his sisters

Bellamy thinking that he lost the most important person in his life. 

His mind flashing back to every single moment with Octavia. When he first named her and put his thumb to her mouth in hopes that it would appease her crying. Scared and nervous because even so little he knew this was big secret but with so much love for this small little girl in his arms.

Bellamy gently sitting back with Octavia leaning into him as their mother reads them stories. Memorizing them so he can recite them back to Octavia when Aurora isn’t around.

Bellamy’s face lighting up every time Octavia shine’s her big grin up towards him. 

The agony and guilt because he doesn’t even want to give Octavia all the stars, he just wants go give her freedom. 

The way she felt in his arms after so much solitude. After coming back to quarters that were empty without her electric personality and the way it takes up a room. And she was bigger after their time apart but his sister still felt them same, felt like home.

Him watching her grow. Her wildness expanding around them and it’s almost like even this world isn’t enough for her. Watching the way that she carries a fight on her shoulders, the way love looks on her for a man. Watching anger spark between them but he loves her, he loves her

And Bellamy thinks that he’s lost that person. And all he can do is break apart. After all what happens when your heart is taken from you?


Bellamy Blake’s entire purpose since the age of 6 years old has been to take care of Octavia. 

Bellamy has spent his entire life putting “My sister, my responsibility.” into action. 

Bellamy has broken the law for Octavia. 

His mother was floated because he wanted one moment of happiness for Octavia. 

He shot the Chancellor for Octavia.

He finally learned to let her grow and fly free of the proverbial nest. 

He watched her find love. 

He watched her lose love. 

Bellamy Blake thinks his sister has died while he is on bad terms with her. 

I can not wait to see what this moment does for his journey. 

my boy lost his mom, his girlfriend, his sister as far as he knows, been dealing with the love of his life making time with hippies and haircuts, getting tortured and captured every other tuesday and his leadership contributions invalidated or minimized constantly while he walks around wracked with guilt and self doubt and the desire to be good and strong and courageous and kind and better than every day before and just

bellamy blake deserves so much love and happiness in his life,,,,, when will this show stop killing him and start letting him know what happiness is

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Special night... his night with his siblings was special to him.. I just. That family man, and Dan, God am I happy they've got him.

he had work stuff in the morning and then drove three hours to go home and babysit so his sister and step dad could have a night out like thats so.. GAH. They are so lovely.

Alec’s going through a lot okay
  • he’s about to find out his sister is ill and addicted to yin fen 
  • He’s still dealing with the guilt over jocelyn’s death 
  • Magnus and his relationship is still rocky 
  • He’s just found out his dad’s cheating on his mum 
  • and Jace is constantly is some kind of trouble 
  • and there’s a war going on 

so cut him a bit of slack okay I’m worried about my poor son 

I don’t even want to think about if Valentine finds out that it was technically ‘alec’ who killed his ‘wife’ 


T’is the boss battle with the tsundere asshole Boss Monster Lin!

-w-;; It didn’t come out as good as I’d hoped but it’s still good.

Videogame au: @blogthegreatrouge

Characters: Spring, Nateev, Meepers and Inashibe






The boss big brother, putting his little sister in bed.

Vg!Rin: @kawaiitalesans

Your fav is problematic: Stephen Colbert
  • Never ages
  • Addicted to pantomiming during monologues
  • Allegedly doesn’t dye his hair (see: disbelieving sister)
  • Alter-ego lives in a log cabin with Jon Stewart, but we almost never get to see either of them
  • Keeps god locked in his ceiling for his own amusement
  • Kisses everyone except me & other loyal viewers

i’m asking you (what you know about these things)

[jonxsansa, modern au, ~5k+]

said there’s no mistakin’
what i feel is really love

—sam smith (whitney houston cover)  

When Sansa had received the gold-leaf invitation to celebrate Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon’s spring wedding, her expectations were high. She had known Loras since high school—indeed, she was best friends with his sister Margaery to this day, five years after their graduation—and as such she had come to know the Tyrells to be the most extravagant of families. As a young woman with equally lavish tastes, Sansa had gotten on with them famously.

While never quite so bold or, at times, rather outlandish as Margaery and Loras, because of their influence Sansa had gained a sense of poise and sophistication well beyond that of her own family. That’s not to say that the Starks were not held in high esteem. But Catelyn Stark had always said that while all of her children had been born with silver spoons in their mouths, her eldest daughter had grown up to fashion hers into a crown. Sansa had once taken offense to that, thinking her mother meant to make a materialistic fool of her, but as she grew older she gained a better perspective.

Not one among their elite set did not have a taste for the finer things—not even her younger sister, Arya, much as she would like to pretend otherwise—and Sansa simply accepted her good fortune and used it to do good by herself and others. Margaery felt the need to point this out at every availability, usually when Sansa showed up to a social event with a less-than reputable beau on her arm. Which, even Sansa can admit in retrospect, is often. Loras’ wedding is no exception, although Sansa has yet to look at it in hindsight.  

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What does a man whose entire life revolved around taking care of his sister do, when that sister is gone?

How does this effect Bellamy’s (already pretty low) desire to live?

How does this effect his interactions with Grounders?

I am so ready to see how this affects Bellamy (even though it looks like he’ll find out next episode that Octanakin is still alive.)

Thirteen years later, the boy develops a taste for adventure. He and his guardian bid farewell. His sister is sad. She will be left all alone with the wicked pastry baroness. She can handle it, he tells her. He believes in her.

We can’t be done with this story here. Not only have the guardians had their own adventures, but those adventures are clearly relevant to the on going story line.

Also, something I’ve noticed is that Grandpa Harley somehow ended up being way younger than Nanna Egbert, despite the fact that they arrived on earth about a week apart. By the mid 90s, Nanna can barely walk on her own, but Harley still has a full head of hair and is out sailing the globe with Jade on the Jade. You can’t just pass that off as him aging better than her, I’d be willing to bet that he skipped ahead a few decades on one of his adventures in the Medium.

Don’t imagine when clarke and bellamy reunite he breaks down and physically clings on to clarke while crying into her shoulder because he still can’t fathom the ‘loss’ of his sister and clarke strokes his hair and pulls his gaze to her face as she tells him she showed up at Arkadia omfg anD THeN HE LIKE HUGS HER EVEN HARDER WITH THE BIGGEST GOOFIEST SMILE ON HIS FACE. DONT DO IT DONT IMAGINE ITS TRAP