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James Potter accidentally shifting into Animagus shape when someone gives him a scare, and the first night Harry starts screaming in the middle of the night Lily isn’t sure if she’s still dreaming when she sees a distressed deer jumping against the bedroom door


Some of my faves from Aaron’s House of Blues: San Diego concert (more pics here)

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Please make a gross sappy post about how much you love Yoongi. I follow you exactly for that. And the fact that you make awesome gifs. And you are pretty. And you are a really cool person. And I love reading your answers to asks. I just love you. Please do more gross sappy posts. I will read all of them.

omg you read my tags thank you aksmalkms ok so here’s what i wanted to say.. i was watching some other group’s videos on youtube when i realized that i still don’t have a bias in it?? the same goes for other groups i like?? literally the only person to catch and keep my attention was yoongi and when i acknowledged it in my head today i’m just???? is this what love at first sight is like??????? in just 13 seconds he turned my life upside down. he’s literally the reason i looked up bts and then fell in love with them and their music. like no one’s ever affected me that much what is this?? how can i still adore him so much after almost 2 years since i saw him? 



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Shameless inspo for establish Sarumi where they move back in together. Misaki starts showing the highs of manic depression & Saru somehow finds out Misaki quit his job but wonders where he goes when he says he's going to work so he follows him. He finds Misaki at a gay strip joint lap dancing on some guy & giving him hand so Saru is like what? Yata acts all casual about it like it pays more who cares. Then when they get home Yata shows the lows & refuses to get out of bed. How would Saru deal?

I can see this being something difficult for Fushimi to deal with at least initially just because he’s not exactly well-equipped to handle other people’s mental issues when he can barely handle his own, like depending on Fushimi’s own feelings at the time if Yata hit a depressive low I could see Fushimi ending up lying there in bed with him and neither one quite has the will to get up. I think he’d be able to tell that something’s off about Yata though, like maybe Yata’s on one of his highs and it’s making him extra energetic to the point of recklessness. He’s rarely at home, always needing to keep moving and he’s always excitedly trying to drag a tired and cranky Fushimi out places. Fushimi assumes that Yata’s late nights are due to his part time job but then he finds out from one of the Homra guys that Yata quit and that makes Fushimi even more concerned, he knows that Yata was enjoying his current job and it seems weird that Yata would leave it without telling Fushimi. Maybe this has been going on for a while though, like Yata’s string of part time jobs wasn’t because he couldn’t hold one down or anything, it was because he hits manic periods where just going to work regularly is too difficult for him, he’s always wanting to go out and do more or he causes issues and gets fired. Fushimi confronts Yata about it and Yata just blows him off like don’t worry so much geez you’re not my mom. Yata runs off and Fushimi decides to follow him, which is when he discovers Yata’s current strip joint job. Say that’s the place Yata tends to end up when he’s at his wit’s end, like during the manic periods when he’s constantly getting fired he can work out his energy there and he’s not even embarrassed about it, just on such a high that he doesn’t care who he’s dancing with or what he’s doing. Being caught there by Fushimi doesn’t faze him at all, in fact Yata’s about ready to give Fushimi a lap dance before Fushimi drags him away.

Then the next day Fushimi’s expecting to have to deal with this unfamiliar manic Yata but instead he finds Yata’s hit a low period and won’t leave his bed, totally mortified about what Fushimi saw him doing and about losing yet another job and Fushimi doesn’t know how to handle this because he’s not even really sure why Yata went from one extreme to another. I think Fushimi would know enough to suspect manic depression though and maybe he and Yata have a talk about it, Fushimi wondering if Yata’s ever sought treatment or if he has some kind of meds Fushimi can get for him, Yata’s like why the hell would I go to treatment just because I feel shitty. I think Fushimi would get annoyed at him for that but then Yata gets irritated at him in turn, like you’re the last person who gets to tell me about needing therapy or medicine for mental issues. I feel like Fushimi would feel a bit helpless about the whole thing, part of him wants to be able to support Yata now the way Yata’s been supporting Fushimi through his rough mental patches but Fushimi himself has no idea how to do that, like he’s wracking his brain for what Yata does during Fushimi’s low periods and maybe he even ends up making Yata something to eat and then sitting with him in bed and being all awkwardly gentle about things. Fushimi thinks he’s probably fucking things up entirely but it does end up helping Yata, Yata can tell that Fushimi’s really trying and he can’t help but feel a bit touched, like he knows how out of his element Saruhiko is here but Fushimi’s still trying and it does actually make Yata feel less awful, like he has someone in his corner now even during the highs and lows of his mood and that makes him feel more like he can get through this.

Guys I just.

I just really need my Fitz back.




You are and will always be the joy of my life

This sweet, tender moment, is far more romantic than Kai and Mika’s confession scene. The way her eyes couldn’t meet his until he touches her chin, is beautiful. The sadness and sorrow in their eyes, the heartfelt embrace, the tears, and how he hides his face in her hair – all is very heart wrenching yet heartwarming at the same time. Hiro’s acting is so captivating.


Healer - the DVD teaser teasing us… [x]