his smile is so pretty!

Oh my Goodness!!! My heart can’t take this!! This photo is beyond precious! I have been having such a rough week and I seen this and fall in love with it.

Honestly how precious is the little girl! I can’t she so cute!

Then we have val and Sharna looking absolutely handsome and beautiful in background! Sharna’s expression is just to cute for words. And Val is just as so adorable with his smile!

My heart is just so happy!❤

Someone give them kids please… pretty please.
I mean I think they would make they best parents!

[I have no clue who owns this photo but you can have all the credit because I didn’t take nor do I own it.]

yurio was so important in the latest ep and im still not over this child


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He was looking directly at you. His blue eyes taking you all in. There was something so fascinating about his gaze that sent shiver down your spine.
He knew he had your attention and gave you a wide grin. It screamed evil.
Your heart raising the moment you noticed him standing up from his table and hopping in your direction. He sat on a bench across from you still having Cheshire Cat’s wicked smile on his handsome face.
“Hi Gorgeous, I’m Jerome. So what a pretty lil thing like you is doing in a terrible place like this?”

“How can I help you?” He asked politely, reaching for a cup and a pen. The boy looked up to the menu and then to Josh, his smile faltering just for a second. Josh wondered if maybe the smile wasn’t so sincere. His question was answered pretty quickly.

“Would you be uncomfortable if I started crying?”

- Beautiful Skies and Crying Eyes [x] by Pollarize 

Thank you for waiting! The Joshler fanart is now complete! Hope you guys like, and I hope I did the scene justice :D 

EDIT: Check out the author on tumblr @skelebreaux x)


thank you for voicing all these amazing characters 
thank you for sharing your wonderful voice with us
thank you for having such an amazing and cute (and do S) personality
thank you for giving us your best smile all the time 
thank you for being born

お誕生日おめでとうごいざます Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→