his smile folks

This is by far my favorite story in this Chinese poetry book. Like, yaaaaas, Chuang-tzu, go off

Really wanted to draw the three founders of Hyperion. Ended up drawing their younger selves as well. Um… I have no excuse. I really really like how this turned out tho? Maxim’s smile gets me every time. :) Damn are they really fun to draw. :O

Someone should really stop me. Maybe. XD Hyperion people are ruling my life now. help.

Another Snippet

Since the last bit got such a big welcome, I have been working on more! But most of it needs a bit more research on my part before I feel comfortable posting it. Here’s a little bit, though!


“ - and then the brother jumps out the window, see, and the rest of his squad was waiting in the street so he falls in line right quick. The local patrol finally shows up about ten seconds later, and their first question for the baker’s father is, ‘What did he look like?!’

Obi-Wan snorts, trying desperately to keep a smile off his face as the troopers fall over themselves laughing. He gives them a few moments and then raps the back of his gauntleted hand on the frame of the hatch.

“Sorry to interrupt your fun, gentlemen, but we’ve been asked to leave port, for reasons undisclosed, so it’s time to pack up.”

The troopers all cough and straighten up, saluting in sync. “Yes sir, sorry sir,” the storyteller says, sounding embarrassed.

“Nothing to apologize for that I know of, Major,” Obi-Wan says primly, and then he has to turn away before his smile betrays him.


Hmmm, folks who commented wanting more…. @norcumi, @deadcatwithaflamethrower, and @anachronismsworld, @shadow-spires - sorry if I missed anyone!