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Ten’s Smile Appreciation Post

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  Hi if you know me personally you know I love Ten more than anything he is my sweet baby and he means the world to me hhhh. I have a bunch of requests AND I”M DOING THEM AS FAST AS I CAN, but I felt the need to post something about my sweet angel so here ~~

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try and lie to me and say you don’t want to hug this sweet sweet baby

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his pretty smile his pretty eyes his pretty earrings dont get me started on how boyfriend he looks in hats lorrrrrrrrrd

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listen to me: we don’t deserve him in the slightest

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his smile is so genuine, he is so wonderful and kind i lovvvve him so mucccchh

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if i could witness this sweet giggle irl i would be good for life tbh

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his side profile is so beautiful my favorite sight in the entire world and his pretty earrings again i love this boy

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sweet baby honey baby angel baby fluffy baby

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he is literally so effortlessly beautiful he doesn’t even have to do anything and i will hype him up so hard LOOK AT HIS PRETTY LIPS AND TEETH AND CHEEKS AND EYES

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he is so sweet i am so in love with him i will never not be in love with him ok u know u agree dont call me crazy

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uhm i am trying to be soft right now pls stop pls i cant handle this right now i  did not ask for this hold pls i am transferring your call

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he is so radiant and bright and positive dont you just love the sun

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fluffy pretty sweet amazing thai prince i love so much

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hello i cant take much more look how happy and silly and cute and smiley and beautiful he is UGH THAT WAS SO SOFT IM GONNA PUKE you have all seen my weak spot now and my softest point in history



  • that mom best friend everyone has who always ruins the atmosphere and probably stops you from drinking 
  • always makes terrible jokes and puns 
  • talks too much for his own good 
  • probably nags at you to eat your vegetables and do your homework
  • you always gossip together with a fancy glass of wine in hand and cheese crackers


  • siblings at heart and partners in crime 
  • he would literally do any kind of mischief with you and you two are actually quite known for your pranks 
  • and also the trouble you get into 
  • the guy that will try to be your wing-man and probably introduce you to all his friends when you complain about not having a boyfriend
  • asks you to help him set a Tinder profile and then for your hot classmate’s number


  • always waits for you after classes or work with your favorite starbucks drink 
  • acts like he is your father most of the time and you have to remind him your age diference is not that big 
  • “yeah, but like in my time we didn’t use to say it’s lit, we used to say that is quite exquisite” 
  • also has a silly side to him which comes out at the most random times 


  • your drinking buddy on the weekends
  • always ready to throw a party and some shade 
  • probably has a stack of embarassing baby photos of you your mother sent him and is ready to use them to blackmail you
  • “buy me pizza and i will give you daniel’s number”
  • somehow always convinces you to do the dirty deeds for him
  • “wow, you’re so lucky to have me as a friend, don’t you think that? I mean I could probably hang out with Hollywood stars but I choose you! So now you have to do this for me, like a true best friend does”


  • the guy that you don’t even how you became friends with, but you two are always hanging out
  • stupid jokes 25/8 
  • asks you for compliments all the time and gets hurt if you don’t do it 
  • always sings for you, it doesn’t even matter if you’re in public or not
  • you would be grocery shopping and you have Jaehwan in the fruit aisle dramatically yelling the lyrics to “My Heart Will Go On”


  • the cat-obsessed friend who will probably die alone with 35 cats by the age of 35
  • wakes you up at 3 am to ask you to come over because his cat had a nightmare and doesn’t know what to do
  • is actually really chill and you two never do anything interesting besides watching movies, eating, sleeping and playing video games together
  • lets you take care of his cats when he is away because he trusts you the most 
  • but calls you from hour to hour and texts you every 30 minutes asking if they are ok 
  • forces you facetime him at 2 am just because he misses them, probably asks you to leave the phone open too so he can watch them sleep


  • the jealous type of best friend who doesn’t want you to hang out with anyone else
  • very possessive of you and probably hates your boyfriend too
  • “why would you want anyone else besides me? i’m the only friend you need!”
  • turns into a drama queen king if you insult his fashion style
  • does aegyo for you to buy him food 


  • you two probably share memes together before going to bed 
  • gets offended if you send him one of himself, but sends back 50 idiot photos of you 
  • calls you stupid as a term of endearment 
  • tries to get you into breakdance with him and almost made you broke your arm once when he tried teaching you 
  • you two don’t meet often, but he texts you like 10 messages in 0.1 seconds and gets sassy if you don’t answer


  • looks like a lost puppy all the time 
  • doesn’t know what he’s doing most of the time and probably asks you lots of useless questions about trivial matters 
  • you two are complete opposites but somehow you complete each other and whenever you hang out with him, it feels like home
  • he is the one you always call whenever you feel sad because you know he would listen to you 
  • like literally you can call him at 4 am and he would answer and stay with you on the phone for one hour just because the ending of your book made you cry 


  • personal cheerleader and best friend 
  • you have spa days and give each other facials together
  • would most likely challenge you to a girl group dancing competition
  • “girl you going dowwwnn! I AM THE OFFICIAL UNCROWNED KING OF GIRL GROUPS!”
  • is a sweetheart in general
  •  but would probably wait for you at 2 am in your apartment with the light off just to tell you that he saw you hanging out with another guy today and is not pleased about it 


  • always has that “i’m bored of you” type of resting bitch face when you hang out 
  • is actually really excited, he just hates the other people around you 
  • surprinsingly very caring and is always asking you if you need anything 
  • always makes fun of you for being short and uses you as an arm rest 
  • “hey kid, how’s the weather down there?” 
  • lets you borrow his hoodie just so he can laugh at you because it looks so cute 
  • “wait don’t go, I didn’t take a pic yet!”
You’re worth it

Hope you enjoy this even though it’s a quite serious issue. Always remember that you are beautiful and that your worth everything. Life can be cruel sometimes but wherever it’s dark there is also light. You’re loved! xoxo 

(Picture is not mine!)

Warnings: Cutting

With a huge smile on my face and my heart skipping beats between my chest, I closed the door to my house behind me and slowly made my way to my boyfriend’s place. Even though I just saw him a couple of hours ago, I couldn’t wait to see him again. Every second I spent without him was wasting precious time and I definitely couldn’t allow it. Whenever we were apart, I had the urge to haste to him and just be with him, in his arms. I missed him always, no matter if he had seen him hours or even minutes ago. He meant so much to me, I could not even imagine a complete life without him.

While walking, I went through different ideas in my head about how we could pass some time. There were occasions were Marcel and I just watched romantic comedies, because they were his favorite, all cuddled up against each other or we took a walk outside, talking about different stuff. Sometimes, we sat there and did not talk to each other, being wrapped in each other’s arms, just enjoying the silence that surrounded us. As long as I was with Marcel, I was the happiest girl in the world and nothing would ever change this.

When I finally arrived at Marcel’s, I knocked on the door gently. However, after waiting for a few minutes, nobody had still opened the door for me so I took out a spare key that Marcel gave me to his house so I had always access to it whenever I wished to be there. I unlocked the door and stepped inside, being greeted by nothing but silence.

“Marcel?” I called after him.

I was wondering if nobody was at home but according to Marcel’s shoes placed besides the entry I assumed he had to have been present.

“Marcel, baby, are you at home?”

As I got no response, I walked towards the stairs to check up if he was upstairs in his room. Maybe he had been in the shower, that’s why he hadn’t noticed my presence yet. With hasty steps, I walked up the stairs and headed to his room. I wanted to push down the handle as suddenly I perceived sobbing sounds on the other side. With worry immediately consuming me, I pushed the door open only to be confronted with the most horrific image that I had seen in my entire life. My heart wrenched immediately in my chest and I felt a stinging pain that could have been compared to what you would feel when you would have been stabbed by thousand knives.

Right in the corner of the room, Marcel was placed in a seated position on the ground. In one hand, he held a sharp razor while his other wrist was injured. Blood dripped from his wound and soaked his pants with the red liquid. His eyes were blood-shot and he cried uncontrollably, more and more tears slid along his rosy cheeks. I ran towards him and let myself fall to the ground right in front of him.

“Marcel, what have you done?!” I squealed in disbelief. I knocked the razor out of his hand which landed a few meters away from us. Taking his hands in mine, I started to examine the wound he had created. He had damaged his soft skin.

“Marcel, what is this? Why have you done this?” He kept his head tilted down in shame, refusing to look at me in the eyes. To my dismay, I found out that it wasn’t the first time he had cut himself. I discovered a few more scars along his wrist, some of them were even fresh and new, probably being cut a not long time ago. Realization hit me like a heavy brick and I had realized that my boyfriend cut himself behind my back and I was foolish not to recognize it. How could I oversee a serious issue like this? What kind of girlfriend had I been?

I fought against the urge to cry and scream because I knew I had to be strong for him. Whatever reason had leaded him to the choice of harming himself, I would find it out but now he needed my comfort and support.

I instantly rushed to the bathroom and grabbed the first aid kid. Taking the utensils I needed, I went back to Marcel and started to treat his wound. Luckily, the cut wasn’t too deep as I could tell and it would heal very soon.

I took wadding pad and soaked it with a disinfectant. “This may sting a little.” I told him, dabbing it carefully along his wound. He hissed slightly to the contact. After I cleaned the injury, I wrapped a bandage afterwards so it would heal properly.

Marcel had not calmed down yet, still crying whatever made him cry.

“Baby, what’s going on?” I croaked, pulling him into my arms. He wrapped his own weakly around my body and nestled his face in the crook of my neck, his tears covering my skin. I wondered what had made him so upset, so desperate that he felt like he had to punish himself with cutting his wrist. I gave him time as much as he needed to relax, stroking his hair gently and humming his favorite song in his ear.

“Marcel, tell me what happened. Tell me what had made you so upset.”

“I don’t deserve you, (Y/N).” He croaked. “I don’t deserve you. I’m worthless. I still have no idea why you’re with me. I’m a nerd. Pathetic and worthless. Why are you doing this to yourself? I’m ruining your image.”

My mouth went wide open as the harsh words escaped his lips. I felt another sting in my heart but this time it hurt so much more than the time before that.

“What are you talking about, Marcel?”

“You know I ruin your reputation and yet you’re with me. Why (Y/N)? Is it because of pity? Do you pity me?”

Whoever planted such bullshit into his head, was going to pay for it. Somebody has messed up his brain so badly, that Marcel started to doubt my feelings for him.

“You know that’s not true, Marcel. None of this is true, baby. Why are you talking like this?”

“Because I’m a pathetic little shit who thinks somebody like you could ever love me.” He started to cry again. I felt absolutely helpless, out of words. Marcel had been upset before but never had it been this bad about our relationship.

“I do love you, Marcel. Gosh, I love you so so much. You’re the best that has happened in my life and I’m not going to stop loving you. I can’t live without you… Please believe me…”

“Worthless… pathetic…” He whimpered. “I cannot offer you anything, (Y/N). Nothing. Look at me. Look at the nerd. You should break up with me. You’re better without me…”

“What the fuck?! No! I’m not leaving you, Marcel. For god’s sake, tell me what happened!”

“Jason happened, okay?!” He screamed, making my body flinch in shock. As he realized that he scared me off, he shared an apologetic look. “I’m sorry.”

“What did Jason tell you?” I asked him. Actually, he didn’t have to answer because I knew exactly what Jason did to him. That prick was supposed to be my boyfriend a long time ago but also was known as the bully at our grade. He mostly wasted his time humiliating people in front of others but the only person who suffered a lot under his attacks was unfortunately Marcel.

Yes, Marcel was different that the others. He was labeled as the nerd in school but I didn’t care. I actually found him cute since the moment I saw him. The way he looked didn’t bother me at all, I knew Marcel was a good person from the inside. His nerdy and funny demeanor drew me to him and I slowly noticed myself falling for him. Marcel was special, he was unique in his own way and I appreciated that he wasn’t like every other student in our school.

Besides, nobody knew Marcel because they never gave him a chance to prove himself. Nobody except for me knew the gentle soul that had been hiding behind those large glasses.

“I know you don’t want to talk about this but whatever Jason had told you baby, don’t believe him He can be manipulative, you know that. I love you, really love you. With all my heart.”

I kissed his forehead gently and felt Marcel’s stiffened body calming down from his outburst. With my thumps, I wiped away every tear that made its way out of his mesmerizing green eyes that I learned to love and adore.

“Don’t cry baby.” I tried to comfort him. “I’m gonna prepare a nice bath for you, what do think about that, hmm?” I stood up and stretched my arm out from him to grab it. “Sounds nice to you?”

He answered by nodding his head, sniffling and after I ordered him to take off his clothes carefully because I didn’t want him to hurt himself, I went back to the bathroom and prepared a nice and hot bath for my frustrated and poor boyfriend. I threw a pink bath bomb which was Marcel’s favorite and after everything was done, he was allowed to enter the bath tub. Gently and carefully, I helped him to sit down. He leaned back, closing his eyes, while I took a place at the edge of the tub.

I let my fingers slid between his, intertwining our hands. While Marcel let himself drown in relaxation, I took my time to observe his side profile adoringly. If anyone would be sitting right next to me, would have witnessed the huge amount of love that I shared for him in my eyes. I was very open about my feelings for him and never failed to show them. Affectionate kisses in front of others, gently brushing my hand against his, clinging onto his body like he was the only important resource for my existence, I did all of them and I wasn’t ashamed.  He was so endlessly pure and beautiful, angel-like even, and he didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was being treated. If anyone deserved the entire universe, it was definitely Marcel.

My fingers traced the outline of his sharp jaw line tenderly, sensing the muscles tensing under my touch. He leant into my sweet gesture. “Beautiful.” I whispered. Taking his injured hand, I placed kisses on each of his knuckles.

“You’re beautiful to me, Marcel. No matter what others think about you, it won’t stop me from loving you. You’re not worthless, how can you even think that? You are important to me and to your family. You don’t have to be popular or have a reputation to be loved. You’re amazing just the way you are, my love, and I never want you to forget this. You’re worth it, you’re worth my love and the effort that I put into our relationship.”

Again, a tear slid along his face. “You made me the happiest girl alive and I’m so grateful to call you mine, Marcel. You make me feel nothing but special like nobody has. I can’t just give someone like you up so easily. I would die if I lost you. My heart couldn’t handle a separation because you have it. You own my heart. Every single part of you owns my heart, Marcel. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” He responded, his voice shaking slightly.

“I don’t want you to cut yourself ever again, you hear me? You won’t harm your body over a thing like this. You have to promise me Marcel. You’re not only hurting yourself but also me.”

“I will try, promise.” He mumbled.

“I’m here for your, baby. Anytime.” I leaned forward to catch his lips with mine. I kissed him hard and passionate, putting all my emotions into that one single kiss. After we pulled away for air, I decided to wash his body and saw that worry and doubt was drifting off of him.

When the water started to turn cool, I let him get out and helped him getting dressed into a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

“Cuddle with me?” He asked innocently and I could do nothing but to agree to it.

There we laid, in each other’s arms, safe and secure, letting nothing but joy and laughter getting in between us. Jason would pay for what he did, for messing up with Marcel and he was going to pay hard for it. I was going to make sure that he never took a chance to attack him. If someone was very protective over him, then it was me.

“Thank you, (Y/N).” Marcel mumbled against my neck. His breath on my skin caused goose bumps on my entire body. “Thank you so much. I love you.”

“I love you, too, handsome. So much. Remember, you’re worth everything.”

“Will do.” He murmured back.

And started to drift off to sleep…

| Lines |
  • starring: Jung Jaehyun
  • genre: smut, fluff (?)
  • word count: 4.3k
  • summary: As you thought your relationship with Jaehyun was heading nowhere he finally decides to draw the lines you were hoping for.
  • author’s note: As this being my first smut scenario  I felt a lot of pressure while writing it. I must admit my aim was to write a passionate love making, so I must warn you; there is no kink. But I’m still unsure about how it turned out, nevertheless I hope you will enjoy it.(I apologize if there’s any mistakes)

As soon as your friend and you passed the enter of your favorite coffee shop, you spotted him. It did not matter if he wasn’t facing you, his side profile was enough. His brown shiny hair, his glowing skin, his soft brown eyes and his pinkish lips were enough. Enough to start a typhoon in your whole body. You felt tingles and your hair rise from your upper harms as you witnessed his dimples and perfect white canines appear. He was laughing at one of his friend’s joke -were they with him since you entered? ‘cause he seemed to shine on his own. Jaehyun was laughing and he was superb.

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“Another Dance, Princesa” (My Day 1) I was dreaming when I drew this. Forgive me. (speed doodle it’s been a while)

Reyes Appreciation Week. My favorite Shady Bastard. I sat down to draw and ended up with Latin Love songs over taking my playlist. I didn’t know I owned so many. But whatever, Like turning down a dance with Reyes would ever be possible. BTW… that man’s side profile eludes me, so excuse me.

HeadCanon Time:  Reyes means King, Sara means princess in Spanish. His nick name for her when they are alone and had no problem surprising her with dress, since she brought almost nothing from home. Who plans on traveling across the universe thinking they will fall in love anyways? Vetra was more than happy to assist in the acquisition, for a favor of course.

@thefrostyshepard I promised you’d be able to see it in the morning. @blacksheep33512 thanks for encouraging me!


American Revolution artifacts I viewed today at the Philadelphia Library Company. For research purposes only:

1. This mirror hung in the Wharton Mansion (Walnut Grove, where General Howe lived during the occupation - it is no longer there) and was specially made for the Meschianza. It was amazing to stand in front of it in person and imagine that John Andre, Peggy Shippen, and General Howe all likely saw their own reflections in it once too.

2. Rendering of the Meschianza procession in John F. Watson’s Annals of Philadelphia Vol. II

3. Silhouette cut-out made by John Andre of a friend.

4. A commissioned poem by John Andre, in his own hand, for a society lady.

5. Silhouettes by John Andre for a friend; his own self portrait on the right. (side note: isn’t it crazy that his profile is actually quite similar to JJ Feild!? And no, I did not go all Francis Dolarhyde on these Andre originals! But it was amazing to see them in person and to be so close to them.)

6. Original ticket for the Meschianza.

7. THIS IS MY FAVORITE. An original drawing/design by John Andre himself for what the ladies would wear to the Meschianza ball he organized in to honor Howe’s departure.

8-13. In the Annals of Philadelphia, John F. Watson asked older people (Watson wrote this in the 1800s) about their recollections of Philadelphia during the Revolution and during the British occupation. Here are some pages of the original manuscript that contain sketches, descriptions, and fabric swatches from the women who attended the balls, particularly the Meschianza, when they were young women.

[ sorry for the shitty quality pictures. Apparently the camera on my new phone is not that great :/ It is a shame because the photos obviously don’t do the artifacts justice, especially the delicacy and talent exhibited in Andre’s fashion design in #7]

Owari No Seraph 108 Fanbook information PART 1

So I finally had time to read through the first chapter and here is part 1 of my translations.

At first here’s the content of the book for those who don’t know:

  1. Mikayuu stickers
  2. Seraph of the Illustrations: Yuuichiro X Mikaela, Yuuichiro X Guren, Shinoa Squad, Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Vampire 
  3. Chapter 1: Information to characters (profile & interview)
  4. Chapter 2: Information to Cast, Staff & World 
  5. Side Information 

Profile & Interview - Shinoa Squad 

Yuuichiro Hyakuya 

  • Birthday: 16th October (Libra)
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 170 cm 
  • Weight: 59 kg 
  • Blood Type: A 
  • Demon: Asuramaru 
  • Favorite Food: Curry, cake ( because he said he wanted to eat cake for his birthday in the orphanage)


1. Q: Do you have a daily schedule?

A: Mhh…sword practice 10.000 times? Sit ups 10.000 times? If Guren is there, we would fight. But I always get beaten up…..

2. Q: What’s your favorite color? 

A: I like blue, I like the sky and also because I couldn’t see the sky when I used to live in the vampire’s world.

3. Q: Who do you like the most in shinoa squad? A: Mmh, they are all nice! 

4. Q: You are interested in driving, right? What type of car do you want to try to drive? A: I want to try something very fast, like baaaaaam-

5. Q: After you rescued Mikaela-san, what do you want to do together? A: Mmhh..Well, I hope we can meet very soon! Ahh, maybe to eat curry. The curry Kimizuki makes is super delicious!

Shinoa Hiiragi 

  • Birthday: 25th December (Capricorn)
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 150 cm 
  • Weight: 39 kg 
  • Blood Type: AB 
  • Demon: Shikamadouji 
  • Favorite Food: everything with cheese, chestnut cake mont blanc 

1. Q. What’s your daily schedule? 

A: Hmmm… Daily schedule? I brush my teeths everyday…something like this? 

2. Q: Whats your favorite color? 

A: Color…Well…I think I don’t have interest in many things..

3. Q: Who do you like the most in Shinoa squad?

A: mmmh…recently Yuu-san’s been on my mind. I wonder..why…

4. Q: Who do you think is a person that gets bullied very easily? 

A: 1. Mi-chan, 2. Mi-chan 3. Mi-chan 

5. Q: Tell us about your charming point and complexes! 

A: The huge breast that I inherited from my elder sister. Ohh, they don’t look huge to you. they’re huge, idiots can’t see them. 

Yoichi Saotome 

  • Birthday: 23rd November (Sagittarius)
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 165 cm 
  • Weight: 50 kg 
  • Blood type: B 
  • Demon: Gekkouin 
  • Favorite Food: Napolitan, Black and Green Tea

1. Q: What’s your daily schedule? 

A: to talk with Gekkouin, I think. Recently Gekkouin’s even making jokes!

2. Q: What’s your favorite color? 

A: I like green. I like the colors of plants in spring. 

3. Q: Who do you like the most in Shinoa squad? / who’s on your mind?

A: Yuu-kun. He looks a bit dangerous/ unreliable. 

4. Q: What do you do in your free time? 

A: To go to the rooftop and watch the sky. And also to practice with my bow. But mainly to talk with Gekkouin, My demon spells became much better. 

5. Is there something you dislike/ you’re not good at? 

A: Natto….Natto is…

Shiho Kimizuki 

  • Birthday: 26th November ( Sagittaurus) 
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 177 cm 
  • Weight: 62 kg 
  • Blood type: 0 
  • Demon: Kiseki-o 
  • Favorite food: Chocolate cookies, caramell cookies (both are also the favorite snacks from his sister) 

1. Q: What’s your daily schedule? 

A: to write diary. When my sister is healed, I want to tell her all the things that happened so far. 

2. Q: What’s your favorite color? 

A: Favorite color? Maybe orange? My sister Mirai said she likes orange. 

3. Q: Who do you like the most in Shinoa squad/ who’s on your mind? 

A: Baka-yuu! If you don’t babysit him /look after him, he’ll do something very stupid and things will end up terribly. 

4. Q: I heard Kimizuki-san is very good at cooking. Where did you learn this? 

A: Well, the world was about to end and there were only children. Someone had to cook meals. I looked up recipes in the library. 

5. Q: If your sister Mirai-san recovers, what’s the first thing you want to do with her?

A: Maybe to go for a walk, because we haven’t done this for quite a long time. 

Sangu Mitsuba 

  • Birthday: 7th July (Cancer)
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 155 cm 
  • Weight: 44 kg 
  • Blood type: A 
  • Demon: tenjiryuu 
  • Favorite food: strawberry Daifuku

1. Q: What’s your daily schedule? 

A: This is a secret okay? PLEASE DON’T TELL ME ANYONE! Well, recently I’m on a diet…

2. Q: What’s your favorite color? 

A: Why do we have to answer such questions? Whatever…Uhm I like pink!

What? Do you have a problem with that??? 

3. Q: Who do you like the most in Shinoa Squad? /Who’s on your mind? 

A: I always hear Shinoa talking about me, I often tell her not to bully/mock me !!! And next is Yuu, I guess… 

4. Q: If the world will be peaceful again one day, what do you want to do? 

A: Peaceful huh? Well if this day will come, I think I’ll go to a fancy cafe and well…ahh forget it! 

 5. Q: the very stylish Mitsuba-san, do you mind telling us your three sizes? 

A: Shinoa: It’s 200, 100, 200 right? 

Mitsuba: HEY! Shut up, you flat-chest!!!

Shinoa: Now now, Mi-chan! I’ll go to this fancy cafe with you! 

Mitsuba: Well…

I’ll translate the next part tomorrow (depends on how fast I’m with studying). The next part will be about  Guren & Co.

(I hope my english translation doesn’t sound weird and it’s understandable. Some of the japanese sentences are written in slang and I didn’t want to paraphrase a lot.)

Please do not repost this or claim it as your own. I needed quite a long time to translate these facts. (Reblogs are appreciated)

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Grapholagnia :)

Send me a word and I will write a drabble

Grapholagnia - The urge to stare at obscene pictures.

Are you the Anon who sent the request for mentally undressing also? I’m working on it. It may actually be a follow-on to this one. I sense that someone wants me to write smut…

Let me just say: I REGRET NOTHING!!! RATED M for ogling, drooling, disobedient pants, and potential future continuations.

The giggling draws me in. The girlish, bubbling noise out of place with the scent of chemical cleaners and formaldehyde that still lingers in the air. They scramble as they sense my approach, aware of their impending doom in the last second as I hold my hand out expectantly and confiscate the folder concealing whatever has distracted them from Rue’s hands. She averts her eyes, her cheeks darkening with an embarrassed flush as she hands it over to me.

“Please continue your work,” I calmly state in my best teacher voice.

“Yes, Miss Everdeen,” Rue and Sasha whisper in unison, bending their heads over their desks, pencils scratching away, completing their lab reports. With a satisfied nod, I return to the board, detailing their homework assignment as my class continues their quiet work.

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Spare Thoughts™  for Hairspray Live
  • Derek Hough was great and all, but they had Sean Hayes in this cast and didn’t have him playing Corny Collins. This is maddeningly confusing to me. Sean Hayes is Corny Collins??
  • Maddie Bailo was adorable and so talented I love her BUT she did a pretty bad job controlling her breathing. She had a breathless sound in like half her songs because she wasn’t hitting the breathing marks, she really needs to work on that.
  • Kristen Chenoweth is better than 97% of the world’s population. I already knew this, but she went hard trying to reiterate it last night.
  • Garret Clayton was a PERFECT casting choice for Link omfg. I love him I wish they had let him do more.
  • I know people were torn over Ariana Grande as Penny but I had FAITH in her and she didn’t disappoint. Like, not my favorite portrayal of Penny, but she still killed it omg
  • Seaweed J. Stubbs is one of the great fictional loves of my life and he was outstanding last night I was so happy
  • Confirmed: I’m officially stanning Dove Cameron. Girl is crazy talented and I feel like they didn’t take advantage of her enough
  • Okay I genuinely don’t remember if they changed the ending when it went play –> movie, but wasn’t Inez supposed to win the pageant with a bunch of write in votes??? And that’s what officially integrates the show??? I liked that ending a lot better and I was kinda disappointed it didn’t happen
  • Inez’s actress was PRECIOUS though who is she I’m adopting her
  • During “Timeless to Me” when a camera got in the shot and you heard someone offstage say “30 seconds till-” lmao
  • Why was everything so dark???? Like what was up with the lighting guys omg
  • Billy Eichner did not scream once. Why did they deprive him of reaching his full potential
  • When the original Tracy’s had a cameo and I scREAMED
  • Kristen Chenoweth’s bow got cut off and it was a travesty
  • When Link said “I’m not gonna throw away my shot!” my hamiltrash mother snorted so fucking loud guys it was so funny
  • Harvey Fierstein was way too iconic for me to put into words
  • During “Without Love” when Penny’s mom was flipping out and just rolled over her bed??? What was that??? I’m still laughing omfg
  • “Our very own Link Larkin is now going to dedicate a song to newcomer Tracy!” *Link proceeds to flirt with every single girl on stage before Tracy jumps in his face and steals his attention*
  • Penny’s entrance into ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’ I am DECEASED
  • Also I fucking want that outfit Ariana was rocking omfg
  • Martin Short!!! Was adorable!!! As Wilbur!!!
  • I got a little annoyed at the commercials bc they had so much product placement for whipped cream and oreos but??? No promotions for hair products??? Really??? Just feels like a wasted opportunity for some companies lol
  • The girls had me WEAK during “Mama I’m a Big Girl Now”
  • Hold Mommy’s waffles.”
  • Penny throwing all fucks out the window and straddling Seaweed during “Without Love” like honestly same girl same
  • Dove Cameron singing “Cooties” God Bless America my skin is cleared I love her don’t touch me
  • We got a lot of side profiles for Link and I’d like to imagine Garrett did that and struck poses on purpose to give America a quality view of his ass
  • Why didn’t the Special Ed kids get gym uniforms
  • Kristen Chenoweth in that green dress during “Miss Baltimore Crabs”. Award worthy.
  • “I Can Hear the Bells” will always be one of my favorite songs because it’s so overdramatic and also 100% me every time I remotely like someone
  • I’m gonna start telling literally everyone that I hate that they have “acne of the soul” lmao
  • In Maybelle’s shop like…did they just have those protest signs ready and waiting for a little white girl to appear with the dream of revolutionizing television? lol
  • Penny’s mom randomly having a change of heart at the end of the show was…unneeded, honestly. I felt weird and insincere
  • Costumes we’re g r e a t
  • I was caught off guard by Darren Criss hosting and suddenly I had to face all of my repressed love for him holy shit
  • Tracy ripping the prison bars right off the wall in her quest to get some hunky boy’s dick. Relatable.
  • “Welcome To The Sixties” was LIT that might’ve been their best number of the performance
  • Tracy declaring her college plans on tv was gr8
  • I think I’m gonna give the show an 8. Specific people were completely fantastic, but the overall performance felt like it was lacking something??? I’m not sure what, but there was definitely something missing. Plus, it didn’t feel high-energy enough. Great performance, but not outstanding, you feel?
  • !!!

anonymous asked:

Omgg please write a hc for actor kook admiring prince jimin from afar~~

I see that you read my tags anon 😂 I was scared I was going to leave the trope alone so I’m happy someone sent this in! Let’s jikook it up~

+ Prince Jimin decides that he wants to attend the upcoming award show for movies since he figures it will be fun

+ Jeon Jungkook is a rising actor who recently had an iconic roll, landing him at the top

+ Jungkook has only ever seen Prince Jimin on television, but never in person since they live such different lives

+ Since he was young, he was always intrigued by the prince that was only 2 years older than him

+ He wouldn’t admit it, but he had a giant crush on the gorgeous prince–but then again, so did half of South Korea

+ On the red carpet, Jungkook freezes in the middle of an interview the second he sees the Prince step out of a black SUV, looking like a Greek god

+ “So Jungkook, what brand is your suit?” “Uh. I–uh…how is he so fucking pretty…” He mutters under his breath, unable to take his eyes off the Prince. “Huh??” “I’m sorry, what was the question?”

+ Jungkook ends up sitting a couple rows behind Prince Jimin and he can’t take his eyes off him. Mesmerized even by his delicate side profile.

+ Jungkook about has a heart attack when the Prince briefly turns around and catches him staring. He swears ascends to heaven when Jimin smiles at him.

+ Jungkook doesn’t even realize he won an award because he was too busy staring at the back of his head. He only notices when everyone claps and looks at him.

+ After the awards, there was an after party that top actor Kim Seokjin was hosting–Prince Jimin just happened to be there also

+ Seokjin introduces the two and Jungkook can’t stop stuttering.

+ Jimin smiles at him and says shyly “you know you’re actually my favorite actor.” Jungkook stood there shocked.

+ The first thing Jungkook does is blurt, “well, you’re my favorite prince.” He had never face-palmed so hard when the Prince laughed.

+ Surprisingly they ended up talking the rest of the night.

+ Even more surprisingly, Jungkook left the party with a phone number and a fresh kiss on his cheek from a certain slightly tipsy prince.

Grocery Shopping ~ Hoya

This is for Anon! I hope that you like this! Thank you for being patient with me~ Please let me know what you think!

Request: Here

“There is nothing to eat” You mumbled to yourself while the light in the refrigerator highlighted your face, closing the door your eyes drifted down to your slightly ballooned belly as it rumbled in protest. 

Resting your hand on the top of your stomach and rubbing it gently you leaned against the counter as you thought about all of the things that you and the baby were craving. Chips, Banana’s, Ice cream, pickles, pretzels, chewy candies that were sweet and sour. Honestly, the list could go on for miles, yet thinking of the foods that you wished you could have made you more hungry than ever.

Turning your head to the clock in the kitchen, you read where the arms on the clock pointed to and clicked your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Wondering when Hoya, your husband, was coming home your stomach grumbled louder.

“Okay, okay. Just let me get my jacket and we will go do some shopping” You reasoned with the baby inside of you as well as your stomach before you slipped your phone into your back pocket.

Padding over to the door, you slipped your socked feet into your purple shoes that Hoya bought for you as a just married present. Lifting one of Hoya’s grey jackets from the hook, you slipped your arms through the sleeves and lifted the jacket over your shoulders before pulling your purse over your shoulder.

Turning off the lights in your small home, you unlocked the door and twisted the handle to open it. Walking through the doorway, you turned around and locked the door behind you. A pair of headlights pulled into the driveway while the lights cast a shadow against the door.

Hoya stopped the car when he saw you at the front door, putting it in park, he opened the door and watched you for a minute while the radio still played the latest Infinite album. Resting his folded arms on the top of the door frame, he watched you for a moment as you tried to lock the door from the outside. When you finally got it and you turned around and started walking down the few steps in the front of your home to the driveway, your eyes lifted when you saw the pair of headlights light up the driveway while the black shimmering car sat in it’s spot.

Tracing the curves of the sporty car up to the driver’s door, you saw Hoya smiling at you in a dreamy way while he cocked one leg while leaning on the door of the car. Shaking his head lightly, he snapped himself out of his dreamy thoughts, dropping his head, he bit his bottom lip gently out of embarrassment of being caught before he lifted his smoldering eyes back up to yours.

“Where is the beautiful mother-to-be going?” He asked softly with a kind smile pulling on the side of his lips.

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Family Part Two [Spencer Reid Imagine]

Part 1 < Masterlist > Part 3


OMG! Please please please can we have another part to Family???? It was sooooo good!!

Hi I was wondering if u could do a part 2 to family where u did in fact lose ur job and I cut off spencer the rest of his team also keep trying to apologise because it ended it whole career?? Sorry if it’s a little confusing 

Summary: You were absolutely done. The committee board at your school put you on an “indefininte” leave in the middle of the school year, making a new job much harder to find. After several prospects are lost, you took residence in a lower part of DC where a library you started working at was. It was far enough from any governmet building, meaning that you didn’t have to endure any more of Spencer’s “accidental” run ins (not that you missed them, of course. That would be ridiculous.)

Warnings: The ending!

Author’s Note: I’m happy the last one was widely received :)) This one isn’t as long as the other one, but I like it. I hope you guys do too! I like it when my inbox has requests hint hint.

Request Things!!!

Originally posted by nevermindtheb0ll0cks

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Favorite // Sehun

// Sixteen — A jawline kiss
// Slightly suggestive
// Requested by @sa2ms, 1 Sehun Weakness Anon, and 2 Anonymous

My eyes are fixed upon the television as each scene runs by cut after cut. A woven blanket shelters my body as Sehun and I have a quiet night in to watch a movie. It was my turn to choose and I couldn’t help but guiltily pine after a Wonbin action flick—The Man from Nowhere. It’s coming towards the scene when the leading male starts his transformation, shedding his scruffy locks for a more clean cut. 

I inwardly grin with glee and find my heart throbbing like a teenager’s ache fawning after her perfect idol. With one free arm, I pull in the fabric to cover my beaming smile while the other is preoccupied by Sehun. His head is on my lap with his lithe frame sprawled out onto the couch. His attention is nowhere near the movie and instead chooses to play with my fingers, finding the utmost entertainment within the delicate lines of my palm. 

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anonymous asked:

do u have any fav fAnmeet pics of youngjae from recent if yes show them!!

Hi dear, 

Hmm, my fav pics of Youngjae from the recent fan meet? Well, all photos of Youngjae are my favorites.LOL I just love him so much so everything about him I love. kekeke I’m crazy, right? Crazy about Choi Youngjae. hihihi 

Anyway, these are some photos of Youngjae that I like ( a bit more). Enjoy! 

First, let’s start with Malaysia fan meet. The day I finally met my sunshine Choi Youngjae & GOT7.  (≧◡≦)

and this is definitely my favorite…  (≧◡≦) ♡

Move on to Singapore fan meet 

I always love Voice Factory’s photo of Youngjae. 

and can I put these as well as my favorite? because I love markjae, i love what happened in these photos & I love Youngjae’s expression…hahaha 

Next is Cebu fan meet, 

Youngjae beautiful side profile  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

His magical laugh…

Okay now onto Manila fan meet, 

Not so much HQ on this FM but I’m still waiting for this HQ

Last one would be Taipei fan meet

That gorgeous smile which can melt hearts 

Pouting Youngjae is so adorable  (*¯ ³¯*)♡

and of course his beautiful laugh…HQ please 

I hoped you like them.  (◕‿◕)

anonymous asked:

Going along with the Yoongi pictures anon, what are your favorite pictures of Seokjin? ^^

ANOTHER LONG POST! press J to skip this one~

when it comes to jin of course my faves includes him in domestic states

also jin and foods

jin and MPD


personally, i love seeing pictures whenever jin is next to manager nim. i don’t understand how he managed to look so smol like he needs all the bodyguards in the world to protect him

there are so many pictures of him looking like an angel or prince(ss) i loveee

his side profile pictures as well

god look at his glowing cheeks and long eyelashes is he even real??!!??!?!?!

and i love it when he’s being total dorks sometimes

basically he’s just a total cutie and i literally love every photos of him i can’t even decide which one i’ll just drop the rest i can share here then

thanks to resonae i can never see ^this one photo^ in the same way ever again

my bumblebee

my forever pumpkin

that eyebrows is illegal

and i’ve said this earlier as well but these recent fantakens of him in BBQ Pool Party tho

oh oh god oh god just look at how his cheeks and neck redden from the heat just like a baby T^T

and okay um the last one here.. or two.. or tHREE


Ok so my favorite trivia about Ratchet in the Marvel Comics is that in the original sketches and profile for his creation, Bob Budiansky had written “Party Ambulance”, intending for the medic to have a party side to his personality. 

This side of Ratchet however is never shown because Budiansky forgot he had even written that piece of his character down.

Ratchet is only “Party Ambulance” by name, but we never see this side of him  because the creator utterly forgot. 

Road Trip 2.0 - Michael

Part 1

Characters: You + Michael

Word Count: 1k

Summary: You really waited too long for this *

Half an hour passes by with me reclined in the driver’s seat at Denny’s, waiting for Michael to show up. I let the car run with the air conditioning so that my tears would dry quicker, it worked, but the sun was also scorching hot and seeping through the windows. I ran through everything to avoid any more arguments with Michael, analyzed my feelings and my thoughts and figured that maybe, this time he was right. This time, Michael had every right to be treating me like this. He just wanted to put on a show for me so that when I left to Seattle, him dumping me would hurt less. But it hurt now, and the pain was excruciating.

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Mr. Airplane

Originally posted by beagletae

Warnings: Make-up sex? They don’t always have the same outcome.

This was originally a tag from @noir0neko which I shuffle the songs in my phone and write about the first song and about my first bias. But I thought, why wouldn’t we use this to appreciate the beautiful Kim Seokjin?

Airplane - IKON

I shove everything into the suitcase, my clothes in the drawers and my makeup products near the mirror table, anything that can be a trace for him to find me. They stack up on each other like the pile of messed up emotions that I’m trying to figure out where their rightful places are. How long does it take for a relationship to trip and fall? One month, one year or five years? I truly wonder how long Seokjin would take to forget me. My mind is as foggy as the evening outside. I open the closet and sitting right in front of me is the white teddy bear with a pink polka dot bow tie around its neck. Memory rushes back as soon as I pick it up. Funny how this is the clearest thing that has been on my mind for the past twenty-four hours.




“I want that.” I said, pointing my finger at the teddy bear in the middle.

“The biggest one?” Seokjin asked and I nodded. The biggest one. White and pink. He approached the shooting section where it lies on the high shelf. “I’ll give it a shot.”

The old man behind the bars exchanged his rifle for two red tickets. Seokjin set the rifle where it should be, aiming at the stack of Styrofoam cups. He bent down and closed one of his eyes. 3…2…1… POW! The rubber bullet shot through one of the cups in the middle row, causing the rest on the top to fumble down and roll on the ground. My eyes widen and the sour apple lollipop hung loosely on the verge of my mouth. It was like watching a movie, where everything too perfect to be in real life. He straightened his back and turned around, looking at me with the brightest grin ever.

“Here.” He handed me the teddy bear. It seemed so small in his hands but I could barely carry it.

“Wow, Kim Seokjin. You were so cool, you know? A bunch of girls was gluing their eyes on you.”

“But were you watching?”


“That’s all I need to know.”

I thought to myself: “Shit… I’m falling in love with him all over again.”




I hammer my nails into the cotton stuffed animal. Should I bring it with me, or should I leave it in his care? The real question here is if I took it with me, would I be able to spend a moment without seeing his face and memorizing the little habits that he does by my side like humming to my favorite song? No… Every piece of me would crave for him.

“Put it down.”

Seokjin’s voice turns my head around. He stands there, leaning his head restlessly on the door with his four fingers inside the side pockets, hanging his thumbs loosely outside. I can see the invisible weight pressing on his shoulders, as heavy as the whole world. Seeing him like this tortures my eyes to the point they bleed out tears. He comes closer, taking the teddy bear away from my hands.

“We still have one more night together, so don’t take everything away from me yet.”

I look at him long enough to break a smile. “Don’t be so serious, you’ll forget me before you realize it.”

“There you go again.” His hand places on my burning cheek. “It’s raining. If you go now, it’ll be dangerous.”

He puts the teddy bear back to where it belongs then he reaches down for my suitcase and starts to unpack everything one by one. He takes my clothes out and fold them neatly on top of each other, tucking them back into the wardrobe. My lipsticks, hairbrush and toothbrush are returned to where they were before all of these crazy shits happened. I just stand there, watching him fixing me, fixing us.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” Seokjin folds the suitcase and slides it under the bed. He leads me into the washroom by my wrist. The lights are switched on and in the mirror, a soulless person stares at me. She seems to get along well with my stormy mood, yet I don’t like the both of them. He lifts my body up as if I’m a plastic doll and places on the counter of the sinks. Only now that I’m sitting on a higher platform, I can gaze directly at his forehead. He cleans the melted mascara on my cheekbones and in the corners of my eyes with wet wipes. His soaking thumb peels the artificial color off my lips. Little by little, I become more transparent in his eyes. The view of him wears me out, how his dark circles and dehydrated lips irritate me. We don’t feel the need to talk, not when the drops of water from the tap have been making a harmony that we both enjoy.

He smiles. Has Seokjin’s smile been this beautiful?

He begins brushing my hair. He must enjoy untangling this mess one by one. His crooked fingers untie all the knots, making sure my scalp won’t feel any pain. Our love is secure because of the little things he does just like this. I notice them all, jotting them down so one day I can do something for him too. The brush swims through my hair from the roots to the end, from the sides to the back. My eyes don’t want to leave him. Just like how he’s grooming me like his precious doll, my attention is drawn to him as if he’s the most valuable painting at a high-class auction.

Seokjin puts the brush down when he can run his fingers all the way through my hair. He lifts me down from the counter and take me back to our bedroom. He sits on the king size bed right where he sleeps at night, holding out his hand.

“I’ll keep you for just one more night.”

Something about the offer tickles my throat. By the tone of his voice and his diction, the end seems so closer, even closer than I thought I would be. I place my hand on his palm so that it fits perfectly inside and fill that empty space right next to him. We lie down next to each other, facing each other, looking at each other just like every morning when we wake up and every night when we wish each other goodnight. But something about tonight feels different. It must be the sound of rain attacking our window or the delusion of connecting the land and sky so that airplanes wouldn’t seem out of reach tomorrow.

“Do you love me?” Seokjin asks. The most basic question in a relationship that many find hard to convey into words.


His lips press on mine, hard and soft all at once. I push his head closer to mine, stamping his kiss on my lips so that I will never forget how it feels like. It is more than just the regular first date kiss or the hot and steamy one which involve tongues. The ingredients are regret and afraid. Regret about the decisions that have been made to separate each other and afraid to move on and gradually forget about the other person.

He climbs on top of my body, stripping me from the fabric covering my body. His hands cup my cheeks as he kisses me all over again. From my lips, forehead, nose to chin, I am soaked in his affection. Softly, he inserts himself in, blending out shadows to one big black abstract on the wall. His dick goes slowly in without making me scream his name or kick the blanket out of the sudden rush of adrenaline. Everything is subtle enough for me to notice the hidden corners of emotions he brings. My body tenses up when all of the empty spaces in my pelvis is filled up. I arch my back, breathing out gasps of air inside his kiss. The sensation of his touch rushes through my nervous system. I shiver under his embrace. He thrusts in faster, kisses me harder. I start to sweat, drops of water fall from my temples down to the pillow. Until the pipe is unblocked and the pressure is released, I can regain control of my breath.

Seokjin lies down next to me. His arms wrap around my body as my body curls up like a cocoon. Even when he’s sleeping, he still wants to ensure that I’d be there tomorrow when he wakes up. I look at him and there’s no difference between this handsome man and a boy who would do anything to protect his favorite robot. When his breath is constant, I quietly unlock myself from him. I put on my clothes and continue to pack everything as quietly as I can. He shifts his body once or twice. As soon as I make sure that there are no traces of me in the house, I lock my suitcase.

Before leaving, I look at him for the last time. His side profile has always been flawless. Thousands of pictures are taken inside my head so I can store them in my memory album. I kiss him. A light kiss in place of a proper goodbye. My mouth forms a smile but tears are flooding out of my eyes, it’s hard to believe that they’re on the same body.

If you ever wonder where I am, look up in the sky and ask Mr. Airplane. He will take you to where I am waiting for you, Kim Seokjin. See you again.

A bit short but I hope you enjoyed it. As for me, this was so fun to write even though it’s like 3AM now.

agentdarcylewis  asked:

For a prompt: Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers, skinny!Steve and/or Role Reversal AU? Thanks! :)

“You’re talented.” 

Steve looks up, his brows hiked. “Sorry?” 

There’s a woman beside him. They’re standing in front of the main piece of his art show, a painting he spent six months on, never quite happy with the shading or the colors. It’s Captain America, dressed in her tac suit, her face tipped forward, shadowed, hands braced on her shield. It’s his most solemn piece. Stern and serious in a way that a lot of art made of her isn’t. Popular media has been pulling away from the soldier aspect of her and focusing more on the pretty face or the curvy figure. That wasn’t what Steve wanted to capture with his art. He wanted the grit and the grim, the strength and the power. Especially with so much attention placed on femininity when it comes to women in the ARMY, he wanted to recognize that Captain America wasn’t any less female dressed in her tac gear, nor was she any less soldier wearing lipstick the same startling red as the blood seeping from a cut across her cheek. 

She waves a hand toward the painting hanging in front of them. “Sargent Barnes spoke highly of your work.” 

Steve frowns and leans back, his neck craning as he searches the studio. “Bucky’s here?” 

“No.” She rests her hands in front of her, a hand wrapped around her opposite wrist. “He hasn’t returned from Turkey yet.” 

Steve pauses, then looks back at her. Long brown hair rests against her back in loose waves. She’s dressed down in a pair of jeans and a loose sweater, unlaced boots and a side bag. There’s an iPod tucked in the pocket of her jeans; the string of her headphones is wrapped around her neck, buds hanging down across his chest loosely. 

When she turns her head just a little, he’s startled by just how much she looks like the picture above. A side profile of a darker, grittier outtake. 

“You’re…”  He trails off, speechless. 

“A fan.” She smiles, mouth hitching up at the corner, and then tips her chin up toward the painting. “I like it. It’s not my favorite though.” 

“Oh?”  He tucks his hands in the pockets of his pants and tries to stand a little taller, bringing his narrow shoulders up in the hopes that he doesn’t look quite as small as he feels just then. She’s larger than life, with or without the shield, and he feels about three feet tall and totally out of his depth in his best (admittedly, second hand) suit.  

She turns to face him properly, and her face is softer, her eyes rounder, than what she looks like in the stock photos or the history books or even on camera, in the midst of battle. “If you’ve got some time, I’d love to talk to you about your collection.” 

His face warms, as he looks around and realizes he’s in a room filled with the proof that he’s a tiny bit obsessed. “I’m not going to get slapped with a restraining order, am I? Because this was originally an homage to a historical figure. I mean, I started long before you, uh…” He rubs at the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Woke up from an ice sleep…? Don’t sweat it. I seriously just want to talk art with you.” She points to a painting in the distance. “Specifically, how you managed to capture Dum-Dum’s mustache, because that might as well be 3-D it’s that realistic.” 

Steve smiles, ducks his head, and then starts in that direction. When they come to a stop and she starts talking animatedly about her former friends and team, he takes a deep breath and shakes off his shock and awe. Sure, she’s Captain America, the center focus of his entire collection, but she’s also just Darcy Lewis, and unsurprisingly, that’s even more interesting.