his singing has improved so much

Well then. Not only was Seokmin born on this day but so has Vernon! Our beloved Hansol Vernon Chwe, our beloved half caucasian half asian idol! My dear fellow ‘98 line!

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Ok so, lets get the obvious out of the way. Yes, Vernon is super attractive, insanely so perhaps. is genes have clearly worked in his favour.

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Clearly, he is extremely handsome, very naughty.

But the thing that impressed me the most with Vernon is how hard he has been trying to improve himself.

So we all know that his first attempt at showing off his rap skills as an individual had been anything but successful. 

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Indeed, he kinda tried to bite more than he could chew. He tried to be too ‘gangsta’, too ‘hardcore’ before he could develop.

However, instead of closing inside of himself when he failed, instead of throwing a fit, he accepted defeat and decided to learn, to evolve as an artist. Indeed, he continued to grow, rather than blame others.

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Dear people who get to speak with BTS at fansigns

instead of asking them for their ideal types or if they prefer dark skin or tan skin, ya know the usual things they hear on a daily  basis and probably forget about, your one of the the few people who get to actually speak with them on behalf of us armys and they need to know they are much more than their looks and such.

Can you tell Taehyung 

-that his natural skintone is amazing

- that his voice is so soulful and pure

-that we always look up to him for being so optimistic

-congratulate him for working hard in hwarang

Can you tell Jimin

-that he needs to stop overworking his body

-we don’t care about his looks he is perfect

-we care about his wonderful dance skills

-we appreciate how hard he working to improve his singing skills

-to always rest and smile

-to not overwork and stress, we are happy with what he has done for us

-his body is beautiful, keep on smiling

Can you tell Jungkook

-that his skin condition is wonderful, His skintone is blessed

-that we look up to him for working so hard for us armys at a young age

- tell him we look up to how passionate he is and how much he sacrificed at a young age

-appreciate him learning english

-tell him to rest

Can you tell Yoongi

-to never look down on himself

-to remind him that because of his music has saved lives

-his mixtape was amazing

-he is a wonderful human being who deserves happiness

-we appreciate his rapping and producing

-that he is amazing at writing meaningful lyrics

-we appreciate him choosing this path despite the hardships

Can you tell Namjoonie

-that he is an inspiration

-his mixtape literally saved me from suicide

-we appreciate him for always trying to interact with international armys

-that we are so happy he finally decided to block out the haters

-we look up to him for respecting the responsibilities of his actions

-that we really love his lyrics

-that his story on how he sacrificed family and education for music is legendary

Can you tell Seokjin

-that we appreciate eatjin its very entertaining

- that his voice is actually very skilled and so talented

-that we appreciate him for always taking care of his members

-we love listening to his solo tracks and covers

Can you tell Hoseok

-that he doesnt have to be happy all the time just bc he is the hopeful member

-that we respect him as a rapper

-that 1verse was amazing

-his dancing is inspirational

-to tell him he is so hardworking

-he doesnt need to change he is perfect

By @btsxlami
Steven’s Mental Health in Season 4...

…and why he didn’t save the Rubies, unbubble Bismuth, or confront his feelings about Jasper.

Because there is a reason, brought to light by the events of I Am My Mom, and it fits rather well with Steven’s character as of late.

Throughout Mindful, he doesn’t want to think about what he’s gone through because his personal trauma from it is just too great. But then it all comes crashing down at the end, and he forces himself to confront it, right?

Well no, actually. At the end of the episode, Stevonnie just lands in the field and smiles at the sky. At the time, I criticized this for being a quick resolution, but now I realize that that was never a resolution at all: It was just Steven burying his emotional problems even deeper so that not even Stevonnie could be affected by them.

That’s why he doesn’t immediately go to make amends with Bismuth or Jasper or Eyeball: The traumatic stress he associates with their encounters override any sense of empathy he has towards them, and he subconsciously tries to forget so he doesn’t feel that guilt and can just go back to the way things were before (much like a certain singing Diamond he’s heard so much about…)

I think that once Steven’s mental state improves, he’ll consciously try to make amends.

Take a look at the next time Steven’s issues came to a boil, Steven’s Dream: This time, all it takes is a simple question from Steven and a panicked outburst from Garnet to drive Steven into an angry rant about “everyone lying” to him. The problems from Mindful were still eating away at Steven, he probably just didn’t realize it because he was pretty much avoiding those thoughts altogether, and for a while, it was working.

So, Steven goes to Korea, Greg gets kidnapped, and now Steven has a whole new set of things to be guilty over. No matter how justified his actions might have been, Steven’s biggest character flaw is his guilt complex, so he inherently feels responsibility for what happened. (And this isn’t recent, we saw a glimpse of it in Message Received when he blamed himself for Peridot’s supposed betrayal)

However, in the episode Steven’s just too busy worrying about his dad to hear “Oh Steven we’re so sorry” and he rushes them into space. They run into the Rubies and Steven does say “We’ll pick them up on the way back” but pay attention to his tone of voice: It doesn’t sound like he’s saying “Oh no they’re out here we have to save them,” he’s saying “Yeah yeah those guys yeah let’s get back to work and save dad okay” because Steven wasn’t exactly in the best emotional state at the time. I can completely understand his subconscious just NOT wanting to think about the Rubies at all because the events of Bubbled leaving a lingering negative connotation.

After Steven gets back, he’s forced to confront his demons yet again in Storm in the Room, but hey! Everything’s fine in the end because Greg got pizza and it’s all smiles…

Until we get to Lion 4 and he’s right back in the thick of an existential crisis. Sure, he gets a talk with Greg and this is resolved in the end…but is it?

Because by the end of that very week, Steven is giving himself up to be executed in his mother’s place. And all it took was a small mistake he made long ago, and a scenario in which there were no other immediate options.

So, to answer the question of why Steven supposedly let others suffer throughout season 4, it’s because he is suffering himself. He’s been wallowing in it all season, and he hasn’t done anything substantial about it because in his mind that’ll just make things worse and make himself a burden to others. I mean, look at what happened every time his true feelings rose to the surface:

- Mindful Education: Connie almost fell to her death.

- Steven’s Dream: Greg got kidnapped.

These were things that were resolved in the immediate, sure, but long-term? Steven doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, and he’s been indirectly led to believe that by confronting his problems, he’ll just cause others harm.

So we get to I Am My Mom, and he’s given a way out: Sure, he *thinks* he’s doing it to save the Earth and his friends, but subconsciously he’s doing it because it’s his ticket out of the mess he’s been stuck living in for the past four seasons.

The takeaway I get from Season 4 is that Steven’s emotional issues are much bigger than anyone could suspect, and that a million “Sorry’s,” “It’s not your fault’s,” fusion therapy sessions, and sweet words & smiles can only help him so far.

This isn’t the season of Steven letting people suffer for no reason; It’s the season of Steven suffering himself without anyone taking enough notice to do anything, to the point where he inadvertently lets people suffer out of his own desire to not make things worse.

“Don’t worry,” Greg & the Gems probably told themselves after Bubbled, Mindful Education, and the Zoo arc, “Steven’s fine now. See? He’s happy, he must be fine. We told him it was alright, he must be fine. If there was something wrong, we would know about it. He’s doing fine.”

Well he wasn’t.

little things to love about seokmin
  • smiley sunshine!!!
  • cutest lil sunflower!!!
  • the dorkiest boy 
  • powerful vocals 
  • part of the great gag trio
  • seokhorse!
  • always coming up with play-on-words and puns 
  • moves around a lot 
  • a very wiggly person LOL 
  • “twoteen!” 
  • always screaming for some reason. same tho 
  • radiant charisma
  • naruto fan
  • always doing naruto runs or pretends to summon justus
  • has very pretty hands!
  • same birthday as vernon
  • grandpa!seokmin along with grandma!hoshi
  • loves karaoke 
  • super lively, but is also sensitive
  • makes a lot of funny faces 
  • can go from “bright sunny dk” to “mr. steal yo girl dk” in .5 seconds i cant believe
  • “My name is Lee Seokmin, my favorite food is Wenchang chicken” 
  • quite good at cooking! 
  • one of his specialties is losing stuff
  • also singing loudly is another one 
  • remember when he packed a humidifier for ‘one fine day’
  • “I want to bite myself” hAHA OMG
  • yo he has very nice eyebrows like when will i ever
  • predebut seokmin omfg
  • he stil thinks he needs to improve on his singing, he works hard to become better 
  • such a humble human ;; 
  • i hope our lil ray of sunshine has a great day 

jeongguk literally has the most angelic voice ever??? his english improved so much, his pronunciation is so good, his cover is so good. and to think he used to be so shy to sing in front of ppl… he works so hard?? a fan once asked him about how he records his english covers and he actually said he studies word by word and searches the pronunciation ♡ i’m so proud of him, please appreciate not only his improving english but his effort to learn the language ♡

Po Ping Appreciation Post

I was in a need of making the post about one of my favorite characters of all time - Po Ping from Kung Fu Panda. We all know that he is an overweight who became our favorite badass, the Dragon Warrior. But I wanted to focus more on the things that are overlooked - or at least I feel like they are.

WARNING - this post will contain some MAJOR KFP3 spoilers!

Ok, so let’s get this party started. Po Ping…

-is an artistic soul

-made his action figures all by himself (including carving in wood and painting) the very day he fell in love with kung fu

-has a photographic memory! He saw the Furious Five only once from far away and carved their portraits in wood very accurately

-was able to learn the Wuxi Finger Hold all by himself just from pure observation and while being under the massive distress

-learns fast. Really fast, mostly from his own mistakes. He improved his fighting skills in such a short time

-cares about his art so much and is very proud of it

-is very creative! It usually shows during the fight on numerous occasions (he “drew” the giant dragon with his own chi, for example)

-probably likes to sing when he thinks no one is around (judging from the scene from the holiday special), he’s pretty good at singing

-cooks well

-has/had PTSD

-hated himself for about 20 years of his life

-is craving compliments and affection… or any kind of validation, really

-throws himself into the most dangerous situations without second thinking

-is even ready to sacrifice his own life for a bigger cause if he thinks it’s necessary

-literally jumps into committing a suicide to save his loved ones. And yes, he was pretty sure he would stay dead i will never cope with this

-is probably asexual… heck, he is very likely asexual! I mean…

So in conclusion, Po Ping is an overweight, a fanboy and a badass but he is also…

-an artist with many talents

-a victim of mental illness

-an individual who for the course of all three movies weren’t given a love interest and yet he isn’t illustrated as broken or cold - he is represented as a loving person, as someone who is capable of love, who’s able to show his affection to others

Thank you DreamWorks, for this amazing, fleshed out character.

This has been Po Appreciation Post.

i just want to say how happy i am for kihyun he was able to get a solo act on an international stage singing an OST, which he always said he likes to do, and from a drama that he loves dearly. his vocals have improved too, and he has clearly prepared hard for this stage as it is very important to him. im so proud of you and i love you so much ♡ never stop doing what you love

Introduction to; BTS!

Disclaimer; This is my first time doing an ‘introduction’ to a group post, so I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t already know who BTS is, I hope it helps a lot!

Meet BTS // Bangtan Boys // 방탄소년단! (Bangtan Sonyeondan - Bulletproof Boy Scouts)

(Back row, left to right; Jungkook, RapMonster, J-HOPE, Jin)

(Front Row, left to right; V, Suga, Jimin)

BTS are a 7 member boy group under BigHit Entertainment. They first debuted on June 13 2013 with their debut single No More Dream (we’ll get into their songs and MV’s later so bare with!) BTS fandom name is A.R.M.Y ( Adorable Representative M.C for Youth)

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BTS with their Idol Girlfriend

xyourpinksky said:Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, dance and rap but also play instruments in some performances and MVs like AOA? P.S. Their gf is a drummer, a dancer and a rapper! :)

Enjoy you filthy animals lol. 
P.S.: We are terribly sorry for the late reply. Midterms are very bitchy 


  • He is worried all the time because he think you might be overexhausting yourself
  • Midnight dance lessons because this spagetti thinks he needs to learn how to move
  • watching you practice
  • bringing food to you studio
  • He is a proud mom, let’s be honest it doesnt matter if he is your boyfriend. He is a mom. 
  • He brags about you every chance he gets
  • He would record reactions videos 
  • Fanboying hard beside the stage
  • he would come to your every fucking concert and if he misses one because of his own schedule, you get a very nice dinner


  • Collabration stages with Suga; Rapping together, dancing while he plays the piano, playing instruments with you HE GOT IT ALLLLLL
  • Making you teach him how to play drums in return of him teaching you piano
  • Rapping duo power couple v2.0 Fire Spitting
  • He would write songs especially for you
  • Little collabration videos you make together at home
  • He would cover your raps and then get cocky about it because Min Suga. Rap Genius. Jjang Jjang man bong bong
  • Since he is dad ™ he takes care of you
  • forgets to take care of himself while doing that
  • OMG after years, suga finally has reactions to live stages
  • You are not his biggest fan. Tae is his biggest fan. He will fight. 

Namjoon/Rap Monster:

  • BTS’s twitter is now filled with screenshots of your songs
  • He would produce songs for your group, like, literally working with your company
  • Rapping duo power couple
  • Tries to play your drums, breaks your sticks accidentally
  • Sometimes there is a hole on one of your drums; he refuses to admit he did it
  • Trying to cover your dances
  • failing miserably because he is “Rap Monster not Dance Monster”


  • You practise for hours on end together
  • but i guess you guys arent tired enough ;);););););););););)
  • this boy would be so sad if he misses your stages or concerts
  • Praises everywhere, everyday
  • Talent Overload. Kpop aint big enough to handle you guys
  • Official dance covers to your songs
  • Crying when you get an award
  • Crying when you are struggling with the idol life
  • Just generally crying because holy shit you are so amazing


  • He appreciates you so much that it makes him insecure about himself
  • “You are so amazing that I’m afraind someone better than me might fall for you and you would choose them.”
  • Reassuring kisses all the time and sometimes they are for you too because how can he not realize that he is so goddamn popular in kpop industry
  • Being a giggly fluff ball when he sees you on stage
  • Trying to teaching him how to rap
  • he fails…kinda
  • “What do you mean I can’t rap?! I rapped with Agust D :( I will tell you to Yoongi hyung :( ”
  • He puts little sticky notes on your drums saying “I love you!” or “Don’t forget to eat and rest!”


  • Your BIGGEST fan (Tbh he is alwasys your biggest fan even if you are dating other members cause like “HOSEOK HYUNG’S GIRLFRIEND IS SO COOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)
  • Seriously. he has fan merch that he actually PAID for
  • You are the best rapper in his eyes… After Agust D. 
  • “Can you please collabrate on a rap song with me?” 
  • He is begging you to collabrate with his hyungs
  • “But imagine how could it would be with you and yoongi hyung!!!!” 
  • He would fanboy over your MVs on Vapp, twitter and fan cafes.
  • Bragging about you to the maknae line 
  • Pokemon stickers on your drums….seriously where does he find so much stickers?


  • Turning everything into a competition. HE CAN RAP TOO
  • And DANCE
  • ……he can’t play the drums enough, BUT HE WILL LEARN DAMMIT,
  • As the golden maknae, he will surely succeed. 
  • Singing your songs in concerts and live stages
  • Because you are an idol he feels like you would actually get him and not like him only because he is an idol.
  • He would take so much pride on you
  • He would practice with you as he is a girl group dance master ™
  • Learns your dance moves before you do 
  • Helping you improve your singing skills
  • And now other than his 6 hyungs, he has another person to be sad or happy over

cr: @//minhonion

ok, pls let me talk about this (warning: another minho rant).

ever since i became a shawol, ever since i joined the shinee fandom, there have been countless times where i encountered people calling minho “just a pretty face” or “the visual that can’t do anything else.”

i am here to say that minho is not just a visual. he is not just a pretty face. he is a human, like we are, that has feelings and amazing talents. this boy can rock singing, dancing and acting pretty amazingly. plus, he’s an athlete. c'mon, he works hard at that too, y'know.

i will admit, his voice was not the best when shinee first debuted in 2008, but have you listened to his voice now? have you listened to how much he has improved and have you seen the amount of effort he puts into these songs so he can sound nice? if you listen to him in “if you love her” and “beautiful life (한마디), he sounds like an angel. and that’s because he works hard at what he does.

and his dancing. why do people say he can’t dance? he’s been able to dance perfectly since shinee debuted. i mean, are you running out of things to say about minho so you have to comment on his dancing? stop. it’s nice. he’s fine.

about being a visual. there is nothing wrong with liking minho’s adorable face or his body, but if you only stan him for that and don’t recognize his talent, that’s not stanning him at all. that’s just idolizing his body and not seeing what real talent he has. i love minho’s visual side, but i love the fact that he sings, dances and acts too.

i’m not here to hate on anyone and say that stanning minho for just visuals is wrong, but if you think about it, it’s kind of weird. it’s weird to like a singer and not appreciate the actual singing.

so please don’t idolize minho for just his face and body. stan him because he’s got talent and he’s not afraid to bring it. stan him because he’s a sweetheart who cares about shawols and the members so much. stan him because he has improved so much from debut. he’s our min and he deserves proper love.

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I live for school musical tech!crew Newsies hc, got any???

Heck Yeck!!

  • Katherine is the SM and she’s so organized
    • if you get on her bad side, she’ll make sure you know it
  • Jack does sets and he’s just incredible
    • freshman come in and are like “Wow, these sets are so good! We do that?”
    • and the response is, “you do what Jack tells you to, he takes care of the details”
    • which makes people think he’s snobby and most of them think so until they witness him crying over not being able to mix the right color until Crutchie calms him down
  • Speaking of which, Crutchie runs lights!
    • he’s been watching people do it since he was little and been in charge since sophomore year
    • he runs the board and is really good at it
  • Davey is the student director
    • he and Kat are best friends and they’re good at what they do
    • Davey’s script is full of tiny notes and explanations so he can help the actors
  • Romeo is the student choreographer and is also good at it but he’s hilarious
    • “I know you can’t do a jazz square, but imagine it as a drunk guy who can’t feel his feet trying to do the hokey pokey…yeah, exactly!”
    • “Maybe the six foot tall guy shouldn’t be paired with the five foot tall girl, one of you is going to get hurt…no I meant because she’s going to get mad that you’re less coordinated, short people are scary!”
    • everyone loves working with him
  • Spot does sound and he’s soo protective of his mics it’s not even funny
    • he doesn’t let anyone touch them
    • also has a crush on the lead but would never admit it
    • is the only reason the shows aren’t inaudible because the wireless mics are so bad
  • Race is the asshole lead who everyone can’t help but like
    • he knows he can sing and is pretty cocky about it but when he messes up he isn’t afraid to laugh about it
    • replaces lines when he can’t remember them which has led to some great improv scenes
    • Also has a crush on Spot but shows it by being obnoxious about mic tape and how much it hurts
    • Jack’s best friend
  • Specs helps move scenery during performances and he makes Sarah do it too
    • bonuses of Specs doing it is that the entire moving crew knows sign language so they don’t have to talk backstage
  • The cast party is awesome
    • It’s at Race’s house
    • Nobody’s quite sure how but somehow Spot and Race finally go together and made out for like an hour
    • Katherine and Sarah become friends
    • really intense Twister is played
    • also at some point there was a veggietales sing along
    • and some great stories about crazy mishaps
    • It’s lovely!
Baekhyun the mochi

So @littlebyuns mentioned how Baekhyun is like a mochi dalkki (?) which is a traditional mochi with strawberry inside. It’s called a mochi ichigo (strawberry) daifuku in Japanese or a dafu in Mandarin which basically means “big fortune/luck” and I was just thinking about how on point that comparison is.

Like mochi is made from a lot of hard work – I’ve tried to make it before and it takes a lot of muscle and perseverance to smash all the rice to make it into smooth mochi skin. It just reminded me of how much effort and work Baekhyun has put into EXO and to himself to present the best side to us and to constantly improve. Also, mochi skin is super stretchy, just like how Baekhyun stretches over various skills like Hapkido to being this lightbulb and this wonderful appa for aeris and a fabulous soul-reaching singing and actor and a fantastic musician basically. 

Then inside the mochi, you have the filling. There are so many flavors…like today do you get the strawberry where Baek gets into his teasing mood and his “honhonhon i see you” stare or is he the traditional red bean where the filling is thick and ultra sweet? Maybe he’s the more subdued and serious matcha where the quirkiness and silly Baekhyunness comes in through the aftertaste. 

Sometimes he’s the mochi in the hot red bean soups you drink during winter where he warms up your heart, and the mochi compliments the soup just like Baekhyun is part of EXO and he’s part of what makes EXO great but he’s also so special on his own. 

There’s a lot more I could say but brb lemme go dry my heart’s emotional tears. 

(Also don’t you just want to pinch his cheeks like you would a mochi because it’s so soft and stretchy and cute and yeah –)

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My bias is Baekhyun but honestly, he sings too fucking much, and he has so much screen time and he's now having a solo dance break? It's really unfair, Sehun is the dance he could have done the Monster solo dance break, and he's having all these collaborations with Suzy and SoYou when Chen could have done it instead. SM keeps throwing him at everyone face just because he's popular.

Baekhyun is one of the main vocalists in EXO, of course, he’s going to have many lines lmao, and his dance has improved so he deserves to do a solo dance break. 

I don’t see any of you complain when he have almost no screen time, fewer lines and had no solo activities (until 2015/6), but as soon as he get ONE, y’all screaming like he is the main in every EXO music video and sang the whole damn song, and have 100s of solo activities. There are a lot of songs where he has fewer lines than D.O and Chen but nobody says anything, but as soon as he has the most lines yall says he sings too much and he needs to divide it to his members. He didn’t get to be the main until the “Monster” MV and you literally can’t even see Baekhyun in his debut teaser but seems like it really offended you to see him having more screen time in just ONE music video. There are members who had more solo activities than Baekhyun but you seemed offended when he have one solo activity. Chen was part of the SM Ballad and participated in OST’s, and Baekhyun only had 3 collaboration and 2 OST (1 solo and the other with Chen and Xiumin), and y’all says it’s “too many”. 

When other members get to shine they get the praise and congratulations, but when Baekhyun gets one you all saying it isn’t fair and someone else should replace him because he was ask to do it for his popularity. You need to realise that there are people out there who see’s Baekhyun as a talented idol, and there are people who want to work with Baekhyun and want him to showcase his musical talent not everyone is eyeing his popularity like you do. If you don’t like him, just say it, stop saying he’s your bias and then diss him at the same time, you sound like those bitter anti’s, getting salty aff when he gets to shine for 1 minute. 

{Updated} My Top 11 Produce 101 Contestants

1. Ong Seongwu (-)

-still the best visual on the show imo, his Sorry Sorry fancam was RUDE, let me live pls

2. Park Jihoon (-)

-his sexy wink ended me, STILL DECEASED, he’s a cute lil bean in real life though

3. Kim Samuel (-)

-still my son, he was so stable during the BIL performance that I thought it was prerecorded for a second, let this boy debut pls oml

4. Ahn Hyungseob (↑5)

-this boy has shooken me to the core wow, his fancam for 10 out of 10 was life-changing, he’s so weird and I love it, he does need to work on his vocals though

5. Lee Daehwi (-)

-a very talented bub who does not deserve the hate he’s been getting, LET HIM LIVE

6.  Bae Jinyoung (-)

-he’s super cute but he needs a huge confidence boost, boy can sing better than I thought, was that his falsetto in BIL? he did so good and I hope he continues to improve 

7. Takada Kenta (-)

-when will this boy get the recognition he deserves, he’s so talented and deserves to debut, he did so well in the Be Mine performance I was so happy, people stop sleeping on him pls

8. Lee Euiwoong (-)

-I don’t really have to much to say about him but he has a very unique rapping voice, still think he would be perfect for variety in an idol group

9. Lee Woojin (new on list)

-this boy is so talented for his age, he is such a good singer, he deserves more recognition, too good for this world, his friendship with Daniel is the cutest thing

10. Ha Sungwoon (new on list)

-ok so I’ll admit I didn’t give him too much attention before BIL (ik I’m a terrible person) but he’s so talented, has great visuals, and really deserves to debut, also Hotshot needs more recognition wow 

11. Joo Haknyeon (new on list)

-he’s still lacking in a lot of areas but something about him has drawn my attention, I heard he was informed that he was accepted into PD101 3 days before evaluations (???) what the heck MNet, he seems to work super hard and I really hope he continues to improve


Please do read this, Sewoon has received a lot of hate since the beginning but if you aren’t his stan it’s normal you didn’t see it. It’s incredibly painful seeing a person so unproblematic, kind and sincere getting so much hate. He is so talented being it composing or singing and he has improved a lot his dance skills to the point that he can become an idol. It pains me a lot to see the bash he gets, which got a ton lot worse after this episode, and i cant even imagine how he’s feeling right now.
IF you can, leave comments on his videos saying that you know he’s kind talented and beautiful (i would like to understand in what world is he ugly lol) and the same for Dongho.
If you made it through this thank you so much for reading and i hope you have a great day.

B.A.P Party World Tour Washington D.C. Boom

Hey everyone! I got to see B.A.P again yesterday in D.C. and I wanted to share some little snippets of what happened at the concert.

- They had so much fun using water guns and spraying the crowd with water

- YONGGUK IS A FREAKING CUTIE OH MY GAH. How can he be so cute and sexy at the same time?

- Yongguk’s chest tattoo is hella fine

-Yongguk blessed us by lifting his shirt up, revealing his abs. 

- Yongguk lost a lot of weight.

- Our leader looks so happy to be performing on stage


- During the hi-touch, Himchan looked deeply into each fans’ eyes. His eyes really conveyed that he is so thankful for all of BABYz coming to see them.

- Himchan really radiated “I love you. Thank you” vibes and my heart raced seeing him up close. He also seem to be in a really good condition. There was no hint of him being in pain or hurting from his rib fracture. 

- Daehyun borrowed the DJ’s headphones and pretended he was the DJ haha

- Daehyun lost so much weight. He has a really small face

- I bought the Photo Op package and I beelined towards Daehyun. He put his hands on my shoulder because I sorority squat down and I was afraid my flower crown would cover his face. He’s actually the perfect height for me. 5′10″ of handsome Daehyun. 


- After the photo op, I turned around and waved while saying “Thank you!”. He smiled, whispered back a thank you, and did a small wave while maintaing eye contact. he has this half eye smile face going on i’m so emotional right now.

- I can never forget this moment with Daehyun. Just being inches away from him and looking at him into his eyes. 

- Daehyun really has an amazing range of vocals. His high notes are no joke and he can belt them out really easily.

- Youngjae is a literally cutie. HE LOOKS SO SO SO SO DAMN GOOD

- Youngjae got soft hands

- Youngjae is just a silly bundle of cuteness. He knows how to hype the crowd up

-Youngjae also expressed his thanks to fans so many times. I can really feel his deep love and gratitude towards fans.

- Jongup’s body rolls saved me…and his hip thrust…and his dancing … and his singing


- Jongup received some roses from fans and he was happy and shy receiving them.

- Jongup literally exuded confidence at the high touch. I was smitten just looking at him. He even exuded so much confidence on stage that he grabbed my attention the entire night

- Zelo sang in English… and let me tell y’all, I am so proud of the maknae.

-Zelo is tall y’all. Very tall.

- Zelo was the member who got to pick a fan for this concert. HE PICKED THE FAN THAT SAT RIGHT NEXT TO ME. HE EVEN LOOK DIRECTLY AT ME TO HELP HIM GET HER. (cause I have a huge flower crown on my head. I attracted a lot of their attention haha.)

-Zelo picked that fan because he really like her sleeve tattoos. The gift to the fan was him recording the both of them on a camcorder and he was calling her beautiful and interacting with her. 

- B.A.P are freaking trolls haha. They make it seem like the “last song” was really the last song and kept saying bye and thank you and i love you… and then three minutes later they would come back out on stage. I hate them lol. They did this twice. Fans were about to leave and then the fans ran back inside haha.

-I should have known they like doing this type of thing. They did the same thing when they were at the venue before.

-B.A.P also taught the fan’s a dance to dance along with them. They’re dorks.I love them.

I had the time of my life there and it’s still not to late to buy tickets to go to their concert. I really recommend buying the photo op package. Go do it guys!

My Fave P101 contestants

Ong Seungwoo - He is the absolute cutest dork and I love his attitude and dance. I really want him in the top 11 as I don’t think Fantagio have another boy group planned for a while. This boy needs to debut. 

Hong Eunki - Obviously. I loved this boy from the start when he was the first to sit on the number 1 chair but give it up without a fight. I won’t say his audition was amazing but his freestyle dance that needs to be released was awesome and then him in the dance battle was the best thing on the entire show. 

Kang Daniel - My baby squish. I was disappointed with my boi but he apologized and he’s honestly such a sweetheart so I can’t stay mad at him. Also he absolutely adores his members, look how happy he was when Jisung got the number 3 seat, he almost fell off of his own. He can sing, rap and dance along with b-boying. 

Kim Jaehwan - His voice is the best on the competition in my opinion, I love Woodam and Sewoon but this guy has such a unique feel to his voice. Also his part in Sorry Sorry was the best part of the performance. He needs to work on his dance but apart from that he’s ready to debut

Yoo Seonho - He improved so quickly and his visuals in his sorry sorry stage were amazing. He can also play piano like a pro. I know a lot of people are rooting for the other cube trainee but Seonho seems more ready to debut at this moment.

Yoon Jisung - Memesung. He is so funny and cute. He honestly needs to debut as he’s 27 and this will be a great opportunity for him.

Ahn Hyungseob - Wen’t from D grade to A grade like a flash. He’s full of talent, passion and humor which  the final group would benefit from. 

Kang Dongho  - He’s sexy and cute at the same time and he’s got a voice from heaven. Now that Nu’est are back on track I want this giant muscled baby to get into the final group. 

Kim Jonghyun - Also, the group would be nothing without a good leader and why not one with 5 years of experience who knows what he’s doing and will stand by his members. 

Kim Samuel - I don’t think mnet are appreciating him enough and he’s been relying on his fans. He can dance well and his singing is good but he has been shown to do anything amazing yet so I’m waiting for this next performance to blow me away as I know he has it in him to slay. 

Kim Yongjin - He can rap and dance and even sing apparently. Also he’s a twerking God. I liked him since my friend said she was freaked out by his cringey introduction which I watched and found hilarious. I love the fact he tried his hardest in the Mansae stage and he was an energetic performer. Appreciate him guys. 

Takada Kenta - I can’t believe mnet didn’t broadcast his audition, it was one of the best solos. He is so cute and nice and his fashion is the best. Give this boi some more screentime pls mnet.

Lee Daehwi - I liked him at first and then I didn’t but now I’m slowly starting to see the error of my ways. He can sing definitely but I want to see a bit more of his rapping and dancing in the future as in those departments he’s shown nothing outstanding.

Jung Jung - Acrobatics king. He has some of the most underappreciated visuals in the competition and the best body. His improv  with Eunki was everything and I love their friendship so much. I want to see more of him slaying.

Park Woojin - He is an an amazing dancer but he doesn’t seem to be getting any recognition? Maybe because he’s a shy bean that was to shy to go up on stage during the dance battle despite being one of the best. I can’t wait to see him slay his next performance. 

Lee Woojin - Baby. He can’t be split up from Ong and Daniel, they’re like a little family unit which I love. Because his voice hasn’t broke yet, it’s really angelic and I would love to hear it in the final groups songs. However, I’m worried about his voice breaking during promotions and having to carry on because of his contract. I don’t want that so i’m on the sidelines with this one. Either way he’s in a talented band called East Light. 

Lee Insoo - I remember enjoying A6P and then seeing him on Boys24. There’s only so many chances a person takes and I don’t see him trying any more after this and I wouldn’t blame him. He’s probably the best rapper on the show, I mean watch his audition on Boys24.

Noh Taehyun - Krumping king. Another great dancer with attitude twice the size of his height. He has an amazing personality and I can’t believe mnet ever even tried to evil edit him the snakes.

Lim Youngmin - Alpaca man. His red hair is so gorgeous and I feel like him and Youngmin need more screentime as they are both so good and deserve as much appreciation as Daehwi. He’s also another good leader. 

Yoon Heeseok - My jelly boi. I was looking forward to Jellyfish from the start and when I saw his resemblence to N I fell even more in love even tho his audition wasn’t the best. He is so beautiful and he went up to B grade from F so pay attention. He has some mighty fine vocals and can dance but he needs more screentime. 

anonymous asked:

It's sad that people want to dismiss Seokjins feelings, but BET if it was Jungkook they would lose their shit. Deadass ARMYS don't even care about seokjin, and that's so sad, because he's so much more than their "eomma seokjin!!1!1" shit. He's talented, amazing, beautiful, smart, the whole package. I honestly have a feeling he might leave BTS, and I will whole heartedly blame the ARMYS who didn't lay attention to him. Your post was so accurate, I'm happy you pointed it out

Thank you! Yes, it’s terrible when people ignore and overlook Jin’s feelings, especially when he has expressed displeasure with being labeled by a female pronoun. V said he didn’t like being called alien, and people listened, but apparently when it’s Jin, people don’t.

However, this is my personal opinion, I also think that even if Jin didn’t express displeasure with the term and was neutral, it’s still very inconsiderate of other Army’s to dismiss so many people who don’t like that Jin is labeled mom/wife etc. People are entitled to their opinion of course, but when other Army’s shove their ship down our throats, and dismiss Jin’s ships with comments like “Eww, mother and son shouldn’t do that” or “Stop cheating on Namjoon”, that’s just unnecessary and they should stop.

Yes, Jin is so much more than a mom role. And it’s really horrible when all his actions are reduced to a fixed role. He’s a multifaceted and complex person, with so much inside of him. I really dislike it when people automatically associate him with Namjoon, like they’re some type of package deal, where Jin can’t even be his own person. Remember this: Jin is a person who came with no prior dancing or singing ability, and he has worked so hard to improve, that now I don’t even understand why people say he’s a bad dancer or singer. Yes, he’s worse than the best of BTS dancers, that does not make him bad. And in terms of singing, I love his voice. He is very good at conveying emotion, and when I listen to Awake I just AGGGHHH… He’s so underrated and under appreciated, if he leaves BTS, it will be the worst.

I went completely off-track lol, I’m sorry. I hope you have a great day!

As I said in the text:
“12. “But we know that he is a man, it’s just a joke”: Jokes can be problematic and harmful, and as I mentioned before, it still misrepresents Jin’s personality, stereotypes him and limits how we view his interactions with other members.

13. “It’s still a joke. Calm down. If you don’t like the comments, just ignore them.”: People are entitled to their opinion, but don’t tell us not react or tell us it’s just a joke, because we understand that it’s just a joke, but we don’t find it funny. Stop trivializing our feelings, perspectives and experiences and blame us for implicitly for being “too sensitive” and “not being able to take a joke” when so many people do not like that Jin is called mom/wife/princess etc. Our feelings should be acknowledged. We should not be marginalized and overlooked, and we need to speak up, because if we don’t, people will continue to call Jin mom/wife/princess. Stop misrepresenting Jin’s personality; stereotyping him; being hypocritical about how you chose to interpret Jin’s relationships/personality as mom/wife/princess when you wouldn’t have done the same with another member; and limiting how we view Jin’s interactions and relationship with the members. ”