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BTS reaction to their GF loves/appreciates their flaws

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requests are open! Yes! Uh so I’d love to read a BTW reaction in which their s/o appreciates their flaws. Like kissing or praising parts of their body they don’t like (doesn’t have to be their body, can be things like namjoons clumsiness too). Since there are so many vice versas of them doing this, I feel like the boys deserve to get treated like they’re precious too :’)

Hola 😎 thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it  😇 .

Jin :

You decorated Jin’s face with your kisses, leaving behind your pink lip gloss as soon as he begun venting about his dislike of his glasses .

“You look adorable” he looked at you with a slight pout .

“I don’t like them” you threw your arms around his neck .

“Well I love them” .

Suga :

“I want to go change” you glanced at Yoongi, he was wearing shorts and a polo shirt .

“Why?” he frowned .

“My legs look horrible” you rolled your eyes .

“Your legs look fine and you could use a tan” you teased him making him huff .

You pressed your lips onto his cheek and cupped the other with your hand .

“You look great” .

J-hope :

“Do you think I’m handsome?” you stared at him, surprised by his question .

“What are you talking about?” before he could answer you covered his mouth .

“If you ever question your attractiveness again I will personally throw you off of a cliff” he facial reaction showed pure horror .

“Jung Hoseok ,BTS visual, sounds nice doesn’t it?” you removed your hand to see his bright smile .

“You’re crazy but I love you” and your lips met his .

Rap Monster :

You glanced over at a frustrated Namjoon. He broke something…again. He let out a sigh causing you to stroll over to him. You wrapped your arms around his waist .

“Are you hurt?” he shook his head .

“Good. As long as your ok, I’ll help you clean up” you let go of him and took his hand .

“No matter how many things you break I’ll still love you Kim Namjoon” a small smile came onto his lips .

Jimin :


You took Jimin’s hand and begun to play with his fingers .

“Your hands are so cute” he pulled his hand away .

“No they’re not” you chuckled .

“Come on Jimin you have the cutest hands I’ve ever seen. I wish my hands were that cute” you could tell from Jimin’s face that he didn’t really like your words. So you took his head into to your hands and squished his cheek .

“But they’re not as cute as your face” you cooed, making him smile .

V  :

You stared at Taehyung’s face, analyzing his different facial expressions .

“What’s wrong?” he pointed at his phone ,pointed at himself, it was a video of the boys dancing .

“I think I messed up. It doesn’t look as good” .

“I couldn’t even do half of that without passing out from exhaustion” he laughed .You grabbed him playfully, ruffled his hair and kissed his cheeks making him laugh .

 "I love you jagiya" .

Jungkook :

You sat down on a near by table watching Jungkook dance. His movements were fluid, every step he took added to the story he was conveying, his dancing was more than mesmerizing .He stopped suddenly with a sigh, he looked over to you, his breathing rigid.  

“Was it good?” you applauded as loud as you could .

“Bravo!” he laughed a bit uncomfortable .

“I don’t think it was good enough” you stopped clapping and glared at him unamused .

“That was the best dancing I’ve ever seen, J-Hope better look out cause you’re gonna steal his spot” he shook his head. You walked over to him and rested your head on his shoulder after giving him a peck on the cheek .

“You’re something else” .

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BTS reaction: you don’t like cats and dogs, but dangerous animals

Hi there! I think I’ll stick within the pet-range of animals, if that’s alright. And thank youu ^^

Jin: When he was talking to you about wanting a dog sometime in the near future, and you shook your head he would look a bit surprised and ask if you didn’t want any pets.

“Well, not a dog or cat.”

“Alright. We could get a fish?” He would look more surprised when you shook your head again. When you said that you’d rather have a tarantula, his eyes grew really wide.

“You know what, jagi? I think we’ll just not get a pet.”

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Suga: You found your boyfriend on the sofa, looking at his phone. You went and stood behind the sofa and put your arms around his neck to see what he was looking at. You were surprised to see a cat video playing. And you were even more surprised to see Yoongi visibly trying not to smile.

“Tae Tae sent me this video. It’s actually quite cute, isn’t?” he asked, not looking away from his phone. You shrugged and went to sit next to your boyfriend instead.

“I guess, if you like cats.” you replied, and he raised his eyebrows.

“I thought all girls liked cats? But I guess my jagi has to be a bit different. What pet would you like to have, then?”

“A snake would be so nice!”

“…Can’t we just get a lizard…?”

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J-Hope: You were going with Hobi to the pet store to just take a look. You were planning on getting a pet soon, and wanted to have a look at your options. He went straight for the puppies, while you stopped after a few steps to look at the scorpions. Hobi noticed that you weren’t following him and went to look at what had caught your eye. When he saw the black scorpion you were looking at he simply stared at you. When you explained that you didn’t like cats or dogs, he nodded.

“But isn’t there any other animal you want?”

“A snake would be kinda cool, too…”


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Rap Monster: “Hey, Y/N, I’ve been thinking… Wouldn’t it be good if you had a pet as company while I’m gone on promotions and stuff?” Namjoon asked over dinner when you guys were having a night in because of him having had a really busy week.

“It would be nice, yeah.” you replied and he flashed you a quick smile.

“So what would you want?” he continued, and you thought about it for a while before smiling.

“A snake. They’re so beautiful!” He would look a bit doubtful, but then nod.

“…Sure. Well, it’s going to be mostly your pet, so… Just know that I’m not feeding it.”

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Hobi does not appreciate your choice tho

Jimin: You were looking at tarantulas online, just for fun. You found one you thought looked really pretty. You went to look for your boyfriend to show him the spider. You found him in front of a film in the living room.

“Jiminnie, look at this! Isn’t it beautiful?” you exclaimed and showed him the picture. He jerked back, not ready to stare into eight black eyes.

“I was expecting a puppy…” he said, not able to stop staring at the tarantula.

“You know I don’t like them. Can’t we get this one? Pleaseeeeee?” you asked, and tried to do some aegyo, as you knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.

“…Fine. But it’s going to be your responsibility because I’m not going near that thing.”

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V: You and Taehyung were walking down the street when he spotted a puppy. He squealed and went to pet it while you stayed back, waiting for you boyfriend to come back. When he did, he had his box smile plastered on his face.

“That puppy was sooo cute! Jagiiiii, can’t we get one? Please?” he asked, but you shook your head.

“You already know how I feel about dogs. I would prefer a scorpion.” you said, and flashed him a slight smile, as an apology. Then you continued walking, and he stayed at the same spot for a few seconds, staring after you.

“But… Puppies…”

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Jungkook: When you mentioned that you would like to have a pet, he looked almost horrified. 

“But, Y/N… That’s too much responsibility… If we get a dog, who would have the time to walk it. You know we can’t bring it to work. And if we get a cat, how do we make sure that it doesn’t run away? and…” you cut him off.

“Chill, Kookie. I was thinking a snake or something.” you said, and you almost expected him to protest even more. Instead, he smiled.

“Oh, thank God. I think we could handle a snake. Yeah, we can get a snake. But only if I can scare Hobi hyung with it.” Evil Kookie is evil

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