his smile is flawless

Mind Reading (young! Charles Xavier x Reader) ~drabble

Summary: Charles helps the reader with their powers.

Warnings: None that I know

Text that looks like ‘this’ are Charles thoughts.

“Now (y/n), just relax, and focus on getting into my mind.” his bright blue eyes stared into yours, as you tried to force your way into his mind. But that proved easier said than done. Charles was the strongest mutant you have ever met. What he lacks in physical strength he made up with his tremendous mental strength. You had known him for years now, helping him run the school and in turn he helped you with controlling your mutation. But working with someone you are head over heels for gets hard.

You tried focusing on using your telepathic powers, but could only think about his beauty. The way his hair fell. The way his stubble started to form, it perfectly framed his jawline. His flawless smile and- your thoughts were interrupted by anther voice in your mind. ’(Y/n) love, I appreciate your thoughts on me, but maybe now is a good time to focus on working on your powers.’

A red hue consumed your cheeks and you went back to concentrating. After half an hour of trying, you managed to get a glimpse into his mind, and were swarmed with thoughts of you. Your smile, the way you laugh at his stupid jokes. The way you smirk when you do something well.

“Good job (y/n), you’ve finally got a hold of your powers.” He leaned toward you and lightly kissed your forehead. 'I’m proud of you,“


Thank you so much for reading! Im sorry I haven’t been good at posting. I was away on vacation. Sorry if this fic is absolute shit I had no clue how to finish a fic like this. If you have any requests PLEASE send them in! They help speed up the process of my writing. Please do not reupload any of my stories! Gif is not mine.



Christmas Week, Day 3: James and Lily set up a Blind Date for Blackinnon, for thepunkpotato


“Marlene, this is Sirius Black, James’ best friend.” Lily said sweetly as she led her into the dining room, where James was split in half with laughter while Sirius was making the Turkey dance on the table.

“Err… hi?”

Sirius looked up, his eyes widened for a split second as he eyed Marlene up and down, then a charming smile stretched across his lips as he stood up to shake her hand.

“Enchanted.” He smiled crookedly, his flawless mane falling beautifully around his face.

“Pleasure.” She said, raising an eyebrow as she watched the Turkey perform a ballet. “Is this even allowed by the Minister of Magic?” she said, a snort escaping her lips.

“I wouldn’t know, unfortunately. I’m not really accustomed to care about the rules.” Sirius said smugly.

“Don’t you think he’s brilliant, Marls?” James said as he wiped the corners of his eyes on his way to take her in his arms.

“Well hello to you too, Jamesie!” She rolled her eyes.

“How are you?” he asked, smiling sheepishly.

“You didn’t tell me there would be someone else.” She said, raising her eyebrows at Sirius, who winked.

“Oh? A-are you sure?” Lily stuttered, glancing at James for help, but he merely shrugged. “I thought I had mentioned it on the phone… anyway! Have a sit.” She smiled innocently.

Marlene eyes Lily suspiciously as she led her to the seat in front of Sirius. She sat and ignored Sirius, who had taken his seat took.

“Well, I think we can start.” Lily smiled and, with a flick of her wand, she made the Turkey fall flat on its plate. “James, would you mind helping me in the kitchen? You two start, we won’t be long!” Lily said excitedly as she grabbed James’ arm and led him out.

“You guys barely ate!” Marlene called nervously.

“Just start!” Lily shouted back firmly.

Marlene frowned and glanced at Sirius just in time to see him look up at her from the spot he was staring at. She growled and adjusted her low-neck dress.

“So, since how long have you known this charming lovesick couple?” Sirius asked, once more distracted.

“Since, like, forever?” she said, glaring at him as she buttoned up her short vest.

“Nice dress you’ve got there… did your boyfriend buy it to you?” he smirked.

“I can take care of my shopping alone, thank you very much.”

“You do have a boyfriend, then?” he said, his smirk dying off his face.

“No, I’m not really into boyfriends, Sirius.” She rolled her eyes.

“Aye, girlfriends are way better, aren’t they?” His smirk appeared once more as he spoke.

“What- no!” Marlene said loudly, offended.

“No problem, I don’t mind lesbians. Not at all, actually…” he winked.

Marlene’s jaw fell to the ground. She spun around on her seat.

“James! Lils! You two better bring your arses here!” She called.

“Give them some space, they must be shagging.” Sirius said, his mouth full of Turkey. He sighed. “Ah, the magic of Christmas. So what are your plans after this date?”

Marlene turned to face Sirius, her eyes wide.

“This what??”

Sirius looked up at her, his cheeks looking like he had two bludger in his mouth.

“Don’t you know the meaning of a date, darling?”

“I know what’s a date you moron! I had no idea that-…” She froze. A little laugh escaped her face when realization hit her. “LILY!” she shouted angrily. “YOU LITTLE BITCH! YOU’LL NEVER GET AWAY WITH THAT I’M TELLING YOU!”

Sirius nearly choked himself with laughter.

“Merlin, those bastards are so smart…” he said in between two laughs.

“This is not funny!” she turned to face him, glaring.

“Oh come on, love. Imagine if they hadn’t planned this; we would have never met each other.” He said seductively, leaning across the table.

“Trust me, I would have survived.” Marlene scoffed. “I need to find a way to get back at them. Ugh, I can’t believe that-”

“If it’s a prank we’re talking about, luckily for you I happen to be the master of pranks.” Sirius said, examining his nails pompously.

“Really? And what do you suggest?” Marlene raised her eyebrows.

Sirius smiled crookedly and looked at her out of the corner of his eyes.

“Go out with me.”

“Fuck off.”

Sirius sighed dramatically.

“Just for a couple of weeks! And then we’ll break up, I promise. We’ll have the biggest fight ever and make them feel bad about it. And on top of that…” Sirius used his deeper, most charming tone as he finished his sentence. “You’ll earn a hot boyfriend who will know just well how to treat you right.” Sirius stretched his hand across the table. “Deal?”

Marlene glanced down at his hand and back up at him, a smirk stretching across her own lips. She took his hand.


–Three months later—

“Coming!” Marlene checked herself on the mirror quickly before opening the door of her flat. She froze.

“Sirius?” She smirked and crossed her arms at the sight of Sirius Black on her doorframe, carrying a dozen of Tulips in his arms.

“Hey.” He swallowed. “Listen, I know we broke up yesterday, we had a lot of fun and all –you were brilliant, by the way-, but now I just feel weird when I come home and there’s not that faint scent of burning food  anymore and those terribly slow and boring records playing and I don’t trip anymore over your heels and your scent is starting to fade off the bed sheets and the whole flat itself and I’m starting to fear that I’ll never feel again what I feel right now…” Sirius trailed off, knowing he was getting nowhere and he probably looked like an idiot. “My main point is… I’d really like it if we had another date.”

Marlene watched him, smiling fondly.

“These are my favorites.” She said, nodding at the flowers.

“Really? I… I had no idea…” He said, eyeing the Tulips as though he had never seen any before.

“Shut up, you moron.” She said as she jumped in his arms and kissed him.

Sirius smiled. Indeed, if it hadn’t been for James and Lily, they would have never met, and they both were glad for that.

my favourite constellation

This was inspired by @megchandoodles and her art of Oikawa! ♥

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Oikawa Tooru is beautiful.

His skin is flawless, beautifully pale and soft to the touch.

It’s really not a surprise that he gets scouted to be a model, shortly after finishing college. That face was practically made to be seen and appreciated by the masses. He deals with it well, smiles burning his face easily, but Hajime always prefers him like this - face clean and clear, no make-up, in the hazy light of morning.

Hajime notices his beauty more than ever under the soft glow of the sun.

It’s not the beauty that everyone else sees. No, his beauty isn’t in his wide, bright smile. It’s not in his flawless hair, or perfectly constructed outfits. It isn’t in the way that his skin is able to catch the light in just the exact right way-

Okay, no, wait, wait. All those are things about him that are beautiful, but they’re not the things Hajime sees. It’s not the beauty that made him fall in love with him, and it’s not the beauty that keeps him falling more and more in love each and every day.

Rather, it’s the way his nose scrunches up when he tries to curl deeper into a cuddle, leeching all the warmth he possibly can from Hajime. It’s in the way his hair looks in the morning, after a good, slow round of sex, slightly wispy and so soft that Hajime could run his fingers through it for hours. It’s the way that his skin feels , the way the light reflects off it, so soft and gentle and inviting.

It’s in his tiny birthmarks littered across his back that only he gets to touch.

Hajime blinks awake, first, as always. Tooru has never been a good sleeper, and since he stays up later, he usually sleeps in as long as possible. He doesn’t even stir when Hajime shifts on the bed, propping himself up on his elbows.

That’s fine, though - it gives him ample time to appreciate.

Tooru is fast asleep. He had a long flight, after being away for an entire week for work. He’s facing away from Hajime, lying on his stomach. As he sleeps naked (a habit Hajime cannot break him of no matter how hard he tries), his back is completely exposed, skin so soft and delicate and so tempting to touch.

So Hajime does just that - he touches.

He moves slowly, so not to arouse his lover, starting low on his back. He lets the pads of his fingers touch his skin, moving across the smooth plain of his exposed skin.

His fingers find the first one, which is snug just to the right of his spine, deep down in his lower back. Hajime presses into it - the first of many tiny star-shaped birthmarks that litter Tooru’s back.

He moves slowly. Time is something they have in spades, after all. They’re no longer two teenagers too afraid to admit how they feel, dancing around each other in fear of breaking what they have.

No, now he can really and truly call him his lover.

His fingers trace up, delicately navigating the skin that more familiar to him than even his own. He finds the second birthmark, which is located right along his ribs.

Hajime continues his ministrations; he traces to the next birthmark, which is straight across his back, then continues upwards. He touches each and every one of Tooru’s twelve star-shaped birthmarks scattered across his back, finally ending right below his left ear.

He loves mapping out his birthmarks. It feels like connecting the stars to his favourite constellation.

Finally at his destination, Hajime leans forward and presses a tiny kiss to that final birthmark.

It’s his favourite one, after all. It’s the only one he gets to see all the time and plant kisses on whenever he feels like it. It’s never covered by any article of clothing (only the occasional scarf), not to mention he has a very sensitive neck.

Tooru shifts under his touch, letting out a slow breath.

“Good morning,” Hajime mumbles. He presses another kiss to that birthmark before drawing back, allowing Tooru to flip over.

He does so leisurely, stretching out languidly before turning over. He breathes slowly, expression hazy from fatigue. Brown eyes blink up at Hajime, slowly, eyelashes pressing delicately into his skin with each one.

“G’mornin’,” he mumbles, still sleepy. “Do we have to get up?”

Hajime hums before shaking his head. “Nope. Day off, remember?”

“Good.” Tooru smiles in that soft, delicate way reserved just for Hajime, and slides in closer to him. His hands slip out, one curling underneath himself, the other sliding around Hajime.

He scrunches up his nose in that adorable way, trying to get as close as possible for cuddles, and Hajime falls in love with him all over again; the same way that he does every day.

anxiety {mature fluff: n.m.}

tw: anxiety, anxiety attacks.

A/N: this was previously posted on a page i was a part of but then the blog was deleted (twobestfriendswriting)
You watched pridefully as Sammy and Nate rehearsed. You could watch Nate rap for forever, his flow flawless as he found your eyes and smiled. The time came and went and show time wildly approached. You had been looking for Nate for an hour now, he was nowhere to be found. Where could he be? Finally you heard heavy breathing and frantic ruffling of clothes hangers on a rack. You slowly opened the door and found Nate flipping through hangers of clothes. “Baby? What wrong?” You called to him. He just shook his head no and stopped. His breathing all that could be heard. “I-i can’t f-fuck-fucking do th-this.” He said shakily, his voice wasn’t the only thing shaking, his hands couldn’t be tamed. You walked towards him, he backed up. “What are you talking about, baby? Are you okay?” He shook his head no again and sunk down onto the couch, pulling his knees up to his chest. “I’m not as good as Sammy, I’ll never be! I-I’m going fuck up this show so bad and the fans will hate me and oh my god, YN, I’m just such a fucking fuck up and I can’t do this,” he said crying, shaking with his anxiety.
“Nathan Maloley,” you started. You walked to him and sunk down to him. You held him close, his head on your lap as you rubbed his back, “you’re fucking amazing. At every single thing you’ve ever done. The fans will never hate you. Please don’t talk like this, baby. You mean so much to so many people. You got this.” You reassured. “25 minutes!” Someone called, knocking on the door. His breathing picked up again.“Don’t. Calm down.” You said, pulling him up with yourself. You touch his cheeks into your hands, kissing him with all the love you had. “Go roll a blunt and get high as the heavens with Sammy,” you told him, he smiled, laughing a little. “I thought you wanted me to cut back on that, babe?” He asked hiding a smirk, you wiped his tears and kissed his nose. “You need it right now, Nate. I’ve never seen you have such an anxiety attack before. Just calm down, breath slowly, and go get stoned.” You smiled as did he. He pulled you closer to him by your hips and kisses you softly. “Nope, I don’t need no drugs to get me high, lil mama. I got you.” He said pulling you in for some more kisses. One thing lead to another and let’s just say you’ve never had such a hot make out session.
Which ended in a person yelling “two minutes! Show time, boys!” Nate sighed and pulled away slipping on a shirt.
“Go out there and get it, baby.” You smiled, “and when you crush it out there, I’ll take care of that for you.” You smirked and winked as you ran your hand over his bulge.“You drive me so fucking crazy, (Y/N).” He groaned. You just smiled widely, “I know.” He laughed then ran out to meet up with Sammy before the duo crushed it on stage.


A ring to it - HideHaise

Would this be Haise’s style in puns?

Haise clucked his tongue in nervousness. He glanced down to his speech one last time and looked towards where Hide sat on top of a familiar park dome. With a large smile gracing his flawless face.

“About time” Hide chimed jokingly. Noting the anxious smile that was returned from the latter, Hide titled his head curiously. He slipped off of the dome and moved to stand in front of Haise who only stood a few feet away from it. 

Haise wiped at his brow with a small frown and gulped, mentally preparing himself for the next part of his plan.


“Shhh” Haise shushed, causing Hide to silence himself. 

Haise ignored the look of worry on Hide’s face and heaved a breath full of worry. 

Pursing his lips, Haise spoke. 

“Hide, I’ve taken a viking to you ever since I met you. I know we’ve had our isshoes (issues) but I love you from my head tomatoes (to-my-toes). After all you’re my butter half. You’ve been with me since I was Kaneki Ken and even though Kaneki Ken is now Kaneki Then you still stuck around…”

Haise paused, licked his lips and glanced at Hide, who was staring back with a whirl pool of emotions in his twinkling eyes.

Scratching the back of his neck sheepishly, Haise cleared his throat and continued in a much quieter voice. 

“Hide, don’t you think the word marriage has a nice ring to it? Some men view marriage as a matter of wife and debt. But you and I would never view marriage like that… What I’m trying to say and ask is… Wood you marry me?”

“Haise” Hide whispered moments later, his eyes were dampened with tears and a smile so bright it could make the sun look dull adorned Hide’s face. 

Hide looked at Haise who was staring at the ground with a pink face. 

“That whole thing was terrible.” The latter continued, watching as Haise snapped to look at him with wide eyes looking as though he was going to cry.

“But..” Hide paused to look around the abandoned park.

“Of course I’ll marry you…You nerd!”

2 AM, and you hear a soft pitter patter at your window. Yawning, you stretch, slipping the bunny slippers onto your feet. Lo and behold, there’s Harry Styles, a gorgeous smile painted across his flawless face. He waves, and you open the window, knowing he’ll be crawling in soon.

“Hi babe,” He whispers, kissing your head as you lay back down on your small double bed.

“What’re you doing? We have school tomorrow, dingus.”

“Well, you said you’d teach me mole conversions since you don’t want me copying,” He whispered, kissing your bare shoulder. “God, you look divine. How do you look so great at this hour, love?”

“Why do you want tutoring at this hour?” The pair of you giggle. “Help me up and I’ll teach you Avogadro’s number.”

At four in the morning, Harry became an expert on mole conversions and everything that went along with them. The test would be a piece of cake at school.

Too bad the both of you slept through third period.

Harry woke you up around lunch time, and let you yell at him (what a gentleman). He made it up to you by receiving a 91% A- on your test the next day, making you a proud girlfriend/late night tutor.



There’s something different about Matt Murdock. What I love about ‘Daredevil’ is that his seemingly great weakness is his great strength, you know. So he’s unique in that way and that’s what I think - it’s one of the things that makes him such a beloved character and so interesting. (x)


1. How he says “hi/hey guys”
2. His weird “eh eh” noises
3. His constant tolerance of dans violence
4. When Phil tries to be violent back to Dan
5. His logic
6. His puppy dog eyes/face
7. His bromance with Dan
8. His ability to not blink
9. His love for Christmas
10. The things he does with his tongue (in a non-sexual way)
11. His animal noises
12. How he puts his hands over his mouth when he laughs
13. How he puts his hands over his mouth when hers shocked/horrified
14. He is unbelievably adorable
15. His “aaahs/little screams”
16. When he performs duets with Dan
17. His renditions of songs
18. His smile is flawless
19. His “yays”
20. How he looks at the camera
21. How he attacks Dan with stuffed animals
22. His nose kisses
23. His blue eyes
24. His little hand dances
25. How he juggles
26. His innocent “rawrs”
27. His gymnastics skills?
28. How he says “oh yeah”
29. He’s ridiculously attractive
30. His socks
31. The way he says he hates Dan
32. His crotch dances (I blame Dan)
33. His impressions of his grandmum
34. His Kirby face
35. How he says “here we go”
36. His obsession with Sarah Michelle Gellar
37. His innocence
38. His awesome diving skills
39. How he looks in his glasses
40. How he gives us random snippets of knowledge
41. He is secretly Rihanna
42. His love of iPhone games
43. He’s one of the sweetest people in the universe
44. His laugh is so cute
45. His love for waffles
46. His hilariously awkward real life stories
47. His construction skills
48. His plaid/checkered flannel shirts
49. He’s also a fanboy
50. His dead child Simon
51. His clumsiness
52. His Bella face
53. He was one of the people who encouraged Dan to start YouTube
54. His expert pancake flipping skills
55. How he’s disgusted at placenta
56. His lion
57. His hair
58. His space coat
59. How he wears Seasonal jumpers/shirts/socks to match the season/holiday
60. He’s just Phil! And that’s why we love him


anonymous asked:

chris has a really ugly smile

You’ve gotta be trolling, right?

Chris Colfer’s smile is the most beautiful thing on this fucking earth. That is the smile that makes girls across the world swoon with heartache, it makes mother’s wish he was their son, it cures homophobia, it may even turn Darren gay, and IT’S WHAT HE USED TO CHARM RIB INTO LETTING HIM DO A DAMN SEX SCENE WITH AN EQUALLY ATTRACTIVE MOTHERFUCKER.