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Don’t Say Anything (End)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just fucking fluff my dude. We need fluff after this emotional rollercoaster DSA put us through. Also warning if you don’t support having a kid before getting married I guess? Fun fact: My parents aren’t married at all but they’ve been together for 18 years (crazy, I’m 17) and my momma had me when she was 19. Idk why I’m telling you this alright goodbye

A/N: Why do I always put an authors note even when it isn’t necessary? It’s a mystery to me. Anywaysssss It’s over! Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout this series, I hope you absolutely loved it! Heartbreaking fics is what I do best I guess. Alrighty well finish reading this shit and tell me what ya this overall :)

9 years later

Bucky wakes up to the sound of giggling and the smell of bacon being cooked. He let out a grunt and stretched, looking over and checking the time on his clock. 9:15 AM. With a huff (because quite honestly, he didn’t want to get out of bed) he stood up and immediately saw the papers sticking to his metal arm by the help of some magnets. He smiled, taking them off and looking them over. There were 2.

One of the papers had ‘I love you daddy’ written on it with hearts while the other had a stick figure drawing of 5 people all smiling. This made Bucky smile even more, knowing exactly who pinned the papers to his arm. He pulled the magnets off and walked downstairs, heading straight to the kitchen where he saw you and his three kids.

Your first child was named Rosalyn. Rosalyn Winnifred Barnes. She wasn’t necessarily a mistake - god no - but she was unplanned. You and Bucky had only been dating for 3 years when you got pregnant with Rosalyn. It was a surprise for both of you. Her middle name, obviously named after Bucky’s mother. You remember his reaction when you suggested it.

After many long hours in labor, you had finally given birth to a beautiful baby girl. You were sat up on the bed, pen in hand as you filled out the form the nurse had passed on to you. You and Bucky had agreed on the name Rosalyn but when you came across ‘middle name’ you turned to the super soldier who was in the middle of doing skin-to-skin with your little bundle of joy.

“Buck.” you say softly. His blue eyes find yours and he smiles. “We never discussed a middle name.”

He pouted, looking down at his daughter who was sleeping soundly in his arms. “Hmm.. Delilah? What do you like?”

Your eyes go down to your daughter and you smile before locking eyes with Bucky. “How about Winnifred?”

The ex assassin’s eyes soften and gloss over with tears at the mention of his mothers name. “Really?”

“Yes, really. It’s a beautiful name.” you nod.

Bucky sniffled, quickly wiping away a stray tear. “It is.” his eyes travel down to the baby. “Rosalyn Winnifred Barnes. I love it.”

Your second child was named Olive Natalia Barnes. You had her a year into yours and Bucky’s marriage. She was a stubborn little thing; didn’t want to come out so the doctor had to induce your labor. Olive was a little sassy thing (I mean for Pete’s sake she rolled her eyes at Bucky!). She reminded you of Natasha, hence her middle name. Upon hearing the news about Olive’s middle name, the red head cried. A lot.

The doctor finally let you have visitors but only two at a time and the first two people through that door were Steve and Natasha. They made their way to the foot of the hospital bed and smiled at you.

“Hey Y/N,” Steve was the first to speak. “How’re you feeling?”

You give him a smile. “Sore, but I’ll manage.”

The blonde chuckles before moving over to his best friend leaving Natasha who had migrated beside you.

“You look like shit.” the red head comments and you laugh.

“Thanks Nat, just what I needed.”

“Hey, what kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t tell the truth?” you laugh again. “When can you go home?”

“They want me to stay one more day.” you respond and Natasha nods.

“Seems reasonable.” her eyes drift over to Olive who was wide awake. “And who’s this little one?” she cooed.

You smile. “This is Olive.” you carefully hand her over to Natasha.

“What, no middle or last name mom and dad?” she joked, keeping her eyes on the baby.

You look over at Bucky who smirked and that’s just what you needed before you turned back to Natasha. “Natalia. Olive Natalia Barnes.”

Her eyes snap up to meet yours, flickering between you and Bucky. “Oh my god.”

Her eyes fill with tears as she starred down at your baby girl.

“Do you like it?” Bucky questioned when all you could hear was her crying.

“Buck and I think it suits her. She rolled her eyes at him earlier. Reminded me of you.” you add with a smile, watching the two bond.

Natasha lets out a laugh and wipes away her tears. “I love it.” she says. Olive wraps her tiny hand around Nat’s finger. “I love it so much.”

Your last and final child was named Steven Christopher Barnes. You had him four years into your marriage. Bucky chose his name; naming him after his best friend. In all the years you’ve known Steve, you’ve never seen him cry. That was until the day Bucky told him what his nephews name was.

The doctor allowed visitors two at a time, just like last time with Olive. Again, Natasha and Steve were the first two to come in. Bucky was holding your son, rocking him back and forth in his arms.

“Alright, kid number three, let’s get this show on the road.” Nat joked as she sat in the extra chair beside you.

You lean your head back and smile.

“How was it? The birth, I mean.” Steve asked as he stood next to Bucky.

“God, by far the easiest.” you respond causing both Natasha and Steve to laugh. “He just slipped right out like a waterslide.” you imitated a waterslide with your hands and mouth and Bucky chuckled.

“Wow really?” the red head questioned.

“Mhm. They told me to push, I did and he was out like that.” you snap.

“Wow..” she murmured. “Oh hey are you fine… down there?”

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“Well with Rose you… ripped… down there and then Olive did the same thing. Did it happen this time?” she questioned.

“Nat, do you see how big my son is?” you gesture over to Bucky. Steven has been your smallest child - in a healthy way of course, he was perfectly healthy.

“Ah, okay, I’m taking that as a no.” she nods.

The two men chuckle and you advert your eyes over to them.

“What’s the little guy’s name?” Steve questioned, peering down at your son.

“Do you want to hold him?” Bucky asked as he stood up.

“Yeah, of course.” the blonde nods. Bucky passes Steven to his friend who cradles the little bundle safely.

Bucky smiles at the sight. “His name’s Steven. Steven Christopher Barnes.”

When the super soldier looked up, his eyes were threatened with tears. “You named him after me?”

“Yeah. You’re the most caring, inspiring, brave, kind-hearted person I know and I only hope my son will turn out like you. You’re a good man, Steve. I’m proud to call you my best friend.” Bucky tells him.

Steve lets out a small sob as he gently hands Steven over to you before engulfing his best friend in a tight hug. “Thank you, Buck.” he cried into the brunettes shoulder. “I love it.”

“What are you lovely ladies doing?” he asked playfully. Steven makes a noise from his highchair. “Oh, and gentleman.”

“We’re helping mommy with breakfast!” your six year old, Rosalyn replied with a smile.

“Daddy, daddy! Did you see my drawing?” your four year old, Olive asked, jumping off the chair she was sitting in and running over to Bucky.

He squats down to her level. “I did and I loved it, doodles.”

Olive smiled and wrapped her arms around her father. Bucky calls her doodles because she loves to draw. He picks her up in his arms before striding over to the fridge. Using the two magnets, he pins the papers to the fridge before making his way over to you.

“Morning baby.” he spoke.

“Morning.” you look at him and smile only for Bucky to capture your lips in a kiss. Rosalyn and Olive let out strings of ‘ew’ and Bucky pulls away, chuckling.

“What are you saying ‘ew’ to?” he questioned, holding Olive tightly as he rounded the counter to Rosalyn.

“You and mommy kissed.” Rosalyn scrunched up her nose.

“What’s wrong with kissing?” he was now standing in front of her.

“It’s nasty!” Olive cuts in and Rosalyn nods in agreement.

Bucky smirked. “Oh really? So how would you feel if I.. kissed you!” he grabs Rosalyn and began peppering kisses on both her and Olive. They laughed, trying to get away from him but of course failed. He didn’t let them go until one year old Steven shouted ‘daddy’.

Moving away from the girls, he walked over to Steven who sat in his highchair, eating. “What? Why’re you yelling at me?”

The toddler giggles and raises his arms in the air, making grabbing motions.

“You want up?” Bucky asked and Steven nods. “Well too bad. Eat your food.”

Bucky turns away but looks over his shoulder only to see Steven’s lip quivering, getting ready to cry. He immediately turns back to his son and kneels down. “Oh no baby I was just kidding, come here.”

He lifts Steven out of his highchair and cradles him to his chest as he swayed back and forth.

You put the last piece of bacon on a plate before taking it over to the table, passing Bucky and Steven. After setting the plate down, you turn to your husband and son. “Oh my baby, what happened amorcito?” you coo and Steven lifts his head off of Bucky’s shoulder to look at you. He’s pouting, lip quivering even though he was perfectly fine when Bucky picked him up. “Is daddy being mean?”

The one year old nods and you softly run your fingers through his hair with a pout. Bucky rubs Steven’s back and kisses his cheek. “I’m sorry, bug.”

After a minute or two, Bucky puts Steven back in his highchair before sitting down as well, ready to eat.

You and your family make it to Tony’s new and improved Stark Tower (Tony’s request). Upon entering the living room, you see that everyone was already there.

“Hey.” you greet first, Steven in your arms while Bucky held Rosalyn and Olive’s hands.

They all turn their heads towards you and smile. “Hey guys.”

“Auntie Nat!” Olive shouted, pulling her hand from Bucky’s and running over to Natasha.

“Hey doodles, what’s crackin’?” the red head placed Olive on her lap.

“The bones of my enemies.” the four year old responds and you shake your head.

“Ah, I’ve taught you well.” Natasha high fives her.

Rosalyn slips away from Bucky’s grasp and makes her way over to Wanda and Vision.

“Hi aunt Wanda.” Rosalyn smiled.

“Hey Rose.” Wanda grinned, making room for the six year old to sit.

“Hi Vis.” Rosalyn waved.

Vision nods his head. “Hello, Rosalyn.”

Rose gets comfy. “Can you tell me about outer space?”

“Why yes,” he smiled. “What would you like to know?”

You tear your gaze away from the two when Steve comes towards you, arms outstretched. “Gimme.”

You smile, handing him Steven who hugs Steve tightly. “Hey buddy.” he chuckled. You watch him walk back to Sam and Clint and you scoff.

“The asshole didn’t even say hi to me. No ‘how’re you doing’ or ‘hi Y/N - Nothing!” you say.

Bucky chuckled. “He’s attached at the hip with Steven. Those two are hard to separate.”

You playfully roll your eyes. “Tell me about it.”

At that moment, Bruce walks up to the two of you, a water bottle in hand. “Hey guys.”

“Bruce! You’re back!” Bucky exclaimed, hugging the doctor.

“Yeah, I’m back.” he laughed as they pulled away.

“For good?” you question.

Bruce smiles, knowing why you’re asking. “Yeah, for good.” he then turns to look at Natasha who was busy with Olive. “It’s about time I stop running away from the good things in my life.”

You grin and Bruce turns back to you. “Anyways I should get going, I’m surprised Tony hasn’t called me-”

“Bruce!” Tony’s voice cut off the doctor.

Bruce chuckled. “I spoke too soon. See you guys later.” and with that, he disappeared into the backyard.

Bucky set the diaper bag down near the wall just as Thor walked up to you. “James, Y/N!”

“Thor!” you shout, wrapping your arms around him. He gives you a bone crushing hug. Literally. He cracked your back.

“How is everything? The kids?” he asked.

“Everything’s good, the kids are good.” you nod over to where they are.

“And the baby..” he trails off.

“Steven.” you nod.

“Ah, you named him Steven.”

You let out a laugh. “Thor, I was not going to name him what you suggested.”

Bucky wraps his arm around your waist, a thing he usually does for no reason.

Thor touches his chest dramatically. “What’s wrong with Asgardian Warrior Barnes?”

“Everything!” you chuckle.

“It would have been perfect for him. He could have been a warrior for Asgard.” he responds.

“Uncle Thor!” the voice of Olive rips through the air.

“Yes, my green Olive-” Thor turns around with a smile but it is immediately wiped away when he sees Olive holding his hammer with no struggle at all. Suddenly everyone’s eyes are on her.

“Uncle Tony tripped over your hammer so I brought it to you.” she smiled, lifting it up. Thor takes it.

“Right.. Uh…” he clears his throat, looking around the room at everyone who was watching. “Thank you Olive.”

She nods and walks back to Natasha while everyone pondered what just happened. Four year old Olive just picked up Thor’s hammer. Holy fuck.

“Right…” Thor says again. “I’m just gonna… go see if Tony needs help.”

And he was gone. Sam was the first to break the silence, laughing his ass off. “Hey Bucky, your kid is worthy.”

“Can it, Sam.” Bucky chuckled and just like that, everything was back to normal. You look around the room, frowning when you don’t see Pietro even though you knew he was away on a solo mission. You missed your best friend.

“Whatcha thinkin’ about, baby doll?” Bucky questioned.

“Pietro.” you sighed. “I miss him.”

“I know baby,” he sighed, kissing your forehead. “He’ll be back next week.”

“I know.” you lean into him, wrapping your arms around his waist. You let out a deep sigh, watching your kids smile and laugh with your friends. It was a wonderful sight.

“Hey Y/N.” Bucky murmured softly and you pull away slightly, enough to look at him.


The brunette smiled. “Thank you,” he says. “For giving me a chance all those years ago. For marrying me. For giving me three beautiful children. Thank you.”

It’s your turn to smile. “I love you, Bucky.”

“I love you too, Y/N.” he responds and your lips meet in a kiss. “And maybe we can get Nat or Steve to watch the kids tonight so we can…” he trails off while his thumbs rubs circles on your side.

“How long has it been since we’ve had sex?” you question.

“Six months.”

You groan before looking around. Olive was with Natasha, Rosalyn was listening to Vision talk about outer space and Steve was sitting on the floor with Steven and Sam, Legos sprawled out before them. You look back at Bucky.

“Who says we have to wait till tonight?” you smirk.

“Are you suggesting we-”

“Yup.” you nod. “My old room is upstairs and I know for a fact that it’s empty.”

“Naughty, naughty.” the soldier smirked before glancing around to make sure no one was watching. “Let’s go.” and with a squeeze to your hip, the two of you enter the elevator.

Some things never change.

A/N: I don’t know if you guys read my end-of-the-chapter authors notes but if you do holy fUck this was 2617 words and it’s 5:39 AM and I’ve watched Wreck-It Ralph a total of 5 times while writing this. Anyways it’s the end! Tell me what ya think!


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Absolutely! I’ve never written these two together before, but I really enjoyed imagining them meeting, and it did become shippy  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks for the prompt!

The first thing Oikawa notices are his lips, the upward slant of them, crooked and teasing. He doesn’t like it. It feels off balance. It suggests that there are things this dark-haired boy knows that Oikawa does not. He hates that feeling.

“Who is that, Iwa-chan?” he asks, tipping his chin just slightly in the direction of the lanky boy who has caught his attention.

“Kuroo-san?” Iwaizumi says, as if that name should mean anything to Oikawa. “He’s their captain. Middle blocker. You didn’t watch their tapes?”

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Only Mine

Description:  When you realized your boyfriend was cheating you didn’t expect the waiter you chose for retaliation to become so important to you.  Now that you are engaged it is time for you to finally declare who is the one you belong with.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 9083

Warning: Dom!Hoseok, spanking, breath play, cheating, punishment

A/N: This has taken forever and I am sorry about that BUT MYSTIC MESSENGER DESTROYED MY LIFE.  Hopefully possessive Hoseok makes up for it.  

Oh, also I need to give a special thanks to @avveh (I feel like I tag you in all of these now) because without her withholding vines, pictures, and gifs from me until I met my word count for the day this would not have been completed anytime soon.

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can we talk about how tall shawn is?

like he’s the guy who kills the spider in the very corner of the room because he’s the only one who’s able to reach it, and he’d totally act all macho and pretend to be annoyed that you’re asking him (for like the 20th time) to kill a stupid bug, but secretly he’s glad that you need him for something. 

and at the grocery store, he likes to watch you with a smug little grin as you stand on the very bottom shelf to try and reach the peanut butter on the very top and really, it’s the grocery store’s fault for not catering for short people if you fall. but when you start to teeter or get a little unsteady on your feet, that’s when shawn would step in and put a strong hand on your waist as he easily reaches up and gets the peanut butter. he’s not smug anymore, not really, because you almost fell and you already fell down the stairs that morning and he’s not completely 100% sure you don’t have a concussion from that so now he’s kind of worried about you. maybe he gently scolds you with something like “please be more careful.” 

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Cruisin’ Together

REQUEST: ive been a huge fan of your fanfics for ages! YOURE SUCH A TALENTED WRITER! can you do a oneshot for me possibly? the boys are on a 10 day cruise or something and one of them (idc which) has a drunken one night stand with y/n after they meet on the ship? possibly turns into something more through the duration of the cruise? Thank you! <3

A/N: Thank you so much for your kind words!! I hope you like this, I wasn’t sure how to condense it into a oneshot whilst covering that much time but I did my best!!

The first time you meet him is a bit of a mess. It’s the first night of your 10 day cruise and you’re celebrating with far too many shots. You bump into each other and don’t really ever separate again for the rest of the night. You’re drawn together like magnets. It’s as if his dimpley-eye-crinkle smile is a fishing line and you’re so hooked in it’s ridiculous, and before you know if you’re tangled up in the sheets in his room.

Needless to say, when you wake up the next morning you feel by like an idiot. You don’t even remember the name of the giant next to you in bed, and you’re way too socially awkward to face him now that you’re naked and sober. Far too sober.

So you sneak out. And you pray you won’t run into him again.

Hah. That would be way too easy. You know how cruises assign you a table with random other guests and those are the people you have to eat dinner with every night? Yeah, you’re at the same table together.

“Hi!” his black-haired friend says as the two of them sit down at your table. “I’m Phil, and this is Dan.”

Dan. So that’s his name. “Hi,” you say, smiling a little awkwardly as the two of you lock eyes. “I’m y/n. Nice to meet you Dan and Phil.” You and Dan share a shy smirk that seems to go unnoticed by Phil, who begins cheerily discussing the four course meal and how enjoyable the cruise is.

You don’t hear much of what he says, and you don’t really think Dan does either. Every once in awhile the two of you will nod in agreeance or mutter a ‘yes it is beautiful’ or a ‘that seems so fun!’ but you are both distracted by each other’s eyes. You’re startled a bit by how good-looking he is, and normally it would make you nervous but he and Phil both have a way about them that makes you feel at ease. After dinner Phil says he’s feeling a bit travel sick from the rocking of the boat, and heads back to his room, leaving you and Dan alone. “So,” Dan starts, clearing his throat. “You snuck out this morning.” A devilish smirk plays on his lips and you hide your face in embarrassment, giggling.

“I hoped you weren’t going to bring that up,” you laugh. “I’m sorry. I panicked. I’ve never, you know, been with someone I just met. I wasn’t sure what the proper protocol is.”

He laughed, a booming, cheery laugh, and leans towards you over the table. “Protocol! It wasn’t a business meeting. But it’s okay. I was determined to find you again at some point on this cruise.”

You mimic his movements, minimizing the gap between the two of you across the table. “Were you now?”

Grinning in response, he edges just the tiniest bit closer. “I’ve heard the hot tub on the east wing is almost always empty this time of night. Do you care to join me for a soak, y/n?”

“Are you asking me on a date, Dan?”

His grin broadens. “Perhaps I am. Are you saying yes?”

You nod. “I’ll get my swimsuit from my room and meet you there in half an hour?”

“Half an hour it is,” he says, standing up from the table and offering you a hand.


The rest of the cruise goes on a bit like this. You and Dan are basically inseparable, and you would feel bad for Phil but he seems to have found his own romance which clears your conscious, as well as Dan’s. The four of you have dinner, and before long you and Dan are sitting side by side while Phil and Clara, his date, sat across from you. After dinner you’d go your separate ways again. Dan began spending the odd night in your room here and there after a bit, and by the time the cruise was coming to a close, most of his things had moved there.

“So the cruise is ending tomorrow…” Dan says one morning from your bed as you were digging through your luggage looking for a t-shirt.

You wince,. You’d been mindful of the fact that your time was coming to a close, but you weren’t ready to have the conversation yet. “Yes,” you say in response.

“I can’t believe I haven’t asked this before now, but where do you live?” he asks.

It seems so silly that you can’t help but laugh. Here the two of you were, spending nearly every waking moment together, and sleeping together every night, and you don’t even know where the other lives. “I live in London. You?”
“Thank god. Me too. Can I get your phone number? Can I take you out there, in the real world?”

You turn to him and grin, crawling back onto the bed and into his arms. “I’d love that.”

I learned that early Romanticists such as those in the early nineteenth century and therefore contemporary to Les Amis often worked with scientists. The lines between art and science were not clearly drawn; science had been an amateur field. Luke Howard, the man who developed cloud names such as cirrus, cumulus, stratus, worked with writers and worked with artists to paint his drawings. He worked with Edward Kinneon to add landscapes to his drawings of clouds. Fields of study during the Romantic period appear to be fluid. So I invite you to consider canon-era:

  • Grantaire working with Combeferre to learn about the human body. Grantaire helps Combeferre by illustrating his notes. 
  • Jehan nodding his head and smiling at the theory of magnetism, which Joly explains on a sunny afternoon when Jehan can scarce believe that the world exists in all of its wonder (and horror). It fascinates Jehan that there is a possibility that they, little creatures as they are, can be so connected to the sublime as to be part of the “great electric current of the globe.”
  • Feuilly discussing Poland with Enjolras, who is delighted by Feuilly’s passion. Together they devise a plan for sending aid to Poland after their own revolution in France. (Besides helping the Poles, this also helps Feuilly fall asleep, so impassioned he had been.)
  • Courfeyrac being well-versed in all of his friends’ subjects, passions, and hobbies because he loves them and wants to be able to connect with them all. He often refers them to one another for help in advancing in their respective subjects. 

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5. What in the actual fuck are you doing?

This was a wondrous opportunity. Never in your life had you thought that you would catch him while he was asleep. He was normally always so aware and serious. To find him passed out on the couch was a surprise. The mission must have been a tough one if he had passed out on the couch in the living room. Usually, when he came back from missions, he would go straight to his room and you’d hardly see him again for the rest of the day.  

Now you weren’t an idiot. You had lightly poked him and called his name softly just to make sure he was actually asleep and not just sitting there with his eyes closed. Steve had made the mistake of thinking he was asleep before and paid the consequence. Bucky apologized profusely afterwards, even though Steve was fine. He never tried to startle Bucky again after that day however.

At this moment, you were about to attempt the unthinkable. The bag of magnets felt heavy in your hands as you crept over to him. You were a pro at being stealthy, but now you felt a bit out of your element. This was the ultimate stealth master that you were sneaking up on. He was prone to do anything. You felt like a complete amature around him. Sometimes you could sneak up on him, but other times he’d catch you just as you were about to ‘surprise’ him. Hopefully this was the time that you actually succeeded.  

Once you were right in front of him, you paused and triple checked to see if he was still sleeping. His breathing was even, there was no movement behind his eyes, and his heart was at a steady beat. From what you could tell, he was as asleep as he could get, granted you’d never been around him while he was sleeping. You’d studied the sleeping patterns of all the others except him…that sounded a bit weird, but it was just a precaution. They probably wouldn’t think like you if they ever found out. It was best if you just kept that little tidbit of information to yourself.

You crouched down so that you were level with his metal arm; all the while staring at his face so to make sure he didn’t wake up. You didn’t know what you’d say to him if he woke up at this moment, but it’d be an interesting to see what you could come up with. You weren’t all that good with coming up with things on the spot.  

Since you were completely sure he was asleep, you opened the bag slowly as to not make too much noise. As soon as you had it open, you took out a brightly colored flower magnet and slowly moved it closer to his metal arm. You didn’t even know if it would stick, but you knew it should. As you thought, the magnet stuck to his arm perfectly. A smile came to your face as you grabbed the next magnet.  

After another couple of minutes, you’d nearly covered his whole arm in the magnets that you had bought specifically for this purpose. There was a magnet for nearly anything you could think of, including ones of the other Avengers. As you put a Captain America shield right in the center of the star on his arm, you couldn’t help but let out a small giggle. It was low and you doubt he’d heard it.

You thought wrong. “What in the actual fuck are you doing?” You squeaked loudly and jumped away from him. Your heart was beating loudly in your ears as you looked at him with wide eyes. He’d woken up and was staring directly at you. Thankfully, he hadn’t noticed the magnets yet.  

“Uh…um…well…ya see…bye!” You got up and sped out of the room without looking back at him. Hopefully he wouldn’t be too mad at you when he figured it-

“(f/n)!! What the fuck did you do to my arm?!” Oh shit. That sounded a lot like one angry assassin. You weren’t going to stick around to see what he’d do.  

Little did you know, Bucky was more amused than angry. He was surprised that you had gotten that many without him noticing. At least one person other than Steve wasn’t afraid to get to close to him. He was especially proud of himself that he hadn’t attacked when he woke up and saw that you were there. He chuckled while looking at his arm. He’d have to keep a close watch on you from now on. You were a sneaky one.



For @toewsaf, who prompted friends-to-lovers & miscommunication.

“Fine,” Kaner says, grinding his teeth as he watches Jonny shoulder up with Laddy on screen. They’re laughing about something, something that Kaner isn’t in on, and Jonny gives some soundbite to the press about how he’s glad to have Ladd back, how it wasn’t the same without him, how he’s a great player.

Jonny never says stuff like that about him to the press. It’s always a smirk and a chirp, never anything close to sincere. Patrick used to think that maybe Jonny just wasn’t capable of it, but the newest Blackhawks TV spot proves that he just won’t do it for Kaner.

For almost a decade, Kaner has been waiting for Jonny to come out of his shell around him. To be more openly affectionate; to grin at him the way he did at Sharpy or does at Panarin and Shaw. Even when the cameras aren’t on them, Jonny wriggles out of the arm Kaner throws around his shoulder or away from the arm rest they share on the airplane.

Kaner’s tired of it, truly. He wants to be able to tell the media things like, Jonny’s the best person he’s ever been on a team with. Or that losing him would basically mean the end of hockey for Patrick, and signing those eight-year contracts together was like breathing fresh air for the first time in years. He wants to be able to tell them Jonny’s pride in him is the reason he gets out to morning skate, or how he’s kept it clean the past couple of years.

He could say all those things, technically, but not without getting that narrowed, scrutinizing look from Jonny afterwards.

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anonymous asked:

AU where people are born colourblind, and once they meet their soulmate, their world suddenly turns colourful. Headcanons where Todoroki, Bakugou and Eijirou are in a crowded place and all of a sudden, they're able to see colour? Thanks for this amazing blog!

Thank you for this AU and your kind words! I hope I could do your request justice =)


- The second his vision turns colorful, he stops in his tracks, not taking his eyes from the person he looks at. Their eyes widen in realization and he knows they experience the same thing he just did.

- Todoroki takes in every detail of their features, the shade of their hair and the color of their eyes, the soft look of their clothes and the way their face lights up when they slowly start to smile.

- He walks towards them before he realizes it and while he’s not forgetting the world around him, everything suddenly bright and attention catching and breathtaking, it has to wait and it’s not as important as to get their name.

- First though, he asks if their vision suddenly turned colorful as well and when they confirm his thoughts and he’s sure they’re really his soulmate, he introduces himself, asking if they have time to talk to him.


- He jolts once the world changes, almost overwhelming him with a flood of colors, the world turning bright and mesmerizing in a way he never knew it could be. Then he quickly looks around, trying to spot the person who is supposed to be his soulmate.

- Once he notices a person doing the same thing as him, he quickly catches their sleeve to stop them in their tracks, asking if their world suddenly became colorful as well. When they nod, he breathes out a small curse, though it’s more in quiet surprise than anything else.

- Bakugou introduces himself, taking in their features and committing them to memory. He realizes he still holds on to their sleeve, and for a moment he just stares at the color of his skin and the shade of their shirt, before his soulmate says their name, bringing his attention back to them.

- They stand in the middle of the crowd for a long moment, until someone grumbles at them to get out of the way, his soulmate jolting into motion. They give him a hopeful smile, asking if he had some time, so they could exchange numbers and maybe get to know each other. He agrees, putting his plans to buy new shoes to the back of his mind.


- The colors bursting to life take his breath away. He stands and stares for a long second, feeling like he entered a completely new world and he feels a grin forming on his face, until he remembers what seeing color means and he quickly looks around.

- The moment he sees them, standing just as awestruck as him, their gaze finding his at the same time, he knows it’s them. He feels it and they both move towards each other as if drawn by a magnet.

- Kirishima smiles and introduces himself, his soulmate doing the same. They ask if he’s suddenly seeing color and he nods, unable to stop smiling.

- They decide to go to the next café to exchange numbers and sit down to talk. Kirishima can’t wait to get to know them, their name circling in his head, while both he and his soulmate alternate between looking at each other and the surrounding world, taking in all the colors and the ways their world is so new and still the same old one.

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❥ Alex Summers 😘

send me a ❥ and a character and i’ll shuffle my music and use some lyrics as a drabble prompt

@kurtwxgners enjoy my love ;)

Into You-Ariana Grande

Got everyone watchin’ us, so, baby, let’s keep it secret

A little bit scandalous, but, baby, don’t let them see it

A little less conversation and a little more “touch my body”

You don’t usually hook up with people you meet in bars. But there was something about the intensity of his gaze on you and the wicked edge to his lopsided smile that was utterly magnetizing. It doesn’t take long for him to approach you and introduce himself, and even less time after that for his arm to be around your shoulders, keeping you close to his side, his lips brushing sporadically over your neck and making you shiver against him. All it takes is another drink or two before you grab his wrist, pulling him out to the dance floor with a coy smile. The beat of the music pulses through you as you reach an arm up to loop it around his neck, pressing your back against his chest as his arms go around your waist. The way your bodies are moving together is borderline inappropriate for a public setting, but no one around you seems to care as one of Alex’s hands comes up to tilt your head around so he can kiss you, long and hard and needy. He nips insistently at your lower lip making you gasp, and his arms are tight around you. He tastes like vodka and temptation and suddenly you don’t want to be at the bar anymore, you want to be somewhere much more private. You pull away a little, pupils blown wide, your breathing a little unsteady, and he flashes you that same crooked smile that makes your knees a little weak.

“Wanna get out of here?” he whispers, his breath ghosting over your skin, and it should feel like a cliché, but all it does is make you move faster as you tug him towards the nearest exit and all but shove him into a cab, directing the driver to your apartment. As the door closes and the cab pulls away from the curb, one of Alex’s arms goes around your shoulders, tugging you in close to him as he dips his head to press hot, open mouthed kisses down the column of your throat, it’s all you can do to be thankful that you don’t live very far away as his other hand drifts steadily higher on your thigh. 

Love yourself, Accept yourself

(A/N): So, I found this video on twitter and I decided to write fanfiction on it. Also, I totes would stick magnets on Bucky’s arm, just sayin’

Warnings: A little angsty bucky but none other than that

Originally posted by jamiebarnes

   There he was, brooding once again. His eyes were cold and he was curled up on the cushion furthest away from anyone. All you wanted was to help him feel better and you had been doing a damn good job of it too. Sometimes he just had bad days, just like everyone else. He had been mostly silent the entire night, just sitting there his gaze locked on the ground. 

   “Hey Buck,” You whisper as you place your hand on his thigh gingerly. Bucky doesn’t react, he just sits there, his eyes glued to the floor, his legs pulled up to his chest. Your small smile falls from your lips instead pressing into a thin line. “Do you wanna get out of here?” You ask quietly. “Away from everyone else?” Unfortunately for the two of you Tony had congregated all the Avengers together for movie night, a recurring event that you and Bucky despised. 

   “I killed people you know,” Bucky suddenly whispers, his voice quiet enough that only you could hear it. “I’m a bad person (Y/N), I-” He suddenly stops, tears prickling his eyes. Your heart clenched, seeing the person you cared for so dearly hurting. 

   “Hey,” You coo, scooting closer to the super soldier. “It’s okay Buck, It wasn’t your fault.” He sniffles quietly, nodding his head lightly. 

   “But I did it.” He whispers. His eyes blurr with tears and you can tell he feels ashamed and uncomfortable. Nothing you’d been doing had been soothing him, so now was the time to take a different approach. 

   “I’ll be right back,” You whisper to him, giving his cheek a quick peck before jumping off the couch.  You could see he was beyond scared as you left him, his eyes widening and filling with more tears. “I promise, I’m going right to the kitchen and then I’ll be right back.” Bucky nodded, his eyes still full of fear. 

   You made your way to the kitchen fridge, seeking out the stupid alphabet magnets Tony had bought. At the time you thought they were completely stupid but now you were quite glad he had. You gather up all the letters you need before scampering off back into the living room. 

   Everyone eyes you suspiciously but you pay them no mind, you had to comfort your baby. You sit down right beside Bucky immediately grabbing his metal arm. 

   “Wh-What are you doing?” He asks as you begin to place magnets along his forearm. 

   “This is your punishment for being all angsty,” You joke. You can see a barely there smile forming on Bucky’s face and goddamn it made you happy. A smile graces your lips as you continue placing the magnets all along his arm. Only moments later you finish. 

   “Ta-da!” You exclaim, a wide smile on your face. On his arm, spelled out in magnets are the words “Love yourself, Accept yourself”. “Now, for being all angsty you have to wear this the rest of the night and If anyone asks what it is you have to say it’s you learning to love and accept yourself, got it?” 

   Bucky’s lips twist into a smile, his eyes twinkling brightly. “Got it.” He whispers through some tears. 

   “And if you ever try to be angsty like this ever again I’ll put more magnets on you.” Bucky chuckled, the sound melting your heart. 

   “Sure thing Doll.” 

🔷 Call me yours

Originally posted by kpop-kdrama-kvariety

Summary: You and Taehyung have been friends since highschool. He’s heartbreaker and you can’t stop loving him. In two words: friendzone and mess.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre:  angst / pre-smut / fluff /

Words: 3 762

A/N: Hope you like it ❤️ 

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aerial ethereal challenge: day three ~ favorite male character

John breaks the death-stare first. “There are ten other blackjack tables, Timo. Go find another one.”
    Unperturbed, Timo places a tall stack of chips on the green felt. “I would, definitely, go find another one. “You are my least favorite dealer in all of The Masquerade. Congratulations on that, by the way. And yet, I have this feeling” he touches his chest dramatically “–that today you’re going to be bring me some luck, old man.”
     “Stop calling me old man, “ John retorts, his mood darkening as the seconds pass by. “I’m twenty-fucking-five. Don’t make me bring over security again.
      Timo shrugs. “Do it,” he eggs on and then nods to me. “Sorry about this. John doesn’t understand that i’m twenty-one, and he can’t throw me off his table.
      John lets out a short, humorless laugh. “He’s eighteen. And he has a fake ID that everyone in this place overlooks because his last name is Kotova.”
      What? My eyes threaten to pop out of my face, and my mouth falls. I focus on Timo again. His hair is the same dark shade as Nikolai’s and his eyes are the same light gray. But his body is built differently, less muscle mass than Nik. My mind reroutes to John’s statement– about how the Masquerade provides special privileges to Kotovas.
       That seems highly unlikely. Right?
       “I’m sure he’s twenty-one,” I say. “A casino can’t let someone underage gamble just because of his last name. “ Don’t they have undercover cops to crack down on that law?
        Timo grins, his smile magnetic. “I like you,” he announces and leans forward, holding out his hand. “Timofei Kotova. Born in Munich. Raised in New York, mostly. You are?”


• his positivity and smile pretty much was like a magnet and you were drawn to it hella fast
• when he first met you his already big smile got even bigger and even brighter that the members had to wear sunglasses bc he WaS SO HAPPY THAT HE SAW U AND U LOOKED REALLY NICE N LOVELY
• when it came to asking you out, he was the most extra he could ever be like everything about him just all went up 100 entire levels like his aegyo was overflowing and his teeth were like extra white and his smile was huge and he had 10,000 things to give u, flowers, chocolate, clothes, books, cards eVERYTHING BC HE NEEDED TO CONVINCE U TO B W HIM COZ HE LIKES U LOTS
• but you honestly kept thinking he didn’t need to go over the top w it all bc you liked him back all the same aw
• and when u said yes his smile grew sosososo big and his mood just increased 100x and he like shoves all his presents in ur hands and gives u the biggest bear hug in the world bc he’s so hapPY
• your first date with seokmin consisted of playing laser tag and eating food. you two were in opposing team for laser tag and pretty much ignored your other team members and just missioned yourselves to shoot each other lol it was really easy to find him bc he couldn’t stop laughing so u sneak up to him and shoot him and he’s all like aW DAMN IT
• then after the game u two went out for pizza but couldn’t decide what topping to have to you just had everything lol and u washed it down with Coke yas and had burping competitions as to who could burp the loudest and all the other customers that were eating there just gave yalls the stank eye and left the store but whO CARES U HAD THE TIME OF UR LIFE
• but you two ate too much that you both felt sick aw how cute
• as for nicknames, he likes to call you the worst things in the world.
• “hey my little cutie patootie”
• “honey snuggles!!! yooHOO!!”
• “darling o’ mineeeee”
• your first kiss with him wasn’t as romantic as others but it was rlly cute all the same, I guess he got real impatient that it had been like ages and u haven’t had ur first kiss yet so like one day he just yells out of the blue “jAGIYA WHEN ARE WE GONNA KISS????!!1!1!” and ur sooo thrown off guard and start to stutter bc ?? but u still find urself nodding bc idk and he’s like actUAL and ur like yeAH and then he just takes ur face in his hands and kisses u and uR A FLISTERED MESS ON THE FLOOR CRY
• public skinship? yessss, he likes to hug u all d time and hold ur hand and kiss u because he doesn’t see u a lot so when u two are together he wants to spend it being close as f to you, even public.
• “get a room.”
• he has a habit of being greedy towards things that he likes aka wenchang chicken (he doesn’t like to share that) and more importantly, you (he def doesn’t want to share you and wants u all to himself) but he knows he should but whY??
• lee seokmin lives for kisses all over ur face he lOVES TO SMOTHER U EsPEICALLY W KISSES like you’d just be standing somewhere and when he sees you he’d yell your name and come charging at u and u think your gonna get run over but noP he’ll stop to kiss you all over the face bc hE MISSED U
• his favourite kind of hug is the kind where he goes up from behind and wraps his arms around your waist… really tight, with a big smile, and he lifts u up and ur just dangling in the air while he holds u there and starts swinging from side to side and ur like a little doll while he cooes at you
• will whine like a baby when in need of affection “JAGIYA STOP TALKING TO HIM AND COME LOVE MEEEEE” and you’d like run to him bc lee seokmin stooop
• tends to tickle you a lot to get you to do stuff for/with him. like he’d want you to say that you love him but you won’t just to tease him so he begins to tickle you mercilessly until you say it
• also likes it when you show him your aegyo bc he thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world
• he ALSO likes it when you take care of him bc it makes him feel special when you do it COZ u don’t do it to anyone else but him anD OH GOODNESS WHATTA PRIVILEGE like sometimes he’d pull a fake sick just so you could spend the entire day feeding him and cuddling w him but sHHH YOU DONT NEED TO KNO THAT
• dislikes it when people don’t take him seriously at the times where he is serious, which is why he loves you so much bc you understand that he can’t be happy all the time and treat him right whenever he needs you aw
• he secretly leaves little positivity notes around the house for you to find to make your day like he’ll wake up at 2 in the morning as many mornings as he can so that he can grab 5,000 post it notes and scribble down 5,000 reason why he loves you and confidence boosters just to make you happy :)))) you always ask if it’s him leaving these notes and he’s just like whAAA NO
• has an addiction to his bfffffff kwon soonyoung like those two are inseparable he’s pretty much in a whole other entire relationship with him, when he’s not practicing or spending time with you, he’s with him and it doesn’t help when soonyoung keeps teasing you and saying seokmin loves him more ::(:(:(:(:((
• “he loves ME”
• constantly pesters you to buy some more bc your ‘in need of spares’ and you need to be couple goals and you need to look kwl in front of the members… seokmin what’s ur defintion of kwl
• you don’t want lee seokmin to ever get jealous, and it’s not because he’s scary, and it’s not because he’ll get offended… no, he’ll just WHINE. “YAH JAGI WHY WERE U TALKING TO THEM?? WHY WOULD U EVEN LOOK AT SOMEONE LIKE THAT WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE SOMEONE LIKE ME?? IS IT BC OF MY SHOES COME ON JAGIYA TELL ME”
• and ur like chill bab ily
• his phone background is a collage of pictures of you that he took in the most inappropriate times, like you in the middle of yawning, sneezing, sleeping and you literally started to cry when you opened his phone and that photo came up. LIKE DELETE THISSS
• your phone background is a photo that he personally made, it was a photo of a sun with his bright, smiling face photoshopped onto it, this was because he was the light of your world, off your life and everyone needed to know that lmao
• competitions on who can sing higher yas
• his role as a main vocalist for seventeen does tend to stress him out bc he always needs to be the best he can be, it’s usually him with the high notes so one single voice crack could ruin the whole performance, that sort of burden always rests on his shoulders but you always make sure your there for him in the times he needs you.
• because seokmin is usually happy, you find it hard for him to express some of his feelings to you. like if he’s upset, he won’t tell you, because his job is the 'mood maker’ so if he’s upset, everyone else will be too. which brings me to your first fight, you got a little mad and upset about the fact that he’s always keeping his upset feelings bottled in, you two bickered, yelled back and forth and eventually he cracked and started to cry bc someone cared about him, nobody took the time to ask if he was ok like you did and God he loves u
• and you ended up apologising to him for yelling like that and he promised to be more open about his feelings
• “sometimes, you don’t have to be okay”
• he sends you to sleep by singing the most softest sweetest lullaby in the world then proceeds to whisper sweet nothings in your ear until you fall asleep aw
• wakes you up by yanking the curtains open and letting the sun blaze down on you and when you open your eyes to yell at him your blinded yet again by his smile.
• lee seokmin trusts you with his life, he would do absolutely anything to see you smile and loves you with all his heart. you are so lucky to have him, and he sure as hell is lucky to have you
• “jagiya, I loVE U” - seokmin, said with the best English

The Avengers (3)
  • Bucky: Steve, can you remind me to take out the trash tomorrow morning?
  • Steve: sure
  • *next morning*
  • Bucky: *wakes up and walks sleepily to the kitchen*
  • Steve: hey sleepy head
  • Bucky: what's...on my arm?
  • Steve: *smug smile*
  • Bucky: *takes magnet off his metal arm with a note saying to take out the trash*
  • Bucky: *looks at Steve*
  • Steve: ...
  • Bucky: ...
  • Steve: ...
  • Bucky: fuck you Stevie
Pointless fights

(A/N): I love all the Bucky requests you guys sent in but I crave morreee! (I literally love your guys creativity and then being able to write these fics based upon your ideas) so please, hit me up with any request you want! 

 Warnings: lil bit of angst, swearing,

Originally posted by suicidessquad

   It had all started out with a simple disagreement then it escalated into a full screaming match and now neither (Y/N) or Bucky were speaking to each other. They both sat on opposite ends of the couch, looking anywhere but each other. (Y/N)’s anger had eventually subsided, leaving behind this sad lonely feeling within their chest. All (Y/N) wanted Bucky to do was hold them close and kiss them repeatedly like he did after every fight but he didn’t and he didn’t look like he was going to soon. 

    “God,” Bucky finally breaks the silence, not being able to contain himself any longer. “You can be so damn annoying sometimes.” It was most likely a simple offhanded comment but (Y/N) couldn’t help but feel bad. 

   Being annoying struck a nerve within (Y/N), as have being a teenager they were constantly told how obnoxious and annoying they were which resulted in them creating a shy shell around themself. Now the mere thought of annoying anyone nearly brought a tear to (Y/N)’s  eye and this time it did. 

   After the exhaustion of fighting with Bucky and now this (Y/N) didn’t have the strength within them to not fight off the tears. So instead they rose from their seat and made their way to their bedroom, ignoring the glares that Bucky had directed towards them, and locked themself in, sliding into their bed and letting the tears fall freely.

    Bucky didn’t see much of (Y/N) that day and quite honestly he didn’t want to. He was beyond fuming at (Y/N) and the mere thought of being near them made him want to start arguing again. So he left (Y/N) alone all day, leaving them locked up in their bedroom. 

    That night Bucky slept on the couch, too tired to apologize to (Y/N) and beg for their forgiveness, maybe tomorrow when he was feeling a bit better but as Bucky attempted to sleep he realized what an awful plan that was. 

   He realized her couldn’t sleep without the feeling of (Y/N) beside him, without knowing that they were wrapped up in his arms and safe. He tossed and turned all night, attempting to sleep but it’s voided him like the plague and by the time 4 rolled around he officially gave up his plan and marched down to his room, swiftly unlocking it and stomping in. 

   (Y/N) was laying in their bed, fast asleep. They looked so peaceful had it not been for the many makeup smudges beneath their eyes. Bucky bit his lip as he suddenly realized his mistake. He knew his words must have struck a nerve within (Y/N) seeing as how they confided in him about their past experiences and then he just went and exploited them, using them against (Y/N). He had really fucked up this time. 

   He wanted to wake (Y/N) up and apologize, beg them for their forgiveness but at the same time he knew that it was a bad idea, (Y/N) needed time and a few hours later he realized they were going to need a lot of it. 

    Upon waking up (Y/N) immediately sprang from the bed, leaving Bucky with only the warmth of the sheets. When he attempted to approach them later in the day they explained (albeit quietly and hurriedly) that they had to train and then they left without another word. Bucky knew what (Y/N) was doing, distancing themself from him so they didn’t “annoy” him anymore. Needless to say he felt awful and all he wanted to do was apologize but every time he tried (Y/N) would scurry off, desperate to get away from him.

    He’d finally had enough on the 2 day of this, he just wanted (Y/N) by his side again. So while (Y/N) was training he intervened, determined to get (Y/N) to talk to him again. 

    “(Y/N),” Bucky grabbed the punching bag that (Y/N) had been mercilessly pounding upon, keeping it steady. “Can we just talk this out, please?" 

    "Nothing needs to be talked out.” (Y/N) murmurs a bit breathlessly as they wipe away at their sweaty forehead. 

   “(Y/N), come on,” Bucky nearly whines, his frustration growing. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean what I said, I was just frustrated and I took it out on you but this whole ignoring each other thing isn’t working out-”

    “I’m not ignoring you…” (Y/N) murmurs as they readjust their ponytail, pulling at it to keep it tight. “I’m just trying to be less annoying is all,”

    “But you weren’t annoying to begin with,” Bucky attempted to argue although the words just seemed to bounce right off (Y/N)’s head. 

   “That’s not what you said the other day,” (Y/N) murmurs so quietly that Bucky has to strain to hear it. 

   “I know that’s not what I said, and I know I’m a complete dickhead for treating you that way but I just want this whole thing to be over with. That fight was pointless anyways…” Bucky murmurs as he stares at (Y/N) longingly, wishing nothing more than to wrap them up and kiss them tenderly. 

   (Y/N) is quiet for a few moments, just staring at the floor in thought, before they finally speak again. 

   “Thanks for the apology…but- I think I’m just going to need a little time before I’m completely okay again…” Bucky nods in complete understanding. 

   “I understand,” (Y/N) smiles softly, the first one Bucky had seen since his offhanded comment and it more than melted his heart. 

   In all honesty (Y/N) wasn’t all too mad at Bucky anymore, they were just prolonging his punishment, seeing how long he could for without being able to hardly talk to them. He’d gone 4 days so far and (Y/N) could practically feel his want for affection wafting throughout the air. He was more than desperate to hold (Y/N) and kiss them and assure them that he loved them and yet (Y/N) continued their torture. He could barely get a word in with them before they ran off again, locking themself in their room to do god knows what. 

   Bucky told himself that he’d be good, he wouldn’t bother them, he’d give them the time they needed but as the days ticked by Bucky was growing desperate. It was like a physical need he had for (Y/N), he needed them like he needed air to breathe and he’d been deprived of it for too long. Thankfully (Y/N) could read him like a book and they knew when he they needed to stop, when they needed to take a step back and finally let Bucky back in. And thank god for that because if they hadn’t Bucky felt as though he may explode. 

   Bucky had been brooding all day, his chest aching as he felt as though there was a hole there that couldn’t be repaired, not without (Y/N) at least. 

   “Hey Bucky,” (Y/N)’s voice penetrates the silence of the tower, considering they were the only people there today. Bucky perks up at their voice, his eyes automatically filling with the hope that (Y/N) would finally let him in again. There was a soft smile on their face and a small twinkle in their eye and Bucky swore he’d never seen anything more beautiful. “Do you wanna sleep with me tonight? I’ve been having nightmares recently and-“ Bucky nodded quickly, jumping to his feet at (Y/N)’s words.

    (Y/N) smiled wider at the sight of Bucky so happy and excited, like a dog who’d just been asked if they wanted to go for a walk. He eagerly stood beside them, his expression one of pure heaven. He was so cute (Y/N) couldn’t help but lean forward to plant a soft kiss to his lips, awaiting his reaction. 

   Bucky whined loudly as his lips finally touched (Y/N)’s after days of giving them their space he could finally kiss them once again, hold them and tell them how much he loved them. He cupped (Y/N)’s face in his hands deepening the kiss only slightly. But just as soon as it had happened it was over, (Y/N) pulled away, leaving Bucky whimpering and wanting more. Their hands slid down to his and their fingers interlocked, keeping them bound together. Bucky gave their hand a squeeze, relishing in the fact that he could just hold their hand, it wasn’t much but it meant everything to Bucky.

    "Bed?” (Y/N) questions as they gesture down the hall, the dim lighting of their room shining out into the hall. Bucky nodded once again, his smile damn near infectious. 

    Bucky had remained on one side of the bed for a good half an hour and (Y/N) remained on the other before the urge to hold (Y/N) once again grew too strong and he ended up rolling over into his side, casually throwing an arm around (Y/N)’s waist and snuggling into their neck. Bucky sighed softly, finally feeling content after all those sleepless night without (Y/N). Bucky could already feel himself succumbing to sleep, the exhaustion of the last week washing over him like a tidal wave. 

    “ ‘love you,” Bucky whispered (nearly asleep) before he closed his eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep. 

    The soft feeling of fingertips on his arm woke him up and Bucky smiled happily, his lips curving upwards in a lopsided grin. But as Bucky began to come to he could feel a small amount of weight being mounted upon his arm. Confusion washed over him and he inconspicuously opened one eye to glare at the perpetrator. There sat (Y/N), meticulously placing magnets along his metal arm, arranging them around in some pattern.

    “Hey,” Bucky whispers, his voice hoarse from sleep. “Whatcha doin’?” (Y/N) merely smiled before placing a final magnet on his arm before directing their gaze up to his. 

    “This is the second half of your punishment,” (Y/N) smiled innocently as they lifted Bucky’s arm to show him the child magnets strewn across it. “You have to wear these all day." 

    "There’s no way in hell I’m wearing a Doc Mcstuffins magnet on my arm all day,” (Y/N) only smirked, their gaze mischievous and playful.

    “I think you are. You were mean to me and these are the consequences." 

   "Hey,” Bucky pointed a finger in (Y/N)’s face, waggling it about. “I apologized you nerd, I’m not doin’ this.” (Y/N) sighed, shrugging their shoulders. 

    “Guess I’ll have to go back to 'ignoring’ you then.” Bucky gave (Y/N) a death glare, one that was only used in the most serious scenarios.

    “You wouldn’t,” (Y/N) smirked again, slowly rising from their spot on the bed, instead walking over to the door and opening it. 

    “Oh, but I would.”

    (Y/N) only got half way out the door before Bucky had sprung from the bed and charged right for them. (Y/N) squealed in surprise before taking off, charging down the hall. Sure, they were fast, but they weren’t super soldier fast and within a moment Bucky had caught up with (Y/N). He swiftly wrapped his arms around their waist, yanking them back against him. (Y/N) continued to laugh and squeal, swatting at his arms to let them go. Bucky tightened his grip on (Y/N) only making them laugh harder. 

    “Bucky!” (Y/N) cried, clawing away at his arms. “Let me go!”

    “Only if you come back to bed with me,” Bucky states simply as he snuggles into (Y/N)’s neck, his scruff only making them laugh even harder. 

   "Okay! Okay! I will, I will!“ 


    "Yes Bucky, I promise! Now stop your stupid scruffy thing is ticklish!” Bucky smiled as he let go of (Y/N), the latter turning to glare at him with a fake pout. 

   "Oh come on,“ Bucky smiles, grabbing (Y/N)’s wrist and pulling them back against him. "Don’t be like that.”

    “Like what?" 

    "All sad and mopey. You know you love this,” (Y/N) smirked once again, the sight making Bucky feel all sorts of things.

    “I suppose I do,”

    “You suppose?” Bucky cries indignantly, mock hurt written across his face. “Fine then, guess we’re not going back to bed,” Bucky pulled away from (Y/N), stomping off to go get breakfast. 

    “Wait Bucky!” (Y/N) whined, following after him. Bucky smirked softly, turning back around to face (Y/N). (Y/N) wrapped their arms around his neck, yanking him down and pressing their lips against his. Bucky hummed softly, reaching up to tangle his hand within (Y/N)’s already messy hair. Their lips molded perfectly against each other’s, like they were made to fit together. The feeling was almost too much for Bucky and he could feel his heart swelling with love for the woman in his arms. Eventually they both broke away, the need for air outweighing the pleasure of the kiss.

    “I wanna go back to bed and cuddle,” (Y/N) murmurs against Bucky’s neck, their lips gliding agains his skin with each word. Bucky smiles softly, nuzzling his head against (Y/N)’s. 

    “We can do that,” Bucky whispers, nodding in agreement. “So long as I don’t have to wear these stupid magnets,”


Location: Mansion Entryway
Date: March 25th, 2017
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After the introduction, people were whisked this way and that by graces who were helping the evening run smoothly; part waitstaff, part actor, they seamlessly shifted revellers to their starting points, from which they’d be free thereafter to explore the grounds. Renee had asked for rooms with morality plays in them—little temptations here and there to have people test their own mettle against their own minds. Each room its own sin, its own temptation—and within each, new curiosities to help open people into their own possibilities, see—if only for a night—what it might be like to be someone other than who they were, other than their current choices. For Renee, it was a celebration of sin; for Lucifer, it was a celebration of freedom, of free will.

Six people were left unattended, for he himself to approach. The dapper host descended the stairs with that magnetic smile, his voice always holding a note of persuasion—not out of artifice, but because that was something it innately held, a gift of divinity. Gods and Devils, two sides of the same coin, both to be bowed to, though for many reasons. He expected no such bowing, of course, in a scene like this: no, in this, his gregarious and warm gestures only meant to show a sort of equal footing—that he, in this, was a host, and they, the throng. In a shining sort of mood, he spoke to the group his own gift, as befitting the memorial of the coming of the most prominent Hell-friendly Church.

His dark eyes were bright as he met the gaze of each in turn, wanting each to feel seen, to feel noticed, to feel appreciated. “My humble welcome to you all,” Lucifer said. “You are free to go where you wish, to begin where you decide the beginning will be. Above are seven rooms, though, admittedly, one is currently locked, until they sort out how to get out of it,” he lightly teased, “and those are your designed curiosities for the evening. However, feel free to also take advantage of the ballroom, the pools, and the sweet night air.” There was a hitch up the right side of his smile, giving away before his voice did that he had more to tell. “And on this, the day of the Centennial, I will not refuse a favour on behalf of this group, if you have a favour to ask of me? No strings, no deals.“

The Devil was always as good as his word—he always kept it. It was what was unsaid that often caused the trouble in his dealings; he was not unlike some other myths, where you would get what was asked, but perhaps not in the way it was meant, or through some odd or loophole. However, that wasn’t his design here; he had no test for potential nor morality. This was, in effect, his own sort of offering—a sacrifice to the day itself. He watched the group discuss their options and politely looked away, studying a piece of art so as to give them some privacy. He noticed that Elijah left the group, but the rest remained, until they caught Lucifer’s attention again and he turned around to hear their request. “Is there something I can do for you?” 

Stupid Cupid

Sam x Reader x Dean

A/N: This is a request from @livsly11 . Apparently I’m not capable of writing something short, so this will be probably a four parts series. Part 2 is almost ready so I hope to post the whole series within a week. I added some stuff here and there to make the whole story more believable because I think Dean wouldn’t easily do something like that to his brother. This is more of an introduction to the story and I hope to post part 2 tomorrow or on Sunday. I hope you like it. :)

I was wondering if you could do one where she is child hood friends with the Winchesters and later on dates Sam and lives in the bunker but Dean is always flirting, trying to get in her pants, kinda like Damon in the vampire diaries and later falls in love with Dean. And can Sam go on a hunt and dean and the reader kiss and maybe some smut for the first time while in the bunker alone. And Sam sees that she is in love with him but didn’t say anything and let’s them date in the end.Thanks

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Sam Winchester was perfect.
You realized that the first time you saw him, at Bobby’s, when you were 12.

Sam Winchester was perfect. He was all your heart wanted.

He was your best friend, your shoulder, your anchor. He was everything you needed.

Dean Winchester wasn’t perfect.

He was all you didn’t want, until, one day, things changed. Suddenly the organ beating inside your chest didn’t crave Sam anymore, it craved his brother.

Dean Winchester wasn’t perfect, but that didn’t seem to matter anymore.

Growing up in a family of hunters wasn’t easy; you were forced to move around with them, to change school constantly, to be alone. 

You didn’t even have the time to make friends because, when the hunt was done, you would move away again. At one point you stopped trying; it was easier to be alone. This way, you didn’t have to lie about your life or about your father’s job. You were alone and, even if you craved friends, even if you craved affection, it was okay. In a week you would be in a new town and would start over, for the hundredth time.

This was your life when you were twelve.

Things changed when you met the Winchesters.

Your dad was on a hunt and had left you at Bobby’s; it wasn’t the first time this had happened, but it was the first time Sam and Dean had been there at the same time.

Things changed and you weren’t alone anymore, you had Sam. You were the same age and shared the same ideas and the same passions, you shared the same wishes for the future. This helped building your friendship.

You spent only a week there, but that was enough because in seven days you found what you had been looking for, a companion.

Things were different with Dean. You weren’t comfortable around him, not that you wanted to be near him anyway. He cared for his little brother, that was pretty clear, but other than that he was a mystery.

While some girls were attracted to that, the mystery and the bad boy attitude, you weren’t.

He had so much to offer, underneath his tough exterior, but you didn’t know that then, and you didn’t bother to look.

When your father came to pick you up, ready to move toward a new destination, your heart broke a little. You didn’t want to lose Sam, but you had to go.

He had to go.

This was your life.

You met again 2 years later, at a motel you were staying; it wasn’t the younger Winchester the one you saw first, though. It was Dean.

He looked different; the attitude and the mystery were still there, but he seemed to have gained even more confidence. That, plus his looks, was a great combo and you couldn’t deny that your heart accelerated a little when you saw him.

He was in the hallway, in front of a vending machine and you were discussing with yourself whether to go there and say something or shut up and go back to your room. That’s when Sam spotted you, “Y/N?”

That one was a good day. You talked for hours and you were glad to discover that the younger Winchester hadn’t changed; he was still like you. The most important thing, though, was that you were still friends; it didn’t seem to matter that you hadn’t seen each other in 2 years, and that was surely a nice feeling.

The next day they were gone and you were alone once more. But this time it was different because you were convinced that you were going to see them again and that things would still be the same.

You were right.

Over the years, you saw them a couple of times and in each one of them things were always the same. You and Sam were still there for each other and Dean was… well, he was Dean.

He was a ladies’ man and he flirted with all of them, you included. He was always there with some sneaky remark, with his smiles and his green eyes. There was something magnetic about him, but you decided to stay away from that.

It’s true that 8 years had passed, but you were the same and those guys with all that mystery around, those guys that didn’t talk about feelings just weren’t your type.

That is when you were sober.

Drunk you, on the other hand, saw things a little differently.

Your dad was gone and for the first time you were truly alone. You gave him a hunter’s funeral and then found a bar to drown your pain in some alcohol.

That wasn’t something you usually did but that day nothing mattered.

The Impala was parked in front of the bar, not that you had noticed it, and probably, if Sam had been there, things would have been different. But he wasn’t.

He was at Stanford and Dean was all alone, like you. That day you got to know him, for real. He was 24 and already so broken. All his confidence was just a mask, now it was so clear.

You spent the night together but no, no sex was involved. You wanted to, sure, but no matter how broken he felt, he would not take advantage of you.
Drunk as you were, every decision seemed good, but he was sure that you would regret it in the morning.

That night you just talked, for hours, and in the morning you didn’t remember a single word you had said. 

You didn’t know that that night you got into his heart.

You didn’t see him or Sam for many years, until one day you were on the same hunt. They were interrogating some witnesses in their FBI suits when you stepped foot on the crime scene.

Dean noticed you immediately, still remembering clearly the night you had spent together, and he smiled.

You saw none of that because your attention went to Sam. He was so tall, but he wasn’t intimidating at all. He was all grown up but his smile, his eyes, were the same, the same gentleness in them. He was perfect, as usual, and Dean’s smile died on his lips when he saw the way you were looking at his little brother. 

Not that he blamed you for it. He too thought that Sam was the good one, the perfect one, while he was just a waste of time.

He pretended not to care about the way you were flirting with each other, the way Sam would smile whenever you were around, the way his own heart ached a little at seeing that.

Dean craved things as well, he had desires and passions too, but he decided to ignore them, like he always had.

And he kept doing that until, suddenly, he couldn’t anymore.  

part 2