his singing has improved so much

  • hoshi: *singing eyes, nose, lips*
  • me: ah yes life has never been better. the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming. my grades have also improved significantly. world peace has been attained. what is global warming even? all is well, everything is great.

Just gonna be flat out honest here, SEVENTEEN’s Hip Hop Sub-Unit has the best character development.

•Seungcheol went from 아빠 to Beagle king we all love and adore.

•Wonwoo went from edgy emo sk8r boi to a gardener / fairy / prince / smiley baby.

•Mingyu went from Tall, Dark, and Sick to Tall Dark, Great Chef, Handsome, Best voice, still growing, Cheeto Dusted, baby faced, and lovable

And last but certainly not least,

•Vernon went from Meme Boy we secretly love to one of (who I think is) the most improved upon his singing, rapping, and slightly in his dancing.

Honestly all these boys have improved so much and I’m glad to be a Carat, SEVENTEEN fighting!💕

Seungri treats VIPS so well. He’s right about treating VIPS the best, so why does he receive litle love??

Reading that letter towards VIPS broke my heart. Seungri is very aware that most VIPS only like Top or GD, the fandom has made it painfully obvious when his solo album “flopped” when in reality, it only flopped in comparison to Jiyong and Top. Seungri almost has to beg for a person to like him the best, and even his company has made it obvious who they like the best. He lived 10 years under Jiyong and Top’s shadow because most of love and attention Bigbang receives goes to the duo.  I don’t blame him at all for feeling jealous.

 Seungri improved his singing and visuals and showed off his wonderful variety and people skills, but that was never enough. He works so hard, but he never gets much love compared to his hyungs. If he wasn’t he wasn’t Bigbang, Ri could easily be the most liked or leader of a group. Seungri always has amazing fan service in concerts and fanmeets to connect with them, but a lot of VIPS don’t give the same amount of love he deserves.

I’m not blaming Jiyong and TOP at all. I know they love and cherish their maknae, but I just feel so bad for Seungri.

Riri, I hope you know you are appreciated and VIPS will always love you.

take a moment and realize how much taemin has achieved in such little time. at only 14 years of age he debuted with the now worldwide famous group shinee, being one of the youngest idols to debut, and at only 21 years of age he debuted as a solo artist, winning 2 awards right after his debut. he was always looked down on his vocals, but look at him now, his vocals have improved immensely, thanks to a lot of practice. like he said in that one sbs interview, his voice would keep on breaking and he’d have to strain it while singing, so when he was tired of singing he would dance, and once he was tired of dancing, he’d sing. he now has two mini albums (one of which is japanese) and a full album, has won hit the stage and numerous other awards. he’s achieved so much with shinee and alone, im really proud of him :)

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: now that i’ve had the chance to sit down and think about it, why the hell did big hit disrespect jin by not giving him a single line in blood sweat & tears? can you imagine how jin must of felt after realizing that he wouldn’t have any lines in their comeback song for the second full album??? he was probably so pressed. big hit really needs to stop sleeping on him, for real. like i was already upset that he couldn’t finish competing on that idol cooking show (his first solo variety show appearance) because of group commitments, and now this shit??? jin’s singing has improved so much and there is literally no good reason for him to not have a single god damn line in the song. i keep imagining him chillin at the dorm while everyone else is at vocal practice and that thought is so depressing. i keep watching the video, expecting to hear hi sing once but, nope. not. a. single. line. he deserves so much more, i mean-

do u ever just listen to born singer and cry? idk, i think about namjoon’s death threats and how he hasnt let that stop him from doing what he loves to do. i think about how jin is regarded as the untalented, pretty face of the group when in fact he can actually sing. i think about how suga barely gets any sleep bc he’s constantly producing songs that he sometimes doesnt even think are good or good enough. i think about how jhope always tries to make us smile but disregards his own feelings at times even though they’re just as important,and how he tried so hard to learn how to rap so he could fit in with the (at that time) all rap group. i think about all of the body issues jimin has and how he’s starved himself to fit this mold people want him to be, and how much he has practiced singing and dancing for hours upon hours to try to improve even though he’s already amazing. i think about how v almost didn’t even get into bangtan but is so so so grateful that he did and never fails to mention his love and appreciation for the members and armys. i think about how jungkook was only 15 years old (he was, and still is just a kid) when all of this started and how stressful this is for him, to try to live up to this “golden maknae” standard of being good at everything. i think about how much they’ve given up, things as simple as spending time with their family and friends, and getting a good night’s rest. and then i think about how despite all of this, they try so hard to make us happy all the time, no matter what. their music, bangtan bombs, livestreams, tweets, etc. make me so happy and i just really really appreciate everything they do. i hope they’re happy for the rest of their lives and continue to do what they love because they really deserve it

yo listen this goes out to everyone including the Korean media.
looks aren’t everything.
yes of COURSE eunwoo is handsome tbh he’s so ethereal, but don’t just say he’s that and not look at his talent. like hello !!!!! have you noticed how much he has improved from trainee/predebut era all the way through now? he’s gotten so much better at singing and dancing. all the boys have. and eunwoo’s confidence can literally kill anyone in the room. his skills are amazing and it’s really worth looking at, so “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

Listen, I love Chanyeol’s rapping I love that he’s trying to constantly improve his skills in regards to that, but every time he sings I can’t help it I get so sad bc his voice is gold, it’s raw and unpolished bc he’s never really had the chance or opportunities to grow as a singer except for what he does in his own spare time, and STILL despite that it’s so so beautiful, and just has that ability to hit you right in the heart. When Chanyeol sings he really puts his soul into it and it makes my heart all fluttery bc it’s so deep yet smooth but also rough and then soft iits JUST SO GOOD he’s amazing at harmonization, he instinctively knows and uses his voice within the range that he’s capable of and makes the best of it and it makes me so sad bc he has so so much potential, I can see it. His voice can literally suit any genre, he has the type of singing and style when that would be perfect for indie artists and acoustic songs and osts, he’s perfect for them he really is. And that’s why PCY stans get so angry when people try to tell them to be grateful for the 0.3 seconds singing lines he gets. 

Yes, we know he’s the main rapper too. But we can’t help it, we just want to hear his beautiful voice, we just want to hear sing. 

okay I’m sorry in advance if I sound like a aggressive Jin stan but I’m fed up.

I’m fed up with people treating him like he isn’t there or isn’t worthy of their time. I’m not just talking about ARMY, any variety show the go on, they normally ask him one question and then move on.

I want people to appreciate the hard work he’s put into BTS. Before he came into bighit he had no training what so ever, in singing, dancing or song writing.
But you know what? He kept trying to make himself better and now he’s got his own singing style, his dancing has improved so much and he even wrote a song.

But do you know what annoys me the most? People saying that he’s only a visual but then when he says he’s handsome people tell him he’s not. MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

I’m not saying that you should change your bias but please just appreciate the whole group not just certain members.

Kim Seokjin is human being too and a important asset to BTS. It wouldn’t be BTS without him.

ARMYs are always crying about Jin being slept on. Haven’t you guys seen their old performances, even the ones earllier in 2015? This boy couldn’t sing live even with the little he got (see their Christmas performance of Danger in 2014). He has improved a lot, but not until their HYYH series, so it’s just natural that he’s getting more lines now, but he definitely wasn’t slept on. And don’t compare his singing with Jimin’s. Jimin is one of the leading dancers in the group, he has to do much sharper and more powerful movements, EVEN DURING HIS LINES.

[TRANS] BEFF Reports: “[Analysis of INFINITE’s Vocals ③] The reason why you listen attentively to Sungyeol’s singing”

Progressing footsteps, that is the reason why I look forward to his future (Reporter Kim Joohyun)

It is hard to define voice of Sungyeol, who is doing splendidly in his drama, into a single word. But I’m proud of him because his singing, which I felt was slightly lacking in his debut days, has improved so much to a point where I can nod in approval. Even though I can’t remember the exact date, he said at a concert that he knows how lacking he is. I knew how hard it must have been to admit his flaw out loud, as a singer who was already on stage. I wanted to give him an ovation for that comment.

I don’t know if his part in ‘Be Mine’, which is one of INFINITE’s many hit songs, was good or bad for him, but many people still remember him for “Do you hear me.” This means that he still has many prejudices to overcome, but the reason why I want to keep studying his vocals is because I still see infinite potential in him. Someone then asks back, aren’t you just saying that because you are a fan? Then I answer: “It’s his effort and hard work that made me his fan. I want to support him not because I am his fan, but because he made me his fan.”

His voice is something like a rough gemstone that hasn’t been polished yet, which is why you can utilize it in any way. I was surprised at how good he was at rapping in ‘Cover Girl’. Now that I’ve thought more about why Sungyeol took that part, I think that part was good because it was Sungyeol who rapped it. Hoya and Dongwoo could easily have done it since they are in charge of rap, but Sungyeol was just the right person to express that INFINITE-like vivacity in ‘Cover Girl.’

Same applies to the beginning part of ‘With,’ which is just so heartwrenching to listen to. Sungyeol begins leading the song with the line, “I should’ve said this first.” As I know how important the beginning part of a song is, I snapped my fingers in realization: he may not have many parts, but he is in charge of impactful parts. Same goes with ‘That Summer’ and ‘White Confession,’ as with ‘Just another lonely night.’ Because he has less parts, you listen more carefully to his voice, and you get to hear his growth. How many idols out there can emit their charms fully with few lines?

He may not have been good from the start, but he is definitely growing. I understand that each step taken is not always so easy. I don’t think I need to explain further on why I’m proud of Sungyeol, who knows his flaws and uses those flaws as his stepping stone to become a better vocalist in INFINITE. I recommend everyone to listen to every INFINITE song. Or his stage with Hoya, ‘SexyBack,’ is good too. Not only is it worthwhile to take note of his teamwork with Hoya, young Sungyeol’s fresh attempt to make ‘SexyBack’, which is not an easy song to lead, into his makes an impression on you as well.

Translated by: togetherinspirit7

Call Me Baby & First Love
  • Call Me Baby & First Love
  • Kai's Voice

I just love hearing Kai’s voice and his singing is so precious so I had to make this. He has improved so much over the years (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*

So when everyone is talking about how ugly BTS’ outfits looks during their perf at MMA and how Jimin looks sexy making those hip thruts blablabla the usual things I’m just here like HAVE YOU HEARD JINS FUCKING VOICE OMG?????? HE SOUNDS SO FUCKING GOOD LIKE SERIOUSLY HE HAS IMPROVED SO MUCH LIKE WH AT T H E  F UC K?????? HE USUALLY SINGS IN A HIGH RANGE BUT HIS VOICE SOUNDS SO LOW HERE LIKE OMG IM IN LOVE I WANT TO HEAR HIM SING LIKE THIS FOREVERIYGGGFPEZCDIGSMVDBIVy