  • No one could ever replace him, and he knew that, but there were times that he’d get jealous and kind of go off on the waiter that just complimented you on your food choice.
  • Everyone all we see beagle Baek, but the boyfriend aspect of Baekhyun is never absent when the two of you are together.
  • Whether it was from barely being able to breathe from his cuddles and hugs to his playful, lingering kisses, he was a l w a y s passionate.
  • For the outcome, only expect positivity from him. He was always supportive of your activities and studies, of himself and others, and of your relationship. Even though he would overreact most of the time, he’d never leave your side because the both of you were irreplaceable. 

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so i’ve read a LOT of matsuhana recently in preparation for this, but @youkaihime asked for matsuhana fic recs! 

here is my first list list of good mastuhanas, as this is my second.

(in order of when i read them… mostly)

Wet Your Whistle by darkmagicalgirl

Hanamaki gets a job as a bartender. Matsukawa likes his uniform. (Alternatively: Matsukawa tries to ignore his huge crush on his friend-with-benefits. He fails.)

the whole friends with benefits thing.. you know how this goes *wiggles eyebrows* plus makki’s vulnerability just fuck me up

stranger things by laubear/ @pizzawitch

In 2012, the men’s national volleyball team took home the bronze at the Asian Cup. Tokyo Skytree opened to the public. Also, the dashing Hanamaki Takahiro and painfully cool Matsukawa Issei started a radio show out of Aoba Johsai’s abandoned A/V room and accidentally became the two most popular guys in school.

they got a radio show and its cool as Heck. that mutual pining tho. this fic feeds my soul, and it’s got that feeling of nostalgia hanging over it

yeah, this is Long

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HP!headcanon - BTS V

|| WIZARDINGBIAS - where your fave bands live in hakho’s hogwarts au ||

Character Headcanons
↳ BTS V // Taehyung Marshall // Gryffindor

Originally posted by hellosarang

  • okay this boi will be the death of me and im not even a taehyung stan
  • Why is this boy a Gyffindor?
  • lemme tell ya listen up, buckle up, put on that strap
  • strap on
  • more under the cut hoes

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for the anon who asked for drabble no.72:

“oh damn he is so pretty”

mark almost fell from the bush that he was leaning on and hiding behind when he heard a soft voice coming from next to him.

“oh shit dude sorry are you okay ? did i scare you ? i’m sorry”

mark looked at the owner of the voice and his eyes got widened cause wow okay what the hell was going on ? who was that boy and why was he so freaking beautiful ? he was suppose to stalk his crush not get scared by a beautiful boy he had never seen before.

“i’m-” mark cleared his throat

‘get a frekaing hold of yourself mark lee!’ he thought and said “i’m fine” so confidently even though his voice was shaking slightly.

“oh thank god.” the boy smiled but then pulled mark back of the bush to hide themselves “sorry for pulling you like that but jaemin is coming and he shouldn’t see me right now” he explained but stopped and blushed just a bit when he noticed how close their faces were. very very close to be  exact.

they watched jaemin walking in front of the bush then pulled away from each ohter.

“were you watching jaemin too ?” mark asked and the boy’s smile dropped

“too ? don’t tell me you have a crush on jaemin too”

mark made a “sorry buddy” expression and donghyuck sighed “oh for the love of god how many more people have a crush on jaemin ? other day jeno said he also likes jaemin too. like damn can’t i date with the person i like for once in my fucking life ? god damn it!”

“oh wow wow calm down man you don’t have to be that angry”

“will you let me date jeamin ?”

mark hated himself for getting so soft in his heart when the boy’s eyes shined with hope

“oh hell no i won’t”

the boy frowned again “then shut up”

“is it how you treat your friends ?” mark laughed and the boy rised his eyebrow

“wait are we friends ?”

“well we gotta be cause i need someone to help me stalk jaemin. its hard to do alone”

“we don’t even know our names yet”

“mark lee. nice to meet you”

the  boy laughed “donghyuck. lee donghyuck. nice to meet you too mark lee.”

your last name is lee too ?”

“yeah. we have many things in common i guess mark.” donghyuck said,laughing “okay let’s do it like that. we both will try getting close with jaemin but will play fair and let jaemin choose one of us. so in that way we can stop  others from dating jaemin too. i would rather losing him to you rather than losing him to someone else. you seem like a nice guy.”

mark nodded “okay lets do it like that”

“okay. i gotta go now. gotta update my tumblr blog about jaemin”

“you have a blog about jaemin ?” mark stared at him judgingly

“yeah so what  ?”

mark shrugged his shoulders “cause i have one too.”

“oh my god let’s follow each other. we can tag each other to posts and all”

mark was surprised cause haven’t donghyuck getting too excited too easly ?

“okay. what’s your url ?”


mark laughed  while trying to find the blog on tumblr app “oh my god dude that’s so cheesy”

donghyuck checked his phone “oh really ? mr. “slay-me-pls-na-jaemin” ?”

“hey its better than yours!”

“at least mine have class in it”

“yeah elemantry school first class class!”

donghyuck laughed at how mark tried to be though but ended up beinf cute af

“you are bad at badass comebacks”

“i’m trying my best”

“i can see” donghyuck said and laughed more “i really gotta go now. but i’ll dm you later okay ?”

“okay” mark said and waved back at donghyuck who was already walking to his opposite direction.


“omfg donghyuck!!!”

“what what what ??? what did jaemin do ????”

“he smiled at me today! omg he has an amazing smile!!! i literally melted!!!”

“omfg you took a photo of that shining smile ?”

“dude no omg am i a stalker ?”


“shut up i know i am”

“how i am the gemini one in this friendship when you are the one who has mood swings all the time ??”

“cause u r the extra one”

“im rolling my eyes so hard rn.”

“lets hope they wont stuck behind your eyelids”

“u would be happy that i wont be able to see jaemin anymore”

“i mean not a lie”

“fuck u mork”

“love u too babe lol”

“whatever im going 2 bed. and change your god damn url for fucks sake.”

“my dear friend we had been friends for 2 months now and you still hate my url ?”

“more than i hate tomatoes”

“aww im sorry ill change it rn”

“i can smell your sarcams even from a god damn message”

“good cause i wont chance it lol”

“whatever *rolls eyes harder* goodnight mork lee”

“goodnight babe”



“yeah ? is everything ok hyuck ? you never call me with my name like that”

“we need to talk”

“we are talking rn arent we ?”

“no like talking face to face”

“oh….hyuck what happened ?”

“just meet me at that one always empty classroom after school”



“hyuck is everything oka-”

“why the fuck did you and jaemin hugged yesterday in front of the lockers ?”

“what ?” mark was taken back by the question cause how the hell donghyuck knew that ?

“you fucking heard what i said. why did you hug jaemin ? did you confess him already ?”

‘its now or never mark lee. play your cards well’ mark thought and talked “yeah. so what ?”

“we were gonna confess at the same time. we promised. you played dirty. you broke the fucking promise.”

mark shrugged his shoulders “its not like you were gonna connfess him anytime soon. i was tired of waiting so i confessed him.”

“you are a fucking asshole you should’ve at least let me know before you talked with him”

“whatever i did it already anyway. i can’t take it back now”

“break up with jaemin”

“what ?”

“break up with him. then we will confess him together and he will choose one of us”

“are you kidding me ? i wont break up with him. i waited for him for so long.”

“i waited longer!” donghyuck yelled and the uncomfortable tension between them flamed more

“you lost your chance already hyuck give up.”

“no you give up!”

“i wont!”

now they were just yelling at each other, their voices were echoing in the empty classroom.

“im going home.” mark said but donghyuck caught his arm before he can walk

“let me go donghyuck”

“look mark you’re competitve and so am i, and it’s going to lead to a fight” his voice was low and dark like he was threatining mark.

“oh yeah ? then lets fight.”

donghyuck held his arm tighter

“you wouldn’t want that believe me”

tension. the air was filled with so much tension.

“oh why ? what will you do to me huh ? will you hit me ? do it” mark got closer to donghyuck face while he said the last sentence coldly. he was tired of playing around.

“mark don’t test my patience”

mark got even more closer to his face and now their faces were only a few centimeters away.

“what will you do ?”



donghyuck let go off mark’s arm just to wrap his hands one mark’s shirt collar. he held his collar rougly and pulled him closer into a kiss. mark was shocked but he still melted in the kiss and kissed donghyuck back,wrapping his hands on his back. after kissing for a few minutes the tension was finally calmed down a bit.

donghyuck was the one who broke the kiss but mark talked first,panting deeply while looking at donghyuck’s eyes

“you didn’t break my face”

“i didn’t”

“why ?”

“can’t you tell why ?”

“so you don’t like jaemin anymore ?”

“i like him. as a friend. but i love you.”

“as a friend ?”

“as more than a friend”

mark’s heart skipped a few beats that he couldnt count.

“mark why did you kiss me back ?”

mark smiled sweetly “can’t you tell ?”

“but arent you dating with jaemin ?”

“nope. i talked with him about you. i told him that we met thanks to him but then i fell for you. he laughed so much but said he would like to help.”

“you fell for me ?”

mark’s heart got so soft again. cause donghyuck’s eyes were shining with hope again but this time it was brighter.

“since the first time we met”

“you’re lying”

“i wouldn’t lie to you”

mark was pulled into a hug this time. a very warm and tight hug that melted him immidetely.

“i swear to god if you ever stalk jaemin again”

“i just said i fell for you, you idiot and you’re still saying that ?”

“i gotta be sure”

“don’t worry lee donghyuck you are the one and only owner of my heart now. and he has a boyfriend anyway.”

“good. wait what ? he has a boyfriend ? who ??”


“fucking lee jeno.”

mark laughed “he pretty much stole jaemin’s heart compeletly”

“thank god he did. so that i could stole yours too”

“oh but you stole it right at the beginning tho”

“well you did the same so you can’t blame me. also do you know how hard it was to fanboying over jaemin when all i could think was you ? do you know how much i wanted to delete all of his pics from my phone but couldnt cause you would understand i didnt like him anymore ? do you know-” donghyuck would talk about how  hard it was for him but mark’s lips on his own didn’t let him talk more. and to be honest donghyuck liked it more.


Just a few of the pictures I took yesterday at Miles’ Brooklyn show (and shout out to Nell and Katrina for being awesome!)

Best. Day. EVER!!!! Miles is the sweetest human in the world (LOOK AT HIS SMILE WHEN I HUGGED HIM!!! HE’S SO GENUINELY HAPPY AND PRECIOUS AND ASHKJFKJH!!!!!!!) Also, can confirm, Miles gives the BEST hugs, 1000000%, no contest. He had his arms out to hug me before I even got over to him, and he noticed my shirt and said “I see you went to Target”, and he thought my leg-hair-purple nails were awesome. Tbh I nearly blacked out when it was happening, but I remember honestly telling him “I can’t believe this is happening!!” (nerd alert! lol I’m so awkward omfg). Also, Miles smells like actual heaven (that 99 cent store cologne is no joke!), and is so so genuine. During the show he was just like he is in videos; mid sentence his voice cracked and without missing a beat he just went “Dat voice crack doe!” and continued on. We introduced him to Salt Bae (Miles, I’m calling you out again for NOT KNOWING A MEME HOW??), and we had a drag show on stage. Although I didn’t get to go up, it was just as much fun to watch because Miles made sure to keep everyone involved.

The biggest thing about the show was the energy. I have never been in a space where I didn’t feel judged or hesitant to be myself, whether that be my identity or my personality in general. But right there, I felt 100000% comfortable to just go nuts, cheer when someone mentioned stuff I identified with, and just be 10000% me. Miles immediately made the atmosphere one of charged, accepting fun and sillyness. It was almost like if you could step inside of a video and join in on Miles’ shenanigans.

I will never forget yesterday as long as I live, and I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to go and experience that. And Miles, if you somehow manage to find this, I hope you got my letter :)

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2Ps react to their crush randomly kissing them on the cheek...?


2P Romano: oh hey babe *kisses them on the cheek in return, not too blushy or anything because kisses on the cheek is his typical method of greeting people*

2P Germany: lol wut *grins like an idiot for a minute before kissing them on the corner of the mouth*

2P Japan: please refrain from getting your lips anywhere near my face ever again, please and thank you *as soon as they walk away he starts blushing and flapping his arms around in a major fangirl attack*

2P Prussia: ……….oh……..um………th- th- th- thank you???!!!?!???!? *smol bean turns into an adorable blushing mess and tries to hide his face with his hair*

2P France: *almost smiles. ALMOST.* uh, thanks.


2P Canada: *small smile, turns away* heh…. what was that for?

2P England: Awwww poppet you’re so sweet!!!! *blushes and huggles them*

2P China: *blushes wicked hard* Heh……that was so cute omg *hugs them for like 8 years*

2P Russia: um. how about no. *secretly super duper fucking happy like holy shit*

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Good luck with your blog!!!! Could you write relationship headcanons for kenma and yamaguchi(separate)???????? Thanks in advance and take care!!!

thank you for the luck and for requesting!! i hope you like this!

» kozume kenma «

he absolutely loves it when you run your fingers through his hair. he practically melts and low hums escape his lips as he nuzzles closer to you.

if he ends up with a s/o, who doesn’t really play video games, he wouldn’t mind all too much. he’s with you because he likes your company and wouldn’t leave you just because of such a trivial thing. however, he will appreciate whenever you try to show an interest to the game he’s currently playing.

lazy dates where the two of you just cuddle? that’s a big yes to him. he may not look like it, but he loves cuddling with you. so, with a game console in hand and your warm body pressed against his, he’s quite content with life.

it’ll take a while for him to say ‘i love you’ and even after he does say it for the first time, he hardly says it. however, his actions speak much louder than his words. he’s pretty lazy and he doesn’t really like putting effort into anything. but he always tries harder when it comes to you. he’ll let you hold his hand or checks up on you when he can. once in a while, he’ll surprise you with a small treat. just little caring actions that shows he loves you.

» yamaguchi tadashi «

he’s easily flustered and gets very blushy. a small blush highlights his freckles whenever you show him affection or whenever he tries to give you affection.

 very supportive of his s/o! he’s always there to encourage or comfort you when you need him to. however, he’s also there to scold you whenever you’re not taking care of yourself as much as you should or when he feels like he needs to. though, he does let you do your own thing for the most part.

 he always gets so nervous before dates, always pacing back and forth and constantly changing up his outfit. he wants every date to be perfect, truly believing that you deserve only the best.

 he’ll tend to get insecure with your relationship with him. he knows he’s not as cool as tsukishima nor does his intelligence comes as effortlessly as his tall best friend. he’s not as easy-going and confident as hinata, who may not be brightest in mind but has the brightest smile. heck, even kageyama is a bit more popular than he is; girls and guys like how mysterious he is. however, you’re quick to show that you didn’t care about coolness or intelligence or how confident or mysterious he is. all you care about is how sweet and supportive he is as well as hardworking and caring.

kenma (sorry about the giant piece of writing on yamaguchi. i just love him so much, omfg)

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can you please do a top 10 pictures thing you did with namjoon but with yoongi

Top 10 Min Yoongi Twitter Pictures 2k15

1. Because Yoongi x Kumamon and I will go down with this ship.

2. The kind of picture that makes you want to reach out and softly brush the bangs out of his face and omfg kiss him sorry

3. Min Yoongi and this rude tongue thing he’s been doing and no one is okay.

4. Because the black and white aesthetic game is so strong and ARMY was like never mind nevermind nevermind nevermind

5. Because look at this cinnamon roll that dropped from the heavens and ripped my heart out with just one smile like?

6. The intense look for real I just cannot function with that stare welp

7. NaruYoongi because my childhood and my favourite human just combined and this might be the best thing that has happened to me all year and those EYES jfc

8. This is what I imagine waking up next to Yoongi every morning looks like not giving yall any ideas I’m just sayin’

9. The time Yoongi pulled out that half smile plus that eye makeup game stronger than all my tries combined.

10. Pink hair + freckles + summer vibes + happy Yoongi *deep sigh of content*

Namjoon ver. Hoseok ver.

Just sayin that narrowing all his selcas to these ones had me on my knees.

Today is the best SKAM season ever!!

I am fucking crying. I can’t contain myself. OMFG… He actually did that??? And I shit you not. We will get an update every hour. The first was 12:12, the second was 13:13… And so it goes. Until 21:21… I wouldn’t be surprised if we get more than one clip today (but let’s not get too excited).. I can’t handle this. It’s too much!! And Even saying Isak deserves better, but then Chris is like the best thing ever, and that little smile on his face when he read that. And Isak going ballistic over that homophobic jerk. And Even calming him down.. And that birthday video. I can’t. Julie, you are killing us.

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Out of curiosity what kind of adventures would you & Usopp have together? ... I gotta warn ya, Usopp is like my son & it does me heart right to see him with a woman with a strong personality. Also I like that you two have the BEST hair ever!


Anne presents Usopp to her Pops. 

Anne: Pops! This is Usopp.

Usopp: *whispers* Anne, I’ve got the “I’ll die if I meet your father” disease- I don’t think this is a goo– 

Newgate: GURARARA! Be sure to give me grandchildren soon

Usopp: EHH- *squeaks* Whitebeard whitebeard omfg omfg *gulps*  so dead i’m so dead

Anne: He likes you :)

top right. 

Anne likes to watch Usopp’s gadgets and his work, hearing him get excited while she just smiles and listens, falls asleep most of the times, scaring the boy when he feels her head on his shoulder

bottom right: 

Putting to good use her devil fruit to fuse together pieces of metal for Usopp.

Usopp: I’m still amaze. Fire is so scary but you make it look…beautiful 

Anne: Stop…staring.. *grumbles* You are making me feel uncomfortable

Usopp: AHH Sorry sorry!! I didn’t mean to.



tagging the cute usopp ((this are just hcs. ))

How Did We Become So Soft?

Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Part of the Agents & Alternates AU that ISN’T DEAD! Dark’s flashback to when he discovered Anti’s ticklishness. [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

Series so far: Agent Jack And Warfstache | Agent Jack And Dark | Agent Jack And Anti | Agent Jack And Agent Mark 

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! OMFG THANK YOU @stargazingbear YOU HELPING ME EDIT IS THE BEST THING EVER! THANK YOU!!!!

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vernon as a boyfriend pt.1

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  • this awkward meme is new to relationships so bear with him. 
  • him being nervous about skinship at first, but then being obsessed with it.
  • like for real, always has an arm around your waist, holding your hand, cuddling you etc.
  • lowkey, random AF dates
  • like movies and snacks.
  • or just chilling at the dorm.
  • constantly making fun of that boy because he is SOOOOO easy to make fun of. 
  • the guys always making fun of you two
  • but are secretly obsessed with your relationship, and wanna know ever detail
  • “DAMN *insert group member* BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE *insert color* VANS”
  • making fun of his raps but deep down loving them
  • you only make fun of them to see him pout tho
  • constantly trying to out dance each other while listening to ‘Hotline Bling’ equally terrible drake impressions
  • matching 'hotline bling’ sweaters because #relationshipgoals
  • being lazy one minute, and then chasing each other around the house the next.
  • cute AF selfies
  • sleepy kisses while cuddling in the morning  (HALP IM CRYING BRB)
  • playing video games with you in between his legs
  • stealing his clothes
  • him not noticing until one day he shows up at your door at like 3AM after practice and being like ???
  • and you being like “BOI I WAS ASLEEP”
  • really bad puns
  • like painfully bad
  • watching movies together, and then for like a week none stop puns about said movie
  • once you watched harry potter and he was like “hey y/n what are you doing?” “i was planning on going to bed” “well, mind if i slytherin?” “BOI IF YOU DON’T GET YOUR GREASY SELF…”
  • him trying to be romantic but then fails so bad its almost embarrassing.
  • but its lowkey the cutest thing ever
  • giving him random compliments and MAKING HIM BLUSH (OHHH MYGOD HALP)
  • putting makeup on him because lord help those eyebrows
  • the boys constantly questioning the sanity of you two
  • him making really bad jokes and you bursting out laughing like its the greatest thing ever
  • and the guys looking at each other like ???
  • having a relationship where people question if you two are dating or are best friends

i have so many more for vernon so i may make a part two.

i had to stop so many times and take a breather because FEELS

i also wrote in like 1 hour and im really tired so im sorry for any mistakes.

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