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Reasons Davey Jacobs has pulled Jack Kelly in for a kiss

A little tie in to this. Thanks to the folks on Discord for suggestions.

  • Before they get together, for his ‘can I kiss you to see if I like kissing guys’ theory testing after three unsuccessful dates with girls. (Then Jack has to watch for two years as Davey dates other guys.)
  • Davey getting his fucking act together and kissing Jack at Spot’s rooftop New Year’s Eve party after the countdown
  • To settle the bet Spot and Race have going on about whether they’re dating
  • That smile of Jack’s that makes Davey go weak at the knees
  • When Jack has paint on the end of his nose and he’s just too cute
  • To make Les leave them alone because Davey wants to cuddle with Jack on the sofa in peace 
  • Jack got an A on a calculus test that they stayed up all night studying for and Davey’s just so proud that he kisses him in front of everyone
  • A thank you for handing over the popcorn or the twizzlers on movie night
  • Jack’s high on paint fumes after a five-hour art session and won’t stop talking about how cute Davey is, complete with tracing all the parts of Davey’s body that he loves most. When he gets to Davey’s lips, Davey just has to kiss him
  • Bribery to be able to choose the movie
  • Occupying Jack’s lips so he can’t sing along to the Disney movies they watch
  • Coaxing a sleep-deprived Jack into going to bed
  • Sleep good nights and equally sleepy good mornings
  • 'You may now kiss your husband’
  • A sappy, love-filled kiss after the nurse hands him their baby girl
BTS Reaction: You having a pet baby iguana

Sorry this took a bit longer than expected. Sorry for any errors.

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

“And this is my bedroom!” you said, showing Jin your bedroom in your new apartment.

“Wait! What is that?” Jin asked, pointing to the terrarium in the corner of your room.

“My terrarium…”

 “But what is in it?” he asked and he went up to the glass.

“My iguana. Her name is ______.”

“But when did you even get it?!? I helped you move out of your old place and like, there was no iguana! Not even talk about getting one!”

“Things change when you leave on tour for 3 months Jin.” you laughed.

“Yeah, yeah… Can I hold her?”

“Sure!” you pulled _____ out of her terrarium and held her out for Jin to hold.

He was hesitant at first, laughing nervously as his hands came closer to her. ”Wow!  She feels weird but cool!” he giggled as he brought his arm to eye level and try and make eye contact with _______. “You know what would be cute on her?”


“Hold her again for a sec.” 

You did so, staring at him in confusion as he grabbed a sticky note from your desk and tore it in half.

“What are you doing?”

“Wait.” he mumbled as he folded that paper. “Got it!” Then he went up to you. “It’s a bow!” 

He smiled as he placed the paper bow on _________’s head. _________ kept still, completely unphased by the bow.

“She looks so much cuter now!” he cheered.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

“So this is your place?” he smirked as he walked in to the door way of your apartment. “And this whole time you were hinting that you lived so far away!”

“Well when you are as lazy as I am, everything feels far away.” you said as you threw yourself onto your couch.

You patted the empty sat next to you, inviting him to sit down.

“So what other secrets do you have?”

You laughed a bit. “Well my apartments isn’t exactly a secret.” 

“Aish, let me rephrase that. What other things did you mislead me about?” he asked jokingly

“…I have a cow.” you smirked.

He raised his eyebrows at you. “ A cow? How the fuck do you have a cow in this apartment?”

“Its a baby cow.” you giggled

“Nah, you’re laughing, that means you are just messing with me!”

“I’m serious!”

“Then show me!”

“I will! Give me a second.”

You ran to your room, gently picking up your iguana and walking carefully back to the living room. “Here she is!” you beamed.

He turned around to you. “That’s not a cow, that’s a lizard!”

“She is an iguana. Female iguanas are referred to as cows… So I have a cow.”

He slapped his hand over his face. “You are just too much for me.” he groaned playfully.

You moved your iguana close to his face. “You want to hold her?” 

He slid his hands down, trying to make eye contact with your pet “cow”. “Well, she looks cool so I guess so.” There was a slight smile in his face. You could tell he was trying to hide his excitement. 

He held her carefully, running his finger down her rough back. He let out a small chuckle, so small you barely noticed. 

“This thing- Your cow is pretty cute.” he smiled

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

“So this is our third date, what other superficial fact do I not know about you yet?” he asked after taking a sip of his drink.

You contemplated what other tiny things about yourself you were willing to reveal. You took your time doing it, laughing to yourself as you saw him getting antsy.

“C’mon, I just told you the embarrassing speech I made in middle school, the least you can do is try to change the topic.” 

You laughed, replaying the story in your head. “Ok ok” you giggled as you stuffed your mouth with fries, stalling to actually think of something. “Ummm… I… I have have a pet iguana!”

“An iguana?”


“An actual iguana?”

“Yes! Haha, I have an iguana. It is a little baby.”

“Why don’t I believe you… I need proof!”

“Well,I could drag you over to my place,” you smirked. “But I don’t feel like doing that just yet. I do have pictures though!” you said as you pulled your phone out.

“What, pictures from google?” he giggled.

“Shut up!” you laughed, nudging his shoulder. You opened the folder you had of you and your little pet and shoved your screen in his face. “Look at these!”

He took the phone from you. “Oh shit! An actual iguana! I never met a girl with a pet iguana before.” He said as he zoomed in on the first picture of you with your iguana on your shoulder. “You know I used to have a reptile phase when I was a kid” His voice drifted.

“Yeah? You ever look into iguanas?”

“Yeah… You know, there are great swimmers.”

“Oh really? What else do you know?”

“They can survive falls of 40-50 feets with no injuries and they can hold their breath and stay underwater for 28 minutes.”

You just stared at him, amazed by his brain “Wow, you are more of a nerd than I thought you were!” you giggled.

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Jhope/Jung Hoseok:

“Why didn’t you tell me you got a new pet?!?”

You shrugged at him, “I wanted to surprise you I guess.” you said with a sneaky smile.

“What kind of pet did you get? A dog? A cat?”

“Nope. You’ll never guess. Let me just show you!” You said jumping off the couch.

“A hamster? A fish? A hermit crab?” He continued to guess.

“Just close your eyes!” you said as you went down the hall.

You scurried down the hall and quickly returned with your precious baby iguana, _______. You found Hoseok with his hands slapped over his eyes as he eagerly waited for you.

“Ok, I got him! Open your eyes!”

He did so and quickly his bright face contorted into a look of horror. He let out scream and jumped over the back of the couch.

You couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at his reaction.

“Y/n, what the fuck?!?” He shrill voice overpowered your laugh as he peeked over the back of the sofa.

“Hobi, you should have seen your face!” you cackled.

“Shut up! Go put that thing away!”

“But don’t you think he’s cute?!?” you asked as you moved up to him,

He quickly jumped up and backed away form you. “Cute my ass! He is cool from a distance, but not an inch away from my eyes!”

“Oh don’t be such a baby.” you said finally catching your breath.”I’ll go put my little baby away so you don’t have another heart attack.”

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V/Kim Taehyung:

You turned the keys to your apartment and opened it up for Tae “And here’s my place” you told him as you let him look around a bit “I’m going to start cooking the ramyeon, feel free to look around” you say and disappear into the kitchen. 

He walked around your apartment, finding all the cute details endearing. Like the picture of you two at the amusements park, the random stone with ‘don’t be a stone’ carved into it really he thought, and lastly a terrarium with an iguana…

Hold on.

AN IGUANA? He’d press his face close to the little lizard in the terrarium, starting to speak with it. “Hello little one, and what’s your name?” he’d talk like if it was a little child. 

You hear his voice and wonder if he’s talking to himself, just to walk in on him making weird faces at your pet iguana _______. 

“Uhm… What are you doing?” you say while giggling. 

“Y/N!” he shouts and turn around “Why didn’t you tell me you had a pet iguana?! It’s so cool!” his eyes were sparkling like a kid’s on Christmas.

“I don’t know, it just never came up? And his name is _____.” you tell him. He smiles returning his gaze to the terrarium “Hello____. My name is V” he says and puts up two fingers. You roll your eyes at his silliness but chuckle nonetheless. 

“Can I like… pet him?” he asks and you nod “Of course” taking _____ out of the terrarium and putting it in his hands. 

He’d just look at you, then _____, then back at you.

“I love him” 

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

You let Jimin in your place and immediately his eyes caught something. “There is a lizard in your living room!” Jimin’s eyes were glued to your pet iguana that was resting on the arm of your love seat.

“Haha yeah that is my baby iguana, ______.” You said flopping back down to your seat on the couch.

Jimin stayed in place, just standing and staring at your iguana. 

“You okay Jimin?”

“Uh, yeah… Just looking at the lizard… making sure he doesn’t move around anywhere.”

“He won’t move. Just come sit down, the drama is about to start.”

He awkwardly went around your whole couch, avoiding the short path that involved walking past _______. Still he kept his eyes on ______.

The drama started, but throughout the whole episode, his eyes constantly flew over to your iguana.

“You are really interested in _______ arent you?”

“It’s just, he barely moves… Its like he’s fake…. Why do you even have a lizard?”

You shrugged. “Why not? He’s adorable.”

Again his eyes flew over to ________.

“You aren’t scared of him are you?” you asked teasingly.

“What? No!”

“You want to hold him then?”

“Um… Nah, I just want to see the next episode.”

“You at least want to pet him. I can see it in your eyes.” you teased again.

“Eh, I guess I c-can pet him.”

You went up and grabbed _______ and went back over to Jimin. “Go ahead, pet him.” you offered, holding your baby right up to Jimin.

He let his hand out, but then pulled away really quick. “He doesn’t bite right?”

“Actually, he does. He loves eating little worms, so when you pet him, don’t let your fingers get too close to his face.”


“I’m kidding!” you laughed. “Oh my- Jimin, iguanas mostly eat fruits and plants and all that.”

“Ugh, you jerk!” he laughed. Again he moved his hand towards _______. Well, not his hand, just his index finger.

After what felt like hours, his finger finally made contact. He only moved his fingers ½ an inch down _______’s belly before he pulled away. “Woah, his skin is weird!” he smiled. 

“You can keep petting him. You can even hold _______ if you want.”

“…I’ll just keep petting him for now.” Jimin said in concentration as he slowly moved his finger down ________’s back. 

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Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook:

>>[7:44 pm] Where are you?

<<[7:44 pm] I’m on my way CHILL 

>>[7:45 pm] Well you  better hURRY, I have a surprise ;)

<<[7:45 pm] Oh yeah? Well i’m trying traffic is horrible D: 

>>[7:45 pm] Yeah blame others for you not planning well enough…

>>[7:46 pm] And HEY don’t text and drive 

<<[7:46 pm] I’m in a taxi moron

<<[7:46 pm] …that is pulling up on your street

<<[7:46 pm] Be there soon ;)

You giggled to yourself a bit as you read his message at the table while taking out your pet iguana, ____, from him terrarium.

The knocks on your door let you know it was Jungkook and you ran up to open it.

“Hellooooo” you said in a sing-song voice. 

You knew you threw him off already. He looked at you warily “What have you done?” he asked while squinting his eyes.

“Nothing” you said innocently as you looked up at him through your lashes. 

He squinted his eyes some more, moving his face closer to you “I’ll believe you for now” he backed up a bit “Now where’s that surprise of yours?” he asked while looking over your shoulder trying to see inside your place.

“Ok hold on, uhm…” you start “stay here” you say as you ran to the bedroom. “Wait… Where’s _____?!?”  You thought as you didn’t see him in the terrarium. “Oh no!”

“How’s it going babe?” you heard Jungkook’s voice from the hall.

“Uhm… Wait a minute!” you said as you started to check under the tables, behind books and other things. 

“Is everything alright?” you heard him ask again as he walked into the room, no even bothering to hold his hands over his eyes for the surprise.

“Well… okay no. So my surprise kinda… uhm…” you looked at him before diverting your eyes and searching for _____ again. 

“Go on” he told you while chuckling a bit “My surprise ran away…” you said, more as a question to yourself. 

Ran away?” he repeated

You sighed deeply “Yes, he ran away… Will you help me look for him?” you asked quickly, continuing to check under different pieces of furniture and clothing. 

“I’d love to… If I knew what I was searching for” he said and giggled as you facepalmed.

“If you see a little green iguana, about this size” you showed him with your hands “it’s ____” 

“Hold on iguana?” he questioned and gave you a look. 

“Yes an iguana, now help me find him!” you say angrily

You heard him sigh before he moved to help. “There porbably isn’t even an iguana, this is a trick.” he grumbled to himself

However, it didn’t even take 3 seconds before you heard “Is this him?”

You turned around to see him holding ____ in his hands. “Aren’t you cute?” he said, looking into the reptile’s eyes. 

“H-how did you? W-Where?” he just looked at you with a very serious face before;

“Babe, I am the golden maknae.” he smirked. “But I guess now you can call me the lizard man, a top notch lizard whisperer!” he said and broke into a silly smile.

You rolled your eyes at him. “Whatever.”

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-Admin Boat and Admin Satellite 

Tom Holland x reader

Tom has acne from the spider mask, you help him and tell him he is the cutest tom

Heyhey yall! Im not really getting any requests so I decided to write something I came up with,, Idk where I found this but Tom apparently said that the Spider-Man mask causes acne or something (this probs isn’t accurate but whatever) anyways I hope y'all still enjoy this xx


You launch yourself onto Toms bed, earning a groan from your boyfriend. It’s 2pm and he’s still in bed! It makes sense though, he’s been filming a lot for the Spider-Man movie and giving so many interviews. You smile at how cute he is and try to peck his lips, only to be met with the bedsheets he was laying under.

“Did you just pull those up so I wouldn’t be able to kiss you?” You ask faking a hurt expression. You’re answered with another incoherent sound.

This isn’t like Tom. No matter how tired or how busy he was, he had never rejected a kiss from you.

You try to pull down the sheets but he has them clenched in his fists. So the only logical thing to do, of course, is to climb under the sheets as well. But again your boy pushes you away mumbling a quick ‘babe stop’ at you.

“Tommo, what’s up? Is something wrong?” Concern is spread all over your face.

He slowly comes out from under the covers, giving you an almost ashamed expression.

“It’s just… I’ve been filming so much and all these hormones and stuff and the Spider-Man mask is just not good for my face but I try to keep it clean but it doesn’t work and I mean look at me! I look ridiculous with all these spots!” He moves his hands in chaotic manner as he rambles on about his skin being unclear.

You can’t help but smile at your boyfriend, blushing and rambling about how he doesn’t want you to be grossed out by his skin.

“Tom, I honestly couldn’t care less about your skin you know that right?” You say finally making him stop rambling. “It happens to everyone, it happens to me too sometimes. And it doesn’t make you grossed out by me now does it?” You counter as he silently agrees. “So can I have my kiss now?” You cheekily ask him. He gives in and pulls you closer to him, kissing you softly.

“How do you get rid of those spots?” He asks you after pulling away, his cheeks still rosy from the kiss.

“I have a skin care routine, face masks, scrubs, you know the drill. It’s quite exhausting really. But we could put on a face mask together now if you want?” You say smiling. The thought of Tom with a funny coloured face mask makes you giggle.

He gladly accepts your offer, and you’re both giggling and laughing as the green masks look ridiculous, and it gets harder to talk and laugh too, which only makes it funnier to the both of you. You make crazy selfies and try to kiss without getting the mask on your lips.

Those spots your boyfriend was so worried about actually turned out to not be a bad thing after all.

Sexual Tension - Bucky Barnes x Reader - Chapter 5

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Summary: (Y/N) transfers to a new university only to find out her new teacher is a hot jackass. Heated words are tossed back and forth but it ends up making them gravitate even closer.

Pairing: Professor!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 1.8k (ah it’s really short.)

Warning: it’s all fluff

A/N: The chapter I originally wrote was SUPER long so it’s split into two parts - the second part (this chapter) is small because of that reason.

Chapter 4

“What if someone sees us?”

You were sitting at ‘The Grind’ with your favorite professor. It was the day after you both had your date, making the day Saturday. Neither of you guys had plans so you went on a coffee date. It wasn’t the best place to go considering your best friend owned the place and would go out of her way to eavesdrop on your conversation but you both loved it more than any other local café. You both sat at a booth in the back of the building so that you could have some privacy, privacy as in not being noticed by someone you know.

“Don’t worry. If anyone sees us I’ll just say that you wanted to meet up to talk about the class. I’ve done it before, many teachers meet up with students to discuss things like that.” You flashed him a smile before drinking the rest of your coffee.

“You said you had no plans today, right?” Tonight was your day off, your day of no work and no school. Fortunately it was the same for him which made it a perfect day to hang out.

“Yeah, why do you want to do something?” He gave you his famous cheeky smile. Such a flirt.

“Don’t get cocky, Barnes. I was just wondering if you wanted to come to my place later. I was going to have a movie marathon and it’s still planned so you’re welcome to join me if you get lonely.” You teased him and gave him a reflection of the same smile he gave you moments before.

“Me? Lonely? Yeah, yeah. You’re just lucky I’m free tonight because otherwise I would have turned that deal down. But yeah, I wouldn’t mind.” His forehead wrinkled when he lifted up his eyebrows and you snickered.

“Good, it’ll be starting around 8 so don’t be late.” His hand balanced over yours and the warmth from his touch filled your body. A heartwarming smile flashed across his face. His smile was contagious so naturally you smiled back.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


You were fixing up your apartment so your guest wouldn’t feel clustered, or think that you were a pig. Everything was nice and fine by the time the clock hit 7:30. Thanking god internally for giving you a few moments to make sure you didn’t look like you just woke up from winter hibernation before he got here.

Knowing it would be a night of comfort and comfort only, you slid on some sweats and a regular long sleeve black Henley with the buttons undone. You let your natural hair flow beside your shoulders while you carried some extra blankets to your couch. By the time you finished getting the snacks, pillows and your favorite movie franchise, there was a knock at the door.

Opening the door, you eyed him down with a smile. He was wearing regular joggers and a sweatshirt. He held a bag of food and a bouquet of flowers. His shoulders shrugged before holding the flowers out to you.

“Always the gentlemen, huh, James?” Your heart fluttered as you accepted the roses and opened the door to let him come in.

“I can be anything for you, doll.” You giggled. Leading him into the living room, you set your gift on the counter before grabbing his hand and pulling him to the couch with you.

“You never mentioned what movies we were watching, you know.” He plopped down next to you before you shoved a collections of movies into his face. His eyes automatically lit up when he read the names.

“I bet you don’t regret coming over now. X-Men is the best franchise there is!” You winked before getting up to put in the first movie. “I would never regret anything as long as it involves you and I, you know that right?”

Standing up with red forming over your cheeks. “Such a sweetheart.”

You went to go sit next to him but he shifted over to where you sat on him instead.

“God James, every time!” Laughing and throwing your head back to lay onto his shoulder, his arms snaked around your waist.

“What? Don’t want me to hug you? If you just said so I would have stopped.” His eyebrow raised.

“N-No! I’d rather be here than anywhere.” Turning your body to look up to him, you wanted to kiss him right then and there. The last time you both kissed was the night where he apologized. You tilted your face forward his before planting your lips onto his. His grip on your body shifting your position to give him a better angle to kiss back. His arm pulled your chest towards his and his other stayed steady on your thigh. His tongue guided its way through your mouth while yours fought back.

You both smiled in the kiss before pulling away. Your noses touched and your body’s were panting, begging for air.

“Payback?” You laughed while still gasping for air while he eyed you down. His teeth shined through his lips.

“If that’s your way of payback…” His eyes widened, he shook his head with a small laugh.

You laid your back against his front and watched the flashing screen in front of you. After a while of being wrapped up in his arms and a mountains of blankets, your favorite actor came on screen. Your eyes practically lit up at the sight of Professor X. You grabbed a bowl of sweets in front of you and shoved some into your mouth.

“Oh god, the things I’d do James McAvoy.” You spoke with food still in your mouth while stared at the blue eyed god on screen in admiration.

“Got a thing for the bald guy in a wheelchair, huh?” He chuckled to himself and received a glare.

“He isn’t bald or in a wheelchair yet! I mean he’s still absolutely drop dead gorgeous before and after but-”

“If I shaved my hair and broke my legs would you look at me the same way you look at him?” You couldn’t help at smile at how desperate he was sounding, you knew it was a joke but it was hilarious.

“Trust me, the look I give him and the look I give you are two completely different things.” You tried to shut him up by stuffing pieces of candy into his face but it didn’t exactly work.

“How so?” A spark lit into his eyes while he chewed the candy.

“He is just a gorgeous man, you my friend are not only gorgeous but you hold a special place in my heart. Like an inch above McAvoy.”

“Well you did call me hot the very first day we met, I guess you just have a thing for guys names James.”

You let out a loud laugh before grabbing his hand and cuddling closer to your personal teddy bear. “Better watch out for anyone named James because they just might snatch me away, huh?”

The movie soon ended and you both watched X2. By the time it finished your whole body ached from sitting in the same spot for hours. You stood up and stretched your body before pulling his arm. He stood up and would have knocked you over if he hadn’t had both of his arms gripped onto your back. His lips gave yours a small kiss before pulling away and smiling at you.

“Do you really have to go?” You pleaded for him with your eyes.

“Well, it is 3am.” He looked at the digital clock on the wall before focusing his gaze back at you.

“Tonight was fun, thank you for spending time with me.” You wrapped your arms around him and gave him a tight hug.

You both said your goodbyes and maybe a few minutes of smooching but eventually he had to leave and he made his way to his car. Walking into the living room to clean up the leftover food in the room and placing your new flowers into a vase of water. After a few minutes you heard a light tap at your door.

“What now?” You laughed to yourself before unlocking your door and opening it to the same man who claimed he was going home. “Long time no see, handsome.”

“My car won’t start and it’s too early for any of my friends to come give me a jump.” He ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

“Don’t worry, you can just stay over.” Your hands grabbed his before pulling him into your apartment for the second time that night. He didn’t object and walked in. You finished cleaning up the few things you missed before grabbing the pillows from the couch and throwing them onto your bed.

“I can sleep on the couch if you want.” His arm scratched the back of his neck.

“If you didn’t want to sleep with me you should have just said so. You’re my guest, sleep on my bed.”

“I never said I didn’t want to sleep with you it’s just I didn’t know if you were comfortable with it.”

“We literally just sat on my couch like we were duct taped together. Just take my bed!”

“I can’t just kick you out of your own bed! I’ll take the couch.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes I am.”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes I am!”

“I’m not letting you!”

“Like you can stop me.” He lifted up his arm and flexed it to show his muscles.

“Oh shut up! Fine. You know I have nightmares anyways and I usually have Nat stay over and sleep with her because they’re not that bad when I’m cuddling with someone. Now, I realize we’re technically not on that level to be sleeping in the same bed together but we kinda just did that like not even 10 minutes ago except we were awake watching a movie and you won’t take the bed and I’m not letting you take the couch and since you’re here, I mean, we might as well share the bed and honestly I’m just really scared to go to sleep alone so…” Your throat stung by the lack of oxygen. You took a huge breath before placing your hand over your eyes.

“God I just embarrassed the hell out of myself, didn’t I?”

You let your hand fall from your face only to see that he had the biggest smile on his face. “Oh, this is funny to you, huh?”

“You’re cute when you panic.”

“Wow that’s a first.”

You rolled your eyes before pulling him towards your bed and laying down onto it. You scooted over to where you could lay on his chest before pulling the blanket over you both and turning the night-stand light off. Your heart beat was still fast from your small rant earlier but soon slowed down when you heard his own beat through his chest. Your mind wondered as you thought about his car and how it broke down. It must have been some mistake, he just got that car not even a month ago. Then it hit you.

“Your car didn’t break down, did it?”



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Further update with @arrghigiveup: Yuri definitely eventually meets PK and there’s a selfie where PK is giving the camera his big happy smile and Yuri is looking all cutely, shyly blushy and delighted.

Gold Medalist of Everything Victor Nikiforov is in the background, wearing the look the dog gets when you just told another dog it was the Goodest Boy and it knows it can’t shove the other dog away from you.

incoherent thoughts before bed to talk about in the morning: Yachi and Fukunaga meeting at the training camp and it being Cute


Everyone just kind of stares with wide eyes as Yoongi sits and enjoys his lunch, blank faced as fuck, as Taehyung just casually climbs his lap and chomps down on his arm.  The alpha grunts and looks down and everyone kind of expects him to be mad that Taehyung is basically using him as a chew toy but to everyone’s shock, Yoongi just smiles at the cute omega.

“Yah brat, don’t bite so hard.”

Taehyung just pulls back with a giggle.

Lip balm

“Children,” Yoongi chuckled as he watched the scene before him fondly. The maknae line was somehow engaged in an impromptu snowball fight, their laughter echoing in the empty park. Yoongi  took another sip of his morning coffee, the warmth of staying inside the car too tempting for him to bother joining the antics of his team members. He was contemplating whether he should take a brief nap when a sharp knock was heard from his side of the window.  

“Hyung!” Jungkook was all bright smiles and shiny eyes when he rolled down the window. He couldn’t help but to smile back. “Can I have your coffee? Just a bit? I am so thirsty from all that running.” Yoongi sighed but handed over his current most prized possession anyway.

“Feed me hyung, please?” Jungkook lifted up his gloved hands and placed them under his chin in an attempt to be cute. “My gloves are all wet and slippery but I don’t want to take out my gloves and…”

“Okay! Okay, I will.” Yoongi used one hand to hold the cup close to Jungkook’s lips while the other hovered beneath the cup to catch any stray drops. Jungkook lapped the drink greedily like it was his in the first place. “Slow down kid! You’re gonna burn yourself.”

Jungkook just smiled sheepishly when he realised that he finished Yoongi’s coffee. “Oops.”

“It’s fine. I will just get another later.”

“Thanks hyung!” Yoongi grabbed onto Jungkook’s hand to stop him from leaving. “Your lips! At least put on some lip balm, I swear you kids are gonna be the death of me…”

Jungkook whined but didn’t try to escape Yoongi’s hold as he searched in his bag pack. “Here you go.” Placed the lip balm on the palm of Jungkook’s hand. His gloved hand. Oh right. Jungkook seemed to notice the dilemma too. “Help to me to put it on hyung?” His voice light but Yoongi can detect the nervousness buried in it.

“Pucker up then.” Jungkook made a exaggerated kissy face that caused an indignant snort out of Yoongi. “Keep it up and you will stuck looking like that forever.”

“Even so, I will still look good hyung.”

“Jin hyung is a bad influence on you.” Yoongi’s finger now inches away from Jungkook’s lips. “Stay still.”

Jungkook for some reason took that to mean he should close his eyes. Like this, Yoongi could see there were flecks of snow clinging to his eyelashes and the flush on his cheeks from the cold. He was so pretty it hurt.


Oh yeah. Lip balm. Right. Yoongi gingerly swiped his finger across Jungkook’s top lip, making sure everything was spread evenly. “It tickles.” Jungkook breathed quietly against his skin and Yoongi had to resist from pulling away because it was too much and not enough. 

He rubs on the rest of the gel quickly. “There. All done.”

“How about you hyung?” Jungkook gestured to his lips. “Don’t you need to put some on too?”

Yoongi peered into the container and frowned. “That was the last of it. Not a big deal, I will just…”

A soft peck landed on Yoongi’s lips before he could finish the sentence. “Um…Jungkook?”

“Lip balm.” Jungkook stuttered. “Just thought…we could share…maybe?”


“Yeah, I’m just going to…”

“Jungkook.” Yoongi pulled the younger boy closer to him,heart beating a million miles a minute.“I think you missed a spot.”

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Genuinely curious, but why do you ship narusaku?

Oh that’s easy!
I love their dynamic and I love their relationship!!

There both just so goofy and cute together!. NS is a cute ship. In part 1 I came to like them alot but I didn’t ship them.

I liked how Sakura came to care for him.

I like how Sakura was willing to quit the chunin exams just so Naruto could full fill his dream.

I like how she cheered him on in the battles

I like how Naruto fought tooth and nail to save Sakura

And I really like the silly smile he gave in the end!

But NS wasn’t going to happen. Because SS had alot of powerful Moments in part 1 and even NH had potential. But NS couldn’t happen and we saw that when Naruto gave that bittersweet smile when Sakura hugged Sasuke.

And when Sakura asked him to bring Sasuke back.

He knew his feelings were unrequired so I knew NS wasn’t going to happen.

But it was part 2 that hit me with alot of NS feels! There so many cute moments in part 2!!

Naruto’s stunned face when witnessing Sakura’s strength ( I like that scene though I don’t think it’s much of a moment)

How sakura cried and worried about Naruto when we found out about the extraction

How Naruto thought Sakura was amazing.

How Sakura ran to Naruto when he was lost control.

And those subtle hints from Sai and Yamato?

I liked them alot and started to ship them. But I still didn’t believe they will be canon. The biggest reason was Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke. It made NS impossible.

Plus the NH Moment in Pain’s arc? I knew NS wasn’t happening.

I still liked them though. I still found them adorable and sometimes though of them becoming canon. Some days they were my OTP but most of the times I still loved SS.

But there was one moment. One scene that made me believe NS was gonna happen. And it was the most biggest NS moment ever! And that was the minakushi parallels.

I did not expect that! I liked minakushi they were perfect! But the parallels to NS? Made me believe NS was gonna become canon.

I just loved the parallel! NS became my OTP after that!!! And I started searching for some cute arts and cuts fics!! And that’s how I stumbled to one of my MOST FAVORITE artist ever!! And that was LadyGT!! I loved her art! I just loved it!! I loved her NS/MK doujins!! Seeing her art? Seeing the cute NS kids she drew? I just wanted NS to be canon so much!!!

I still loved SS!! I still wanted them to happen as well!! I was such at crossroads!! RTN didn’t help AT ALL!!

When the war arc Started? NH had a huge and powerful moment. And again I believed in NH and SS! But than kishi gave us the “are you Naruto’s girlfriend” and the CPR Moment!!!!!

At that moment? I just knew he was screwing with us 😤😤😤

But after the “ Sasuke-kun dosent seem to care” moment? I was like -you know what? Anything could happen right now. Im just gonna read the manga to the end without caring about the ships. Kishi can do whatever he wants I just have to accept that.

So than I stopped caring and just focused on the story. But this only lasted for a couple of chapters till we saw the SS eyesmex. It wasn’t long before we got the Confession. My SS feels we’re revived but a part of me was pissed at kishi for giving us those NS hints.

He didn’t need to do that. And if he was gonna give some false hints? At least give us a closure!!!!!

But I loved the forehead poke!!! A part of me will always feel unsatisfied with the ending. A part of me will feel happy.

I shall always love NS and love the artwork ( especially by LadyGT ) and I shall always love RTN. But I will forever ship SS. That’s my OTP. But NS and I had a good run. I still believe the red herring was unnecessary. And it ruined the series for alot of fans. But we’ll there is nothing much we can do now.

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i imagine hades and teenager theo trying to persuade persephone into letting them go to the mortal world and play pranks on humans and she's sternly telling them "no" so they sneak out and think they're victorious but little do they know she's watching them and wraps vines around their ankles as they're trying to leave the castle


Just imagine the vines wrapping around Harry’s feet first because he’s the one who encouraged the rebellious behavior, and so he falls onto the ground and starts getting dragged back slowly.

Theo stops in his tracks, glancing up at the castle and seeing his mom scowling down at him from the nearest window.

“Dad!” He tries to grab Harry’s hand, but Hades shoos him away, a small mischievous smile on the father’s face.

“Go on without me!” Harry wails all dramatic and grandly, clutching his chest as if his heart were going to burst through it. “TP some houses in my honor! Avenge me, son!”

Soonhoon suggestions

- woozi being super clingy when they are alone but not when others show up
- hoshi playing with woozi’s pretty hands while woozi just rambles
- the two relying on each other for more than just work stuff
- ranting to each other because they just get it
- hoshi smiling and woozi just laughing because hoshi is just so cute
- “you work to hard, let’s take a break okay?”
- what is sleep? The two helping the other stay awake to work
- deep talks at 3 am when one of them mentions a sad lyric or something makes them sad
- talking about anything and everything
- random confessions of love whenever one of them comes up with something brilliant
- hoshi trying to learn how to snap and practicing in his free time
- both practicing what the other does to impress each other
- soft singing late in the night when everyone is asleep
- “you’re falling asleep I can tell! Here have some of my coffee”
- a story behind each word
- teasing because one of them tried to rhyme two words that made no sense
- hoshi lifting the mood when things get too serious
- affectionate touches and looks
- one of them falling asleep and the other just watching them, knowing they worked hard
- “sleep well, we have another busy day tomorrow”

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hi!! those hcs were so cute!! can i request 37/46 from the prompt list with michael mell? i love michael so much and there's so few fics/hcs for him. thanks!!

aww tysm!! i’m just gonna post some hcs for now, but i might expand it into a full fic later bc i think the idea is really cute!! 

  • okay so it’s your second or third date with michael 
  • and he’s found this v retro/vintage-themed diner and he knows he HAS to take you
  • and so you guys get all dressed up and he takes you 
  • it’s the first time you’ve seen him without his hoodie (he’s just wearing a plain white tee and blue jeans) 
  • and you know that means that he’s v serious about this
  • so anyway
  • you guys get to the diner and you’re like 
  • “oh my gosh this is so cute!!” 
  • and he just looks over at you and smiles and feels really accomplished bc he wasn’t 100% sure if you’d like it or not 
  • you guys go inside and sit down and it looks v genuine and realistic
  • imagine the diner from grease 
  • they serve milkshakes (of course) and you guys end up getting one but with two straws
  • you both laugh over it bc it’s such a cliche
  • the diner is softly playing old songs and after a while of talking, you realize they’re playing “the one that i want” from grease 
  • and so immediately you’re like 
  • “dance with me!!” 
  • and he’s definitely hesitant at first bc he’s never been the best dancer and doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of you 
  • but he also doesn’t wanna seem like a coward either so you guys start dancing
  •  and he tries to dance as best he can at first but he realizes that you’re being all goofy and really just jumping around
  • so he does the same
  • and it makes you kinda giggle 
  • it makes you so happy to know that he’s comfortable enough around you to let loose 
  • and so the song ends and you’re both out of breath 
  • and he looks at you
  • and you looks so absolutely beautiful and he’s just overwhelmed with how much he likes you
  • and he’s super nervous but he stutters out
  • “Can…can I kiss you right now?” 
  • you look up at him and he’s blushing 
  • you lean forward and kiss him
  • i imagine him being v touchy
  • so he’s cupping your face in his hands and he’s all into it 
  • and so you guys pull back
  • his lips are kinda swollen and pink and he looks so pretty
  • and he giggles and he’s so smiley and happy!! 
  • you both are snapped out of your thoughts by cheering and clapping from the diners’ employees
  • you both are super embarrassed and go straight back to the booth you were at
  • the date goes great!! and he kisses you again when he takes you back to your place
  • and when you go in, you look back at him out of a window 
  • and he hasn’t pulled away yet, and you can see him giggling and being all happy 
  • and the last thought that runs through your mind is
  • “i love this dork so much”

I’m deep in clone Shiro theory rn, but I want him to be happy and loved if he is real. Shiro never thinks about his family so maybe he doesn’t have one..a family can be 1 original and 50 clones ok. also @ilovelocust had a cute idea of Keith giving Shiro clone a pep talk and I couldn’t not use it