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Bruce Wayne getting jealous which leads to smut 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

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A/N: I’m gonna tag @androgynoustyles and @kurtwxgners because maybe they will like to read it?? lol also, I’ll write “jealous sex with Bruce Wayne” this week as the second part of this request, so stay tuned (:

Warnings: Slightly NSFW

  • Okay, but now that Bruce has you he knows the truly meaning of jealous
  • It took so long for him to find someone who he really loves and cares about
  • So of course he doesn’t wanna lose you
  • Which means that everytime you’re talking to a man at a party, he will stare from afar
  • He will clench his jaw, and the look on his face will not be so friendly
  • I mean, it’s actually okay if you’re just talking to them - he trusts you
  • But at the moment he sees that the guy is starting to flirt with you, he gets jealous - because he doesn’t trust them
  • And you’re way to special for him, he can’t lose you
  • So basically two things can happen
  • The first one is when he realizes that you literally don’t care about what the guy is saying
  • So he will join the conversation, always holding you by your waist and smiling at the guy
  • You know, if he can’t punch the guy, then it’s better to kill them with kindness
  • Bruce will then excuse himself, and will pull you with him, getting rid of the guy
  • The second thing that can happen is when you decide that it’s time to tease Bruce a little bit
  • So if the guy flirts, you flirt back
  • Believe me, Bruce goes crazy everytime you do that
  • Purely because he knows he’s not the best for you, not really
  • He leaves you alone at night because he gotta be the Batman, there’s always a lot of women throwing themselves at his lap (although he doesn’t even look at them), he’s not even sure if he wants to marry someday
  • But at the same time, he can’t see himself without you, he always tells you how lucky he is for having you
  • So the thought of you with another man just makes him want to punch something
  • When you start to flirt back, even though Bruce knows it’s not for real, he will get mad
  • He will nervously laugh and drink his scotch, while watching your little game
  • Because of course you know what you’re doing
  • Then, when he’s already feeling the anger running through his veins, he decides that it’s time to go home
  • And once you’re home with him, it’s obvious that he will make you pay it
  • Bruce will most likely take off you dress while pressing his large chest against your back, whispering how jealous he was when he saw you with that guy
  • He grabs your waist, slowly running his fingers up and down your skin and caressing your hips, playing with your pantie
  • “Don’t do that to me anymore, darling. I hate to see you like that, flirting with men”
  • His voice makes you shiver, turning around on his arms and hugging him
  • “You don’t own me, Bruce”
  • And when he smirks, resting his hands on your butt and squeezing not so gently, you know that you’re in trouble - but in a good way
Dating Sehun would include...

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; you are his universe.

A/N: this is what fuels me to write for my hun. if some of the things i wrote down seems to be copied/same as other’s dating - would include, i’m sorry. i’ve read too many of them and got inspiration from them. enjoy!

boyfriend? sehun, kyungsoo, junmyeon, baekhyun, ?

masterlist // get to know me

  • him being so extra with you, but acts like a serious, manly, and protective boyfriend in public
  • literally always sticks by your side and holds onto your hand when you’re out, making sure no guy dares to lay their eyes on you
  • not really into pda/skinship in public, but when alone or at home, his hands and lips would basically be all over you
  • adorable assholehun surfacing everytime you hug someone that wasn’t him
  • sehun being so huggable all the time (even in public) that you’d bury your face in his chest
  • he has a small smile on his face when you do so and he makes sure you don’t see it, so you won’t tease him about it
  • being bestfriends with chanyeol to make sehun jealous that you and yeol hang out a lot
  • “she’s my girlfriend, hyung. go find yourself one!”
  • having to calm down kyungsoo everytime sehun ticks him off by doing or even saying something stupid
  • “soo, if you kill sehun, i won’t have a boyfriend anymore.”
  • spending more money on food than anything else
  • “bubble tea isn’t healthy, hun.”
  • sehun lowkey likes to say romantic things bluntly/randomly/casually just to see you blush and get embarrassed
  • spontaneous dates filled with sweets, laughter, wrong directions, and getting lost
  • most dates being at home cuddling cus that’s what you both do best
  • “babe, kiss me. you look so cute.”
  • “i knew it. you only love me for my looks.”
  • sehun kissing you on the cheek before he leaves early in the morning for work while you’re still asleep because he loves the way you’d instantly smile at the touch of his lips
  • talking about the future (a wedding, babies, a house) with each other and you laughing at the ideas while sehun’s taking mental and vital notes to use in the future
  • “but i want a daughter, jagiya!”
  • “you know i can’t control the gender of the baby.”
  • “then we’ll just have to keep on trying then do we, babe?”
  • legit always cuddling all the time even after sexy time
  • sehun loving it when you dominate over him in bed, it fuels him to be more rough with you, and he knows you’ve always liked it rough
  • never being able to walk the next morning cus you’re so sore from sehun last night
  • sehun teasing you on how you can’t walk or stand when you moaned so loud for him
  • you having to get his long arms and legs away from your body all night long as you both slept
  • waking up next to a sexy yet cute, bare chested, messy hair sehun and kissing him the moment you open your eyes because you can’t believe this angel is yours
  • sehun smirking when you do this cus he knows you love him the way he loves you
  • it ends up with you catching his lil smirk and teasing him about it
  • “you like knowing i love you, don’t you?”
  • “nope, i just like how so many people are so in love me.”
  • you being in awe whenever he dances cus he looks so handsome and manly for some reason
  • always getting the “why are you so obsessed with me” from sehun
  • with his 184cm height and sassy attitude, he’d forever tease you about your height and how you’re so “tiny” just because he’s taller than you
  • you always staring at his butt because damn, that ass is beautiful and yours too
  • never getting hurt (emotionally, mentally, physically) cus sehun would explode
  • sehun unable to resist tearing up when you cry even if he doesn’t know why you started crying
  • he’d listen to whatever you’d say and do his best to comfort you cus he doesn’t want to ever see you sad
  • sehun always on cute loving boyfriend mode
  • never having a day where you’d be in a bad mood cus you have his kisses, weird jokes, and him
  • never having to worry about leaving an empty space between you two in bed after a fight cus he’ll always swallow up his pride and hug you cus his love for you is greater than anything else
  • always knowing sehun loves you soooooooo much because he’ll never let a day go by he doesn’t say you’re his universe
  • and always replying by giving him the most meaningful kiss you could give that meant just the same as his words for you, but for him

Note:This wasn’t requested it’s just something that I had on my mind while I was listening this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku2DFYHU4TQ ..I hope that you guys are going to like this.Enjoy!

Stiles was first to warn me about Theo but I just didn’t want to listen.And when I finally realized who Theo was it was already to late.I ended up with a broken heart and he..Well…He finally got the pack that he wanted so badly..But still everytime I saw that stupid smirk on his face my heart was beating like crazy..

Me and Stiles were runnig from Theo’s pack through this damn tunels that didn’t have the end..Suddenly Josh and Tracey were in front of us and she grabbed me by my neck ‘You seriously think that you can run away from me?’I looked her in her eyes pretending that I’m not scared of her when actually l was terrified..Suddenly l heard a very familiar voice ‘Tracey let go.’But she didn’t react her grip got even tighter around my neck and l started losing my breath ‘I said let go.’She let go of me and pushed me against the wall..I looked at Theo and he looked angry but also worried..I walked towards Stiles and helped him up ‘Seriously what the hell is wrong with you?’Stiles said looking at them and l could feel Theo stare but l couldn’t look at him,not after the things he did to me and to my friends.’I put my hand on Stiles shoulder and looked up to see Theo staring ‘Just leave it Stiles,they aren’t worth it.’Honestly if look could kill Stiles would be dead by now from Theo’s staring..Stiles let go and we turned to walk away.I heard Josh saying ‘Are you really letting them go away?’But Theo didn’t respond and I started walking even faster..I needed to get out of here soon.

Three months passed since Theo were sent to hell by Kira..Three months since I was trying my best to move on with my life but he was like anchor,and everytime l closed my eyes l could see his face,his smile..I would remember the way he touched me,the way he kissed me ..The first time he said l love you..Even if it was all a lie..Mason called me to meet him and the rest of the guys in the Police Station since they figured it out how to save Stiles and town from Wild Hunt..I walked in and saw them arguing with someone ‘Hey is everything oka-’I didn’t have the time to finish my sentence when l saw Theo standing behind bars I turned to look at Liam then back at Theo ‘Ho-How?’

‘Surpriesed to see me baby?’I looked at him annoyed then back at Liam who had a insecure look on his face ‘Explain Dunbar.’He scratched the back of his neck ‘Well I kind of figure ot that he can help us.’ I raised my eyebrows ‘And?’    ‘And he can?’ l nodded my head ‘Well good luck with that,let me know when he’s gone.’I turned to walk away ‘Wait Y/N.’ I turned around ‘What now?’ Liam let out a sigh ‘He won’t help us until he talk with you.’I looked at Theo and back at Liam letting out a sigh ‘Fine,one talk and I’m out.’ Liam nodded ‘And please let him out it’s a little uncomfortable.’ Liam looked at me ‘Are you sure?’I nodded ‘Yeah l’m sure..Trust me he won’t try anything when l’m around.’Liam let Theo out and they left the room.l crossed my arms across my chest ‘You have five minutes so better start talking.’He tried to walk closer but l walked back ‘Seriously Theo don’t push your luck.’ He let out a sigh ‘I’m sorry!’  I looked at him and then l looked aside ‘Don’t you think it’s a little too late for that?’I tried to stop my tears from falling..l turned to look him and he was also  crying I put my hand on my hips and let out a sigh then looked at the ground and back at him tears slipping from my eye ‘You have no idea how much l tried not to hate you..But everytime l closed my eyes all l could think of was you..All l could see was your face..and l hate to admit that but l fell even more in love when you said you love me for the first time even if l know it was a lie..’ l looked at him  tears falling from my eyes and he was a crying mess too..’I loved you Y/N..l still do..That wasn’t a lie.’ I brushed my tears ‘Maybe but now all I want to be is free from this chains.’With that l walked past him and walked out seeing Liam ‘Hey how did it go?’But l didn’t have the stranght to answer so l just walked out from the police station letting my tears finally fall without hesitation.

Note:l know that this is probably bad but let me know if you want part 2 and also if you wan to be tagged..


Seth Rollins x Reader

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Prompt: Could I possibly have a Seth x Reader where Seth has a major thing for you but thinks you like Corey Graves (because Corey is always flirting with you) but you’re always turning Corey down because you actually like Seth?

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“Hey Y/N would you like to… of course only if you’re ok with it…” Seth paced infront of his mirror in his locker, “That’s stupid… I can’t do  this like that..” He came to a halt infront of the mirror, taking a deep breath as if he wanted to say something but let out only a deep sigh. His mouth closed again and his shoulders slumped down.

“Gosh darn it, why is this so difficult?” he scolded himself, “She likes you… she has shown it several times by now… just tell her. Maybe she just wants me as a friend though…” he reasoned with himself.

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Hwarang: Hansung.

The only reason I started watching this drama was Kim Taehyung, but I admit that after the first two episodes it got me hooked. But that doesn’t mean that I forgot about Hansung because everytime he appeared on screen I started smiling like a fool and feeling so proud.

Before the drama started and the character pictures were posted, everybody was sure that Hansung looked like that character that will die. I just laughed it off, “they wouldn’t kill him on his first drama”, but now…

Now it became true and I can’t really blame anyone, yes they did me so dirty, making me cry till I’ll drown in my own tears and it was the first time I sincerely cared about a character, and seeing him go… I just, it felt so real, and he only wanted happines and peace, Hansung.

I’m happy that there are only two episodes left, because otherwise I don’t think I could’ve watched it till the end, without my heart breaking while waiting for Hansung to appear.

I want to applaud Kim Taehyung for his acting and for being such a wonderful person, and… I can’t wait for his next drama. * but i swear to god if he dies in that too i’ll cut somebody*

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Mika waking up to see himself pressed against Yuu chest. Mika waking Yuu up with morning kisses going from his collarbone to his lips. Yuu hugging Mika from behind every chance he can get. If Mika falls asleep first, Yuu will blush everytime Mika smiles in his sleep. Both of them wearing each others shirts as their pajamas. Mika blushing everytime Yuu compliments him and vice versa (Ex: "Mika, your hair is so fluffy I could touch it all day." "Yuu-chan's eyes are more beautiful than emeralds")

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reply to this with ur fav pic(s) of paul/john/george/and-or/ringo~

Here are my favs of Paulie:

Isn’t he cute

The sass is on fleek

See? John Lennon isn’t the only one who rules the glasses look

Yes, keep unbuttoning that shirt Macca

Oh Paulie

Those are my fav for John:


The guitar.

The coat.

The glasses.


Look at his fucking arms, LOOK AT THEM!

Classic one but still.

Teddy got me.

Now this is what we call smoking hot… Sorry not sorry for the pun.

Wet just like me (NOT SORRY AGAIN)

My heart melts everytime I see this stupid dork

Okay stop it’s me who has to look away cause your face drives me nuts

Yes John, you playing guitar makes me happy too

This cap… ).O.o


Here are my fav for George:

So sexy arghhh

Cutest smile ever awnn *.*



Here are my fav for Ringooooo:

Cutie pie

Awn my little moptop

Sweetest smile ever

Got to say Rings you really kill the beard.

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I hope the fandom will love/like William better because of you. A lot of people dislike or even hate him because he looks so cold and rude. But I truly believe he is not like that inside. In the OVA he just cried 'cuz of a human's memories. Do an emotionless person would cry ? I don't think so. He just very good at hiding his feelings. Just like Grell...

Oh, that would be super cool even though I’m not aiming to make fandom like William because of my art and stuff. It’s nice when people start to appreciate him more, but remember that it’s only fanon!William I’m presenting here - more or less. Making him truly more popular among fans for real, that’s Yana’s task actually, haha!

I noticed that UT and Grell are the most favourite Reapers in this fandom. Characters like William, kuudere personality types, have all my attention because they are the most interesting for me. Personally I have a huge soft spot for those cold, rational and bland characters, who hide their true emotions.

As I have mentioned in my other post about Will, I believe his cold and super serious personality is complete fake exterior and reserved for his job. He is a professional because he takes his job very seriously which is a good trait compared to Grell. There is a reason why William is so aloof. Shutting off and supress feelings is a way of self-protection. Which doesn’t mean he is emotionless or lacks of empathy. If he wouldn’t have any feelings, he would’ve given zero fucks about Grell’s whereabouts after her battle with Sebastian. Yes, William was probably worried about understaffing and extra hours only. That’s what he said. But honestly, we all know he really was worried because Grell could’ve died since she seemed to be away from work anyway for many weeks. (Jack the Ripper case, working for Ann as her butler etc) And suddenly worry about more extra hours is just a false pretense. 😂

Also we haven’t seen William yet when he is off work. I’d like to know more about his life out of the Dispatch.

William is a badass killer machine who could easily take down Trashbastian anytime if he wants and I love this to death. (pun intended)

This small scene where William catches Grell’s death scythe with two fingers is probably my favourite of the entire BB arc. The fact that he could kill Sebastian if he wants but always holds back to avoid unnecessary waste of energy is what makes me love him so so so much. Have you ever noticed William’s cold and determined eyes when he draws his scythe and glares at Sebastian? Call me peculiar, but while I feel nothing to get excited about Sebbel’s devilishly iconic charming reddish glowing eyes and malicious fake smile, my heart tumbles in awe everytime I see Will’s gleaming green irises of the cold, incarnated death through his rimmed glasses.

Also he fights in a striped pyjama and still looks good (because he doesn’t go out of the tent without his hair styled perfectly at least) and he has nice arms. William is a hero, Grell’s hero and protector who doesn’t need to put her in chains to make sure she is safe. He is gorgeous and I would love to see him becoming a legendary Reaper someday.

Will deserves all the hugs! Go, Grell!💖

(I’m sorry, that this turned out to be such a Uiru fujoshi post!)

I Can’t Stand Him - Neville

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Topp Dogg’s Reaction : Their S/O randomly cuddle them

Toppdogg when their s/o sees them laying on the couch and randomly comes and cuddles them

Here you are anon

P Goon : Would be surprised in a way but would smile lightly and wrap his arms around you

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Gohn : A wide smile would appear on his pretty face, he would just cuddle the hell out of you

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Seogoong : Would cuddle you right away

“Aaah so cute”

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Jenissi : Would smile and sight lightly

“How lovely you are, what should I do with you”

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Xero : Would smile and immediatly wrap his arms tightly around your body to have him de nearest of him

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A Tom : Couldn’t help but laugh

“Come on ! How can you be that cute Jagiya ?”

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Kidoh : “You can’t resist this face huh ?”

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B Joo : Would turn his gaze to you and smirk a bit, finding you cute, he would cuddle you in a cute way and spend several kisses on your face

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Nakta : He wouldn’t be surprised because he’s used to it now but couldn’t help and find you cute everytime

“Aaaah you’ll kill me one day” 

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Sangdo : Wouldn’t help but giggle because of your cuteness

“Wanna some tight hugs sweetheart ?”

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Hojoon : Would be a bit playful with you

“You really like me huh ?”

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Hansol : He’s used to it now, even if he’s a little shit with you sometimes, these surprise cuddles are his favourites

“I really like you you know~”

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Yano : Would be surprised but then smile cutely

“Aaah come on you nearly killed me”

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Hope you liked it~

Monsta X Reaction: Girlfriend Being Pregnant


Shownu would handle the news the best. He would be extremely happy and he wouldn’t let you do anything on your own now that you are carrying his child.

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“Jagi! If you needed help reaching that, I’ll get it for you! You just worry about our little baby!” *goofy shownu smile that kills me everytime*


Wonho would smile immediately after he heard the news. He would be so happy that woman he loved was having his child. Wonho would be so excited about the baby that he would be ready to go to the store and buy EVERYTHING the two of you needed to raise a child.

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“Jinjja!? You’re pregnant!? We have to go buy stuff for the baby!”


Hyungwon wouldn’t believe you no matter how many times you told him. He’d be extremely happy that you are pregnant but it would take him some time for realization to hit.

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“Jagi, you’re really pregnant? Yah! Dont joke around, I’m gonna be a father?”


Kihyun you pull you into his arms immediately and tell you that he will always be there for you. He would cook you a meal the night of, for you and his child so he could talk to you a bit more about the news.

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“No way Jagi! You’re having my baby?”


Minhyuk would be happy to say the least. He would ask you a million questions about the baby. And being his normal hyper self, he would jump around announcing that he was going to be a father. 

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Jooheon would be in shock when you first told him, but after some time, he would get really excited about the news of a baby. He would already be planning matching outfits for the three of you.

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“….and we are gonna have matching hats!”


It would take I.M the longest to accept the news of your pregnancy. He would be very happy about starting a family with you, but he would need some time to think about the situation. After he gets this time, he wouldn’t be able to stop talking about his little Changkyun that would be running around soon.

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“Wow. I’m going to be a father..”

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Chris actually doesn't seem like a bad person. Do you think there is more to him then what he gives up?

Can you, please, tell me while looking into my eyes that, this boy, isn’t a good person? Please? Because, looking at his face, I can’t see a bad person. 

If you say for me that he’s a bad person, then you have big issues, darling. 

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I was rewatching TEH and the part where Sherlock walks into the restaurant and he sees John. I never noticed but you hear his heart catch and then he's so overwhelmed and. Just. He wanted so bad to surprise John and make him smile, just end me please

ATHINA I ACTUALLY WROTE A META ABOUT THIS. And other people have written about the heartbeat, absolutely. There’s even a “scenes without music” version of this and AND everytime I hear it it kills me.

Sherlock so badly loves John, and he so badly just wanted to restart everything, as a way to make everything right with John and be with him. And he DID try, but pulled back when John WASN’T happy to see him. He was terrified. His plan was going horribly wrong. 

Dear fucking god I love how much he loves John. He’s so sad. Just looking at John overwhelms him. My heart set it free please.