his signature face

Paps: “So Zayn, have you bought the new One Direction album yet?” Zayn: “Wot? *scoff* No, I haven— *trips* *thousands of the special edition Louis MITAM album covers fall out of his coat* Fook, these aren’t mine i swear! *sweating* i-i’m just holding them for a friend, i- *slips on a pile of albums* fu ck no, it’s not even a good alb- *more albums fall out as he falls to his knees, desperately trying to pick them up* WELL FOOK. hang on a sec, just listen—LISTEN To wot I’m sayin.”


I made an amazingphil logo! 

amazingphil is a channel full of quirks and laughs. Phil creates a bond with his viewers, inviting him to his strange yet interesting life of meeting weird animals as well as weird people. But that’s okay, because Phil truly teaches his viewers to stay true to yourself and be who you are in order to be happy, even if you are indeed a bit weird yourself. 

The logo is a culmination of the initials “AP” for AmazingPhil and Phil’s trademark fringe( inspired by the twitter bio “the guy with the hair”) and his signature smiley face: 

The A serves as the eye of this face, whilst the P serves as the sticking of the tongue he usually has a habit of doing when he laughs. 

All in all the visual identity is meant to show the joy he brings to people, as well as the fact that its okay to be quirky, its okay to be yourself even with your own set of habits, and that “normalness leads to sadness” a central theme that will always be in the heart of the amazingphil channel. 

One Direction Livestream Body Language Analysis: Larry

To start off we have Niall talking to the camera. He introduces the livestream and asks the other boys how they’re doing.

Everyone seems to be in an alright mood, Louis whispers some joke to Liam, Harry smiles, Zayn looks beautifully unfazed.

Ben Winston is introduced. I want you to look at each of the boys’ reactions in turn.

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A portrait I worked on for a while, that was supposed to be in celebration of 13 mil subscribers, but I was late :P

 Mark’s a huge inspiration for me, he’s helped me through a lot and changed me as a person last year. I’m proud of him and this community.

I really wanted to draw Petyr in more violet colored attire after seeing this

Can we just talk about how guilty Clint would feel over Pietro’s life-threatening injuries? He’d try to go back home to the farm but it’s too quiet to distract him from the survivor’s guilt. He’d wake every morning screaming in a cold sweat as he’s plagued with nightmares. The sound of machine guns and propellers haunt his dreams. So he returns to the Avenger’s new facility and throws himself into training. He barely eats and he drinks coffee to stop himself from sleeping until he eventually passes out from exhaustion on the sofa or in the training room or at Pietro’s bedside. Then one day when he’s on the shooting range a flash of blue and silver streaks past. The thud of arrows hitting the target never came. Instead, Pietro was leaning against the target spinning the arrows in his hand with his signature smirk on his face. Clint walks over to the silver-haired man embracing him tightly before ruffling his hair and saying ‘Good to have you back kid’

Massive Compilation of the Jungkook Pout

As I promised, here is the compilation of Jungkookie pouting (the cutest thing ever). Please enjoy~ Also, try not to die form the cuteness. Pictures credits to their owners. 

External image
External image

Baby TAT Why am I already crying????

He’s so incredibly cute I can’t even.


Look at this sulky baby bun. How can you resist? The answer is you can’t. Example: The hyungs

Dope Era + Pout = The Best Thing Ever! Look how pretty he is.

I swear, this is like one of his signature selca poses…


Ft. Jimin

When he doesn’t get the attention he wants. 

Ft. Jimin AND Yoongi

Ft. Taehyung

Ft. Eat Jin!

Ft. Manager Sejin

See what I mean? It’s his signature, patented pouty face…

Bless War of Hormone Era tbh.

It’s so natural for him.



Pouting over food, Same Kookie same

These precious moments

Why must you be like this child?

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who died because of this.

Okaayyyyy, this is getting extreme. Relax, you’ll hurt yourself Kookie. 

External image


The feeling when you eat too much ramen…

Okay, this is way too long so I’ll cut it here. But, you see my point right? Why are you pouting so much baby? You’re hyungs give you whatever you want anyway.