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100 Reasons to Love Kim Namjoon

today is my 3 year anniversary of loving namjoon and so here’s 100 reasons everyone should love him !!!!!!!

  1. he gave up a stable future of studying and going to college (despite being so smart) to risk everything and pursue his dream of becoming a rapper
  2. had to fight criticism for being an ‘idol’ rapper and struggled for years with his decision and identity
  3. when he says he loves himself !!!!
  4. never forget this cute tummy flash !!!!!!!!
  5. he loves all his members so much sosososo much, he always puts them before himself 
  7. that one time tae came to sleep next to namjoon and namjoon sleepily held tae’s hand and wouldn’t let go
  8. his signature move when he takes his two index fingers and covers one of his eyes while looking deadass into the camera
  10. professional self-dragger, literally willingly drags his own ass
  11. his mixtape release in 2015, every song was so important and deep and okay, it’s largely forgotten because of yoongi’s mixtape but it has so much emotion and meaning behind every song
  12. he loveloveloves dogs !
  13. literally has looked like the best thing the world has to offer no matter what rainbow ass hair color bighit sticks him with
  14. that golden age when his hair was black when will that look come back from the war ://////////
  15. you know that thing he does when he’s been rapping and suddenly breaks out into a smile and scrunches his nose and winks with one eye mmmmmmmmokay !!!!
  16. his angry rap when his neck veins show because he’s literally putting his all into it
  17. the way he looks in beanies !!!!!!!!! with one ear tucked in and the other sticking out
  18. the mole on the left side right under his jawline 
  19. the fact that he literally read books on philosophy for hyyh
  20. THE WAY !!!!!!!!! HE LOOKS !!!!!!!!!!!! IN A SUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. that time his speaker wasn’t working and he yelled at it and it started to work, Legends Only
  22. the fact that he isn’t afraid to try out weird kinds of fashion and won’t hear shit about it
  23. has been known to support LGBT since 2012
  25. when he’s too lazy to wear contacts so he wears his thick black rimmed glasses :’(((((((((((
  26. that time he had a wardrobe malfunction and had his whole shirt ripped off during that dance break and he did the whole performance holding up the sorry remains of his shirt 
  27. the fact that kim namjoon invented dimples !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no really he did
  28. how he is literally incapable of doing a fan sign without making it a display of how much aegyo he can fit in any given span of time and then immediately be shy and embarrassed about it
  29. 6 feet tall, he is 6 feet tall also don’t forget that he is literally the eiffel tower because nothing is taller than 6 feet just sayin
  30. that amazing and blessed time he had silver hair and my heart literally exploded !!!!!!!!!!!
  32. that time bts was doing rainism and he was the only one who didn’t know all the moves and messed up but pulled it off confidently in the end
  33. he literally loves his mom so much i’m :’(((((((
  35. the fact that every time someone tells him to do a freestyle dance, it’s literally the same awkward robotic jerky dance with the failing arms and legs since 2013
  36. when he tries to sing even though the members laugh at him
  38. his cute soft pretty pink knees :’))))))))))
  39. in the fire era when he had that acorn haircut and pulled that shit off when will your fave ever
  40. he reads, he has an IQ of 148, he was the nation’s top 1% in 5 subjects in high school, he -
  41. his smile his beautiful glorious soft glowing stunning breathtaking smile that smile that you only have the privilege of seeing someone have one in a million times in your life, the kind of smile that could change the world
  42. the way he looks in a choker the way he looks in a choker the way he looks in a chok-
  43. okay !!!!!!!!!! but his cute squishy tiny nose so kissable n someone please bop it and pinch it and it’s soosososo cute 
  44. the way he gets his hands inky and dirty every single fan sign every single darn one !!!!!!!!!!!! why are they dirty? what is he doing ?????
  46. the way his arms look in sleeveless tops his arms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. the way he looks in snapbacks mmmmmmmmmmmm
  48. that time on running man when everyone was supposed to have as many boxes as possible and he literally got his box snatched from his hands and he tripped over nothing he’s the dorkiest softest boy -
  49. SAILORMON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. that time he wore the army khakis and outfit and i just ://////// oh my god
  51. his side profile his perfect gorgeous beautiful angelic side profile !!!!
  52. his obsession with ryan and how happy he got when jimin got him a ryan cake for his birthday fkdsfhgfd
  53. legs for days !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. that time namjoon was a minion for halloween 
  55. “I had to dance to survive in this cold, cruel world.”
  56. his cute outfit in the baepsae dance practice video :((((((((((
  57. he looks sosoososososo unbeliveably beautiful bare faced i just love him so much 
  58. that time during the hyyh prologue shooting when all the members were piling onto him and he yelled ‘MY BALLS, MAN’
  59. his fucnkgn !!!!!!!!!! puma photoshoot binch !!!!!!!!!!!
  60. the fact that he sang expensive girl and took the fact that he didn’t get a grammy for it like a man :///
  61. that time they won their first award in 2015 and he was cleARLY CRYING but denied it like “i’m not crying”
  63. that one time !!!!!!!!!!!!!! bts had an outdoor performance and his white shirt got sososososooso sweaty it was basically stuck to him and see through if you don’t know what i’m talking about then goodbye
  64. those RARE times when he smiles and sticks his tongue out at the same time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. that time he was complaining about jungkook and the fruit flies and the weird as shit way he pronounced ‘vaccuum’
  66. his messy friendship with jackson 
  67. the fact that he apologized for the mistakes he has made in the past and made no excuses about them 
  68. award for having the world’s cutest and flattest tushy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. i don’t know if anyone noticed but the way he holds his fingers when he’s explaining something like he puts them in awkward bent angles and they’re really long and expressive i just looooovvveeeee
  70. that time he was doing a duet with this female singer for a show and he picked her up from the airport and held a sign with her name and got shy around her he’s the biggest gentleman DDDD:
  71. deep husky voice like shots of pure liquid gold sends shivers down my spine ://////////
  72.  KIM DAILY
  73. that time he held a tiny itty bitty baby frog on his index finger i dont know why it was so cute of him i just !!!
  74. sweaty namjoon when namjoon sweats the sweat namjoon produces 
  75. that time he tried to twerk but ‘something keeps dangling’
  76. when !!!!!!!!!! he wears tight pants and his thighs are almost bursting out of his pants jdfkkhkj
  77. the way he says ‘baby’
  79. that time he was asked to pick between solo and bts and didn’t hesitate for a microsecond before saying bts
  81. taught himself english by listening to 10 english dvds 10 times over 3 years 
  82. special thank you to every namjoon stylist who made him wear low cut shirts
  83. THE WAY HE LOOKS WEARING A MASSIVE HOODIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. ‘and i’m sexy like a porn star’
  85. accepts and settles for being the least popular bts member
  86. the way he looks when he wears headbands 
  87. when his sleeves are super long so he has sweater paws and his pretty fingers stick out slightly jdsfkshgkjfmncvb
  88. sub par body rolls that can still make you squirm and cry :////////
  89. once when he was the first in a lineup in a fan sign he told a fan ‘now you’ve practiced on me, you can do this in front of your real bias’
  90. got to write in “힙합하다 1” (‘This is Hip Hop 1: South Korea, Hip Hop and Life’) which is a hip hop book for 42 top korean hip hop artists
  92. the way he looks in a tie ohohohoohohoho my gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. that time in the ariport the cameraman said ‘the girls love you guys’ and namjoon was like ‘thanks, we love you too’
  94. the way he wrote about the sunset in his diary when he went to dubai 
  96. he once told a fan ‘sorry’ when she told him she got him photocard
  97. he said that he wanted to know what it was like going to college and sometimes he feels like he missed out on that experience :///
  98. can you believe namjoon invented having pretty hands??????? Amazing
  99. he cares sosooso much about other people he’s always wondering how his fans are doing, what they feel like, always giving advice, always learning and growing, never stopping
  100. “I’m still existing, still breathing. Even though I keep looking forward and run, sometimes I still look back. The path in front and behind are still far, but even so, if the people who look at me are still dreaming and picking up their strengths, that alone makes me feel good. It’s okay to live this way, breaking down, getting hurt and looking back at the past. I will live. I am living like this. Me. Us.”

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Headcannon of maybe the boys reaction to a s/o drawing their portraits and showing it to them? (I can't tell you how many times I've sumited this to another blog and it never gets answers 😫😣)

Ah, sorry it took so long to get to your request- especially given that you haven’t had this request filled anywhere else you’ve requested (though that has probably changed since you dropped this request in my inbox, huh? :D) I’ll write these as legit headcanons because I’m reaaaaally tired and I just want to get some good content out before I conk out for the night! <3

Tagging: @nifwrites, @itshaejinju, @rubyphilomela, @xalexanderxkozachenkox, @stunninglyignis, @blindbae, @the-lucian-archives, @asendioncosplay, @hypaalicious, and @lady-asuka :D

PERMALINK: https://themissimmortal.tumblr.com/post/160332723825/headcannon-of-maybe-the-boys-reaction-to-a-so

Noctis: Noctis admires that you are interested in drawing. Although, given that he doesn’t like getting his picture taken a lot, he’s probably not too keen on getting sketched either. Not to worry though, you end up sketching your sleeping prince because that’s when he looks the cutest! It doesn’t take you very long to get it right- you’re only drawing for fun anyways- so you plan to show him the sketch when you go to visit him at the Citadel during your summer break. When you eventually show Noctis your sketch, you feel a little nervous because you’re just trying to prepare yourself for the very real chance of Noctis getting angry that you sketched him without his permission- and while sleeping at that. But you really wanted to share your work with him, so you took the plunge. Luckily, Noctis is pretty gobsmacked by your talents and ends up shyly placing his arm around your shoulders and nuzzling into your neck in a display of rare affection. “Thanks for this, y/n. I really like it- you can draw me whenever you want- I really don’t mind.”

Prompto: Prompto LOVES to take everyone’s pictures, but similarly to Noctis, he doesn’t really like it when others take pictures of him. He’s pretty much got the same attitude towards being sketched. One time, when you tried to sketch him at the Crow’s Nest, Prompto got so uncomfortable he choked on his food and called it a night early. From then onwards, you learned not to sketch Prompto while he was having meals- although you found his eating habits extremely adorable, you weren’t going to make Prompto feel uncomfortable to capture it on paper. It took you a while to figure out when it would be safe for you to sketch Prompto, but you finally found your chance when Prompto was immersed in an intense game of King’s Knight with Noctis, Gladio and Ignis. You ended up sketching Prompto’s intense look of concentration, getting the angles of his beautifully handsome face just right before you grinned at your final rough product and brought it to your lips to kiss affectionately. Later that night, just before bed, you surprised Prompto with a kiss to the cheek and handed him a piece of paper- the sketch you had made of him playing King’s Knight- before taking a seat beside your boyfriend. Prompto merely stares at it for a few moments before turning to you, tears misting over his usually clear blue eyes. “Do you… really see me this way? Do I look this perfect to you?”

You, of course, nod. “Of course,” you say “you’re my sweet angel and I love you.”

Gladio: Gladiolus Amicitia doesn’t have any qualms about himself or your habit of sketching him doing random things throughout his daily routine. You’ve sketched him while he was working out, you’ve sketched him while he was out on a grocery run, you’ve sketched him while he was in the shower, you’ve sketched him while he was in post-coital bliss… you’ve got a drawing for almost every aspect of Gladio’s life. This time, Gladio’s cleaning his broadsword when you approach him with a pen and paper in your hands. You left your drawing things in the Regalia, so you had to improvise and beg Ignis for a blank page out of his recipe notebook and a pen. Ambling up to Gladio, you grin down at him and plop down beside him while raising your drawing utensils up to his face. “You mind if I draw?” you ask Gladio. Gladio shakes his head, a small smile gracing his thick lips.

“No, of course not. Get my good side, yeah?” Gladio jokes, throwing you a wink before you roll your eyes and get started on the sketch. The two of you sit in mutual silence, Gladio cleaning his sword and you sketching his perfect side profile as he worked. After around and hour, the two of you are finished and Gladio immediately turns to you and wraps you in his large, strong arms. “So babe, whatcha got for me today?” He takes your sketch and smiles down at it adoringly before pressing a tender kiss against your temple. “You’re so talented- thanks y/n. I love these sketches.”

Ignis: You like to draw Ignis while he cooks different dishes. And Ignis enjoys getting a copy of your sketches of his delectable masterpieces. So initially, you’d hidden the sketches you did of Ignis, and just offered him the sketches of the food. He was absolutely thrilled to see how detailed you could make your art, and praised you endlessly. One day, after a particularly trying hunt with a behemoth, you decided that after dinner, you would show Ignis the sketches you had done of him DURING the cooking process of his prized recipes. Ignis is washing up after providing you and the rest of the guys a wonderful, nutritious meal, so you approach him with a rather teeming pile of sketches in your arms. Ignis glances at your briefly and offers you a welcoming smile. “Hello love, something the matter?” he asks, his brow furrowing slightly as he rubs against a rather stubborn piece of dried food on a plate.

You sigh and shake your head. “No, not really. Just… I drew you something.” Ignis’ smile widened and his moss green eyes lit up in excitement. Your heart soared at his reaction. He was always so openly enthusiastic about your art.

“Oh, well then- let’s take a seat after I finish up and you can show me your meal sketches-”

You smile up at Ignis, cutting him off. “They’re not… meal sketches. They’re of something- or someone- else.” Ignis stops his movements for a moment before nodding carefully.

“Okay. We’ll take a look at those then.”

When Ignis finally sits down and views your numerous sketches of him, your cheeks and flaming red. Ignis, however, is dead silent for a few moments. Suddenly, he turns towards you and his eyes a brimmed with fondness and appreciation.

“Y/n… sweetheart. This devotion you have for me is unfounded- I am only a man, and not a perfect one at that. And yet you draw me like I’m divinity.”

You smile and shrug gently. “You are to me.”

Walk The Line Pt. II

(Donald Pierce/Mutant!Reader)

Part I   Part III    Part IV    Part V

Words: ~3.7k
Warning: Smut, that’s it.

The moving became more frequent after that, you only ever spent two, maybe three, days in a place before moving on and needless to say it was hard.

Physically and mentally you were both exhausted, especially after that close call a few weeks before.

Jake didn’t even really want to let you out of his sight, scared he would lose you, but sitting on top of each other all the time started to get under your skin.

You usually went on grocery runs together, but after the last incident, you both figured that it might be safer to go alone, as to not draw too much attention and maybe you were not as easily recognized if you weren’t in a pair.

But you had told him about Pierce and what you saw in his feelings and that got Jake worried. He was worried about what he would do to you if he got you alone, so he was the one who went out to buy stuff.

And while that was fine by you in the beginning, it wasn’t fine anymore. You needed a break, you needed some space, even if just for an hour and most of all, you needed to get out of the house.

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Fight or Flight (Indiana Jones)

Pairing: Indiana Jones/OC

A/N: This was so much fun haha I effing love Indiana Jones. Let me know what you think!

Warnings: Nothing crazy or wild in this one!

“It’s incredible.”

Sweat trickled down the back of my neck as I stood with my hands on my hips, gazing up at the vine covered temple. Nature had reclaimed most of the structure, roots twisting up and covering the doorways while moss clung to the faded, time-worn walls. My pulse was thrumming beneath my skin, my entire body prickling with the anticipation of what I might find waiting inside. There was something about stepping foot in a place no one else had for centuries. It was bit of a sacrilegious experience, a moment I kept stored in the back of my memory for safe keeping…Aztec civilizations in Mexico, pyramids rising from the sands in Egypt, ancient tunnels twisting and turning beneath all of Europe. Each stood out in my mind, the memories serving as my own personal treasure.

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Dedicated to @wangpuppy9

Jinyoung x Reader
Smutty smut smut
Words: 978
Warnings: daddy kink?? Sex?? Terrible writing have funnn


You poke his cheek. Nothing.
You blow in his face. Nothing.
You pinch him. Nothing.
You say his name a thousand times. Nothing.

Jinyoung sat next to you on the couch, reading a book. You had no idea what the book was about, nor did you care. All you wanted was for him to set it down for five minutes and give you attention.

“Jinyooouung,” you whine.

He finally looks up at you, but his stare is filled with annoyance.


“Pay attention to me. I’m bored.”

“I’m reading. Let me at least finish this chapter and then we can do what you want to do.”

You sigh and pout.

“You’ve been reading for hours.”

“Y/N, just five minutes.”

He ends the conversation by looking back at his book. You stare at him. The way he is seated, you have a perfect view of his side profile. His long eyelashes. His sharp jawline and perfect cheekbones. His stupid fluffy hair that feels amazing under your touch.

You didn’t realize that you were reaching for him, until your hand met his cheek. But he didn’t even flinch, so caught up in his book that you’re not sure if he even noticed your touch.

So you’d make him notice.

You scoot closer, slowly bringing your lips to his jaw, leaving light kisses. You can feel his jaw clenching.

You kiss down to his neck, your kisses getting wetter and needier. You suck on the spot just bellow his ear and feel the vibrations of a light moan, notice that he’s closed his eyes and the book too.

And then you pull away.

His eyes shoot open as he turns to look at you. You smile at him innocently.

“Something wrong?” You ask.

He grabs you and pulls you into his lap.

“You want attention right?”


He pulls your shirt off and unclasps your bra faster than you can even comprehend. You felt suddenly too exposed, slowly bringing your hands up to cover your bare chest. But they were quickly torn away and pinned against your back.

“Don’t cover up, baby girl,” he ordered.

You nod and he seems pleased, letting go of your hands. You bring them to rest on his chest, while his come up to cup your boobs.


He cocks his head and pinches your nipples.


A smile.

“Good girl.”

His lips attach to your neck, sucking lightly, while he lifts your hips to remove your pants. You tug on his shirt, not wanting to be the only one with clothing missing. He lets you take it off and you run your hands over his chest and stomach.

“What do you want me to do? Tell me,” he says.

You take a nervous gulp before answering.

“I want d-daddy to touch me.”

A smirk.

“Where?” He asks, running his hand down to your folds. “Here?”

You nod, leaning in to his touch.

“But you were a bad girl, weren’t you? Do bad girl get what they want?”

“I w-wasn’t a bad girl daddy!”

“So you don’t think teasing me is bad?”

You look down and fiddle with your fingers.

“I’m sorry daddy. I just wanted you to pay attention to me.”

“You’re gonna have to apologize better than that if you want to cum tonight.”

You pout but you know pouting gets you nowhere so you get off his lap and on to your knees. You pull at his pants and he lifts his hips and helps you get them off.

You settle yourself between his legs and take his length in your hands. He watches you, his hands at his sides.

You lower your head and wrap your lips around his tip and suck. You look up and see his bottom lip trapped between his teeth as you sink lower, taking his whole length into your mouth. You start to bob your head, using one hand to play with his balls while the other one grips his thigh.

He lets out a low moan and you feel his hands tangle in your hair. You swallow around him a couple times, swirling your tongue around him. His head is thrown back and a constant slur of your name and cusses leave his mouth.

You take him as deep as you can, your nose touching his stomach. He pulls your head off of him, his breathing heavy.

“Get up here. Ride me.”

You quickly get up and straddle him. His eyes seem darker than normal and it only makes you want him more.

He lifts your hip, lining up his cock with your hole, and letting you sink down. Moans and whimpers leave your mouth as you start to bounce on him.

“S-so good ahh~”

He starts to thrust upward, his fingers digging into your waist.

“Daddy!” You scream.

He runs a hand down to your folds and starts rubbing your clit. You throw your head back and bounce harder. He pinches your clit and you can feel yourself tightening around his cock.

“I c-can’t daddy I’m gonna cum. Please let me cum.”

His thrusts get harder and faster as you lose control.


“Cum for me. Cum all over daddy’s cock.”

You release, moaning his name over and over. He cums almost immediately after you.

You both sit there for a second, catching your breath before he pulls out. He hands you his shirt and you put it on. And get up so he can pull his pants up.

He leans back, sprawling across the couch, and pats his stomach, motioning for you to join him. You slowly crawl on top of him, resting your head on his chest. His fingers run through your hair, your fingers brushing lightly over his torso.

“Y/n,” he whispers.

You hum.

“I love you.”

You close your eyes, sleep threatening to take over.

“I love you too.”

Lady in Red

Picture not mine

A/N: What do you guys think?

You were getting ready for your first premiere for a marvel movie, marvel was by far your favorite comic company because they had better quality & different type of superheroes with different backgrounds and personalities. You wore a tight red dress that had slits on the side but they only hit your thigh, you weren’t so sexy when it came to clothes although it was backless and hugged each part of you body making you look longer and sensual and even though it was your first premiere you didn’t let some random designer that you’ve never heard of style you, no you let your best friend (Y/BF/N) she had a passion for fashion and her custom designs would look better than any known designer because her work was based on the person and their comforts and assets not the other way around. “Damn I’m good , I mean look at your ass man.” She said in a dreamy voice while she placed her hand on her chin leaning on the bar, you rolled your eyes and put on your black heels even though no one would see them because your dressed reached the floor. “Do you think I may have over done it ?” You asked nervously, just because it was your first doesn’t mean you wanted to be the belle of the ball “You look absolutely stunning bitch, all the men are going to drool over you and some women as well.” (Y/BF/N) said winning at you, putting you at somewhat ease. You didn’t look absolutely regular but you didn’t feel stunning as you looked in the mirror your shoulder length hair was straight, you were a very fair amount of makeup that consisted of highlight, false eyelashes, a dab of concealer and lipstick but you felt more then comfortable with your look. 

You wore a single strand of diamond earrings and no necklace trying to keep as much attention away from your chest as possible, then you heard a knock that broke you out of your focus you watched as (Y/BF/N) ran over to open the door which revealed your driver of the evening “Ms. (Y/N) (Y/L/N), I’m Jared and I shall be your driver tonight the car is awaiting your entrance.” He said and walked right back to the car waiting for you “Are you sure you can’t come with me ?” You whined holding your best friend which caused her to laugh “No silly ! Now go out there and show them how bad ass you are!” She said hugging you for the support you so desperately needed. You nod kissing her cheek making your way to the car and you see Jared already standing by the door holding it open for you “Thank you Jared, that’s very kind of you.” You said softly smiling at the older man who returned your happiness, he closed the door behind you sand went back to the drivers seat silently driving to the premier and just as you were about to get out you heard “Knock me dead Ms. (Y/N), show them all who you are.” Jared said smiling at you widely and just his words gave you the extra push you needed to be yourself, you took a deep breath, relax and you had become (Y/N)(Y/L/N) blogger and marvels new story board creator. You smiled and nodded opening the door and not even a foot was out of the car when you heard the shutters but you didn’t freeze you continued to get the rest of you out of the car but once you did you wished you could immediately go back in , so many people were screaming your names, so many paparazzi members had been taking your picture but you held your head high, smiled and walked along the carpet until you were stopped for a few interviews with E!, Buzzfeed, Vogue and Insider after all those were done you had finally found your manager “(Y/N)! You look gorgeous, I almost didn’t recognize you! You’re working gold magic of all your interviews the fans are eating you up on twitter, so keep this up kid!” George said sticking up two thumbs.

 You respected George as a man but not so much a manager, he truly never cared about your career only his own so if you looked good he looked great but you nodded and smiled snapping a few more pictures as the night went along before the movie started and everyone needed to be seated. You were just finishing up your last picture when you heard a CRACK and then you felt yourself fall backwards, why backwards because you just so happened to be walking up a step when you fell. You didn’t open your eyes because you were waiting for the embarrassment to begin but no such thing happened because when you opened your eyes Chris Evans face was so close to your face , you felt his quiet breath “Are you all right?” He said with pure concern looking at you with worry “Yeah, my heel just snapped… so professional of me huh?” You said laughing which caused him to laugh “Hold on to my neck.” That was all he said when you felt your body begin to lift off the ground and you quickly wrapped your arms around Evans “What are you doing?” You asked him quietly looking at his side profile, shit was this man perfect from every angle. “I’m carrying you, I mean unless you want to limp around with your broken heels?” he asked looking at your broken heel in your hand you shook your head quickly blushing at him as you felt all the sparks hit you eyes, the paparazzi was truly eating this up whole, you felt your feet touched the cold floor “Looks like you got lucky because you’re my seat buddy.” Chris said placing you gently in your seat as he took his after “Thank you Mr. Evans…” you say blushing harder due to the embarrassment that you were now feeling “Please call me Chris, Ms. (Y/L/N)” he said and this shocked you, the Chris Evans knows your name.  “I make it my business to know everyones name, and I’ve seen you when we filming Civil War, I had to know your name the second I saw you.” You whispered in your ear causing you to look away from his so fast “Well Chris I appreciate your interest in me.” You said calming your face down from the red coloring.

 Just as Chris was going to speak again Stan Lee stood before the audience “Thank you all for coming and supporting my work and love, I hope you enjoy the latest edition to the Marvel franchise.“ He said loudly before exiting off the stage and on cue the movie began causing everyone to hush down “If you jump, I have a comfy landing for you (Y/N).” Chris said whispering in your ear causing you to blush once again shaking your head at his remark but he was some what right because you had ended up clutching his arm in pure suspense during one part of the movie but you kept your hand on his arm through out the movie watching in pure silence but you would look at him from the corner of his eye watching him every so often noticing him looking at you. Once the movie ended everyone stood up and clapped the movie was truly a work of art, and as you went to hug the cast for all the amazing and hard work to complete you find that the last cast member you didn’t speak to happened to be Chris Evans who was talking with fans, smiling and looking so damn good, you were going to walk passed him and congratulate him on twitter but Chris had over ideas as he grabbed your waist in front of everyone “Lady in red just where do you think you’paparazzire going you must take a proper picture with me.” he said posing you in front of him as his hands sat on your waist pulling you close to him and if the paparazzi didn’t eat you up before they were eating you both alive “Call me sometime.“ Chris said whispering in your ear putting a piece of paper in your hand before walking away from you which caused you to walk towards the nearest exit. 

You looked around for Jared and once you found him you hopped into the back of the car not saying a thing on your drive back home, you thanked him once again before wishing him a good bye and you had believed your night was finally over until you saw your best friend sitting on your couch with the TV on and thats when you froze, it was a picture of you and Chris when you fell and when he made you take a picture with him but the title is what truly caught your attention "Lady in Red takes Captain Americas Heart.”

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"I love you,I promise that you never get hurt" + tae from bts mafia!au? Pleaase

How did you get into this mess?

If you knew it will end this way, you will not even try, or hope for this relationship to work.


Your eyes wandering around the old looking bar wildly, half scanning the new place, half trying to find a seat. You drag your feet on the wooden floor slowly, and sit on the stool, eyes still looking around. Not many people are here, making it one of the calmest bar you have ever been. Only the occasional sound of glasses, clicks of lighters, people talking, and the oldies being played by a live band. This place looks like it comes straight out from the 50’s, complete with the old furniture and decorations.

You glance at the right side of the bar. There is a small vintage stage, with a group of middle aged men and women playing some oldies and classics.

“What do you want to drink, young lady?” A bartender’s voice makes you snap your head back to the front. Before you is a young man, with an amazing physique, not too muscular or too skinny. His brown hair is parted into 5:2, neatly combed. He is wearing a white shirt with a small bow tie around the collar. His face showing much interest to you, making you avert away your eyes instantly from him.

You hesitate, “One perfect martini, please.”

“Anything for the lady,” he turns on his heels and begins mixing the drink. Seconds later, he places a cocktail glass, filled with clear liquid in front of you, complete with a fresh green olive.

You glue your eyes to the old oak bar table in front of you. You rest your hands on it, intertwining both of your hands with each other. Your tongue stiffens, making you unable to produce any words out. You slightly nods your head and pulls the drink closer to your body.

“What’s a young lady like you doing here, all alone?” The bartender asks, breaking the silence. He is standing, showing his back as he wipes some glasses behind the bar.

Sipping some drink from the glass lips, you say, “Just bored. And this is quite an interesting place too, it’s quiet.”

“Yeah, it’s not that popular. The owner is the third generation to run this bar. He doesn’t want to do any changes to it, keeping it still like before. This place was once very popular, back in the 50’s. But I guess people want change. So lesser people come. Only the regulars will keep coming here,” he explains. He walks to the shelf and arrange the glasses neatly, still not facing you.

Suddenly, you feel a figure silently takes a seat right next to you. You can see at the corner of your eyes, he is wearing a suit and a fedora hat, as he is smoking a cigar.

The bartender turns around, and as soon he lays he eyes on the man beside you, his body freezes. Clouds of smoke float around the man’s face, making him appear mysterious.

“Sir, how can I help you?” The bartender’s tone sounds serious. His expression show such emotion that you cannot define.

The man clears his throat before speaking, “A glass of whiskey, please.”

His deep husky voice makes your heart beat quickens. Your curiosity grows, but your eyes still on the your glass, as if the glass is a lot more attractive than him.

Without a word, the bartender quickly place the golden colored drink on the table, and disappears from the scene, leaving you and the man at the bar. You would be lying if you say that you do not feel nervous.

“I’m Taehyung,” the man speaks up.

At that remark, you bravely turn your head to face him, and God, he is such a masterpiece.

High bridge nose, piercing stare from his brown eyes, that perfectly arched eyebrows, and lips, wrapped around that cigar. His side profile is just so perfect, that you did not notice you are staring.

“Enjoying the view?” His head now turns to his left, his eyes bore down to yours. A smirk is so evident on his face. Your cheeks turn into rosy pink, as you duck down in shyness.

‘What a cute reaction,’ Taehyung thought to himself.

“I’m Y/N,” you politely introduce yourself, trying to make the situation less awkward than it already be.

“Would you stay with me, no matter what happens?” He questioned you on one fateful night when both of you were tangled between the sheets, moonlight softly shone through the blinds on the window.

“Of course I will. I love you,” was your automatic response.

Present Day

You were in love with him, but he is not the normal type of boyfriend who will cuddle with you at nights, takes you out on a fancy dinner, buy you flowers or watch some romantic cliche flicks with you.

He is a mafia boss, in the area you are staying. You did not know it before of course, he hid it so well. Masking himself as a businessman who always need to go for work and only be back on late nights. He had always said that his business was so important to him, being that he is the heir from his late father.

“I’m not like the normal guys, Y/N. I’m dangerous. But you, you are the only person that sees through me. I can be completely myself when I’m with you. Don’t you leave me,” his persuasive voice made your legs go jelly. But you know, this is not right.

He is dangerous, so damn dangerous. You love him, but hell, would you risk your family too? You know, you and your family will be the main target to the other mafia families who want to destroy him. 

No. You cannot risk that. And you finally decided to break up with him.

It is for the best.

That is, until one night, as you are walking back home from work, two men pounce onto you, and pull you inside a car. Everything is happening too fast. Their strong grip make you freeze in your seat, and keep your silence. With three strong looking men in the car, you choose to not do anything stupid, thus risking you to be found dead minutes later on the street. One of the men forcefully ties a blindfold on your eyes, making you feel more anxious as seconds pass by.

The car stop after what is feels like hours, and you are dragged out from the car, but this time, the men treat you like a fragile glass. 

“Follow us. And don’t struggle.”

 They guide you somewhere. The echo of the footsteps suggests that you are now walking through a hallway. 

Seconds later, they halt in their tracks. You hear sounds of knocking on a door.

“Come in,” a muffled voice is heard. You hear creaking sound of a door, before the men guide you to continue walking and stopping a few steps after.

“Both of you may leave,” a familiar deep voice resonate in your ear, as you feel the men grips on your arms disappear. Their footsteps becomes fainter as they walk away, and closes the door.

Your breath hitchs, hearing another footsteps coming to your direction, and passing you.

“Taehyung?” You croak out.

Click. The door is locked.

“Taehyung? Is that you? ” You voice out again, sounding like you are in such despair.

The footsteps travel closer to you, and the blindfolds are off. You squint your eyes at the sudden brightness of the room, until a familiar figure stands right before you.

“Hey. How have you been? ” 

Taehyung asks, a wicked smile is plastered on his face. His gaze on you make you feel small, and vulnerable. You bite down your dry bottom lips and avoid any eye contact with him.

“You said you will stay with me. But then, you disappear. Why you lied, Y/N? Don’t you love me anymore?” His voice sounds sad and disappointed.

No response from you.

He rubs the temple of his nose, sighing softly at your silence.

“It doesn’t matter. Now that you are here, you are now completely mine,” his voice turns cheerful, making you snap and look at him in fear.

His hand travels slowly, from the tip of your fingers, up to your arms and stays on your shoulder. He pulls you close, and pats your hair, chuckling.

“I love you, and I promise you will never get hurt,” his lips come in contact with your hot cheeks, sending shivers down your spine.

Things I Write When I’m Bored

It’s done! I gotta admit, Tae as a mafia boss will be the hottest thing on Earth

Hope you like it! <3

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Heartfilled Confession

Part two to: Pretending to hate eachother AU

Requested?: Holy shit yes it was

Summary: Nico was a close friend during your first few days/ weeks at camp… Why is he so cold all of a sudden?

Warning: Sameful Fluff… its almost too fluffy to hold >.<

“Wait what?” You quickly asked the Latino who sat on the deck of the ship still. He nodded and pushed himself up to his feet while speaking, “ Jeez, it’s so obvious so I don’t know how you haven’t noticed. I thought you knew him well enough before all this that he pushes people away when he really likes them.” Leo blurted out with a small chuckle escaping his lips to ease the mood. You face-palmed at your stupidity, Nico was actually a really close friend of yours before he started shoving you away a few days after you came to camp.

You sighed and muttered a quick “Be right back” under your breath before turning towards the direction of the boat cabins. You shuffled quietly- yet swiftly down the stairs and corridor before you heard a faint echo if footsteps trail past the doors to the rooms and continue down the hall. You pushed yourself forward in order to go around the corner faster than you already were; the result being the glimpse of a black pants leg going quickly around the corner. You furrowed your brow and darted after him, up a staircase that headed to the upper deck- why head downstairs if you’re only going back up you idiot? You thought to yourself. You rolled your eyes at his actions before speeding after him.

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Monsta X reaction when you sit on their lap and call them ‘oppa’ for the first time (boyfriend ver.)


You tiptoe quietly from behind, when you see Shownu sitting on bench in the gym. His grey sleeveless shirt is covered with sweat but you didn’t care as you take a quick slide to his lap.

“Good morning, oppa” You greet him cheerfully, your arms wrap around his neck. It’s a first for you to do that to him, but it just feels so… right. 

He sits still, trying to process that you had called him ‘oppa’, and he couldn’t help but to show a shy grin. 

“Oppa?” You tease him once more, making him more quieter than before.

“You’re early for gym” You say, ignoring his no response as you get a lot closer to him. He moves back, “I… sweat, don’t get near me” He reasons, afraid that he would kiss your irresistible lips in front of people.

“Sorry, I really.. don’t want you to smell bad” 

“Oh,” You mutter, your smile slowly turn into a sly smirk. “Okay then” You quickly peck his thick lips instead, before leaving him with your last tease.

“I’ll get you later…” He whispers to himself, smirking, as he starts to work out more.


“Oh my God, why did he do that, that’s so dumb” Wonho pretty much comments on every single shows he watches on TV. You sigh, trying to ignore him.

“Look at that, the guy should’ve move to that side” His index finger points on the TV, finally snapping your last thread of patience.

You face him, placing your sweet smile on your face. It wasn’t a fake one, when every time you look at him, you would always smile naturally.

Wonho oppa” You uses the term for the first time, trying if it would work for him. And it did.

His head turns immediately to you, curious at what your next move is. 

Your body moves closer to him and then sits on his lap. 

“Wonho oppa, please,” You say, wrapping your arms around his neck, planting a quick kiss on his lips. “Please be quiet” 

Wonho’s expression stay calm as he smiles while looking at you, muttering no words. His eyes made you stop whatever you were going to say next. 

“I’ll be quiet” He whispers into your ear, a little too sensually. You back away from him, awkwardly smiling. “Thank… you?” You suddenly feel lost, for how easy it was to shut him up. 

You get up from him, regretting what you had done.

“You know I probably won’t even watch the TV if you keep doing that to me” He says loudly when he sees you running away, blushing.


“Minhyuk!” You call him excitedly, when you see him alone at the dance studio. He smiles back, his perfect teeth showing to you, 

“Good morning, oppa!” You say as you stop infront of him, His head look up to see you, suddenly feeling happier when you called him ‘oppa’. 

“Good morning” He replies you back, unconsciously making you sit on his lap. He gets a little heart attack when he sees you on his lap, but his eyes shows playfulness.

“Did something good happen today?” He asks, obviously confuse at your sudden action. You didn’t answer him, but your arm wraps around his neck gently.

“There’s definitely something going on here” His eyes look at your arms before they lay back on your face. 

“I just miss you, that’s all” You say, your eyes focus on his thin lips, as you lean it quickly to kiss him. His lips form a smile, wanting more of yours.

“Anyway,” Your lips part with his, making him let out a small whine. “I have to go now, oppa” You say, running off to outside, making him dumbfounded.

“She’s really something…” He says, licking his lips.


“Why does this coke taste like… soy sauce?” You hear Kihyun’s angry yell to you, before you giggle like a kid.

“I’m sorry, what?” You act oblivious, making Kihyun more frustrated. His hand lift the cup he’s holding, still not moving from the couch. 

“This” He points out, his nose scrunches in annoyance. 

“I don’t understand, oppa” You smile innocently, seeing him pause for a short while. 

“Did you just say –”

“Say what, oppa?” You go near him, sitting on his lap. He gets startle, his arms moves away from your body contact. You smile wider, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“What are you trying to do?” He manage to ask, even though he’s actually panicking.

“Nothing,” You kiss his lips, tasting the soy sauce on your lips. “I guess it is soy sauce, I prank you well, right oppa?” You playfully say, jumping off from him.

“Be glad that you look cute right now, or else I would’ve prank you back” Kihyun mutters, seeing you run back to your room.


You see Hyungwon sleeping on your couch, probably bored from watching the TV. You smile giddily looking at his perfect side profile, taking a few minutes to take in the view before you had to wake him up.

“Hyungwon…” You shake his body lightly, gaining nothing from him. 

“Hyungwon oppa” You shake him again, slowly hearing his soft murmur from sleep. “Oppa, wake up”

He finally stirs from his sleep, his eyes opens dreamily, seeing you smiling at him. “Wake up, oppa” 

Hyungwon rubs his eyes, his mind wander at you calling ‘oppa’ for the first time. He suddenly feels a light weight on his lap, feeling arms around his neck. 

His eyes fully flutter open, his cheeks flush red as he try to compose himself calmly.

“W-What are you doing?” His voice cracks, making you chuckle. He grows more embarrassed, but seeing you there on his lap is making him happy. 

“You need to wake up, the boys are coming soon” You tell him, staring at his plump lips. “They’ll scold you if they see you sleeping” Your arms wrap closer around his neck, letting your lips kiss his softly.

“So come on, get up” You instruct, getting up from him, showing him your last sneaky smile before going to the kitchen.


You hear from a loud shriek from your living room, as you quickly jump off from your bed. Your feet brings you the living room, seeing Jooheon points at something.

“Kill that thing” He demands.

“But it’s just a bug” You say, blinking at him in disbelief. His arms flew up, his scared expression is still there.

“That’s the thing, it’s a bug!”

You roll your eyes, tapping your feet near the bug, making it fly off to somewhere far. “It’s still in this room!” Jooheon exclaims, as he moves himself at the far end of the sofa he’s sitting on.

“But oppa, it’s just a bug, it’s afraid of you” 

Oppa?” You knew he would change the topic, even his scared expression is gone. 

“Did you just call me ‘oppa’?” He asks you, but you only go towards him instead without saying anything. You let yourself sit on his lap, unaware of his panic face.

“Yes, I did” You say, wrapping your arms on his neck. He gulps, feeling awkward suddenly.

“Do you want me call you oppa more?” 

He slowly nods, while you smile. “Then,” You manage to kiss him red lips that’s visible to you. “Stop being scared of a bug” You tell him, grinning devilishly as you walk back to your room.


You and Changkyun are sitting quietly on the couch, your eyes are focusing on the magazine you are reading. You bit your lips, peeking at Changkyun that’s writing on his notebook.

You move closer to him, your leg bumps onto his. His eyebrow raises, but his eyes still focus on his book.

“Changkyun?” You call him, hoping that he would agree to go to your colleague’s birthday party with you.He makes no movement, no reply, because he knows what you are about to ask him.

You sigh quietly, before furrowing your eyebrow in determination. 

“Changkyun oppa” You call him again, finally gaining his attention. He closes his book, but his head looks to the front. You try to not get irritated by his playful acts.

Oppa” You say again, but moving yourself on his lap.

His face was expressionless, which frustrates you more. You wrap your arms around his neck, staring at his lips that open slightly.

“You know what I’m about to ask –”

“I’ll go,” He cuts you off, with so far good words. “If you start calling me oppa from now on” He continues, his smirk plaster on his face. You waste no time to agree, kissing his lips for a second.

“Thank you, Changkyun –” You stands up, halting for a moment. “Changkyun oppa” You sheepishly say, leaving his lips feeling empty.

“I can’t believe she just leaves me like that…”